Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on August 18, 1944 · Page 8
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 8

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Friday, August 18, 1944
Page 8
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Page Eight iTAUOATtlCK DAILY NEWS FRIDAY, AUGUST 18, 1944 ^ $3,000,000.00 Of Power Company Bonds Turned In C. l>, Campbell, president of th Connecticut Light nnd Power Com pariiy announced today that S3 000,000 of the company's first an refunding Series A, 7 per ccn bonds, due in 1051, have bee turner! In under the company' purchase offer, which will expir August 21, 19-M. Only $426,000 of the bonds ar now outstanding and these will b subject to redemption by the Sink ing Fund during the period follow Ing the expiration . of the offer 01 August 21. 19-M. Only 11 minion of the ?,-! million dwelling units in the U. S. have central heating plants. BASEBALL Tomorrow Night MUNICH'^!, STADIUM »:CK) r. M, / \ Service All-Stars vs. Waterbury Brasscos Fiirniicr Jnspi'ction .SKKVICK No Olitfiilloll Waterbury Heating Co. .') Spring St., Wiity. .1-(;.(7S Phone Us! Russians Cross East Prussian Frontier (Continued from Page 1) •Nazis from woods and highways.' Several German divisions, including grenadier regiments, were '-annihilated in the bitter battle, of the ; frontier. • One Russian dispatch says towns. :ui(l villages west of the frontier had been set afire by Na/.i demolition squads applying the scorched earth technique to their homeland for the first time. Once across the bordering river, the Russians will be operating on open plains devoid of natural obstacles—an ideal terrain for tanks —stretching from Insterburg. to Gocnigsberg, the capital of 'East Prussia. This is north of the treacherous Ma/.urian lake swamps, While the "Russians prepare to rive into East Prussia, German Nazis Are On Move Along North Bank Of The Arno In Italy :.' .:. (By. United . On the Italian front, activity IB 'centering -about the Pisa urea, Naxi forces scnm'to' be on the move- all along trie north bank of the Arno and- a number of artillery barrages have been' leveled against..Allied .lines,, , Meanwhile .it has-; been revealed the 91st Infantry -Division . has joined -.the Fifth- Army's fighting forces. The outfit is under the command of .Major General Wil- linnvLivesay^" '. Both ' .the Fifth- and Eighth Armies arc confining present operations to patrols probing enemy activities. Scouts, of an Indian division, forces to the north were on the of- , ]i|)cs fcnsivc around Siaulitii, the Lithuanian communications hub. However, on'.y one German unit broke through, "nnd that was liquidated with the killing of 1,000 troops. '; pushing, northward from Allied Local Planning Commission Studies (Continued from Page 1) There are no details on the great lattle outside Warsaw—now in its fourth day. But the Russians have' extended their beachhead across he Vistula 115 miles south of the ">olish capital. Nazis, Apparently, To Lose Paris (Cnntlnuod from Tagc 1) CBEATEH SKKVICK from .vmir c'lollir.** u'lu-n tht'y lire e.K'dnrd regularly hy our oxpert workmen. I'rompt serv- D. LIEBERMAN 26 CIIUHCM STJIEKT lirough chc Nazi iincs- cast and ortlienst of the now spring trap. United Press AVar Correspondent Richard McMillan says the .Germans in the area arc being "hunted like rats." Tens of thousands of them am fleeing in wild }ninic toward the Seine. Allied tank gunners and motorized infantrymen race into the ranks of the stampeding Hilleriies to cut across Lhc.-ir eastward lino of retreat. The result is mass slaughter. Manv Germans hasten to sur- Florence, met liltle ('setting, up 19-19 a bond Issue of $165.000 on- which payments of $15,000 a year have been made since 193-1 will be: retired, in 1954 a bond .issue of $262,000 on which payments . 01 $12,000. a year have been since 1923, will be retired. . The Planning Commission last night heard a talk-by T, L. Scott- Smith of the Waterbury Planning Commission who told of the ffrcut progress now being''made in. this field. The Watcrbury> engineer had copies of. Waterbury zoning ordinances nnd maps showing Just how this situation is being 'taken care- of In-the. Brass'City. . i Mr. Smith indicated that Waterbury is definitely interested in having all adjacent towns and cities fighting Under Way in Iduliri Outskirts (Continued from Page 1) Pontassicvc. The situation in Florence • lines of the towns and cities may was re-j be handled with uniform regulu- p'ortcd much quieter today, although there are still occasiona" bursts'.of enemy sniping. render— and.nil of the captives admit their army has been completely defeated. . . • McMillan says the Gorman front has lost all cohesion. He reports the chief resistance .comes from isolated bands of suicide troops— who light to the death in pockets fur behind the Allied spearheads. OVERCOME: BY GAS Somerville.-Mass.; Aug. IS—(UP) —A 33-yeiir-old Lexington mother is recovering from the effects of accidentally gas. Mrs. Mary Alien was overcome by fumes from an open jet in a stove at her sister's Somcrville home. A neighbor discovered Mrs. Allen's tlona. The .Waterbury official Indicated that Niiugaluck Is the only place Immediately -'adjacent to Waterbury that would not be effected by the. rise or fall of Industry in. the Brass City, aaylng that all of the sm'Hll feeder towns hereabouts depend to n great extent, on Waterbury for a livelihood for Its residents. Naupatuck. however, Mr. Smith, indicated, has such a diversification of industry, and the town itself Is so large that it is well able 10 stand on its own feet, under any kind of depression or boom, or any other situation that might arise. The Watcrburian staled that this being the case, the working together of the two Planning Commissions and the ironing out of mutual problems where the lines. of the two places adjoin, will be 'surrounded the German-held town of Anhecy .in Huuto-Savoro. They 'arc pbi«ed to move In for the kill. Th : c" French guerrillas turned on IthV bastion'utter wiping out.,), garrison of 450 Nazis at. nearby An- 'numusse, the laist important.strong- hold •,, in France on. the road to 'Gcr.cvta, ' : . .. The frenzied Vikhy government Apparently is about .to skip to Germany—or some French town near .the border—very soon. The .Nn/.i 'foreign office says .a, special announcement concerning' it-s- removal will be tomorrow, ', .French'underground reports 'say •Pierre Laval .and other top. c.'iic-ft .have already fled to Metis—close to the border. As for the air war—large formations of -Allied; -bombers stroamcc across Dover strait toward northern- France shortly after mld-d-ay .-London says .Allied bombers and •fighters attacked norther^ French -.targets against increasing air opposition this morning. Eighth ./ir .Force . Liberator* mauled an air- d'rpmc southeast of Arnicas. Poliisli .;Mustang fighters bagged -JG. Nazi ,planes .trying to cover an enemy 'eastward retreat. -. In. tile German robot bomb cam- ipaign—a few of the winged cx- j'plosivcs crashed in London and the •boulhcrir counties early last night. TBut there were no alerts later in -.the night. Soldier Proves He's Dad's Pal Indianapolis' .(UP)—Workers in the record, booth lit. un Indiu))- upolis USO center'arc still talking [ibout a private 1 who came in to make a record on Father's Day. The boy aaid ho thought the record was the finest present he could give his parent and. speaking into the microphone, said there were not many fathers and sons so close that the son could tell the father a. risque story. He then proceeded to do just that. EMPLOYMENT INCREASE plight and called firemen, who re- Qf at bcnollt lo | jot _ h ln tending vived the victim. Four your.g chil- lo a uniform sector. ' dren' in another room of the house were unaffected. United State's marines experimented with tlfva-bombiiiK in Haiti i early ns 1930. In Rough and Ready Clothes from ENGELMAN'S Boys' Shop We tire prepared to outfit your sons for -school with qjcthes t.Mnt are designed with qi':il : ty nr.d style in miud. Mr. Smith^dcvoted a. great dc:il of time to explaining- the various zoning regulations, and the steps taken to maintain uniform build- Hartford, Aug. 18 — (UP) — War,'time" employment of ynung people iuridcr.-lS years of ;igc has jumped ,two-and-onc-hwlf times the pre- •,wur level in Connecticut. The state department of education reports ;that more than 52,000 boys ,'girls between 10 and 18 took out 24-I'c. wet. Sllver-plittcd FJatweiir. Service for .6 CHNEER CBIDIT JIWfLMi 142 South Mom Jt. -_ <. \.'.)5 FREE! ! 'Catalog planning: Your Future'' write, Call or phone 4-8<72 ' ' POST JCNICR * Vy °- 1 COLLEGE 24 CENTRAL AVENUE NOTICE HI&**•*••*•• 1$ii JUST OFF THE TAILOR'S BENCH- THE ARISTOCRAT OF SUMMER SUITS? —CANADIAN CRASH—$40. A soft .porous w^ave that has a weather eye out for any stray breeze in sight — a cool fabric that allows surplus body heat to escape through the open mesh and the skin to breathe natural. ly. It's a suit that's attuned to the times and the temperature ' —a good suit to be seen in. District of Nnugatuck ss. Probate Court, August 18th, 1944. Estate of Charles M. Wallace. late of Nuugatuck, in said district deceased. The administratrix having ox- t hibited her administration account j; with said estate to this Court for allowance, it is ORDERED—That the 22nd day of August A. D. 13-1-1, at 3:00 o'clock n the afternoon at the Probate office in Naugaluck, be and the same is assigned for a. hearing on he allowance of said Adminislra- ion Account with aaid Estate, a.nd his Court directs the Administra- riv to cito all persons interested •workint' papers during th-.- fiscal) Uloroin lo a l" )c: ! r . :U s! , li . d U "\"~ '^ ' ' * ' place by publishing- this order in GAS DEALER'S CLAIM Ing lines, and blocking the build- . . . , ... ing of chicken .coops and garages »'. lh Possessing and snihng counter- in residential area. JcH coupons-says he received- the - his ration on vacant'- lots I., i^..*.—.,......*. «.— He stated : that in the Waterbury J>°£ u « stamps from industrial areas houses may Sweaters 2-49 to 3-98 Sleeveless, slip-on nnd cont »t/li:.". m solid colors or Uvo- tono pp.Items. Sizes 4 to 13 anci 30 to SB. School Suggestions All Weather Jackets from $3.95 "Skyrider 1 ' Shoes from $3.98 Rain Coats from $3.98 Leather Jackets from $8.95 Wool Shorts from $1.98 Listen To Our Program Ever.v Sunday VVATR 1:15 P. M. Knickers 3 .98 Sturdy, rugqcd wool mixtures. Bnrtackcd pockets and fully lined. Sizes 6 to 12. Sport Jackets 8 .95 6 to 12 12- 9 . 5 12 to 18. Smnrt for school or dress. Choose from ' herringbones, plaids and checks. • Slacks 3- 98 to 8- 9S A grand nssortnicnt In coverts, ' "Backadcre" . gnbnrdlae. tweeds and nil wool mixtures. A pnl:- to contrast vvlih every Jacket, Shop In Cool Comfort erected, hut industry is blocked from ' entering residential zones. In regard to sub-division of acreage- for building developments, Mr. Smith declared that Waterbury insists that plans of the proposed development' be on file with the City Planning Commission before any lots on the development arc sold. If this procedure .is -not followed a fine of $100 can be assessed for every lot that is sold there, he stated. . .Developers must finish roads with S-inches of xrH'vcl and two coats of oil before they ar» accepted by the city, grade Ikies must be passed on and building or-front porch nes set up in addition to water, .sewer, etc, Mr. Smith stated. It has been proved, Mr. Smith Ulcged. that this procedure is no i handicap in-selling the lots as they command a higher price when all improvements and conveniences are effected, and there is a gentleman's agreement with the city i that when all these regulations arc complied with Waterbury will accept the street. Watcrbury's chief problem at the moment is an arterial highway through the East End of the city, Mr. Sm'ith stated, that will loosen up the congested traffic situation in tha< area. The -engineer declared that It is •hoped with the aid of ,thc stntc planning commission to by-pass pajT of Watcrbury's center, rind run- an arterial road through some of the -slum district, clear away part of this undesirable housing and make it easier for persons in j the outside district of Waterbury. | »ml adjoining, towns to get into the r,il,y more expeditlously. Judge McDonough indicated that by-passing sometimes has y. very sprioiis effect, pointing out that Milford had this done and now with grca.l. signs, beg* motorists to drive, through , her central streets, while the Merrill Parkway has driven down property valua alorvg the old 'No. 1 highway .-it- much as "10 per cent. In reg-ard to development" in Naugatuck. Warden Brophy revealed that although official zoning ordinance* do not 1 exist lierc. when the 200-housc development was started adjoining- Park avenue, the -builders were forced to submit all plans '-and specifications for the approval of borough authorities and all wnrk there on sewers and streets is being dome tin- dor the supervision of Borough Engineer Curtis, and Street Superintendent H-arold Murtto'i. If this work . Is not done according to standard local regulations, the. development will not be accepted, the warden indicated. This, the official -indicated', is a protection foi those who. put their life-savi.rrju in many cases into houses that arc bought on a promoter's baseless promises that many things will be done' by the -town, when actually a municipality has r.'O ?'iirht to spend -taxpayers' money in making improvements on private property'. The situation on Union City Heights and John street were cited as examples of where many purchased homes where there were no grade lines, completed streets or other improvements making for a ooor Mituat'on that has caused trouble for all concerned for the past many years. 9 — o Weather Report | O— ' O New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut—Fair and cooler tonight. \ Tomorrow fair and continued cool. Eastporl to Block Island—Small craft', warnings are being- displayed, .year ending last June. The figure . , . for peacetime 13-11 was only 1!T,OGO. some »«vrapapcr published in >ew Haven County iind hnvnw n circulation in snid District, and posting a. copy on the puWic si^'n post in the town of Naugaluck, where the deceased last dwelt, and by sending, postage prepaid, u like notice ID each of the known heirs residing outside '-hits District .it throe days before said day assigned. STEPHEN J." SWEENEY. Judge. .; Hartford, Aug. 18—(UP)—A gasoline • station operator—charged l-> c .board. George D. Maccio of Derby in federal. court that he violated any OPA METROPOLITAN SPECIAL TO OUR DANCING FRIENDS!! For Faster Baking- And Easier Washing — USE — PYREX WARE Bake, Serve and Store In Same Dish Friday, Saturday \Ve llavB An Excellent Selection In Stock TEMPLETON'S TEMTLETON'S COR-M5R WATERBURY DIAL -10X0 (No Toll Charcc) Johnny Rock 'n' Hi* Bock and Rye BO.VM Folk;iM and Sweet Music BUI I-uhack I'oll;.-v OrcheMn 5 to 0 Sundayii White Eaglt Restaurant BRIDGE STREET. Member of Connecticut Restaurant Ahxoclation • I i viug uan he just as charming and conifoi-l'uble as you want it l.o he, Make it a sure thing with several sturdy rustic pk'Ces. They're perfect -aids to a woodland setting, and. so inexpensive. They : re at your summer. sd'viee .for countless reason.-;. Come in and select your favorite groupings now from the folk'wing pieces in hardy hickory with woven seats and backs. 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