Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 13, 1928 · Page 5
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 5

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 13, 1928
Page 5
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mi f'|ifif}f)f|jjp ijpyi* ! KN yyl 7,ETT I I>-.» ^r-^p rr>;-*ms w' H^ w-™v |5 O O F v ?7f)TW:*4 FROM ' luir.-n^™^. tftB-f- As Cooking School l h* d»T *t, tb<* T>Mi!ftrfif rionVlns f! bv Mrs. school. In Onlv t-^co more n of S-f :fi! «•«," th» We! ?>t th*> Xi!; Thf 1 !>;»•!- for > I mm, s**TTi kno are ing to t startinfi Mrs. Dorothy A. be^ln h*r talks prornp 1 bl!t thp Ooors '';H i o'clock, h"rr>tinn nmiy !i!6 the urRTK y of fo early, if choir" P'-R!^ Tx"nidort will !v nt 2 oY!o~!r. •^ (i;;"n Bt. J 'rnni^n Tf^J" ••Ing on hand fl.r? to be £"?cured. WP folk', hrrp nt, the fife offScn w marketing ptan« in homes ne-xt w wondrring about Stcrl!ns;-Roc-k :k. nnd nsked Mrs. Loudon whnt provision !s customary for taking c^re of traclrsmpn on cookl!^ school clays. Sh«? stated !t. Is a very ppod plan for women to do their shopping in the morn- Jrsa, and to nrranKr ahead with tradesmpn to mahf thpir c«H<! and deliverifr, brforr noon from Tnen- day through Friday. This will leave housewives frrr for the sessions each afternoon. It w very pvldcnl Mrr-. Loudon has no fancy Ideas nho'it. housework being a merry affair of short hours, but a acrlo'js Job to be given thoughtful study to lift it, out of the rrnlrn of drudgery. She is 'irmly convinced that nn Interest in now dishes, new ways to cook familiar foods, and new ways to plp.n menu.'-, all help make housekeeping more interesting, even for (ho',f! \vh<> like It, and much simpler for those who would not cnre a bit if they neve: had to prepnre another meal or sweep another room. How To Prr^-5 For Kltrlirn trip hsr I fPtr!ff!it;*bH" !no<». not * j vffls rT-nujfi tn PSKliV Att'r? !n lio en more and rn-wr?! »tt#ntion. A woman wishes to b« pr*f»T5t«b?« nl! t!m»^. when In th* gurden, recpivins * momSns visit from R j-i^ighiyir, nr whfn ROirsK to the store uroimd tri« corner for R bit of markftinir. "A!w*ys look your bwt" is a happy slofsn tfl b« practiced B hit rnorw cmrtfuHy, «n<J it csn b« done with so little effort, and with such great personal satisfaction. Wd yoti rm- stop to cotwldcr how many miles you walk in Just pw- forming the ttsusl round of house- Mrplng chores in R morning? Do' your feet ever feel tired afterward? Are you tryinsr to use a pair of high- hff-!cd iillpppra In your housework Just because "they are prptty wpll gonp, anyway?" Per* haps you have worn a pair of shoco too low?, and they arc weakening your arches and straining your whole nervota syutem. Watch how fresh and spritely Mrs. Loudon will be after several hours on her feet on the platform walking and Btand- Inu all during her demonstrations. Mrs. Loudon will have some little surprises for you In the care o! the feet. Just one of the many Important ideas to relieve that worn out feeling around about noon, and generally dus to foot strain. After cornfort*ble clothes and properly shod feet comes a cheerful, comfortable and Inviting kitchen. Plenty of light and fresh air, with a stool or chair to sit on whenever, and as soon as. any piece of work can be done in a sitting position. You are going to be much interested in the stage kitchen at the mini theatre, and will be reminded of many ways to make your own equipment more productive of better results In cookery and housework. All the foods to be used by Mrs. Loudon in her talks are on sale in every grocery store in Sterling-Rock Falls but Mrs. Loudon will us« these familiar articles in preparing new dishes that wil open your eyes. You ' can go home and apply the suggestions to youi- own menu planning. Make Notes of Questions. We trust you are following our urgent advice by making; notes of questions you wish answered by Mrs. Loudon. That Is such a simple precaution to make this cooking school bring you personally a lasting and special benefit. You know that any housework subject under;the aun, such as marketing, budgeting, menu planning, entertainment;, and dozens of types of tlma,*nd labor-saving devlocs -can bl carefully talked about and used and still some little point vital to your problem may ba missed.' Other women at the school will appreciate your points being brought out, top. So again w^rvuggesl Uial'yoii preparei questions to be written on blanks which will be provided at the hall, and on which it will not be necessary to sign your name. They will be collected by ushers, and answered from the platform to the best of Mrs. Loudon's ability, provided they pertain to cookery or household economics. We are sorry not to have been permitted to answer inquiries phon- (Contlnued on page seven) --i-T-a LADY AMOK.- j..i... ^aii- cy Astor, member of the British parliament, went all the way to Richmond, Va., to attend a party, the Virginia Governor's ball. Lady Astor, one time Virginian, led the grand march with Harry Flood Byrd, the state's chief executive. Here she's shown at the brilliant affair wearing a tiara reputed to b* worth half a million dollars. All binds of Sheet Metal tad Tto Woifc. Furnace Repairing oar specialty Clutterkam Tin Shop Located at Hsffiaod Hart ware ~ & A* Forater & Fiimfat Directors i SERVICE Any Distance Rates * I v npV~~~ sk Tires Our whole place is run of . lit the Fisk line we have only good values, even if you buy the low priced Fisk made tires. From the Premier we go through the whole line including the Fisk Regular Balloon, the high pressure sizes, the fa- GUARANTBED -jnous -Transportation **' Lard for commercial cars, Vfl/fYimVitirfSP to the Fisk Ru%% e d ¥ UlLaniZing Tread, Heavy Duty Bal- 0y|j Joon—the big mileage Repairing tire, surpassing all often in tafety^ comfort and in. Hankenson's Tire Shop St. Of of T>rsr><"w M> ." This sifflplr •»cTlt.t' > n r-tfsry of f!>« I'.fp for in h!« romsmtin nt Robsrri«. An p cKife with "Old the enthusiasm of that, nf^Kon*^6 old ron. Peter B Kyrw, we h<\vc «n rxc^p- HoriftHy r(xx? story. "Tide of Fm- pire." The Eo?c5 ru^h wns on whrn Dermod D'Arry. B- yoima Iri^hmnn. c*me to fh»» California rfs;ions. Joseph* Odvrrpro. churrninR datiehtT Abbott. "Hnnpv Hr frov, •'Th'-V IJnrl f BiKCrri, "Th" C'hln WoodbmT, '-.Mi^.try Wither. "RnuRhly pd Up. r^r r^T Flnts." r.-.nrrrniner Msn'n Orieil , Book of the Qi^-'i . K'>Ho.-k, "Hoiirfln!." *-!:- f'rtrl Mryrrs fttid f's.tislif'-i j || ' lr - of Snndu-irh, 111,, an- vj.nitipf i^ -lassies nf,ti frfTids hT»> over fhf Years fo Acquire Only a Few Minutes To Lose— All your worldly possessions may be taken from you in only a moment. That which has taken you years to acquire may'be snatched away from you without any notice. Your Property is constantly in danger of Fire, Theft, Tornado! 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Every coil ia a De Luxe moves independently of all other coib, yielding to the pressure of hips and shoulders yet rising to relieve all strain oa the vital organs between. The spine lies natuadly, straight and free from strain. Nerve* and muscles are fully relaxed .. . refreshing sleep comes quickly. Enjoy this new deep sleep right now. We will gladly bring * Rome De Luxe bedspriug to your hoar.' for & trial Phone as today for details, ax,d let us give you a copy of Dr. Royal S. Copelaad's mteresting booklet, "How Better Sleep Builds iktcsr Health." 21 E. Third St. Sterling, Illinois Phone 682 The First National Bank STERLING, Serves Everyone Trouth & Son Largmt Furniture ! /i Block South ®f Pwt Office J Sis takes a big pride in her hank account-little manager that she is. She feels very impo.rumt.when she steps up to the window with her bank full of savings and has the amount recorded in her own bank book. Some day when Sis has a household of her own this training in management is going to mean a lot to her. Sis is one of the strongest supporters of her and your bank. THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK THE FIRST TRUST & SAVINGS BANK

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