Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 12, 1928 · Page 13
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 13

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, October 12, 1928
Page 13
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ill T 7 ? of Barf Brills Coach Schsld JJ&« Boys Fall of »y Ath- p«rfc, ' |S threw?: of -- Rock Rim WPSBKtJb 'wfrrence this 3, but Co«ch Beheld Is going to , . »*nd his boyi Into th« femttle foil of ,.,, fight and determination to send the ,oM blue and gold colors to the top , of fh® msst, .>.. The local beys have the plays t which If properly executed will turn bscJt the Invading foe and the team - Is going to do Its best. A large crowd v , of local fans out fcUmg the sideline ^''wSll <So A great deal toward putting ths boys in the prop«r gpkit to carry on. Jack Msynard. who wss f.ho best ground gainer In the Princeton ; game, will bs out of the lineup on f account of a wrenched kne« sustained In the Princeton game, and Bob"by Nix will probably get the call. • It should tw a real game. Coach „'-Beheld has drilled the boys this week I ','.,:, tnftklner hnrrl tnrfelo. « n /« «~u... Tills afternoon the Mt. Morris and Morrison high school teamn are battling At Morrison. It looks like a toss up. making hard tackles and when the Roeh«lle boys arc tackled they will know they hit something. Work •en an serial defense has been perfected and If Rochtlle tries th« air game sha may find a Sterling player ready to Intercept the ball. Let's go get. 'em Sterling. The probable starting lineups are as follows: Sterling Pog Rochelle Peugh LE DenUer RusseU LT Jones Xnox LO Canfleld Harms c Horton Sehuneman, Capt. • -Moore Tlppett RE . Huber QB Nix LH Eva .......... RH Betta FB G Strung ... Ollberteon Walters Nutt Payne, Capt. Cooper Walker A concentration of coaching on the first team aquad of th« Dixosi high school football t«wii has been undertaken with a view of strengthening the team. Domid McMasU-ra wlra hiw full charge ol the light weight team will have charge of the Dlxon line and Coach Arthur c Bowers -Bill put all IxU attention to the backfleld men. Mark C. Keller has been elected president of the Dixon Country club; Dement Bchuler. vice president; and Wm. J. Albright, secretary-treasurer. By Paul ft- FTPS* Sport* Writer > Oct.. 13.— .(AT.) ths Mavy, *lrf*dy <r(«lt««d «n^ Barred by the ls*h of d»fe*t. win lock In c0mb*t on fJold!*r F*«M tomorrow profembly the larsrwst multitude evfr to mltflwcs n fo«t*»!l ta person*, eclipsing by thousand*! the r*eord-hmikit3|f throng that, jammed Into ths huy* Btudlum oil th* shore of LeAe Michigan for ths Kotre Danw-Unlvertrtty of Southern California upectuclf a yp*r Rfo, are expected to wnteft tti* clash. 3o great 1ms been Mw demand for tickets that extra bleachers have been erected and erery loch of available Bpara utllted to nccornddate, f necessary. 130,000. With the colorful spectacle Uw headline attraction of Chicago's tri- ile gridiron program for tta day, a program calculated to draw R total of more than S»0,000 spectators, this city Saturday will be the sporting metropolis of America. Ten miles south on Stagg field, more than 0,000 are expected to em the Big • Ten struggle between Iowa and Chicago; thirteen miles north another throng of 50,000 probably will jam Into Dyche Btedium to wftnees the Ohio State-Northwestern duel. Chicago was on edge and intensely excited by the proximity of the gala attractions today. Hotels reported reservations were being gobbled up. Both Know Defeat. i-i ti.i s .i.i..i ,fj s 1 4 1.1.JUJUJU JjfI!i;P J *. J : i iJ.j i i i In 31 r*»r«. • '•* .' ' '' ' * ' ' [ ' Cs * ^ < by s*-*Tpr)'r?£ tK»^ c^^T^f^^ of H: r», Ohio ft t « t« In*' skf, Chlr^-Sf^i ??>T fh** l^f ^rr-s^v *T:~ ^'Pl't l%7*u>'?"m ' 1!»0. thousand* of Coach Ed Woeber takes his Community high boys to Preeport Saturday for a game with Aquln high of that city. Frceport played Stockton to a 8 to 6 tie and Community nigh and Stockton battled to a scoreless tie, so they are about on even terms. RTEPf? ° r KAEB AND "Rt-Rr^-mpfnd on Howard 6n outet *n«»ln* backfleld for his Southern Call- AH^ n"f i ' Par ll WM Morlr >" Wrurjr. who was named All- American. Before Drury was Kaer. who va.i of the same caliber. Now it to Don WJillam*. said to be AS good as Kner and Drury, and who Is the TTn^ P ,^ uT!heni California la to he beaten on the gridiron tw" r "r 0 "^ Bystcm of advfl » ci n« the ball. Williams will be most ° r the UtRe from "»s position The onl? fault SPORT NQTES^) Saturday morning the sun rises at i.*. €:10 and sets at B:24 p. m. On your . „ mark boys, reports are that It win , be freezing weather tomorrow. That means that the ducks will be down •this way won. Sim Coe and Roy •f-'Shelly are all set to go hunting Just aa soon as two or more ducks are GRADE SCHOOLS AND THEY.M.O.A.JOININ ATHLETIC PROGRAM , 7 - coaches will welcome .. wider weather. Durlrfg the flrtt few **«k* th« warm weather was floe that the boys are In good condition the exceaaive heat , _„ .--ilnjrto BapUie slrenglh from : the young athletes. If It's cold tomorrow the boys will all go much *^ ifctter. ' Prank E. Birch of this city will ret feree the Northwestern-Ohio football game at Evanston tomorrow. -Fred "Brick" Young of Bloomlng- ' ton, will be field judge. There will be several midwest sta- on the air tomorrow broad- f the Navy-Notre Dama game, .^ them being WON and KYW. The 'stations will go on the air between 2 and 2:15 o'clock. Sunday the Sterling horseshoe team goes to Morrison for a contest The games will be played on the ftir ground courts. Everything Is set for the power The elementary schools of Sterling and the Y. M. C. A. are cooperating this fall In an athletic program which makes It possible for a greater number of boys to participate. Class teams have been organized and three evenings out of the week are devoted to games between these teams, Thla give* erary.fooy in the upper grades an opportunity to participate In the athletic program The other two nights in each week are set aside for games between the schools and the Y. M, C A, The team representing the school orjr. M. C. A. is picked from the various class teams. No special attention Is given the school team ex- (cept on these two nights. This program has been in operation for several weeks and the re- suite Justify the belief that by making the athletic program more extensive rather than Intensive It work, to the best interest of the •T, JB,verywung »s set for the power Twat races at Muscatlne on Sunday ..and any fast marks will be recog- .J5«*d by the governing body. A large bus conveying Coach George Senaeff an<l his Moline high gridders and a number of rooters nassed through thla city about 7:30 oclock this morning. The team at Oak Park this afternoon. strength of toe Mendote whool'8 football team can be jfleaned from the Mendota-ftinoc- ton game at Meodot* on Saturday H«endota has only b«n scored on ,«mce thin year and defeated LaMollte 44 to 0; Sheffield 30 to 8 and Dlxon to 0. The remainder of the schedule for Piny ground games IB as follows: Oct. IB-central at Wallace Oct ^llv ^ £ ** et Centr *l- n^" £r"v' ,¥" a A ' at Wallace, fvf" mTv « ° A at GKn<a ^Oct. 30-Y. M. C. A. at Wallace The result* thus far are: Central ?' ^ L ' Y. M. C. A. 3 ? 2 ***'*•••*•••*•• * 0 ^ BOMBEES THREATEN THE OFFICIALS OF SUB HUB to toe mb * rS extendetl ^eir activity day. where threats were recelyed^v Mayor Joseph Severson and Police Chief J. c. Pramelra homes w«« to be blown up Frame resigned recently lawlessness became acute to " "iayor Severson Praam said h* wouldn't being police chtef as fan. but that bo had a wii Children to thulkabou^ The bomb threats did not '— why the homes up. The Notre Dame-Navy game Itself promises to be a wide open match. with both elevens striving to regain what gridiron prestige they lost in earlier defeats, the Navy to Davls- Elkins and Boston College and Notre Dame to Wisconsin. Both have speedy backs while their forward walls are not as strong'. But In experience, "Navy Bill' Ingram's Midshipmen have an edge as all his men except Halfback Castrea have had more than a year's experience Both elevens are well fortified with reserve power, and both have good kickers, Notre Dame relying on Johnny Niemic and the Navy on Harold Bauer. Notables Present The Navy squad. 36 strong, was due to arrive in Chicago late today. while Notre Dame will wait until tomorrow morning. A large delegation of Midshipmen will be on hand for the big game tomorrow. Beats along the 50-ywrd line have been reserved by any notables of the Navy, including Curtis D. Wilbur secretary of the Navy; Admiral 8 8. Robinson, superintendent of the Naval Academy and Admiral T, T Craven, commandant of the ninth tenth and eleventh naval districts' Vice President Charlea o. Dawes and Mayor "Jlmmte" Walker of Kew York, will be among other national figures to witness the struggle. Bands from the rival achdols and military units from the Chicago metropolitan area provide additional color to the great spectacle. rinded on R* n«wt Imeks t Ohio B*nf"'s invasion, . s Mrt,»in, Town's husky full hack, VR.I caiisliie conslt5*rftbl*» In lerest and some consternation fo Chicago BS If. prepared for the tus sle. The Maroon line has be»n weak and Mcljftin, who led the nation' stars in individual scoring in 192 •*th<m he plBj-p-i with Hftskell. is ex r*€ted to n«tten H. Comch Btagg indicated his t/mm would flash a p««liig ntt*ck by driUing li!» men in that department thoroughly again last night. Buoyed by the prospect of dp'et, Ing Michigan for the first Uiw. Indiana's nigged team was confident Cosch Tad Wiernan of the Wolverine* promised a different line up than the one that bowed to Ohio 'esJejTin Saturday. Announcement that Ed Weslph*!, sophomore fullback candidate, was scholftstlcaliy eligible, comforted Minnesota although he may not get into the Purdue game, sevef&l Minnesota players are on the crippled list, Including Bob Turner, regular end, who waa »ev#rely bumped-and had to be helped off the field yesterday. iuiji mi football machinery M A '^ABO.-Alr.osl ««y football coach blocking Player Is about as valuable a piece of can have on your football team Walter Johnson Is Wanted By Senators Washington, Oci IS — (UJ») — Clwk Griffith, president of ' the Washington Senators, will sign Walter Johnson, former Senators pitcher, to manage the club next year if the "Big Train" can obtain his re- leasa from the Newark club of the International League, Griffith oaid today. "I certainly would like to have .JS 1 U ^ he «» «*t his release," Griffith said. • IS^JS 1 *****' Pedant, however, indicated that he would take DO part in negotiations Johnson may have with Paul Block, owner of the Newark team, toward obtaining hia re-i lease. Johnson's contract a* manager of the Newark team still has a year to run. ' Block, owner of the Newark baseball club, today left it to Edward B McLean, publisher of The Washington Post, to decide whether he should release Walter Johnson Newark Bears manager, to manage the Washington Senators next season. Block said that 'McLean had been instrumental ain getting Johnson for Newark, and he thought McLean was the mao to say whether Johnson should go back. P.)—The charred bodies of 15 prisoners, burned in a fixe Monday at the state prison brick plant dormitory, at Junction City, near here, were buried today in a common grave. Mourning relatives stood about, and through the crowd went state penitentiary guards, taking names of those pre&ent. UP TO PUBLI8HKB. New York. Oct IS—(UJPJ — Paul OHAEEEO BODIES OF 15 CONVICTS AKE BURIED New Lexington. O., Oct. 12.—(U. Open for Business Again the Sunshine Service Station is ready for business with a freah supply of Sinclair Gmo&fN® ttwl OIL High and Low W&tO 17 M ^ Your Patronage Solicited. Sunshine Service -Station ••: ' Chm. Mitefcll, /¥»#, -Wtit Fmrth St. at Amnm £ Central Kentucky Coal Car just arrived. ton We also have CARBON GLOW and BLACK BRIAK In all Fill bins now— prices are low and deliveries sure. Telephone UQ& Eckman Save Your Hunt In Movies Every thrill can be yours to enjoy again and again if you take a Cine- Kodak along. A Cine-Kodak is handy to carry on the hunt. It weighs but five pounds, loaded. And it makeb good movies easily. Al you need to do is'press the button, Come in today foe. a demonstration. Cine~Ko~ dtka as low as $70. Bowels Regulated, Liver Trouble Gone; System Entirely Cleansed of Poisons FORMER FOOTBALL STAR SENT TO CELL Los Angeles, Oct. 12—(AP.) — In strange contrast to the thunderous applause which followed Johnny Hawkins four years ago when he was captain and star quarterback of the University of Southern Cal- fornla football team, the former grid hero heard a sentence of from five to seventy-five years Imprisonment for burglary pronounced against him in court here yesterday. The one-time hero of thousands of students of the university campus and the idol of Southern California grid fans stood with head bowed when Ills long personal appeal for probation was denied and sentcnoa to San Quentln was pronounced. Hawkins pleaded guilty to five charges of burglary after being caught robbing a house here last January. Discovery later of *35,000 worth of plunder in his home resulted In thirty charges of burglary being placed against him. Fights Last Night (By The Associated Press.) New York—Rene Devos, Belgium, outpointed K. O. Phil Kaplan. New York. (10). Maxie Rosecbloom. New York, outpointed Tiger Payne. Australia. (10). Pavenport, la.—Tuffy Griffiths. Sioux City, la., outpointed Kayo! White, New Orleans, act). Joeyi Thomas, Toledo, outpointed Agul-,' naldo, Philippines. CIO). ' Huron. S. D.—Bob Scenag. winner' S. D., outpointed Howard Otterson. Sioux Falls. S. D.. (10). Allentown, Pa.—Johnny McOin- ley. Allentown. outpointed Pancho Dendco. Philippines, (10). McKeesport, Pa.—Ike McPowler, Johnstown. Pa., outpointed Joe Packo, Toledo, (10). IKIJIAX PBINCESS ORBITS CUmTls^-Whll* BtMtor Cartfe, ~ publican vies presidential nomine, WM in CWcafo on his emmpaijm tour he was visited by Princess T*tRn!tM. Ch»ro*M »nd Cr«* Indian of Miss-' kosree. Ok!a. The princess is shown shaking Srnmtor Curtis' left his right hand having been Injured when e, friend slammed an bun door against It. SPOKT TABLOIDS New York. Oct. 12,-— (UJP.)—No jubllc sals will be made of ticket* 'or thf Notre Dams-Army football ?*me to be held at the Yankee Stadium, NOV. 10, Ed Barrow, eecre- •ary o' the Yankees, announced. The entire abating allotment has been taken by the two institutions. Chicago. Oct. 13.-~(U.P.)—Display, awned by Walter J. Salmon of N«w fork, won the Hawthorne gold cup n the feature race at the Hawthorne rack here. Mike Hall, owned by lal Price Headley of Kentucky, was I second; Crusader was third and Mla- tcp was fourth. Macomb, 111., Oct. 12—(UJ».)~A ong forward pass, Orlgsby to Boecker after which Helms made ood his kick for the extra point, nnbled Ray Hanson's Western Teachers eleven to tie St Ambrose rrldders from Davenport, la., 7-7 ere yesterday In the annual "booster's day" football game. The Jow&ng scored their touchdown late In th« first half via the forward pass, Mc- Olvern to Hartman with McOlvern adding the extra point. Oalesburg. HI., Oct 13.—(TJ.P.)— Coach Harry Bell sent his Lombard College gridrnen through their last workout here last night In preparation for the game at Kalamasxi. Mich., Saturday against the Western Michigan State Teachers. When thai olive entrained for the fttirhton city today. Dick Mercer. Macomb, 111., flashy halfback, win t» mta*. Ing. being sidelined with a hone in his left leg reoeimS la Bt Ambrose game last Poplin really means » Pap«l for it WM first made «l tfa» town of Artgnon, in France. Fallffata Felts and Caps made like new. Shoe Repairing First class work-—* * moderate prices. S. DE LAVAR1S 308% First Avenue Next to Bickfcrd'8 Eighty-two per cent of the cars manufactured in the United States during 1927 were of the closed type For Factory Work The Burgess Battery Company has several good openings for women workers who desire to earn good wages. Modern conveniences for the welfare and comfort of employees have been installed by this company. Applicants must be over 16 years of age. Make application in person to the Employment Department Burgess Battery Company Freeport, Illinois "To my entire satisfaction your Gly-Cas proved that it is one medicine which can actually do what is claimed for It," says Mr. John MeeJas. 415 W. Ninth 8t, Dlxon, St. & Third Am, Ray Hart Studio -i Resulting from the CIR©$$-IFa,©W IRAXfDtlAYirOIR _ __ MR. JOHN MEEK& years I'd taicea treatments and used tOcnoet every knowa B»di. erne lor Bowel «m liver troubles, I mwertHelai* contiaued fur from wen," he state*. "Poisons clog- Ujr aUminatian orv»us affected my Keaeml betlth. I suffered haad- a cocstent pidn la my in the tower bowel At tomsteb* w*» tfljorflgred .no *9j3eat«. But before th* csewd box of oiy- W» « new ni&a. My rcgulAttd &ad my of tti« past years My system h&» fc*«ti m- csl tha poteos now ii tfttter tlytu it bas After , left sidt tunes say and IS4 ' The cccms-flow radiators in the cooling systems of the Pontiac Six and the Oakland All-American — reduce to a minimum iocset of water and akohoL An automatic thermostat prevent! water circulation until the engine reachea correct operating temperature. A* a consequence the engine up quickly and * choking i» needed, reducing dilution of crankoute oil. Because of the protection the crofii-fiow radiator provides against lo«*e* of water and alcohol, the Pontkc Six and rfwe All-American Six require lew attention in winter than o&#rcar*. This is only imeof the B*any advmncemeiug which only the Pontiac Six and the All-American Six provide. X so*el» Bva- mat of OM to & ftore aad to Eeck Said Mctrteoo. Doc- JOHN HOPPLER & SON efeph&ne Main im $u Immt •F. t, W<H»ds«Mj, Marrtoe, la. Jfeiu»»n Motor m& SIXES

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