The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska on October 9, 1932 · Page 9
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The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska · Page 9

Lincoln, Nebraska
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Sunday, October 9, 1932
Page 9
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Sl-NDAY JOITINAL AND ST AR. OTTOBER 9, 1932. NINE—A Stog^^s Maroons Play Bulldogs to 7~7 Doadloch in Yale Bowl. CHIMMtS m BREAK I IN LAST MINUTES OF BATTLE THE TULANE TERROR HTH* tint wA at the wtWfowl * WMO« iMLft fooe. fUMl 1 «IMfmct thB a»tlw dtsfka wouW be e«ry hAfify If the whale bUxoed mnmm wan fUUabed. The kUMng of n»tin b*nJ* hba been heavier tliia vwr than for Muijr year» pant, I» twAft ^uict interrai which alwaya . ------------Pass for Forty-Four Yards wm, U». to Gives Maroons Their tha h«ry alai^rht**- ^ naUvea ToUCNdOWn. tMa yaar la the fact that pienty j _ _ of rate durliiff iha aummer kept aawy large poada and l^e* weU roQWLEY IS ELI SCORER fniad. Cloae to Lineolii. of rmirae, GnUff l-t. 1 lo ft waa aaraaaary to bring putnpa Into operation to draw water from But where the dralnafre to not ao great water leveto remained high. Thla aame plenUtude of water during the aprliig helped give a larger crop of ducka. And there breeder* berauae of the ahorteaad aaaaon of laat yaar Will thla country ever return to the former aeaaon of three and a half montha? 1 think not. Thl* year, and laat, there waa a good deal cf out of aeaaon hunt^ hut If the authorltiea dedde In the yeara to come that aboottei #heii not atari before Oct 1, thl* illegal hunting will gradually dlro- Iniah. We wUl alwaya have to contend with the market hunter who aneaka about the Umm* aelllng duck* for 50 or 75 centa apiece but. at leaat. thla i* much better than the old time practice of aell­ lng them by the wagon load. Thing* will Improve, too. when t^ parson* who now are customer* of Illegal butcher* undergo a change of heart _____ A HAWK MEITINC. pvNE of the moat unuaual algbU have ever been privileged to watch waa mitne*aed laat week near Schuyler, when thousand» of chicken hawks (I call them that not knowing the correct apeciea deaignaUon) congregated In the nir over a certain hayfldd, pre- pATing to migrate aouthward. The flock wa* estimated at from S.000 to 6.000 bird*. From a distuica we thought they were crow* hut, on coming cloaer. v^ could aee the orange-brown thCir underwing» and the brown of ha* watched hawta circling about in the air. They are atec. for aeveral minute* at a atrctch. to glide around without mTremant of the wtnga, takli^ ad- raatage of the air current» to keepthem aloft. The hawk» In thl* enormou* flock performed the same way. By picking out one bird and watching It* alone, one could determine Hiat little miMWUlar «Cfort wa* required to keep the bird# to motion. PYom time to time, single bird* came flying out at the horiion to iota the flock. The congregation grew ateadlly larger. It 11 * of the gathering of *and hill cranes that may be seen performed in the aame laahion time * to aur Nebraska hUl*. With this aaception; There wa* no sound from tlu* huge gatberl^ cS the clan. When the crane* flock together U go south, they hovw about to the sky, sometimes so far overhead they can harl>’ be seen. But their eerie Cries come down to the watcher with deceiving '^^iTobservaticm of the hawta was made last Sunday, when it waa too w’arm for blustering wind was fllUng the ^^.As with sand from the river bars. ■ ‘TU bet it s gtrtng to turn cold?” observed the farmer accompan^ng us. aa he watched the hawk b^d start to break up into smaller flocks of a hundred or so to mow on down the river. Monday, the temparature dropped. TW* man told us that the hawks gather to thia one apot, or near It, eveiy fall at this time. DUCKS FOK THE MUNGKY. rNUCat will be OB tbe menu at ^th* North Platte community league soup kitchen all during the two months season. Many of the laacoto county hunter* turn over a poitteo of their dally bag* to the leagu* for diatributton to the needy. Let thla cool weather keep up, and cottontail rabWU wiU be mighty good eatin' aoon. VOU would think that, with all * the word* to the English lang uags suitable to be applied a* name* to object*. Mtoneaotan» could ba a little more original to their seiecUon». But read this clipping from the Izaak Walton Inagua nmgw^dne of Minnesota i Minnesota w# have over 10.000 lake*. We have tO of them named Long. 01 Mud, 76 Rice, 45 BAf 40 Twin. SO Round. 56 Clear, 55 simd. Sandy or Banda, 25 Pine, and 25 Cedar.” go if >’ou are going to fi»h tm anv of the above named bodie* of water, and want to come back and tell u* about it you'd better bring hack a detolled descrtpUon of where the lake iles ao we will know- which you are speaking of. come to think of it, I ve always had a »uepitdon something w-as i wrong about thto Long lake bu«i- I nets. I some time» have doubted that one lake eould hold as many fish a* ha\*e been token from j “Long lake.” f>m«ffir Terh Defeats Veatem Hetene 19-0 CLBTVELAND. JF. Carnegie Tech's irffenaive got under way wrlth crushing foiTe in the second half an the Tartan* battered W'eat- em Reserve for a 19 to 0 victory Saturday. The Red Ckla repeatedly turned back the Tartans to the first hsli, but were unable to weather the constant thrusts ctf tl» vteilora' tecks. gV ALAN GOULD. TALE BOW’L. NEW HA\T^’. C-onn. ‘.4*. A pair of versatile Chi- caao backfleld »tor». Quarter^ck Vln»on SahUn and Halfback Pete 2Ummer. harassed the sluggim Bulldogs of Tale *o persistenUy this bright, Indian summer afternoon. that the Maroon brid the Blue to Its second straight deadlock of the 1932 gridiron campaign. Tbe final score wras 7 to 7, The two pony hacks combmed to tbe second period to complete a Bpectortiiar forty-four yard pass, i Zimmer to Bahlin, for tbe touch- ¡ dowTi that enabled Chicago to off- wt the Eli tally by plunging Joe Crowley, made in the first quarter. They came within a couple of eyelashes of breaking the tie in the closing minutes of the game to gain a victory so eagerly sought for their seventy-year-old coach and Yal* alumnua, Amo* Alonso looked like the winning touchdown for Chicago when Zimmer, on one of his dazzling returns of punU, twisted thru the whole Eli team to cross the goal line near the end of tbe game on a thirty- five yard jaunL Tbe linesman, however, detected that one foot had stepped out of bonds on Yale's 18-yard line and the ball was called back. When Captain Bimey of Chicago narrowly missed a dropkick attempt for a field goal from the Ell 22-yard mark, at a difficult angle, the last hopes of the Maroon for a victory were blasted. . Stogg’s scrappy eleven, aner a somewhat shaky start, gave BHs all they could handle the rest of the afternoon as Sahlin and Zimmer put on a lively two-man show. The Maroons lacked a consistent running attack, aa did tbe unis, but they proved adept at returning punts and threatened c<m- tinually writh long pawies. The longest pass of the game pnn'tded Chicago's touchdowm and the biggest thrill for 24,000 specU- tors. It came early in the second quarter, when Zimmer, after being stepped at the line on Yale's 34- vard mark, faded back to wdtbin hve yards of midfield. He threw dlagcmally to one comer of the field and Sahlin. racing ahead of the Eli defense, caught the ball over his shoulder Just a stride from the goal line. The Chicago quarterback was tackled as he made the catch but skidded across the corner of the end zone. Harlan O. Page, jr., fullback and son of the Maroon line coach, placekicked the goal that tied the score. Elis Score Early, Yale scored quickly in the first quarter wdth the only real offensive exhibition given by tbe Elis all afternoon. Dud Parker's thirty- yard runback of a kick planted the ball on Chicago's SO and a touch- dow'n was tallied in five plays. Joe Crowley plunged five yards thru center for the score and Curting, right tackle, booted the extra point, after Bob Lassiter passed to Parker for an eighteen yard gain and then slaahed eight yards off tackle to the Maroon 6-yard mark. Lineups: ByFegMurraylpHJH’GILlieOS MONDAT WRESTLING CARD FAIR GROUNDS SCHOOL POOTBAUL Wisncr Wizard to Charley Peters Finish Match. Face in CHARLEY LOCH REFEREE FMUtt PT4ST« WOOTWM4-. VaUJtr, N»b., Oe% S~Co*cl» x o hifto li •tartlnt fsaltotl Vftlic}' high tht» yr«r *n« ih» iornU mssi* * f :»o4 »hovtng IB »ptt# Bl tbt tlr»t *t Um hdiK!» ot WfthoD Th* firit ftrint H*»u* Includ*» Xfitn#» Smith Btia RBtH>n Jortmcott, «sd». Koton Jfttn** »Bd teoBsrd a^roZ, Mrltl*» f^-*n- et» W'bttni«» *nd J*bm» Ali*n. f»*»rd«; Pr*nfc HleltSBn o*Bt*i-, Liord eflut. auBmr. Imvivbc* Ovf DbvI» »ni Rcr SitmiMlson. bsrX». S«h««u)* Oct 14— Frunont r*M*nr** m% Fr*rooßt, Oet Sft~A*hl*nd *t V*l)*y Ne 4_OiB*h» C«atr*t rvwrv» *1 Om»- h*. Not. II—Weejitn« W*tw *t w***inf w»t«-. OON Tied FOR 6-TFt IN t M e POte VAUcr AT THE FINAL OtyviPlC TRVDLT»^/ clearing I'S FEET 8 INCHBS TULANES VERSATILE LEFT- WALPBACK whose F’ a SSINS and RUMNISlS MA.KE HIM A TVlReAT TO ALl- DF TtiE SRE6N WIAVE' (Continued from Page 7-A.) «acntiim. If UMy stay to then I’m —t 'and SO te my town.” Talf U*U«tt .... WHbur (ci , WarBum (c) MftllB ..... BroDki* . •. Curttn .... Zftrf*Bt Parker . .1*.. ,. It.. . .1».. ,,c... ..r* , .rt.. . .re. —Chicase amlth . ... Caaaal» Manalkl* In other words, the éestrnatian mt Mr. Higli-pocketa Cronkite of the Kansas Aggtes as an aO-AM- Xtan footballer was pmwiy synthetic and not to any aeiwe lovnded mi gen nine ability. panHE club owner whom 1 quote M went B bit iarOxer in dtecu»- ing the iwoblems now cxmironting tbe Western. “I understand League President Gtear prc^xjses that the club owners mark time until December before tackling the reorgMtization plan. We shall do noOiing of thj kind. The owners will meet no later than November and get down to business. If I had my way, we would meet In OcUHier, 'Putting off until December what we should be doing right now is an insult to our business Judgment. There 1» much to be done if the Western is to carry on and the t.Hingii we must do demand immediate attentton.” And. by way of concloding hU versioD of the sitoatioa, the same rtab owimr aaanred me It was his parpese to in^ that any rqargani- nUkm scheme •» •tbm aort of tel emmection with fraaaiBF » 1933 elreaH must iaclade Lteeote to it* enlralattetis. with Denver and PaeUo lafi owL L ESLTE EDMONM. sports commentator for the Topeka Capital and ytell known Big Six am- ference official, recently strunun^ his Underwood in producing the following .jaragmph: "Hugh Rhea, the built-up all- American fr(Mn Nebraska, whose HONEST sentiments on the irm all-American topic are that ttie matter of alngling out the so- called stars for special mention and laurels is a senseless sort of racket. Football essentially, is a team game—a sport by d for a team of eleven men in which each of the eleven must do his bit for the team; a sport in whicii tht so- called star could not posslbl: dazzle unleas he has the important help erf every one of his mates. The same tar who scores the pime-deciding touchdowTi might— and protoibly would—have been flopped on his shi ulder blades but for the fact that his team ¿om- rad<». by reason of (Willful blocking, paved the way for his romp to the goal-line. But the star makes the headlines, while the blocker^ merely have their xxames included in the lineup. Making no *“*■ that I MB a wril-wtehei for each and every one of the 1932 Com- hrakers, I am Iw^fnl that Nebraska may have ncaoe M the -»tor nnisMBce during the cnrrent cam- painx. What I would really like to see Is eteven Comhnrtter* playli^ the game as a Nebraska team, ^h doing hte part effklently o“ behalf af the e«HBnioB canse. «election last year brought mouth- ‘j. si^m« honor only in his own school and Sp«artnS Barg aatoHi! ,tc) Bim*y ,., Zimmar .. Buaomani qb iMaatiar ........... ij» •• • CTWlay .....................rn... iMwrtng ..............*“••• By parloda: ...................... 7 0 » <^2 cwlmti .....................•• 7 « «^7 »eimng: Yale — Touchdown. CrowNy. Point aitar touchdown. Curttn (placamanU. Chtcago—Touchdown, BahUn. Pomt aitar touchdown. Page t»ub ior Summara» t placemanl >. _ _ . __________ Otilciaift: P.cfaraa. O Brian. Tufia: uin- ptra. Palmer. Colby ; Unaaman. ì ^N ìmt , Columbi; iiaid ludga, Oaraon, Pann Stata. honor only in hi* own school and conference, is playing with Bostons newly organized Nations. Pr-» lea^e football club. Not that Rhef isnt s great guy "nd all thsL but be Just WBsn’t all American last 3^r.’ I decline to delve into disputo- tion with ‘-he Topeka scribe on the Rhea subject, but I 'sve no h^- tancf in jrroclaimlng that the former Nebraska strongman tacWe waHi’t the ordv “built-up” all- Amcrican to Big Six circles of 1951. GOODMAN WILL BE HERE TODAY R^IÌ! (Conttoued from Page 7-A.) Caaa 1». Aktaa *. PalnMNit Taaohar* S*. €»hla «wMafa ■ H m U i Dakota S. MoratBsWéa *. imiirtk «tat* TeaalMr» 7. M mni » "*NÓr^*DÌk7ta!‘ »tat* n, a«rtk. Dakata «tata S. „ „ WlMsatMi SB. ABwrteaa moOtmt S. laiBol» m»tf NaitMa *», *aat«a Ptat* Taackrra S. BaloH »ft. Nortkwfater* MOrg« m. MoorvhMMl I», m. Olaf 7. I«>wa WcidaFa« ft», W.^ Waatara latoa Ift. mmrnx Palt» a.i^*a m Hlbktag Simlar «, DaHitfc Jaaiar «»tll^a • nrtnWJi Teacbrra S. VtrgWIa Jwmim • MownoHtfc S, (aa ft. Iftprr low» f. Baawa AD** 4, Iowa Stata Ta»chera IS, («man S. Augmtaaa »7, Uno» ». ... . _ iUvar rau» Taaekara ». Moiri iMtttiOa S. Batlar 7, l. of Claotmatl 1». iilrklnao» Ta»«kara SS, Bottlaoa* For- Mlar» ». „ . Mlnot Toacbani 7, JamairiowB ooBacr » iMwaanaa roUaga 7, («nwU aollega B. HoHlüngUM tat. lioalBl SS. Drarg 7. ftlaatam B. D. KormaJ S, SoatlMni Normal 1 ». Dalott eoBaga »ft, Nortkwaotor» calloga B. lad lana «tate I«^har» », Valapnilaa SS. South. TTBluaa S4, CHmgki Sfi. ÜMitanlu IX. Uoargla Ta«* S. \ aadarbUt S«, W«Mri«ni DoattMritf B. MlMtaolMN Mata IS, MlaW«riM»i aoUoga 7 Nontfcwoatani SB, MMaap» S. sa.STSWSfnrÄkfs’*- C atawka M. Wgk lYkri B. 1Y WALTER E. DOB1IN5. The muacle men are with us again. Monday night Big Pat McGill, the Wisner wizard and Bigger Than Big Cliarley Peters, ex-sheriff of Sarpy county, will do the groaning in tbe main bout of Foas Jenkins’ wrestling show at the fair ground*. There will be four bout* to *J1 and the initial »icuffle is Wiled for 8:30 at tbe 4H building arena. Both maulera. grizzled veterans to both the old style and modem raMalin’, have met and defeated Bome of tbe best men in the game. They are the first lop notch heavyweights to appear to a Capital City ring in year?». Altho both are native Nebraskans and along with Stecher and Pesek are known as member» of “Nebraska’* Big Four," they have never met and Monday’* duel is expected to setUe an argument of long standing. Such name* a* Londoa, Sonnenberg, Peaek, Lewi*. George. Cantonwine, Stetoke. Plestinu*. Dusek, Hansen. Steele. PlesUna. Caddock. Eustice. Santell. Hu*san have been Unked rither with McGÜl or Peters to Bome of the outstanding matches to professitaial wrestling. McGill's gn^ipltog weight is 225 while Peters will tip the scales cloae to 245 pound*. Tbs supporting card finds Mickey Novak. Onutoa and Ace Judkins, St. Jcweph, Mo., middle- weigbta, clashing to the semi- wtodup. a two faU or SO minute t<mj> limit bouL Judkins Is a veteran, Novak a comer to the middle rmnks. . .... Ray G1 r t o n, Iowa middle- weigixt. who ha* appearel here in several bouU, is hooked up with Francis Stull, Omaha, to a one fal or 20 minute tangle. The card opens with the Hog- ■ett-Bogue prelim, a 15 minute of one fall match. Charley Loch Omaha, will referee aU matches. Promoter Jenkins announced Saturday that if the cold weather continues the 4H buUdtog heated for Monday’s bout«. Tbe advance seat sale has been brisk tofhcatlng that the puWic is hungry for another of those things The admission for adults is forty cent*; twenty cents for children and an additional twenty cents for ringside. Tuiarr cut mt minaìbbi. MXNATARX N»!»., Ocl »—Coaoli t Un- Sail hM » aquad of 3» randidai«« r»- porttng fof football at ftf inaiar* high tbts fall. The eleeen lettermao taelude out atanStng parformera tn K Conklin, all- eonfareno* end of lait aaaaon, Movry. iuUbark. and Wright, back Mtnatara won fttx ot ntn* game.', and ftnishad »aoond In tb# Uttl# Ten weatern eonferenoc Thla faU Mlnatarc haa de- featad Bunnowar Oonaoldtsted, 3S-7. and ie.4t a l3-g gam# to Oaring Behedula; Oet Id—ftlttehai: at ftfttchoU, Oet. It ~Hemtngford at ftfinatare Noe 4—Dalton at ftfinatare; Noe, 11— Morrill at Mtnatara; Nae »4—Bayard at Bayard. ODELL ■rÌGlTfriNNEa ODELL Neb.. OcL »—Coach A B. Maior» haa a »quad of 17 candidata* in Butt at Odell high thl* aeaaon Earl Bpitsnntl* and Richard Beran ar* oo- captains of the team. Odell opened with a 41-0 elctory over the Wymore raaerve* and a IS-C vm oeer the Palrbure aecond*. Schedule. Oet 14—Bummerliald at Bummerfteld, Kas„ Oct. ai—Beatrice reaarvet at Odali, Oct. aa-ftfarerill* raaareaa at Odell. Noe ♦—Palrbury reaareaa at Falrbury; Hoe. t- Maryellte Beaereea at MaryteUB, Kaa.; Noe. ll—Wymor* raaere*» at Wymore BATTLE CBEEB OrTLOOB BATTLB CREEK. Neb.. Oet. »—PootbaU proaperta are not ao bnght at Battle Greek htgb thia Maaon with atz latter- men Icat from laat aeaaon an da Ughi aquad reporting to Coach W'. E. Burnham. Battle Creek loat the first two gamat. toaing to Kevman Orov*, g-0, and drop ping a 31-0 eerdlct to CretghtMi. Schedule: _ Oct 14—Ewmg at Baring: Oct. 81—Plaln- Ttew at Battle Creek, Oct »4—Madiaon at Battle Craek. . „ _ Noe. 4—Open: Noe. 11—Betti* Craak at Leigh; Noe. 11—Wtanar at BstUe Craak. Nov. »4—TUden at Battle Craek. ■EMINGfOBD LACK A'ETEBANS, HEftHNOPORtl. Neb., Oct. g—The Hem tngford high football team is light, and InexpcrteBced thla year. Coach Schanbel baring only two eatarana in the aquad of 30 reporting. Crawford won the opening by a 47 0 nargin, but tb* locala held Rusheill* to 7-4 margin. Schedule ; Oot, 14 —Allianoe reaeree» at Hemlng- tord; Oet. 31—Mtnatara at Mtnatare; Oet a«—Ray Spring* at Hay Spring» Noe. 4—Chadron at Hemingford; Noe. 11—Open. _______ LAI^EL BAS "»EVEN TETEBAN» LAUREL. Neb. Oct. g—Coach H R Loy baa aevan Icttermen in auit at Laurel tatgb thl» aeaaon The eetarana ara Ci^tain V. Baker. K. ieymour. H. Ward. L. Halll- day. P. Roac Jim Embiek. Jim Brawn«. Others showing up well Include Dick Em- blck. H Netlaan. Bill Allison. Stanley Pheraon, Ravmond Tarrj-. Prenci» Barton. Donald Urwller. BIU Haskell. Tommy Lott, Morton Oalley. Keith Beekley, Vincent Ankeny, Jimmy Blmpaon. Laurel opened the leason «'Ith a 7-0 elctory over Stanton and then played W la- ner to a aeortleaa tie. Schedule. Oct 14—Alien at Allen; Oct 31—Wayne Prep at Wayne; Oct. »0—Randolph at XdftUfiiL Hoe, 4—Coleridge at Laurel: Noe. 11-- ponca St Ponca; Nov. 10—Pllger at LauraL ’ fl'at quart*» »fie» Icng »«»M b* Mpaw I Rummell and Whittr had put Albimt in- ■ide the Indiana* »0-yai4 llna. In the MMond permd wttli the ball ou Albion*» 3ft-yard Itat the Indian >> aniaaed their be»» chaace to acota. Htarpeter aoored again in the fourth qnatkat altar whltlen had inlateepted a paaa. l.tON» HEAT* BOSALU. LYOm Neb„ Oct„ ft-Lvona lilak defeated the atrwng Roaalie eleven here ym tarday. »»-§ Lymia aoored In tb* neat Quartar on a aeriet of Utie amaahet and Roaalla paaaed to a teuebdown in the aaoond period. Ltons made a aecond oounter rip a bloefcad punt and Wove over for two touchdown* in the final quartar. Ornara. Lyon» guard, wa* a tower of atrength potter acorad lo* BoeaUa and Leona. Thompaon. Seward and Ornara acorad for Lyona. TEKAMAB '"^RES LAAD- TEKAMAH. Neb Oct i-Tekamah high took the lead In the Trl-Vallee ronlarence Friday b' amoihertng Stanttat. ft»-« Baa- eer tad the aoortng parade wttb McOiaqo- han and Lockhart looking good In m* lina LEKINUTON HEAT* Ct BTlft LEXTNOTON, Neb . OcL, ft—LexttMton acorad thro* touehdawns in the firrt haU ta beat th* Cunia Apgtm. li-t lak- ington held Curtis on the ona-foot itn* dur’ng the aacond half Kritax RouaeL Taelor In the batskflrid and Bhorea. Oaorge and Jaffrav in th* line featured tor Lrxingon Hamilton and Cataenaen looked the beat for Ohí- tB. mrcBiAi, rrsPTR Mct ooa. MoCJOOK Neb.. Oc.. • -Imperial high downed McOook in a night football game hare Friday. 37-0 Long rum be Dwa Neaman of Impanai laaturad the game. PALLS <TTV EAST WIN NEB. PALLS CITY. Neb.. Oct. »—With Imll- back Wert* breaking looa* for four toufib- downa. Fall» City high defeated IbbI* Book yaeterday, ll-O Wcrte ran 3« yard* ftw one »core *HTBr«l Bt*N* Wll.n. SHt'BERT. Neb.. Oet »- The touchdown parade continued at Shube-t Friday aa Coach Rollle Rigglua* Bhubcrt team roled over Sacred Heart of Fall» City, 4ft-0. Riggs caught a pa»§ from Mtimau lor touehdoans. Mu»a*n wamparwil- l.t yard» after catchlni a punt for one scora and caught a flip from Wala for anot«*t NINE VlTERANft" AT CROETON. , CROPTOK Neb„ Oct 4—Crofton high haa nine lettermen back for football Uua fall, baring lo»* aeean by gradualMt. Coach Harry W. Nohr’» boy» bava atartad tbe aeaaon he defeating Santee “ “ to 3-0, otid acoraleaa tic. Friday’p Scorta. Nl»BAsiÄ[75uJ5CiK8. mriahasna City sBleexaRy E», ftealejra» 1», Yo*E •• Daaoe 7, Pe™ «. ^ »■Halw IX. Kramey . klMbuid 7 , Tarkle Mo., Taaehwa E ChaMfem. »4,^,^»**^ la Cataer XI. Sebimaka Caoteal !»• BIG SIX. „ _ , Kaaaaa fttat* ftX, Raaaaa ftealcyaii S OTMn <Y)LLJEOEfc. Itttar~~~* B *ea*B ». CBottal IE Taacber* S4. _ K; ÄST Si. "Ä77. »—• •Bteerstty X7. SSÂ5Ï Hainpdea-By HITSKERS BATTLE TO RETAIN THEIR SIX POINT LEAD (Ckiiittoued from Paf« 7-A.) Thom In Tbe Side Grefe went outside toft tackle for twenty-three yards to the Husker 24-ysrd line, Impson added three, and if Grefe hadn’t fumbled after a nest g;Bto on the next play and Masterson hadn’t recovered — well, he did fumble and Masterson recovered on the Husker 11-yard line so there’s no use going Into the po»- sibilltieB of that grtoa situation. Psnney's Long Run. There was only forty aeconds left of the game when Sauer punted from his ow*n 12-yard line. Grefe tried a lateral pa^ after catching the ball and iPenney intercepted running to the Husker 20-yard Une. The big second hand was ticking off those valuable moments. The Huskers called for a timeout which would have enabled them to put one more play under way, but the timekeepers declared the game officially ended before the timeout w&m asked. Maybe it was just as well because under the rule*, Penney’s run should have been brought back to tbe point where he intercepted Grefe’s attempted lateral in view of Section 6. Article 1. of the official rules which declares that if the kicking team l^ally recovers the baU, it may not be advanced. Coach Bible said after the game: “We weren’t cUcktog a# a unit. The team reminded me of a couple of horses attached to a wagon mired to saad. One horse pulls and then the other, to a gee and haw fashion, but they won’t concentrate their effort* together," No Serious Hurt*. The Huskers came thru without a serious hurt and the entire team should be ready for Minnesota at Minneapolis next Saturday. Une- ups and summary: a«¥ »1, AmerleaB C. XO. Mterer SZ, C«at«ir 31, Ti—.. Nertb CMwlIm Mat* 1». Clwnaae ». Aabixra IS. DM m 7. %'lrgialai 13. B omo I m *. CiUMM 13. V. M. L ». FMrte» 1». WainMiae ». ProTMkMec 1». VenaMBt ». Wmè» PiwMt S, SMrtS Cstwltaa ». Tteuteseer 8». Nertii . AMlMinM 3», Oeem WMlriiMrtM i. BMdolirii M mm λ, JBloe ». Mam» «wttMN !•». LaalaeiMa E. ^ Nwnflowar Agglee 8». iwDeee E Ltmlalaaa State Naraaal 7, Cwateamry 41 iMwlataM Te«* 4«. I’alaai 7. MMstaalapi 34, Uaww« 4. OaUfar44. WaUmm mmê 47. Morrle Harv« 4. . ApiMÜarblaa e^eg* 13, Ci««wr4 4. Rocky Mountain. CMamda ÁigÍN 7. m. GalaraSa MI bm *. Far We«t. Orr^oa 4, Waaktagtaa 4. VtX*^^aaWtUhui^ 4. Idalw. MMribera kaaneli. 4, lEr State 4. ^ . (MuifmM 14..BaMa CIM 4. V. H. C. 1«. Oaegaa B^ •. Maataaa 14. CaareS aaHegc 4. NevaSa 4. VtaB V 4. St. fttMV'a 13, Catttoai^ 13. SontkwcBt. Trxaa Clirtotiaa »4, ArlmaMaa IX, Rlep 1», fla«tl«ra M v M m NIM », (enteaary 41, Lawtalaaa State NiwmM 7. TMtaa A. * M. 14. Texaa, A. S Ij., New Mrxlee 4, Nafthem Ariieaa Teweb- ^New Mextea NMrmal ». 7. Mexiee ftUttanr AcatMny »4. New Mexiee Mtaiea 4. _______ High School. (hnaha N«Hrtb 4. Omaha Ta^ t. BrMgegart 13. SMaey 4. . Mhweaeta Deaf 7. Nehraata Waal i. % akeitlne X7. BaahvUle 4. TU«aa 7. H«««* 4. , Tattile. Ma.. X4, Nebtwaka City 1». Garten 4, Meïiringfe«» 4. Ctwwfwd 4. Bay ÍMH»«» »• . matMoMHrib 4t, Than^. la. 4. BH hi Min 9. B«* ClaiM 4. Uieebwea» e. Cearaea ». Vttlber »4. l-lyaae» 4. LItebfleM «. Davaraia 14. îs!K."iias: -¿Jri» • TewMwe* 4, De ^wàLm JeareH 14. Ottawa b»riT»«l^ »S Mawrit Calali 4. a BaMwta-Raltaee 4. Jaba CanraS 4 Oglntborpe 7. . liMbaaB Valley 4, Maidenberg 4. BÄV. «Tr: B. itame. 14. Thiel 4, öenera »». VFaaftDura 4, Twiaa tmíveralty »4. M BSwmrda nüveratty 4. Sbmnaaa 4 Skat ■"àÏÏSri^'ViOley CMI^ «. BMHUmret »4 PbUlliw 4, Vnebtta L. Kmaarla 4. Port May* Tebwre 1». TI-hltRia« IX. Albany. WyoBriBc 4. St. ^tea W. Aaattai eaBegr 4. Teiya Ta«* 44. ISüniMea S». Central 4. BSîJt rJSJ*« «. __ WcatbariarS eMtoge 6, Jeffaraaa a*lvar- Mintary ataSamy li, Ol ^^PTM^^Twdian 7, Bbathweatetb 7. Daeeaa laSlaB 1 » M*ael », ABaarm» eatlege li, Nartb- Ceartibl Ohlahaaib Tebebne weatera T««*er*_f WaiMaa, te. cMteae »X. (^tbarpa Waatriagt« dSm 4. B«*aatar Jatear t. C. af De- ____ 7, Kaviar 4. iMlriBgtMi Mte Jeffweaa r»Jtearf (Mtaaaaitallal S. Haitelbe ate- mäOtm MMtfim 7, AiMaa» 13. kipn 4, MIIIU^ ». SWrtbwreeter* ^MMara .*«. Marrwy As **Moaa ». KW»vllle Tea^ I». Hflrhabi Teaag M, OeelSantal 4. ll25í2riJ:T^rteU«e M. ('etMwto Teachwa 14, Wajte« tiale 7 B«itbM X, »«»tew ®* graffate €, Daviiaaa 44, MeCate Jaalar eaSege 7. JwBlar eiteece 1». mOH SCHOOL. UMwIa 14, Beatrtee 4. Jarbaaa 81. IJ««*!« reaervet 0 playmg Randolph icheduir , Oct. 14—Colerldgr at Orofton. Oel 31— Hartington at Hartlngton; Oct. 34—Plaln- vlrw at Orofton. Nor, 4—Waiiae at Crofton; Nor. 11*- VerdlfTe at Verdigrr, Nor. 14—Open. Nur. »»—CJretghton at Creighton STANTON LACKS EXPEBIENCE. BTANTON, Neb.. Oct. 4—Btenior. hl»h proipert* ara only f»¿ at Stanton high thla fail with only lour iattermen report- tug to Barcy E. Laubouts, football coach. S^edule BAt Z4 OCT. ROMXR. Nab.. Oct. ft— Coach Raymond Richard* has a »quad fit 34 candidate» out for IooUmiU at Homer htgb thu aea- aon. The llrat game rwulted in a aooro- leaa tie with Emeraon, whll* Allan woo the aaoond, 13-4. _ _ . . Lettermen include Oo-Oaptalna Oersld LongweU center, and Bdward Polly, end. Ereratt Laraon. Dick Wi*»an. Skow, Hubert Alaway, Paul Ooodaeli. Al- rln Heck, Lawrenoe Oraham and Dal* O’Boyle Promising new oandlate* Include Olen Edward*, Theodore Summers Leonard Oraham Donald Wagner and Melrtn Erlksen. Schedule: Oct. 4-Newtaatle at Homar; Oct 14— RoBkUe at Roaalie: Oet. 31—Pender bt Homer; Oet. 3 ft—Bancroft at Bancroft. Nbr. 11 —Winnebago at Homer; Nov. IB —Walthlll at Homer. THBEE STEBLINO" IKTTEBMEN. BTBRLINO, Neb.. Oct. 4—Coach O B Kargea hat only three men back from laat year a Sterling hlgb footbaL «quad end the proapocta are rather dark thl* **V^»na reporting to Captain O. Kuak. and K Janaen, guard*, and W. Zink, back*. Tbe team average* around 140 *”other loading candidate* include Thompaon and Bchmlilt. aon and Bhroyer, guard*; Pick««. #r. Mteiler. L. Aden, tackle*: H Rhoten. R. Aden. Bentalnger, Btelnkuter, end»: H, Xhnen. R Ehnen, D. Rhoten, L. Wuak and C. Haye», baeka. Schedule: Oct. 14 —Open; Oct. 31—Bethany at Lln- **NoT. 4—Pawnee Oi^ at Pawnee City; Nov. 11—Adam* at Peru Prep at Bterling; Nov. 84 —Talmage at Bterling. _______ hubhvixxe team ught . RUBHVILLE, Neb.. Oet. 4— Althoute RuahvUle high baa «»iy »Y® its football roster thl* tell, «»• opened with a pair of Ylct^w P0»e Ridge wa* defeated. 11-4. and Hemlng- fotd wa* turned back. 7-4. , ,,, •me team it light, averaging only 13» yunds. Player* showing up well include ITank* and Kubik, back*, and Brookft. *”oct.*^l^^mwford at Orawferd; Ote. 34—Ofri-don at Gordon. Nov. 11—Hay tewtnga at Ru*h»lli#: Nov, 14—Chadron at Chadrtm. ALBION WINS OPENEB. ALBION. Neb.. Oct. 4 — Albion hteh opened tbe fooUmU season with a 13-0 win over th* Genoa Indian». Rlnspeter, Albion fullback, »cored in th# Get. 14 —Open: Oct. 31—Norfolk at Norfolk; Oel. 34—Open. Noe. 4_TUd#n at Stanton; Nov. ll—. Sohuvler at Btanton; Nov. li—Weat Polnl at Stantim. _______ HABTINOTON fTABTt LATE. HARTINOTON. Nab.. Oct. 4—Late open- th* Hartington lootbaU aeaaon. tettar- Ing of aehool haa delayed the au^t of men reporting to Ooach Cb«»t Caro«! gra Captain David Ewing. Raglnald TPhrta. Clifford Livermore. John Garvin ahd Ralph Ileckert. Sctedulf Oct. 14—W'eyne at Wayne; _Oot Crofton at Martiagtoo { Oei. 14—Bloo*field at Hartington, Nov. 4 —Verdlgre at Harttngtoat 11—Randolph at Bendolph; Nov. 14— Wakefmid at Hartington. California Tieg St, Mary’s at 12 All DERKELEY, Csl. (UR). Ths names of Gut Cs»tro snrf Arts^ WilHsms wers shootsd hy tO^OO sxclterf spectstops Ssturdsy iRHImi tht nsw Cslifomls backs soorsil two touchdownt to tie the mighty men from tt Mspye, 12 to tt.”* The men of Moraga came to tbls stadium overwhslming fsvorltSB |» crush ths Goldsn Bsspa DiRete fighting California slevsn mstdhed ths gaudily clad Moragsns Jo oru^lng llns power, In brUitetet overhead attscke and In shSBT fight and determination. ^ t Svraru»e Upert. SYRAfcUSE. N. Y. (.1’). Ohio 'WeHleyan’s battling Bishops «at- urday trimmed Syrwmae 19 to 12 under the eyes of 12.000 fans. TI# victors scored from U m air. , CoUcg* Valley Golf Links Opposite Bethany Park OFEN TO THX PTJBUC Thift course fvill be maln- tain«3 until cloeed by the weather man. One Priee—Play at long a* you tike Johnny Goodman, runnerup in the recent naUonal amateur timr- nev, will appear to an exhibition match at tbe Country club Sunday afternoon the proceeds to go to the community ch«rt. Goodman will pair with Pete Lyck, Omaha amateur, opposing Monk WUscm Uncote city champion, and Frank Reeve m a best ball fcnireome. The match will start at 2 o’clock and the gallery fee will be 50 cents. Nahrtiaka— KliiHium^ ............... ■ "'.Hultvert ................ Campbell (gc> .... r.i: ..................... DeBu» ......................... D'Brien ........ Hokiif . .............. klaateraoR ................ Mathia ..................... Bo»well ................... Bauer ....................... Score by period*; low* State ....... Nebraska ........... po». . .ir ... .. II... ..Ik... . .c.... ..ri;... ..rt... .. rt ... ..qb.. . .ih.. ..rh.. ..fb.. — low* State .............. Farrell Rot ............ riamer .......... Lichter . Dana ................ Dixon .............. Impson . (c> R. Orefe .... Brhaf roth ..... William» ... Theophtlus Berger for Beatty, H«w for Garaer. D. Orefe for Farrell, MeQucm for Smith, Martin for Winter, Harlan for Thenphllua. Nebraska—Bishop for CampbeU, P«^y for Kllboume. Stash for Maataraon. ter for O'Brien. Mr for Masterson. Meier for Elj^ Robb for Hokuf. Fahmbructi fwr Bau«r, Parsoti» tor Bof>w«ll, Pfiurn for C. Hulbort, Official*: Referee. Edward W- <^h- rane. Katamaxoo: umpire, In» ^rrl^er*. llllnoi«, head lineaman. Sec Ita: field Judge, B. L. fticCl«*n. Oklahoma. Beottsbluff Catlwdral d. Hav«*»«* 0. Bethaay 4». Prkaad 4. , College View aeeervee li. Haiwlock re- **oS«ve View 4. Bleaitog 4. IMdivgie 4. Cassi 0. B»eliea Baw d. jdtteea t. LMUngtaa li. Omtto ®- OMte* terirth »• , ftmstMi It, Fremsut •« Drieaas M. ItewMleaa «• flailn 1». saver CWtei 4. Arcadia I*, getei* 4^^ .Wymare 1», Pawaee City 4, OgaOala 4, Cftwffpei 4. Orted lelaad ». Girilwatmrc »». Cambridge 4. Coirtml City 13. Brtmyhr 4, irnmi IX, Hartb^n 1*. AlbkHR IX. Gemm Itehu^. Atehaad 7, Weep^rJR^»» 4- , Caaeardla bigb. Bewate, 37, Harter •• CMambaa 1», Tate ». Nortb «.ter te^rag^«^ to-PrityA ___ Aaaley 13. CUr CvMgbt««* Pr«» 3«, Cmmell BM«# 13- . WabefMM 37. Pead«».». ftaNey ». Waba* »8. (FaU. C«y> » Fraabita »«. Aba* ^ . Falle City 8S. Table Bate ». batto* 1». Aa»M ». Btarvard S3. Edgar ». 0«w*va 1», Ctay Ceiitrr ». BEAL CLASS TO THIS WRESTLE MONDAY, OCTOBER 10th 4-H BUILDING FAIR GROUNDS LINCOLN msT PEMJMIHkEY STAETB AT 8:80 P. M. Ravlllsn Will me Heated If WeBther Requires. B um Service to Arena! H ub iTent—PiBi* Oontert—Two P»H« Out of Three. Pat McGill - Chas. Peters Wiener Detind» Ex-Bherlff B»rpy County—«1® L-b». Seml-Ftoale--2 ®est ^ ^ ^ Ace Judkins vs. Mickey Novak SL J»g—1« Pound* Om.ha—1« Pound* 2nd PfDliminsry—One Fall with 15 Minute Time Limit Frances Stull vs. Ray Girt<m i_ a ______4K.49 ESlAaaM Omaha—1M Pound» Mondimain, Iowa—15« Pound» 4— 4 0—12 Touchdown*; Miuttaraon. Bauer, iHtp*^. Bttbstltutiona: Iowa State—Beyer for Lichter. Bmtth for I>*n* Beatty for Roe. Winter for R. Grefe. Ame* for Wimanaa. ii BOB«* ROBINSON HEW LOCATION SUTER SERVICE STATION B1344 1809 H SL »13«* 1« Prellmln«ry—On, Fall with 20 Mi™tt Tim, Limit " Bogue Om«h»—154 Pound» Mo. V*H»y, Iowa—160 Pound» POPÜlaAB PRICES: OenerRl Admiision, Adult* ^0^ Ohiidren under 14 yeun, 2Se. Riufflâdt, 256 Extra.

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