Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on July 17, 1963 · Page 23
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 23

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 17, 1963
Page 23
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Young Republican Neutral Position tiy RAYMOND LAtM And FRANK £L£A2£R UnfUkf f>r «ii ffilerttattonal WASHINGTON (Of»I) - Donald E. (Bua) Lukens, elected Young Republican national chairman aft* er a public endorsement of Sen, Barry Goldwater for president, pledged himself today to a neutral stand on potential GOP can* didates and promised to support whoever is nominated. But the outspoken 32-year*old minority clerk of the Mouse Rules Committee, in a questton-and-an- swer session with UPI reporters, reaffirmed his belief in the Arizona senator's conservative philosophy; said a conservative Republican would run better next year than a "me too" candidate; and predicted defeat of President Kennedy no matter who gets the nod. Lukens, a bachelor from Xenia, Ohio, is a self-styled "amateur" and newcomer to politics. He won the chairmanship of the Young Republican Federation in San Francisco last month after what he conceded was a "tempestuous" convention and what his predecessor called a "nightmare" session at which police, once were called to keep order. In his campaign for the two- year office Lukens, who previously had won chairmanship of the federation's District of Columbia unit, publicly committed himself to Goldwater; advocated repeal of the income tax, and called for withdrawal of the United States from the United Nations. Lukens, whose campaign and election prompted some , concern among senior Republicans about the G.OP image projected from the Young Republican Convention, said nobody in the party hierarchy had censured him. And he said he had met nothing but friendly cooperation at party headquarters here. Q. Accounts of your convention appear to show the convention was solidly for Goldwater. Is that a correct assessment? A. That accounting of the convention, yes. I wouldn't agree with many others. Q. And you yourself endorsed Goldwater, How can you be'neu­ tral noW? A. I can be neutral, simply by doing my job. The federation always has been neutral and as far as I am concerned, and as far as anybody working under me, it will be neutral. We will endorse any Republican nominee who has been officially selected. Q. Your predecessor in this job (Leonard Nadasdy of Minnesota, who presided at the convention) said that he saw in the convention evidence that the real objective of the John Birch Society "is to subvert the Republican party and to seize control" of the party. A. I don't know about the subverting, and I am not a member of the John Birch Society and never will be. Along the same line I will not condone or condemn them. My politics are Republican. I have room for anyone in the Republican party and I will not take part in any political activity outside the Republican party. Q. Do you think the position of conservatism espoused by this convention should be the position of the GOP? A. Basically I do think the conservative philosophy is the predominant philosophy at this time within the framework of the Republican party. And, yes, I think it should be listened to. I think the overriding conclusion from the convention is that Young Republicans want to have a voice, and want their voice heard. Lukens said an important factor in the coming presidential election is the possibility of Re­ publican gaini in Congress, tie said with a conservative standard bearer the party could pickup 10 to 25 House seats "permanently and quickly" ttm southern areas previously written oft to Democrats. He conceded that such a stand by the party nationally could hurt chances of some liberal GOP can* didates from the East but said, "I'm more concerned with the fate generally of the Republican party than with any specific area." U. Is it true you have recommended repeal of the personal income tax? A. In essence, yes. Q. Then where are you going to get the money? A. There are 20 different ways of going at this problem. The first thing of course is to reduce federal spending to its absolute minimum. I think we spend too much money, for example in the field of foreign aid. In other areas, I would like to see state assumption of more areas of social welfare. Q. Wouldn't you. have to pay more state taxes then? A. That's true. I'm not against state taxes. Lukens said he favors withdrawal of the United States from the United Nations "as presently structured." He said the United Nations has not accomplished its mission. As a substitute he suggested creation Of a "United Nations of the free world," as proposed by former President Hoover. « Q. Do you have any general advice for the Republican party on how to win elections? A. I think what we have not done is sell our positive accomplishments over the past 30 years. This is one of the things this new group (The Young Republicans) wants to do. We need to educate the general public as well as our own party as to the accomplishments of our party within the recent years. We need to tell the people about our stand on civil rights, a stand that actually is stronger than the Democrat party 's. Q. If you do that, how do you also carry the South? A. I don't think that the South, the individual Southerner, is as concerned about the civil rights issue as he is about the economic and social and political future of that portion of the country. Q. In its civil rights resolution your executive committee appears to have come out against a proposed public accommodations law. A. I have in my mind serious and sincere doubts as to whether it's a violation of a personal right to refuse service or to insist on service. It has not been legally decided. I an not a racist. lam definitely, if anything, a liberal on civil rights. I'm for these people 100 per cent and there's no doubt that any citizen of the United States must have the right to vote, the hight to housing, the right to education, the right to employment. But I do not want to confuse privileges with rights! Hold Suydam Meet The annual Suydam reunion was held Sunday at the Lincoln Park band stand with 14 families attending. The Donald Suydam family and Miss Esther Suydam were in charge of arrangements. Next year's reunion will be held the second Sunday in July. Donald Litchfield and Eugene Suydam will head the committee for arrangements. The rubber tree belongs to the Spurge family. Most commercial rubber comes from the para rubber tree, native of Amazon forests. Have a Forkful o' Flavor Golesburo Register-Mail, Golesburg, Wed. July 17. 1963 25 ieon Big Saving* WHh Our... £f£| PORK Foursome •^fiolWr Fotif big pork *peeialg with quality way above part The price is well below par . . • that mean* your budget won't be in the rough ihh week. 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