The Kansas City Star from Kansas City, Missouri on June 17, 1933 · 1
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The Kansas City Star from Kansas City, Missouri · 1

Kansas City, Missouri
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 17, 1933
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IMO 1 I 1 VOL 33 "No 273 IliSBUILDING HERE Neo federal Structure to Cost :LL520000 Included in Pub tic Works Program 10 ASK BIDS IN 90 DAYS It le Project is Among Sist)tao on W hich Bra Ingo Are Being Prepared Plans to proceed Immediately With 25MillionDollar I renditure Are Announced ----- BACK TO OLD PROGRAM on Construction Illos Been 0-Inn Army - 1)eW ed by Reforestation Army Requiring the Funds WASHINGTON SCREW THE KANSAS CITY STAR 610 ALM 'BUILDING y ne Star's Correspondent) Washington June 17—The Xansas City federal cotirt building to cost $2520000 will lie included‘in public building projects On which bids will be asked within the next ninety days it was announced today at the treasury department This ts ructure has been approved a3 1 a part of the Roosevelt public works program This is among sixty-two buildings n which drawings are in course of reparation At the treasury it was id today the Kansas City architect --- 1 thp nrenirration of 7111 which has the preparauon :swings in charge will be expected o complete the task in the 90-day '11e treasury announced it would "70cerd immediately with 25 million H::ars of public buildings for which ns previously were prepared A of 100 million dollars has been Cocated from the 3300 million dolrrs of public works funds to be used T resuming work on the government ndng projects which were held up I the beginning of the Roosevelt adr:nis!ration when the funds approved by congress were used for the r'orestation camps Civic leaders back in 1929 urged the i 'nstruction of a federal courts ialing to replace the present build-g at Eighth street and Grand ave! ie which now is the main postoffice iid government office building 1 - Agr(el on the I Needt-1 Officials of the treasury department 1 I:reed themcw structure was needed -re since two divisions of federal 1 luurt and the United States circuit 1 i urt of appeals meet here and since try government inspection and in- ! ticating functions for the middle k-est are centered in Kansas CityI Lilly of those offices now are located i 1 leased space at a considerable anal rental expense to the governInt Wight and Wight are the architects ! io have been commissioned by the I rvernment to design the new federal( !urts structure They have had the 1 i-)yct under consideration since ! prly this year but due to the uncer- ! of an appropriation for the ididing: the plans were not to be r tfd to completion I present 11itililing Substation i The present postoffice building will i mf a suhstation as soon as a new 1 llion-dollar terminal postoffice - is bem completed opposite the i Tlen station The construction work I - that building is far advanced as ! 'he finishing and equipment work Removal of the major part of the I etoffice actiqties from the old fed- 11 building will not release any ! at amount of office space for use : Other government agencies Most of the postoffice offi(!es and irk are located on the main floor space which could not easily be tiverted into offices for other uses ! The courts especially are crowded ! -ih courtrooms in the building are :-iall and so located that street noises ! tiently disturb sessions of the I The ambition of civic leaders ex-1 Aked in conferences with officials : the treacury department in Wash- :ton: 'WEIS for a skyscraper type of tcctinte: built on modern office 'Ild'nz lines The ornamental type 1 ' kilding such as the old structure aeuld be out of the question it ! -i aqterd I Pia tis 1 ell Ad s it need i Iminary architectural prepara- 1 ni for t he development already I been well advanced in the office Witht & Wight 'tletches outlining proposed floor Irarrancements and also elevations the built-ling have been 'prepared 'Irrthem smaller sketches termed i ib-t" sketches will be developed ie cabinet sketches will be submitted i tcvernmental authorities for ap1A1 It was learned at the Wight Iriht office today that these '''nes could be submitted almost ! ired:ateiy I 724 sketches are not to be confused ! I final working crowings which -4 be developed later upon governTrital approval of the sketches I it firm of Wight & Wight was deggner of Kangas City's classic! -T art gallery structure I Pns for the new courts building '-lue the use of the site of the 1 rit postoffice building from z:ih to Ninth street on Grand 'G Ile and from Grand avenue to ee street l'ER t—TIO A l'OR ifl NI DOLLY i 'll'ivili irive dove for Iteenvery HI t he int item ! 11 ? 'he Aslor7 c ttei Presi Jim! 7 Jon i 1 — ny Doily of the I in r" nmleilla team uncivr-1 t'P'ilition today for injuries ''r:d in an accident two weeks ':110! r 1 irt peva ticn lasted an hour and I ier a ti nd was believed to have 1 cJccesf ul r- itO - 000000011AMOMMIngimmem 111"1"1111811016010011ff 101NONNOighlat-- TH 1 1 EATH Ell—WAH M CH 12 mit4n001 74 0 1 111 "A 1 E m 73 10 a m Rri 2 a m 71 11 ni 114 3 R m 70 12 noon Ra 4 a in 70 1 p in 4111 5 a m 0 7 n m ol 14 a m 50 a p m 491 7 a m 71 4 o m eq2 8 a m 77 Cnolticlai The Forecast: Kansas City and Vicinity—Fair tonight and Sunday slightly warmer Sunday -- Wind velocity noon 10 miler: from the southwest Relative humidity noon 23 15PY cent River stare today 127 feet stationary Precinitetion in twenty-four hours endine 7 a m none (Goternment forecast for grain ores on market Intel Seasonal Temperatures Ahead CHICAGO June 17--Weather outlook for the week beginning Mon day: Upper Mississippi and Lower MisAntal Valleys and the Northefn and Central Great Plains—Cooler except in the extreme south portions at the beginning of the week with mostly seasonable temperatures thereafter not much precipitation ANOTHER EMERGEN(Y The wanton tragedy at the union ! station this morning brings to a climax the depredations of organized 1 crime in Kansas City Four officers and a recaptured con-t vict were killed and another officer ! dangerously wounded The bold at- ! tack was of a kind that could not have been guarded against with certainty The prisoner was surrounded by officers The assailants operatEng from either one or two cars swept the group with machine guns Horror over this frightful crime is ! accentuated by the escape of the perpetrators This tragic occurrence demenstrates again the dangers to which everybody is exposed so long as organized crime is tolerated The slay- ing was in front of the station where many come and go It seems almost a miracle that more were not within range of the deadly machine guns Yesterday Homer S Cummings attorney general again declared in Washington that the department of justice is going to make war on or ganized crime It is high time for such a declaration Here is another national emergency It is not formally included in the 'New Deal" although it well might have been But it is reassuring that it is to be included so far as federal power permits in the policy and action of the department ! of Justice— - - Nothing short of large participation of the federal government in ! the campaign on crime will win this ! war Federal aid has become essential to protect the life of the citLeen and to insure the safety of his person and the security of his prop- I erty ! Congress has enlarged the scope of ! 'federal authority with respect to kidnaping and the theft of motor cars ! but technically its Jurisdiction is in- ! terstate The old objection of states to federal police intervention still holds in practice even though it !should have been overcome by experience But the crushing of criminal power Is not merely a matter of effecting the arrest and punishment of law- ! breakers it goes back to state and !municipal tolerance of conditions !political and otherwise that make !criminals or encourage crime If the ! war is to be successful it must pre vent crime as well as impose peri-! alties on convicted offenders 1 Every state and every city and town I! should welcome even demand such federal co-operation as may be given 1! and the sanction should be to go deep 11 into every phase of crime ! put however the war is fought the enemy is increasing in numbers in resourcefulness in actual or tacit allies in cunning in legal aid It is getting more firmly intrenched It presents a real emergency of the first ordcr I 1 ''On th ? other side of Deepwater we A MOTOR INJ1 RI FATAL parked in a lane and watched for cars Finally a Pontiac pasecL ford Emil Ulmhelm TO Diet4 After Beialci: 'That looks pretty good We — " -— 41A rrgs tn tug Struck hy Car : DEATHS At'SED SY Mo InR CARS ' IN KANSAS CITT M - ----- : Sc far Ulla vear ln : Same period last sear 1R : : Total It vest 72 Stop! Look! Be Careful! Emit Florsheim 70 years old struck by a motor car yesterday at Fifteenth street end Euclid avenue died early today at the General hospital Mr Florsheim lived at 2001 East Fifteenth street The car which struck Mr Florsheim was driven by Roscoe Churchill 20 years old 4817 East Thirty-first street Churchill was arrested yesterday following the accident and released on bond 1 TERROR J 1 SOURER JAIL I --- Daily Flogging of the soottboro Pri-Aroiers is Alleged NEW YORK June 17--The national committee for the defense of political prisoners said in a statement today it was informed the Scottsboro Negroes in Birmingham County jail are subjected to day floggings giVen insufficient food of poor quality and held incommunicado in one small cell It made public I letter of protest sent to the uarden and to the Alabama attorney general FLOM NEAR Da kidnaped Sheriff Is freed by Desperado and Companion sear Lees Summit ANOTHER IS RELEASED Unidentified Man Whose Car NS as Taken Oh en Freedom NN'ith Officer MAY MAU BEEN KILLERS Two Were in Missouri at Time of Columbia Shooting It Is Rel ealed " T II El M I ( III' C0 M s1ss sli 1:1111T - BOLIVAR Mo June 17—While a storm of criticism raged over Sheriff Killingsworth's failure to notify officers of his release last night by Charles "Pretty Boy" Floyd and Adam Ricchetti who had held him prisoner for fourteen hours the sheriff was reluctant to talk today "I promised Floyd I wouldn't tell" he said ''My action is what any man with sense ought to do They might come back some time and I am not going to take any chances Those men are killers" f I (Bpi The Stors Own Serrice) BOLIVAR Mo June 17--Seach for ! the Oklahoma bandit Charles ! "Pretty Boy" Floyd and his gunman ! accomplice Adam Ricchetti was directed toward Kansas City today The search began when it was learned that Jack Killingsworth! sheriff of Polk County kidnaped here yesterday was released last night at 10 o'clock near Lees Summit He had ! been held captive by Floyd and ! ! Ricchetti for more than fourteen: hours when they dashed over Central ! - Missouri for more than 500 miles in a car stolen here 1 ! The two and their captive forced ! another driver near Deepwater to surrender his car The four rode for hours Then they hid for three hots awaiting darkness After dark they ' dashed towards Kansas City Freed Near Lees Summit ! Stopping near Lees Summit Floyd' told Killingsworth and the driver of: ! the other car unknown to Killings-1 I worth to wait for a short Thel i desperadoes disappeared and are be! lieved to have gone to another ma- ! chine Killingsworth called E VBit-! zer garage man from whose place the :sheriff was kidnaped He told him to !meet him at Clinton at 2:30oclock The two drove into Bolivar In the front room of the jail Kill- ingsworth revealed incidents of his ! !unwelcome trip Their conversation !indicated Floyd and Ricchetti had been in this section some time the sheriff said Floyd may have had part in the slaying of Roger Wilson Boone County sheriff and Ben Booth highway patrol sergeant Killingsworth revea:ed Floyd told him on the long ride they were here two weeks fiLO r1) ci a Good Driver Killingsworth told of the mad ride ! which began yesterday morning "I was in the back seat with Floyd" he said "Adam drove for about 1 ! thirty-five miles and I was afraid I because he was drinking Then Floyd ! took the wheel He sure is a good! ! driver "What worried me from the start ! ras that the boys would try to help me out Floyd I saw right away was I a right nice fellow He would kill I ! a man but not unless he had to" ! They told me I would be safe if I would direct them to safety He wandered over roads I knew would be hard to follow Then the highway patrol got right behind us They I stuck a gun in my side and told me ! to wave them back I was more than willing 'Then an airplane flew low over us We were getting pretty friendly and I! ! wasn't worrying except for the boys behind I told them we had better get out of Joe's car It was too darn ! conspicuous 11 Wait for a car startei after it They told me to wave it down I waved and they slowed down The man about 0 ysars old stopped Floyd with a gun in his hand walked over to the car 'Sorry' he said most politely: that you had better move over' ! ''He started driving again over hill and lanes once hiding in an old coal ! mine and once in a deserted cabin' When T pointed out the cabin Floyd laughed He said he knew all about it We parked then and loafed for about three hours I got my first drink Out of a mudhole Adam went to sleep Floyd started talking and told me about his life" Killingsworth declined to tell where he was released continuing to say "up north there" But the place of release was learned through a relative 1 A MEAL IX LEES SUMMIT Polk County sheriff Tells Ba11 or Irk rtelene -- The belief was expressed today by Sheriff Jack Killinzsworth of Polk County who yesterday was kidnaped and released by Charles 'Pretty Boy Floyd that the Oklahoma desperado was one of those who Wednesday killed Sheriff Roger Wilson and Ben Booth R serzrant of the state highway patrol Sheriff Killingworth today talked with Thomas B Bash Jackson Colin (Continued on Third Pace ) a lk In on Leavenworth Terror Nash also was a friend of Harold Fontaine federal con— vict by whom the guns used in the federal prison break were sent to the prison —I don't believe they intended to kill Nash" said Mr Vetterli as he started to relate the horrors of the unexpected assault Thomas J Higgins chief of &tee- tives here went to the scene of the shooting and later discu5sed the ealie with Mr Vetterli and Frank Smith the other government agent aho escaped the slaughter Higgins be was confident the shooting was a plot engineered for the releae el Nash and he believed be knew some of the men involved 1 The murderers poured lead into a parked car which the officers add their prisoner Nash were boarding just south Of the east door of the station Nash had just been taken from a Missouri Pacific train that had arrived at 7:1 o'clock from Fort Smith Ark Itelleed Donger Va men The officers knew that Nash was a desperate man but bcileved they were not in any particular danger of an attempt to release him since he was then in Kansas City far from his Oklahoma hangouts and within on hour's motor ride of delivery to the federal prison at Leavenworth Confusing aspects of the massacre were presented to the station employees P d t crowd of travelers Sorn:y believed the assassins had two cars others believed Oder'? 7as only one Some witnesses believed Nath gave a signal to tht killers by raising his handcuffed hands Others be-limed he raised his hands to knock a pistol from the hand of Caffrey elm miiMIMMIPINEIRIIIMPWMINPOISMINIMMIIPPIESSTIOBWIPMMONMOMMIffenitellIMMISINIIMMKUPIPI US KANSA S err Y JUNE 11 1933—SAT Lilt DA Y-11 PA G ES FIVE SLAIN AT STATION' Gangsters Slaughter a Government Agent Two City Detectives an Oklahoma Polite Chief and a Convicted Bank Robber Early Today SIXTH IS NEAR DEATHI Two Other United States Operatives One of Them R E Vctterli Escape Death Amid Fusillade as Companions Fall Persons in the Building on the Walks and Roadway Are Terrorized When the Massacre Occurs Before Them DASH AWAY IN A MOTOR CAR After Performing Their Murderous Deed the Desper adoes Take Up Flight in a Machine Wait ing in Parking Lot Kansas City's union station plaza became an arena of horror at 7:20 o'clock this morning when eight men were ambushed with machine guns five of them killed outright and a sixth critically wounded in a brief but murderous burst of fire Then the assassins fled and this afternoon still were the object of the most intensive search this city has witnessed in many years Hundreds of police and federal authorities were scouring the city and peace officers from every nearby community were guarding highways No information had been forwarded to the police that might give an indication of the -- direction the slayers had taken It was a massacre apparently built around a plan to release or slay Frank Nash notorious Oklahoma train robber and killer being returned to the federal prison at Leavenworth where he escaped three years ago As the machine gun foray burst out the bullets took the life of Nash the Oklahoma desperado and also killed these officers: Raymond J Caffrey special agent of the Kansas City office of the United States bureau of investigation Otto Reed chief of police at McAlester Ok Frank Hermanson Kansas City detective W J Grooms Kansas City detective ThwautItiedwere 4 Lat key speciaLagent at OklahArra City of the United States bureau of investigation whose eon:4 dition at Research hospital was considered critical as he was shot three times in the back and R E Vetterli agent in charge at Kansas City of the bureau of investigation who suffered only a slight wound in the left arm when a bullet grazed him A Dramatic Sequence to Officers Aside from the dramatic fusillade coming at a time of the morning when the union station at Kansas City was busy with incoming and departing passengers the battle was of considerable significance to officers who have been watching the sequence of prison breaks at Leavenworth federal prison and the Kansas state prison recently the givernment agent when the lat- ter S3 SV the 2&3SSITIF Nash was a friend of Harvey Bailey leader of the gang in It was a scene of distorted sequence 1 al: occurring in a few moments' time— the Memorial day break from ed i a brief flash of fire groaris writhings the Kansas prison at Lansing of the wound and the stiffening of Nash also has been sought by the bodies of the victims as they died To Station With Caffrey federal officers for questioning we went down to the station to in connection with the prison meet the officers who were bringing break at the federal penitenti- Nash back from Hot Springs" Mr ary at Leavenworth in Decem- v etterli continued "Raymond Cat-1 Ifrey and I drove to the station in White then in charge of that his Chevrolet coach The two Kan- institution was kidnaped aid I ber 1931 when Warden T B sas City detectives Hermanson and Grooms drove to the station in their Vli wounded by escaping convicts - car e met the Missouri Pacift : train and started over to Mr Car- ! frey's parked car headed south on I - the station drive directly across from! the east door ef the station "There were the eight of us in-eluding Nash the prisoner and seven: officers We were to enter Mr Cal' frey's car anti the Kansas City de- tectives were to follow us to Leavenworth in their car : was standing at the rear west sid of Mr Caffrey's car: In the back seat were Mr Lackey and Mr Smith the ants from Oklahoma and Otto Reed chief of police at McAlester ' who came up with the prisoner Niuth in Prher Seat "Mr Caffrey was to drive Nash had sat in the driver's seat tempo rarily until the car was loaded and then he was to move over into the !other front seat Inch was folded up ! to allow the three men to enter the rear seat "Caffrey stood on the pavement ! beside Nash on the east side of the car waiting for Nash to slide over Into the 'folding front seat Ilermanson and Grooms were standing on the :west side of the car ling toward the -front Suddenly I heard a man say: 1Put 'em up Up! k Up!' 1 ! "I looked and saw a man with a machine gun blazing away from near the southwest corner of the car He sctmed to be standing up on some!thing—perhaps it was a running !board of a car parked in the ptuk- ing lot I don't know exactly But he wis very close to us crouches- to Escittie clout:heti limier the mind-rolls tire I bnlieve there were Miler machine clay' wotkmz too Iferm:mkon Ind Grooms fell to the pairninnt UI fiont of me their boches rield:rd The mrishicid of Caffrey's car was trh mpn inkid of it liver! Search Fails at Vacant home After receiving a report that the union station plaza machine gunners had sought refuge in a vacant house at 811 West Thirty-eighth street city detectives surrounded the house waited several minutes and then broke in They found no one in it The detectives also searched other vacant houses in the neighborhood No trace of the killers could be found The detectives returned to headquarters later joining other police ears in the search over the city powerless before the red fire from the machine gun fell to the pavement I felt a stinging pain in my left arm When the firing ceased—and it was all over in a flash—I leveled a pump gun at the escaping car which roared westward out of the station parking lot" It was at this juncture that a yc ing motorcycle patrolman M K Fanning dashed out of the station upon hearing the barrage and not comprehending Just what had happened saw Mr Vetter li shooting at the westbound car Patrolman Fanning dashed to Mr Vettcrli and demanded to know who he was The government man showed his credentials Fanning previously had fired at the disappearing car with his revolver from near a portico post at the station entrance Changes In Appalling Scene It was an appalling sight which met the gaze of those who ventured forth to see what had taken place The morning was cool and as is usual many Kansas Citians had gone to the orderly station restaurant for early breakfast Then of a sudden the whole scene changed to one of terror The rat-tat-tat of a machine gun struck at the hearts of men and women Everyone stopped Screams could be heard as women learned of the horrible act of violence and death A tragic picture was that Chevrolet coach across the way punctured with 131111itiah I ized Lackey and Caffrey to the hwiutal Caffrey died a few minutes lattr ending a career which he beian several years ago as a government investigator following his graduation as a law- ! yer in Nebt!aska He was known as a courageous officer a tireless worker in details as was his chief Mr Vetterli who had distinguished himself ' recently in clearing up the kidnaping of Miss Mary McElroy Frank Smith the agent from OklallomaCitY who had arrested Nash in Hot Springs was overcome with grief ! at the death of his friend Chief Reed he had asked Reed to help in the ! capture of the notorious outlaw be- 1 cause a: he said "Ott Reed was thoroughly all right a fine officer a manl who could be trusted" Niboieti by MI the Itellet4 1 Smith was the only man who escaped untouched by the bullets of the machine gtinl Vetted' had felt pain in li:s VIt ann A physician later ciicmercd a bu:Irt had passed be w r:7:11 his body and attn barely nickinz the skin of the aim The physic:an chtssed the N ound And the chief aunt vent to work in Ina office later But M: Snlyh had (Continued on Second Tagel termg The men inside of it wcre (Conttnufref on Second Tage !I' -- - - D THE KANSAS CITY STA tItlIacta1121a gia nangurg in jaggea 1 as—ea aea‘ee UL11At a h Chevrolet And cct d Coach inside i south h u tt h a coach ere ocftchhe eta wscl strips cruel marks here and there entrance On the pavement beside the car more bodies and a man thrice were the bodies of Caffrey Herman- wounded Gasps came to the throats on and Grooms The two Kansas of ihese first spectators City detectives had fallen together! Officers detailed to the scene to!- ! on their backs their heads riddled lowing the slaughter fought to keep the crowds back and regulate the with bullets and their straw hats traffic which blocked the plaza lying at a distance The bullets had BULLET MARKS DRAW CROWD blown them away like a strong wind ! Visitors arriving for a day of shop-Went to Station Eagerly ! ping stepped out of the station On the east side of the car was glanced around and saw the bullet Caffrey mortally wounded He too marks on the station and the broken windows had been riddled by the leaden blast They learned in a few sec onds of the slaying and called their He had been elated when he learned' friends and related the meager de-that Nash had been taken by the ! tails they had leamed Oklahoma officers yesterday and Every telephone in the station WPS eagerly had gone to the union station in use and the redcaps and other at- almost motionless tor the first time with his chief Vetterli and the de tendants at the station stoad araund tectives to take the escaped desper- after the realization of what h- act ado back to the Leavenworth prison ! taken place at their front door Caffrey had been assigned to in- God!' asked one traveler aa vestigate the Leavenworth prison be stepped out of the station break in 1031 and in his mind ac this Chicago?" cording to federal authorities he was A WUXI or SHOTS certain that Nash knew something of ! The shooting took place so suddenly how the men in the prison had that even the taxicab barkers hardly obtained weapons with which to stage had time to realize what had hap- ! the spectacular prison break and kW- pened They had heard a volley of nap Warden White snots They had heard shouts and !screams and the fatally wounded of-Inside the car those who ventured ficers fell to the ground That was to the scene saw further evidence of all thy could seem to remember the carnage Nash the killer hunted! The ear in which the officers since 1930 throughout many states ! planned to take Frank Nash to was slumped down beside the wheel Leavenworth was riddled with bullets his aquiline was another car parked in the stall uiline no and bald se D - he ad a' to 'attic west The officers apparently pearing as stark evidence of the end were about to get into the car after he had met in his long career of ! placing their prisoner inside when crime In the back seat were Chief the machine gunners passed by with their fusillade of death Reed dead and Agent Lackey ! pierced by three bullets Nash was slumped over in the seat ! Two hours after the shooting the !crowd became so dense about the Comfort 1 MI St ricken Mr Smith who escaped the death ' WNW it was impossible to get near barrage was holding an arm tinder ' the cars in which th slaying took and the head of Chief need his friend of flare many years as he was saying to the Ciniotis prsons attempted to shove 1 crowd t h rir was in clome by the wounded Aeent Lackey: ! smin men Cars parked in any fish- ion on the plaza directly in front of riit "Steady now you'll make it all ' the statien entrance making the arAn ambulance armed to take rival and departure of travelers to monesstanomEmelmimmougyrivenrRivoansitosomommierimommomming 4 ONEIMPIER - N MAIN EDITION p flIC1 lin:141(enotrenrgentv 2 rents Cem 01 Toll of the Machine lion Battle !CALM AND CRUEL in Front of the Union Station 1j THE 1)1:A1) Frank Nash Die federal eon ilet being returned to Lesen sort!! pron Itityinond J Caffrey agent of the federal bureau of In lestigation J "fled" Grooms city tielecthe of Kansas City Frank Herinanson city de teethe of Kansas City into Ree(1 elder of police of McAlester Oh E WOUNDED F J Lackey agent or the federal bureau of imestigabon in dangerous condition H E Vetteril agent in charge of the United Slatt " bureau of Investigation here one non grazed pdight SERENE THEN A TERROR THE UNION STATION IS TURNED planned to take Frank Nash to Leavenworth was riddled with bullets as was another car parked in the stall to the west The officers apparently were about to get into the car after placing their prisoner inside when the machine gunners passed by with their fusillade of death Nash 'Alf slumped over in the seat Two hours after the shooting the crowd became so dense about the WNW it was impfmsible to get near the cars in which the slaying took flare Ctnious persons attempied to shove and crowd thrir was in close by the slain men Cars parked in any fashion on the plaza directly in front of the statien entrance making the arival and driaprture of travelers to Mid frtm the station almost Impossible A NARROW L ANE FOR CARS After a while it was necessary to keep motor cars moving through a narrow lane between the parked cars in the center of the street "Were there two cars Of murderers shooting from the north and south both?'' asked another The top part of the car used by the officers was almost cut off by the line of death-dealing bullets from the machine guns All of the glass anit the side posts were riddled with bullet holes The back end of the Chevrolet in which the officers were about to depart contained rune bullet holes and the front of the car contained many mere Some observers say the officers returned the fire at the slayers as they shot from the inside of the parking station The horror of It! The pity of it! The cruel senselesness of it! What to do? flow to stop such things' People sh00 their heads as they Pollee t ASSAW Pot so JIM(' 17 - P Dating !Met police todiv aceldfntal'v filemered a yibmatine aboard hieh ATUP sevPrat hundrid litres cf Ft!r)hni They said the ship probably had been used by a1eoro1 smugglers for some time 9 Deliberately Coldly Murderous Crew Waits to Execute Five Men A WOMAN TELLS THE DETAILS Mrs lottie West Recounts the Scene of Terror at the Union Station The Massacre Takes Place Quick I) She and Other NN it1 nesses Say Later BELIEVES SIGNAL GIVEN Ye IlOW Cab Starter Recalls That tie Saw Nash Lift Ills Arms The killers of the govern INTO A SHAMBLES IN A SECOND merit agent city detectives the Oklahoma police chief and 3terrilecti littlerot MOW Ittmn The Frank Nash in front of the : frfl nd Escape snot the Cron d Shock union station this morning rt i eceheg an Unnerlinz AI about laming I calmly awaited for their vie calmly awaited for their victims to group themselves about the motor car that‘was to take them to Leavenworth then' Just another bright June morning the Motor car that was to take at the station Trains coming trains them to Leavenworth then' ' going Saturday morning meaning more visitors than usual stepped out of hiding and de-The day started off coolly Heels liberately opened fire The f :clicked as they stepped acrass the first men to fall were officers :cool lobby floor Women in summery white dresses children in sun suits: and Nash was one of the last to The Harvey restaurant filling with be killed breakfast diners What could have This is the picture given by Mrs seemed more orderly more secure Lothe West 136 North Lawn avenue than the great lobby with massive case worker with the Traveler's Aid ruches and uniformed attendants who ran the schedules and met varied who as a witness to almost the en " requests with planned service? tire affair Tallying with her story What's that rattle outside! are accounts given by redcaps and GUMSM ON THE NOISE Yellow Cab drivers It's a motor car exhaust cr several I AValk Across the Lobby cars backfiring This common thought Mrs West from her desk in the occurred to many Or perhaps an ' station watched the group of officers early start on Fourth of July noisl- take Nash through the doors from ness the trains and march him across the But the woman with the white face who came into the station a moment lobby Two of the officers carried later knew it WaS111 either The word sawed-off shotguns Another kept h th 1 spread frcm her to the very last in- hand at his hip ready to draw his re- volver The group crossed the station mate of the great station with quick whisperings and sharp announce! room iat fan shape Nash in the runts center 'Five men killed outside" Men hurried to the doors and Nash was handcuffed some women Other women turned ''He must be pretty bad" Mrs West away seized their children's hands remarked to a friend from the sta and sought a retreat tion dining room "Maybehe The Weller ot -three Men' lay outside I (Pretty )3oy) Floyd" a Chevrolet coach south of the east She followed the group out on the entrance And inside the coach two more bodies and a man thrice station platform watched them walk across the street and saw them direct wounded Gasps came to the throats! - ------- more bodies and a man thrice —station platform watched them walk i across the street and saw them direct I wounded Gasps came to the throats' ! of ihese first spectators !Nash to get in the front seat of the Officers detailed to the scene to!- motor car Some of the officers went ! ' lowing the slaughter fought to keep on each side of the car The two car-the crowds back and rrgulate the ! traffic which blocked the plaza i rying the sawed-off shotguns leaned these guns against the right-hand BULLET MARKS DRAW CROWD 1 rm fender on the car Visitors arriving for a day of shop-From Behind Lamp-Post ping stepped out of the station' i glanced around and saw the bullet I "Just at that time" Mrs West said marks on the station and the broken i "a large man who would weigh about windows They learned in a few sec- 900 pounds stepped out from behind rinds of the slaying and called their " friends and related the meager de- the lamp-post beside the concrete bus tails they had teamed ' landing He was carrying one of Every telephone in the station WPS these gin s with a cylinder on top of in use and the redcaps and other at- it He started shoohng right at the tendants at the station strnd areind two officers : almost motionless for the first time after the realization of what had At abeut the same time two men taken place at their front door stepped out from behind my Oakland ''My God!' asked one traveler az car v 'inch was parked a little west of he stepped out of the station is "-- the officers' car and facing north this Chicago?" ' Both were small men One had w'hat I A VOLLEY OF SHOTS appeared to be a shotgen the other a The shooting took place so suddenly machine gun They started shooting : that even the taxicab barkers hardly at the other officers The officers had time to realize what had hap- pened They had heard a volley of fell to the ground except one on the shots They had beard shouts and east side of the car in which Nash i screams sod the fatally wounded of- I sas sitthig ficers fell to the ground That was "He started shooting at the two all thy could seem to remember men back of my car He was shoot-The car in which the officers ing right by Nash and I believe he planned to take Frank Nash to' fhrlt Niqqh shot Nash" Mrs West said there were six Catholic sisters on the platform She : celled to them to run inside out of danger Four did the other two stood still she said A Patrolman Runs Pp ! When Mrs West looked again she 'saw M K Fanning motorcycle pa trolman a&igned to the station running out of the station doors She pointed to the large man with the machine gun and said: "There he is Mike get him" Fanning sta rted shooting firing three shots Mrs West said the big man dropped to the ground and she thought he was hit She ran back into the station then and did not see how the killers escapfd ! Mrs West says she did not see any shooting being done from moving motor cars "I guess I saw all the shooting" Rcbert Frtts Yellow Cab starter said 'I was calling and starting cabs on the wide sidewalk in front of the east entrance of the station The oificers end their prisoner came out of the entrance and passed me crossing the street directly in front of me There were five men with the prisoner Frank Nash (I learned who it was later was handcuffed "They went straight to the car parked across the street and Nash climbed in first As soon as he seated himself he raised both his Lands in the air It looked like a signal - - ire From GOAL ' "At that moment the gunfire broke ! loose It came from two men over in the parking lot opposite the sta tIon and beyond Nash They seemed to be tiring with a machine gun over LI jlead --1The ntficerg sere mowed down by T 1-r firf they crumpled tome of Iv'ni ieturned Ihe fire (1n't kn-w ho got NaSil Ong of our cans via in front of me Its writ down I thought he was shot Ile had merely ducked out of -Then I saw the two men who hal ' cpcurd ie dash for a car It looked N t i i 1 f 1 ! - 4 1 ' 1' ' t - i ' ?' '''' ' 1 ' ) I ' i'-' X -ill 4 I '- I 4 4 : '' : 4 ': — ' 1- t- --i' :4- 4 - 1 1 -- I f 1 - ' e ? - i ! 1 — I t :i: '1' 1 0 1 t ' f i t - - '' t -' il ' - 1' t k- ! t :!''1 i P C i MAIN 4 A ti: 0 k EDITION 1 ! -- P P II1P : 1rIKrileng (it —1 rent 1 - t14eoilere ( emu i EMIIIMENOMMONIF ommo in Front of the Union Station " the Machine ruin 82ttle IICALM AND CRUEL THE m:th FIVE SLAIN AT STATION It 00110 k r- - it : I A I N e 0 Zt TO 11e Non Vk ' ' BA( ' ALli Pc ' V Xar buil 'le pro ''' ask day the ctrt a p wol ' 11 rer c1 71r 7al o ( -71 T --:' at -a ft T1 r II: t -11 ' '( - c 'n -c it C ( i !1 V f Il 1 17 1 P

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