Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on April 19, 1968 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 19, 1968
Page 2
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Friday, April 19,1968 SOCIETY Phone 7-3431 Between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. Calendar of Events SUNDAY, APRIL 21 A Scotch Ball Golf Tournament, postponed from an earlier date, will be held at 3:30 -p.m. Sunday, April 21 at the •Hope Country Club, The entry : fee will be a White Elephant .'item, and a potluck supper will follow lhe tournament. MemLers of the Methodist Youth Fellowship will serve breakfast at the First Methodist Church Sunday, April 21. The tasty meal will cost only 50 cents for children and $1 for adults. The public is invited. MONDAY, APRIL 22 Circles 1 and 2 of the W.M.S. tice Monday, April 22, at 7:00 p.m. TUESDAY, APRIL 23 Chapter AE, P.E.O., will meet at 2 p.m. Tuesday, April 23 in the home of Mrs, i.', D."Springer. Please note change of time. LEGION AUXILIARY HOLD SUPPER MEET On Tuesday, April 16 the Les« lie Hudleston Post, American Le- tion and Auxiliary, had a joint supper meeting at the Woodman Hall. After the potluck meal had been served, the Post Commander, Robert Cox, called the meeting to order. Cecil Weaver voiced the opening prayer, and the Preamble was repeated by all, led by Auxiliary Sergeant-at-arms, Mrs. Cecil Weaver. Unit President Mrs. and study of ^ took ^Spiritual Life Development" to ^be taught on Malaygia by Mrs. S. A Whitlow Circle needs Q{ Us members are asked to note the especially in schoo i s and change of date. hospitals. She showed a picture The Adult Choir of the First j0 f the concrete block hospital Presbyterian Church will prac- built by the American Legion Aux- mode o'd ROW PLAIDS... Sun stealers in Dacron polyester and cotton! — drip dry —crease resistant — 1. Scooter pantshift, sleeveless. 2. Bermuda collar sleeveless blouse. 3. Jamaica short, self belt. 4. Culotte. patch pockets, self belt, all in sizes 8-16 . ——i •••••••^^^^^^^ tlare© detys only Sat'Mon.-Tues, All Reg. 2.99 "A Book." meeting, iliary at the CARE Medical Cen« ter in Gomback. Commander Cox Introduced Rep. f albot Fetid, Jr,, who told of the Legion's Child Welfare Program that has been carried on by the Legion and Auxiliary for almost 50 years, He said it was an Emergency Program for aiding needy veterans and children while the family was be* ing processed for state welfare or while the father was in the hospital or unemployed, A lengthy discussion followed about the struggle the Legion was having to maintain this worthwhile program, During a sort business meet* ing, Mrs, Formby announced the Rehabilitation and Junior Conference would be held in Little Rock Saturday, April 20, The Auxiliary President appointed Mrs. Dean Murphy, Mrs. Cecil Wea« ver, and Mrs. Homer Beyerley to serve as a nominating committee to select officers for next year. SHOVER SPRINGS HD CLUB MEETS Mrs. Homer Poindexter, Vice- President of the Shover Springs Extension Homemakers Club, was hostess for a meeting of the club on Thursday, April 11. In the absence of the president, she was also the presiding officer and opened the meeting. For the Eye Opener Mrs. Bob Dillard showed how to make and use a laundry bag for small articles. "Understanding Your Fabric's Personality" was the interesting Lesson which Mrs. Wilton Mullins presented. The hostess read from Mark 15 for the devotion, and she so gave a poem During the business Mrs. Darrell Dillion performed the duties of secretary, and Leader Reports were given, by Mrs. Dillon on Safety and by Mrs. Poindexter on Human Relations. To raise money for the club's Cemetery Project, members brought items and sold them among themselves for 50 cents. Mrs. Poindexter led the group in singing "Battle Hymn of the Republic." Mrs. Floyd Mangum won the door prize, and as game leader, she directed a contest which Mrs. Darrell Dillon won. Cake and cold drinks were served to 7 members, 4 children, and 1 guests, Mrs. Ethel Reese. BERYL HENRY PTA MEETS Beryl Henry Elementary School PTA met Tuesday, April 16 at 3:30 p.m. in the scho v ol cafetorium. # •-• Mrs. Electa Nelson gave the devotional. The first grade sang three songs under the direction of Mrs. Rose Thrash and also won the room count. Mrs. Bennett Wood was in charge of the business in the absence of the President J. W. Rowe. She announced the Cookbooks were being put together and that some of them were ready to sell. Mi s. Wood introduced Haskell Jones, General Manager of Radio Station KXAR who gave a program, "What Are You Hearing On The Radio." CELEBRATES 83rd BIRTHDAY Miss Allie Nichols celebrated her 83rd birthday anniversary April 13 at Bodcaw. Those present for the celebration were, Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Gibson; Mr. and Mrs. Royce Gib- HOP! (ARK) STAR, Printed try Offset son and girls; Kim Gibson, all of Garland, Texas; Mr, and Mrs, Chester McDowall, and Mrs. Lynda Yocum and Mr, and Mrs. Harold Lowe, Camdenj Mr, and Mrs, Cecil Burstin, Kilgore, Texas; Mr, and Mrs, Donnie Corey and Boys, f exarkana; Mrs, Buck Nichols, Shreveport; Mrs, Buddie Nichols and children, Prescott; Mr, and Mrs, M. P, Nichols and Mr, and Mrs, W, S, McKamle, Bodcaw, The honoree received many lovely and useful gifts, Engagement Announced Bookmobile Schedule iu^^tt wytkw* ^WnJifii Coming, Going Mr. and Mrs. J. T, Bowden returned Sunday from a trip to California, where they visited their daughter, Marsha, in Santa Clara, other relatives in Ventura, and points of interest in San Francisco and Yosemite National Park. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Kinard, Junction City; Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Kinard, Kent Kinard and Sheila Mouta, El Dorado; and Mr. and Mrs. Richard See, Lake Charles, La., were Easter weekend guests of Mrs. E.P. Young and other relatives. Mrs, Mack Brown and Mrs. G. T. Law son are going to Ft. Worth, Sunday, and to Amarillo, Monday. When they return home May 1, Mrs. J. B. Hart of Amarillo will accompany them for a 3-week visit here. Mr. and Mrs. Harry H. Mack of Dallas are visiting Mr. and Mrs. Elbert May. April 22 Ofcay Og&fttt -' v 12 i 1 5 1 {00 Ii20 i • US 3; IS Pry Hoee fitif0d(t Matte Bugrnaey School Bobo tfome Hotae Il00 April 23 ; 3:15 dibtey ttoese 3:00 8j i*5 R096 Home 9:00 CUtk Home AfHfi 9:15 Battlefield Lbop 9 : dO lOttS Spring Hill Schaol Spring Mill El ledge Hotne Williams Home ttii 26 . ,: • ; Bennett Moae tf Lanebueg Shhddl Cais School 12*00 I tOO It 15 2:15 Patmoa School April 24 8j45 Bode aw School 10:00 May Home 10tl5 Sherman Home 10:45 Williams Grocery 11:30 WilUsvilU 1:30. Water a Home 1:45 Mitchell Grocery 2:15 Waroack Home 2:30 Fore Home 3:00 Shover Springs April 25 12:15 2s 00 2s 30 KfeUy Hone » 2 ji*5 Rosa ton "j Survivors of Big |C Quake Dwindle ; SAN FRANCISCO (AP) « Survivors of the San Francisco earthquake and fire are dwindling. Only a score showed flp for reminiscences at an anntal meeting Thursday, They talked about how houses tipped ana tilted and porches fell off durftfe the 1906 disaster that laid wasite to much of the city* Celebrating Anniversary ^ CHICAGO (AP) — Timothy Crowley, 99, and his wife, Mary. 90, are celebrating their 70th wedding anniversary .todas Mr. and Mrs. Andy Mahilick, Pueblo, Colo., arrived Thursday to see Mrs. Maud Lewallen and others in Hope. Barber Wouldn't Get Hair Cut ROCHESTER, N.Y. (AP) Apprentice barber Rodney McDonald, 18, was told by his boss Thursday to turn in his scissors and clippers. The reason: He refused to get his hair cut. BARBARA GILES McGOVERN The engagement of Barbara berger graduated from Texas "•- ~"°-° —;" Hi '*»/ Christian University in the Class Giles McGovern, daughter of Mr. { Ig67 where he was a member Hugh McGovern Jr. and thejate nf R1trma Chi fraternit v. He is Mrs. McGovern of El Paso, as, to Mr. . the son of Judge and Mrs. Royce h e "is" a member of Phi Alpha Weisenberger of Hope is being ^^ legal fraternity. The wed- announced by the bride-elects ^ m tak lace August 10 father. Miss McGovern is a sen- at s Mannattan Church in El Paso. somettil^g7^1)olnTs~out what's CM fraternity . w ™ «>w attending Southern Methodist Weisenberger, University School of La w wh ere ' lame*, mioo McGovern is a sen- „!. ior at Texas Christian University * l , where she is a member of Pi Beta Phi sorority. Mr. Weisen- „, wrong, notwhat's right. My house clean, washing and HELEN HELP US! by Helen Bottel belong. — H SHE DOESN'T MEAN IT Dear Helen: I work in a night club and tend bar. Pm supposed p ear Helen: I am a 69-year- to be nice'to 'everybody. Be-i oldw j dow ^ d iting a divorced man noiico Pm «afhar aftrapfiva and ' . -* •» _ _«i__i_ Qn/»fa1 SPClirl" $100 3. cause Pm ,?ather attractive and have certain ways about mn, it's easy for men to fall for me. I don't want them to. It just happens. Then the wives get furious, and sometimes marriages even go on the rocks, just because I can't help being too friendly with men. My own marriage went bust for the same reason. My husband was in the service, and when he came back he wanted me to stay homo with our five children, but I couldn't resist the good times I have at work. So he left. Now I'm getting married again—as soon as my divorce final. But Pm afraid something will ruin it. When men becomes husbands they seem to change. Suggestions?-TOO FRIENDLY Dear Friendly: Only one: Re- momber "friendships," like charity, begins at home, so stay horns and keep both where they I tBANANA V SPLTT New cottons, Arnel 1 triacetates, blends! CORNER SECOND & MAIN ST$. ty, and also makes about week. I have only my pension of $95 a mouth, but I live with my son and family —in the house Pve willed to them—so I manage. We get along fine. No problems here. In fact they call me "the swingin' grandma." But they disagree with me about one thing. You see, my gentleman friend takes mo out to dinner, to the theatre, to clubs, and dances., clubs, and dances. Sometimes we make week-end trips, though we aren't marriage-minded. Recently I suggested that I help pay my way by giving him $20 a month. After all, he spends about five times that on our entertainment. He refused it first, but when I insisted, he accepted. My son and daughter-in-law, though they aren't bossy about it, tell me this doesn't look good, but sort of like I'm buying a gigolo. I say that even though he has more money than I have, he also pays rent, and his living expenses are much more than mine. The $20 "fun-money" doesn't run me short. After I contribute $30 toward family household expenses, I have $45 left each month for extras, gifts for the children, etc. The family still says Pm wrong. Am I? -SWINGIN' GRANDMA Dear Grandma: Not in my book, you aren't! I think you're a groovy Grandma, and keep swingin' I — u Dear Helen: I have a woader- ful husband and i love him, But he has one irritating habit: Faultfinding, No matter how woll I do is always ironing done; I keep myself looking nice. I knock myself out on extra-special meals. Yet he'll come home and find dust on top of the refrigerator, or a wrinkle in th? back of his shirt, or he'll say, "When I had this same thing for lunch today, it wasn't quite so dry." t !, -i 'He implies! I waste'flmS; \rnit Helen, I sew, knit, do charity work, help with our daughters' clubs and garden, besides keeping up an eight • room house. Friends marvel at how much I accomplish, seemingly with so little effort. But not my manl If I finish a good book or have coffee with a neighbor, it's, "What a soft life wives have!" Funny thing is that he seems proud of me to others, but never says it to me.. When I ask why no praise, the answer is always, "If I don't say anything, you should know it's done right." He is very generous, buys nu< everything, but he never gives a FREE compliment, and I could live for a month on one of those! Are m«:st men like this, and wliat do you do to break them of the fault - finding habit? STARVED FOR A COMPLIMENT Dear Starved: Yes, many men are like this. Whether from inborn fear of women ("Keep 'em in their place or they'll get the upper hand"), jealousy, male superiority, or embarrassment, the obtuse critters often choke on compliments. While they appreciate their wives—and show it in every other way but words—they somehow consider praise effeminate. Too bad they don't realize that in trying to hide their soft side, they make life a lot harder for themselves as well as their mates. If your husband is otherwise wonderful, then nuet 10s knocks with humor -actually, every Uro« he finds fault, he's giving you a backhanded compliment, so smile and thank him. Kidding cures more bad habits than love child but they're just not news to them gently! r **«« < Saenger THEATRE Tonite-Saturday Sat-Mat. 1:15 Friday 7:00 'Powerful Emotional Impact!" criticism. __ Thursday & Friday April 18th & 19th Dairif Queen Si 's Banana SpM Sale t""e at M'bt Pair, CU.ee" Cool titfsMing Dan. Que^' pi ..' t.i.o' l D.I.I. * PIXIE Drive-in Theatre 4 . . rtvttirtciiiieil m ilits MSI Tonite Saturday- Sunday Showtime 7:15 murder!spies! Julie Oskar Christie Werner ahrenheit SUCH BEAUTIFUL ENEMIES.. SUCH CLOSE FRIENDS., ffPE WHiff Late Show Sat, Sunday-Monday Item! fawn! ^r'** .*.• Z/enetian ffair

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