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The Kansas City Star from Kansas City, Missouri • Page 11
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The Kansas City Star from Kansas City, Missouri • Page 11

Kansas City, Missouri
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0101NM THE KANSAS CITY STAR WEDNESDAY MARCH 7 1915 11 I Peace Officers convention at Hutch inson QUPON twelve months overseas He was employed by the Codrey laundry Nevada Mo before entering the service In June 1942 Army ard Navy Off I Reports eports If rict's Leading Cut Rate Drug Store" gor:) oft iv 2 1yoogveliielottligdlogawncssomnbtgaMr and Mrs itiol WOUNDED IN ACTION Anthony thler fire I Wounded--Amos Anthony thler CLOTHES FROM FL'ED SACKS resourceful women in small rural towns are making dresses from livestock feed sacks when they can't find an adequate supply of piece goods the Illinois Federation of Retail Associations A ItP1 '91! 7 I fire- ioM CREATER KANSAS CITY mu find Ogee flOn of Mr Theodore Vic- 1F Mitt Jefferbon City: Glenn Eldon ''r 11 Robert Worker 1 'a South bin bellillitit first chums h011 Of Mr kil wri ts Edits Wcker 1114 end Mry Hoy Wilson McLain Cktpe man first class BOO of Mr Theodore Vic- 'blur Jefferson City: Glenn Eldon bellOt011 first CitUJA on of Mr Mrs Huy Wilson McLain Cape Bronze Star was presented him by the commander of the brigade "Congratulations and flowers to you the brigade newspaper commented after the ceremony Private Ellison is 27 years old and attended the University of Kansas City one semester after his graduation from Paseo high His lather is a member of the city counselor's staff and formerly was a member of the pollee department A brother Myron Ellison lives at 201 Brush Creek boulevard and a sister Mrs Lowe whose husband is a lieutenant in the navy resides at the home SON MISSING ON LUZON I7 pmTs 7-1 LODAY ALISO' WITH THIS COUPON You do not mead coupes Thursday or Friday 'iltr NV ilre'llft ilf NV ilit kts I John seaman sechnd 11011 Of Mr and Mn Theodore NILO' din St Louis FROM KANSAS Hernial' Felditamp seaman 1first class on of Mr and Mn Citorge reldicainp Lincoln isiior TODAY ThURSDAY FRIDAY ambrotealltwohIPM1011111InPVLINiallemPlICIONIINISILIIIIIMCMINIJAUSIIM0111M SHOP TODAY THURSDAY FRIDAY -moir1 sviivax FIE KS ASHIrDa Aree1 I LOCKER TRUNKS ARMY PROMOTIONS 1 MOT6110tCOUPOMin Ira Grocery Cautions In tail Al good fanlight and Thursday itt all Kansas City MO storm) 'scent Ilth and Baltimore Min quantiliea last Mail Orders Size I I METAL BOUND WITH LARGE TRAY 1 0 Plus VIII Pius VII Foci Tax nil 15c 1110AVS PILLS 49es KILLED ON AP FREIGHTER Tech Scrim Louie Lepper Had Been Prisoner Since 1942 Tech Sergt Louie Lepper 33 years old ordnance who has been a prisoner of war of the Japanese since the fall of Corregidor was killed in action September 7 1944 his mother Mrs Carrie Brown 508 South Hardesty avenue has been notified He wm aboard a Japanese freighter which was sunk near Mindanao on that date the War department letter stated He was educated in the public schools at Wakeeney Kas and at Hays Kas He enlisted in the army in 1930 serving three years and re-enlisting in 1936 He had been overseas seven years Besides his mother he leaves four half-brothers Harry Lepper Kismet Kas: Ott Lepper Harper Kas: Earl Lepper Longview Wash and Roy Upper Oakland Calif WOUNDED IN LUZON ACTION sergt Joseph Zasadny Fell in Action February 5 Sergt Joseph Zasadny was slightly wounded on Luzon February 5 his parents Mr and Mrs Michael Zasadny 258 South Mill street Kansas City Kansas have been notified Sergeant Zasadny who is in the infantry has been overseas twenty-eight months TWO FRESH ChtEILOADS I MAIL ORDERS FILLED Igo Charge for Packing lent 0 for Ex Charred In Missouri Add 2 dales Tax Oven Thurs Nile VDt IL 1C MI ittWi113Dia 4:11 fit FROM KANSAS Venn Slane Adama1: Mr Alma Adams Mitineula: pi raid Arther bon of Mrs Virgie Ann Wichita: Plc Harold Beck- brother of Mrs Alberta beektuan1 Hi Capt Hugh I Bruner husband et Mr Maxine Bruner Lawrence: ef ittil Grade Lawrence son Clueya Marysville: Prt Richard CPO bOn of Clarence Clark Rossrit MeiVIII V011i0111 b011 of Ernest Boicourt: Pvt John cierdeinan1 of John Gerdeman Oswego Gregg sun of buy Ore pvt Donald HKrri5 fiOn of 1 Al Harris Penokec Pic Kennethl liaronati husband of birtc Matt H8rtente Dighton Pfc Arnold Hart-wit 01 or nay Hartnett Hartzog son of Floyd Hari reg lona Island: Pfc Clyde Hilburn oh oi irlisrd 0 Hilburn Rosie: Staff fir Walter Hits son of Edward Hudson Tech Fifth Grade Leo' H)0111111 11011 of Victor El Hoffman ppoia Prt Gordon Hues son of Frank litiev Wichita Lieut Horace HUH SOL Ot MrS Eugina Bull Hope: Pfc Keech son of John Leech Dodge City Pfc charles Kell son of Cnaries Ken Leavenworth Pvt IIafll Kier aon Of Harry Kier Caney: Col flaimond Kreutzer son of Antone Krctotr La Crosse: beret Albert Urrcke Ilusband of Mn Ada LemCke watutr Pfc Clinton Lewis son of Lydia Lewis Columbus Pvt Linenberger son of Mrs Rosa Linensuger Victoric Lieut Eugene hon of Charles McAtee Parsnii Pfc Lee McCorkili husband of Hazel Marie McCorkill Elk City: Pc Virgil FL McIntvre husband of Mrs rOe McIntyre Stafford Lieut James Moore yr hmrband of Mrs Mary Mow Leavenworth Pie Jack Neff mr of 'Sirs Nancy A Neff Coffeyville: Orville Shomaker on of Mrs Shomaker Girard: Pfc Charles I' Fnerter bon of Mrs Lela Rigging ox ftI Past sergt Raymond fitraelt hohnd Of Mrs Eileen Btrack Va Tech $wat James Wieter son Henry Vieter Great Bend: Pvt SOH of Isaac Father of Pre Richard Tobin Has Been Notified Pfc Richard Tobin 20 years old Infantry has been missing on Luzon since January 18 his father Mr Tobin 3406 Garner avenue has been notified He attended North- 4118 east high school and was It employed by the Charles Brown Printing coin- lor' pany before entering the 4 army in May 1943 He has been overseas a year Plc Richard and a half Tobin Two brothers in the service are Cpl Jack Tobin in France and Cpl Howard I Tobin Kingman Ariz 0 ol: 4 111 ilig Iti4: -4 Lk Last Chance! "YOUR INCOME TAX" FROM KANSAS To Eugene Clements Lawrence To First Burge jr Abilene Julites Marton BOWVer jr El atb45rtc)T1)01 Ulysses Marlon Colley Leavenwortn Raymond Delashinitt Callattron Mantillt1411 Robert Leonard Divine Parsons A CASUALTY FEBRUARY 5 Pfc AVoodrow Jackson Was Wounded in Luxembourg Pfc Woodrow Jackson 31 years old was wounded February 5 in Luxembourg his wife Mrs Dorothy Jackson arid two chi' dren Billy and Joan Jackson all of Buckner Mo have learned Private Jackson en- :41400 tered the service in 1 April 1944 going over- seas the latter part of Pte Woodrow December He was grad- Jackson uated from Buckner high school and had been employed by the Lake City Ordnance plant A VA ale COUGH SYRup well NAVEL 1Ist 1 par: 921 I rjr Main DOORS NORM SOTH AND MAIN 921 dbAN By Lasser Itere's a Valuable tox guide to aid you in making out your 1944 returns Complete with ac tual illustrations of tax forma and a clear eoolana tion of the new tct I tot yhol eky oeuxir ptat what you've been looking for tax problems! 40o Musterole 14 YOUli NCOME TAX by 111LASSIG 1 )11g AE TAX I 11 A MEDAL FOR BEROISM ESTABLISHED 19118 WE FINANCE CARS F011 BUYERS AND SELLERS LOAN ON CARS tr INSURE CARS BUY CARS SELL CARS Complete Insurance Dept Come to oar office where vett knew the service that vow require eat be available omommir SI ZONITE ANTISEPTIC 1DOZEN I ARII1 KILLED IN ACTION 0 frO Mall Orders Prepaid 0d''' Not to be eon towed with liar oranges 1 6 11 DIES IN FRANCE OP WOUNDS Sergi Vytion liehrman Had Been Reported 'gibbing Earlier Vyvion Behrman 21 years old infantry who had been reported missing since February 13 died Feb- kit ruary 14 in France 1'' from wounds received in Germany his wife Virgil Mrs Dorothy Behrman 2745 Cypress avenue has learned Sergeant Behrman was with the "Yankee divi- sera vvvion sion" of Patton's army Bettrman He had been in the service two years He also leaves a son William Dwane Behrman of the home: his parents Mr and Mrs Harry Behr-man and a sister Anita all of New Cambria Mo 1 el MI1011 Tistaatte Croznsang Oak daxainglosempms U1110 Just In Croft ID ergide tin Pot MVOS In America TASTE THE DIE FERENCE 0 WITTI COUPON LIMIT I DOZEN Si 211 ABSORBINE LINIMENT il7dhe astluatat z11 ciao r3 0 ED HOLCORON IVANT IN FOOD SETUP Delay in Joining United Nations 'Pool Dapped In Washington WASHINGTON March is being expressed in government farm quarters over the delay of the United States in accepting membership in the proposed United Nations food and agriculture org anization These quarters say the outgrowth of the 1943 Hot Springs Va food should be functioning row to help lay down post-war policies They contend the world again may drift Into an agricultural pattern marked by inefficient nationalistic production policies and cut-throat competition for world markets About a majority of the forty four United Nations whicn participated in the Hot Springs gathering have accepted the FAO constitution drafted by an interim commission and submitted to the various nations last summer Membership by this country must be voted by Congress As yet no recommendations for joining the organization have been submitted by I either the White House or the State I department 1 5 111400 Value Barbara Could CLEANSING CREAM Ciet this well known cream in the large else aL this low price while the supply lasts :1 1 11111Ers Phompho SODA AWARDED A BRONZE STAR Churn my Perfu tHifl oulatIval Inc floral tragni Mel that linger for hours and 6101! Add 10 on Mall Ordrra FitOM GREATER KANSAS CITY Iursmean Oliver Worrell busbanci of Mrs Geneva Worrell 1048 A FROM KANSAS European Harold Bement Imsbimel of Mis Charlene Bement Pie Edwin Brock lesby son Of Mrs Blanche Brock lesby Wichita Kismt Lewis Byers on of Mrs Mab le urb DOOge CltV Sergi Ralph Coulson son of Eli Coulson Wichita Pvt Danel husbaud of Mrs Ravma Danel Galena Pvt Ernest End ly husbone of Mrs Olive End ly TOPeka: Staff William Hanna son of John Henna Newton Staff Sergt Ray Highsmith nest et kin Oscar Highsmith Ho'rcL Tech Sergt Arthur Hill son of Kling Hill Norton: Pfc Robert Hobson husband of Mra Dorothy Hobson Parsons Pvt Howard Hodge bOn oi Mrs Elea' A Hodge Barnard: Staff sorgi Fronk Holmes son of Charles Holmes Utica: Pvt Albert A Kohler son el Mrs Annie Kohler Park: Pfc Fredrick King sOn of Mrs Fl orence Sarah King Sedan: Plc Robert Marlowe stepson ol Adolph Barn Ell-worth: Plc Raymond Martin husband Si Mrs Virginia Martin Pittsburg Pret David Neavitt son of Frank A Nrhvat Atehtson: beret John Nye son of John I Nye Neodesha: Staff Sere Peppers grandson of Mrs LOLliba Rhodes Girard: MR) Tommie Phil-bock husband of Mrs Martorie Phil-beck Manhattan Sergi Arthur Polk husband of Mrs Pearl Polk Leavenworth mediterranean Area Col Robert Brown son of Mrs John Brown Mapleton: Harold Fechter son of Arthur Fechter WarnTo: Lieut Fred Cathay son of Adam (Millar' Lamed: tieut William Graveil husband of Mrs Mary Graves Alma Sergi John Sutler husband of Mrs Mary Sutter Hutchinson Staff Beret Louie Von Aohen Jr son of Louie Von Achen Bodes Sergi Fay Wyman husband of Mrb Alta Wyman Havana RED DELICIOUS illll'llAu IDAHO'S FINEST POUNDre 1) EXTRA FANCY With This 9 tD-rcu cnhtn Co" IDAHO'S FINEST EXTRA FANCY FRESH SOLID POUND With This Coupon 8125 0 J0 'f (-0 '1t1 I 6 JIL 410 A i glo 0 ft 4 Ile 4 ie" ()TIM ''ti24-L-tte AP 1 I Arld I0 on 11 Ortlerm Pfc Arthur 1 Ellison Jr Wins the Bronze star For heroic action against thk Germans last June 22 near Hau Cauchon France Pfc Arthur Ellison jr son of Mr and Mrs tirArthur Ellison 5605 the Paseo has been awarded the bronze Star medal Private Ellison a a graduate of Paseo high PM Arthur school and employed at Eituon the Railway Express agency bef(ire he went to war was cited by Maj Gen Barton as follows: "Private Ellison acted as leader of a mortar squad sent forward to knock out an enemy machine gun which threatened his company's advance He led the squad into a blazing forest to a position forward of his company's lines the mortar had to be set up amidst burning trees Private Ellison proceeded to direct effective fire from this position In a short time his mortar fire neutralized the machine-gun emplacement His company continued to advance and accomplished its mission "Private Ellison's courage calmness and ability as a leader reflect credit upon himself and the military service" At the time of his achievement Private Ellison was with the 4th (Ivy) division of the First army Two weeks previously he had won the combat Infantry badge "for exemplary conduct June 8 in action against the enemy" And July 7 he was wounded in the knee hip and back by shell fragments at the battle of St Lo He received the Purple Heart award at a hospital In England Private Ellison later was assigned to the 35th anti-aircraft artillery brigade of the Seventh army and was serving with It when the Limit 4 Lbs CARLOAD boo MENNEN'S QUINSANA 3aDe 0 ii Lieut Hoy 'W Asbury Jr Cited for Heroic Action Lieut Roy Asbury Jr with an anti-aircraft artillery unit has been awarded the Bronze Star for Dutstanding perform- icl(5'11'''1111)' ance of duty as a gun commander and as first roll sergeant of his battery Tr 3 during difficult opera- IttLA tions His wife Mrs Roy Asbury lives at route No 2 Liberty Mo i Before he entered the Lft Rov service in August 1942 Asbury Jr he had been employed by the Prest-o-Lite company in North Kansas City His parents Mr and Mrs Roy Asbury sr live in Gashland Mo o0 EDilOt(OUPON lo Ps00 April Showers 500 ober MONARCH Foods-all Judas Good! $trol Value GLASS Coffee Maker Be mowed of better cup of col fee with 8 cup Moe vacuum proms heitt Proof glom cot tee maker FACE POWDER Fla ttering even textured lace powder In the season's smartest shades 41 AIL Add 10' on Mall Orders $123 MOTHER'S FRIEND $1109 AI CASUALTIES 8169 11 le mos ei1Teme77 4or rovih liqt skin a chop crocks soreness wither intkoosnalls or skis discomfort 254-500 dame nature LAdd 10' on Mon Another Fresh Carload! 7 GRAPEFRUIT 1 1 TEXAS SUPER MDT SEEDLESS OF With This counon Limit I WICHITA A "SAFEST" CITY Kansas Highway Commission An 1 flounces Winners ot Awards TOPEKA of the Kansas state-wide traffic safety contest for cities and counties were announced today by Claud McCamment safety engineer of the State Highway commission They were: Class A (25000 and over) Wichita class (10000-25000) Salina class (5000-10000) Hays class (1000-5000) Ellis Coffey County was declared winner of the countyaward Tentative plans call for presentation by Gov Andrew Schoeppel of bronze plaquee to-- the winning I cities and county at the Kansas SLOO Pinoleum It9e FROM GREATER KANSAS CITY Weldon Ward signalman rocond rias nephew of Samuel Ward 1007 Herman Thunman Nleu at male fmt class husband of MrF Jean Thurman 2311 Olive and son of Mr and Mrs fhas Thurman 2446 Vine FROM MISSOURI Fleaard Akers electrirlan's ma! th rd dabs son of Mr and Alfrrd Hoard Akers St Louts: Eugene Jo5HIll Klein water tender third ea son of Mr and Mrs Albert John Kirin Ste Genevieve: Carl Mack Updearyl' chief MachinISCS mate husband of Mrs WA Updegistf Joplin- George Long via WINS TILE BRONZE STAR Sister Mere Learns of Award to Cpl Ivan Simmons Cpl Ivan Simmons 21 years old infantry has been awarded the Bronze Star Medal in France his sister Mrs Ralph Dale 1411 Broadway has learned His parents Mr and Mrs Simmons live in Nevada Mo Corporal Simmons 'served Easy way to UNCORK STUFFY NOSTRILS( 11 ri II rag Nostrils ell timed tool Doak se lisetielstosi does NORM toroidal ED 0 MID SEIBERLING SYRINGE 2-auart dureble rubber Ayr Inge hot health heeealitI MENTHOLATUM Verazeplot 44tVaggillag0431ZZZ Pitiless curtain STRETCHER Two metal rods dry curtains smoothly evenly with out bothersome pins end hooks 7' Add 10' on Mall Orders 4in ED VPt11MattoprIkzilirr 0 58e 0 Add log' on Mall Orders In filch Tomato Sauce ORK DNA BEAN OJLARGE 1 NIL 2 CAN With This Coupon Limit 111 KOJ POIN IS a IN13 I 't7 3 1 I PISOS COUGH SYRUP timh EIBED3OLCoupom rA dna Yalu STEEL SK ILLET P'ult sire steel skillet that means savory tried foods PERE GRAPE PRESERVES Ike Value Plastic Unbreakable SINK Strainer sturdy Ptrniner that's a kitchen neceasitY Maorted colors elo9f! Add 10'1 an Mall Orders 31INIT BUB 49e Add 10 on Mall Orders Large Pound Jar No With Thum Coupon Limit 4 2 FOUR WAY COUGII TABLETS 0111111126- oirl Of i WU VII $130 VALI't rroluemi ES I 1 'RAJAH Mystery BOARD The ell knowinit Ralah answers 0 13 Questions oredlote the Ai LAO VALUE DRURY LANE Boni Stationery Distinctive writing vanes of fin velluM stneic so hIb 440 An Maybe it's a good thing there's not two of me Because one of me is usually hard enough to please when I want a new coat But I've been to Bond's Think I found my dream coat? Glory I found a dozen I'd love to live two I just couldn't resist What a day! After picking two beauties from Bond's wonderful colorful found out about Bond's famous needlework that keejfs them looking lovely forever Now wouldn't I love to be have both! Well I guess that's not the thing to do these days Anyway I'm twice as smart as) was Because I've seen Bond's prices And now I know why all those women are flocking there! 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Comp loto Rh handle Add 10 On Mail Orders Add 10 on Man Orders 4 139 441 at 0 1 41: 10111111111111111111111101112 LAWN NEEDS 0 Secular 50c Bottles of 100 Each STEEL 14tfilthN GARDEN RAKE with stained hohdlo 63 CIIEMTEST ASPIRIN Fips03! SALTS iroaac elf 56 OtCEDAR POLISH Cltsse a los trous MP Isti loo TABLE MATS Colorful decorate water ceaistantl 4 for Purk oulekdIA mien aspirin relief of 'smolt heilditches Both for solving I fiomrple EInth I ille I 25e I 1009 1011 3111N ST adrge Acteunt 13tiel4et Service without care cost 'miry rime mow! thoino liPtPle OW I marked volth star sw (441 sr otobleci fa fair reg 2 op In Kan mac Add ed Meow itomil got orneot toy federal lad line Kill I 4i1 GAHIMN 11104 7inch t'N blade al 19e lootzo Tho Comnicti Plant Pond lo Patinas 05 '7)14 Mloginn Ott LAWN SEI I si 25c JIFFY SCRATCH REMOVER POLISH 49e CI Tins ht Eris Smith Bond Newaratt KMBC 11:00 Mooday Wednesday Friday Covers 'creches Olemishoess lie All 10 en Mall Orders Jost Ask for Chemtest Doublets All 10 en mill Orders Jost Ask for Chemtost Dos 1 1 4 i 14Lo' 041'.

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