Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 12, 1928 · Page 16
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 16

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, October 12, 1928
Page 16
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rxrrvr »Mt riff T, IP*r ! 1 v\*'|'f | \ i'^e » I v? i<*j; •• rfM/p c fir | * And Store?—Fmd Few Fire thf T»*lfors«1 n th? fir?" fJ»ps< rt-tr>*T?t o? Pork Fntl^ eliminating R.TIT fire hazard* that mteht b? in the city. All *hf rf^nib^ris of fti? 1 c?* j t>^rt- rrwtit BCTpmp^niwJ Chief Clarence Sooit on the tour, during which «rv- *ry factory »nd store Niildine in the city w»s thorough!v ln«p»ct«! from cellar to roof. "With th* CTc*nHon of R Tew pln.cws where there were drop cords .fount! and -rtring that h».d been done" by amateurs, the department s*w no traces of Tire trar«. They schiwd the owners at Btich place* to remedy the defects Immediately, which (hey Bgitwd to do without snv fur- tbsSr notices from the department, In the afternoon The firemen notified W. S. Dimmctt, superintendent of the grade schools, and Prof. n. M. Robertson of the township hie!) school. that thrv would v!*il the schools. Per their inspection the fc- '•pn si n't « sinful m*n. h h*'s i5*»d to hfin' (rood JH«*. pif$.*p mt- nn' h* 1 rsn't P^S rii.i.ioh l*nip'*i^ n Ti wh" off on a \-i«rt? " - ...... Robert q-O go n'sr hoHse s lot, bwt T think: his mot her m*srit to bf SS.T- •r.'srtic wh*n sh» phon?d en' fxHrwJ nip to f*}| him th*t, his sunt i" viMtin' «t. his *t 8 r>. m. over W.f? WHAM, TEODP 90 PATBQLS AT HOMES OF SCOUTS LAST NIGHT UTTii LOCALS Telephone K», *2-~Tw» tnmk UIMK, The patrols of Boy Scout troop W began their individual evening i patrol rowtlngs on Thursday *ve-' nin? find these trill be n feature of every month during the year. The Eagle patrol rnrt »t the home j of patrol leadfr Don Wedsworth and j ; began their project In wood emrvins?. i This Is national Karpen furniture week. See the wonderful values at B. A. Porster fe Sons,—fttlv. Mr. and Mrs. G. S. Olmstoad leave early Sunday morning by autotno~ on a week's combined business pleasure trip to Minneapolis,. ' Clearbrook, Minn. They spend ft day or so In if the weather is at nil fav- but at 2 o'clock when thr fire truck drew up in front of school, the alarm was children commenced ut the Merrill The once to this, the patrol played scout games. The Beaver patrol, Don Powell leader, met nt the home of Dan and Ned Rowland. They practiced stream dcwn the nre c«?cftpe as fast Rowland. They practiced as they could eo and the buildings f outcraft ' Planned a stunt and en- were soon emntipH A »-,«!f !,„,„. Joy*a games. were soon emptied. A half hour later the alarm was sounded a! the Thp Brar P*'- 1101 had R very inter- township high school and the same f st ! n ? mccti "S »t the home of pa- nrowdure was (n\ir,vrt** *> i ».. trol leader John Hendricks. Thrv procedure was followed. At both schools the firemen were pleased *ith the way in which the teachers conducted the fire drills and the orderly conduct of the children. Th« firemen are well satisfied with . They first practiced bandaifing and then divided into two groups and gave pantomimes of the scout laws. They enjoyed their games out of doors. the results of their inspect ion ves- ' Thc r>nnthf ' r patrol, Kenneth terday. and feel sure that the "city i* •»(» f«> *™j»— £H __ %._ . . ' is safe from flre hazards WHITESIDE CO, 0. E. CONVENTION HERE ON OCTOBER 27-28 Specr - leader, were unable to arrange their meeting for Thursday and planned a patrol hike for Friday. Needless to say the scouts enjoyed these short and snappy meetings, and each patrol will report their proceedings to Senior Patrol Leader Fritz. The patrol giving the __ —».»««.« * KM. inc [JHtiui giving me The whitesldc county convention' most complete report and also re- of Christian Endeavorers has been Porting 100 per cent attendance will announced for Oct 37 and 28, to be receive two points in the "canoe neld In th»> Rt»rllnr» Dvo.k.rf._i._ rncf " in the Sterling Presbyterian ««* church. An Interesting program has' for the two days gathering of young people. A banquet will be served at 6:30 o'clock Saturday evening at the opening session, presided over by Miss Lucille Won of Morrison, toast- i mistress, who is the county trea-' surer. C. P. Evans ot " state , NELSON MAN CLAIMS OTHERS IMPLICATED IN BUTTER THEFTS the banquet on The Sunday afternoon will be ffly devS to followed^ m y union Chrisa dwvor serrice at 6:30 o'clock Preaces Triggs of Sterling in« tte advance SSftionsAH •octotles in the county are urged to large delegations to the con- tohe "** that he WRS quarters »t Jollet. of Nelson late Wed- Ward f pur ' the b ""«'' ^Wch he was wlth havin « stolen from Uie Northwestern merchandise trains in sald he m m * ®lty to the charges pre- might to No been He •~— •*-^»»-» •••** •* -^r^.^f**«%.*j i^u. ribiSUO. **V was assigned to temporary quarters nf of ln a monttt wffl (to the new penitentiary at State- Chief of Police James Sloppy and vine. John F. Turrill of Clinton witnessed j In delivering Oeiger over to the the hanging of Charles Shader. 21- j prison authorities it was learned year -old youth, at Joliet Wednesday ; that the sentence was more rigid Trtfsmini7 Th**!* cov» *K«* ow«^ A _, tv^nvi *h*»*- v* _!«.»»«. ^.. *i^.~ , _____ t morning. They say that BhadT went to his death calmly and apparently without any fear.. He walked to the gallows unassisted and as nonchalantly as a man taking a stroll through the park. He smoked a cigarette and as the hangman Btarted to adjust the hood over his head he asked for a few seconds In which to take a "few more drags" from his cigarette. NEWS OF LODGES Nearly 20 members of the W. R. than that handed down by the court, due to a change in the law, which became effective July 1, 1927. The sentence Is from one year to life Instead of one to 20 years, which was the sentence of the court. DIXON EXPECTED TO FIGHT HARD IN ROCK FALLS GAME Tli® ladies of St. Mary's pariah of Tampieo will serve a chicken dinner Sunday, Oct. 1. at Legion hall.—adv. Miss Mildred Coddington came out from Chicago Thursday evening to spend the week-end with Miss Roe Coe. Miss Coc will RO to Chicago Sunday to resume her school teaching duties In thnt city. Rummage sale. Fourth St. church, Friday snd Saturday, -ndv. Mrs. /,nnn. Pate Clark of Chicago stopped off for a visit with Mrs. Fred W. Honens Thursday on her way to Davenport, Bananas, 4 Ibs., 25c. K. Thomas. —adv. Mrs. Cora Orecnlre and daughter Francis went to Fulton Thursday to spend a day or two with her parents, who live south of that city. Arroyo, dancing Instructor, for advanced pupils and beginners In ball room, acrobatic and toe ballett. Phone 758-R.—adv. E. J. Cochran returned Wednesday from Milwaukee, where he left his wife recovering nicely from an operation to which she submitted a week ago today. For the fall opening new Flsk hats for Saturday. Dorritt Hat Shop. —adv. Mrs. Ellen Shank of 100* Sixth avenue was taken to the Sterling public hospital Thursday afternoon in the Melvln ambulance, where ahe will receive treatment. The Gift and Novelty Shoppe will reopen on Fourth 8t. in the Academy Block Saturday. Oct. 13.—adv. Mrs. Anna Massart has returned j to her home in Jennings, La., after a three months' visit with her cous-! Ins, Mr. and Mrs. Peter Eckle, of 70S : East Third street, and other relatives. An entire new stock, from the New ' York Importers, afthe Gift and No- ! velty Shoppe on Fourth 8t in tho j Academy Block,—adv. I Mrs. Floyd ConJey entertained at dinner Thursday Mrs. Peter Eckle.' Mrs. Albert Hill and Mrs. Clifford Graves. ( 81ms delicious do-nuts, Wednesdays and Saturdays. Phone 1258-J.—adv Mr. and Mrs. Gus Hanson and George Canning of Rock Falls left Wednesday by motor for Lodi, Minn., to visit with Mr. Hanson's mother and other relatives. Mrs. Edgar Strub has returned from a visit with relatives In North Chicago and Milburn, 111. Miss Pearl Whitney arrived home from Clinton Friday, after having submitted to a minor operation In a hospital in that city. The Rock falls high school tackles Dixon tomorrow afternoon on the Rock Falls field. While Dixon has T'h? SfCTlfng slijlj . «•>..* opened Thursday with thf "flr*t f>f * ssrt*"! of t o'clock . Rh-pti hy th? Iftdlwe of ih<? cJuh. newly decorwted i»?nb roofns. furl her f)*«utljr!cd by chirrs of (wtiwn^b!'? nrif! nutnmn follow, rn*A« n y jnviUng (tppft»nino» and its-- 50 or more !«cJ cd with tl« of th« club. TRIAL OF DRIVER OF TRUCK CONTINUED The trial of Eugene Stanton, e - ... ---_ ,„.._„. .._,_._ . »***, ..*.»«*. ,. *****, j^rmmi «MMP I A4*t VXM&I *JJl dUJJCliC OV&nbOn ^^^ , ta ? ock ^^ 6ath *' been Wcked around in iU two starts I charged with driving a truck on the !^*^fJi° me °< ¥"':L G -^^^ ^ Wghway without lights, which was erick Thursday, where they were busily engaged in tying comforters and-jsewin_-earpet rags. At noon the usual appetising scramble dinner was partaken of. The club is planning for a busy year and has considerable work to accomplish, CHURCH AFFAIRS Rev. and Mrs, Harvey M. Klingcr, Miss Betty Mallory, Mr. and Mrs. James J. Coats, Mrs. Edward Carlson, Mr*. W. A, Brand, Mrs. I. C. Bfrhelmnn. Mrs. A. L, Talbott. Mnt. Ruth Sivita and Mrs. Otto Bjork attended the missionary institute of tlie Sterling group of the United Brethren church at Elkhorn, Wednesday. Lyndon Cong'l Church Regular services will be held next Sunday, Sunday school at 10 a. m preaching service at 11 o'clock. A study of the question, "How does it and 54 to 0 to Mendota last week. this does not mean that Dixon will not fight hard against Rock Falls. A strenuous week's practice has beea in progress with McMasters, ths lightweight coach, assisting Coach Bowers with the heavies and Dixon may look somewhat different tomorrow. It has been the practice of a number of persons to park on Avenue G and watch the progress of the game free of charge. High school athletics cost money and it is only through the admission at athletic contests that money is raised to support the teams, purchase the necessary equipment and carry on. It is hoped that persons will refrain from taking a grandstand seat free of charge. highway without lights, which was scheduled to have been held this morning at 9 o'clock before Judge W. A. Stoeckle, has be«n again continued. It Is now set for next Wednesday morning at 0 o'clock. The charge was preferred by State Motorcycle Policeman Hal Roberts and followed the automobile accident last Saturday night on the Uncoln highway eight miles west of this city, which resulted In the death of Thorsten Borstom of Rock Island, NEWS OF CLUBS Following prayer meeting Wednesday evening in the Broadway their Hospital Notes Charles Wahser has been discharged from the Sterling public hospital. Albert Hall underwent an em* ergeney major operation this morn'--- '-•--- Maxwell of Sterling roule Rev. E. O. Stow of Morrison, auo iiappen that God is love; why not lisle? What are the evidences that; , He is love? And what is the fruit i W,"~ --—•- -- -of that love?" Regular 6m Ices will Fred Alexander of this also be iield on October "I a week w majolp OP 61 "* 110 "* tlus morning. from next Sunday. «hen the present " rs '. E!kfl fhank was brought to pastorale will be brought to • cloie i the hos P !tal in.tte Melvin ambu- r> is »<„,„ _ ' • t lance'for medical treatment. Baby Etta Doulas has been admitted lor P. H. Mason, pastor. and wife a happy surprise and reception. The occasion was to celebrate the return of the pastor to the Broadway churcn lor his second year, by the Methodist conference last week. Several musical numbers, a piano selection by Arlo Kyger and a vocal duet by Mrs. Frank Baker and Mrs. George Engel. were enjoyed. The address of welcome was made by M. N. Taylor, aud the response by the pastor. A few houra afterward were spent socially, and the committee served ice cream and cake. OWN YOl'tt OWN HOME Let til* Buiiairsg aud Loan ,-iipUuj u» you how you cau borrow money without ooninuiiion to buy, build or pay for a home ul your own on a monthly payment plan that will amount to about the same &$ rent a»4 thus do away with the di&ad- vantmfes ol renting and have the grest ple-Jiuie of home adv. ._ _. MEATS Buy your fresh meats, Ch&se and: a»»U*arti cdfw. and federal bakery " from L-odis & Sou, Bock 40i.-~adv. medical treatment. PADS FOE ULAHV i*tJKI> > OS£S, Scratcb pads, 4xSH. 5HxSS 11 and 8!>eciaJ slaea, lOc Ib. The Dallv Gaaett* oltire.—adv. Falls, »Uo ieat'lier jadtets. c&ri 24 W- Third 8t— adv. JOHN. M. STAGER At Law BONUS AND iterling Nattata) Bank Building VANSANT& BES&E ATTORNEYS AT LAW Loans and Investments Central Trust Bid#, Starliug, lil Rooina 603. 4, S, 6—Tele. 600 First Mortgage 9* Dr. Wm. J, Su the tat ice of recUJ John A. Ward . m 1*w remarks after the )tmcfi«wn. in which he urpsj tb* tedtes to mnke th*m«ixres at- horns In the club rooms during th*ir Imtchemi tiara snd to enjoy the vRriou* socJal features planned for the war by Mr, and Mrs. Cnrl E. Ort*^^r, who are In genera! charge of the WB.-on's social program. It !s hoped that the coming winter season will t» one nf the best soctal seasons in the history of the club, as * number <sf jtpecial events are planned and tilts will be more than the usual number of informal picnic KuppetH, Mrs. W. B. McCloy and Mrs. C. L. 8t«xker were in general charge of the luncheon Thursday, but hereafter Mrs, O. E. WHbern will look after the general arrangements for the luncheons, Mrs. McCloy retiring as head of the committee after having served for several years, Mrs, Stccker will continue as treasurer of the committee. Mrs. W. A. Robinson. Mrs. Clare A. Wetzel and Mrs. John A. Ward were in charge of the kitchen. Mrs. Howard A. Oeyer, Mrs. F. T. Wyne. Mrs. John Ksdcl. Mrs. R. E. Johnston, Mrs. Earl B. Bishop and Mrs. Roy D. Arnold served the menu and R I. Hulls, Mrs. John W. Platt, Mrs. W. P. Flock, Mm. C. M. Waters and Mrs. Roy aieason were the committee in charge of the reception and cards. Bridge was enjoyed after the luncheon. Among out of town guests were Mrs. Roy Seaman of Plymouth, Mass., Mrs. Donald Gait of Dillon, Mont., and Mrs. Anna Clark Pate of Chicago. The stewardship arrangements for the club rooms have been changed somewhat this season. The regular janitor service of the building will provide for the heating. Secretary Frank Hoover will assist the house committee In the upkeep of the rooms and a caterer has been secured to provide refreshments for private parties for club members and the guests. Handsome Decorations A few more finishing touches are to be made before the redecorating of the c!ub rooms will be complete, but the principal part of the work is now finished and the commodious and pleasant club rooms appear in a new dress. The floors of the hall, foyer, card room and reading room have all been covered with embossed linoleum in red tile tints, making a very striking change In the appeanuiet; of the rooms. Tho walls of the** rooms have been done over in a warm cream Tiffany effect, with antique green woodwork, One of the most striking Improvements is to the foyer of ths club, where a wicker davenport, chairs. table and floor lamp have been arranged to give a homelike and inviting air to the entrance to the club rooms. A new drop crystal chandelier heightens the effect The stairway has also been covered with tile linoleum bound with solid brass nosings. The windows of the north rooms have been fitted with new fiunfast draperies and portiere to correspond with them will be placed between the lobby, 'card room, reading room and billiard room. Additional furniture has been added, also six new floor lamps and one new table lamp.— --------The ceiling of the billiard room has been repainted and the walls brightened up. All of the pool and B. Long; C. R. f. *n«l B. « elate has wt|o|*d » flrs^ tjywtinl« s*r^Hi ne*t jfttr. Reit LB^I.S ts of the trrwrns committee. I H. €*. Miner etea.irmtn of t.|» honw? nod. Owlisa Brymnf. H c!mlrm*n. j Th« rwtirtn^ directors are E. A. i Tumroth, Jndfp» W, A. Stotekle. F. O. Rlekmvn swsa Prof. K. R. felkek, Th»y have served ttw cliib well daring their term of office and stAirf jeMy at »I1 tte»*s to aid and a-?s{st the new directors «t sny tlrw they may be called npoo to do so. STERLING is the place to buy Mallory Hats $7M and Cheaper $1M and $4,60 At Obermlllefs FLAGS HOHOE DAY COLUMBUS If I f.hfflsth* U n**s*ss5tr. d*sir« for publfdlty prrs?rspt»»f t!i* the to f*rify h5s p?tT!c»M wsn- Mint the "shock" whi-eh m-ost s s»ir«?r«1 from to than the operation It sett. FrarNI Hi« Tbewy. Thin theory, he said. h»d Flags were displayed throughout, the business district and about town in general tn observance of Columbus day today. The schools observed ?he day with special references to the discovery of America 338 years ago today. A coincidence on this Columbus day which the world has never known before is the fact that the giant Graf Zeppelin, much larger than the Santa, Maria, fUefship ot the little fleet of three Uny vessels which brought Christopher Columbus to our shore In 1402. Is now on its way over the same course, carrying a larger crew than most ocear. ships of that day and travelling at a speed undreamed of even a few years ago. Such fcn operation hss b*?n performed only two or Uirpfe times before In sarglcskl history, doctors ssld. So reluctant were hospitals to be the seen* of the experiment that Dr. Msmls said he was refused permission to carry it out at two of the InsUtutiOTis facTi? &TK! '"onto enier a third was given only after a promise that there would be no publicity given the hospital. Dr. Meals was assisted by a friend. Dr. J. Norton Nichols, who helped locate the appendix, which was in s.n unusual position, and to lowscn it from adhesions to the back of the abdomimt wafl. Dr. Memls took his place on the operating table with only nurses. Internes and Dr. Nichols present. His beck and head we«r propped wp and a surgeon's gown w»a slipped over his shoulders. He wore the usual rubber gloves and with his own hands proceeded as though he were operating on a patient under an- aesthesia. HIQHWAY BOLTERS TO APPEAR IN COURT (FIGHT REMOVAL OF ARMY FLYING FIELD Last evening the police secured .list of 14 persons who failed to sto- their cars before entering an ar terial highway. These persons will b , in court today. The police will con ' tlnue their drive untU drivers observe this law. Yesterday Rollond Brown and J. Schultz were each fined (3 and costs for failing to stop before entering an arterial highway. Local Weather At 8:30 o'clock this morning the mercury registered 69 and it was cloudy. About 10:%) o'clock there . was a heavy shower of rain and It ; has rained several times during the • day. At 1 o'clock this afternoon the •thermometer registered 78. At one , time during the morning it had been up to 78. New Arrivals Bom, to Mr. and Mrs. Herman Wcscels, a «aoghter. »t th« public hospital this James Basset, a Frenchman, is trying to make artificial diamonds in an electric kiln. He believes he will be able to create Chicago, HL, Oct. 12.—(UP.)— Business men of Chicago and other Illinois dties joined today with Senator Charles S. Dene-en and Congressman Fred A. Britten in an effort to prevent the proposed removal of the Rantoul. HI., army aviation field to Dayton, O. Activities were started yesterday Immediately after it was learned that th« Dayton Chamber of Commerce Is urging Secretary of War Dwight F. Davis to make the change. According to W. H. Wheat, bonk president of Rantoul. a similar attempt was made by Dayton two -?ars ago. but failed. Congtrsnrjui Britten has communicated with Secretary of War Davis asking that the house committee on military affairs Investigate the matter before any action is taken on the Dayton request BOSTON SANDWICH. A new, hearty luncheon sandwich Ut made of hot. opened baking pewter biscuits, spread with hot baked bean* and served with hot earned tomato soap, undiluted. Much smaller quantities of Amer- i ican meat products and sugar have timwl in Dodfre common. Anas? ?«h—Ousted Ocmifratft- from parson- Ftsreigm, Madrid—Wind* hamper 7,«ppe5in Sn heading orer Spain to Atlantic ocean. Mexico City — Insurgents unit* against government In two states. Paris — Fear felt for suhumrlns Ondine, two days overdue at Tunis. London — Alfred Salmon, restaurant chain head, dies. Nice—Rosikrn Dolly denies the will divorce Mortimer Davis. Chicago — Display wins $20,000 Hawthorne gold cup race. Sacramento — Home team erens Pacific Coast League play-off series, beating Ban Francisco. New York—Meadow Brook beats Army for U. S. polo championship. Rye. N. Y. — Georgiana Bishop leads in senior women's golf. Philadelphia—Fait Hkins, former national decathlon champion, to play professional football. State, Chicago—A radio address in behalf of Governor Alfred E. Smith was made by Frank I. Mann, of Gilman, president of the Illinois Equality /or Agriculture League. Chicago — Kenesaw Mountain Landls. commissioner of barbell, signed checks totaling $176.233.37 to the victorious New York Yankees. Vandalia — The board of the Methodist Church voted against the reading in the church of a resolution adopted by the Southern Uli- noia Methodist Conference commending Herbert Hoover and attacking the candidacy of Governor Alfred E. Smith. BelleviUe~A circuit court Jury convicted Mrs. Frances Oillespie of manslaughter for killing Dolphin Deraid. of Cahoida, her employer, with the limb of a tree. Chicago—A statement was Issued Major O*ner*J .Tarnw o. Rarhord rwH,rmio1it«i crmlrmin of th* fin* snes ewnrnStte?. and Wnltrr nMtorml commute* at 8:30 r. over WJ5AF network. SsnatOT HJram Blrtgham of Con. nectfcut, at 7:3$ p. m. over WOE and Ootonbfm ehmirt of 31 stations., (Thnes gtven nre central stand H REJECTED SUITOE KIDNAPPED GIRL! Janesville. Wis., Oct, W.—fA.PX —Anna Domino. 19 ywir old glr who was kidnaped at Rockford. HI last night, was found here th morning. Police said that she hs been brought here by en Italian ai held In » grocery store over nigh The firl. almost hysterical, t police that sh* was on hrr home about 7:30 last night when man sprang from behind a t' clamped a hand over her » and threw her ihto an autom She was taken to a house Rockford, but her captor evlds feared that her screams might spread an alarm, so he, with the aid of two other Italian men and a woman, again placed her in th* car and took her to Janesville, riving here about midnight, Bhe told police. Miss Domino declared that h?r abductor wat Peter Schipo of Rockford, who has been persistently wooing: her for Borne time despite repeated rejections on her part WILBUS GLENN VOLIVA WILL VISIT HOL* LAND Wnukegan, 111., Oct. 12— (U.P.) — Overseer Wilbur Glenn Voliva, ol Zlon City, will depart next Februarj for a pilgrimage to the Holy Land He will be accompanied by his wt£i and secretary. The VoUva party win return U pointa in Europe and Palestine visited during the tour last wlntee They will sail Feb. 16 on the at* liner Augustus, touring Italy, Egypt Syria, Mesopotamia, Palestine and Persia, according to the annouuc£« ment been marketed tries in recent in European coun- than were sold : ' . »««^a M* *v*~^uti ,jb«uii MfcBMi vsc:ii; euau carbon by using a pressure of 50,0001 there during and immediately fol- pounds. lowing the war. campaign manager, accusing Governor Alfred C. Ritchie of Maryland of raising toe issue of bigotry And "trying to Sdndte the fires of intolerance" in bis Wednesday night Chicago speech. I*wrei*cevHIe—Miss Vera Town- seod. pttajident of Delta Theta Tau. NaMoosJ Business Girl's Sorority, died. Champaign — The Illinois PTBK Association elected to its hall of feme Victor P. Lawson. former publisher of The Chicago Daily News; Joseph MedlH, former editor of The Chicago Tribune: Oven Lovejoy of I ROBINSON SAYS SMITH! 1 WILL WIN CALIFORNIA; San Francisco. Oct U—(TJjr.)—A prediction that Oov. Alfred E. Smith, democratic presidential choice, will carry the home ctata ' Herbert Hoover, his republican poneot. In the November « eiect was made by Senator Joseph "objnson, Smith's rurmlnjf mate. • Robinson's prediction was made following the close of an aggreesftv two day campaign through California, d-rtng which he received en~ thusiastic receptions wherever he stopped. Boy Now -Save value, 100 tbs. ...... ., , . ...... ........... ..., ...,,., , .$29.50 $57.75 value, 100 Ibs., 1 inch cork, 12 walls ..... ... .... ... .$39.75 $79.50 value, 125 It»s. ................... .. : . . ...... [.:.'. ,$49.50 $89.50 value, 100 ffcs., porcelain, 10 walls ........... $12400 value, 100 Ibs., 1% ia cork, 12 walls ........... ....... $280.00 value, porcelain inside and out ............... $210.00 value, 100 tbs., porcelain, 2 in. cork, 12 walls, hangers for an icing machine. ......... . ..... . ____ , .$147.00 $89.50 value, all white metal glass shelves, 130 tbs. ... , . .$51.00 We have forgotten the cost. We are decorating and need space for new merchandise. Furniture Rugs Interior Decorator 'Avmm. A Wmt Third

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