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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 1

Sterling, Illinois
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Saturday, October 13, 1928
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I ./ ~\ ff- -~l «~ si #JT -?V «• S*'-** fl *!P"&.fyii&. f <$• & %* f- & | %-ey , AIRSHIR SLIGHTL .7 BUT MADE REPAIRS Second Message To Oovernment Withdraws Request For Vessels to Follow Course—Zeppelin Turns North west of Bermuda And Heads For Lakehiirsi, N. J. (By T*»e The dlrif SM» Or»f 7»*pp«l!n was apparently in traabte for wr?ral h«ur«, this mnrtifne. fiwl !»t«t adrtre* from her IntficadFi! thai ronillUons nrrw j w»t (jerlans am! that she was malting fslr pmpnrw on her wirar* to the- i " ' AIRSHIPS WILL MARK REGULAR WEAN JN NEAR FUTURE One Would Take Him To St. Louis, One To Chicago, Other to Minneapolis By .James L. West. i As-'-ociatrd PIT?,- Staff Writrrl Washinnton. Oct. 13.—<A.P.>-- . f>p-sn of U':« srhool of Purdue Unlvr-rv:ty for j-p fttaUnjc jThree altr-rna'.r proposals tor thrj m**- I final campaign swing whii-h Herbert | i Hoover will make across the ronti-! «f Rrr- I nent me fit prrscnt undrr consider- j cruisers i nt'on with the rrpubliran prcs!dt?n- i of nirships ta Americ* and wa«? the nut t» develop tb» hrlium plants §w Hw government where this pat rould be product } n siiflteiws* quantities to supply aircraft. Me is ircojmlzed as one; of, the most authorities on jfrse* thrir IISPS especially in avifttfctt. lie visited the Graf last July In Germnny. with officers of . Its crrw spent considerable tttto studying nrwrr.t developments to nlrrrnft. construction. At 6:3!) s, BU r*«it*rw slmn<S»r«I litwr, »b? sent out a that her port hnrirnrtUI KTIW dama^wl »nd mjurvJIn? that » sel fn the vicinity foe «rnt to follow hrr rowrse. At this time thr It age sir liner was abflot i.IOS milei mwda. The I'nlfed Staff-* naval dfpurtmrnt ordered nil staUoncd at Hampton Roads and thc drstrorrr* at Charleston to be ready jtial randidntr unzrntly requested lo Irav-e immediately for the assistance of ths diriflhie If they sh®«!d be make two or three nddres-vs en- needed. routc _ At nine o clock pastern standard time, however, thc nary dfpartmrnt The first proposition Is that thc received a. mrragc from the Zeppelin stating that ttte cr?w had effected j nominee makf n daylight ride across, A , ri! , IimHwJ repairs and at (Sip timp eipecUti no n**d for thc surface Trssel. West Virginia ovrr into Kentucky! „,,"''' ,', a . ro VC J7 much The portion of the airship at that Un» wa* in latitude 33 north and j for a visit to Louisville • with St. a . aiplf ' (i lo lon K "MiUs over !°j? i j .u ?"'* ab ° nt 95 ° mllrs from Berranda - This »«^«n«l message j ixnils as the next, city of call where imurftfcd that the Zeppelin was making fair progress and that she was the major oddrr-ss of the trip would i heading directly for Lakehnrst, N. J. , . . , The ship requested latest weather reports, u ^f, Radio t'onwratlon of America was In contact at 12:31 p. m. with By Dr. R. A. Moore. (CopyriRht, 1923. by United PrWffl.) Ue, Ind.. Oct. 13- of the Graf . landmark In the of aviation because It is thc that Is in than x; made From St. e to Louis the route would j .s Clly for a stoj) of an J airplanes nnd this is by the fact that tho Ootmt n did not wait for fair •ith the there were SPEED IS REDUCED. Wnr.hington, Oct. 13.—tAJP.)—Thc navy department received a radiogram from the Graf Zeppelin at 11:45 o'clock eastern standard time today stating that she was proceeding nt a reduced air speed of about 50 knots and that, her position was 33 degrees north and 45 degrees west. The passage was rough, the message r,a!d. The message sent nt 6:35 o'clock, eastern standard time and 11:35 o'clock Greenwich time, said that the ship was damaged on the port horizontal and that repairs were being effected. It requested that a surface vessel in the vicinity follow the course of the airship. It added that the air speed was 35 knots. Naval authorities here said that It was impossible to determine exact- ly how fast the ship was actually traveling compared to ground speed. East of Bermada. The dirigible's position was 1800 ' miles duje east of Charleston, S. C^ and 1100 miles due east of Barmu4a. Tiie naVy department onkraf an the light cruisers stationed at Rampton Roads and the squadron of des- • tfoyar&M Charleston, a C., to be' ready to leava immediateJy for the assistance of the dirigible to caw they were needed. The port horizontal Is a fjn used as a stabilizer and for vertical motion of the ship and is located on the rear end. Another message received from the Zeppelin said that at 2 p. m. Greenwich mean time, or 9 o'clock, eastern standard time, the ship was at latitude 33 degrees north and longitude 45 west, which indicated that she had made some progress. The message said that the crew had effected limited repairs and at the Melvln. and Paul H. PrcntLis. In authorizing the welcoming flight, the war department cautioned the pilots to remain nt safe distance from thc Zeppelin to avoid accident. TO BROADCAST ARRIVAL. a southward run through Oklahoma. f, cld th e n T rs hip cannot — Panhandle of Trxnr,. New Mex- - nio Cmmt ^^ £"<* i j = £ Einjc for ico, Arizona and Southern California to the Hoover home at Stanford University. Chicago Wants Him. An alternate proposal is that Hoover go directly from Washington to Chicago and then to Milwaukee, New York. Oct. 13.—(U.P.)— Radio i Minneapolis, across North and South ! station WOR plans to broadcast the Dakota to Butte. Mont. This would ! arrival of the Graf Zeppelin from take the candidate over much the • , 41tlll( an airplane at sea. The plane, with same route his democratic opponent service an announcer and equipment aboard i followed In his swing across the will meet the dirigible some 50 miles ' rTRUlar trans-Atlantic flights and better results will be obtained when larger ships are available, with higher speed and longer operating range. lull^^'P 3 '^ 1 ^ bulit «>y the ninir :i ,!iy in th» rirrsgrrM of (jv! Sii'iTj Thr Mm" H not fur 6Mnnt. when! thrrf f.\n bf rpsuiar airship w?n-!c<* l.<-U-fti thr United States nnrt oth^r par'- of ih» world. Airships carryine: irrmi 100 to lf»o pn«*»nirprs, with ; mis fr.r tcnvlitR our fastpm sea- rop^ nnd SouUj Amrri- Thi- country is csprcially forlu- n.T" in liavlnsj larpe supplirs of nonitif!3mmabl<« helium uas so that! pn--rnKrrs trnvplllnR hy o',vn'-(5 ship>< will not, !>>» thr firr ri.^k which is nt th« the principal criticism wfilrh ^ made of thn modern Chief Executive And King Exchange Greetings On 6,500 Mile Circuit a- to In-- '.'.and on thr tariff SPECIAL TRAIN FOE DYING VET fjf-ar Origan?, Or:?.. 13--'T.JP'> fi, »pTiTj| Amrrirsn l./'eton ?rf<)» vn-, siw^d'TK: to <:hlr»gn tr«:)o- brnrlnff th» <!yin« World trar vrfTftn. whn^c onlv r^wwhtln!; ?:it|i ji; t ha', he m»v Iiv»r unHI h" ressrhr-s hom? and 'wv? hi* mo'hr r. Mf mh^rs of t.h" Bonrrt of Ttsr'f Prr.t of lh»» Lrglnn. of New Or)p?>n<! t returned (mm the Ban Aijtonlo nsktionfij find Fr«nk Oiihcrt dyiiw of tut»rrnln "Tim doctors in long, won't you otr.T-ntion. 'o th^ir buddy, i^ I ran'!, li-.r me hornf tn RS Sttll HIS IS i! ran Ondine With 43 Men Aboard Went Down 30 Miles Off Shore of Portugal Pan.-;, Oct. 13 (A.P.) Washington, Oct. J3.~(AP.)— , m r , "(Speaking over R radio and cabin tO! CUi t fi,500 miles Inns, President Coolldge nnd King of Sp».ln, Inaururated today a telephonic service bet wen their two countries acclaiming tin- new means! of communication ns a Rreat factor in thn perpetuation of friendship! and peace between them. AvftilliiK himself of lii. 1 ; first opportunity to speak by radio-telephone with Europe, Mr. CoolidR? told Kinp; Alphonno that with the possibility of eommunlcntlng with far countries by word of mouth "the danger of any r-eriour, disagreement is immeasurably lessened." The chief executive also took the opportunity to express to the Spanish kintt his satisfaction that America and Spain adopted Identical attitudes as to the promotion of peace in the world as shown by Spain's prompt Indication that she would my mother?'' Oillvrt with the fr-ljow mcmi his The 'reiich submarine Ondine with 43 men aboard lay Irretrievably lost become a party to the recently con- many fathoms deep thirty miles off' eluded covenant for the outlawry he shore of Portugal today while aj of wnr — ««,*, ucuig mint D y the lonsldcrabl ° mystery prevailed as to Lwawii Danger. and those Ju.t'.uthSta&'g aLkTame 0 , AlLX^r^' AftPr « reclln « KlnR Alphon^-Tn s for the United States i^nrtHe nl M ' Oou " • i»c name of the people of the Unit- be Ideal for the establish- : people ! ed States,", and listening to R short . n out from New York. Then It will speed back toward shore, broadcast- northwest. HUnois leaders urge an address at the Coliseum in Chicago, while poses ing Immediately. The description those in Wisconsin want the noml- ! will be picked up by WOR and re- nee to speak In Milwaukee and the broadcast. BERLIN REARS NEWS. Berlin. Oct. 13.—(A.P.)—The government broadcasting station announced that at 7:05 p. m., word had been received from Friedrichshafen that the Graf Zeppelin would likely reach Bennuda soon after midnight time expected no need for the surface vessel. The message requested the latest weather reports. It was indicated that the Zeppelin had shifted her course direct for the naval air station at Lakehurst, N. J. Naval authorities flgured'buf that between the time of th» first message f rom the Graf Zeppelin and the second from Lieutenant Commander Rosendahl which was 3 hours and five minutes, the ship h&4 by shift" ing her course north ward traveled _ aprojOmately 150 miles which placwrflHgTW her north of the Bermuda Islands and about 950 miles from them. NO CAUSE FOR ALARM, New York, Oct. 13.— (A3*.)—The New York American In a oopyrigbt- ed radio dispatch from Its correspondent oa the Graf Zeppelin today will say: "There is no cause for alarm and the damage Is being repaired." A further message said the aircraft's stabilizer was "off" and that her speed was now 40 miles an hour. Woman Led Belief Party to Over 50 Tourists Snow Bound In Wyoming western an address at Minneapolis in the ', heart of the northwestern wheat j belt. Of cours*. Hoover will not, have time to comply with a"u of the i demands for speeches that are be-' ing mede upon him and there is no • Indication that he has changed his; mind about limiting himself to one j speech during the trans- ride, that to be delirer- ^»-«uouuu A 5tat<?n "-'nt issued by the minis-. address from his interlocutor, Pres- shlps since i'^ of marlne represented the cap-, ident Coolidge said over the tele- to the navy. can |taln ° r thc Grcf * vessel as having 1 phone: experimental'pur-i searclied onl V two hours for surviv- j "t welcome this added link, no I ors after the collision. A dispatch i less strong because it Is Invisible, from Rotterdam to Le Journal j between Spain and the United quoted the captain ns having said States. I believe it to be true that he searched long and carefully and! when two men can talk together reported the disaster by wireless to' tlie danger of any serious disagree- the fact In R few hours th*? rn^n nrranfird for n train, nnd GUbcrt started how, tucked down amid pillown, hot wnt<?r Ijottlrs and flowrr?. Physicians said they belteml the pxhllaratfon of Roinsr home might keep Ollbort alive until hp arrived in Chicnt;o. Calls For Defeat of Smtih For Two-faced And Hypocritical Campaign Ben, N. C 0=,. ,3.-,A.P, Stales That Don't Want Prohibition Will Not Enforce It, He Asserts Bv D Hsuold Oliter. ;As~-e>,t!«d PIT^ Btaff Wr»«r.» Oovmsor Smith's Train En Route io Louisville, Oct. 13 —(A.P.)— four spwches behind him In tho drmacratic "solid sou'h" and the state of Tennessee—a!3 \m- before he left New Yorfe j Wrdner-d*y night on hU second. jeampalBn tour — Oowmor Smith came on to another political h&Uir- I ground today to let locsw a broadside at his opposition on tba tariff question. Tonight at Lot!t"' - *lle, which foe 'was due to reach in the forenoca, the democratic presidential com* inee, will, to use his own language, attempt to "straighten out" ttt® controversy that has arisen among the chairmen of the republican and democratic national committees Senator Curtis, the rep-ubiiam vice presidential candidate, and othfrf as to his stand on the tariff, Attacks Opponents, Speaking la.<t night before 9 crowd that jammed into the 5,000 seats at Ryman Auditorium la Nashville, Oov. Smith ripped ta- to his republican opponents and President Coolidge in all ships in the vicinity. i ment Is immeasurably lessened and i filled with I *"* Journal ' s correspondent quot-' tnat what is true of individuals Is , and have a ! ed the caDtaln as relating that his; true of nations. The international 5llJ P was near the Portuguese coast' telephone, therefore, which carries at li p. m, Wednesday and all the' tne warmth and the friendliness of crew except the watch asleep. The' tne human voice, will always cor- watch gave no warning but sud- rect what might be misinterpreted » * ety . factor ' Ull can be b4ut the only way ta to bulk|. tfcem major fnati e4 »t St. louis or Minneapolis. B*ry on SpeeeBea. With the shifting of the dates for hla ftnal two eastern appearances at Boston and New York he has found himself rushed in preparing his addresses to those places and since he is to make a final appeal to the voters over the radio from his California home on election eve he would be obliged to spend a greater portion of his time from this on writing speeches. ! Since Hoover himself is actively! dint-ting the campaign, he feels that j he should have considerable time He Wants To Debate With Emmerson And Asks Him Six Questions denly the occupants of the ship felt' ta the written word. 4Jfeii!nt shpck. All rushe<t to the "Whatever brings ftffML *.TOk*m.A<»il~u. _,»_-^--»:^il .. * I »^4j-, y.! A .>. 1. ^* „. ' Bridge. Both he and the crew then saw clearly ahead of the ship a submarine whose nationality they were to distinguish Jn tec dark- our two coun- to the world. This western hemisphere, discovered by the wonderful navigators of Spain, has always owed much to your country. The language of Spain is the language The captain was quoted as saying of a sreat part of the America's. The he and the crew realized that the! flne trt »dltions of Spain are the bas- j unable ness. t« democratic meeting here questions. night not to by ne smoke screen of intolerance thrown i about the campaign In the south." "Protected by thus smoke screen, they are cowardly running from and evading discussion of the question of prohibition, the paramount question at issue In this campaign," Senator Simmons said. "Tha Question which Smith hlnweft when he repudiated tbo platform, which he panuaounted in his speech of acceptance, and which J Is known to be the battle cry of his Dixon line. -norU> of Uie Ma«o»_. , „. F * l * e Charges Raised. Denver, Oct. plains country, from Great Lakes! to Oklahoma, today felt the dying gesture of an unseasonable wintry' storm which swept into the Rocky Mountain states three days ago, routing lazy Indian summer weather. As the storm spread eastward toward the Mississippi bringing a drop in temperatures rain and occasional snow spits, slowly rising temperature and clearing skies In the middle northwest proclaimed passing of the storm from the mountains. -abated—in Wyom:re the storm, which reached DIRECT COMMUNCIATION. New York. Oct. 13.-~(U.P.)— The Graf Zeppelin established regular communication States today. with the United At noon it asked and was given t«t signals by the Chatham. Mass . *** Radio Marilie f 11 ? . 8tfttlon Nel o Lakehurst, N. j Naw wavy th the j2»'u«« ii sjrsi, i yr2: ^'imU'i^SS,"-""'".. bhzzard proportions yesterday, marooned tourists, halted air mail and delayed train mall and impeded wire communication. More than 50 automobile tourists escaped possible freezing to death through the heroism of an unidentified woman who led a relief party from Rock Springs to their marooned automobiles along the Lincoln Highway between Baxter Station and Bitter Cr*ek, Wyo. The rescuers worked for more than four hours extricating cars, caught In the blinding storm. The occupants and rescuers suffered severe privations from the intense cold. In several cases occupants of the cars had left titeir nift«-hlnes and attempted to push on to shelter ed, the time when careful direction j taat night Intensive energy will be requlr- SMITH PLANS TWO STOPS DOWN STATE Chicago, Oct. 13.—(AJP.)—Thomas P. Donovan, democratic national committeeman. announced today that word had been received from Governor Smith's special train that two stops would be made by the democratic presidential nominee in Illinois, before Chicago is-reached next week., The present schedule calls for departure of his train on the Chicago and Alton from St. Louis at 3 p. m. October 17. Arriving at Springfield at 5:20 p. m_ a ten minute stop will be made. Fifteen minutes will be allowed lor a stop at Bloomington, where the train will arrive at 6:45 p. m. Thc governor will arrive in Chicago at 9:45 p. m. It is hoped, Mr. Donovan said, that time may be found for an additional stop at Joliet. MRS. McCORBOCK IS HOSTESS TO 10,000 Chkaga, Oct. 13. — (AJP.) — Mrs. Rulh-liftniia.MeCormlck, Illinois republican nominee for congress, was along b^adly drifted highways. These i host «ss today to state candidates on persons were near collapse when tlsc republican ticket. Ten thous- '"'••"' and persons were expected to attend I an old fa&hioiied rally and barbecue at Mrs. McCormiek's Rock River liEOF Of 1Z DEGK££S. ».« Chicago, Oct. 14.—(UP.)—Rapidly I larms at lowering temperatures heralded the i <U.I» I— " New York. Oct. 13. Radio Corporation of day said it had the Graf Zepr—„ great dirigible was in The R. c. A, say reports that the Zeun«lin"waa iug distress sig'n'is and asked dirigible for ittformation. came back denying that the Zeppelin had sent any such republican candidates and arrival of the middle west's second I ever X republican <>ditor in Illinois cold wave of the season today. i waa "»'"«*• as well as members of The government weather bureau *•** state cc '«.'Bi« 1 ^. and committee- here reported * drop of 12 degrees! m «M ro ™ precincts in the 13th con- 8 , The leading at the latter hour was S3 degrees, as compared with a iaatuu of 79 at 2 p. AEiUAl. dj^trKt- FoUowmg Uie w<=«k-end festivities at Sirs. McComuck's lartiis. candidates on the state ticket planned to New York here Thompson, , . _jr governor repeated charges of graft against Louis L. Emmerson, his republican opponent and again challenged Ern- merson to debate with him on the Issues of the campaign. Thompson said that he had challenged Emmerson to debat when he made his speech of acceptance April 30. 1928. but that Emmeraon had never paid any attention to the chalenge. "I repeat." he said, "that the chairman of the democratic state committee is ready to meet the chairman of the republican state committee to arrange the dates i P&ces and terma of these debates. The people are entitled to know the steamer's stem had struck- the stem' is ° r the culture ° r » large part of "In the attempt of the Smith »d- of the submarine. After a few mln i the Amerlcas and our friendship vocates to evade and excuse his utcs the submarine disappeared be- ! wlth tne Br *' at nations to the south -'-"-- - — — ... - neath the waves. The captain then examined the bow of his vessel to flnd out the extent of damage she bad suffered. He made urgent repairs and ut the same time searched for the submarine. The submarine did not reappear and the captain immediately warned all ships in thc vicinity by wireless and reported that his ship had been in collision with a submarine. PEORIA YOUTH CONFESSES HE KILLED GROCEE draws us closer to their mother country. With your country and with theirs the United States stands for the promotion of world understanding and peace. I was therefore particularly pleased that Spain so promptly and generously adhered to the general pact for the renunciation of war. It was what I expected on the part of your great and peace loving nation. Offers Best Wishes. "I am especially Rlad thus orally to greet Your Majesty because I know the position of great responsibility you hold In directing the nolicies-and progress of your country. I wish---for-Yew Mnjesry-a Milwaukee, Oct. 13—(A.P.) —As- lo «B and happy life and for your rested as a suspected forger. Har-1 country all the prosperity and han- old lasers, I9,of Peoria, 111., confess-! Pine&s which come from wise and , ., ed today, according to police tliat he snot and killed Emtl Mussweiler aged grocer, in an attempted holdup bene Sept. 25. benevolent leadership Sn all those tlungs-which make life richer and finer." President Coolidge's voice em- platform repudiation and his tion with regard to liquor, which they know does not meet the approval of the good people of North l he ™ . P"*' **" et^nd he took in his Denver speech, declaring the agency, whether state or federal, should "not only own the site but should own and build and operate the power house" of valet-, power projects. . Frequently Interrupted by cheers ot **Hell *em Al." -Oiw tt to 'em AT the New York. _ executive brought. perhaps his greatest appJause near the end of his speech when, in discussing prohibition, he repeated his elected he would abide by the oatb to "sustain the constitution and laws enacted under it" to the "deadly limit." Quoting Mr. Hoover as saying that the eighteenth amendment was "Intended to protect the American home." the governor said: "I hope he does not mean by that not in sympathy^ ™ S the American home. That is and women." The senator said the democratic nominee had acted "with the arrogance of the German kaiser" and treated the democratic platform "as a mere scrap of paper." It was the first political utterance of Senator Simmons since he resigned from the national commutes after—declaring- that-he -eouldr-not support the party nominee American home as any man in America today. I have maintained It in a mansion supplied to me by tho people of the state of New York fur eight solid years." As he turned to three of his lour married children on the platform, the governor brought applause wheu he added "Incidentally, I am respou- gjbie for about four more starting up." truth in this campaign and you (addressing Emrnerson) are in a position to give them the truth with respect to the use of public funds collected by you during the twelve years you have been secretary of gtate." Thompson listed six questions which he said Emmerson should answer before tne election. The questions were: ''By what authority did you withhold from the public treasury millions of dollars of the peoples' money for periods ranging from 22 days to 100 days?" "Where was this money during tliose periods?" '.' Was H deposited In banks of 1 Illinois, and if so, in what banks''" 'If it was deposited in banks, how j much stock did you own in 1 banks, and what official position did you hold in them?" "What were the terms of deport, and who got the interest on these I am the man that shot and kill- P 10 *'" 1 about one-fifth of a second ed Mr. Mussweiler." tne youth was '• to reach the king of Spain. 8 500 reported by police as saying this I m ! les awa y ln Madrid. The circuit .__.._ employed included wire transmission from Washington to Rocky Point L. I.. whence Mr. Coolidge's remarks' were broadcast across 3.000 miles of ocean to Cupar. Scotland. Prom Cupar, 1154 miles of direct wire circuit brought the chief executive's tnorning. to Captain Harry McCrory alter he had been summoned by Edward Courtney, linger print expert McCourtuey said, the youth had told mm "I have had something on my mind I wanted to tell about." After confessing, police said, the youth fainted for a moment and after being revieved, made a full con- feasioii. Mussweiler, 73 years old, was shot and fatally wounded Sept. 25. He Waa approached by a, youth, armed with a revolver who demanded money. The grocer refused. The youth fired and Mussweller was shot; In the left side and died the nexti day, j Rogers said he abandoned his wife, formerly of Council Bluffs.' Iowa, in Peoria. five months ago 1 and has roamed the country since.! Herbert A Two Faced CarapateT Offer. Staie's RlgWa, "The democratic nadonaTcommit-' Govemor Stmtb ^ d Mr- Hoover tee and party." Senator Simmons " ac fSi* abuse " to "n"**** ***** said, "are conducting a two faced prohlbm ° n « nr ««"cement, but offers campaign in the north and east and i IMJ cure ' The nomioe « J J " an evasive and soft pedaling cam- '"""" " "" " palgn upon the question of liquor in the south under the smoke screen of Intolerance and religious prejudice. • the border of Spain, over and French telephone lines! through a submarine cable! "In the south, all during the month of September, there lias been an intensive drive by the distinguished lawyers and politicians who have beejf going hither and thither » t ^!!2 U '3! lstates ta •» *«empt and across the channel. The king of Spain's voice was returned by a similar arrangement with the broadcasting plant at Rug T by, England, and the radio receiving set at Houlton, Maine. DELEGATION"oFl50 CALLED ON HOOVER He said he played as un extra in; men today for „.„. wjoDersmm motion pictures starring Ken May-; wuh the government In solving var nurd, star at western films. I ious problems a-hirt, «».^ JL!" ' Washington. Oct. 13. — (U.P.)-! Hoover praised business cooperation problems which arise between lash of party In this drive they" have I — • — evaded or refused to- discuss the ^f stand declaring far restrictive ssl* fiil£f1 **>f H**F- f\f rt*>.ntiitv>**.^_ i. , ' j"n* lintist*• Kt> iHj£a e-*c*-iao «*rv»-Jr>m #«,*• »p~ soon afterward when he said: "I for one believe that it can be cured and mado infinitely better by applying to it the good old Jeffer- sonistn democratic theory of stale s righu. It makes no difference what, the people of one country may think about it. It is going to be Impossible. or weil nigh impossible of enforcement, In states where the great and overpowering majority of the sentiment of the people is in opposition it." then outlined fefo either of prohibition or immigration. Both of by ths states voting tor nave been shunted. begin fourth and fuiiU week of KILLKI) IN CRASH OF TWO THAINS Oct mesam wei* *"**** 13. to- ex- WliJL t *KKV HALF O*' MMXIOAN MAM, MACS. TO GERMANY W&shingU^t. Oct. 13 — <UP> — 1'te Graf 2&j(}peliij£. g.uail UisugiuaUii^ tnuu-Atiantic Her s^TOce. wiU csury Uoned States 1 had dttttroj^T'jiaU the~ town~of were withheld from the state trees'- MOTHEE DROWNED THEE! CHILDREN "What is the daily balanc* of public mads withheld from the publi : treasury by Mexico City. Oct. !3--(UJP.)~Re- f«u» ih« state of G»xaea tai its rettuti flight to Oer- General New said. A special cuiceU&tion inichhw will be used for th* benefit of sump Kew taid. JESSICA Oct. is.-tujp. t.h* TIME JvaiiCa : paid -aucr, l.l«ub. JttJiu A. K&v.' a. Mtiiti, « hJ*« V fii^. 'f, , j warfal wax »«. i'c * paurt tepee and caused-heivy dmna«e at Futl« &n4 Jamiltepec. AGAINST CUUKCfl Atlanta, Oa.; Oct. IS—<u.|».> ~.~- rouitecu cew indkttoetiU wew ie- turoed by th« Fuium oouoty jtiry agaiiut dint&Q a, c*r&ts board ire/i&urer. The «* Detroit. Mich.. Oct. 13—<U.P.> —Aa h'yetencal mother was held by police today charged with drowning three or her live small children. 14i* woman, Mrs, Beatrice C*atera. 32. was found shortly after midnight by motorists who be«u liaikd by her two old- ehlldrea after escaping from mother m the Detroit «•*««*•. found the bodies of I; Kits., 2, and Gloria. 8 Old, in the wat^r. Nellie, t«wreuce, 7, escaped. Oauutera told police she tired of beatings given her htr children by h*r hui>- tturiug Uie i*it tiuee years, tkcided to end it all. falhtr, Loi'eaau Cautt'ia, Hiid dswnuur, ;-^iid had U;**i Uiidvf « |4i>- I tiie two and endorsed this coopera- : dlet> live prevent government 1 "* der >" a«d -Pmi the r tnu-rference with business. .attempts to <!••',a thitr He expressed ius views oil the ' Jwrt y liuj ' 1 ' »'^ '^eefci to'dr relations between government aud I u ^ ihe Bfounds of their n , business to a delegation of 150 New* uj *«ty from u.r- fret- ex York business men who called ujwn tlleir r 'K h teou.- hini at his Masiachuietu avenut- • r—— headquarters to pledge their i,up- J.*011. Questions'** by referendum, white testing the . ri ,'> eighteenth amendment and Vol— Cry of Bigotry ' I stead act "for the protection of the Whenever the question of prolU- i states that want to be dry." bitlon lias been heard the men aud "There -can be no mistake," he women whose souls are wrapped up ! said, m passin« tiie power back to in mat cause, a cause for which they: Uls states. In & democracy, when it struggled for more than a quarter j » &&• tbere is only one cure for it. or a century and finally wrote into all d that Is more democracy— hand "ie constitution, they are told that " r '«ht back to the people thern- they are not opposed to Governor' fenuth because he wants to devrovi of! Pft?;u , >ec thcir bigotry and sectar sn '" say, 'here, you settle it.'' ! WEAR BROWN I>£MBIES. Loimvuk'. Ky, tX't. 13—ul.P.> — Covecuor Smith and his party ar- rueii today in LoiiisvUV fchere the fciiliiiidii* *'JtU SMITH WILL SPJgAK . New York, Oct. 13.--(AJ».> I« I.AtiUH Cueuta, Colombian - Vc> <•> Frontier, Oct.ia— iUJ>.»- liie' studeats at Caracas The governor »as given a.n ova- uua as lie wti.i ircuu tlie tr^in ic «u automobile to k*d «. prck;ea*iou U» las hutej, Tlic Vouiig Mea'S I'Xftuu- aj.uc League turned out m full wtafiug brown tterbits, Ts-.t 1 c&mitaiijca spectiid h*d beta puri) sutitfUacked thirty mtkss ii;- Louisville for several i^iiay id aikntr me Szpttfa out es- w n ,~,v~' ---- *" J **>••*-.' — iiw i National Broadcasting CQJUjMny ail- to labor oo th are tlio«; that will to get .joint- rest alter the huge steso- '. :•.:» givta them la-it night i£i broadcast Governor Smith'* agaiost 'f^reaidei j t Gomez.' to rfciiom re»c}-ong here. Wk'AF. New York: WUY ti : WWJ. Detroit: WUN ; KSJD. HI i:.: WHO. Wt&TEBN* t'NIUX EAtfLUVKS A WAGE «WK»&T WILL GO TO tOEJU Busa, Calif . Oct. li--:AF.» • d oi u.e " CVt. li- * U F that the i of the Uutou the el- un tuu^eum,

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