Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on August 19, 1944 · Page 1
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 1

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 19, 1944
Page 1
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"A Progressive Newspaper For a Progressive Community WEATIHER Fair. Moderately Cool Full Report Oa Puce 3 Vol. LXVIII, No. 194 ESTABLISHED 1885 SATURDAY, AUGUST 19, 1944 Leased Wire Service of the United Press Price Three Cent* '!i Allies Inflict Mass Slaughter On The Fleeing Nazis Yanks Fight In Suburbs Of Toulon Americans And French Fcrces Score New Gains In Southern France Part Of The Price We Pay For. New Front In France (ISy UnltiHl In- southern France — Yank as- sniilt forces are battling In the suburbs of the big French naval Kvi- ni Toulon. A companion drive to outflank Toulon from the north lias lulviincccl to within 23 miles or IOMM of Marseille after Helxir.'g three towns from .1-1 to 19 miles nui'tli of Toulon. •. \ th^ oil tern end of the bearh- hc;id—American units are believed to have reached the Cannes airfield. They braved the hasivy c;i!i- hi>i- gunfire 'of German battei-los on tho Islands of St. Marguerite and St. Honornt --- two and three miles below tho Itiviora report. Today's Allied commitnU|uc says t>"t!t American and French forcas scnrcil now K'llnjj Inland. The beachhead has boon enlarged to 11 n «ivu of more tbin 1,000 square miles. A front dispatch reports thiu towns are Tallin*; like ninepins. 'i no i-nrnmunlquc say* German opposition In mo."t sections IslK'ht. Bui the Yanks converging on To.i- lon iu'0 meeting powerful ri.-lst- • trice from .Nay.l infnutry atul mobile guns. AniL-rlcan flying columns ham- rn'-rcM -at the outer suburbs of Tonkin, with the cjipturo or n town five mllo.<i from th ; ; b; Thi-y fire lunging steadily on, A •Rritish radio correspondent In Hoirhorn France says Toulon Is going to fall and fall very soon. American Mltchpll bombers arc sweeping on ahead of the advancing ground forces. Thev sank it do-, , .-trnyer and a submarine In Toti- !bcr of SUim Pf to !' canniRK sugar lor, harbor yesterday. Thov u ,., 0 ,-oarnvc at the -Naugatuck ration • | olllce is causing protests irom i local housewives, who feel that by the time sugar is available here that, tho canning season will be too Annihilation Of All Hitler's Armies In Northern France Seems Close At Hand As German Resistance Weakens Ainorlcan woiimlcil from the first cluy's fi(;litinjr are pictured im they warn hclng carried along the Minds of tho French Mediterranean In liUrr.s liorni' by inuilical corpsmcit of the U. S. Seventh Army. After receiving rmcrgnncy treutinent on land, all wounded were curried to hospital ships <iff*lioro'7or transfor to rear iiri-n.hospitals. Casiiulties wore lower-tlinii expected, Allied HcadqiiurtcrN lit Home an- thu first total us fower than ,'ilM). L'. S, Signal Corps Kailloiiholo. (International Soundphoto) Sugar Lack May Affect Canning Not Enough Stamps Have Been Received At Nauga. tuck Ration Office The failure'ol 'a.sufficient ri'um- yesterday. .1 cored destructive hltjt on tjie b»t- | (It-ship .Sti-a.xbmii'K and a 7,000-ton j cruisi.-r. Fjerorinjilsscnnee p h o t o g r a ph ;i show three direct hits M-I-O scored on HIP forward deck of thn Stra,«- hrnirg. The strikes caused three si-parate fires and sent tho vessel into a list. The cruiser was utso Irft liming to .starboard with decks awash. The Nazis had turned the gun batterlfs of both warships ••iK'iinst American columns converging nn the bavo from the east find noi-thi-ast. In (he air wnr---a fleet of Allied !«iriihi-i-N and righters thundered iiri-oN.-i tho channel today. Some of were headed toward Allies Drive For Vital Triangle far proj.'1'i...ssed. The Naujratuck ration ofl'ce was cro\vciccl on Thursday, "when tho llrst canning .sugar stamps arrived. Some u-o.Tien it is stated v.-uitcd for nearly two hours to procure stamps and nmny then did not receive them as the supply ran out early. The stamps have been late in arriving and -Vaugaluclc housewives u'cre au-nltinfi- them for some weeks, it %yas .stated today. Telephone complaints received by The News indicate that some Naugatuck housewives feel that the seasun for' canning will bo : AVIGNON MIMES. 1 .- ~:MEDITERRANEAlM SEA Paris. Othin-H apparently took up past the peak by-the time- the next sysiniTintlc campaign against 'rfrman fscnpo routc.s and ti'Jins- iortaMfin facilitirrs. f..'ist night —RAt-* r^incastcrs find .'iliTaXPS swnnjmd down on the batch of sugar, stamps arrives, it is anticipated, next Thursday at • the local ration ollice. Housewives hero stated today '. that beets and other vegetables j li'-rman sxnpnrt of Bremen. They i of this nature- are getting too liig I'.-d thi^ .synthetic oil worlfji; to can .olTeelively, and now is the 'it Sd-rkadi!" eight milns northwest heart oC the peach canning season, .vtusriuito bombers struck i Allied -armies moving Inland in (.lift south of France, say military analysts, will push forward to sciw important communications centers in the white area 1 (A) hounded by the (owns of Aix-Arlcs-Avignon. Thcsi- three points control every railway line, and strategic roadway, li!iidli)jr north or west Iron) Marseille and Toulon-, as • well :is the lower course of the Rhone river. KventiiiUy Allied advances up the Rhone valley, it is said, must lie supplied" Uirougli Marseille. (International) Miniature Hurricane Does Much Damage At Vierra Home On Pond Hill 'it Merlin, ;md other pianos pound- oil targets in I'Yanco and lielgium. Boy Accidentally Killed By His • Twin Brother 'lont.-illy Kiiulhliury, AUK. '10— (U Pl—'i''- r; OO rj,-e Hvly.rln has accl- kiliprl his twin brother, I'Mwjuvl, in n huntini," accident. According 10 iiolice, the hrothors arid !mi o'hor hnys worn hunt/nR wood- '-'hiioks on Hcuisntonlc ftirm, when Kdwiu-rl hocame separated from tho (.thr-rs KIs twin 'shot him, Ihlnkinir he SILW a woodchuck, po- President Harrison Nearly Became A Doctor William Henrv Harrison, "(h President- of the United States, started out to study mcrtioinc. but when his father <Hf(l he cnlinted In the army and embarked on a career that P"t him In the White House, where ho died shortly after his inauguration as president. Whether you're thinking of your own career or that of your children, make regular War Bond Purchases part of 'ho plan. Xaug.-ittick Nows Want Ads 'live saved thousands tho price °f a War Bond by restoring lost articles to them. Call 2228 today. "A War Bond Today Is A Freedom Bond Tomorrow." Kation board olllcials dcclat that they can do nothing about th situation other than to give out th stamps Just as soon as they arriv here, and that they are doin everything in their power to ex pedite the .situation. Local Paratrooper Is Graduated From Demolition School Fort BonninK, Ga., Aug. ID—(UP) —PFC. .Ra.v; A. Kralis, son of Mr and Mrs. Sfl-atlon Kralis oC 19 High struct. Naugatuck, Conn., upon completion of throe weeks ol Intensive training has graduated from Demolition school. This course is one of the live Specialist School offered to tho Parachutist •it Fort Bcnning. They include Demolition, Camouflage, Communication, Riggers, and Machine Maintenance. Only qualified jumpers m/iy apply and only the better men from each qualifying class will receive this instruction, The work of the dcmolitionist is prime Importance in the modern vurfare which is waged by the hard hitting Paratrooper They study and practice demolition mnthod.i of .settling and disarming booby traps, destroying bridges, and blowing up industrial plants, dani.s.and all means of communications. In addition they practice with .the flame thrower and the Army's famed "bazooka." In combat a fully equipped demolitionist jumps with well over one hundred pounds of equipment and is literally a one man combat team. —Cash pnk 1 . for iiiu.xlcal Imtru- mentw, pianos, radio*, phonograph*. Metro Music Mart, SH Church St. Tel. 5387,—Adv. Freak Rain And Wind Storm Hit Only Few Points About Naugatuck, The freak storm that struck Nati- gntuck l.itc Wednesday proved one of thn most pu/.x.ling that has boon noted here in some- years. The slty got jet black over Naugatuck, the wind blew fiercely for-a few mil utcs,-and tho accompanying-drop of rain lasted for only a • shoi time, and 'the storm blow over a most as fast as It arrived. At a I'ew high points 1 about th town, however, it proved to be different story. • On Cherry Hill Farms on Pun Hill, a solid sheet of water hi tho residence of Mrs. ' Dolphin VIct'ru, in the midst of a ficrci wind storm, crashed through th T''rench doors of the house anc soaked the living room for, a di.s tancc of 20 feet, The four oulsidi doors of the house were'- forced open by the wind, and the situ iticm for a time threatened to be very serious for Mrs,'Vierra anc her daughter and frranddaughtci vho were at home at the time. In the middle of the brief but Icrcc storm ,a large tree near the ront of the house was uprooted and crashed down across the vcgc- able garden of Mrs. Viorra, and uincd practically . the whole gar- en. In the hurricane of 1930 Mrs. Sierra was making an automobile pstatc and when her car became larooned in the rain, she had to it and watch trees topple all about *!r, but fortunately she and her ar were not struck. When tho wind began to blow n Wednesday Mrs. Vicrra's first lought was that another hurri- ane had struck, but the current Forty New Name Plates Added To Honor Roll Speculate On The Cost Of Program .LATE. . . KKI'ORT FKOM SPAIN Port Bou, Spain, Aug. 19— (UP) —The German army Is reported reliably to have withdrawn its troops from the entire Franco- Spanish frontier. oOo OPINIONS DIFFER Washington, Auif. 13—(Ul*)— Congressional reuctlon in mixed concerning 1'rcsldent Roo*evclt'» proposal for ii.yeur of compulsory training for American boys lifter the war. Many Senate :ind UOUHO members are, reported to favor the Prewidcnt'tt bedtime he Mild that tiuch training need riot >>c strictly military. However, other conifreHsnicn hc- licvc any training should be strictly military—und not merely a. recreation of the old Civilian ConHcrvntlon . Corps. r oOo INTERNED FOUR YEARS Old PWA Setup Would " ' ' ' 'ft « *»'„• T,'' ' Montreal, Aug. .19—(UP)—For- CUt UOSt Of rOSt- j iricr Mayor Camillien Houde has returned to Montreal after four years internment Houde was • »entcnced for advising. citiWns of "Montreal .rnc>t-to™ta1ce~ part fir a national work registration survey from which draft lists later were made up. Freed by order of the national government, Houde now snys he might enter the next mayoralty campaign in Montreal, DtnvEl"S WARNING Killed In France War Building -"Following • the^ rnc'ctlng of the Naupatuck Planning 1 Commission here recently and its "indicated interest in. $930,000.00 worth of post war liiunicipal construction, much speculation has been aroused asao iust how much of this sum would federal contribution ctnd how much would be paid by the bor- o'ukh. Il the Federal frcvcrnmcnt or- ni.'cs a project similar to the P. Albany, X. Y., Aug. T9—CUP)— Governor Dewey h:ix warned against continuing wartime re- W. A. .that operated some' years I N trictlon.s of labor. In a Labor mid concentrated on heavy construction and contract work, he .--hare of the U. S. "in a $930,000.00 project. here would be ap- jroximately $-118,000.00 or ^5 per cent,"it was stated today. The cost to the borough would Jo Of) pur cor.t or $551,500.00. if the' lew Federal , setup is operated long the same lines'Of partlcipa- ion .HS the old P. VV. A., it was also earned. Some stories that havo come from Vashington rocer.tly, it is indicat- ilay proclamation, Dcwoy declares that It such restrictions remain In the hands of the government when . peace comes they am dc'stroy the institution of :i frcn American Inbor movement. d, stated that there will be no P. V. A, after the war, but from the Boston, Aug. BURNED 39 — (UP) — A 16- year-old girl is hospitalized with painful burns after her dress caught fire as she walked on a downtown street. Police said that Miss June Ccfail was smoking a cigarette, when sparks ignited her light dress. She screamed for help 'cderal questionnaire recently re- I and ran for two blocks, before an eivcd here, l.hat was filled out and J unidentified man stopped her and led in Washington by the Nauga- • smothered the flames with his ;ck Planning commission, it is coat. • ilt.lhat some typo ^of government rogram is being arranged that as not ym been presented publicly. The seventh general officer of tlic V. S. Army killed in action since Pearl Harbor was Brig. Gen. James E. Wharton, 50, a native of Elk, X. M., whose death on the fighting front in France IN announced by the War Department. Gen. Wharton, ar native of Klk, N. M.. Is survived by his widow, a resident of St»un- ton, Va. Signal Corps photo. (International Soundphoto) Church Club To Hold Meeting Tuesday Night • All chairmen of the various com mittces of the St. Francis club, foi the.outing that will take place on Sunday, August 27, at Linden Park, arc expected to attend a very important meeting to be held on Tuesday night .at S o'clock in the parish hall in the St. Francis school building. General .Chairman Err.<est Allen states that plans have been going forward very smoothly and a record attendance is expected at the outing which will be for members of the club, their friends and children. It is expected, Chairman! Allen stated today, that the event will be in the nature of the parish pic- iic and outing and the co-opcra- ion of all members of St. Frrin- cis' in contributing to its success s anticipated. •A sports program that will in- :ludc Softball, field events and a lumber of events for children is also being ' completed, and • it is xpccted thai close to 700 will ai- cnd the outing. Mr. Alien indic.-u- d. Adult tickets for 500 persons' avc already been distributed. torm did a great deal of damage nd in a few seconds practically (Continued on Page 8) The N.iugatuck Roll of Honor, which stands on Iho ' Green, received an addition of forty names yesterday, Tho new p!;itcs bear I he names oC thirty local resident's who arc in the armed Army, N.avy, or Marines—. oho in t-ho Maritime Service, and nine local women who have enlisted In the various auxiliaries. Following arc the names: Armed Forces, Herbert W. Anderson, Edwin G. Baldwin, John C'naperi, David F. Ebersole, William D. Jones, Oswald A. KCKC!, Robert J., Kelley. Kenneth D. Nelson, William F. Ostramlcr, Howard E. Packer, Edward A. Rent/!, Julius P. Rnc. John A. Stein, Jerry J.' Sirica, Harold J. Sutor, John B Summa, Raymond Dalton, Joscpl fManowicz. Also Henry L, Bchlman, James M. Cravo. Joseph D. Fitzgerald John J. Gormlcy, Jr., Mark E: Jonos, Christopher J. Lalloway, John O. Ludgownit, Joseph A. De Hipolytio, AlvirijK. Schiller, Rudolph W. 'Smith, Jr., James D. and •Ycderick D. Zonino. U, S. Maritime Service, Robert J, ..Paintci'. 'Women's auxiliary '• service's.: vfarjoriu Squires, Alene L. Andcr- on, Victoria A. Adamski, Albina W. Gr-lezunas, Ruth B. .BaXimmer, nez T. Cia.ncarH, Adeline V. Stan- ius, -Kalhcrinc Dccgan, Dorothy Jaskcy. Italian Front Is Soused By Heavy Rains Fire Marshal Shea Issues Another Timely Statement Concerning Fire Prevention One Allied Spearhead Is Reported To Have Reached Versailles . . COLUMN OP YANKS REACHESI POINT 30 MILES ABOVE PARIS Hundreds Of Allied Planes Spread Chaos Through German.Line Of Flight (By United ITcwO -"" The battle of northern Prance has turned into an Allied field day. Allied troops are swarming into the suburbs of Paris—and infict- ing- inass slaughter on the fleeing remnants of Germany's crack Seventh Army, The liberation of the French capital—and. the annihilation of all Hitler's armies in northern France —seem close at hand. Front dispatches say all signs of organized German resistance have vanished on .the i35-mJlc .front from Paris to the channel coast. Nazi tanks and trucks, jammed l.Ympcr to bumper along the highways .loading .northeastern to the S^ino, .are under relentless attack by .swarms of'British and American' planes. -Allied bombers and • fighter* smashed more "-than 3,800 enemy .vehicles. on_the road/to Bernay.yes- terday. .Many of them'were Tiger and.-Pinthor- tanks. T TJie; da\yn-to- dark air'assault^ outdid' even the massacre of El -Alamein. Hundreds. •• of Allied^ wa.rpla.nes roared, back at dawn, today to spread further . chaos through the German line of flight.. The Xazis threw a vastly outnumbered force of 300 aircraft against the thousands of Anglo- American fighters and l-iombers ranging over the- battlefields. They lost at least 67—-without swerving the Allied pilots from their targets. The fliers made a series of dcad- Iv strafing runs over the Seine. They sank or set fire to more than 100 German barges.' Meanwhile- other Allied airmen reached out beyond Paris to drop up Gorman supply and ammunition dumps, airfields and cornmuni-Vtions lines. Allied headquarters maintained official silence on the precise whereabouts of General Pauon's Paris-bound American troops. But jnconfirtncd reports say one spear- •.ead reached Versailles—-only four njilcs from the capital. A front dispatch says another American column veered northeast from Drcux —and dashed, on to the Seine at a point 30 miles above Paris. I,ynn, Mass., Aug. ..19—-(UP)— A 35-year-old woman is dsad after trippjnjr and foiling headlong down a flight of stairs. Mrs. Ruth Moses. wa.s visiting- ut <a. friend's home when 1 the accident occurred. —Don't miss the big savings. In tho luffust Sale of Furs now underway t Raphael's, Naugatuck's' Fashion Center, Clmrch street,—Ady, (By* United On the Italian front, soused by heavy rains which swept tho entire battle "areas — action is confined to routine patrols and artillery exchanges. The central portion of Florence I is'reported virtually clear of .snipers after -British troops conducted' a "clean-up" drive. Allied offi- i timely statements to vitally^'needc^'suppnes^to^ren" concerni "* firc P"»* tines living in the northern section of .-'tlic' city. Two Suffield .-,-'• \ Women Burned Suffleld, Aug. 19—(U P)-~ One woman .is hospitalized and another suffering- from burns alter their unsuccessful , attempt to control a flro .which eventually • destroyed thnir home. Mr; and'Mrs. Harold E. Hastings, occupants.of the house, and her sister, -Mrs, Clara Rice, tried, to fight the blaze that' started • from an oil stove .used for cooking. Mrs. Rice is hospitalized. Destruction of the house and its contents , represents an estimated ess of ..£7,500, Town Hall Constructed So Roof Exerts Outward Pressure On x Walls Fire Marshal Michael F. Shea, this^morning, in-one of his usu:il The News, prevention stated the contruction of the Town Hall was such Clint the roof in case of a fire would create an Immense h'az-i Monday in a. fall from .1 horse, writ, ard. The roof Is built so that-pro's- TO P°>'ted "fair," -this morning b.\ sure on the walls force them out-] st - Mary's hospital authorities. Donald Litke "Fair" After Operation For Internal Injuries The condition of Donnld Litkc 220 May street, who was injurcc ward. It would be extremely, dan- porous for firemen to go inside the building to fight a huge fire as the roof might fall in at any moment, he said. The marshal summarizes firt- prevention and urges care under all circumstances. The statement in full follows:' "In the minds of many, fire prevention and fire protection arc confined largely to care in. .preventing or safeguarding the common causes of fire, such as the use of matches, smoking, spontaneous lombui'-ion of oily rags, and of de- r ects existing In. connection, with ighting. "However, every factor which .(Continued on Page 8) Dr. Seymour Zonn of Union City treated the lad, who had to undergo an operation for internal injuries. QUARRYMAX ARRESTED Ridpeficld, Aug. 19—(UP)— A North Branford quarry operator— Fred Ben-one—has been arrested on a charge of failure to take proper caution in usinj; explosives. State police say that debris from a blast at the quarry injured two children, partially wrecked an- automobile and damaged a residence. —When your appetite in a'bit jaded, and you are looking for »ome- thinjc different in food,' utop at, WAR BONDS Jcftt. Botnnnwlv Church St.-Adv. Bond today. . njj Corps Ptoto One of our boys who-die'd for his country—died ou far off Bougain- viJle so that the fascist war-threat couJd be driven from the world. The country he 'died for must drive trough <o victory. Buy that W»r v , <r,

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