Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 13, 1928 · Page 6
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 6

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 13, 1928
Page 6
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fATTPT7»4T v "And R jroorfly rrowc! was there" Th* Jarkicn Inaugural p»rtf, f by iwlitiral fm«i of the president "the drunken Itmujrnral," i* pictured in Ih!*, oJtl print. CALHOUN LET THE SENATE SING OL-T By Hodnry Dn'cher. <NFA Frrvirf. \Vnter.'» Wa?.hinptnn. Oct. 13 — Boom- jx>rjm' Hurrah for J:ickson! And «> !ho j>roplc. nearly all r/ ti^cm Im.illy the right to vote . jEoi- . ..piciidinUjd cJrctors, fpinkrcl Hcnrj' Clay atui John Quincy Adams to put their own m;m in *hp White House in Ifca. 'Hurrah for J.<rk'on' Thus RIV jiiwcred the I:I:K:(T, !-» all the nrgti- jnfnts ci thr clnr^c:;. Modern politics war beinc bom. Power •was pas.'.ins from corjgrcs5ional pOlitSc).'!iis to politician:, at large. Henceforth j;;ir!y Iradcr;; must fatisfy or bamboozle the rank and file votrr a? v.eil ns thf special interests and sectional factions. Candidates niu^t have popular ap- pesl, wlf-devcloppd or Imilt up for them. riant the JMum Trtrs. Politics, pr-rforci 1 , bpgnn to b? played "from tin- precinct up." The two-party ?.y:sU?m took Its roots. Powerful national organizations hart biou proved ncces- Eary. Government service became the patronage orchard and politicians bepan to live by that instead of bv mere prostnre, brains, personality and ability ns before. In Jackson'? «dni!nistr,i'. ion. party convesrt-.ons'iorms were also born For nil Jftfrnon's popularity. Jackson was Die lirst "Hurrah" candidate. His predecessors had been patricians. Now the people were to elect a bora lighter, tiie Um. president who liad worked Vilth his hpttris, wlip hnd killed a niaa in 4 duel, wri:> was rougii and nigged iLiid often went a . week wiihoul shavmp. who chewed to- One hundred years before Charles Q. Dawes, who ones bawled out the Senate and who was siibseqijnntly twitted by some senators for his alleged presidential aspiration 1 :. John C. Calhoun of Sfjuth Carolina was vice president under John Quincy Adam.s iind Andrew Juek.'-'on, succewively. Being a very MIOIIK ttates' rights man and regarding senators as so many amba.s.sadors to the capital. Calhoun lot the boys say what they pleftM-d, insisting that he had no power to call them to order lor words m debate. Senator John Randolph of Roanoke abused the privilege often. Once he began a epeech to the chair with: "Mr. Speaker! I mean Mr. President of the Senate and would-be president of the United State.-;, which God in His Infinite mercy averti" i!:uii"nn to h.-ur hut. R Ttr.TMir Mntfti IMT.IIIPC Pennsylvania doubtful. Twenty-four in the clfrt;on. mont. New "• . r>n» of th* ta*e; prat-Heal ?"ibmftrinf-.* In th# 'it «jsjlpp*d ii;nst«Tt fDS-M have r „. „ hriuusr rsren only ; Ine* while rr.«.tin« nn thr ;-''f m 1P.2I find' SnlvsiRo operation". c;«n be carrier! -r- i!-if ;>!«ract;on from the sen bottom. ti<=inst i--:' *''•- if-tiir-.-'d tn • defender pv n. hnsr. m> rrmttT how t-nck!<- to th" poll!!- MifT She •; too Ivsh-mmded toowners of h*' own' The ...r-\r n'' 1 * to by fiiv; f . (wr, A beep tiominst- ' room anchor m drawn tip hwirte with A(bm ='ban!.amidships. WJirn the siibtmr- rm'l \Villi\m;'HP is to submerge, the nnchor later prfsidsn',| lowcrwj to thn bottom. Wftter 1» •oueht the nom!-^ tft kpn into tlic ballast tntvks. Then Trntai-y of the I!|C !> pa f ~ is drnwn to the bottom Hush was noml-; f *>' R wln<llas>s nnd thr defender thiw ' can hover over n sunken bout or homp Mate of -.,„„ „, ; suppoypd'.v rwt °" nydrnulic cushioned wheels i on the OCPHII floor. r.fntrs participated Since 1KH, Ver-' 01 k, Georgia and! Louisiana had nil changed to thcj election of plfTtors by populsr Divers may leave and re-enter the boat by means of n trnp dfx>r In the bow leading from n r-necinl corn- vote, Icaviiix South C;tio'.ii:n through the l lions by di, r -tnct clrrtorinl \oir--. only n to Delaware nnd;au(nira! rectptlon orgy, punch them'bowls were upset, glasses broken Elec-, and muddy boots stood on damask state 'chairs to glimpse the new president, who war, ne«rlv mobbed, Ncw ( lXibs of punch werr taken out on imiTISH I.ADY BEES OUR PICKANINNIES.—One of Lady f,lon Chin chill's first requests when shf* reached Ban Antonio for the American Lctjion convention was that ehe BW some of -your American pickaninnies." bccnu-.c she thought they were "cute." Her wish was planted. .-plu rome HOOVER CERTAIN TO CARRY MISSOURI bacco dirty stones. His- i-,,> In 1824, o! Hate in callrd "Cor- torlans have always differed as to the succi^.s (>{ the iniKrtalion. Jackfnn's \iclory of 1824 h-'.d jo>. "".'.<\ the result, "day. Vvhfi l«.;u! trr'r-h; al election by ' :',! 1!» was made : <•<. irtx-y what tlie Jacksoma'i.- TUpt B:i!KTi!n." ilfCaHT 1 electio!] f.mii':.-i"n r-ir::: For 11••.::• ;.f.-ir". An;,nis rd great :ibu>e irciin tin politicians, fchord ty tl.^ larmers af»a~aiecl:;.i J Ji ."-7 f lav's Attack. The rampai^u i^iuey wne nl- rans.t entirely personal. The Adanv--C!ay crowd called Jacksmi "a usurper, a brawler and a drunkard." Pamphlets were issued at- «ri^r^-c:r-r;^u^ Things to Remember tacking the character of hi.s beloved wife Rachel, who smoked n corn-cob pipe but whose chastity is generally conceded. Adams was called a Minp;y Puritan, n people-hating aristocrat, and n "" His enemies Charged that he had boosted ROV- emnjcnt expenses to the incredible total of $14,000.000 a year. Numerous scandals wero raised. Jack*onian$ talked of Adams' conduct in the immoral court* of Eu- ticket took the rest. The count: Popular Electoral Jackson ....... &47.000 178 Adams 503.01W S3 Jackson >, hordes of admirers marched on the capital to celebrate the inauguration, many after jobs. Washington society threw "the begun. Jthe republican national committee. Oeorge Mann, Kansas City capitalist, told James W. Good. Mr. Hoover's weswrn manager, that of King Mob" Then Jackson put into effect hir, slogan "To the Victors Belong thr Spoils" nnd "Turn the Rascals Out." Those turned out of office included many rascala. but they had all been against Jackson, who didn't intend to be double-crossed : states, wa* predicted today by two, .. v _ _ __ „„„„.... nt western headquarters ot'the minds of many about St. Louis." - -.. ,.,_.,._, ,.« — .. -».«*, w «*«*iji \,\j ut: uuuujc-cros&CQ cat-fits. The White House doors j by federal office-holders as Adams were thrown open for the In- had been. rope—only to counter the opposi. tion's play on. _ Jackson's executions of deserters in the Florida j Indian War and his marriage to n : woman beJore the was properly! divorced Adams had tho most prominent but Jack- politicians on has ude. _. son had the smarte-wi, led by Martin Van Buren of New York, known as "Uie Red Fo.x" or tlie "Little Magician." Van Buicn .--i'i:i<ii:.- re-j was a poor rabble-rouser, but he r<T 1:1 1828.| had many good ones working fnr h:if! receiv- him. That was important, tor opposition Accounts for Sale! The following accounts ar« ofTered by the undersigned as aRcnts. <or sale to the highest bidder. The right is reserved to reject in full or in part any offer. Ornn Fowlrr. R. K D. No. 4. Sterling, medical services $ 4(>i) Nimrod Crump. 407 13th Ave.. Sterling, medical services 21.75 John \Var.cnnecht. Sterling, coal and lumber 280 K. A. Williamson. 611 Gait Ave.. Rock Falls, 111. account'!' " 4 4', Robert Conlcy. E. 14th St.. Rock Falls. III., account .... 340 John Oslidt. 510 Third Ave.. Rock Palls. 111., plants i 50 Alex Howard, Tampico, 111., medical services 600 Albert Crabb, -Morrison.. Ill-, medical services " HQQ Elmer Hess. Van Petten, 111., flowers a'oo The above listed accounts are guaranteed by the owners to be CORRECT AND UNDISPUTED and will be advertised tor sale until sold. All bids lor the purchase of the above accounts will be received at the oSice of the undersigned. Credit Assurance Co. of The U.S.Voluntary Association Kl <» S"T»TI.' »iV .n....... .^ n ,. 400 S. STATK ST. CHICAGO, ILL. Merchants and professional men desiring to dispose of their judgment K, notes and accounts will be given full information on request. Have your furnace cleaned a n d overhauled now. Have tbe pipes wrapped \vith asbestos. Place your order for Eldorado now. Use the telephone and call PHONE 88 Johnston Lumber Co. for Broken glass in your windows looks bad, lets in lots of cold, and causes more'or less rattle. BRING IN your sash NOW before cold weather and let us put in a new glass. Glass cut ancTnTin odd shaped sash Special Price We have some glass which has slightly damaged surface, suitable for barns, chicken houses and cellar windows, etc. We will cut these glass to any desired size and sell at a greatly reduced price. Strawflowers, Jap Lanterns, Bittersweet, Baby's Breath, and other dried flowers. Excellent for winter bouquets and gifts. SPRING BULBS Remember, you must plant NOW to have pretty flowers next Spring. Large line of Tulips, Hyacinths and Crocus. If you want Madonna Lilies you must plant immediately. We have only a few left and this is the last week to huv them. For Flowers 10 East Ith St. Telephone Main 678 * fnr the boy or a " n special e»a get full credit commerctfti in the public ' " frrkm In tilt for th® Have proven their worth to hundreds of car owners in this community. That's why they call them the "most miles per dollar" tire. Equip today with Firestones. Twin City Tire & Vulc. Shop J. &. Pen/tall, 213E.3rd8t. PhomUBZW VOTE AGAIN Creating Color in the home YOURSELF If you took a policy, would you want it to guarantee you a Monthly Life Income, in event you were totally and permanently disabled, before age 60, either by accident or illness? DISABILITY INCOMES Steady ......-...• so 7^00....... 75 10,000. .......100 15,000 150 20,000 ...200 25,000 .......250 PUTTY, GLAZIER POINTS, LINSEED OIL We have a Hard Coal Burner for sale «l a very price. In excellent LocustPharjnacy 310 Locmt Street Pmtal Station MANY COLOR EFFECTS NOW, WITH ULOTD HJFBNITUSB Now tij& itttroducticx), cjf <v4r to thf f&caitx&G ia iteweis m ww&fifed tLtftey raaaieMi be ''ta-au^iJ; to FasrsMtone t]»t is is an euy usk to lndi && eisaa t^^ we have bw «t . Tis ms&t above a* pfefeas^ed * » » * * - i the Wttiver ol Prenuum as ic<ell as the Income. i*mi*»»liii»«««^^M^amai^—^__,., r i«UB'Mr iir TTH _. ••«•" I,IM 1,1 nvMur ,„.„ ntl|ll ii iif. M nnnii«nii«, ,,„„• ^ Now Vote For Your Family If you didn't live to mature your contract as an Endowment, whom would you name to receive the amount of the Policy? Mail to our Insurance Co. 311 Av*.F iwitiT J

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