The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska on November 23, 1941 · Page 15
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The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska · Page 15

Lincoln, Nebraska
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Sunday, November 23, 1941
Page 15
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mx - u i 1 UCOKN St AD 4 Y JOt RWL 4H STAR. OVEMBER M. 1941 Up and Down the River Plenty of ducks on North Platte Here's the play - by - play summary of how ... Blocked punt snapped Husker losing streak at five " 1 i " . Couppee returns opening kickoff 20 yards Lytic reports 409000 mallards waiting for cold weather to flv BY HOLLIS LIMPRECHT. Stiil no ducks! That's the lament of Nebraska hunters as the seasoi; hits the final stretch. Final day for shooting ducks and geese in Nebraska is Dee. 14. William Lytle, acting secretary of the state game commission, has just returned from a tour t the western part of the state and forecasts good hunting as soon as duck weather arrives. j There are nearly 40,000 mallards along the North Platts river, but they won't take to the air until wintry blasts sweep in from the north. Many birds are still sitting in South Dakota, and even as far north as Minnesota they are still enjoying pood duck sport. The Minatare reservoir has thousands of mallards, but they, like all the rest, are extremely difficult to get at. It'll take a good storm to bring them in and that storm shouldn't be too far in the future. Legal bagging of squirrels ends next Sunday. BIRO RESTORATION. L. P. Vance, supervisor of Pitt - man - Robertson funds in Nebraska, is given considerable mention by the latest issue of the Sportsmen's Giants can win eastern title today Washington in last ditch stand CHICAGO. trF. The New Torn Giants may go out Sunday and sew up the eastern division title of the National football league or on the other hand they may fall right back into the middle of a fight - to - the - finsh scrap with the Washington Redskins. The Giant, apparently pennant Service Bureau publication. Vance y, can clinch eastern honors is in charge of two projects, that Wlth ' Virtorv over the Redskins, concerned with pheasants and the for then the NeW y0rk club would quail restoration plan. lead by 2V games with only one Under the pheasant setup more contort remaining. than 33,000 pheasants have been But if Washington wins, the two reared and released in three years, ciub will be tied in the number or while 48 quail restoration areas tosses with three each and should - .ml .. . . a . have been established on lana un - 1 New York win its last game ana fit for sericulture for the purpose j the Redskins their last two, they of demonstrating effective methods would end tied for the lead, neces - of restoring quail by restocking sitating a playoff. and by management methods to That is the key struggle in un - increase food and cover. day s iour game cam, dwuw The quail areas are located m Green Bay and the umcago uears. four southeastern counties, un ngnung it out ir uir wnmu these areas, each available but oT title, will be meeting supposeaiy land unfit for farming or grazing lesser foes. 1 he racsers wui op - fenced with three - strand pose last piace r - iiLsourpn m me eastern loop ana me isears wiu clash with third place Detroit of the west. FIRST QUAftTtft. 6am - eDtii Prestos and Meter N - brefca railed the toes and elected to oeiebd Ui ftv.rlh gual. g.VUi tb Huakers a trentemloua tinrt quarter mnd sdsntaire. k - hletn kw kd off ever the end for a touchback. Nebraska wa offside on the play. tho. and was penalised S back to IU in ih. This time Sraleteh kicked off 45 to Couppee, vl rwl back 23 to the low 42. IOWA: Merit was hit by Thompson for no gum. Stauss si iced thro Hern - don s tackle for . Stauss crarked ob Goetl' guard lor I mora, aft ft Farmer kirk rolled dead on the Nebraska Mi. NEBRASKA; Dtckerbwf thra to spill Blue for a I yard iosa. Braowy fumbled, thea recovered, lor a rare loss. Bradley punted S6 to Finwr, who returned 14 to the Nebraska S6 - IOWA: Farmer went ireer the Hua - aer left side lor 6, but Iowa was offside oa the play and drew a S - yard penalty Stsuas picked up 7. fumbled. tnen recovered. Farmer g - an at iero - dun's Ucki. Merte made it a ftrst down on the Nebraska 26. but lows s backfteid was in motion, and the Hawkeye were penalised b. Farmer s pane to Mertes was incomplete. Mertes was behind the Hunker swsoaoary. uui dronoed the ball with a touchdown in sight. Farmer punted out of bound oa the Nebraska 2. It was a s yara boot. NEBRASKA! Bradiev sot at Otto s tackle, and Zikmund made tt first down oa the Nebraska 44 after a 10 yard jaunt. Blue cracked Ottos taikie for 1. Methenys pass to Zikmund netted 7. Bradley was stopped for no sain by Otto. Bradley punted into the end sons for a touch bark. mi the Havkeves scrimniaced on their own 20. IOWA: Francis replaced Blue tn the Hunker barkfteld. Mertes got tn the middle before Meier stopped htm. then Status made it a first down on the Iowa II. Metheny stopped farmer after a t yard gain. Mertes swung around Thompson's wing for 15 and s first down on the Iowa 49 Byier replaced Schieich at tackle for Nebraska Btauss. on a cutback, found 1. Mertes lost It at the Hunker right side. Farmer netted 3 before Preston grounoed him. Farmer punted to the Nebraska 39, where Anderson aowneo the nail NEBRASKA: Bradley quick kicked to the lows end son. Farmer picked It up and ran back to the Haw ieys 20, where be rumDiea ovre recovered. IOWA: Farmer swung around Pres ton s wing for 1. Stauss went over ron Goeta suard for 3 more, ana Farmer picked up 4 at Preston s end am flWVV saaasMMasdst yS - AmmimM - mmmmmimmmmmmitm - NEBRASKA'S VIC SCHLEICH AND TWO MORE HUSKERS tackle Al t ouppee, iiawKeye ntiarterhack, who returned openinfr kickoff of t he came from the Iowa 22 - yard line to the yard marker. (Ml ebra.fca - li game picture hy Stmff Photographer. Frea i hrurront mnd Bofc CorhasaJ " "" ' 11,1 1 iiinil......i. '" ' ' 1 " ....... Washington's Rose Bowl hopes knocked by Oregon U. Oregon Slate keeps on Pasadena palh by trouncing 3Iontaua, 27 - 0 SEATTLE. . The Unlvmlty of Oirton' touchdnn t''" - - Tommy Roblm and Curt Wecnaroouvswrea ana uuiww v veraitT of Washington rtusaies dmuiuby w v.. - ians out of further nose towi cunwrnum m vwi. wiftmrw Roblin boomed 55 yaras on ngm wnm "r vi. touchdown in the thirtl quarter, ana ne paKwa jju w v - who ran 15 more for the second touchdown. Arter jwecnam passeu o yarue io Newquist in the fourth period for what proved the winning; score, Roblin, with only seconds remaining, managed to squirm across his own goal line to prive Washington an intentional safety. He almost dropped on his own 1 - foot line and as it was fourth down, the Huskies would have taken over there. Washington resorted to a strate - pem to fret its first touchdown. Jn placekick formation. Berg instead rifled a 21 yard pass to Rrnie Steele, who caupht it on the 2 and plunped over. The Huskies went 57 yards for their second touch down. North Platte meets Omaha Vorth Thursday 0 St. Edward and Hardy tangle Hmhcr - Hmckcxc statistics . . . Nebraska Iowa was barbed wire and planted to various feed and cover producing shrubs. rrass and lesrumes, These areas were successfully stocked with a total of 1.8(H) bob - white quail as seed stock in areas where thev were nacuy neeaea. Land - owners have been especially Redskins in Shspe. Washington will enter the Polo Grounds in better shape than it was for last week's tame with 'r::::::.? ,r ; - .r ; the Bears. Ed jut. ne of the .h i,h leagues best pass receivers. wiU S' Z hns. ov b m the Redskins' lineup for the controlling erosion. - QUEER FOOD. A study of Nebraska reveals first time in three weeks But even if Sammy Baugh is throwing passes as he did against the Bears. Washington's position will he critical. The Redskins will some of our fish have queer ap - loge chance for the eastern flag petitiea. Rubber bands, pieces oi loK and wu the Giants shiny metal ana even cnunas oi clincn at a tie for the title glass are not uncommon, tsun - tf the game results in a deadlock heads and catfish are least con - lf Washington does down the cerned with what they eat. After a Gianuta, it must still get by Green flood, bullheads m flooded streams Bay tne following week to main - will be gorged almost to uie oursv - tain its chances. ing point with grub worms waaneo The Brooklyn Dodgers, nursing fmm th anil. I m na t hmnt ifl rhimre to be in at tv.., l.rcr. catfish taken from Ut,. mrri nn Mutsm hnnnrt will he Stauss lor a yara loss. t the South Uup last summer each idle Sunday but will be rooting for JL rontamea neariv a cuuiui o nawunrum vo rwon i "1C i . 9t .ri nmu w - i " .. a i i rues ubusuiue. uu asairi an f"" grains in their stomachs. Nothing Giants. Brooklyn gets a crack at to Couppee Ior m first down on the isew xora on uie uusv uajr w I Nebraak. 4 First downs earned ..... First downs penalty .... Ysrds gamed rushing... Yards lost rushing...... Passes attempted passes incomplete Own passes intercepted.. Passes completed Ysrds gained on passes.. Net ysrds gained Laterals attempted ..... Laterals completed Ysrds gamed on Isterals. Punts wtiirned ..... . . , . Farmers punt bounced back to the Puntt blocked by opts... Iowa 84 w it. M NEBRASKA: On s siprnal naxup. ' ' H ' Nebraska couldn't gain as the quarter Kickoff yardage ended. rviCKQTT rewnwo . SCORE: IOWA 0. NEBRASKA o. Ball lost on downs SECOND QUARTER. Fumble Francis failed to sain a Anderson s s - usr4. Kebraakas backlieiO was in motion, but Iowa declined tne penauy. Rradlev faked a naaa. started to run only to bump into Anderson, who flip - Ball lost on fumbles Own fumbles recovered.. Penalties Penalty yardage iwtfi him for an S yard loss, me - r play was relied back, and the Hawk a varan ior oiiaiae 1Q 2Q 3Q 4Q Tot 1Q 2Q 3Q 4Q Tot 2 1 3 12 1 1 & 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 60 72 0 44 17$ 16 21 75 35 147 0 6 24 27 57 6 1 19 15 41 1541 11 11013 12104 0 0 0 0 0 0 10 12 0 10 12, 02305 10001 0 33 59 0 92 7 0 0 0 7 60 99 35 17 211 17 20 56 20 113 0 O 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 4 0 1 2 7 3 2 1 1 7 16 0 16 12 15 45 19 28 24 29 32 0 12 0 44 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 01203 10113 0 60 116 0 176 45 0 16 60 121 23 0 0 26 49 0 31 67 0 93 0 1 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 10034 10124 0 0 0 1 1 0 0 0 1 1 1 0 0 2 3 1 0 1 1 3 2 1 0 0 3 1 0 0 2 2 10 5 0 0 15 5 0 0 20 23 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Huskers . . (Continued from Page 1 - B.) break, because msking a mistake on this kind of day is fatal. Mertes Intercepts. The quarter found the Huskers with the wind at their back, and in went Howard Debus. But one of his long passes fell into the arms of Mertes. Then came the big break, but provided only because of the tremendous pressure which the Huskers were asserting. Fred Preston broke thru to squarely block Farmer's third down punt on the Husker 22, the ball soonling back into the end sone. Vic1 Schleich, some thought, had tossed a blocker into the ball, but whatever happened Schleich and Jack Hazen started in pursuit. Bill Green, the Iowa fullback, also reacted quickly and had the first chance to recover in the end sone for a safety but Schleich went after him and the i ball squirted away, Hasen falling vea nnalisea Blue came batik into the lineup for Francis in the Nebraska backtieid, and Myers tuon von Goets' place in the line. Couppee intercepted Bradley a pasH, and cashed back to the Iowa . tOW A: ttauss plunged for 6, snd Mertes - was knocked down after a first down on the Iowa 40. Farnwr slashed Zikmund at Anrtenion a auaro. out roared 12 yards thru the middle tor a first down on the Husker 40. Francis' atsHmnt to swing Parker's terminal was good for only X. Thompson employed an end - around play to pick up S. Francis plungen tor a nrm oown on the lows 47. srancu iouiu else had been eaten by this pair of vegetarians. Rainbow trout taken from Long Pine creek in the spring often have their stomachs gorged with fluffy masses of cotton wood seed, and the flathead chub, a common river minnow, picks up grasshoppers and stuffs itself with ragweed and buckwheat seeds. The most unusual item found in a fish stomach was taken from a 16 inch large mouth bass from Cotton Mill lake west of Kearney. In its stomach was a young, but futlfeathered red wing backbird, which must have fallen Into the water on one of its first flights. season. Bears Leave Home. For the first time in six weeks the Besrs will quit their home field in Chicago to meet the Lions at Detroit. The Chicago club is tied with Green Bay in the num ber of defeats and must have vic tories over the Lions, Philadelphia and the Chicago Cardinals to keep right on the Packers heels. The Green Bay club, invading Pitts burgh, must beware of a bteeier thru th inwa left side for 7, anrt off - tackle fat 4, then Mertes rr.eked the Hawkeyes took out time. Francis the "Pl"'e sme ior s. buhmw mwre maae tt k first down on the lows so. s first down on the Nebraska 49. Mrr - Zlkmun(i lifted thru for S. and Metrites was run out of bounds snd lailed eny swung around the lows left side to gain si inwnpwn " I fur g more. Francis tnaoe a. ana, romped thru the miaaie ior a. fourth down. Francis made it a lirsi Merles mso tt a nrsi oown m u dnwB on the 22. Iowa was orisiae, out Farmer picked up 7 to the Nebraska .vhn(.u declined the penalty. Brad - left side, and the Huske took out . recovered a loose ball for a I yard time, miaa repiaeea yi lv ioMi Zikmund, on the estaiue oi guard for Nebraska. Urban earns in J erty play waB knocked down by a for injured inckerhooi at guara ior Nebrask. blocker and failed to gain. Iowa. Duda and Herndon sptliea j BrmdJ faked a pass, snd swung around the Hawkeye left side for 21 snd a first down on the Iowa 4. Francis made 8. and then went thru the lows right tackle for the touchdown. SCORE: IOWA 1J, NEBRASKA Francis placekicked the extna point. SCORE: IOWA IS, NEBRASKA 7. Bindt replaced Zikmund in the Ne braska backfieid. Schleich s kickoff failed to go iu yard, and he kicked again. This time his kickoff went out os oounas on tuv Mertes lost 2 trying Abel's side. Farmer passed to Burkett for a first down on the Nebraska 8. Farmer plunsed for a touchdown. SCORE: IOWA , NEBRASKA 0. Farmer's placekick was wide. SCORE: IOWA t, NEBRASKA 0. Francis re - entered the Nebraska lineup for Blue. Hasen took over Iowa 44 Thompson s end. and Martig replaced Herndon. Diehl kicked off SO to Bradley, who came back to the Nebraska 81. NEBRASKA: Francis found s targe hole in the middle, and got IS for a first down oa the Hunker 44. Zikmund DR. GOLDFISH. Doctors and police forces have found a new use for the goldfish and tropical aquafium fish Patients are inclined to become more rested if they have been able to watch a tankful of lazily swimming fishes for half an hour. Police psychologists have often found that criminal suspects are too wrought up and nervous to give the lie detector a chance tof record their reactions normally, jj these suspects are placed in a room where they can do nothing but watch an interesting aquarium of fishes for some time, their blood. pressure and excitability return to a normal level, and the responses are more accurate. eleven which defeated Brooklyn got 3 before stauss eracseo nm. last Sunday, 14 - 7, for its first win aluna replaced uroaa ai STra after seven straight defeats. . "KJST 1: The Chicago Cardinals and the - VraaW. Cleveland Rams, bottom clubs of t t t of Dounds oa the the western division, will meet in loa 49 Cleveland in the Rams' final game. I towA: Green replaced Stauss tn the The Philadelphia Eagles have no Iowa backfieid, and Stndt cams in for IOWA: Farmer was Sid to l ny Schieich. and then faded back to pass but was spiiied by Duda fen - a 10 yard haw. Farmer's kick was partially blocked by Duda and Fred Meier recovered on the Iowa 49, as the quarter ended. SCORE: IOWA 13, NEBRASKA 7. game scheduled. Looking for sn Investment? how about a good farm? Farms For Sale" in todays Want Ada Tulsa overpowers Drake to eapture Valley grid title TULSA. The Golden Hurri cane of the University of Tulsa won its second consecutive Mis souri Valley football title 8atur - dav by overpowering the Drake Rullrinra 20 to 6. on a snow and Zikmund for Nebraska. Farmer crack ed Nehraaka's richt side for a first down oa the Nebraska 3M. Green failed to gain when Bindt nailed him. Mertes sained 4. then Green added & before Metheny hit him. Farmer plunged over Martig' s tackle for a first down on the Nebraska 27. Duda raced thru to hit Mertes for a 3 yard loss. Farmer s pass to Parker in the end sone was barely out at the end s ream. treen went over the Husker left side tor 7. Farmers pass to Burkett barely missed connection, snd Nebraska took the ball on downs on its own 22. NEBRASKA: Schleich was rushed back into the Nebraska lineup for Byier at tackle. Francis failed to gain at " :u i vvaiaera wmc uo a diiub rain sweuv nciu. . HltlHt nicked no a Walker The Tulsans went to work ' r. - . - find an auicklv. scoring In the first six minutes of play and adding two more touchdowns in the second period. FOURTH QUARTER. Debus replaced Bradley in the Husker backfieid, NEBRASKA: Sindt failed to gain at Parker s end. Nebraska s backfieid was in motion, but Iowa declined the penalty. Sindt fumbled a flat pass from Metheny. but recovered, and lost 4. Mertes intercepted Debus' pass snd got back to the Hawkeye 25. IOWA: Mertes slashed thru Hern - done tackle for 4. Farmer plunged for S snd a first down on the lows si, and Nebraska tdek out time. Maher re placed Parker at end for the Haws - eyes. Hasen came in for Thompson, and Brad lev and Zikmund were in serted into the Husker lineup. Fanuef s dumped for a 3 yard loss by s host of Nebraska tack l era. steirea fumbled, but recovered, tor a 6 yard loss. Preston rushed thru to blocs Farmer s kick, nad the ball rolled into the end sone, where Hasen leaped on it for s touchdown. SCORE. IOWA IS, NEBRASKA 11. Francis placekicked the extra point. SCORE: NEBRASKA 14. IOWA 13. Francis kicked off into the end sone. where Green picked it up and got back to the Iowa 26. IOWA: Farmer crashed his right side for 4. Francis hauling him down. Mrtes tried the middle for 6. Mertes made it a first down on the Iowa 87. Mertes swung around the Husker right side for 6. Herndon pushing Mm out of bounds. Farmer made 1 off - tackle, then Green fumbled and Abel recovered for Nebraska on the Iowa 46. NEBRASKA: Zikmund picked up S. and Francis hammered the center for 17 and a first down on th Iowa 26. Fry replaced Diehl at center for Iowa, and Urban came in at guard for Penaluna. Walker nailed Bradley for s i yard toss. Bradley fumbled, but recovered, for a 7 yard loss. Nebraska was penalised 6 yards for too much time in the huddle. Bradley failed to gain at Burkett end. Bradley punted into the end sone. and Iowa scrimmaged on its own 20. IOWA: Marttg replaced Herndon at tackle for Nebraska. Green found 6 at Martig s tackle, then got 8 more. Farmer made It first down on the Iowa 36. Herndon held Mertes to no gain. Green got 1 before colliding with Schleich. Zikmund dumped Green for a 3 yard loss. Farmer punted to Bradley, who mas stopped on the Husker 43 NEBRASKA: Francis fumbled, and Mertes recovered for lows on the Nebraska 48. IOWA: A bad pass from center cost lows 17 yardii. Farmer recovering. Von Goets leturned to the Nebraska lineup.! for Duda. Bradley intercepted Farm er's pans, and got back to the Hawk - eye 3. NEBRASKA: Officials detected clip ping on the play. tho. and the Husk ers were set back to the Nebraska 4a. Metheny got & osv a quarterback sneak. Francis made 1 off - tackle. Byrd replaced Anderson at guard for Iowa. Bradley made it a first down on the lows 42. An ken y replaced Couppee tn the Hawkeye lineup. Metheny used his pet quarterback sneak pisy to earn 2. Metheny failed to gain as the gam endedx FINAL SCORE: NEBRASKA IOWA 13. THANKSGIVING SPECIAL! November 21lh, 2Slh and 26th MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY S$ fl 3S 1 COMPLETE POWER WASH, 35 POINT LUBRICATIO AND VACUUM ...... ONLY BUT YOUR CHRISTMAS GIFTS NOW ON OUR LIBERAL LAY - AWAY BUDGET PLAN Eadios Bicycles Toys Car Heaters Electrical Appliances Batteries, etc 1200 It SU Phone 2 - 6997 tackled htm. Bradley oDenina. was held to no gain. Voiien eider replaced' Green in th low backfieid. and Long came in for Brad ley ior the Huskers. Francis punted to the lows 43. where th bail rolled dead. ' tOW A: Iowa took out time. Fry replaced Capt. Diehl for th Hawk - eyes. Long intercepted Farmer's pa, and was downed on his own 27 as tne half ended. SCORE: IOWA , NEBRASKA 0. THIRD QUARTER. Both starting lineups were back in the gam. Iowa took advantage of th wind the third quarter Diehl kicked off 67 to Bradley, who raced bsck 39 to th Nebraska 42. It anoeared as tho Bradley was loos but he was trapped momenta later. NEBRASKA: Bradley mad a scant ymrd at Anderson's guard, and Otto eauaht Bradley for a 3 yard loss Bradley faked a pass, and was dumped for a 12 yard loss. Bradley punted to Farmer, who raced back 11 to the Nebraska 46. where Thompson hit him. tOW A: Zikmund ran Green down for a 13 vmrd loss. Farmer's flip to 1 T. . - Wo uHul 11 Tinmr nuaed tfl Couppee for a first down en the Nebraska 34. and the Huskers took out time. Mertes was held to no gain by Bradley. Farmer lost 1 when Preston sifted thru - Farmers pass to Parker was incomplete. Zikmund broke It up Fanner passed to Green tar a touchdown. SCORE: IOWA 13, NEBRASKA a Parmet placekicked the extra point. SCORE: IOWA 13, NEBRASKA a Francis replaced Blue, and Duda cam m for von Goets la the Nebraska lineup. CHehl kicked off & to Bradley, who came back to the Nebraska 2& NEBRASKA; Francis failed to gatn would have netted, the Huskers had six. Again the Viscount came back for the placement. It s this sort of ' spot that has always delighted him. Evervtmngr aepenoea upon Fred Metheny s ability to get the ball properly and for Vike to kick the extra point. The manner in which these two went about executing these chores you might have gotten the idea that Nebraska was leading by 40 points. The ball came back, and was met squarely. There was no doubt about where Referee Fred Gardner's arms were going upraised to signify it counted. Not Thoroly Whipped. Iowa wasn't thoroly whipped even then. Farmer, Mertes and Green managed to work the ball to midfield but a fumble around which George Abel curled stopped that one. It appeared for a moment like Francis might be both the hero and the goat when a high shovel pass got sway from him and Mertes recovered on the Husker 48. But Dale Bradley cut off one of Farmer's paases and when Metheny, Francis and Bradley combined to make a first down on Iowa 43. there wasn't time enough left for the Hawks to do anything sbout it as Metheny took two shots at the middle, simply killing the ball on the last one. Metheny and Fred Meier were the only two Huskers to go the full route Saturday, while five of the Hawkeyes put in 60 minutes. They were Jim Walker, Robert Otto, Bill Burkett, Tom Farmer and Bernard Mertes. BY PAUL D1NNIS. That annual treat is almost here the Thanksgiving dsy game. Turkey dsy specials dot the prep football map this week as the curtain falls on the lf41 campaign. Outstanding dish on the menu Is Omaha North's bid at North Platte. The Flatters currently are undefeated. Their flashy "T" formation has functioned so well that they hsve remained near the top rung of the prep ladder since the season opened. North is powerful too. They also belong in me up tn included amone the Viking virtims is Benson. Omaha kingpin The six - man game also demands a a - nntiiirht. Mythical atste - six - msn outcome of the naray - t. wwim outcome of the Hardy - St Edwards mix at Hardy. Beatrice and Fairbury. Southeast Nebraska fans will be interested in Beatrice s traditional attempt to hatchet that Fairbury goblin. A late up - and - comer. Cliff Ashburn's eleven mav well make things tough Jn the Jeffereoe emmty backyard. WnwMH Kaila City fan U traa U Wiawaina, . where the Tsr toil. lr Ute northeaat. Albion anrt TUkb war. Battle Creek arras at PUeer will he mtrreettns Further went. AKinon nr hiitera mvad O Neili while Baaaett to at A in worth . Th midland tMrorretB w rmwnra wnn to? - fKrtrh affatra. Once - tied Si. Paul renew the ancient rivalry at Ord. Ord undefeated Tti Three - Valleys crown a ml utake im tne gam. York already up for emteideraUwi fr. irtate honor with ita undefeated rcrrd. Thii - Ktay th Puhen play at Grand laland. Other central Nehraeka same find Schuy ler at David City and Harvarfl at tmxon. Central City ehowa up on Fullertnn antl while Ansley tn at Broken Bow ana Area rim at Comatork. Gibbon plava at Rheiton ana unis is at Ravenna Scotia trie Ita tuck at North Loup while Taylor la at BurwlL, Aside from Urn North - North Platte event. Oothenhun: and Urxmgton grah the eouth - weat ttmeltrht tn th latter ctty. McCnok haa an ensaifewient at Oulhertann and Grant 1 at Imperial. Baver City rlnka ita undefeated record at Holbrook and Trenton is at Henkelman. Mtnden la at Holdrew and Wauneta at Culhertaqa. Arapahoe mix at Oxford. Panhandle docket hata undefeated Bay ard at Skinatara. tmrtfeated Alliance la hoat to Curtis Acriea. Scottehluff will try to add another wis at Gering.. The Thursday game : KUEVEM - MAM. Soutneaat: Beetrtes at Falrhury. Northeaat: BatU Creak al Pager; Al btofi at Ncligh. North Central: Baaaett at Alnsworth; A tic i noon at O'Neill. Central: Arm ley at Broken Bow: Central Ctty at Fullerton; Fairfield at Clay Center; Arcadia at Comatock; Genoa at Silver Creek; Gthboa at Shetton; York at (irand Island; Loup City at Ravenna: Sontta at North Lnut: St.. Paul at Ord; Schuyler at ravtd City; Harvard at Suttos; Taylor at Burwell. Sou ih went : Trenton at Benkeimen; Omaha North at North Platte: Beaver Citv at Holhronk: M?Coofc at Cannhridae. Wauneta at Culherteon; Gnthenbura at Lexington; Mtndcn at Holdrege , Grant at Imperial. Wext: CurUt Asslea at Alliance : Bayard at Minatare, Scotwhluff at Garlng; Oah - koah at Osaltaia; Sidney at Chapped. Northwest: Gordon at Craw lord. Ouutatc: Palls Ctty st Hiawatha, Kaa. 14, Two frpertatora die at Notre Dame - USC content SOUTH BEND, Ind. iJPt. Two men attending the Southern Cali - fornia - Notre Dame football game Saturday suffered heart attacks and died after being removed from the stadium. Razorhacks fall before Ole Miss MEMPHIS. Tenn. (UP). The University of Mississippi sloshed thru rain and mud Saturday to defeat Arkansas. 18 - 0, before a chilled crowd of 10,000. One touchdown in the first pe riod and two more at the start Santa Clara Spills U. C. L. A. LOS ANGELES. (VP), The Uni versity of Santa Clara football team took advantage of disastrous bobbles by the opposition Saturday to defeat UCLA, 31 to 13, tn a game witnessed by 35.000. H a 1 f b s e k Kenny Casanega, who played his last game, senior. and Alyn Beals. a Junior end, were the big guns in the Santa Clara victory. Oregon State Rolls Toward Rose Bowl. PORTLAND. Ore. (INS). The Beavers of Oregon State college Saturday eliminated another barrier in their drive toward an invitation to the Rose Bowl by defeat ing a gallant but injury - ridden University of Montana football team, 27 to 0 before 5,000 shivering fans. Scoring in every quarter, the Beavers had entirely too much power for the Grizzlies as Coach Lon Stiner flooded Multnomah stadium with fresh reserves after establishing a safe lead. Northeast loop heads nominate all star squad KOBTH,ANT CXlrT.SXNl E. w it! wit Wavne 4 0 0 Randolph S S S nreiKhtnfi a 0 1 Hsrttngtoa 1 6 S Bkoom field 4 1 1 Pierce 0 S S Plain view 8 10 HARTINGTON, Neb. Coaches and superintendents of the Northeast Nebraska league in session at Randolph announced the mythical all - conference grid selections. Third place Bloomfield placed four on the first team, two on the second for the best showing, while the champion Wayne crew copped five positions, three on the first and two on the second. The selections: risT TEAM. Ends Walters. Bloomfield ; Calhoun, Harrington. Tackle Johnson, Wayne; C Newton, Bloomfield. Guards Bruner, Bloomfield: fievera, Creishion. Center Garvin. Hartlnston. Quarterback Kler, Wavne. Halfbacks Btull. Wayne; Wilson, Bloomfield. Fullback Sakutm, Cmsbtoa, StiCOND TEAM. Knd Harvey, Wayne; Newton, Bloom - fieid. Tackle Hartuns. Randolph; Schemer. Pierce. Guards Greenwoid. Vaynei Hoffard. Plainvlew Center Hlartlk, Creishion. Quarterback Johnson. Bloom, field. Ha If backs Burkett, Harttnjrtoa; ire - win. Pierce; Hamilton, Plainvlew. Fullback Muster, Randolph. SIX - MA. St. Edward at Hardy; Bit SprUiss at Paxtoa; Fairfield at Clay Center. oenaive want - aa to i ne journal or Star today. Hay Springs tcins Northwestern grid title i i mi asr"! U2wr? i nHDflfe;"i ' n - iasasAsaw - - :, mM m 16 answer call v for Peru Stated basketball squad PERU, Neb. Coach Al Wheel er's call for basketball material at Peru Teachers college was an swered by 16 aspirants, including seven lettermen. The veteraUis include Luther of the fourth gave Mississippi the Hutto' Keith Hannah Dick Pas - virtnrv I cal, Charley Hiatt, Duane White, - l All nuiuiuvuc suiu oua jojtcib. - If vou want cash for your used Among the newcomers are Orv car or furniture, phone an inex - ille Yocum, former Humboldt high star; Russell Hobbs, transfer from Hebron junior college; and Bob Haark, who prepped at Elk Creek, The Bobcats open Tuesday sgainst, Lead ways of Maryvllie, , Mo., Missouri state semipro ; champs last year. The schedule: i Nov. 2S, Leadway Stores. t Dec t, at Tarkto; 12. York: 4,3. Alum ni; IS, Tar - cle. Jan. t, at Doam: 13, at Midland; IS. Kearney; 22, at Nebraska Weaieyan; 34, at Haati. ga: 39. Wayne. Feb, 3, Hastmsa; , Doane; 18. t Kemy. 14. at York; in. mt Wayne; ta, Midland; 27. Nebraska Weaieyan. March 2. Chadrun; 3, Chadroa, Roscoe Toles beats Lowell BUENOS AIRES. UP. Roscoe Toles, Detroit Negro heavyweight fighter, won the decision after 15 torrid rounds Saturday night with Alberto Lowell, South American champion, in the Luna park ring. The Associated Press score card gave six rounds to Toles, five to Lowell and four even. Hed Burns sparks Vanderbilt past Alabama, 7 to 0 NASHVILLE, Tenn. (UP). A 21 yard pass from Red Burns to Jack Jenkins Saturday gave Vander bilt' s Commodores a 7 to 0 victory over favored Alabama and a probable invitation to a bowl game. Burns, sub Vandy tailback, was the star of the mud - smeared game, played here before 20,000 fans. The score showed little of Vanderbilt s margin in the game. Alabama, victor over Tulane, which was the only team to stop the Commodores, made only three first downs to Vandy's 11. Cage scores liana lata 41, Camp I pta is. r.. . - 2 COACH C G. HILLYER'S HAY SPRINGS eleven romped off with the Northwestern conference grid It.",.. ' is t ita ontvments 78 tallies. Hav Springs was not scored upon after the sec - r!f' ZZ. L e"iV: i7" - .nJn and Diercks paced the season's scoring with 124 and 43 points, re - Vnu u.. . J7 7 - 4M l, In the toon. The H8V snectivelv while v arvei was ior une uitru eu n - .m. "v w - ..i ... - .s w isai r utev vam viir ni - amii'M n w uu a.ane . nirr rann am t auvt i tarwih m ww - HiUver Smith, J. Johnson, Hollatein; Del Walgren. Diercks, L. Hermansen, D. Johnson, Nissen, student Ketr.nrwi row: Li. nuKirn, isi minim' vei. Bowman. Bottom row; Strotheide, Anderson, Ray, Dahi. New York Rangers end four game toeing string MONTREAL. UP). The New York Rangers ended their four game losing streak Saturday night by defeating Montreal's Canadi - ens, 7 to 2. in a National hockey league game. Phil Watson and Bryan Hextall each scored two goals for the Rangers with the others going to Lynn Patrick. Mae Colville and Grant Warwick, tevty IS Jewel teeV Elgin. 10: re' Of set - rel re I teal sold elate. teinlt ti bsck. Pay SI a Week Km InUeremt or Carrying Chergt Walter "Doc" Byert PrsBtrietse :rown 1641 - O" St

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