Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 12, 1928 · Page 15
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 15

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, October 12, 1928
Page 15
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iCfflRt r^ Ct^i %T frVv **f* M -'I f?/'^|^t'-e';>7?f J -," ts^ 'S±.*'-'K*TV ; ^ fcf'^g^-Vlj^?-*,. jis , ^-„.,,,;. rLr . ^ » v _ ., ,, „ ^;>*r-r C'/^^r* H £•: * T— Sf- v*ra 3 , tfWrt ring, with frrw «!.r>pb!rM. 14 . . ftbly in bus!n*»"< d'ftrlr.?. p»*tjt-n t wmrd. F'hin* *?R-W. .. Rtcri'nt; sllfpr" urirt hYui>' p*r>~ In downtown district. I?»n-i»r-t rii^n"' 775 -J. s*!? JOHN HOFPLKn <fe SON '•OAKLAJfD-rONTIAC MOTOR CARS 414 LOCUST ST. PHOFfE 1277 |s1927 PONT}AC rwRrh. Mmo»t a n<*w 11 car. HSJI h«<1 ths b««it of n>.rr. Fully j wjuippefi. '19W CHEVROLET conc.h. This roomy llttlo c»r has bfen drircn »rry little. Ixwk* and In liks nnw, with full 1 *qttipm*nt. Hurry tf you want It. - . *.-^. .... p j c- r-rr-*v-i '^, : 7r?ft,? ^ *" /ir-.-^ £ r -"'V '""- ,„ T ,. rt „,.,_ , r _ T ^ , ~ fi ! A"* r!V.~- i??* V ' X"'STh'. r-""I po r> , f,,, M "t«"' j fbwn* tra-****frnr,% eo * R '" "rr.H! B'-srw*.'* j rr-7-! „,,.,, , ;.,,.,, ,-,_,,,„ f ... | pi!r~1. n-w.ry-s.j,,,,,, , >>,-,•!.it, 1 \V. Fn-i--h St. 'iJr ?n'|M;rf» ^"-7 »'r)! /-,,,,,» r-,,-,-,-! in M'.-.-...--, !T! Wh! ,„,,.,.. r-,-!-.'r. ... ,,,„' ?7 - nd ,.„ r.f f>»r,^. ?, TI ]n?; , s . ,y ^,^^1 ; Lj^jru'r,, r''" " H ""- f --"«" «i* r^TiT ; ! -5T!n ? ,-,, r rn^^^" j ........ . ; I-AINHNO. p.p-th'.nRifm. nil ? I PTT r!»r<n!r>r. f«tKfftrtlnn RiJ" a* ~Jatri« ', TWO On TTfRTE rofsntB ?rsr iijfh! rj F07 F. "TOOT," bs.mifl erppTtiriff! fin Jit; Bnr} wfitfc, nn labor trmjbl* 1 , Ro*>d work-j _ n l* !l '* f! ^" ^Ing condition*, apply mi ottc*. Tfilrr^ ; LARGE front mom nnri furnlshrrl. or r.!r"-pliu: rriom fnr two g»>n)!»>rnrn. r!'-f> In. 40! Fourth Avr. " — coup*. Hw> pverythlnR In the lln» ol equipment. Very good value. il833 MrrCOTLL wdnn. A lot of car I for *50. M „ ]0t< JTEWHTTT 4-pnssenger roupp. Th!'! ear will give a lot of service for $50, ]0OMJ! REAL BUT0 In open cart. i Chevrolet Uwrlng, Hupp and Overland. Small down payments. Easy O. if. A. O. t«nn*. BAKOAXHS ALL— SEE TSM iWdAn, big *lx motor. (350 JKJZCS: «U touslns, winter top. /ffl! POKD coupe, A-l throughout, only • «17B. Vulve Ejaclrw Works. . in. lE^'ED' nmrrVp.nt.wi to~s«n i TWO" ROOMS for'llt-Iit Rficl ?t*fMtir nifHry?. (Tocxl r>r0po*Jt!f*n j prlTTt**? pntr£.n r . *; jilro for right imn. Writ* H.D.-S3, tare ' Klsth St. ^Onrftto. FOUh. mrvi"rn" r<K>m* Hr* fOUHCJ- MAN lor'deiivrry Ris4 clfT> EKprrKtu-f-d ptpfrrrwl. A'clclr? 1 *!! Oro , T<ni \v' t»Hli. to r<.x)k nn<!: nSl-it'wlfh house work. OtKXl *fiRrn to right pwrty Mt«. I^o Wahl, lf?03 Locust 81. KXPEHIENCEO" marrlrVl f'nrm "hftha't live in tenant hou«>. Phone Count 9RO-4. at onc.8« Mr. Johnaoa. Financial Mpn'ejM „ „ *M6rmlAdgS~on town prop erty, 6 per cent Intercut. Oaulrmpp Flncfc. throughout, (3GO. sedan, A-l Bhape Instruction INSTIUJCTIOW In nil' the "decoratlve liranchtd. glaisa. tin. plutef. furnl turc and home decoration. Very reasonable. 310 W. Eighth St. Phone ra»-w. J03« OAKLAND ttcdan. extra good funnlcf condition, (435. 47 CHHTSLEH 60 roadster. •87 CHBYBUBR 70 sedan. CHKVBOLET *ednn. TOtTRlKOS at your own Tnwlts. Open Monday. Wed- iy and Buturday nlghu end iy a. m. BZLL MOTOR SALES I' OhryBler—cjjsnjJler^—Dlamcasd T... choicra immune. Lawrence" Roe«n- grcn. Prophetatoum road. Hock Fall* Phono County 020-13. SHIP thy'a •Live Stock feed store. PhoniT B25-W or phone. Shipping Anon. Articna "Si tecuct »nd 1307 B. St. ^ 8PKCIAL BXTICK Standar dcooch, low ,_—age, perfect mechanical condt- tUm, txsauUful gray Duoo without a mar, Interior e, delicate ahade of gra«n mohnlr, harmonizing with. «x- terior. Ju»t nicely broken in. Dent ml«a thla one. J«33 ESSEX coach In blue Dueo. beautiful blue figured interior, very low mileage, looks and runs exactly like new. This la practically a new Esaex at a great eaving from new price. An exceptional opportunity for tha careful buyer. 5THE ABOVZ In addition to those llat- «d In last night's Gazette offer a '•Ids selection in models and prices JBfid should appeal to every intellt- *«ot used a® purooawr, Every one fully guaranteed aa to age and ccn- fdttlon and a guarantee backed by a corporation wh» hav« always made NEW MOTOR GOVERNOR LET US FURNISH you * governor and water pump combines for Ford en gine on your cons jrtetcer. Mylln ftn E«6d. the Tractor Sfea, ate E. TbJW street. ; - i ow Acoomrr of itckima wiinsjj _ prtrtng honw, u» buggy, cuttwr. All to perfect condition, Hsmr, HIS W. Kfth St.. Bodt also About TOO peonl«8. Jj^t eradc, Sow-in-in* ttew to transplant, felch- ttrd Schultx. ISinerson. SW^jT^'lViSR, alao~good cooklria *ad flwoat eating apples, w. J. Scott. 410 E. Tenth 6t.. Xlocfc JTalU. L. O. SMITH lypewrtter. niso two wln^ ter coau. etec 16 and 18, In good conditlon\^chcap. Phone 8S7-W. ~ Will ecll at » bargala. 308 16th Ave.! Sterling. fur ninhrr!, pi Ire 713 Fa*t Third St. OH. g. It .. O.V : ?"ATE rrr rr\Ai. ro\n | AfcEPT.%xrr or «oitK , Kntiri- In hrrfby jtlrrn to fill p ; Intrr^twJ thf,t thp B.»TT) of ,„„. Itnprf.»tm«ntfl of the City <if Rock ', Fnili. IlllnnU. Muring !n thp rrmtmct inr thf coristruruon of rfinfc^rCTd r^^nrrftf* psvem?n£ with * f'SVibiniH! LXit!> arj'J prv?l.lrr, In- > Fifth Ave, Phone 217-W. __ For Rent Afiartmpnlx nn<l Fiats FJVE ROOM miKltm nrmrtment.'wlth Rft«gp. close In. Posncsslon at once Phono 723-W. Inquire :KJ4>, went Bfventh Bt. .T.' lnquiro~PlrT{7ip^~HftkTrj7Tlocfe antl I^ihd for Hpt?t 7B 77~ACRIS rAHM. 3H« nillrs northeast of M!li«igc*!i!e. cash or nharo rent. Lpane ons to thrcr y*>ars to right party. No agents, tire. Alllc DIHR- man, Mlllrdgevlllr. III. p. o. Box ED. i"J3""'ACRE "FARM onst~or propiieis- town. Inquire 201 Seventh Ave., Gter- 80 ACHES of snip'rovrd farm larifj"near "-" Wrltt 8«, care of Gazette. care OazcUc. ^ for Rent 77 FIVE ROOMS. rnotlernTnewly~decor^ a ted, with garage, close to business section. Inquire B. L. DeGroff, 331 Loctut St. . rnbdern", with garage. Inquire at fill Fifth Ave. moderrT Weat. Third 8t. Oarage. Possession November^ _flrat. Wcnger, Realtor. "" ^ _ bunfitilow. "jusi"compiet<B<f, one- half block from Central ochool. *30 . M._Bjoderick. Cull 1341-J. Oct. i7th. Phone 1252-K. for~S«nt. double B*r*ge. electric llghU, cement floor. J. E. Taylor, 708 Fourth Av«. Phone 009. Wante<l"l«*ltcnt a. PIVB ROOM modern bungalow, Cen^ tral school district preferred, by reliable party. Wrlt« CM.D., caro The Qaeette. 5OTTAG1 wanted. nSJr 85355. •long river. Writ* E^J3.. car* Ster- ruuilns. nt1ju*(M5 for iJmliiKiri' on Wrst Tlilrri Str«t from thp Tly line of First Avrnur to the . er!y line of Fifth Avrn«p. nil i n City of R,v»c Fnlln. In srrortnnrc wit"? thn provuiona of Local Improvrm«n Orttlnsnce No. 5 8?nm of 1937 cij naid i-iiy, mad thf> «ame hsvinj; be?n com p!cte<i and »c<-ppt<-c! by the «a»l<| Ixmn on the 24th any of September A. D 1928. and the said Board of Loc*l Improvements hnrlnp fll*d in th« County court of Whltattle Cmtnty rillnol*. on the rintt day of October A. D. 1928, n certificate «rjo*-ing that tha said improvement conform* *t»!j~ Btantlally to the requirement* of th* original ordinance for the construction of the sume. the cost thereof the amount estimated by them to be required to pay the accruing Intfnat on bonds or voucher* u«u*d to anticipate the collection of th» ««««•- rrtfnt for said Improvement, a hearing will bo had on *aia certificate KM to the truth of the facts eUUet! therein at the County Court room in Morrison. tn eald Whlt*«ide County, on the 32nd day of October A. D. 1928. at 11 o'clock «,. m.. or as soon thereafter M the business of the cxsurt will pt-r- mlt. All persona deslrlnji: may file objection* In mid court before Mid d»y, and may appear on the bearing and make their defense. Dated at Bock Falls. Illinois, this third day of October A. D. 1829. A. A, Thoma A. A. Woodyatt C. C. Orady Fred Hendtraoa Tomaa A. JUmsdell Board of Local Improvement* of th« City of Rock Falla. Illinois. Oct. 6, 12 liouJKa lot. Sale EJOHT KOOM ern, 3 acres land, "chicken "house, large alsse barn. Ij&st house on nfth Ave., block from hard road. Will m»ko splendid chicken and truck fium. Inquire 1009 Seventh Ave. Call 16&0-W. ',60 gallon capacity.] one hog JPhpne S35-W. aP^lAL terrdTy"aale goodrgrada »ec- ond-class woven wire fence, western Barb Wire Company. sliclvea. Phone 450. farm _____ j varietl I Scott CTTT MOTOR CORPORATIpN j can, ftl buahel. Winter varietiea. n»nsormbiy prlctti. . «•«. Scott. Kock J^lla, Koute 1. Tamplco phone. ---«-- -•-« — *•*• T v. AMxai.4 V other bargains. Phone 631-J. Jonas H. Baer. FIVE KOOM house. partiy~mocj'ern,~6n Seventh Ave. Price S2200.1. B. Snavely, Lawrence Bldg. Legate D-6-O-N — B-8-S-E-X TODAT'S 8AROAINS J8!tJD6OH s*d*n, eztra good ^-*- «878. CHEVROLET eadaa, beat of con. lltlon throughout, low mileage, 9450. KSSBX coftch, slightly need as iwnoaatratojr. BubeUnUal discount. OLTMAN MOTO» CO. Lester M. Oilman, Prop. JB^-tf-D-H-O-N — E-8-S- y. just fresh lean pork, dellclously seasoned. Try a pound for breakfast. You'll want more. Sterling Market, St. Phone683. TORNIKl for sale; also wantedTlsec^ ondhand lumber, email bam or gmr- jtge^Harry Landlg. County 638-3. POTATOE&—Car orS*5~Biv*r~Ohlei oa track. Pho&a 170a. Bfeed jBtore, Hock Falla. AVF&&. AND . picked. , bushel. Enoa NuueraaJwr. third houw Kftitn of jpmirteyUte. County 818-n. TSAlOaEb. HON^7s5oTJb7iirlng yoir own container, Bermaft B«lgi;e. 1303 at PSABS, «1 per bu, 1405 W, Tblrd St USED CARS- ]t POEO touring. tuaor SALES H3-515 LOCOST ST. tudor coaeh~"8f2ji coupe. A-l ftb»M MA8H eix tourUjg. r, $160. MASH ALLEN'S parlor furnace la' fco beautiful that it hannonlsfcg with tue wary latest furniture. It's natural walnut effect is mechanically reproduced in porcelain, all enamel finish. Sold by A^O^Hoak. Ill W. Third St. THOH washing jiiachixi8^$as7 atiou %»s una cook utove, 913 teather rocker. »6: dr«ser. t8 board, (4; two sUuxdn, W each; ha by buggy, $5; lawn mow«r, tlW. Call _at_3 ^st Seventh at. UVINcTKbOM" ruglnT f l"ne~cono;Ftion', two living room wicker chains and table. Call 314 W- TlUrt St. HOUSEHOLD GOODS, good "condltioii" 213 Fourth Ave., Kock Falla, I14-J. 0 4-pai«agt;r coupt, coach. i t/fiKD CA11S— . eedan, driven 34 "OAELAND couch' first; l "it £BS£^ coupe, like KSCONDrriONKD tout We went you to drive '. K. HiiOWN idtXiOK BOYS' black (afiTeiifordSr $3~50"value go at *3. H. J. Mueller. 310 Locust WOflCE O> HKABIXCi or ri.v.iL CONL „„,.„., ACCKKTANCK Of WOUK Icfc4a h«r*fey Kivcn to sit PTHBOIW intcresteti that the Board of Local Improvement* of the City of Hock ¥&Ua, Illinois, having let the contract for the construction of reinforced concrete pavement wltfc concrete combined curb and gutter and noces- eary etorm water drainage oa West Fifth Street. Fourth Avenue. Gait Avenue and Eighth Avstnutj y» tha City of Hock Falls, $n accordauoe with the provisions of Local Improvement Ordluanae No, 1. Series of 1928 of eald city, and ttof aam« having b««a completed and accepted by the said board o» the 34th day of September A. O. 1928, and the said Board of Local Improvement* having fu«j tn the County Court; of Whileaioe County, IUU nols. oa tb* first day of October A. D. W8, a certtflcate Bhowtag that tfc* •aid unprovement conforma aubatan- Oaily to the nsqulretncnt* of th* ori« girtal curtHaaiiw.- for iha ooMtruciioa of the «ame, the cost thereof. tJrta amount «s»uamte<i by them to be required to p»y tbe aecruing interest m bx«w(« or vpuchaw twued to anucl- £*t« the cellectloa of the a»sesanj«it tor ta,id Unprovement. A hearing will 04 bad ®¥i thft said c^rtificute M to tha truth of tins faem stated therein at the County Court room in Morrison, to said Whltesliie County. Illinois, oa the 22nd .day of October A. t>. 1838, at eleven o'clock A. M., or as soon thereafter as the business of the court will permit. All persons _ may file objections la said court before said day. aixd may appear on the hearuig uua muke thtlr tie- NOTICE OF HEAB1NU ON CERTIFICATE OF FINAL COMPLETION AND ACCEPTANCE OF WO8K «ouc« la hereby given to all persons iatoreoted that the Board of Local Improvement* of the city of Rock Fall*. Illinois, having tet th« contract for the coiurtrueuan of reinforced concrete pavement with concrete comblced cttfb* tod gutter am straight curb oa Wast Jtourtli Street from the wtftarly un« of First Ave- nua to Una «»»terly line of Third Avenue (except the Intersection of eecond Avrotie). an tn~the aiy of Sock S*u«, in *<xx»tleuce wttn m* provisions of Local Improwmeat Ordinance He. 8. Series of 1838 of eaid city, aad the aama having b«en completed and accepted by the eaid board on the 24th day of 8cpteeab«r A. D. 1838. a certificate allowing that the said Improvement conforms subeina- tlally to the rcqulrnmcnta of the original ordinance for the construction of the same, the cost thereof, the amount estimated by them to be required to pay the accruing interest on bonda or vouchers Issued to anticipate the collection of the assessment for said improvement, & bearing will be had on said certificate as to the truth of the facte stated therein, at the County Court, room in Morrlton in said Wblte*|de County, on the 25md day of October A. D. 1S28, at eleven o'clock A, M., or as noon thereafter as the businew of th« court wm permit All persona deeiriag may tile objection* to eaid court before Bald day \ * - -s- * ! r ~ . . _ . ^ p^, % K _ ^ Vf , 1 r" T ? * ~ "* • ^^" ^ * ' ., ,. , „ „,. r - rrf . -<* f >* *'- n ?f»T«?-.'f J rs. T mrsr. !,. p«irf li;- rh* t-ski "W^'/l ^l^-r-g ^-faH Tf> , , . H<»U<i. Prf- '.ifnl his b^T pr= "Arsr?! rhriff," »h< < t^H him <",'i*-. rrrm'T. ' ',*mi ff Sh*" rtry-f l»fr*i(t(ftil thins? th«». prrr l!rM." . . , And rfic kl*w^1 hi* siT.nli rr?] n-'-^f.. "Msy I eivA him R rrx>ki*, dy "Tookle- Ti"M>k!r!" Ted- Tt.NNtL TO FIGHT W00.009 OIL FlfiE.-ln a desperate attempt to It a spectacular oil welt fire at Snnta Fe Springs. CaHf.. encimmdr? ' the tunnel pictured below. The tunnrl was decided tm afSr th- r,r «,«« r amounted to more than $500,000 and there srrmcd no way of qwnching the flames. Through the tunnel the tremendous t« K. ^ Tfi ^ te PP* d - whlj e simultaneously tons of to be dumped Into the mouth of the well. A. A. Thome A. A. Woodyntt C. C. Grady Tomaa A. Ro Fred Henderson Board of Local Improvements of the City of Rock FaJla. Illinois. Oct. 8. i: THE MARKETS GRAIN CHICAGO LIVESTOCK (0. S. Department of Agriculture) Chicago. Oct. 12.—(A.P.)—Hogs receipts 17,000; strong to IDc higher than Thursday's average; bulk of 1»0226 Ib. averages. 610.OOIO.n8; top •10.40. pig« moatty »8.60 downwards Bulk of deslratjle packing sown, 40.00 $0 40. Butchers, medium to choice SSO-350 Ib., »9.80(8tl0.3S; 300-250 Ib. 130-160 ib!, W.76(??l6!oO. Packlnj sow*. $aaa@0.«. Pigs, medlmn to CfeOiW 90-1% Ib.. M35<g»,SO. Oattie recelpu 3^)08; calve* ,^, v . atow: et«ady week-end trade; no fjintsa'etons here; riuniftiid narrow for conuaon and medium grsdec; atock- «r» and feeders closing weak with most of early advstice gone; • most graw cow*, 87.73® 8.75; cuttera, $5.73 Slaughter classes: Heifers, good and choice, 850 Ib down. «is.75@ 17.00; common and medium. $7.76013.76. Cowa. good ana choice. *8.00®12.00- common and m*dium. $7.00^9.00. Low cutter and cutter. 85.2&@7.00. Bulla, good tnd choice (beef). W.50 @ 10.73; cutter to medium, (milk-fed) good and choice. __.'.00; bedium. »18.00«f 15.00; cull and common, »8.50^!3.oo. Qtocker and feeder steers, good and cnolea, all weights, «11.76«i 13.35; common and medium, (8.75^11.75 ""- recelpu 33,000; more active for alaugbtcr lambs et strong •aktRf 15 to 25 cento higrwr t«d nupply of choice handy . ahe*p «te«ly; feeding lambs ins. j*jal». good and eholos, ea ib. down, »i3.63<t 13.73; mnllum. *1220 «ia.05; cull and common. (3 00® Ewes, medium to choice, 150 ib down, et.2546.75; cull and common 81.79 a 5.00. F«rfdfr lambs, good and choice, »13.60$ 13.60. H* toiik it in t«n*li his h»rd?. ntid FmUlns? bffitlfira!!y a bom thp CTismKif!. b**?»n'!* s tl on MR'V>) 'Tannv." he said. "Tfinnv too." ' He wan'.. 1 ; «jmo caiiilv," rx- plalnfd f?yti|j. "n« % '.'« just iikr hi«. rnnthfr, nr^n't you, PTTSIC-U*? HP'S Rot to rat |j{n with hath hnnch. it!vf>. . , , fJo, rtHriing—?io candy. Bay RrxvSby to Aunly Mnb. dear." Mahfl fofiSc him Jn hrr arms. ••Ooodby. Trddy-lx?y. Come see your oid aunty soon — and we'll have some prrat big; rookie. And candy. Trdriy. Nice candy! Now grlve me ti big brar hujr. like « good boy—and the very best kiss j'ou've got. Gwcefhrart." Tlie baby hu^Rrd her clricrtilly. and wlirn site put him down, he clung to her knc^s. and raised his sticky lips for another kiss. "You'll phone tomorrow. Bib?" Early Chios. 85 et 90. Idaho Ky.' * MO « 1 - 78 ' «cordlng"to «1i«i thpy .tftl rr-f hst'fn! Oh, f'm IVit WHTP. Mfth. IIT J!S<» f.l'wf. •ymfvji .«riTnr>1 my *r»^ tfl «"b-3i> •, o'j r»»nll"' think nf ffj*. RfKl ftlnf* Jrr.u'ys H««rj f-O frsnie. n? h* R* hrm*«t with t-ati. "I am Eo-Sng fo 8«> John l«w- rmc* tnniah*, f^actJv a-? I had plamnrd. And, my <?*sr, Jf you don't Iik*> it. you'd b-rtt«r chJorofwrm your srnwbHlfSc.'. You're too darn Victorian. Mab — 'hat's what 1 * ill* maltpf with yoti. . . . Here. Teddy anefl. . . . Where are y<jur ml! tens, Prrcion??" Sybil turjit-f! lj,-r snuX (thlnchHt-i collar iip and puilrd his carlaps do«n., "Kiss AunSy Mab. 8we»t,* itftcd him in her arms "Ooodby. dftrlln? IHtlp fcoy. Sib. if I had a child like Teddy. 'rd cys my right hand of! before I'd draw A breath to jeopardise his future." Sybil lausfbrd, "OCTtie Oloom!" (To B* Contlmw«l! Oct. 12— (A.P.)— Estlmsttd ilre»tock receipts tomorrow: Cattlo 600. Hogs 3,000. Sheep 2.000. i (John'* fiancee ~ Kitty Burns — appears In the next chflp'ter. Kitty t» sn-wt—you'll want to me^t her.') ^^»*J»«^>»W-V a -^^^V«,*^iX^^%^%^V. BUST REMOTES. If your bathroiom ptpja are rust- pi. » wootoi cloth saturated with gasoline or ammonia will ctean them. up. Such pipes and nickel holders frar towels, soap and so on should be re-coated with nickel and kept shining. KANSAS CITY LIVESTOCK (U. 8. Department of Agriculture) Kanwui city. Mo.. Oct. 12.—(A»P.)— Hogs receipt* 3,000; ateaay to lOc higher; top »10.00. on choice 300-250 Ib. Butchers, medium to elsoic* 250380 Ib.. »9.3Ss» 10.00; 300-260 Ib.. IS BO ® 10.00; 160-300 Ib.. t9.00«* 10.00: 130160 Ib.. «a.25®9.65. Cattle receipts 1.10; calvea 800; not enough of any one ela«a offered to teat market conditions; quality plain. Heifer*, good ana choice, 850 Ib. dawn, $12.25® 16.38: common and HMKiiura, *800(912.36. Vpalraa. milk fed. medium to choice. »8.ft6@ll4W *UH and oominoa. »5J?Oe8.&0; Btocb- *r» and feeder steera. good ftnd choice a!l weSghtt. »ll.00«14.00.* common arid medium. «7.75« ll.OO.v Shwsp receipt* 3.OOO; fctUlfljf ciftsses fully «t«ady: top- runs* lamb.. «13^J6. Lambs, good and choice, §3 |b, *13.38p» 13.25: medium. *U^5 cull and common, (£.00 a. 11.28. , medium to choice. 160 Ib, down, M so 8 8.75. Feeder lambs, good and choice, »12.00r* 12.90. FLOt'R MABKET Minneapolis, Oct 12.—(A.P.)—Flour lOc lower, in carlood lota Parally Patents quoted et S8.78ei8.HS a barrel in 88-lb. cotton sacks. Shipments 60,700 barrels. PRODUCE CHICAGO HtODfCK Chicago, Oct. 12.—(A.P.j—Today'a jroduce market quotattona are as folowa: Potstoos recelpta 143 cars, on track 391 cam. total 0. B. ahlpmenta 10&9 cars; trading fair; market slightly stronger. WUcoaein round wbits», g§ _ «ccoKtaifnto wuidiUoa. Mlnne- «ota aod Worth Dakota sacked Irteft Cobblers, 70»aS; ««cked Bed Hlv»r Ohio*, ».88®]JX); Mdmt «aad land Chios. 80® BO. South PttkoU Mcked __ IDS BOHOK HI JTAII,.— Thts uauaual portrait of Hla Hom^ Mayor of Newburyport, Mass., was taken the other d&y Rt ttte ' ecu !!w a omc *' K you ra>uW sea the Interior you would with SiJ&rtan simplicity. Even the wrought Iron the of have the key. The law, it eeemx, had the ° f CHECKERS tteted at Hxx.fe Falls. Illinois, thla thijra day of Ociobtr A. D. 1928. A. A. Thome A. A. \Vocdyatt C. C " • s A. «*iusdell of of the City of iioct - Oct. 5, 12 " OF"MKAiU\G OX CtHTiyi- to ifi" that tbs So^rd o of tiu> City aT Bock l»f. the pavtmeut W'th «aiicrtle curb jua4 gultsr, e*«»sa/y lUif m IB Uu> ptjgfe many of our custonws i»ro be. coma mighty good acd congenial friends. We like to think of go ctany of tfeem an friends rather Uum customers. Business may be hard boiled but we don't think sa MT us it you would take friendship away from business there wouldn't be much kit. VOTE eh^PPWfl two *(3> carload* of cattle •sad bofs «>i« week. List your Uvestocfe with us. Ctat All promise lower ecsst Let them itrove it to you by putting on X ia the .square you Motor ears are by . &i)d survive to th* e»*-.- Av«uu». ef «oek Fails, la Af THE FOUNTAIN "Aye you a ttoetor?" she asked th« young man at the soda fountain. "Na, madam," he replied, "I m just a fiz- igiciaQ." You crau't aifue a hea! it docss IHJ „,__ to call her aside "mid speak to her privately so as not to enhumuig ha: before ttjg heiis. But try her «&$«4er utid t b. B Ifmir- _ your ^g cro p fy^ e ^j p-gg at 36c fjer 4aat \g worth Sc, no a h«a will have to lay 1 extra tagg p^tr i|u)t|itli to p^v & dif« of doc Btr iffl)' la the c<3s|"(s| f^,. this establishment of ours is useful to this community. If it isn't. then we haven't any excuse for staying here, We hope you need us. We KNOW we sjt«d you. A SIMPLE FHOBLEH IN COfiN AND HOGS Corn at 7&c per bu. Hogs selling at .09c. State University testa claim it takes 13 bu. com to ru a k e 100 Ib. gain. n*75c — (9.00. 40 Ib. Hog Chow plus 6 bu. corn will make 100 Ite. gaiu. 40 bu. Hog Chow worth $1.50; fS.OO minus $1.50 eijuals $7&fi; ft5« divided.' by, e equals $1-35 per bu. for cum, Wliich do you want, V5c or 11.25 for com? Remember, Hof Chaw is one of the candidates ruiuutig m UUi el*ctiu«i, ami Ue is Jii'Oililijiii^ ioW •• er exist per 100 Ifra. gain, Again Mad Flour has been picked for tha Oasette Cooking School. You can just naturally depend on Made-Rite Flour. It delivers the goods on bake day. "What tn eUmony?' "Taxation without representation." No tax on the pocketbook when you feed Purina. Peed Cow Chow lor laort uUJk at less M«ny have that We'll grind your grain i "For no reamizi except to show the incooipe- teucy 1 of th*> poulU-y- a^au's Leghoiftts. it said Uie average oyster la 60,090,003 * tVAK.Nfclt lias ftete, "Aa undertaker was run over by aa auta and died." "He didn't make inueh HwwBey 041 umt fuiMfml. did tie?" "No, in fact he west i« tjie hale.". The be*i way to get out ol Uie Uole » ie feed your poultry Get More Eggs Now f B IG poultrymoi, little poultryn^o, are finding that when it cornea tcr getting more eggs, day in and day out, you simply can't beat Punna Poultry Chows. Purina puts into hens the material from which eggs are made. That's why Purina» fed hens put more eggs in the nest. No mystery aboiit that, Change to Pmiaa today. Gaiter more e^s white prices are high, Bley & Warner The Flour, Peril & Seed Men

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