Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on April 20, 1968 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 20, 1968
Page 2
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; f»«t Three m (m STAR, Nut* 19 OffiK SOCIETY Phone 7-3431 Between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. SUNDAY, APRIL 21 Television Schedule A Scotch Ball Golf Tourna. ment, postponed from an earlier date, will be held at 3:30 p.m. Sunday, April 21 at tha Hope Country Club. The entry fee will be a White Elephant item, and a potluck supper will follow the tournament, Members of the Methodist Youth Fellowship will serve breakfast at the First Methodist Church Sunday, April 21. The tasty meal will cost only 50 cents for children and $1 for adults, The public is invited. MONDAY, APRIL 22 Circles 1 and 2of the W.M.S. of the First Baptist Church will meet Monday morning, April 22 in the home of Mrs, Jewel Moore, Jr., for a covered dish luncheon and study of the book "Spiritual Life Development" to be taught by Mrs. S. A. Whitlow. Circle members are asked to note the change of date. The Adult Choir of the First t Presbyterian Church will practice Monday, April 22, at 7:00 p.m. TUESDAY, APRIL 23 Chapter AE, P.E.O., will meet at 2 p.m. Tuesday, April 23 in the home of Mrs. L. D. Springer. Please note change of time. Parents Called About Girl Who Lived With 6(30 KATV SATURDAY. APRIL,20 6:30 (COLOft) THE DATING. QAME 7:00 (COLOR) NEWDiWED GAME 7:30 (COLOR) LAWRflJCE WELK SHOW 8:30 (COLOR) HOLLYWOOD PALACE 9:30 (COLOR) FELONY SQUAD 10:00 (COLOR) TEN O'CLOCK REPORT 10:15 THE BIG MOVIE "Kitty" Paulette Goddard, Ray Milland NEW YORK (AP) - Tfie president of Barnard College has asked the parents of Linda LeClair, who broke college rules to live off campus with her boyfriend, whether they consider their daughter "an emancipated minor legally or in fact." In a letter to the 20-year-old sophomore, Martha Peterson, BRIGHT AND BEAUTIFUL Evelyn Jacoby, 20, of Bremen, Germany, ponders a question during contest she won to be proclaimed "the most intelligent German woman." Miss Jacoby won over several thousand entrants in the contest, which was sponsored by a woman's magazine. the president, also asked that Linda'e parents state "their position in the position in the responsibilities they carry for you and what they expect of the college." Linda, who received the letter Thursday, said, "I didn't expect her to com-r up with all these questions. I didn't think that she would have such petty questions. I interpreted the tone of the letter as mildly hostile." She said she has not attended classes for three weeks because of the controversy since the discovery tliat she and Peter Behr, 20, were living together in a $100-a-month apartment. 12:00 (COLOR) JOEY BISHOP SHOW 1:30 (COLOR) ABC WEEKEND NEWS l:/»5 AM SINE OFF jUNDAY. APRIL 21 6:45 AM TEST PATTERN 7:00(Color) THIS COLORFUL WORLD 7:30 ALLEN REVIVAL HOUR 8:00(Color) CHILDREN'S GOSPEL HOUR 8:30(Color) MILTON THE MONSTER 9:00 (Color) LINUS THE LIONHEARTED 9:30(Color) BUGS BUNNY 10:00(Color) BULLWINKLE 10:30(Color) DISCOVERY 11:00 BROADMOOR BAPTIST CHURCH •12:00(Color) DIRECTIONS 12:30(Color) ISSUES AND ANSWERS l:00(Color) NBA PLAYOFFS 3:00(Color) TOURNAMENT OF CHAMPIONS 4:30 BRONCO 5:30(Color) RAT PATROL 6:00(Color) ABC SPECIAL "Romp" 7:00(Color) F. B. I. 8:00(Color) Ifouth Beat 6 THE NATIONAL REPORT ON WHAT'S HAPPENING 10=20 SUNDAY NIGHT MOVIE "The Btg Show" Doris Day, Jimmy Durance Discoveries in the Weight Field: Obese persons who reduce have the same number of fat cells in their bodies as when they were overweight. "Reducing" means shrinking the cells • J -~ • in s i z e. The number of fat cells in the body seems to be determined by early eating habits. Calorie intake in later years expands or contracts the cells and controls weight directions. Another new discovery is that certain individuals who can only lose weight on a strict crash diet and regain it with a normal diet cannot help it. Because either through early unbalanced eating or a mistake of nature, certain amino acids and proteins are not doing their job on certain kinds of foods. In other words, the body has lost its ability to handle certain food types as tats or proteins, etc. Thus the food goes to fat, not fuel A properly balanced diet and/or temporary medication often restores the ability of the body to deal with these food types. "BOOTS" SCUFFLE: Nancy Sinatra sues Goodyear Tire and Rubber for use of her "style" by Sue Rainey. Everyone including Nancy should thank, not sue, Goodyear. The commercial 'is qreai. The singing is great, too. So, Nancy, please don't sue 'Sue, too. Meanwhile, 'Teen's Director of Beauty -ind Fashion Service is able Sandee Boots (her real name, honest') Sandee is considering action against both Nancy ind Goodyear. The case: "Kicking around the name of Boots." n<)PE-Y 1HMJS: Specially trained dogs being used to track down marijuana. "Fetch" means uncover the pot. Animals c«n follow'scent to hiding places and to pinches of grass hidden in such difficult places as closed coffee cans. Man s best friend is becoming enemy No. 1 of pushers in teen-land. Guru Not So New-Ku: Yoga and Hindu kick not original with young Hollywood set-during Roaring 20s the silent screen set did the whole bit. Even the Beatniks of the 50s i most of whom are very straight these days) had their thing —Zen Buddhism. GUITARS ALL STRUNG OUT: Sales of rock 'n' roll instruments slid eight to 20 per cent last year! That includes drums cnnps'and guitars. Could it be a dangerous satch point in teen interest? Is rock music slipping as well : Or are teens discouraged from organizing groups by the jillions Ihut now just exist . . . or try to exist? HKI.PFUL HIPPIES: In I.os Angeles teen runaways turned hlpnv don't need clothes or money of their own. A sort of community clothes pool exists, and a teen can always dip Jnto It. Where to crash? Easy-soineone or a few someone* are bound to have rented one of the largest old frame houses lhat dot the Hollywood/Sunset Strip area. I-owl is come by the same way—a' flush group shares what it has. Records (.0 to I'ot: Five-fingered discounting a growing problem for growing drug chains and discount houses. Pop records a big target. Reason: Easily -fenced used as barter goods with pushers of marijuana. One California drug chain alarmed bv escalation of problem, moved in with special police assistance (including dogs). Busted Jour teens t two boys and two girls i. The cache found in cellar ot ringleader: "over 200 albums. GOODIE GOUGE: Kids protest against rising cost of movies and concession goods — their solution? Rent their own-bring their own munchables. High on the list — lollypops. HAH, IUII, IBM: After computer dating, then what Computer schooling, that s what. New company matches teens with colleges for a nominal fee. Could be big. big, big. It can probably help n a r r o w down choice ot schools for undecided high school seniors. —By Robert MqcUod Editor, Teen Magazine 10:00(Color) 10 O'CLOCK REPORT THE BIG MOVIE "The Major and the Minor" Ray Mllland, Ginger Rogers 12:00(Color) ABC WEEKEND NEWS 12: 15 AM SINE OFF MONDAY. APRIL 22 6:45 AM TEST PATTERJ 7:00(Color) BOZO'S BIG TOP SHOW •8:30 DIALING FOR DOLLARS THEATRE "Easy Come Easy Go" Barry Fitzgerald, Diana Lynn 10:00(Color) DICK CAVETT SHOW 11:00 BEWITCHED ll:30(Color) TREASURE ISLE 12:OO(Color) DREAM HOUSE 12:30(Color) WEDDING PARTY l:00(Color) THE NEWLYWED GAME l:30(Color) THE BABY GAME l:55(Color) CHILDREN'S DOCTOR 2:00(Color) GENERAL HOSPITAL 2:30(Color) DARK SHADOWS 3: OO(Color) THE DATING GAME 3 : 30 DIALING FOR DOLLARS THEATRE "Wild Harvest" Alan Ladd, Dorothy Lamour 5:00(Color) ABC NEWS 5:30(Color) 5:30 REPORT 6:00 THE RIFLEMAN 6: 30(Color) 6:30 MOVIE "Seven Cities of Gold" Richard Egan, Anthony Qulnn 8:30(Color) PEYTON PLACE 9:00(Color) THE BIG VALLEY lO-.OO(Color) 10 O'CLOCK REPORT 10:30(Color) JOEY BI91 OP 12:OOM SINE OFF KAR £iiL v .ill l -liiYj!, .All I'll. 12. 6:00 The Wizard of Oz NBC (C) 8:00 Saturday Night at the Movies "Winchester 73"-- vith Dan Duryea NBC (C) 10:00 News and Weather (C) 10:15 The Million Dollar Movie "Key Witness" with Jeffrey Hunter and Pat Crowley S u i H 1 ;• i_y ] __A I_M; i J__?JL {1:00 CoT.'.H'l .Sin;',iu;. Jubilee 9:00 Gen! is Che- AUDWI (C) 10:00 Inf. i }-,la "h.-uW (C) 10:30 Aiiio; ica Siru;s (C) 11:00 I'ulivski Heights Noihculist Clun'cli Services 12:00 M-.'et ihe Press KHC (C) 12:30 Ch;ille,ij!.i- "68 (C) 1:00 l.nbor's ).?ni;via^.e (C) 1:30 People and Patterns (C) 2:00 The Price of Life 3:00 ChOHnionship Bowling (C) 3:30 Experiment in TV NRC (C) 4:30 Prank Me Gee Report-. X2C (C) 5:00 G.E. College Bowl NBC (C) 5:30 Flipper NBC (C) 6:00 Wild Kingdom N1JC (C) 6:30 Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color NBC (C) 7:30 The Motheirs-ln-Law NBC (C) 8:00 Frank Sinatra:'.A Man and His Music plus Elln plus Jobim NBC (C) 9:00 Broadway '68-The Tony Awards NUC (C) 10:30 News and Weather (C) 10:45 The Million Dollar Movie "The Angry Silence" with Pier Angeli and Ricliard Attenborour.h SAtUftBA?. APftiL aft 6:45 RFD with Bob Buice (C) 6:55 Morning D«votiono (C) 7:00 The Today Show NBC (C) 7:25 Arkansas News & Weati.nr 7:30 The Today Show NBC (C) 8:00 The Today Show NBC (C) 8:25 Arkansas News & Weather 8:30 The Today Show NBC (C) 9:00 Snap Judsemcnt NBC (C) 9:25 Nancy Dickcrson with the News NBC (C) 9:30 Concentration NBC (C) 10:30 Personality NBC (C) 11:00 Jeopardy NBC (C). 11:30 Eye Guess NBC (C) 11:55 Edwin Newman with the News NBC (C) 12:00 Little Rock Today (C) 12:30 Let's Make a Deal N1\C (C) ;00 Days of Our Lives NFC (C) :30 The Doctors NBC (C) :00 Another World KTJC (C) ;30 You Don't Say N'liC (C) ;00 The Mike Douglas Show (C) ;30 1 Love Lucy :00 F-Troop 5:30 Huntley 15 rink lay Report NRC 6:00 News and Vlcnt'ncr Report (C) 6:30 The MonUees NT.C (C) 7:00 Rouan and Martin Laugh-In NLC (C) 8:00 Danny Thomas NBC (C) 9:00 I Spy NBC (C) 10:00 News and Weather (C) 10:15 Lonnie Gibbons Sports Show 10:30 The Tonight Show NBC (C) ABd (O I?oo fh« stewiywH'am * A*C (C) ?;30 UwMflC* W«lk Shaw - A86 (G) 6:30 Holl^b6d ttittt * A»C (C) 9:30 Marshal Dillon 10:00 ttev* and We«thee (c) 10:15 Cowboy t« A*fl<s« - AiC (C) 11:15 Jb*y »i»hop Show - AIC (C) SUNDAY.. Aftftt.L,,21 7s30 the Vensbla Qusttet (C) 8:00 ftullwiftkle * AfiC 8:30 Miltoft the MoflStet - ABC (C) 5:00 Linus the Lionheatted - ABC (C) 9:30 House Hunting with Judy Ptyot 10:30 Discovery '68 - ABC (C) 11:00 First Baptist Church 12:00 Bugs Bunny - ABC 12:30 Church of Christ (C) 1:00 NBA Basketball - ABC (C) 3:00 Tournataent o£ Champions A:30 Wanted Dead or Alive 5:00 Marshal Dillon 5:30 News and Weather 6:00 ROMP - ABC (C) SPECIAL 7:00 The F.B.I- - ABC (C) 8:00 ABC Sunday Night Movie "A GIRL KAMKD TAMlKO" Laurence Harvey, Martha Hyer 10:00 Arkansas Hews and Weather (C) 10:15 World News (C) 10:20 Bud Campbell Sports (C) 10:30 The Late Show "DON'T BOTHER TO KNOCK" Richard Widmark Ann Bancroft, Marilyn Monroe MONDAY. APRIL 22 6»30 ftte 7iOO fiob 4 Hi* Surfdfti 1: 1: 2: 2: 3: 4: 5: SXTURDAY. APRIL 20 6:00 WIZARD OF OZ - C 8s00 YOUR SATURDAY NIGHT MOVIE "INHERIT THE WIND" - C SPENCER TRACY, GENE KELLY FREDRIC MARCH 10:00 NEWSCOPE - (NEW, WEATHER SPORTS) - C 10:20 CHILLER - "INVISIBLE RAY" - BiW - BORIS RARLOFF BELA LOGOSI 12:00 EVENING DEVOTIONAL SUNDAY, APRIL 7 6:55 AM MORNING DEVOTIONAL 7:00 SPIRITUAL HOUR - C 7:30 AMERICA SINGS - C 8:00 GLORY ROAD - C 8:30 GOSPEL SINGING JUBILEE - C 9:30 HERALD OF TRUTH - C 10:00 TEXARKANA TOWN TOPICS - C 10:30 INTERNATIONAL SUNDAY SCHOOL 10:45 CHURCH SERVICES il:45 ARK LA TEX FORUM - C 12:00 N MEET THE PRESS - C 12:30 PM "AGON TRAIN - C 2:00 SHELL GOLF - C 3:00 EXPERIMENT IN TELEVISION 4:00 GRAND PRIX - C 5:00 GE COLLEGE BOWL - C 5:30 FLIPPER - C 6:00 WILD KINGDOM - C 6:30 WALT DISNEY - C ?:30 MOTHERS-IN-LAW - C 8:00 BONANZA - C 9:00 THE HIGH CHAPARRAL - C iO;00 NEWSCOPE - (NEW, WEATHER, SPORTS) - C 10:JO SUNDAY TONIGHT SHOW - C 12:00 EVENING DEVOTIONAL MONDAY J APRIL 8 6:20 AM MORNING DEVOTIONAL 6;25 TEXARKANA COLLEGE - C 6:45 FARM DIGEST - C 7:00 TODAY SHOW - C 7:25 TODAY IN TEXARKANA - C 7:30 TODAY SHOW - C 8:25 TODAY IN SHREVEPORT ' C 8:30 TODAY SHOW - C 9:00 SNAP JUDGMENT - C 9:25 NBC NEWS - C 9:30 CONCENTRATION - C 10:00 PERSONALITY - C 10:30 HOLLYWOOD SQUARES - C 11:00 JEOPARDY - C 11:30 EYE GUESS - C 12:00 N TV PARTYLINE - C 12:30 PM LET'S MAKE A DEAL - C 1;00 DAYS OF OUR LIVES - C 1-30 THE DOCTORS - C 2:00 ANOTHER HORLD - C 2:30 YOU DON'T SAY - C 3:00 THE MATCH GAME - C 3:25 LAFFALOT CLUB - C 4:30 HAVE GUN WILL TRAVEL - C 5s00 MARSHALL DILLON - B*W 5:30 HUNTLEY-BRINKLEY - C 6:00 NEWSCOPE - (NEWS, WEATHER SPORTS) - C 6;30 PM THE MONKEES - C 7:00 ROWAN « MARTIN'S LAUGH-IN 8:00 THE DANNY THOMAS HOUR - C 9:00 I SPY - C 10:00 NEWSCOPE - (NEWS, WEATHER SPORTS) - C 10:30 THE TONIGHT SHOW - C 4.2:00 EVENING DEVOTIONAL 7:30 AM 8:30 9:00 9:30 11:00 11:30 12:00 Noon 1: 1: 1: 2: 2! 3: 3: 5: 5: 6: 6:15 6:20 8:30 9:00 10:00 10:15 10:20 10:30 00 30 55 00 30 00 30 00 30 00 Bozo's Big Top Comics 'Dream House - ABC Wedding Party - ABC The Dick Cavett Show Bewitched - ABC Treasure Isle - ABC (C) The Noon Show - Live (C) Newlywed Game - ABC (C) The Baby Game - ABC (C) The Children's Doctor General Hospital - ABC Dark Shadows - ABC (C) Dating Game - ABC (C) Bozo's Big Top Comics Bob Young Evening News Truth or Consequences (C) Arkansas News and Weather World News (C) Bud Campbell Sports (C) Peyton Place - ABC (C) The Big Valley - ABC (C) Arkansas News and Weather World News (C) Bud Campbell Sports (C) Joey Bishop Show - ABC (C) 8 1 30 9*00 9; 30 10 1 00 10! 30 11:00 12s 00 3:00 4s 30 5 {00 Si 30 6100 6:30 7 i 00 8 tOO 9sOO lOtOO 10; 15 lOt 30 lit 30 12 5 00 6t25 6t25 6t55 7t05 7t30 8tOO 9tOO 9:30 10:00 10:30 11:00 11:25 11:30 11:45 12:00 12:30 1:00 1:30 2:00 2:25 2:30 KSLA-TVQI2 SATURDAY APRIL 20 6:30 Jackie Gleason ,,7:30 My Three Sons Ar > v 8:00 Hogans Heroes 00 30 00 00 30 00 6:25 6:30 7:30 8:00 9:00 10:30 10:55 11:00 12:00 tftWerddg Hallelujah train fdffl & House Camera fhfee fhia Is The tile Si, Mark's Episcopal Chu«ih NHL Stanley Cup CBS Golf Classic Finals Amateur Hout 21st Century Channel 12 New*/Weather lassie Gentle Ben Ed Sullivan the Smothers Brothers Mission Impossible News/Norton CBS News /leasoner Secret Agent The Mormon Choir Vespers MONDAY AERIt 22 Economics (Mon*Thur) Across The Pence (Fri) Your Pastor CBS News/Benti Bob & His Buddies Captain Kangaroo Candid Camera Beverly Hillbillies Andy Of Mayberry Dick Van Dyke. Love Of Life CBS News/Benti Search For Tomorrow Guidine Light News/Owen As The World Turns Love Is A Many Splendored Thing House Party To Tell The Truth CBS News/Edwards Edge Of Night Secret Storm Gilligan's Island Rawhide McHale's Navy CBS News/Cronkite News/Owen Weather/Bolton Gunsmoke The Lucy Show Herb Alpert And Tijuana Brass The Monday Night Movie ; "Dancing In The Dark," William Powell, Betsy Drake News/Dodson Weather/Bolton Carol ^Burnejtt J Weather/ HELEN HELP US! by Helen Bottel YOUTH ASKED FOR ITI This column is for young people, their problems and pleasures, their troubles and fun. As with the rest of Helen Help US!, it welcomes laughs but won't dodge a serious question with a brush-off. Send your teenage questions to YOUTH ASKED FOR IT, care of Helen Help US! this newspaper. PUT ON, OR LEAD-ON? Dear Helen: I've startedbuddy- ing around with this guy who is a year older than I am. All he talks about is picking up girls and getting what he wants, which is a lot. Pro 14, and will have to admit girls scare me. Sometimes I don't mind him talking like that and other times I think he overdoes it. How can 1 tell him to shut up without ruining our friendship? He isn't just putting me on. 1 mean he's experienced!- LEE Dear Lee: If this guy isn't putting you on, he'll soon be leading you on. Find a less experienced friend! - H. Dear Helen: You had quite an argument going about teachers reading notes aloud in class. How atout this? I wrote a note to my girlfriend telling all about my feelings for my boyfriend, I gave it to her on the bus, she read it and put it in her book, to class next day, she dropped her book and the note fell out, The teacher grabbed it and read it out loud, It was terribly personal and I wanted to die, The note wasn't passed, or read by either of us in class, We told the teacher that, but he couldn't miss the "big show": Getting people to laugh at my shame, Now really, isn't this invading our privacy? - INNOCENT vie. TIM Dear Victim: It certainly is! But it also points out a lesson all teeus should learn; Say it, don't write it, and think twice before you say it, even, Too of* ten you desperately wish you hadn't.-H pear Helen: I was adopted when I was six months old. At 16, I know very little about my background, which worries me some, A lawyer representing my real mother has asked that I be allowed to meet her for three days for certain reasons. My parents said they have the legal but not the moral right to deny me this meeting. After much talk, we decided that I might go. My adopted mother will be with me. My real mother is paying for the trip. I am a bit scared, but I'm sure looking forward to finding out what kind of a person she is. Certain adults are kind of getting to me. They say I should let the past stay buried, and that I'm being disloyal to my folks who have loved and cared for me. They say this meeting could change my feeling toward them or theirs toward me. They call it a blind date with fate, an open invitation to misery and unhappiness, I'm still going to go, but do you think they are right? - C.R. Dear C: I think that if your folks agree with you on this meeting with your mother, what other adults think should be ignored. Why shouldn't you satisfy normal curiosity about your backgrond?— H Final Call for S.O.S, (Stamp Out steadying) Buttons? Send one dime for each button, and a stamped, self<a44ressed envelope to Helen Bottel's S.O.S, Club, Box; 9997, Sacramento, California, 95833, After today, they will be collector's items. IB; A R m s By PHU PMTQRIT We can't understand the secretary who is looking for 9 new job, when she has an untouched one already. c a o We live in a two-story House — there's our version, and the wife's, o/ every thing that happens. O » C The amount of Up from the buys on the road increases as Life in Arkansas By TOMMY YATES Associated Press Writer It's Mav 1 *n Arkansas, last day for candidates to file for public office. The weather is sultry as the clock strikes the half hour before noon. The place is the Marion Hotel in Little Rock, the nerve center of last day Democratic political activity in the state. A crowd has gathered. Some have loosened their ties and taken their coats off, pinning their Democratic campaign buttons on their shirt pockets. Newsmen stand about jawing the possibilities of who will file as Democrats just under the wire at noon. Activity has slackened but anxiety is near rampage, although public officials and can- . didates slouch around the tiling table with pseudocaimness. The long hand on the clock reaches the quarter-till mark when out on the street in front of the hotel there is a clatter, Crumpled soft drink cups, bits of paper and dust come flying through the open hotel door. The crowd moves as a body toward the street, They see a dust-wvered helicopter with bits of cactus lodged in the wheels and an tegcription on the side; "Qoest West, Young Man," Out steps a person dressed to a Santa Claus outOU His eyebrows are gray and there is gray around the temples, He stop a rather large, red tow. sack over Ms ! - shoulder and heads across tbt street toward the hotel, Newsmen are bussing, Tbe ' politicians are awjUttog further developments before issuing a statement, "HO, HO, HO." the mm chuckles as be advances up the steps and goes toto the hotel, Onlookers scratch their b§8ds, wondering who or what UUs is, One veteran Democrat whlsp» ers to a cohort, 4< I?s a dirty Republican W<#," The erwft quicWy shuffles back to the table wA the W wajks up, takes the sank off Ms shoulder aa4 throws it 04 the , Out gilUs 1,500 |l t&ls, the exact Wiog fee for gover* the square of the distance they are from the office. T&e mm flourish, whips oj ti# W t d heard, and smilfis: Of 1W1WTP Inl >IWJW»- ™ WW4V™ 11 M "Just because \ saw ft majfee tt so,"

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