The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska on August 7, 1964 · Page 20
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The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska · Page 20

Lincoln, Nebraska
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Friday, August 7, 1964
Page 20
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Rockefeller Supports Barry; Keating Silent Albany, N.Y. (t'PD - Gov. Nelson A. Rockefeller, whc unsuccessfully battled Sen. Barry Goldwater for the GOP presidential nomina - tion, Thursday threw his sup - Ymrt hahinrl (ha kmlm.m. The governor, a moderate Republican who charged in San Francisco that Goldwa - 4ktt llHM J. 41. Mi n;i ys uuisiue me m a t n stream" of modern GOP policies, received loud applause when he told th powerful New York State Republican organization that he was supporting the national ticket headed by Goldwater. me urgauizaiion, a leaaer In the moderate and liberal North Dakota Stuck; Defers To Computers Bismarck, N.D. OP) A legislative research subcommittee has junked all its reapportionment plans and thrown the whole business Jnto the University of North Dakota computers. Staff members were directed to draw up several versions of two plans to realign the North Dakota legislature in line with a June U.S. Supreme Court decision that both senate and house seats must be distributed on a population basis. Both plans will be fed into high - speed computers to figure out proposals for dividing the state into anywhere from 43 to 51 senatorial districts. House seats would he hrnkon Hnwn later within senatorial districts. The subcommittee action was taken on unanimous voice vote after members decided against seven plans submitted earlier. Crisis Or No Crisis Moscow (v Despite t h e Southeast Asia crisis, U.S. Ambassador Foy D. Kohler left Moscow for a 19 - day vacation in West Germany. Radio, MORNING TV 6:30 O Operation Alphabet 6:45 CD Cartoons Child. 7:00 O Today Var. . a.m. Local news 7:25, 8:25 CD Morning Show O Summer Semester . 7:30 O Features: Fri. Summer Kindergarten ' 7:45 O Christophers (Mon.) O Soc. Security (Tue.) . 7:55 O Thought for Day 8:00 OCD Captain Kangaroo O Farm Topics Talk . 8:30 O Film Features 9:00 O Room for Dad OCD News: Wallace 0 King, Odie Cartoon 9:15 O Funny Co. Cartoon 9:30 O Word for Word Quiz 0 1 Love Lucy O Coffee Break (Thu.) O Price Right Creative Cookery .9:55 O News: Newman 10:00 O Concentration AFTERNOON TV 12:00 OO News, Weather p.m. O Movie: Fri. 'Turn Off the Moon' CD RFD Blauvelt 12:30 O Conversations: Olson O World Turns 12:55 O News: Kalber , 1:00 QLoretta Young OQD Password Quiz 1:30 O The Doctors OCD Houseparty Var. O Day in Court - 1:55 O News: Howard 2:000 Another World OCD To Tell Truth O Gen. Hospital . - 2:25 OCD News: Edwards 2:30 O You Don't Say Quiz OCD Edge Nite O Queen for Day 1:00 0 Match Game Qui! FRIDAY EVENING TV 6:00 News (All butO p.m. O Dragnet Detective 6:30 O Showtime Circus from Holland' OCD Great Adventure Dramatization of John Brown's pre - Civil War raid on Harper's Ferry O Commercial Live Dateline History 6:45 Social Security 7:00 O Country Music (0 Ohio State Music 7:30 Bob Hope 0 Young man angry with family, girl friend, and employer turns to bank robbery OGD Route 66 Drama Aging auto racer is torn between wife's fears and daughter's jealous encouragement Science Reporter 8:00 O ABC - .Football College All - Star game between last year's seniors and NFL's Chicago Bears Jazz Casual Music Bandleader Woody Herman wing of the party in New York State, also pledged It full support to Goldwater, a conesrvative. Rockefeller made a strong appeal for party unity during the closed door meeting of GOP county chairmen and vice chairmen. The Governor, as he ha in the past, said he party was big enough to embrace all who believe in the basic Republican principles even though they differ on how bfst to implement them or translate them into political actum. Express Concern Several upstate county chiefs expressed concern over Sen. Kenneth Heating's failure to announce support for the national ticket. The Rochester senator has yet to an - nounce officially whether he will seek re - election. The governor defended Keathing's position. The upstaters felt Keating should support the national ticket headed by Goldwater and Rep. William E. Miller, candidate for vice president. Keating is considered a party moderate while Goldwater is a conservative. After Goldwater won the Talks Renewed In Detroit Strike Detroit ifi Renewed nego tiations between reoresenta tives of Detroit's two daily newspapers and two striking j national ticket. He noted that craft unions entered their sec - Rockefeller made 28.1 speech - ond day Thursday, as the m in behalf of former Viet - walkout entered its 24th day.' President Richard M. Nixon's The new round of . talks opened Wednesday and was the first conducted since July 20 by bargaining teams from the morning Detroit Free Press, the afternoon Detroit News, Local 10 of the Plaie and Paperhandlers Union and Local 13 of the Printing Press - men and Assistants Union. Federal and state mediators sat in on the meetings. Principal issues in dispute reportedly were premium pay and the size of work forces. Television Programs Stations Seen in Lincoln KMTV (NBC) Omaha O WOW (CBS) Omaha O KETV (ABC) Omaha (0 KOLN (CBS) Lincoln CD KUON (ETV) Lincoln C Ctr (PI t PrMMiM R OCD The Real McCoys Get Message Jeopardy: Fleming 10:30 O Pete, Gladys Q Missing Link CD As World Turns 11:00 Say When: Art James OCD Love of Life O Father Knows 11:25 OCD CBS News: Trout 11:30 O Consequences O Search Tomorrow Q Ernie Ford 11:45 OCD Guiding Light 11:55 O News: Schcrer OCD Secret Storm O Trallmaster 3:25 O News: Vanocur 3:30 O Cartoons Children O Mike Douglas Var. , CD Cartoons Child. 3:45 Rocky, Friends 4:00 O Movie: Fri. 'Her Husband Lies' CD Cartoons Child. 4:30 O Mickey Mouse Cart. 5:00 O Cartoons: Fri. Magilla Gorilla O Leave It To Beaver CD Cartoons Child. Fri. Woody Woodpecker 5:25 O TV Pulse: Coleman 5:30 O Huntley - Brinkley OCD News: Cronkite O ABC News: Cochran (D Features: Fri. Courtship 5:45 Q News, Weather tramples in with his famed 'Swingin Herd' Film 8:30 O On Parade Phil Ford and Mimi Hines O Twilight Zone Astronaut turns down chance to stay forever young because he is in love CD DickWickman People and Politics 9:00 O Jack Paar Q Singer Kate Smith and comic Sam Levenson OCD Alfred Hitchcock Woman has wartime racket of claiming communication with dead soldiers IB Flaherty Features 'Nanook of the North' C22 10:00 News (All but O) 10:30 O Johnny Carson ' Q Johnny returns home O Movie Mystery Stage Fright' C50 - 90m) 10:35 CD Cheyenne West. 11:00 O Movie Western 'Fort Apache' '48 - 90 11:35 CD News: Stevens GOP nomination on the first ballot last month at the National Republican Convention in San Francisco. Keating said he would "need time" to consider his political future. The senator said he would "sit with my conscience" and make a decision well ahead of the Republican state convention Sept. 1 at which he is scheduled for renomination. Certain Advantages Fred A. Young, Republican state chairman, was asked whether he felt Keating should make an immediate decision. He replied that waiting had certain advantages. He said Keating can appear on television as a senatot, but when he becomes a candidate he might have to pay for time or his opponent would receive equal time. After the two - hour meeting, Young said there had been a general discussion of a resolution "vigorously" supporting the Goldwater - Sliller ticket. The same resolution, adopted unanimously, urged Keating I to stand for re - election "on i flA tni'lo nf tm nii(e(nntll.n record in the congress." The "roup pledged full support for Keating. Talked "Young said Rockefeller "talked as a Republican" and entered into the general discussion on the resolution. Young said he felt the ov ernor would campaign for the nresidentia! candidacy four years ago. The chairman said it was possible for Goldwater to win in New York State "despite what you hear." Auxiliary Elects Comstock Marian Tvrdik Is the new president of the Comstock American Legion Auxiliary. Other officers elected are: Mildred Pesk, secretary; and Carrie Sestak, treasurer. RADIO EDITOR'S NOTE: Radio programs for the enUr wk art carried in the Sunday and Monday morning papers. Following listing snows station rail Jetters. position on dial, network, and town. "U" indicates daytime only station.) LOCAL RADIO KFAB ( 1110: NBC Omaha KFOR (1240: ABO Lincoln KLIN (1400) Lincoln KLMS (1480. MBS - Lincoln WOW (590 CBS) Omaha FM RADIO KFAB - FM (99.9mc) Omaha KFMQ - FM 95.3mc) Unctln KQAL - FM (94 lmc) - Omaha KWRE FM 92.9mc Beatrice WOW - FM (92.3mc) Omaha Special Features FRIDAY 6:55 Baseball: Minnesota v p.m. Cleveland. WOW 8:00 College All - Star Game: p.m. KFOR, ABC Radio. The All - Stars match the NFL Champion Chicago Bears 8:45 State Fair Race Results: p.m. KFAB Monitor Discrimination Policy Denied By Hospitals Omaha P Omaha hospital administrators denied Thursday they are discriminating against Negroes or following a pattern of segregation in room and bed assignments. The charge came from National Urban League headquarters in Louisville. James Canedy, president of the Omaha Area Hospital Council, declared the council "is not aware of any such conditions nor does the committee condone a policy of this nature." Capt. Mary Whits, admin - strator of the Salvation Army's Booth Memorial Hospital, said the accusation against her hospital is "false." J. D. Anderson, president of the board of trustees of Methodist Hospital, said the board has a written policy that room assignments are not made on the basis of color or creed unless a patient al readv in a room objects to a new admission. Other hospital administra tors said they endorsed Cane dy's statement. Sailors Re - Elected Dakota City Garlie Sailors of Dakota City has been re elected president of the Dako ta County Historical Society, Other officers renamed are: Harold Van de Zedde, vice president; Mrs. Ray Kes - ner, treasurer; and Mrs. Joy K. Nixon, secretary, all from akota City. j' - . ' Si HUSBAND MAY BE ALIVE In San Jose, Calif., Mrs. Kverett Alvarez Jr., with her husband's goddaughter. Denise Sanchez smiles at word that Navy Lt. (j.gJ Alverez, may be alive. He is believed to be imprisoned in North Viet Nam, where his plane was shot down during a U.S. retaliatory air attack on a North Vietnamese base. Mrs. Alvarez holds a photo of her husband. Firm Planning $300,000 Addition Omaha 'United States fold Storage Corporation announced plans Thursdav to build a $300,000 building as an addition to its refrigerated warehouse in Omaha. Carl Olson, vice president and division manager, said the building will increase the firm's storage space here by one - third. It will mean an increase of 15 to 20 additional persons employed after the new wing is completed in January, 1965. The firm stores meat, poultry, frozen foods and other food stuffs between the pro - j cessing and wholesaling. LegionNeutralOn Traywick Issue, Says Keriakedes Omaha (i'rWThe Nebraska American Legion is neutral on the appointment of Dr. Leland Traywick as president - elect of Omaha University, state Commander John H. Keriakedes of Omaha said'. He said "we have neither indorsement or condemnation of him. We feel that should be based on his performance." During an interview Dr. Traywick, in replying to a question, had said he had no objection to a communist speaking on the university campus if the speaker agreed to answer questions directed 4 to him. Rep. Glenn Cunningham of Omaha voiced vigorous criticism of Dr. Traywick's stand coincided with that of the National Education Association, the American Legion and other patriotic groups. I Keriakedes said the Legion i U 1 ; . . ...... 4 u .i l j uenevea y u u i u miuuiu ue taught the pros and cons of communism but that the Legion prefers regular faculties that "are, or should be trained" for such work. Keriakedes said the Legion stand is that communists should never be "allowed the dignity of a platform before decent, law abiding people. Quake Damages MUD Reservoir Omaha (UPD The Metro politan Utilities District said that the massive Alaskan earthquake on March 27 dam aged one of its Walnut Hill reservoirs. Engineers said the No. 3 reservoir developed a leakage and had to be emptied. They told the Mud directors the leakage had weakened the subsoil under the reservoir. Recital Planned Chadron Three students from the music department of Chadron State College will present a recital the evening of Aug. 11, at 7:30 in the Little Theater of Memorial Hall. Norman Martin, tenor, Eric Johnson, French horn, and William McGuire, pianist, will offer a program ranging from the 16th century music of John Dowland to the 20th century music of Paul Hinde - mith. RECORD BOO; MARRIAfJK l.irENSt.4 ! Robert K. Jane, nil Kn. iltH . in j AIkt Mawe Lone, Set Sn. 13th It. ; Robert J. K runnel, IW R 2.1 j Ginger R, Lacs. 8u So. Iftth i2 Charlrji I. Snuier. 2W7 No. 'fh ?0 CjmUiia n. Hester. 2.131 No, 70th .. i Dirk MrCollouiih Mind,o . 25 Leokjja Htrschke. 5M5 So. 31th .. 2a RIKIHS Bryan .Memorial Ht URSOS - Mr. ana M - C,ne Calh - crine Sechaer). 1J Prospect, AutuM S. Twin lanhirr Mc DFVfTT - Mr. and Mr. Barry (Linda Hudson , lwn K, August d. i LlnralH (fenerul Hnapltal HANN Mr. and Mus. R.)ce OThar - lotte Morin, 2621 A. August 5. VAN FKM N - Mr. and Mrs. William (Cheryl Sikyuo. August . St. Klfcabrth llnitpital mi'rphv - Mr. anj Mrs. jaima laughtr T(RKY - Mr. and Mm. Ronald Bma dine Chaptk , fc'JiK) Cleveland, Autfutt t. retioona fnea'Knextremr crwitvt rairicia wcrtinwer auainsi iavm n. Lincoln. mimcipai. coirt Note: Ea - h dHemlant mt - ntionfd pkad,i jUty unless others iw stated. City cawa hiard bv Juvlue Rtrhaid O. Jnhnson. state case heard by Judge John Jacob aon. rebooking AC iu!i"T!Nn wiTiiot'T a 'pKRMiT - wiibur Laiicr. k. pleaded wniK - ent, trial Sept. 8. hond Bernard Kiney, 1718 N. pleaded hino - f vent, trial Sept. S, bond tiO Mate tase ' SPKEDING 65 - 45 Jw'ph A, tdr. ! 22, Liysaes, fined $70; (KW - 75) Juan j M. Rosano. 2, I.AKB. OneJ S100; tB.V te) tharlw E. Mc.New. 21. LAKH. lined i iiw. CARELESS DRIVING Iannis U. f Lanham. it). 222U So. 3ttth. lined S:!S. COUNTY COI RT j Note: All cases heaid by Judge Ralph! Slot urn. I felonies t EMBEZZLEMENT DaWr lleardurii. of 14th & llish. (charged with putting! to his own use more than $100 belonging ! to Imperial Oil Co. July 14), appeared, i preliminary hearing set Aug. li, s.xmi bond. . C1TERINC, NO FUND CHIXK - Jeannotte M. Cassella, no age or ad dress given, (charged with uttering a $150 no - lund check June 27), appeared tor preliminary hearing, waived hearing, bound over to District Court, 12.500 bond. FONDLING A MINOR - Billy Wayne Far land. 17, no address Riven, (charged In connection with an Aug. 4 Incident Involving a six - year - old girl), appeared, preliminary hearing set Aug. ia$l,lKW bond. BUILDING PERMITS Mrs. Robert Gilliam, new residence lc garage. 720 State, $18.W. Robert D. Sovereign, addition to dence. 2430 E, $1,200. Keenan Construction Co., new dence. 3253 Merrill, $7,500. Daniel Michael, new residence. Ten Lane, $13,125. rest REAL ESTATE TRANSFERS (Approximate sale price taken from revenue stamps. Transitu of $10,000 or more, i Paul E. Scheele w to Darrel D. Pinkston & w. L 20, B 4, Eastborough Second Addn., $13,000. George J. Beideck Jr. It w to Gary C. Robinson It w, pt L 122. Witherbee, $20,000. St I ma M. Nix to Anna H. Bailey. L 204, sec 29. twop 10, ra 7, $20,000. Trend Homes ot Nebraska Inc. to Frank D Shaver & w. L 10. B 1, Meadow Lane 7th Addn., $20,000, John C. Steele L w to LeRoy N. Rasmussen lc w, L 4, B 1, Rose Hill. $12,000. LeRoy N. Rasmussen lc w to Bernard L. Nelson It w, L 4. B 4. Rose Hill. $14,500. NEW CORPORATIONS Beef Empire Broadcasting Co.. Norfolk; radio station; E. F. Huse Jr. and Robert E. Thomas, both oi Norfolk: $100,000. Dannull Motors. Holdrcge; Alfred G. Dannull and Walter A. Dannull, both of Huidregc; $100,000. Arthur Baptist Church, Arthur: Arnold McKeag. James Nielson, Harlan Ander - berg and Raymond Kramer, all of Arth ur; non - profit. SUPREME COI HT Barton H. Ford, an Omaha realtor asked the court to reconsider its July 1? decision awarding a $132,000 judgment to the Bishop Cafeteria Co. of Omaha. Former Lou)as county Deputy sheriff James R. Grace appealed to the court Douglas County District Court dismis sal of his action to obtain 91,757 In al leged back pay from the county. RAILWAY COMMISSION Set Aug. 11 hearing in Gering on fixing rates and charges on dry edible beans shipped in Nebraska. Set Aug. 18 hearing on an application by Hugh Coulter of McCook for authority to operate a taxicab service in McCook. FIRE CALLS Thursday 10:12 a.m.. 14th and Vine. University High School, false alarm. 10:16 am. 2001 Jelferson, automatic washer blew fuse, minor damage to motor. 4:00 p m., 1600 O, Western Auto, neon light got, hot, no lire, no damage. :ll p.m., btiuu rune, twine vnn - comb residence, overheated kettle of meat on stove, fire damage to walls and cupboard if 4.oon bouse estimated to be in exce w of I1M). Debits tint! funerals A DKMSON M rs, Hilria. K. 1013 No. died WrtlntwU . Srrvire: 10 30 a n, Saturday, I rnhr?cr s. 4?ti & Vim fcvuka. Pallforarrrs. Krnrsl PcttTnn. O. Peterson, Krir Kranson. Axri Carlson. Swan Ptaroti, Brrthnltl Anderson. Memorial: Firt Lu - (hcrn. FRNKSTI Mr Richard ?lrma, 6.1. 2221 So mht riled Wr - rim - - nny. Service: privatr. Mrnori.t1: your favorite charily, Hobrrt'i, 1110P. FINAiKM, So. 54th. - li!y Bryan. 2. 4 MM difd Tuesday tn (him ! ha Servire: 1 p.m. Friday I'm brrgr - rV 4f!th & Vine Cedar Lawn. I'alliH artrs Jotm J.ant( Joshua Tumor. Honfwn Beck. Brn Hcrr, Lorrn tltfcnman. Don Simitcr. IIKFFI.iXY - - Father Louio widow of Murl 79, of 84.1 So. 48th, died WVd.u (!, Srrvirt - : 2 AO p m Friday . llotltt - man - Splain'. 4vio A. Wytiks;. Palllrnrcr: Koiwrt .inlinsion, Kioth Troltcf. Don PanU Alvin Fvrrt'tt. I H an Barns, John Davenport. I.KFLKR - Mrs Millard C. 'Acla - lyn, 70, oi 2710 Hon r,l t'nurt, wilt of former Lincoln school suponnlendfnt, (hod Thursday. Born iVru. Lincoln ronirU nt since 1!M7. M'nitxr Music,'! Arts Club, MuPhi. Chapter VU of PKO. Triniiy Methodist. SiiV2 - vorr hubnnd: dinmi'tiT. Mrs. Ksthcr Louise Lnrson ! Linoln; sister, Ksther Andrews of Med - ford. Ore.; brother, iwnald Hlankenship of HronxniHr, N Y., Mdton liianKrnhip of 4incoin; 3 grandchildren Service an pending Koper & Sons', 4300 (). SCHLKiGKR - Henry, 77. 15:W No 15th, Mired custodian, died Wednesday. Service: iO .'tO a.m. Saturday, Hodiiinan - Splain's. 4040 A. Wy - uka. Pallbearers: Byron Srnitn, (Jeorgo Scheldt. Lloyd Carter, John Scheldt, Sr., Herlnrt Hem - bim'ner, Hichard Porter. 4 - H Royalty Crowned As '64 Fair Ends By I) KAN TKRKUJ, Southeast Nebraska Bureau Fairbury Grace Huber; and Dennis Traeger werel crowned 4 - H king and queen : as a final night highlight of. ! the Jefferson Countv fair. , Dennis, the son of Dale iTraegers of Fairbury, ha si been active six years in such i 1 4 - H projects as dairy, food,! j rope and photography, miss j Huber, whose parents are Mr. ; and Mrs. Joe Huber, of Fair - j bury, has done public sneak ; ing, judging and 411 demon stration work for nine years. AtfAnHnntc fnr thn nair ufro j ' , . , , . ) ratty vvngni oi uiaasione and Mickey Gill of Fairbury. a n Alf.snr.Hon ninnipr farm award recognized the ! Grant Blair farmstead, pur - hand inct upct of PowpII ' . LIldSlu JUhl vvebl , un j tn lHbi Dy James ciair. me award was accepted by Mrs. Gube Blauser, daughter of the . jgte Mr. Blair and his widow, ... Vina. Teen - Ager Can't Run For Office in Massachusetts Boston f Weymouth teenager Leonard Tat?g was denied a place on the state bal lot Thursday as a candidate for the Massachusetts House. Suffolk Superior Judge Reuben L. Lurie dismissed t o suits by Tagg asking that the State Ballot Law Commission be overruled and that his name be included on the ballot. The commission had ruled him off the ballot because of his age 17. Lurie said that in order to hold office, a person must be old enough to vote. The minimum voting age in Massachusetts is 21. - Tagg is the last of five teenagers who circulated nomination papers to run for state public ofifce after it was discovered the law on qualifications of candidates for the legislature had no age requirements. The other four youthful candidates withdrew. WIN 2 FREE TICKETS To The SAN FRANCISCO '49ers vs PITTSBURGH STEELERS Charity Pro - Football Game In Omaha, August 29 Watch or Call WOW - TV, CHANNEL 6, for Details 450 Free Tickets WOW - TV Mf OK T Allen K0. of .m21 Circuit Ave., retired cdy fireman, died Thursday Born MciivmhkI, Iowa Lincoln resident 50 years. Lincoln Fire i)epf. MMMt. retired captain l,AKB fr" PM.'1 - IMB. State Penstentsaiv to v - er Ruard 1 f - WV - 1 .7 . SurviVer - son, Kloyd K of Lincoin; 2 srand.sont. brothers, Fa'l of PhitlipHburu, Kan . Horner of Norman. ki ; suter. J'ssic Seward of Oin.thu. Ida CarT r!er of San DicRn, Lucy Kse of Chulla Vusta. Cahf. Servlie: t p m. Mondav. t m - bcrer, 4.'!th k Vine "he Rev J, Herlxrt darner. Wyuka. SITTF.K - Mn. L. P 'Charlotte 4.V22 SI. Paul, hmwwife. died Wednesday, Born Illinois. Survivors son. Arlowr oi Red WoxkI. ( ahf .; stepson. Frank of LiiU ".n; brother, Allert Flicker of Chi - ratio. Meli - alf's. 245 No 27th Servient: 1 p m Friday, grave side, Fatrview The Hev John Foust, Metcalf'K, 245 No. 27th. OCT OF TOWN GALLOWAY Hay, fi7, died Wednesday at Palmyra. Survi vors: wife; "son, !Hn of Lincoln; ttto sisters of California, , Services: 2 p m. Fritlay. Tonsina; & Wcmple's, Palmyra. Burial: HosewtMd Cemeterv. Palmyra, The Hev. William Pfeffer i!CSA - Jakr L, 81, Dorchester farmer, died Wednesday. Survivors: wife, Mary: daughters. Mrs. John C. ' Delia Audflt of Crete, Mrs. ilenry iFhie Kraus of Friend; sister. Mrs. Annie Mehchar of Crete; I grandson, 1 granddauyhter, 1 reatfirand child Serviees: 2 'Hi p m. Sunday, Kunel's, Crete. The Rev. J. T. Schwarz Jr. Burial: Crete Riverside. JOHNSON - William F.., W, of 1H A, formerly of Dorchester, dud Wednesday Scrviers: W 10 am Saturday, Dorchester Metlmdist. Military services August Vanek American Legion 2i.4 of Drchester, Burial Dorchester. Volland's, Dtrchester. K IK KM AN Mrs Christie, 81, Aurora, died Wednesday at Te - cumseh. Member OF.S. Aurora Women's Club. Survivors: sons, Doran of Tecumseh, Rotjcft of Lincoln; brother, llandd of Satile; sisters. Mrs. Grace (Jrofmian of Seattle, Mrs. Gertrude Mmre of Iii!lewnod. Calif., Mrs. Ada Curry of Kertnit, Tex., Mrs. Ruby Wood of Kansas City, Kan ; two grandchildren; five great - grandchildren. Services: 10 30 a.m. Saturday. Ilighy'ft, Aurora; graveside 2 pm. Nelson, Neb. The Rev. Skaife. NOLAN Mary Elizabeth (widow of Luke), formerly of Lincoln, died in Grand Island Tuesday . Service: 10 :i0 a.m. Saturday, Knper & Sons. 4',(H) (). Wyuka. The Rev. t'rancis A. Helotc POZKHL C'hris. 72. Utica. died Thursday at Seward. Retired farmer. Survivors: hrotnet s, Carl of York. Otto of York, sisters. Mrs. Minnie Dorenms of Utica, Mrs. Martha Schultze of Huntley, III., Mrs. Aun t Tappc ol Lincoln, Mrs. Marie; Fehl - hafer of L'tica. Mrs, Lydia Schlueier of Lexington, .services: Sunday at St. Paul's Lutheran, Ltica. The Rev, Walter Lnndtfraf. Burial: L'tica. Car - neuter's, Ltica. STKVFNS John Franklin, 92, re tired farmer, died Thursday in Douglas, Neb. Born: Boone County, Ind. Resident of south Lancaster County most of life, living in Douglas, Panama, Hallam, Clatonia. Member Methodist, Stratton, Neb. Survivors: sons, Wayne F. of Clatonia, Ernest D. of Lincoln. John L. of Bromfield, Colo., Elmer C. of Ft. Collins, Colo., Merle F. of, Denver; daughters, Mrs. Elva E. Ireland of Oxford, Neb., Mrs. Lima M. Nieman of Douglas, Miss Laura D. of Cheyenne, Wyo.; brother, William of Lahhora, Calif.; sister, Mrs. Carrie Wilfagne of Lone Pine, Calif. Umberger's, Hallam, Neb. Journal ond Star Want Ads Your low - coat Want Ad appcini daily in Mw Lincoln Star Momma) and the Lincoln Journal Kvcnin or the Sunday Journal and Star at Uw following cash rates: ! i 1 3 1 4 T 10 u io tit .10 I rat i i.M i 4.r 11 - 13 ! I i 1.08 j 3 60 ( t. 1 170 M M 14 1 1.3X t 4 4 ( 44 I 1.70 . n'n l 1 1 ' t w" 30 1 4 1 1 W 4.41 I .U 1 W - 30 3i i 7 i no I 7 a io a i u w These lew - cost rates apply to Want Ads from within the State of Nebraska which are placed tor consecutive days and are paid for within 10 days after the ad expires or is canceled Daily rates for ads from outside Nebraska are I cents per word or 40 cents per line. Rates on request for weekday serv. ke morning only or evening only. TO PLACE ADS Diol 477 - 8902 r . j,,Liiiif i - Mon union to, Lincoln Memorial 3 spaces. $a5 each. 3 spaces In Lincoln Memorial Ceme - tery. Good location. 434 - 4701. 14 Funoml Directors HODGMAN - SPLAIN 'MORTUARY 488 - 0934 4040 A 17 Umberger's 466 - 1971 Ambulances or B'unerals 45th & Vine, Lincoln Hallam 787 - 3130, 787 - 2450 Waverly 466 - 1971, 786 - 2410 27 WADLOW'S MORTUARY 1223 L SptTtoug Parkmg Lot. 4324S3S 33 I he IJttroln Stnr 21 f ridoy, Aug, 7, 1964 fifjtorel Plrottort t ROPER & SONS Mortuaries 3 CONVKNIKNT LOCATlOf' 1.114 H rt o 4 )2 - im 4QC17 Havetoctl Avo. s4 - at rt NKRM. HOMR FoMMERLY JfRLM.SIMkfcRfEU H.Nr.RAL HitMK, 30 tf tt CIMI - - - ; 4JBMBM - - lost A foofttf 7 Ixmt In l.inrofs fr Mn' bill ffM with driver liten and lots of Ktnt?fu atow rri f'lS!e SM t rt - rti!icsnn get reward. - 7 tst Rtrth ceitiflcafe btwees pVh. idl nen"C), " iQtzj. j Lcrt: hny'i Sting Rsy iiryrle. Isen drr L"ne l' - 14f'fi. Reward, 2 lit JL. VSLm - ' Ewt Lif ht "irten host tmtr netweeo f - 'rennmt Lmroin Saturday sur flwHi , rrward for return, 444.3; Jkrad sor ral stallion. Mate face A'syr - me hvi(ig tfitor rnaiiofi of same frtotact Ben vott. Bos 144, Garland IS Summof Cottwfot, looortt t i"iK rurntihed cafun Riuo iriivr lw1.Mi. R,!ey,jLT2 31UM. It l'iiiT' , comrle!y AVeorsted rsntn. 3 fooffli. f n - !rel oriro em rooms. fnclred Prirfi on PThaui hing ami boAUnt lakeO and fla'tai isr Ah!snd 3D misntes om Linrnln. 4f - 7T?5, - 11 Ri from Reserve for Asgont. Srm BionWn loiuici in Minnesota Pins. fUnd l e a r h, boat furnished. 421 - 4 1 10 f) ft AND OlRlJl " Special Rates fme to the Knddt Morn Rant - It near O'Neill. Nrnr.. for a wek of fun. hrwhsfk rutins, finin(. rampirg, h.i'.i r.Mt. cnp nt, hiking Age It. one wtek of girls, week of 1 ( ins - t Imrlena (Hen SlU So Sitnd M. R.itMon, Nebr , rhrme 3.1t ;.3 nr Helen Martens, f'mmft. Nhr f' tin lang f NKW MODK.RN CABIN I hedrwtm Timber Wstl. hqiH - tn ran met. trtk k rant. Situated on hoatmg Uke at C edar t reek. Netn. k hne PUlUmouth 4423 or write R Vhnedr. Louisville, ;J r, - - - ;,, - ' ' ;,' ,.. . 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IncW 1 479. 4 Stiuient wishes 7id U New "V irk. a'ti AusiMt 10. Share expenses. Hden. 4.12 KWl. berwsra 7 Mom. I WIIX CARE FOR Kl.hKRt.Y WOM A in .my IIOMK 4.12 - 2M4. 10 Want to rent t. a half 4 or two between si .ill garage. Call 466 7 8pm. J "WAN I) 4 MASKS WfATM Electroliigist. Safe. oermafM - nt remosr - al of unwanted hair from fae. need & rmi, s'!en?ifi? methnd recommended fy leading meHical author! tiri ConsjMatinn with - it obligation, Sh.tri b!dg.v 477 1708. l Wanfert Driver to drive Eoreign ear to Austin, Texas. Call 434 - 3733 morn . Jngs. 13 Vacancy for woman; also n for man Wilson Nursing Horn. 1701 A. ' 42.1 4A41. .q tnttructiofi It Piano lessons. 4 years tesrhtng sx nerjence . 44 So. 40 400 - 2303. 4 Ra"d better. ne0 better, pnonctle methrsl. 473 - 34.'i8. It aygsBjjsxBBBKaaay r '. : - '4 t . i i i BtifiRoti Sorvicot 11 AIR CONDITIONING RKRV1CK Air conditioners instailod. W ssrete) sir conditioners, frseaar. mfrifsra tors. Allied RefrigeraUo. 477 - Ull ? " ao - 6o. " m " ArKiANciTfriTict rAST (H 'ARANTKKl) SERVICE on all makes 4hers, drters and other piliaiie. RC A Whirlpiots sales 4 servnT. I'hime 4 - 7sw. Open 0 - 0. APPLIANCE SKRVirE CO. 4242 C OKNllLSkER llfVY i Maytag service repair on all Maytag products, fuaranteea. 4.37". ll Al's aher. dryer servic. Evening and weekeoda. Repairs reasonable. 4J - 044O. ni 1$ BASEMENTS Walio straightened. re la id. Mater urooted. Prompt, reliable serv we. So ku too small. All work guaran - teyd 477 - 1 . - IS A - l Batcmem Work. New or old work, waterorooting. back plastering. waUs straightened, Window win duw wells LQStalled. 423 - 4000. 466 - 2126. A fs W eon st ruction CO - W a 1 1 0 stisightened - rclaid. Patios - sidewalks driveways. 23 mars wn ri sacs, 477 4821, 4.15 - 123. 17 BASEMENT KEFAIft We sttecialtte in basement repair ard waieipiooung. r re csumaie. sjs.m. - is All basement repair Serving Lincoln pan is years. nae merits onOer older homes Complete Jobs. Refer ei;ces. Insured guaranteed. O. L. Jstro. 4A9 - 2 1 14. : j Z BASEMENT FOUNDATIONS Foundations straightened, relakl. tf waierprooteo. rrompt. rellaole service. No lob too small. All work J uaranteed. 477 HOP. i Basement leaking? Dirt settled around foundation? Filling. Umping. 477 - 4321, 4.12 - 4123. M BASEMENT WATERPROOFING , Basement Waterproofed. Guaranteed 10 smp an ieaKs. cracks repaired Reliable, experienced. ie name. Small iobs welcome. 4r7 - lX. 15 Basement waterproofing. Masonrv waterproofing. Fre estimates. fH. terms. 435 - 2830. 30 BLACK DIRT BLACK DIRT Prompt Delivery 466 - 7586 C. V. Ps.erson 30 AAA Crushed Hock 4 Dtrt Co. Blacfi dirt,, 130 pr c ri Half toads available. 400 - lisw jjf . CARPENTER WORK Carpenter Work . 477 - 2846 m 7 Csrpenter work, all kinds. No Job too small. Reasonable. 434 - 4020. 31 Call Roy Hyde. Concrete, carpentry garages. Cash or terms. 466 - 7817. 29 All kinds carpenter work. Insured kelp. 36 month payments. 432 - 3132. ': m Carpenter work, all kinds. Experienced, reasonable. Small lobs eW come. 466 - 3390. 2) Wanted custom built homes to build for private parties. By qualified builder. Call 4 - 3238. evenings. Ask for Jun Kearney. I Horn remodeling and improvement servic. Fre estimate. 434 - 4543. 17 Carpenter work of all kinds. Call after 3pm. Phone 466 - 4864. 20 Carpenter, painting, cement, remodel ing. Building garages. Free estimates. Bill. 433 - 7628. 10 Carpenter, plaster, painting. Handy ,man. Reasonable. 433 - 7331, t CEMENT Cement Work 477 - 2846 I CEMENT WORK Dnvswavs, patios, sidewalks. No Job too small Estimates. 423 - 8003. 406 - 212t. 5 Driveways, sidewalks, patios, general repair. Free estimates. 434 - 6818. 18 . All kinds cement work. Customized patios, sidewalks. Driveways. All work guaranteed. Reliable. Expert enced. 477 - 1400. - 13 Abandon all cement problems. Drive - ways, patios, walks. Free estimate. 434 - 7733, ' ' - 15 ALL KINDS CEMENT WORK C. V. Peterson Cement Work 466 - 7380. . L ... 8 Experienced Cement Finisher ContractorWater Proofing - Free Esti - mates. Call Day or Night 432 - 7394. , y , r t Basement waterproofing, straighten - ing. dinging, block laying, raising 4 straiKhien houses. Any cement work. 432 - iflOl. 20 All kinds of cement work. Reason - able. Free estimates. 4Y7 - 3.184. 31 Call C.E Krieger Cwnerete Com - ptny. Dependable, reliable with 3$ years experience. Pnoi - .e 432 - 9138. aa - L I f T

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