Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 12, 1928 · Page 12
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 12

Sterling, Illinois
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Friday, October 12, 1928
Page 12
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Valley Playground Expert Gives An Address At Frophet-stown f,«te'!rTi, Id, Or*. JP.-~ <5 r!«1.) — The p-dHCfttlortnS cTiR'rmnn trK Prophf t Mot, A. K. Tnmx, pr tet«r*st!ng s»rsrf wnrtb at t|M» irtf»?f,ins of Uw Rpp»k*r of the nftrrnoon "a 1 - Oforsre MUrtP, pastor of th* Congregations! church of SHi'maii Vtllfty. trho for a number of yar. h** sp*»nt his limp in t.h« study «n work of playground* from pn ccht- eaUon&l standpoint. It tens thnujjh his BplenrMd play around work nt StUlman Vslscy that they wcrf nb; to secure the nnUonal playground j prte of 1500 n frw yrnrs pr>Rf. 15" i dlro helped build up tti? fin? pln>-j ground work nt Oak Pnrk, h>:forr I he trsts srnt out to fitillman VmVy : to hf»!p thrrr i Precfdinc Hrv. Milnfs addrr.^. i Rev. L. V. Siller of th? M. E, churrli > of Prophet'town .',*nsc two polos. | Rev. Milne took for his eubjrct.i "The Playground ns a Factor in Kd-j ucation." He beenn by saying Hint I there vrms much ability «nd powrr developed in supervised' play for the making of our future mm and \vo- } men. We should be Interested in nothing more thnn the education of the child of today, for he Is the mnn of tomorrow. Yet so few stop to realize this. Luther Burbank said. "If we gave our plants no more core than wo have our children we would bo living In weeds today." Take the little babies of today; tomorrow they will be the builders, sculptors, artists, physicians, writers, great preachers, leaders of men, who must take the places of Washington, Lincoln. Lindbergh and others. The child must have training, en- to on th* month. Th« to be JwM ia third Friday of 'HI , the fourth we*>k ChHdren of the district »rt> to retire th*lr Itmcrws frw. No bs biird*rM?d toy rwjweste for do- vlronment, education: he must have physical care; he must bo kept nlive. He must be taught how this generation is to meet the generation to come. We must get near to the child. Bo many grown ups have forgotten their childhood. As the years change there are mnny new methods of education, but the first thing we must teach the child is manhood, not scholarship first. It will surprise many, the part the supervised play ground is doing for just this very thing. It la normtU for healthy children to play. The speaker gave for an illustration of the value of training in the development the kitten, that learns to grab, catch and hold. Before It is able to take care of itself, It learns through play. The child should have his piny supervised nt the proper time In life. Foar Stares of Child Life. There are four stages in a child's me: Babyhood, from birth to three years; from three to six. the drama- : tic age; six to seven, when they assert themselves: and tlvn from seven until manhood. All this time they grow through play from action and creation. They are unfolding; play instincts direct their actions and they should be directed; it is a vital part of their education. Nature prescribed play as a course for meet- Ing social conditions. Without play me child is helpless. Note how sen- sative & child is in his plr.y. it is serious play, you can bee by his expression of face. If you destroy it he Is hurt. It is this spirit of play' that leads to enjoyment of work' Edison says he never works, his work la always play to him. Rev. Milne then spoke of our and girls of the past, how M th« Irons ftnd e*M will l» bought. The pr*«a reporter ww Jmtnic1»d to publish th* nweUnga and programs «o tJmt people from neighborlnf district* rimy have no- li re in time to Bttend. People from other districts are extended » welcome, For the first meeting, th« following served on the entertainment committee: Mesdames Apple, Css- key and Deets; on the wrvlng committee, Mesdames Zangmsn, Wolber and Williams. In the spelling contest held at the Malvern Bchool for seventh and Righth grade pupils of Malvern and other schools, Fem Waters and Mary Larkey tied for first honors, and Leroy Bhults took recond. Considerable comment was given to thlr, trio for their gootl work. Miss Ruth Haven In vocal numbers and the Malvern Harmonlans in orchestra furnished the music and received hcnrty applause. PROGRESS SLOW IN SECURING HARMON ELECTRIC LINE th* <"fi!d -?r*Bth^r. a* rr»»rh of the itrsdinjE crm^nts of fill*. A« the fills can tw mtrts rm tha laid out rmit* it will he fast, work, M the hills are rand and make the !>«4 kind of » foynd»?4on for the slab. Wifh food wenthrr. concrete Iftyinsr wlJl foHow up the ftrftdlnR. With thjd Job completed, ProphetJrto^n sretJi ft rmrd south •which rosfcps for b<?tt»r accommodations for the south, and the southwest territory. Attends CJrand Prophetstown, 111., Oct. I2~~(8pee- lal)—Charles W. Swmnson i« In Chicago thl* w«k representing the Prophetstown A. F. fc A. M. lodge at the grand lodge meeting. To Vote On Bonds Prophetstown, III., Oct. 12—(Spec - nl)—Don't forget the special election Saturday for the Issuance of txjnds for $4,000. It i» necessary :hat the vote is carried. SHE'S Slfoaif CENTER , , ^ fore Ohio ministers and crosretiitlons In which «he Mr.s MaM Wlllebrtndt, assistant attorney genc with J.m« VV. Good. HOOTW* ^tern c.££|*n »p««h«i Al In . . mm Wslter Newton, ch«5rrrflin of the Republican Bpeafcm* BumS three are shown here utter their conference, Mr. WlHebrandfs Kpeeehn have brought 8 harp critic A, A. BESSIRE DIES IN LOS ANGELES, CAL. Propheutown. 111.. Oct. 12— (Special)—Word comes to Prophetstown from Los Angeles announcing the death of Albert A. Bessire at his home, at the age of 78 years. Mrs. BessJre preceded him in death some four years. He Is survived by two sons, Burton and Roy, and one daughter. Miss Grace. He was born In Blenne, Switzerland, of French parentage, and came to this country nt the age of 18 years. He was married to Miss Mary J. Brlney in 1883 and was a resident of Prophetstown for 22 years. Upon leaving here he went to California in 1921. making his home in Los Angeles. ATTEND FUNERAL OP AUNT AT SILVIS Prophetstown, 111.. Oct. 12—(Special)—Mrs. Anna Reynolds and her son Lincoln were called to Silvia Thursday to attend the Tutienirbf their sister-tn-lnw, Mrs. Lou Smith, who passed away early Tuesday morning. Mrs. Smith suffered a stroke o apoplexy two hours before she died She has been an invalid for more than a year. Burial was in Le Clare 111. TAMPICO BRIEFS — -- f--- "*-, *»w*> VllLli IJliil those-days taught them the competitive system, it developed them made them capable and was a bash, of development. They were also .1 *l hat a llve "hood meant the Sunday school contributed BO much in those, days-u»~tluy development. Only very recently, liave the • . .- ( c realized the need of more . Play creates and re-creates said the child has not the today see what he is depriv- *, and The child must be taught to play first in the home, then when ^ reaches the school It is their du* T toe P^y- *n "ieir play and their gymnasiums. all the boys and giria an opportunity to bring out everything In them. This is America's task! Can you do it. Yes, Qod and I," Ttwre was a good ^rowd presejst to enjoy the program. The follow- In* ladies were hostesses to the company: Mabel Wood worth. Mary Berge, Alta Clark. Linda Swanson, Bertha Hllger and Aggie Reynolds. Builds Machine Shed Propheutown, III., Oct. 12— . ial)— Dr. J. H. Moslu-r is building a machine shed on his farm southeast of Prophetstown. He is otu- farmer who believes in out of the weather. m::i-hiiii'ry Erie. 111., Oct. 12.— Mii. Max Henwood and son Francis are \iMtiiig ia CSricsfeW iti th* 1 home oi ine "lortii- er'» Bi&ter, Mrs. S. B, Wright. Mrs. Silas Wan und daughter of Prophetstown and Miss Weber ol Horton, Kansas. visitors in the Henry Weber iiottus Wednesday. ...... Mr, «MKi Mrs. Leatwrd Diekiiuori Mi*. Van Meu of Hock Island g'u**ta of Mr. and Mrs. Aden Beardswwth lias gone to Calif., where he will winter with his brother. H* is making the trip by »t ti, SJa«U» w»a elected vice- ol th* JoJtes-Pixou dw- Foreign »Jr<J wiilch uitt in lh- ' district Birthday Party Oalt-Como, II!., Oct. 12.—(Spec ial>—Mrs, Paul McDearmon enter talned a group of relatives for din ner Sunday, which was a celebration of her son Charles' fourth birthday In memory of the day Mast* Charles received gifts of toys, mone r und useful articles. Besides other good things to eat there two lovely birthday cakes as a spec iiil feature ot the dinner. Guests for the occasion were as follows: Mr und Mrs. Clifford McElhaney and daughters Fern and Viola, Clinton McElhaney, Mr. and Mrs. Prank McDearmon. from the home community; Mr. and Mrs. George Bechtel of Morrison, Mr. and Mrs. Chas Patterson of Ustick, Fred McDearmon n* Sterling, and Mr. and Mrs. Henry Dcttman and baby Marjorie of Penrose. WEST GENESEE BRIEFS West Genesee. 111., Oct. 12.— Friends and neighbors to the number of forty gave FranSc Morris and Ed Gaffey a surprise Wednesdaj evening at the E4 Morris home in honor of their birthdays which occur on the same date, The evening hours passed very pleasantly In a jolly social way with games and music. Mrs. Katie Hensen had high score playing bunco and Ed Sheenan low score. At a late hour a lunch was served to tiie crowd and all departed wishing Mr. Gaffey and Mr. Morris many more happy birthdays. The following were present. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Rick and family of Chadwick. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Gaffey und children of Round Grove. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Broderick and! family. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Sheehan, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Bennen. Mr. and Mrs. Mike Flynn and family, Mrs, Katie Hansen and children. Leroy and Hazel. Mr. and Mrs. Eci Morris, Misses Pearl and lieta H\un, Maws Shwhaii; HiUf! Morris, Muble Lally. Frank Morns Ed Flynn and Tom Bhechan. Mrs.' Einina Mock and daughter, Bertha Steiuiayer motored to Sterling Wednesday to see the former's mother. Mrs. Shank, and tbter- in- law, Mrs. Joe Shank, who are ill The sale of Mrs. William Watson t the Bushman farm was attended by a large crowd Wednesday, Everything brought a good price. Cows sold as high as $140. Mrs. Letoy Hecker and babv re- lumed to their home Tuesday "from the Sterling hospital. who are sick Grandma" du not im- , prove as fast sis friends wish to A- wad tueetuig was held at the ee Fsij>e house Tuesday t v It was decided to gravel two toaa la West Tamplco. 111., Oct. 12.—Miss Anna Murphy and Rev. Fr. David Murphy motored to Chicago Thursday morning on a shopping trip. Mr. and Mrs. Chas. McGonlgle and Mrs. Anna Slmkins spent Wednesday in Walnut 'at their brother, Wilson McGonigle. Mrs. Ferris GrtfTen of Oakland. Calif., visited relatives this week at the hotel Coolcy. Miss Harriett Glassburn was 111 Thursday and unable to attend school. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Jaquet of Gcncsco were visitors at the home of Mrs. Lena Brants end daughter, Miss Florence Wednesday afternoon. Mrs. Nels Plerson. son Leo, Tilda and Boline Olsson, were Thomas visitors Wednesday. Mrs. Thos. Dillon, Mrs. Leo Sculley and son were Sterling shoppers Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. Melford Olsson have moved from hfeJather's farm north west of town to the James Amok cottage of this place. Mr. and Mrs. George Davis. Mr and Mrs, Chas. Smith, Miss Nina Shaw, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Roese were among the many visitors at Apple River Canyon last Sunday Rev. and Mrs. Wm. Swenson returned late Wednesday afternoon from Chicago. Mrs. Anna Hertenstein has improved her property by givling the buildings a fresh c«at of paint. Mrs. Lovina Booth entertained Aunt' Sarah Dow at dinner Thursday at the Hotel Cooley. Mrs. Dow plans to leave Saturday morning for Flushing, Mich., where she will visit at the home of her son Pleasant Dow. The name of Laurence Renner of Deer Grove was omitted from the list of the children in the Mrs. Lena M. Renner obituary. Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Worrell entertained at six o'clock dinner Wednesday evening in honor of the birthday of their son-in-Jaw. Edward C. Johnson of Waukegan A birthday cake with candles added much to the beauty of the table decorations. Following the dinner the evening was pleasantly passed with music and visiting. The guests wer* Mr. Johnson's parents. Mr. and Mrs Henry Johnson and brother, Claude of Prophetstown apd Mr. and Mrs. Edward C. Johnson who are here enjoying their vacation. FENTONBRJm Fenton, 111., Oct. 12.— Mrs. Margaret Ewers was called to Erie Wednesday morning on account of the serious illness of her sister, Mrs. Randolph Besse. Later In the day she accompanied her brother-in-law and sister to a Moline hospital where, Mrs. Besse underwent an operation for appendicitis. B. Fundeitburg and Chris Jensen were business callers In Clinton Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. William Mason notored to Ottawa, 111., Monday on business. On the return trip home they stopped in DeKalb and visited a few hours with their daughter. L. D. Wright was a business call- •r in Clinton Wednesday. Mr Wright is getting along very nicely kiiice hi.-, operation. • - daughter returned to their home in Chicago the fore part of the week. . Rev. H. D. Dick returned from conference on Tuesday. He has been transferred to the pastorate at Sandwich and will move his family there next week. This came as a surprise to Mr. Dick and the Walnut congregation. Rev. A. A. Myers of Dalton has been assigned to the Walnut church. Clarence Ganschow, Homer Dreman and Glenn Wah! returned to their school duties at Champaign the fore part of the week. Clarence was home to see his mother. Mrs. Will Ganschow who is ill In a Dlx- on hospital. Mrs. D. J. Gulther was a visitor Tuesday of Mrs. Mary loder of Dlx- on The remains of Joe Snader, a former resident of tills place, were buried in the Walnut cemetery. Thursday. Mr. Snader was killed by an Illinois Central train Monday evening In Dlxon. The Social Harmony met Tuesday evening at the country home of Mrs. Phil Hopkins with Mrs. Olin Melton and Miss Alta Major as assistant hostesses. Rev. and Mrs. Dick are receiving a visit rfom their daughter. Mrs. Josephine Warner and son of Crystal Lake. Mrs. Frank Man and daughter. Dorothy, went to Peorla Thursday to visit her son Harry Man and family. Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Bass and Misses Louie Stone nnd Esther Car- Ion were LaMoille visitors Wednesday. Mrs. A. E. Burress and -daughter, Mrs. John Williams of Peorla motored to Ottawa today. The football game Thursday be- twoon Tiskilwa and Walnut resulted in a victory for the home team The Loyal Workers met on Wednesday at the home of Mrs. Elizabeth Stone with Mrs, A. W. Bowen Mrs. T. C. Meihsner and Mrs D E. Forney assistant hostesses. A large crowd of members and several guests were present and en- Joyed a pleasant afternoon. Mrs Howard Oakford had charge of the games. Harmon. 111., Oct. 12.— (Special), —The parties who have the high tension electric line in charge are proceeding as rapidly as possible, but there Is so much red tape connected with It that the proceeding must necessarily be slow. At the village council meeting the proposition was thoroughly discussed, as the utility company had the cast n a ir figured out. They are meeting with eome difficulty In obtaining the right of way on account of the trees in front of some of the farmers' houses, as they do not care to have some of them cut down and the utility company Insists on having a clear right of way. it may be necessary to change the route instead of the one straight north of town, and not many farmers have thus far shown a disposition to connect with the line, although it was thought that almost all would be glad of the opportunity. It Is hoped that everything will be straightened out and the line put in this fall. GALT AND COMO BRIEFS Gait and Como, III. Oct. 12.-,Ir. and Mrs. P?ter Hermes have returned home after spending a week nt the home of Mr. Hermes' brother and sister- In law, Mr. and .Jtrs. Rlner Hermes, in Chicago. Rl- ler Hermes brought them home on Honday, motoring back to Chicago Tuesday. Eimer Howard and son. accompanied by Jesse Rounds, motored to their home In Michigan Monday. Mrs. Paul McDearmon and eon Chfirles returned home Wednesday afternoon after spending several days at the Charles Patterson home in Ustick and the George Bechtel home In Morrison, where they vlsil- ed with cousins, Mr. and Mrs. Ward Lench and family from Ipswich. 8. HILLSDALE DEFEATS LYNDON AT SOCCER Hillsdale, 111., OcT~12.-(Spcctal> —Hillsdales soccer team defeated Lyndon 2 to 0 in a game here yesterday afternoon, Daily and Feaster getting one goal each. The line-ups I0110W:;: Hillsdale—Center forward. Daily left Inside forward, Butzer; right in- nlde forward, Feaster; left outside forward. Morgan; right outside forward. Schave; center half back Quade; right half back, Qennune; left half back, Nite; right guard R Hanna; left guard, Railing; goal keener. L. Hanna. Lyndon—Center forward, Redenbo; left inside forward. Bowen; right inside forward, Ahrens; left outside forward, Zuidema; right outside forward, Blagg; center half back, Morse; right half back, Mulcay; left half back, Allen; right guard, Anderson; left guard, Bender; goal keeper. Mulcay. Referees—Prehm of Hillsdale and Thomas of Lyndon. MBS. SARAH SMITH ENTERTAINS GALT KING'S DAUGHTEB8 Oalt-Como, ni., Oct. 12.—(Special)—Mrs. Sarah Smith and daughter. Mlas Hazel, delightfully entertained the Oalt King's Daughters Wednesday afternoon. A quiit was tied and'a social hour enjoyed. Alter the business session, in charge of the vice president, Mrs. George Hayden, Mrs. Sarah Smith led the devotlonals. Mrs. Smith's grandson, Kleth. was present and It being his birthday a beautiful cake, with four lighted pink candles, and tall pink candles on each side, was placed on the table in his honor. Refreshments of Ice cream, cake and coffee were served by the hostesses. There were 12 members, one visitor and five children present. Mrs. Ira Bhonts will entertain the circle in two weeks. THIEVES RANSACK HAZEL GREEN SCHOOL Coleta, 111., Qct 12.—(Speical.)— Sometime during the last week-end a thief or thieves broke Into the Hazel Green school house and thoroughly ransacked the. desks of Grace wink, the teacher, and pu- pila. They took many pencils, a pencil box. Ink, a fountain pen, a Ifiather book^ bftg, cximba, cmyolas, a towel, a mirror, some oil and even a new box of chalk. This community is highly Indignant over the act especially so,_ as it has not been very long since some one took a good Coteman lamp and forgot to return it. Search is being Instituted and WALNUT BRIEFS Wainue. in., Out. la.— Mrs. Louesa Wilson, editor of the Wataut Leader 3 visiting in Chicago at the name her daughter, Mrs. Agnes Ross. Mrs. Clifford Hill spent Monday n Sterling. Mr. and Mrs. Beryl Quilter return- d to their home in Chicago Sunday titor a pleasant visit with the home oiks. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Allen were •want—visitors "*r~Bie~lie. '' i Mr. end Mrs. F. D. Eois and miljf are nicely located la Use Riso» residence m»«!ly vacated, by the HaroJfi Waiii* fatuity. Mi'*, Oiadjrs WsiJMWJJ fUM* they will bo proaeciSed. Rheumatism was responsible for the loss of 650.000 weeks' work in England last year. COULD NOT GET OUT OF BED Lytlia E. IPiiikhW* VegetaMe Compound Strcagtheaed Her EUtVart, Ind.--"l had a iired frel- and waa uuitbU to get out of bed The Gait P.T.A. meets at the school this evening. There will be a program and lunch. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Scott and family were dinner guests Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Emil Gossell, near Lyndon. Mr. and Mrs. Ben Bailey and family of Sterling were guests also. Mr. and Mrs. I. L. Janssen and Mr, and Mrs. U. P. Goekon and Mrs, John Behrens and daughter Elizabeth of Sterling were visitors Tuesday at the home of Mrs. Hannah Jurkens and daughter, Miss Katheryn. Dr. and Mrs. Ernest Oltman motored to their home in DeWitt Monday evening. Dr. Oltman spent Sunday and Monday at the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Emil Oltman. Mrs. Oltman was returning h6me after having spent several weeks In Sterling where she r.T.5 organist at trie mini theater during the absence of Miss Nova Morehoufie. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Cassens and daughter. Miss Margaret, were Sunday dinner guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Cassens, near Morrison. Mr. and Mrs. John Cassens and family of Woodlawn were also guests. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hoak and son and, Mrs. Emma Hoak accompanied by Mrs. John Roberts of Sterling, motored to Davenport for the day Wednesday. Mr. arid Mrs. Albert Pickell from Pennsylvania, who have been visiting relatives in Sterling, visited at the homes of Charles Hoak and Miss Cora Hoak last week. Mr, and Mrs. James McCue and famijy arrived Sunday from Kansas City to spend several days at the Thomas McCue home and attend the Seidel-McCue wedding. Misses Margaret and Helen Qulnn returned to their home in Chicago after spending the week end at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Thos. McCue. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Carl, Mrs. Lawrence Shonta and daughter, spent the day Saturday at the Ira Shonts farm. Sunday Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Shontz and baby were guests at a chicken dinner served by Mrs. Bhonts. Miss Etta Otten with a number of friends aod relative*, motored to the August Gerdee farm near^Coleta one day recently where they) en joyed a picnic dinner and spent 'the afternoon nutting. Mrs. Paul McDearmon entertained the following guests for dinner on Thursday: Mr. and Mrs. Charles Patterson of Ustick, Mrs. Bechtel of Morrison and Mr. and Mra. Ward Leach and three sons of Ipswich, S Dak. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Deets visited Sunday at the Ira Johnson farm. Mr. and Mrs. Vcrnon Fink rno tored to Polo Sunday afternoon an were Sunday night supper gvl'st at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Hen ry Schoen. Mrs. Eva Breldlng and Mrs. Bed nar of Sterling were Sunday dlnne guesta at the home of Mr. and Mrs Arden Smith. In the afternoon thej motored to Pnir Haven. Mrs. Ira Shouts spent Tuesda at the home of Mrs, Lawrence Shouts in Sterling. Mrs. Ed Car WM also a guest for the day. Relatives have received word tha the Ernest George children are confined in their home with chickenpox. Mr. and Mrs. Ardcn Smith entertained at a 6 o'clock dinner Wednesday Mrs. Sarah Smith and daughter. Miss Hazel, in honor of Master Keith's fourth birthday. Mi-s. Hollcn of Coleta visited ot Thursday afternoon at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Carl Schultz, Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Besse and a number of their relatives enjoyed a picnic dinner In their woods on Sunday. The afternoon was epent gathering hickory nuts. State's Attorney a.nd Mrs. Robert Besse and family and his father of Sterling and a Bister frem Prophetatown were In the party. Mrs. John McCue motored to Davenport Monday with Mrs. John Forster of Sterling for the day Mr. and Mrs. Emil Zadnichek and daughter, Jane Ellen, of Lombard arrived at the J. E. Agnew home on Thursday far a few days stay. School was not In session at Como Friday. Miss Edith Beins, the teacher, attended the Black Hawk division of the teachers' association meeting at Rock Island. HARMON BRIEFS Harmon. II!., Oct. 12,—(Special)— The work on the new office of the Farmers elevator is progressing rapidly, with good weather the contractor expects to get the bHck finished this week. When completed it will be a nice improvement to the village, Mrs. Ruth O'Connell was called to Deer Grove by the death of her aunt, Mrs. John Renner, Miss Helen Long who had her automobile destroyed by fire when her mother's barn burned, purchased a new car. Rev. Father Ccwtello is conducting a mission at St. Flann- ena church. The church has been crowded at each service* as Father Costello Is a brilliant speaker Miss Mar^ Leonard has a'force or men improving her residence she has had the latest resign of tile roof put on. is having It painted, and Is building a new chimney so as to put in a new furnace. Miss Opal Deneau, teacher In the primary room of the Hnrmon school Is sick and not able to attend to her school work. D. D. Consldine and Pat Blackburn attended the cow sale at Amboy last Friday. Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Knoll, a son. Saturday Oct 6 Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Co'nsi'dine, Mrs. Marie McCormick and Mrs Emmltt Kelly were In Dixon Wednesday. on thwt O commltteetnim. Mr. and Mrs. John J. Blackburn entertained a large number of relatives and frlerid« at dinner Sunday in honor of Mr. find Mrs. Cramer j who were recently married. Rev. P. H. McKeown, who ha*j been pastor of the M. E, church of this place, for the past three years] has been transferred to Sheridan, Hi. I Kills Kuglcr has Improved the ap-1 pearancc of the front of the bank] by giving tho woodwork a coat paint. Mrs. Lloyd Consldine and tf Kent were Sterling shoppers Saturday. Henry Petrl, son Harold, and daughters Lucille and Margaret motored to Missouri for a short visit with relatives. Mrs, Jennie Long and daughter j Lavomifi hav« gorm to Belvldere where they will work for some time. Miss Mamie OTBrion and Mrs. Lloyd Conaidine were Dlxon visitors last Friday. Miss Irene Fitsalmmons. who la employed In the retail store of Marshall Field and Co. at Chicago, spent the week-end at home. . Miss Bessie Powers, who has an! excellent position In the primary] department of the Kankakes dtyj schools, spent the week-end with! her parents of this place. FOUR HUNDRED LAWYERS WERE ADMITTED TO BA&j Springfield. 111., Oct 12— (AJ?.)—A.] class of 400 young lawyers, tha largest In the court's history, was «o> mltted to the Illinois bar yesterday | in ceremonies at the state supmnaj court. In the old days] together fruit Children's Bad Breath usually caused by food not dl gested properly. " " " ' mothers mixed „„ „ herbs and barks to give the chi! nt-night as a regulator.- Tula &*UM» old formula Is now offered as Boal'a,, rult-laxative Rolls. A Boal's BoU !; s just as tasty and delicious as a big, juicy ng and children ask for more. Sold by drug stores everywhere.—Adv. IP YOU HAD A, HECK M LONG AC THIS FELLOW , AND HAD ISORE THROAT __ TONSILINE •ALL DftOGOlStS All kinds of Sheet Metal Tin Woifc, furnace Bepalrtof oar Clutterham Tin Shoo Located at Haglimd Hardware Phoa« 810 ill 1st Ave, Sterling « Farmer without the help of tuy husband. We heard of ibti Vegetaiite Com- twuud uutl dfr- oided to try it. I *ua at ill taking it &i»4 it cure is a ii«lp io iu$- ! can do my work without resting before I tun through. I know -tfc*t if wossea will give th« VtgtUlk- Coiujxjuud a trW ifeey can ovt*reo»e Ihoa* tired and vi«.ru out ft%lit$g«. 1 vanuot tx- j»re»» th* kajibiw*8 I have received aiid itow couijjK'U-lv it hu« uiadu over my booi«."-Alut.'D. H. 8ui£s taiiiiiP* We will pay the following prices for your produce. S B. Springers and over .,.. ... '.". Me ffi. 4 Ibs. Springer* up to S 15. Globe Poultry Feeds Are Properly Balanced No. J? lirmvtt Eggs, No, 1 Whits perdos GLOBE EGG MASH To to fed with scratch feed or grain. GLOBE EGG BALANCER To be mixed with ground grain. -00 lt>s, corn or corn and wheat 100 Ibs. Globe Egg Balancer. This method ought to appeal to the larger feeder as it will surely lower feeding costs* Produce Co* vt 8$Miui A vs.. Bring l/s Fear Grinding

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