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The Kansas City Star from Kansas City, Missouri • Page 65
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The Kansas City Star from Kansas City, Missouri • Page 65

Kansas City, Missouri
Issue Date:

I' tvewmiEamLmo11 00 maaWanamimiMMOIRIammnimiamemmongieW4Mgal-tC immumErimplaiNnmmtlEminn10N THE KANSAS CITY STAR SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 2S 1917 IN WEDDINGS TO DV MARIIIIE1 NOVEMItEn TO J1 MARRIED I rrmvrAtritrostmoverok rirowwo-tolor' ii'''1177Irt1-Qt Pr i 1 11 Friday evening August 29 at the Paseo Presbyterian church The Rev Henry Barnett read the double-ring nervice before an altar decorated with palms woodwardia ferns and pink and white gladioli and cathedral candles Miss Colleen Cartright an "At Dawning" and "Because" accompanted by Mr Robert Clark who also played the wedding much The bride who was given in marriage by her tether wore a gown white satin fashioned high neckline short sleeves and the skirt fell into soft folds In apron I effect in front draping to a bustle and full tritin at the back The lace trimmed veil wits fingertiplength The bride wore an heirloom neck1 lace and carried a white Bible with 'white corsage The gowns of the bride's ottencl' ants were fashioned alike with high Ineckline and the skirt droned to a effect at the back Mrs Robert Lutz was matron of honor wore (Continued nn PollotaIng Page) 1 i 1 44mot 1 it WI Id MEN! Monday 1 (Of KIIIISRS CI and Tuesday ONVI! t'l 31 LNS STORE rinsr noon nwrimonE 4 lr 1 Covert IrOPCOITC5 '111K ma mtmvoksAL "Ma VO A der I her father wore a floor-length gown Of dusty pink bengaline with a yoke of orchid net Her orchid net was finger-tip length and she car- ri ried a bouquet of lavender Jil ri chrysanthemums and bouvardia Her only ornament wax a single el strand of Mrs Wealey Peciersen of Mug City Ia Was the matron of honor She wore a gown of lef blue marquisette a matching shoulder-length veil and carried a bouquet of pink Mil chryaantheomms and roses Mr James 01 stein of Kansas City acted es boat 7 man and Mr Owen Leffler of and Mr Hopper of 8a WW1: Kos ushered A breakfast at the Bellerive hotel followed the ceremony The table was decorated with pink aster' and roses and the three-tiered wedding rake was frosted in pink and "4 wreathed with white roses The bride's mother wore a floor-length gown of rose lace and a corsage of lavender Hawaiian orchids Mrs Cook's gown of aquamarine crepe was embroidered with silver sequins and her corsage was of white LI (prchlds and pink roses The bride traveled in a blue-green suit with is brown accessories After a honey- moon in the South Mr and Mrs Cook Jr will be at 400 East Armour boulevard of P'': 1 i 1 I I 4 if ot to- -c 'I o7 1 1 '1700's I of I i Wit All-Wool Zip-in Lining i 19 )it 1ovoi)' k0) -k I Tto 421112-111: tr Miss 'Catherine Term Tighe whose engagement to Mr Lawrence Meyers son of Mr and Mrs George Meyers has been announced Miss Tighe Is a daughter of Mr and Mrs Hugh Tighe The marriage will take place In November (Ronson photograph) November (Ronson photograph) 01 WINDPROOF iVATEle REPELLENT OF "SOUTIIDALE" WOOL COVERT FOIL ALL a PURPOSE IV A 1 14 tNitrilt" 4 A r-')1 Pc ttt4 v- 11ki 10- :1 i (1 re otly 1 1 4 -t P1 iItAi Hilburn-Boeckman Miss Martha Joan Hilburn pink asters and roses decorated the daughter of Mr and Mrs John church Hilburn and Mr Boeckinan son of Mr and Mrs Joseph BoeckThe bride given in marriage by man of Kelly Kits were married 0 (p so 11s(1 sUsit -eat 4 dough Liter who4 Donallea 15 IS a Son clman of John veling cos suit with ore white Married se became 9 Page) sentot ad Woods Le could pression ratts $10 'idarfs or 4)r SocloOoof sall monsummir kiikkk i'sfhl 440414 dough Liter as who4 Dona ilea 15 $ilo Is a SMI iclman of John 0 veling cos suit with ore white Married se became Page) 4 1 71 1 ji i4 A i i0ok $7: sentm ari Wood Le could pression rafts $10 Netares NW IIIP er 50000boo amME (('on tin ued From Preceding Pap) the bride of Mr Chester David vai)g Ion of Mr (Meter young in a cerenionv performed by lir Rogers at 7 o'clock in the wows August 26 at the home ot her parents Mr and MrS Otis The bride who was given In mar-rose by her father wore a gown of ohne embroidered taffeta styled itii fitted bodice and drop shoulder neckline Her fingertip veil of illusion ices held in place by a Juliet cap and she carried a shower bouquet of white gladiolas centered with an orchid Miss Helen' Schmidt played the 4edding music and accompanied mo goy Potter who sang "At Dawn" and "Through the Years" Miss Ruth Dreyer the bride's only attendant wore a gown of yellow net and carried salmon gladiolas' Mr Virgil Castinger acted as best 1111111 The candles were lighted by Nits Marjorie Wood and Miss powthy Cowden They wore gowns of blue crepe and carried yellow gladiolas Marilyn Mince wail flower girl and Jackie Mice was the ring' bearer The bride attends Kansas State college and the bridegroom la al student at Junior college A reception followed the ceremony' The bride's going away suit was green gabardine with brown aocesgorlep The couple motored to Colo' tad() for a honeymoon and will be pi home at 3032 College after oetciber 1 Jean Jarvis a Bride Nits Jean Jarvis of Mr and Mrs Howtrd William Jarvis ond Mr Millard Fillmore Bowen Jr son of Mr and Mrs Millard Fill-mole Bowen of Rye were mAiried by the Rev Earl Jewell' at 830 o'clock Wednesday night September 10 at St Andrew's Epis- copal church The chancel and altar of the church were decorated uth woodwardia ferns and white chrysanthemums As the guests as-1 gentled Mr Henry Arthur played program of organ music and during the trading of the ceremony he played "The Lord's Prayer" The bride who was given In mar-1 nage by her father wors a petal pink lace and net gown Her finger-I tip-length veil of tulle matched her gown and she carried a white prayer book topped with Orchids The ma tron of honor Mrs John Mertz and the bridesmaids Mrs Keene of Lawrence Has and Mrs' Rittsell Atha jr were gowned In turOccise blue lace and net with rnateiting hats and carried cascade: truenets of pink rubrum lilies Mr 11in Mertz acted as best man' And the ushers were Mr Kerne and Mr Russell Atha Jr 1 A reception at the home of the! bride parents followed the cere- m-inc After a honeymoon the en41e will be at home at 245 Bodes amine Lexington Ky --IT s4! C': i 'ttli 170 0' I 0 170 I i' I 1 ft -A to I 4 4 4 I'll i I 1 1: 4 1 4 I i 11 i I i I I 6 1 1 in i 1 1 '''t 7:: 'f I It I 't i rf 4 -i Or: i i -i 1 FE: Pi gi' 1 1 1 1 1 6 Ally remaining on Wednesday iIL sell for 5950! Lining zips in or out in a jiffy! Choice of Tat or ti Blue Sizes 30 to 46 Li- 4 I a I 1 0r )' 4 'll 1tlf4 i'l 0'4 In 44 -11 A ttir -t 13 1 1 141 '41 i77! 7 il011111t 11P or MIMS CITY BEAUTY SALON GYPSY AND BONNIE ARE BACK LA tatianci ablintt Chntamatt now! so early? Yes! We say have your Christmas gift portraits take Dow Locum you're at your best theoutemerhecause you Lel the time sow fore last-minute Christmas cletailsancl (SIM quo Irs special Pro-Christmas savior for yort elic-Chatatmat ae much chi 13 OFF No appointment io astestary Prooto ono mamma PECK'S OF KANSAS CITY-PHOTO REFLEX STUDIO-FIRST FLOOR I 4' i VP' I Amor 0 14 BANAmotfig 7 7 L-r-7-- 771 11--r 0: 4 'i'Tqf 1 '9- '1 i I -i 1 '0' '19 1 7 4 A talktnci ailout Chntattmatt now' -iv 4:: i 0 1 '1' 'i? ti: 'i i '-'4'' 10 401 fe( oi ij io: tt: x'' 1 f111 P' 7't 4 7 1' i'11: tl e- 411 -11'') 1 i el So early? Yeti We say have your Christina gift "47441 1 45' '1' I-- 7' IIIIL4 i' 1 7 7 portrasts taken now Lecause you re at your best A i I -e -IP 41eibt19 4 t7') :10) I -g''' ''''7 11 7t Afteir t6 ountmarhecauae you IIIIVI the time iie' 5z I 4 'sow Wore lost-naouto Christmas cletailaoci Lo '''''3' '4 'f sltk vt 'y i 1 9 4''''(li kr N'' (SOSO VIP Ve Prn-Chziatmaa team ge for yolst F': Pecisl t' 'i )4' 'it "if 11 1 'il 4' iPme-Chxlistrnat cLe much oi 13 OFF 0 a I ''-7: iii i i ti (1t4 1 A r-- I "--IN '1 dp7 471' itAi: it L4 r' (''rc t- I 'I No oppointimmt is astestary Prooto ono ausimitteoll li: I if (y AI "Ail ''M i'v I li ') 1 4 1 1 It si? A I ex71-1 i -at' i i Ac" osi 1 0 I) Am PECK'S OF KANSAS 1 -Al I io' I r-7: 0 'i IA i6 i 1 PHOTO REFLEX iii'11M 4I ''''7' I '1 4 o'4 i 1 1: FIRST FLOOR okl- Alt 1 4 7 oo ki-k 1 1 Or mnscis ci -e: I :) 1 i i i' :::1 'lit 4" '''41 1 -m7'77s ::::1:: bi tr 4 it poi: ''''s '1'3 IL' I 1 A i ''1 4 3 :1 'i 41k'''1-''4 1 14 LI :1: Ts pi 11 ijt' '7-424 gio -lationoe frii )1 1: tt4: 1 f4 7- 4 i GYPSY rf A e- I (gealdje I -4: f-e1N 0 A I 7 1 'i 4 Iii1 A 0 CI AND BONNIE -'3 al04: :4 1' 1 6' 41 fit''7' 417ill111i 1141 7' II- 7' ARE 1 ii i I BEAUTY SALON L' 1: BACK 1ki Mk' I ''''v 919e' -9 Nii I 131 BLAIN bALUM t5 rt 1-777 7:7 BACK Look how much coat $47 will buy! here's what you get for your money! First a fabric so distinc the so rich in appearance you'll look twice with appreciation! Note its dressy and casual character and there's added value because of the versatile zipin lining PLUS the fact that it's water repellent windproof! It's a coat wardrobe in itself A sensational buy Don't miss it! Come in when the store opens at In A Mail your order or dial VI 1260! ir II to id le I le il MADE OF FAMOUS 1 I The beauty of bearer is traditional honistu of bearer is traditional A Bride for Cook Jr Miss Mary Lydil Leffler of Ames Ta and Seattle Wash daughter of Mr and Mrs A Leffler of Ames bane the bride of Mr Cook on of Mr and Mrs Cook Kansas City in a ceremony solfmnlied at 11 O'clock Thursday raTninv September 11 at Our Lady rt rrows Catholic church in Kan' tas CIv The Rev Albert Senn-of-I 1cae'd at the reading of the cmuble-rirg ceremony Bouquets of tiante the bride of Mr Cook ciil of Mr and Mrs ook Kansas City in a ceremony sol- cmniied at 11 o'clock Thursday ltrumz September 11 at Our Lady ra rt SlAtrows Catholic church in Kan-1 tas Civ The Rev Albert Senn-of-1 fctated at the reading of the cmu ring ceremony Bouquets of le- 1 I Crystal Chandeliers A Czechoslovakian crystal chandelier from Stephens' will add charm and to your dining Only 2 days: remain to take advantage of our 10 Pre-Season discount on fireplace furnishings EISEMENT 1 For VoutogPr Looking Skin Use 31 IL' It COLIZED lv 17 11 A 31 If your spirit is young you should 6eck wng and means to appear as Minx as you feel A more even-toned fresher complexion aids in eresqug the Impression of looking Younger and more attractive effective way to help obtain this 1 result is the regular use of Memo-hied Wax Cream This will aid In making and keeping your skin IookltU4 young and lovely as your skin con look Use only as directed SQ of Cosmetic Gamer Everywhere P- 40to4 he ou 47 1 08000 Including federal tax Pictured from the Gerhardt collection of new-as-to morrow fashions and timeless classics superla five Canadian enchanting basic brown fur keyed to every color and costume styled in the simple magnificence that has built the Gerhardt reputation for artistry in fur 102 West 47th The Plaza 7Al I( I So! ZOITOS ARE FOR EYE-CATCHING LOVELINESS ZOTOS CUSTOM PERMANENT 1250 JAMAL 1000 PECK'S OF KANSAS CITY-BEAUTY SALON-MEZZANINE CALL VI I160 YOR APPOINTMENT "SEW" SMART! See Autumn's Most popular fabrics in New Fall Colors Large Selections from the finest mills in the country Forstmann Woolens Botany Woolens Onondaga Silk Co Foreman's Fabrics Beanchini Teller American Silk Mills Cohn-flail- be Marx Duplex Fab- tics and other noted mills 0 0 J4-4 an individual coiffure perfectly groomed with a quality perma nent as its base fo I i4 I 7-0y oy-4Ioy INer'105-'07 Or-4er -1r7 'KC OrVOY '402 xeo 40 CA -Z 0 0 -t: 1E 4 Lloyd's Fabrics for Fall t' A A thebse wk cdu 11013 MAIN Si COAT WITH HOE GREY WITH PLAID! TERRIFIC SUCCESS! 11999 Wear a hooded coat Oe a "this year's" girl Three quarterlength full backed casual coat with detach able hood Lining of plaid for a flash of color Warm but light of weight I to 15 DOW' will hold your coat in Wi 11 Call or Use Our Handy Budget Plan VIRGI 1 i i-- i 1 0t 501v zi rt: )1! v4 4r-t i 4 I il -4 ia44 morrow fashions and timeless cl COVERT 4 1' t- NI tt Pictured from the Gerhardt collection of new-as-to tr- t' OR Al i tir I assics superla 4- '''Ll' EYE-CATCHING (: --'4 i 1 five Canadian enchanting basic brown a ii: 'i I 1 i 1 4 fur keyed to every color and costume styled in 46 et 0 the simple magnificence that has built the Gurhardt 13 iie4144-- 404 LOVELINESS 1 btoo I 0 1VI 4' ti' :1 1 I 1 1 5 NT I reputation for artistry in fur I jun' i Itiviiiii i Call 1 01 Jou i uo Use Chandeliers Including federal tax CltYStal 108000 e- i 'i i i Our Handy 19 an individual coiffure 1111 'Ii' i''- Budget Plan ''4 perfectly groomed ::::::4 7 with a quality perma (--- utql tittputo toalti (- nent as its base to 102 West 17th The Plaza ifr: fl -i1 ee in arto c4tu foal 1 i 761 ii :11 4 1 1 1108 MAIN Si atnr1- 4 0 rill 0 r) a 1 1 i 4ItC Iri' 7 ri FA77 i IL i 4" It I Attie 7' I 1 ZOTOS CUSTOM PERMANENT 12 50 1 4 1 1- i i iihw iO' A co flik Vk 1 ti r' 'lk: 0 41 Ar JAMAL 10 00 PECK'S OF KANSAS CITY-BEAUTY SALON-MEZZANINE li 1 Zi COAT WITH HOOD! Aisold A Czechoslovakian crystal i :) i chandelier from Stephens' 1 CALL Vt I160 YOR APPOINTMENT I 'e i 1 I add charm and dis 1 i 1' 0001 4-3 i A 4 40k Apr 4' -Aft- tnction to your dining :1 GREY WITH PLAID! 7-t4pY mcox orn 0 4( 'Al 'ae" 'a a Co a a -ta a i I ''-12CAXOtiakei2-eZa YWE: I i Only 2 days' remain to 6Ii )p ifc TERRIFIC SUCCESS! Al me take advantage of our 't I Lloyd's Fabrics for Fall tk 10 Pre-Season discount :::1 do ik IV 1 on fireplace furnishings 1 4 ia I 4 l''' 0 tr g1 ARE "1 tePheliS Li''''' CHANDELIER Co I cii ti I 44-4 14: 1 1 4- 14 iii i 11--4 A 111)98 tr 1 -41 14 4 4 1 jt' fr i 1016 McGee Est 1905 i 'k CN NI SEWEI SMART! A lo itftramilitpt --N 1 kt 1 -eTil 4 I L''' 1 1111 i Muir a hooded coot 8 a 0 ADV VII EISEMENT 1 A 5 EE I 1 1 a 4---- See Autumn's FR to FT 1 "this year's" girl Three ALltr For 4 1 4 i7T" (I 11 i nner Looking Skin A 4 'tb ii- 8 A 114 Most popular fabrics ve i quarter-length full backed 4 4 Use 1 ef ttofst' 440)0' 1 k-ti tr kr 7 0 '3 kc casual coat with detach 31 IL' It 10 114 I7 Di ''Ii: ht New Fall Colors A kp ic obis hood Lining of IV A 11 IE A 31 Oapi Large Sc regions plaid for a flash of color 4' If Your apirit is young you should ft1-: ozy he 6Pek waYa and means to appear as from the finest Ming you feel A more even- ItS 1 4 :1 4 't i 1 crew mill in the 1': IWato and more attractive Warm but light of weight 1 toned fresher complexion aids in vo the impression of looking Ins ie 4 fa i 'I' z'active An 97 i 1 fective way to help obtain this 1 rtill the regular use of Merco- It Forstmann Woolens Botany es is 0 Woolens Onondaga Silk Co alh----nlit tiled Wax Cream This will aid in 1 i''A 4 Foreman's Fabrics Bean- making and keeping your skin look- I w': -P cn Tenet American ri young and lovely as your skin SP tt' 4ijI hii 0At i4'''N '10 1 It- Silk Mills Cohn 1 i 4( 4 ('''' Marx Duplex Fab- tics and i 4 SId an look Use only as directed of Cosmetic Coveters Everywhere -a717 4 noted mills COVERT 11 CI 31 1 IT1 NIA 0 4 i ii st 0 L'i 1 1 I 1 1 i 1 1 1 ii 1i 0 1 I I 30 33 1 tt 1GINIA 4 1 4 i 4 i bV i 7 si 0 1 I LI 1 I' I I CY 3tel 33 I PI 1 VIRGINIA 4 4 c5: DARET-rrnleT th40616441Aomi4 )1 r0------ re Suitings Coatings 1 Dross Crops Coatings Dross Crops Suitints RADIATOR CABINETS Beautiful Designs Bade in Order 0443 Broadway VA LW to" A -f 1 Hair St Omit ERMA MENGERHAUSEN RUTH BURRIS JEAN WALKER GERTRUDE IHEAFILR TED SCURLOCIE Man trit rifits Paging-- Mr Stork Everything for "Mothers-to-Be" Suits Slacks Dresses 895 to 2500 All sizes Complete ley ettes l' You 1 tett! never be 4 i dtsappointed with a 1 riliborylcd si rom "the en nl" IAA PIM' 1 Iwo) 3rd Floor "IA ko Wes l' Over 11) 1 1 Woolf "aril BEAUTY 1 r011 leg' 0 0 I 01 id IWU SALON 'I ClleeiVek If oi 1 li ILMA MI NO 11111AUSLN rRor MI Plata Theater Bldg VA 433 Silk and Fabric Shop 405 ALTMAN BLDG 11A 6966 (460E MYRON (ALEN'S) I lth and Wm 4 hircr4or4 41'7 'Ati lit' 1 STAR WANT ADS EVERY DAY IN TIIE WEEK ARE Mr ONDER WORKERS 21 9 Plata Theater Blit VA 4332 -a-mamm mal i i I 4 1 RADIATOR 1 3 i -141 0 Hair Stylists URTH 13(RRIS ABINETS lk I IRMA MENGERRAVELN JEAN WALKER GERTRUDE ABEAFFILL It Stork I 1 TIED RCURLOLIE I fi I Evyhing for Mothers to Be" IAA 1 'SOO i All Sizes Complete lap 4 MOM 'Ian tritrits ert 1 1' You toff! never be I Suits Slacks Dresses 9 P' XA(' I 4 A 0 1 li over 0 0 i Lloyd's dinted with 3rd Flor a Fabric from VIA ARAM( 1 vti (1011Th I ettes Woolf Sharp BEAUTY A I i Bros Bldg i 4 Beautiful Designs e' I III "the twin 85 to tsapoo 17 0 0 golfisa 0 ci1)dh ilade in Order 11 LI SALON rim 01 1 0 Kt itr2 If 1 405 ALTMAN IrDs MLNGROAUSLK rsor 219 Plats Theater Bldg VA 4332 1 i 'ii- A r4 1)-ern SOO 0 to Silk and Fabri Shop 11A 6968 (ssoe MTRONI I 74rstcrt 40430 4 AO 4 VO Irrot iindre WiliDD( "to :14 1 0443 Broadway VA 234S i 0-4 lig 11aNAlaCrefo20" I STAR WANT ADS EVERY DAY IN THE IN ELK ARE Wr ONDLR NN ORKERS a 'i '1 01 -0 Irk rl' Be" R5 to I lay 'i i mr-tr i 094448lowl 444444rA4 121

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