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The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska · Page 1

Lincoln, Nebraska
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Sunday, October 30, 1932
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22 Colored COMICS unto Journal auir ^íar Many Miles Nearer Later News FOIA DEI) Pi 1867 UVm VEBRASK4. «TODAY, OCTOBER 30. 1932 TEN CENTS I CORNHUSKER LATE RALLY WINS, 6-0 From Shop Apprentice to Chief of Hail System ROOSEVELT IN A CAMPAIGN JAUNT OF NEW ENGLAND HOOVER TO MAKE ONE MORE SWING TO THOWEST ^tarts Wednesday or Thursday for Tour—California Trip in Doubt. BMX IT THMVWTE HOUSE WASHINGTON, un. Definitely decided upon another and more . protracted Journey into tbe middle , »-e*t political arena a trip to be marked by three or four speeches. < President Hoover late Saturday Froze macmne-shop apprentice nation at tbe Chicago cunvention returned to tbe »*hite bouse for a president oi tbe largest railroad The governor and a group of state hrief stop before carrying bis cam- rystem to North America is tbe democratic leaden- accompanied paign first along tbe eastern sea- j fitory erf E J. Hungrerford above Mr. Roosevelt thru Williamstown. fKiard Tbe president plans to named acting: president of tbe North Adam*. Greenfield Orange, leave the national capital again on j Canadian National railways.— | Athol. Gardner Fitchburg and MEETS MORE HECKLERS ftwmw Ingrid. ___ I to W ed a HritUh Prinre Poteet Sari D^ocrats in Crowd at Seward Automobile Tour tory to Speech at Boston Monday. GROTON. Mass D. Roosevelt followed tbe beckoning hand of Alfred E Smith mu> Masaac huaett* to a friendly welcome in half a dozen town* thru which be passed to Groton The democratic candidate was met at tbe state line by Governor Ely, wbo placed Smith s name in nonu Monday morning to swing thru i (jp> photo, Maryland. «Delaware. Pemisylva- |_________ nia New Jersey and New York, and then late Wednesday or Thursday be wiU turn westward once more. Altbo bis plan» now are tentative. with detail* still to be decided Mr Hoover probably will go thru Chicago, Mmneapolia. Springfield 111., and St Louis in the order named. Dosen* of rear platform appearances would be arranged for thi* route. Some of tbe president s closest advisors no» are somewhat doubtful that be »ill make a trip to tbe west coast, but ! ----------------most of his plans have bee® arranged so that an eleventh hour Wife Of B Nonunion Worker VIOLENCE SHOWN IN THE OKLAHOMA COAL MINE STRIKE ahift would be possible. Energetic in His Drive. As he traveled back from In- dianapolm and bis fourth major tbe interior, the chief Wounded When Home Fired Into. I jt* i^d r: w do: j Ayer. At Ayer, is tbe early eve- j ning tbe New York governor ! made tbe first talk be bad made ! during: tbe day. A large crowd had ; gathered in the public square *1 am glad to see you again " be i said *1 think I can say my old friend« Many of you were here when I was here forty years ago : 1 have been coming W» Ayer for a long tune We used to come over here skiing from Groton. On one certain occasion thirty years agro I used to teach Sunday school here, j It is good to be back " The governor spoke from the ' back seat of the open car m which he had ridden since noon A heavy i overcoat was buttoned tightly I about bis throat. A few minutes later his automobile drew up In j front of tbe Parent* Home on the i ground* erf tbe Groton school for boys and hi* son. John came rac- <UP*. Strife- mg out to embrace the candidate Tbe heckler* are still on ’-he trail j< of M L Poteet tbe republican candidate for congress Fir*»: dis- i tnct said Saturday night t'nkno»x to him. he said, his opponent John M '»rebead of Fall* City, »-a* giving a speech m tbe | cou-thouse at Seward «'hen Potent drove into the city and started a ‘ Pr 6 D orb“ 1 po^oal speech on a downtown , ‘ street. It wasn't long before several men from democratic state! headquarter* appeared and k*ecan ; hec kling him be said Poteet was quoted a* saving, *1 p Franklin wouldn't have minded tf they baa asked question* of a constructive nature Instead they confined their remarks to petty stuff I was similar to tbe heckling stunt j that Morebead pulled at Shuoert a J few weeks ago ' Among tbe persons in tbe crowd j Poteet notived J. J. Thomas, Jr.. son of the democratic state chairman. and b Mr Beech am and Arthur Norton of democratic headquarters State Tax Commissioner Smith a democrat whose home is in Seward wa* also in the audience but did not heckle him Poteet said “He was directing the others *’ said tbe candidate ENTIRE EQUALITY GERMAN DEMAND IN DISARMAMENT Sees Possibility of Participation as Result of French Proposals. THE WEATHER. lit» tod tar h**- laMPMMMVi ml If Tfc» lo* nurti mf a BOSWEL SWEEPS S K-STATE END TO GET SIX POINTS Smtkn *»' Mtr mm« Inwrt «Mnr \ «Hrw MM) mm) nulml prsi piatti» «ihW» lair w«ta m-maMrtial r»N> m ntmrn mrr iM»rth- mnrr« near wnml BANK TO REOPEN. ------- j BOISE <Jft. Tbe First National ■CRLlli .P. German> may Bank of Idaho and its affiliates consent to resume participation in m Idaho and eastern Oregon » ill tbe world diaarmament confer- reopen Mondav under a reor- ence at Geneva government offi- pamzed plan which will make Wildcats Keep Nebraska in Hole All Thru the First Half. BY JOHN »ENTLEY. A» the 1€.000 patrons filed luto the stadium to watch tbe Ne- oraska—Kansas State game Sat ur- cial* said, ai» a result of the ne« available to depositors upward» of day. red balloons were offered for French propoaaJ for abolition of u» million dollar* for regular 1 sale to mercenary and standing armies in withdrawal Allan R Leroy, re- 1 fsvoi of militia force* There presentatfve of the Reconstruction would be one important proviso. \ Finance corporation, announced however namely that th* other here power* first agree that any agree- --------------------------- address in M ALEPTER Okl SSTfcZ ^lecuon^ At TSf i ^ £ w_,t. Wpirt Virrinis and wltb unrff,,t “-ner th* latest in- the school, suffered a broken nose a-estern Maryland be told^audi- *taD( f 01 ^Wenc* iln the three m football scrimmage several days western Marviana ne wus aucu ^ mine strOm. Shnrtly a*o and is bail« treated in Beaton sncM ranging from tbe hundred» : ^,f Fndav midmcht two! a» JT h T v to several thousand, a* estimated fr..fT : thT». u Wsedsy. sKiiice that the “force* of de- ch“Te* fro“ * shotgun tore thru Leaving Albany, hi* automobile - JLw-I ■ ,|t l ' the door of a non-union miner» caravan swept out into the open “1 shanty at Hartshorne. wounding crnmtr\- thru tbe VerrndBTMH* A tf JS ' Ad«. Clank., wat of th, hU „tk.nd at Pow- Once he resumed democratic tariff policies 'cm which he centered in the Hoosaer capital Beta'eea stop* be worked upon campaign» still to come. k The theme on which he centered at Keyser, W. Va.. early in the afternoon, ran thru most of hi* bnef addressee thruout tbe day. "Many of you realize the difficulties we have passed thru m tbe last three vears. and tbe battle MRS. LEWIS IMM DES AFTER WEEK'S ILLNESS Journal Society Writer and Former Omaha Eeaulent Stricken Here. Mrs Lewis I mm twenty-three, 303 So 18th died in Lincoln at 5:10 p. m Saturday after a week’» illness Before her marriage at Omaha cm June 25. 1983 she was Virginia Carrolynn Randall. She had been employed as a member of the society staff of The Journal since last January*. She wa* tbe daughter erf Mr. and Mrs. Allen J. Randall erf Omaha. and before coming ts Lincoln ment* achieved shall apply equally to all signatories including Germany. These opinions alt ho expressed by authorative persons were entirely informal and unofficial. The government itself i* withholding comment until it ha* examined tbe complete text erf tbe French plan a* outlined to parliament by Premier Hemot. One spokesman said that the French proposal to imply that all state* SHOW FIGURES IN LINCOLN PUBLIC SCHOOL PAYROLL LONDON. UP). The engagement erf Princess Ingrid of Sweden to “a British prince” will be announced Armistice d«y. tbe Stockholm correspondent erf the Daily Express reported The princes» is now in England Her name ha» been linked with both tbe prince j of Wale* and Prince George In- **hould he treated equally in tbe ___________ grid'» parents tbe crown prince nistter of armament* and that and crown princes» of Sweden. applies to one, shall apply j pfgures Include 10 Percent are expected to join her in Eng- ne*' ---------few dav» before Armistice that interpretation be cor- which is also her father s rect. Premier Herriot etertainly ha* opened the door far Germany * return to tbe disarmament conference Nevertheless, to avoid OT the payroll of tbe misunderstandings we must m- T .1Ttf,n>T, pubhr gcbools are divided Ml S day, birthday MORE LINCOLN VOIES THAN EVER RECORDED af I _______I . _ |__pMM Andy Emory a striking mi vt.. near tbe Massachusetts miner, wa* arrested He wa* ime to cheer his arrival there, charged with assault with intent to A farther along, he kill was joined by Governor E3y, Jo- investigation b% state operative» seph A Ma>*nard. state democratic and deputies revealed circum- chairman and several other party j stances which have been the conn- leaders. From that point onward i terpart of numerou* flare* of vio- the crowd* grew larger at each ; lence in rescent weeks, circum- J successive town j stances that had fomented strife | At Greenfield, a little later, a which we have made to protect our hatred among tbe thousand* drum corps met the caravan a* it countrv from great diaasters." he ^ worker* and operators The in- came into the town and parched , aaid "You know that we have sue- vestimation disclosed that Gularski before tbe candidate » automobile had been working m an open shop thru tbe main street while the mine in Arkansas. He returned crowd cheered Just back of the home Fndav nicht. Emory came point wbere Mr Roosevelt stopped to see him. Gularski said Emory a huge banner wa* strung across called him a • scab *' They fougrbt the street. and Emo^v wa* told to leave. Gu- I “Vote republican ” it said “Se- larski s twelve year old daughter cure your job Re-elect Herbert told officer* Emory made a threat Hoover. Play safe Further eco- to return a» he walked away. A few hour* later the door wa* splintered by two shotgun charges, one of them buckshot Mrs Gu- ceeded in a great defensive battle against tbe sweep of destruction and chaos You know that we have now turned tbe forces and agencies in our control toward ’•estora- tion of employment and tbe restoration of agriculture You have seen during the past tew month* evident**» erf recovery from these difficulties They are evidence that the republican party ha* conducted tbe country wiselv; that it ha* nomic recovery Hoover, Vote tickst. d e p e n ds on the republican Grand Total Kefiatratioa £6,851 Beats Termer j Top by 4.821. at the dose of a big final Bat- ! urday night registration with a , crowd as dense that two urn- formed policemen were called to keep tbe customer* m ortlerly line. Lincoln had shattered a number erf record* Tbe new grand total off 38.855 registered voter» exceed* the former top, 34.034, set up four years ago. by 4.S21. Tbe final week wa* tbe biggest regis- sist that this implied general equality be acknowledged by France as meaning specifically Germany's equality Don’t think we are stubborn. It is precisely because we welcome the general trend erf M. Herriot'» speech, and because we desire to avert failure erf the disarmament negotiations ; that we want thi* point, so vital ; to us cleared up before we agree to return to Geneva ” Cut Which Was Effective July 1. into two division*: Operating, which includes the office force, miscellaneous lunch room, operation and maintenance force and custodial and tbe instructional division which include* teachers, principal* supervisor* and nurses. Balarie* of those under operating division are listed on tbe semimonthly basis, while those under instructional are listed on the yearly basis. Wages show the 10 Others who commented were Wcent cut which was deducted particularly pleased that the frnrri uilrw>i. of emolove* eaminff French appear to have abandoned the contention that the Versailles treaty cannot he modified under any circumstances "Premier Herriot * demand for aboüt ion erf the reichswehr.” a government spokesman said, ‘is the first official admission by France that the treaty of Versailles no longer is to be regarded a* sacrosanct, for abolition would from salaries of employes earning $ 1.200 of more and which became effective July 3- Following are name* and salaries oi those on the school’s payroll: Dr a. lion Mr« G F. BalfrT. ppBBid«tit; no cono- H. Want*, tmk prMtdaat; no MRS. LEWIS IMM. _ , larski wa* spattered vrith the mis- passed men and women clustered ' Continued on Page 10-A, Cm. 1. • ; nut was not seriously j on the street corners to wave at HOLD FAST JO TRADITION People Are Loyal to tbe Old Hallowe'en WASHINGTON .P> New idea* may swing along on other occasions but 1B32 America »ill take her Halioae en already rich with the flavors of 200 years of tradition. served up in tbe same old way. So say tbe novelty dealer* who have sold the false fae*es and false feet, the grinning pumpkin lantern* the cat-and-witch bedecked souawker* that aiU make woundec him. The incident »-a* the latest of a series erf sporadic disorder* that have occurred in the Pittsburgh county area, the coal capital of tbe southwest and scene erf the strike Two »-omen were injured in one of the ¿wo dynamite bombings erf homes Several other incidents of gunplay have been reported to state operatives, here on ord- In tbe village* thru »inch he after her marriage had lived in Omaha virtually all her life. Mr.' Randal! is affiliated »nth Cox Jones. Randall lb Co., livestock commission merchants at Omaha. Mrs. 1mm was graduated from the fine art* college erf the University oi Nebraska in 1930 and wa* prominent m student activities ASKS WHAT HAPPENED TO WINKLER REWARD trati or week in history and the . final dav with 1.518 new names mwi »*tung aside part five erf J and 334* address changes, a total ^ ^ foT' erf 1.832 served smothered all pre- r* J? * *** reich- ! viou* mark* for one day. On Fri- j ' day. total service reached 1.634 j which stamped out s record of j 1.587 that stood up under assault a menace for twelve years Because several hundred regis- jf tered »'hen there »-a* no need of ^ it, the grand total may be reduced j to nearer 36.000 »ith elimination — j of duplication* The ol# habit of registering every four years, a legal and necessary custom prior to 1924. remain* strong with some electors. Under Lincoln s new reg- j istraticm system, whenever the' citizen vote*, hi* or her correct | voting status automatically tend* twentv-five months s»-eh? is not s German creation, but an invention forced upon us by tbe allies. If the reichswehr is it wa* the allies who. foisting it upon Germany, made it so ” LONDON. UP. Hope that Germany »ill return to the Geneva disarmament conferenoe was re- ___ vived »ith reports from Berlin that the new French disarmament o a . curt» plan appeared to be acceptable I » ^ ^ • ■ there a* a basis for discussion. I ru «^ i ; Th<*np««»r Tbe British foreign office declined j 1^.._I>>ck*op to comment an the plan tbe French text had been examined but tbe hope »'a* expressed in some quarter* * that it arthu- Dobaoc. bo compmati«. Pmu Good bo campfDntior. Frank Ml Lia bp comp«n**t lur. Chari« Stuar. bo rompeaaauoB. onaaaTTM.. M C. l4sikm ............».MW..>t 216 78 O. H BuBaor.......... Marl« M Raa.!tte, .... Fnada I*ca«r ........ «r er* of Governor Murray. Recently LotmtbUTT Saji Secret Six president of the Omaha Col- tbe governor, having announced a Nothing About policv Of civil law enforcement! * ^ Alpha Rho Tau. honorar^’ soromty. rather than marual law if at all the $20,000. , Gamma Alpha Ciu. honorsrj- possible, surx’eved the -district. He CHICAGO. •JP' Charles Louns- ! s°r»rity. ^ ___. . , __. ., will be accepted, at least a* a pos- Dnring the short but congested BlbifS mc&DB ai reopening the dis- dunng her matriculation. She was Saturday night stretch. 630 regis- s armanwait negotiations a member of Alpha Delta Pi so- ! trant* were served. 533 new and ---------------------------- rority, past president erf the active 97 Changes Tbe day run included pfMMMM n TIM in Mf» ntf) chapter, and president of tbe Om-' 985 new and 217 changre* or a< (HlldVTIILil IIIUVl IVLMl LlVU aha chapter of alumnae. She also servo ce list of 1.202 Lincoln'» record total vote »*a* Comes to Lancaster County cast at tbe presidential election . f nr v four years ago. It reached ap- ; First OI Wee*, proximate!y 31.000. It is expected S Swinging into his last full week to tumble from the record book erf campaigning Dwight Griswold told thousand.« of pull« mioen Uie , bun- »noraw is I Bhe w“ mduat.d from Omaha one «•«* trwm Tuwday j will move into U» Bhado. of tte Monday fantaati. Md no«T la» mu« b, enforc«! tara hav. ! „^ddrJr^Sd the S^M to ; ! Th* ^ D*"»™—- I ^tJi- toW?r at the million» masquerade beer arre»ted for violating an in-; handled the Winkler caw and! j Saturday » record total Included , lh(. d Wltt irw frxcri- •The old numbers were selling junction obtained by five of the raised tbe question of »‘hat hap- y*a”' A h ,f h 770 republicans. 702 democrat* u Griswold ha* covered the vear. the new numbers Ingest coal operators in the area pened to “more than *20.000“ re- t E ye^.“d ^ t* *1’ 46 scattering, this latter in- *5* STt7 i« w^ek were not.' wa* tbe analysis of the who refuse to sign agreement* ^rd money. He said the Secret 8chc>o1 for 1 —— -- ------- 1 ^ ^ ueek proprietcir of one lai^e novelty ; ^ith the United Mme Worker» of Six had made no statement re­ house in thi* city famed for its I America. Hallo»Ten celebrations Gravely, in tbe midst of comic gee-ga»-». be studied the subject of »*hy there wa* really nothing new under the spooky star* for Hallowe'en. **lt Labor Committeemen Strive may be because of the idea men have already gone so fax, turning out thing* tricky enough to take eh^dual *mstxucttem, specializing in Ciudlfft independwats no-partv. campaiirn His aim was to visit French and music. She also stud- ** m*n*v Nebraska towM •* P08®* ied dancing, art and piano. ^ »omen ana 674 men ible and take his message of low- RIICU isnninniTintl nmur ] “ was nrougm UI Besides her parent*, she is Hur- ^^^fre reVisJ“ed 2422 rZTb- U*?. go^'emmental cost to a* many PUSH MODIRCATIOM DRIVE frmr> Michigan a* a sus- vived by her husband. Le»is; and h 2 730^emocrat* and 171 Is^raakaf* “ I Utfii mwu iwn mu mi »»*»., -----. „---------------------------* a g^er Irma, who is a senior at z . tso o«xxaocxmt£ and m Hx* address at Springfield Sat- the University erf Nebraska and « the ^tter the no- ur^ay evening made 35« speeches member erf Alpha Delta Pi soror- ^T,°UP °° w ?? * w. » ** had made ™ ** ^ He tty Tbe bodv is at Wadlow■'» Republican »romen held a big visit Omaha tbe first of the I garding the reward. Gus Winkler wa* brought to to Prepare for Change. WASHINGTON CJ*i. Matthew and Trust ceunpanv Sept 37, 1930. but MISS BRYAN IS EK6A6E0 hold, year after year, that there Wall, chairman of labor’s national isn't anything ne»- to be found." j committee for modification of the he said “It msy be because they J Volstead act, anounced a dnve to have had to wander so far afield change prohibitory state la»'* to, . . . _ . _ __ in their search, the new things permit the sale of beer immediate- to Secret Sue afMts Daughter of William J , Jr., they do turn out havent the same u ,f -«rt r-nnrr»« at a lonely corner in Chicago a few » «... - _ old spirit. pect in tbe Lincoln National Bank robber>r erf »'as subsequently released and charges dismissed after he was reported to have offered to obtain return at stolen securities in exchange for his release. About $600.000 in securities stolen from the bank 18* "5 12û TS 37.50 112.50 fiii.26 ftti.mi »«j.Wt ».»(I 311.00 1ST .51' 76 as. so 82.50 53.00 as. 2 á 30 00 »7.50 50.00 .V 04. *0 00 47.50 30. Oft 30. CM» 131.26 103 12 SO (Ml Eunice Fult«. .................................. • 47.5« Emu L. JutmatuB. Hai«c C. Turner................. Rutti Curvea ................... Mina I*mnrN*li .................................. Ad«, r Harr» ..................M 3 G luidla* ..... .......k.. . ». X. EsS^r . *.... EbBer P. H um ................. Kai Jt Hettìeuura.ntl................. T mh h B oi «» ......................... Johs OR ................... . . .... ..... Ciarenee E Marun ............. jm . . t Alle» B w » t D eion? jo* L. JacaauB.. It H Pan ..... A. G- Luehr ..., Inaura G tanti T. V. Good rich , Ora V. Haur .............. Hmmaf. E Ttmat ... Rutt Pmnefcer ....... Ldlltac Cummin* ..... R B Adanu............ Mars»m L Ruatum... Ella Raamuaaer, ...... R O. William* ....... Lucille Lampen ...... Mn Rutto Carr ........... Marv Harnt: ....... » illiam R Sande» .. Charte» J. Trrun*....... Joiuj Glanz.......... ... »’illiam H Stvermat .. Jake lalej ..................... Marl or L. Eidor Baever Conrad> U. 2 .SC 5« 25 12*.00 37.50 30.00 123 75 ¿«.25 SOW) «7.50 15.« 25.110 54.00 42. SO ■ SO 0« 61 7f. Sit.IK* 50.00 SO. 00 51.75 E L. Reynold* ................. « 0.75 Ivan F Enron .............. .. Mis, Ada Oven or. .......per hour E Locj Brown ........................... Kenneth L. Hem land ................... WüllABi C. Andrew» ..................... V’erti* L Hmer .................. Charles A. Baker ....................... Pfcilllp E Rianar Mm 60. #® 41 61.75 50.00 •0 76 50.00 M t *0 SO «0 Mm Ma; lint Stephana ........... 2126 Frank Went .............................................. aa 00 Laiand Wolf» ............................. C tarent» MeChaane> ............". Mn Anna MdCbaanej.......... pending funeral arrangements. A HANDY GUIDE To know wbere to buy tt_ read the handy Business Service Guide on tbe »ant ad page Thi* special service appear» each Sunday and Thursday. It is for * your convenience—listed alphabetically in a handy reference column There are many kind* of business advertised, and surprising bargain» listed One firm offers to rent sewing machines or to repair any damage to vour ws-n A pamt company trf- fers standard paint* r-ar aak Th??- are only two <rf ttte m any fi:m* aha ath*ar- tise each ve-k in the Bu.s,- nc*< Service Guide. Iv, tf . v _”******* week* after Winkler s release the v olstead la» W oil s org^in- ; ^ . a rt«m*v Turi» «airi Rat ization operate» under instruction* ^ ! rr ’\ur : republican* and 3.620 democrat* of the executive council of the . * anele. ~j ¿g i for the final «^> W.I» - * ...................................- *ranadaugn^er 01 ine *ai.e «uuiuu, M compared with 5.879 for to Wed in Spring NEW YORK >.P>. Tbe engage- big margin over democratic women W€*.fc » acheduled to make for the week s registration run. several more out-state appearance* the »core being 2.070 to 1.441. The during the latter half. The guber- maie side of the register »-a* natonal race ha* reached fever much closer »ith 1.352 repub- neat in all part* erf the state, ac- lican* and 1.289 democrat* cording to campaign worker* Dunng the two registration The ten appearances in Lancas- weeks prior to Saturday night » | ter county Monday include: close there were registered 4.594 * 3 « », * Mart» A Sorenaen ». A HtcltmaE .... Gaorje Kiemen: __ Mlkr Corworan Leonard O. Short SO 00 50 00 21 26 5« 50 SO. IM) 50 IK) S3.M) SO .00 American Federation erf Labor. “We are so confident of the impending» erf our campaign (for modification aaid Woil. "that we have set in motion a plan to meet the situation in state*. “We are consulting »ith attorneys T “ and »ith friendly and co-operating organization* fen tbe purpose erf immediately offering to our member* in the van mus state» drafts of proposed legislation to meet each case This proposed legislation »ill have tbe support of every organization working for modification oi tbe Volstead act."’ near» go. the reward, tbe me from Forsvth. New York attorney, wa* t_ ... St. Louis »rho made the arrest ^ ^ , announced Hie marriage will take several more from St. Joseph and place next spring Mis* Bryan i* others. I don’t have a list of all of Mr* H Berger of them and don t know who prior to the presidential eleertion. Towle said the Secret Six had nothing to do with tbe reward money, altbo tbe organization helped »ith tbe investigation, as did the state’s attorney * office "They never asked for any share I business here erf it and never expected any of it. -------so far as I know,’* he said. Towle said that Roy Steffen ana Charles Touzmsky, who worked m LINCOLN. the daughter of Mrs H Berger TUCC CCK PICU RPRI^TPR Bryan of Fredericksburg, Va., and WI.IW WUII HLOliliui William Jennings Bryan, ji.. of Beverly Hill* Calif The mother of Miss Bryan was a former resiaent of Lincoln, daugb- Walks Off With Till While Salesman Fills Order. While Orville Hardin, *20 F, of Alexander Berger, for a line in salesman at the Kinsey Tire company wa* in the basement of tbe ----------------------------shop filling an order for radiator COMPLAINT IN KANSAS. ho~ “e “,rt0 . Continued on Page 4-A. Col. 4.) SirS DEFENSE IS LACKING Uncle Sam Asleep Declares Admiral Moffet CHICAGO UP). Rear Admiral W illiam A. Moffett aaid in an ad- dreas that “Unde Sam 1 * a Rip Van Winkle—sound asleep as far as defense goes.' The chief of the ; navy's bureau erf aeronautic» added that Mr Hoover had “unequivocally declared his position { on national defense and that “it would be erf great interest to know »ill speak at Lebsack haJl at 6 ! Mr. Roosevelt stands.’ Ad- p. m.. and go directly to Welfare dr«*aing tbe American Legion na- ball at fe:45 p. m. *al post. Moffett said ------I------------------- "Let us hope and pray that he JEWELER SIAM M STORE 10:3« a m.. Dav*? 11.30 a. m., WSsweeb 1 p. m., Havelock 2 p m.. Umveraitj Pia«f S p. m ColMfe View * p. m.. Banner. 5 p m.. Roca * p m Weliare hai. No lOu. at. b If. p m Labeack ha11. 323 F «1 In the latter two addresses Marcus L Poteet candidate for congres* »ill also speak Poteet w - r - - at 8 ' how 141 Rooeevelt M Secret Six at the time, but he dki- CH1CAOO. An umdentified n’t know how much, if anv, re­ man. believed by police to be from ward thev received He said be St Paul Minn, »a? found shot believes the two men are now on to death on a stre t here. A re- the Chicap-o police force. Towle volver v as by his sade. and police suggested that the present fight aid apparently he had Wiled him- between the Seem Six and the self. 1 • -tcrr ran him bore a St ahetg's attorney*» office at Chv- Peu! 4idresE. 3L Paul authon- oago prcbabh pre cip tatod the | tics wcr? notniei. statcmi r.t by Ltnini. ur; . Atchison Businessman Found Beaten to Death. A T C H 1 S ON Kas. (JP. Myxon gave the order walked out with Kas 1 UP * . Roland the cash register and its content* FOUND HEAD ON STREET ^ case, were employed by the Boynton. Kansas attorney general approximately (46 c’- “* **“ told a Lincoln county republican Hardin told police the »nan aaid Berkson, prominent busmeas man gathering that democratic em- 1 he wa* getting tbe supplie* for a here many year*, wa* found beaten plovers of tbe state are being dealer at Crete known to Handm.; to death in tbe rear of hi» jewelry farced to contribute to the party's He described the men a* about ! store Saturday night Police said ca.mps.icn chest. ‘There is doubt as to wheth-jr this is a Vs»' viol'*-;-*" Born-on. 'but there 1 » so ooubt a* to it* disastrous effect upon g. od govem- ttal" * Uncle Sam 1 will s»'ake some day before it i* too late, and not be rudely awakened by a club at his head. The club exist* and he is comparatively defenseless and he sleeps in peace only by the grace erf God and not because be has provided tbe defense commensurate with his wealth and place in tbe world. If we haven’t tbe national defense we should have, it is due to the lack erf interest of the people, to their supineness, and not f**et 8 inches in height and robbery apparently was tbe motive sighing 150 pounds and »vanng . and expressed belief that several c blue coat and lighter troupers. | watches vr-*re nussm'" from a to tbe government. A nation in­ i'he cash register r?as large and rhor ea.*e. The saie in which Mr. • variably get* tbe kind of govera- heavy and it a: thought t>e th*ef Berks in was knov.-n to keep ni? ment it deserve«; The gov'em- Royers. Wili . -nurLbi-ve had a err acsr at e^- >. **j»«neJ. , me^it is what tbe people make it." I Sullivan. Mark released after the fir*t touchdown »as Ist'ored For about 457 1-2 minute», uf the 60 erf plsying ¡¡time it appeared that those little _red gtu- bug * JP would be taken f^beai» to tbe youngster* But with tbe 2 1-2 minute», left tba Huskers finally broke thru for the one toucbdcrwn of the day in aa bitterly a fought gam#* as has been played on Nebraska field. That 6-0 victory over a stubborn, fast charging hard running Kansa* State eleven found the Huskera battling for inche* wbere they usually try for yards It »'as the second straight year that the Huskers hsve »’on from the Men of Manhattan in the last two or three minutes of tbs game The Kansas Staters had the Huskers in s hole all thru tbe first half and it was only tbe good right toe Of Steve Hokuf that kept Nebraska in the ball game, during that feverish thirty minutes It got to be a regular practice for Hokuf to back up on hi* own goal line and deliver a punt that took the pressure off momentaHH . Dougal Russell. McDonald. Pa., lad who is a sophomore and quarterback for the Wildcat* put oat an exhibition of sharpshootmg when tt cams to punting, dropping the oval out of bounds deep in Husker territory many times. Twice he punted out on the 9-yard line, once on the 7 and another time on the 37. All thru the first half the Nebraska eleven wa* unable to do anything but play defensive football. The Wildcats piled up nine first downs dunng the first ttvo quarters while Nebraska »'as unable to make erne. But before the game ended Nebraskans had evened up this matter, getting eleven first downs to two made by the Wildcat* in the last half which found them even Stephen with eleven each far the day. Russell s Threst. The Huskers had Graham pretty thoroly stopped n nd they managed to keep Russell from running wild altbo that wirey 178 pounder (Continued on Page 6-A. Col. 3 1 FRENCH LAUNCH BIG CRAFT Send Largest of Steamships Into Competition. SAINT NAZAIRE, France. (UP). France launched the largest steamship in tbe »'orid a* her bid for speed supremacy on tbe north Atlantic. As the 73.000 ton Normandie slid dcrwn the »'ays for her first taste of salt »rater, she carried the hope* of the French government and merchant marine that the mythical “blue ribbon” of the Atlantic would ride the sea* in company »ith the French tri-color. ‘•Our merchant marine is regaining it* full strength and again playing an important part in our commerce,” President Albert Lebrun said in his address after Ms- riam» Lebrun had christened tbe ship »ith a bottle of champagne. “A big commercial fleet is a necessity with such a colonial empire as ours, scattered to tbe four corners of the world. Certainly bard times have reduced the activity of our merchant fleet Too many ships are idle in port, but there are already indications erf improvement of conditions.’- WHERE TO FIND- IT. Section A. General ..................Paj>ea 1-4 Market, Financial...........Pages »-» Sports .............................Fsge» b-b- / Want Ada .....................Pages 10-1» Section B. bociety ................................Pages i-t> f nest r tea 1 ..............................Page a Churches ................................Page 12 Sector* C College Motes ....................* • Page « Contest Title Picture ...........Page 6 Cordon, Mary .........................Page 4 Hawkins, Seckatary ...........Page % Minerva .............. * ...................Page 4 Quitt (Nancy Page).............Page § Wedding Anniversaries ...Page 4 Section D- Babson, Roger .......................Page 2 Black, Oz..................................Page 1 Brady. Dr. William ..............Page 5 Buckner. Dr. J. D. M...........Page S Cadman. Dr. S. Parke»-----Page 5 tentorial* ...............................Page 4 Guest. Edgar A.....................Page 4 Helen and Warren...............Page 2 McIntyre, O. O ........................Page 2 Norris, Kathleen ..................Page 2 Novel (Part Two)................Page« Puzzle «Cross Word)...........Page 3 Radio ........................................Page 3 Page 2 Page 5

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