Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 12, 1928 · Page 6
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 6

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, October 12, 1928
Page 6
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C~ : ~ T"' T;* F* "» ? XT/"' f : '% 4 f 3" *%^ /"'f * *«£• seas s^ »«*•. rr~ "•" -T- T 5"% >« ? biKs,i r*v i,> ijA/jfc.i IF,. ?• ! ^ i».?.. R -r» _ p^f.f.j,, *! t«ISf. Wrs _ f : r,A *5if^.|jf :R on '; AMD ft.lLWJW<' *».<- <*,*»», *'SUr S <Rv Of}" 1b" |l«18i>—'Wh*n th« brcte out Do ilw brick plaut Ohio EtaUs prtew at , WUliain O'fcifclley of Ck-vel ««nt up in MtrcSi, 1626, as tui Jia »ud snoliMy pruouer bat 4awn a huge tola*! aw>r 1 i* •»*', trj! li* • m>f,v~ r?"5'!msj th* siorl'S j itten >''•' ?"=• r^TTif.-;:^ of Ibf- T;?- , s. and in ?o! ! <T"u!u: !h" P. >•':••>' in' ' ) to Th* NftMorssil Tubun" j WsMiinsHrvn, n C , hf> bnf!* rrnny j i!/?m<: of srvifvnl in'-'-rr.'-t r-'' f 3f*y if, n -;•••. Tpr> P'TJ- PnTip'M ^s >ir,r:^T "' n1~n £rr?'.Mn'^ r:f P f -trv"3 •*f;*r^-v /";f} I.;** k-** KH*. t.r'. A **^.p*nrr of nt n f«T)!'jt? (Kfo f'or-^'-'s.w *!:,?' r frmTl^ 5 !."; of th" I'ru'f-si, fv' nod might have iT-n n'T Tt}';ff» ];r !'!^ / ! sftw mtnt, f«r «lm|l*.r »r KHABE* TO C'HICAOO BY MOTHK* rhiriRO, Oft. J2 — (U.P-) — Thf hotly of Ch«rlf-» jBhatder, who TH rvj) nvoiflrd in rr,i;itniiir,.s our j morning, w« Joiifft. 111., to Chlcagc Cochran !n !hf- c-i'-r r nt it-ijr of Hir V^f.jpT^ns' !T1 ^l.£ft""';:'! ri ^r.?. OH^ rOTH^T'TI- 3nt the orittiil nf I'v" '-irif. " Lund." u'liVh Pi';x?p! n d to him r>- • uer-ialiv on •(•count nf \\;-.. nssoclnttiin j "Wtt!l thf ok! jniti"'!^! r-bow«. onrf so popular, nnd which hr. n r ; our ! of ,t.h» BiMnbfrs of thr old sihrr; •sirriot tmnd of St<*rlinc. aiwnys hh- : «<5 to Pf*> nnd hear. M-iny ptr-rlliic; j people have tnkrn pnrt in home tn- J*»nt minstrels nnd oklrr folks will j rpcall many n hilarjoii;; iiuri'Me! per- ! Jormnnre in thr dnvs v hfn burn! ! cork, jokf-s nnd mr'.oclif" uistijp \i\t n • considcrnblf jmrt of tjit.n'nfftl rn-' Jovmriif. Thf folio'-vitii: nti-ptinl of tlir ori- Rin of ' Dixie Land." (Hvni hy a Grand At my vrterwn. Mr. Cofhran bellevps will \v of inirrrsl to nil who like the sivinir of the Klirring song ss well ns hy all who trmrmbcr tlif dnys when minMrrl iliowr, \vctvc in their Rlory: First Minstrel Show. "And that winp, 'Dixie Land;' do J-ou know the story of it? It wns one of the battlr POURS of tho Confederate army. It originated in the aortli, in New York; howrvrr It wn:, » ballad o( the rout It. The story goes that wh*n slavery v,nf, pr*c- Uced In New York there was a mnn B&med Dixie who owned many •laves. A'bolition t^nUmcnt growing, he shipped his slaves south. "There they had to uork harder fcnd they looked back fondly on .their New York home, nnd as Dixie owned much land, they thought of him and his land n.i a parndisc, ra the name 'Dixie Land.' However, In the south 'Dixie' means tho Southern states. Dnniel Decatur Emmett, nn actor find song writer, ;nrrote 'Dixie Land.' Some have thought the composer to be n negro, tout he was In truth thft ,nrlp:tnaU>r Of negro minstrels. He traveled with to circus at one time, and once when iJJving in New York he wns enter- ;t*tnlng a musical club and conceived the idea- of blacking his faca and singing negro songs nnd telHng feefro jokes. "It made a. great hit and it was In this way and at \hat time that he originated the negro minstrel. He formed a company known as The Virginia Minstrels,' the very first negro minstrel company. They pvere all the rage to the great cities and well received In England. One jainy Sabbath ht> wroU> tho familiar Song of 'Dixie' in Use year "of 1859. "This jingle was comixised by Emmett, the circus trawler, to express the feelings oi his fellow jx-rfonners In their homesickness for the south, as they lived in tents in the northern climate. The soldiers of the Civil war sang it at all times nnd in all conditions. The author.of it, bc- Soved by Abraham Lincoln, traveled with a minstrel troupe when more th&n 80 yesre old." Old Englbh View of I'. S. Another historical releromr. which goes back eevn farther than the origin of 'Dixie,' is u reference, made 1» the veterans' publication to n collection of files of old English newspapers recently received by the Congressional library in Washington- Their comments on the war of 1813 are especially interesting. While this part of the country was toot settled at that time, the war came to the Rock river valley when liieut. Campbell, on his way up the Miiei&sippi river to relieve a fort at Prairie du Chien, was attacked by Indians, among whom was the then young warrior, Black Hawk, nt Campbell's Island, at the mouth of Bock river, The Indians were beat«8 off and the Indian attack served <jiiljr to delay the expedition and Bttvent the ultimate capture of the AiSerieans. who learned trom .scouts fcom the north, while reorganizing thttr lerofcs near Bock Island,alter nnd Jri-'t) nr* wjimllv pi 'Jjnmr. Bhadrr. who w»? 31, An-.r-in !•; Enelond r-n n i'lnrgrr j fnr th? murder of D*puty Warden -mir; rfnisv«»d from th- infh!<--nc» i Ptt^r K>ln *t Bt«»«8VlU« prison two of the pqufbbk^ of th" ri-viltr^d'y*« »»o. H* wnt the fourth to rtis ; *ith little <n 1-itrrriin* <!>« on th« giiiow* for the cHmt. ujpmiiay^ • u W i B M.;'t|?iii^"^iKJV»MMl ° * "O 1 Porlc A. \^*. JCK Superior to anything on the market. J'OKK LOIN ROAST, per pound ...„..,.,; PORK CHOPS, per pound . — BEEF POT ROAST, 99^ £ 0 per pound , ««!/ SIRLOIN STEAK, per pound .SWIFT'S REGULAR SMOKED 90^ HAMS, per pound &®^ PICNIC HAMS, per pound „ HOME MADE LIVER SAUSAGE, OA« per pound ,....., ... :t . n - fl ^"^ BACON SQUARES, , per pound •, t - fi . ...... . v ,-.i.., SAUER KRAUT, " ; . ,;." " . per qtiart ^ ^......".-.-^...-^ .. Plenty of Chickens for your Sunday Dinner. Horn & Morath UP-TO-DATE MARKET Phone 282—283 310 First 'Ave. STERLING 19 1 /2C 19c lOc Everybody Knows That eating the right food will help keep you well or make you better if you have some ailments, such as constipation, diabetes, anaemic condition, stomach trouble, "nerves," etc. We are the authorized dealers for this vicinity for the Battle Creek Sanitarium foods. These foods are reasonable in price and the best obtainable for the healthy or sick. It will pay you to look them over. Ask us for literature. Ask us for Information Blank. Mail to Battle Creek and their Doctors and dieticians will prescribe for your individual case without charge to you. Specials for Saturday Red and White Specials Also the following: Zo or Fig and Bran, Battle Creek Break- _ __. __faat.iood . ........... 2 PkgS. : .^. : , 25c Tokay Grapes, large red ones . ....... ., , , ; 3 PoWlds . . -25c Jonathan Apples, « \ , ^ «« Idaho's best ......... Bushel . .. . . 2.39 Jersey Sweet Potatoes, „ ^ . _ „ firsts only ....... . , . 7 Poimds . . . 25c Onions, sound • • »- r\ i A * and good ..... ,.,..., oPoWlds . . .21c Honey, very good ~ , and reasonable ...... LBK6 Pure Cane Granulated ^« ^ ^ ^^ Sugar (10 !b. limit). 10 Pounds . .63c Shredded Wheat, -. . there's only one ..... 'Only . ...... llC All 15c Breakfast ~ ^, __ Foods, regularly .... 2 Pkg'S ..... 25c Richelieu Spaghetti, 0 n «^ Tomato Sauce ...... O Cans ..... 25e Biacan Apricots, AT i n ^ ,* good fruit ...... .... No. 1 Can . . . 16c Brushes—clothes, shoe r \ } or stove, cheap ..... . Unly ....... 15c Oxydol, cleans r _ _ everything ...... ... Lai'ge ..... 22c Fresh Select Qyviers just received, TODDARD' QUALITY GROCER Fin* Am. ifi(??i5»a fw t i-ft of f l *v f vjiift. Ky.. as the city st Wednesday"* dnim vrre chosen from th* fifty ln« to rocp*t« in t!w <JRV. Botith F1*., 113, F» su i! Mr>;rrs rcntrty »M w» mifc* » rt x,, c . j , !ftas ^ W h| 6 i, r , JnC, Jolin; * cri " A nfi., to r«t'im Henry (Jak*) ,, SIB^ Gen.' J^.'p* *R*$ * fTOKxnfon under »rr*!rt i *f«j8aer*M* 'nuuw th»r*, tn fturitefton to ftw first i f?*f nt§fet M* of &«?»!*-j^!""" 9 mnrd*r fth«tfr«s freeing out! jofe GOT, A?f«*f E. Smith SB * jof tn« rffath ef Stappfer <mibatt!« fw sn* ef the most ,yj7,jrp«^ farm on Huron Wand, north j mats'**! principle* of rplifi™ ___„ „ _ . p0jj>j c j,j preft£h9r* W | )O ^jj r o* nearly two million' p-0nff*g*l!cms ho* to vot» of jumping fe*pm of!of Rltehift'* chlff tarst»fji, pr<mv 15 feet, h»« be«n obtained! "Oov. AHr*d F. gmith'g from the air. I Heifm," hf said, 'would no nwr* at 111., noekford, 111., F^rt Drxke li . N. y. Tulam OWa.. " Basket Store C, A. BROWN, Fr*j», US EMi TWrd Street, BTEEONO, ILL. Bananas, 3 Ibs. -. ..... 2Sc Grimes Golden Apples, 4 Its ..... ...... ..,.J5c Snow Apples, 8 Tba.. .la Head Lettuce, solid, 2 for ........ .......... 25c Tokay Grapes, 3 Ibs..; Va. Jersey Sweet Potatoes, 8 IDS ,25c Brussels Sprouts, per quart «.....,,.. ,3Sc Monarch Coffee, lb'., .SOc Cranberries, per qt. ,20c Seedless Gripes, Cunning Pcam, Hqtwah. Cuctjrab«rs, Tomatoes, Endive, New Be«tfl, Carrots, Red Cabbage, Garlic, Cabbase for Kraut, Radishes, Green Beans, Eggplant, etc. Baking Powder is in the Jor Best Results Use BAKING DOUBLE ACTION first in the Dough -Then in the Oven Same Price For Over 38 Years of Pounds Used By Our Government wlw . Therefers it mvm " * Ms ** w* tf!»« GROCERY, M, J, Cramr MAKKMT lffl§ M. fourth .SI, Beef Pot Roasts, 2Sc ffi. 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This is » unique new-type soap from which have been removed S7% air and 20% motoife. Lifting UH p«xltt*g4 uth m»r* in Our kboimtory test* ifcow that Kwiksolv go f&fthef and wash quicker than any sotp we know. A package contains two @nd oae»£hiid ckooi as mudt as it would if Kwik- soJv wete of ordinary density, Tim's vital Hunk of cbe saviagl ^Pbi8 a«w cood«nsed so*p has Kemeadou« detergent powo:. Aa automatic water-softtttieg agent greatly hastens m dearjing action. Stained and giimy clothes—the soiled line of cuffs and collars •— Kwiksolv cleanses these with a speed and thoroughness new in your experience. Kwiksolv will not hurt your hands, powerful detergent chough it is. Use this condensed soap just as you would any other. For dishes, washing fine things, cleaning, laundry. * *** By sioaply lifting the package when you buy this condensed soap, you can see how much more you get for your money. Kwiksolv weigh* over V/i pounds, Probably never have you bought a package of soap 40 heavy for its price* 25 teats, We invite you to try Kwikbolv., (Jtoe package will enable you to see how much longer this new kind of soap lasts, bow much . Ko uapy fit» remains to wbta Kwiki»lv tt isidi* ttid>uMt>nig more easily Kwiksolv detas because of its water-softening feature, how in every way it is superior to old forms of soap. Staft today using this newest product for all household uses. Only a test ofKwiksolv will reveal how really important this invea- rion i$, T*{j e savings possible by using condensed soap are too great to be ig Kwikiolv «r your AN INVENTION OF TUB FAL'MOLIVB^FBIT CO ««i< A P A N Y-

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