The Kansas City Star from Kansas City, Missouri on July 11, 1945 · 2
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The Kansas City Star from Kansas City, Missouri · 2

Kansas City, Missouri
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 11, 1945
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Charge a Lokoitt A 1-day stoppage growing out of a strike of eighteen foremen ended last night at the Dodge Chicago plant makers of B-29 engines The stoppage involved a total of 1200 and officials of the C I O United Automobile Workers termed the action a lockout and denied U A W members refused to work Ending a I2-hour walkout over wage disputes twenty-seven operating engineers employed in four municipally-owned utilities in Salem Ill went back to work today wider a union contract with the city The country's largest single strike was the 11-day walkout by 16500 C I O United Rubber Workers at the Firestone Tire and Rubber company In Akron O Approximately 1000 striking workers of the United Fuel Gas company will return to work immediately under an agreement reached today by army officers federal officials and union leaders during a 3-hour conference the United Press said Coat Mines Closed Four Pennsylvania coal mines operated by Jones & Laughlin Steel corporation and employing 3319 United Mine Workers remained closed One mine closed the company said over refusal to rehire a returned war veteran without a physical examination a second shut down in a dispute over shift rotation and the two others closed when pickets appeared In Bellaire O 475 U M W employees halted work at tne Webb mine of the Cambria Mining company after the company said it levied a $I a day fine against them tor three days It said the men refused to work three days month because the company did not pay overtime for work on the Saturday after Memorial day A work stoppage at the New York Shipbuilding corporation's Camden N J plant kept idle 2000 employee in a strike which local C I O officials described "unauthorized" John Green union national president said the walkout resulted from the W113's delay in settlement of workers' grievances Architects Stop ois At Washington fourteen members of the International Federation of Technical Engineers Architects and Draftsmen tik F LI struck in a dispute involving union recognition and an estimated 1500 other A F L workers remained idle In sympathy for the second day Meanwhile members of the National Maritime union (C I O) picketed the War Shipping Administration offices here in their nationwide demonstration against a proposed reduction of wartime "danger bonuses" to seamen RED FLIERS TRAIN EN REIM $ so let Army l'itTer Deseribel ' Benefits of Com list Maneuvers Moscow July 11(AP)—A dig patch to the Soviet army organ Red Star from an airdrome in Oar many" said today Itql army fliers were undergoing combat trainin g there under conditions approximat log those of actual battle Said to be part of a Lyle-scale fled army battle training Drogram the practice wax described by the correspondent Mat S Rybakov as 0 arousing great interest among many Soviet airmen and "bringing them big benefits" TROOST coNcua ravictir Municipal Band and CI le Meu'a loncert to Ile Beard The Municipal band directed by N DeRubertie will play at 8:30 o'clock tonight at Trcost park Thirtieth street and the Paseo The Kansas City civic men's chcrrus led by Joe Stern will sing Iloward Green will conduct the community singing A street dance at the Seven Oaks school Thirty-seventh street and Jackson avenue also will be held at 8:30 o'clock tonight The Recreation Pep band will play ' IC S C HEAD RETURNS MANHATTAN KAS July It(AP) —PErsidont Milton S EiAenhower hns retlitned to his desk nt KAMM St MO COlirge Mint Pipeticling R few tifig in Wnshinizton whet he is - 1100111g in rooruntilm the Dept In nient of Aiztirtilture Th prnphot Moinimmod born In tlecct Arabia In 470 A D e 111( ROW COT 'A Half Million Detroiters flo Without as Strikers Prepare to Vote TOTAL IDLE TO 50000 Four Strikes Unit Including Rochester Bakers Who Ask an NLRB Ballot tIFNt" (igy tho Assocfated Preis) Although sales ot L-oonas icii A labor dispute in Detroit 24 million dollars short of making ' one of a score across the the 4-billion-dollar quota the country which kept some 50-1 Ametican people reached 994 per cent of thetr goal In those low- 000 men and women off their 1 cost securities jobs prevented an estimated Total sales were 26313 million ' half million persons from get- dollars The quota was It billion ' ting their regular supply of dollars The previous record was 21621 million dollars in the Sixth milk today War Loan For the third straight day de- i liveries of 30 per cent of the motor 1 eity's milk supply were tied up by iiiEFIEE IN 8E8LIN a walkout of 1000 creamery corn- pany employees Efforts were pushedl ' to end the stoppage but C I O ----- ' United Dairy Workers officials said Russian Troops Will Withdram no home deliveries would be made From Other Allied Zones of before tomorrow should a settle- Control Tomorrow Inent be effected today ----- To Vote Today FOOD PLAN IS SET UP The striking C I O United Dairy Workers in Detroit were to vote Each Occupation Force NV i II Be today on the proposal to go back to Responsible for Ci Mans in work and their local president Ibis- Own Areas Bell Ballard said he would urge end- ' in the a alkout By Pieties J Huss Four strikes ended yesterday Berlin July 11(INS)--An Settlement of the 1-day stoppage at the National Cast Iron Pipe coin- agreement whereby Soviet pany plant in Birmingham Ala troops Will evacuate all Allied sent 600 employees back to their oceupatiOnal zones in Berlin jobs of producing 155-millimeter I was reached today at the first shells The walkout was over a official session of the komchange in supervisory personnel A 3-day strike of 420 A F L mandatur Allied governing bakers at three Rochester N Y body for the German capital baking companies ended on a vote of striko:rs to return to work today tinder terms of this agreement The strikers said a union agent the kommandatur will assume con demanded a modification of what trol of Berlin effective at 9 a m he described as a speedup systetn tomorrow with the Russians pull They instructed union leaders to ing out of Allied zones prior to that i notify the WLB they wanted to takt a strike vote under auspices of the hour NLRB Present at the meeting were Maj ' P IN Seventh War Loan Sets a Pg" FOES Rol- Financing Record t WASHINGTON July 111AP)--The 10oemaismonlmMoMES 26313-mi11ion-do1lar Seventh War "Vb hat We Need Is a Revolution" Loan has gone down in hibtory as the biggest financing operation of Shouts Mrs Agnes this or any other war Waters There will be another bond ------ drive this year starting perhaps RAPS SPEED BY SENATE in November But future drivcs ----- are not likely to equal the one 1 There Is Something Sinister" just ended in Rushing Ratification Final figures wile announced Says Another last night by Secretary Morgen- - than Although sales of E-bonds fell 24 ninon dollars short of making the 4-billion-dollar quota the Ametican people reached 994 per cent of their goal In those low-cost securities Total sales were 26313 million dollars The quota was It billion dollars The previous record was 21621 million dollars in the Sixth War Loan AGREE IN MILIN Russian Troops Will Withdraw From Other Allied Zones of Control Tomorrow FOOD PLAN IS SET UP Each Occupation Force NVill Be Responsible for Cl Mans in Own Areas hour Present at the meeting were Maj i Oen Alexander Barinov Russian military commander family Sokolowski governor general for the Red army British Maj Oen L O LYne 1 Deputy General W R N Hinde and i United States army Maj Gen Floyd L Parks 1 1:mier Russian Orointtnees The first act of the kommandatur General Lyne said will be issuance of a proclamation announcing that until further notice all legal ordinances enacted by the Russians will remain in force This will maintain continuity of government with a commission of experts subsequently making changes point by point The zone assigned to French !troops will remain at status quo for the time being General Lyne said "Very good arrangements are being made to continue the food and fuel supply into Berlin as needed" General Lyne said "Under the arrangements as planned there should be uniform load rations throughout the city "Experts have been asigned to each case to seek out the easiest way of solving all problems To Use German Supplies "iliese food and fuel problems are I very great at the moment But they i will be worked out soon" ! General Lytle said no central Curl anti f il I was content p a i ! I te I at the present Each oe 1 eitpying mit' will be responsible for feeding Germans within its own Idistriet of Berlin either from stocks On hand or supplies brought in 'from other areas of Germany it Se 1 1 1 Lyne did not disclose identity of the exprrts who have been studying the problem of feeding all Germany and who now have concentrated all their efforts upon Berlin The kommandatur he said will be able to handle the situation without anpcaling to the Big Three Int their forthcoming meeting The British general said agreements among the Allied authorities had been reached in an atmosphere of complete friendlineFs "I have found the Russians ready Ito co-operate in every possible way" I he said "Although very complex Iproblems exist and wise heads are neededI am sure we will get everything working out together" The kommandatur will meet once weekly All its decisions must be unanimous ITALIAN RAILS ON MEND Dick Maim T418 of Restoration Vork In Italy With the railroads In Italy subsitlized by the government trans 'notation by rail is cheaper there I than by water Dick Adams former councilman and transportation comimissioner of Rome said today in a 1 speech before members of the Associated Highway Carriers at the Pickwick hotel Adams recently was discharged as la colonel in the army of military ' government corps He spent more I than two years in Africa Sicily and Italy I Many of the railroads in Sicily ! destroyed by Allied bombing and the retreating Germans have been restored Adams said One of his Jobs : in Rome was to organize distributing stations to feed the civilian population He said 50000 tons of food was handed out monthly by the Americans FORMER MUM IS CHARGED Louis lit'Ook IRS II ACCII Ned of Murdering a Ma nicurist Roams rra N Y July li(INS) A former marine was charged today with the first degree strangle mut der of Ruth Caputo 32year-o1d manicurist He was identified as Louis Dwight Brookins 20 of Syracuse and police said ha had been dishonorably discharged from the marine corps sht months ago Brookins was arrested still venting his marine uniform In addition to the murder charge police said he had attacked four Rochester women In the last four nights Brookins police mid made a full statement Police charged he crim hinny attacked Miss Caputo and then strangled her NewromPre tIrmitrntx "chtlrept in the Ildwood" WDAY 630 today—Adv I Washington July 11(AP)-- Opponents of the United Na- dons charter trooped before 'the Senate foreign relations Icommittee today as Chairman Connally of Texas expressed confidence that any restrictive amendments would be 'beaten down The first opposition witness Mrs - Agnes Waters of Washington D C was escorted from the committee Itable by policemen when she attempted to continue after her al' lotted time had expired A Familiar Figure "What we need is a good old-fashioned American revolution" Mrs Waters shouted as she left Mrs Waters a familiar figure at 1 congressional committee hearings said she represented the national Blue Star Mothers She denounced the charter as an "international fraud" Other opposition witnesses in eluded Mrs Cecil Broy of Arlington Va representing Americans United 1 Inc who said the charter will lead to "empire rule" and the Rev J Paul I i Cotton Cleveland representing the 1World Feu forum who declared "there is songething sinister in the Ispeed" of Senate action on the pact Ely Culbertson bridge expert submitted a statement declaring the only effective way to prevent aggression is to establish a world-wide limitation on heavy armament and an international police force Holds to Time Limit Connally held a watch on each witness to make sure everyone got his fifteen minutes but no more One of the opponents David Dar-yin was questioned by the chairman about his designation as representing the United Nations of Earth two' iciated Carrin said there wasn't any such organization he simply used the name and it didn't have any members "That Is a rather unique situation" commented Connally "You :are for the purposes of this hearing the whole United Nations of Earth 1 association" Said Senator Barkley of Kentucky: "There is no reason why a Iman can't asaociate with himself" 'Darrin said the charter would lead to "perpetual war" He said he had bundles of exhibits pointing i out what he thought was wrong with tit but wouldn't submit them tinless Connally guaranteed they would go into the record The chairman said they might be "too ponderous" so Darrin walked off with them As he left the stand Connally said: "Thank you Mr Datrin I hope you'll report to the association" Speed Is Indecent Mrs Grace Keefe Chicago representing the Women's League for Political Education said she wondered whether it was "decent" to "rush this charter through the Senate" in the absence from the country of many members of the armed forces She said the charter in effect "is an Instrument insuring our involvement in all future wars" I W E B DuBois an official ot the National Association for the ' Advancement of Colored People said the charter Is "contradictory" lin its pledges of race equality He urged claritication through a Senate reservation 1 DuBois contended that the United IStates delegation to the San Fran!cisco conference "aligned itself re' peatediy with the great colonial powers" Frederick J Libby representing the National Council for the Prevention of War testified the San Francisco charter "wipes out" the right of neutral nations "to stay out ot other people's wars" Dielina smereign Equality He added that "the present charter seems to me to be an attempt Ito combine a military alliance ot 'three rival imperialist powers and I an international organization that 'claims to be on the basis of the sovereign equality of the member states "It Is my conviction that these two ideas can no more mix than oil and water" Mrs C i3 Baldwin who said she was a grandmother representing herself and other women told the committee that if the Senate ratifies the charter it will be "signing away America's sovereign rights" "American women do not intend to send their sons to fight another war not of their making" she de dared "Untie( this charter we dele gate to five men not chosen by the people not known to us and whom we may not trust the power to take us into war" ' Mrs E F Johnson of New York City who said she represented the public questioned the constituI tionality of the charter ICONCERT BY 'WIENER TRIO - Chamber !gash! Group at Culver pity of Kansas City Monday — The Albeneri Trio widely known 1chamber music group will appear In a concert in the administration 'building lounge at the University of Kansas City at 8:30 o'clock Monday 'night The trio will appear under the joint sponsorship of the university summer school and the Elizabeth Sprague Coolidge music foundation of the Library of Congrem in Washington Members of the trio are Alexander Schneider violin Benar Heifetz cellist and Erich nor Kahn pianist Their program will include the Q major trio of Haydn the A minor trio of Ravel and the B-flat trio "Archduke" by Beethoven – Two JACOBSON PANES OUT Haberdashery Owner Believes Car Broke AViatiowa PreMdent Truman's former part ne in the haberdashery bustners ' Eddie Jacobson discovered two plate iglass windows broken when tie er-1 !rivcci at his Westport Mn a Wear !shop at Thirty-ninth and tklain strects this morning The broken windows are on the Thirty-ninth street side Jacobson said be believed I motor car craehed Into the 1 windows lot night I so a tole s mnomom111mmommmnone THE KANSAS CITY STAII WEDNESDAY JULY 11 19 13 -- Units Due to Arthe From Europe Today (By the Assoetuted Press) The following army Units arrive In the United States today from Europe: At New York-103d general hospital advance units of ten other general hospitals tith air force unit 345th and 347tli regiments 87th division 414th and 415tn regiments 104th diVIS1011 Anal 462nd ordnance tire repair comps ny: 440th 446th 458th 46bth and 49Iat bombardment groups advance detachment tialth ordnance base automobile battalion: headquarters and headquar teis company of 1199th engtneer base depot 374th 375th 376th 377th 37lith and 371(th air (service groupc 394th 395tn 396th 397t11 4I7th 416th 419tn 4Uth 4211it 422nd and 423d M P gate detachznents: headquarters and headquarters battery of 87th divisiou artillery 87th C I C detaclunent headquarters and headquarters company and headquarters special troops of 87th division: headquarters and headquarters company 5th corps with M P platoon head quarters and headquarters battery 6th corps artillery bth engineer special brigade headquarters The 205h C1C detachment 55th and 56th order of battle teams I69th 170th and 17Ist photo Interpreting teams 329th medical battalion 804th ordnance light maintenance company: 104th quartermaster company 104th signal company M P platoon of 104th division 787th tank battalion: 47th bomb group: 84th and 86th bomb squadrons 794th air materiel squadron part of 10Ist cavalry reconnaissance squadron mechanized 781st tank battalion headquarters and headquarters company 12th armored group and 22nd Infantry regiment 4th division At Hampton Roads Va-761st and 787th tank battolions: elemanta of 22nd infantry reglinert 4th engineers battalion 4th medical battalion and 4th signal company At Newport News Va—Part of 8th Infantry division 13th infantry regiment and 373d engineers service unit At Boston-12Ist infantry regi ment 8tri infantry division elements of headquarters and head quarters company 17th corps (air borne) and 18th air-borne corps artillery: small detachments of 95th general service regiment 537th field artillery battalion 772nd tank destroyer battalion 807th tank destroyer battalion 87th chemical mortar battalion 92nd chemical mortar battalion and 131st evacuation hospital IN FLIGHT FROM BURMA British in Contact With the Re treating Japanese - CALCUTTA July 11(AP)--British forces pursuing Japanese fleeing eastward toward Thailand in the area about ninety miles southeast of Mandalay have advanced seven miles in the rough country between Thazi and Taunggyi and established contact with the enemy east of Heho Southeast Asia command headquarters said today Some 120 miles to the south Japanese troops attacked British positions twenty-four miles east of IToungo but were repelled by Brit ish mortar fire which caused heavy casualties Some 7000 enemy troops are believed to be trying to make their v‘ay eastward in the region between the Heho and Toungoo combat areas ak - VETERANS ON WAY HOME Missou 1 Sold lets Arrive at Fla by Plane fla July 11(AP)—After months of overseas combat more Missouri soldiers have arrived here by plane They flew from Casablanca Africa in air transport command planes From A T C's Miami airfield they will go by rail to Camp Blanding Fla and from there to reception centers nearer their homes for separation or furloughs The following are from Kansas City: Staff Sergt Robert E Freeman 420 South Denver avenge Cpl Robert H Potter 3315 South Benton Sergt Robert N Todd 1304 West Fiftieth street and Staff Sergt Ralph F Jones 3408 Pennsylvania avenue A BRIDE FROM AUSTRALIA Mrs Patty Muting Arthes IVIth 20Montli-Old Son Completing a 5-week journey from her home in Frankston Vic-torte Australia Mrs Patty Hu ling Wile of Cpl W K Hu ling marine has arrived in Kansm City with their 20-month old son Wayne They will make their home with Corporal Huting's mother Mrs W A Hu ling 4230 Holmes street until her marine husband returns from the Pacific Corporal and Mrs Hu ling were married in 1943 in Australia where he had been sent to recover from wounds received on Guadalcanal His father W A Ruling carpenter's mate first class is in Trinidad and his brother Norman G Huling seaman first class is in the Philippines LOVE AS BABY'S RIGHT (Confteued From First Page) changeli his original decision to give up the baby At the time the War rens signed papers relinquishing Karen Kay they cited as reasons the wife' s poor health and the navy's meager pay Mrs !slaty Louise Fenberg super intendent of adoptions said she told Mrs Warren that since the adop non pliicement had been made before the court was involved and therefore any decision altering the agreement would be up to Mrs Kinder the foster mother i ARRAIGNED IN A 1101DUP Loafs Vent() la Pleads Not Guilty to Larceny Charge Following identification by two witnesses as the man who robbed Mrs Bertha Schenker June 23 of approximately 85000 Louis Vento In 28 years old 417 Maple boulevard pleaded not guilty to a charge of larceny when arraigned before J J Hurley Justice of the peace His preliminary hearing was itet for July 24 1 Mrs Schenker is mannizer of the 1Schanker Tnbnrro and Candy coin1 pony 3530 Main street and was I wnlitIng to her motor car in front of the plant when a brief cane con- 1 Wiling fund ntepared for bank 1 i ' deposit was token from her forcibly -- Pity Ponnototrat lave etre StJosetsb Aopisto 100 tablet billy 1bc40 NIPPY TROOPS IN More Than 35000 Arrive in 'Sew York Today Setting a Record ON EIGHT TRANSPORTS Queen Mary and West Point Set Pace in Return Flow From Europe New York July 11(UP)— More than 35000 Jubilant veterans of the European war the largest group of returning soldiers to arrive home in one day since VE-day were pouring into New York harbor today Eight transports paced by the giant Queen Mary and West Point steamed past the gray-green Statue of Liberty under a cloudless sky their rails lined with 28266 cheering Americans and some 7000 Canadian soldiers Five infantry regiments a general hospital unit numerous 8th air force groups and scores of smaller units were among the arrivals The navy transport West Point formerly the S S America brought 7607 troops including the 345th and 347th regiments of the 87th division and their commanding general Maj Gen Frank L Cu lin Jr Other 87th division units Include& Headquarters special troops band 87th counterintelligence corps detachment the 334th 338th and 912th field artillery battalions List Japanese Group They had as fellow passengers thirty-three Japanese diplomats for whom the New York skyline promised no welcome but internment The Queen Mary had a passenger list of more than 15000 including the 7000 Canadians who will be on their way to Canadian redistribution centers a few hours after their arrival Among her 8642 American troops were the 103rd general hospital and advance units of ten other general hospitals Eighth air force units aboard the British liner included bomb groups 466 467 440 458 446 and 491 air service groups 374 375 376 377 378 and 379 The transport John Ericsson brought 7493 soldiers into New York including the 414th and 415th regiments of the 104th division The 22nd Infantry regiment of the 4th division was among the 3011 soldiers on the transport James Parker Four smaller transports carried 1502 troops into the harbor They were: BenSier Puss Troops The Alfred Moore with 412 troops including the 781st tank battalion and headquarters and headquarters company of the 12th armored group first American troops to enter the Brenner pass The Joists Stevens with 368 men of the 787th tank battalion The Andrew Hamilton with 359 8th air force troops including the 47th bomb group the 84th and 86th bomb squadrons and the 794th air materiel squadron The Thomas Page with 363 members of the 101st cavalry reconnaissance squadron (mechanized) THE COMBINE NEED GROWS At Least 300 sought for Kansas Allettt Harvest GREAT BEND KAS July 11JAP)--- Immediate need of at least 300 additional combines in the Kansas wheat harvest fields is indicated by telegraphic reports received at the state farm laitor office here E H Leker manager said today "There is an urgent need for 150 machines in the north central corner of the wheat belt" teker sale "Rice McPherson Saline Ottawa1 Clay Cloud Republic Mitchell Osborne and Smith counties are in' immediate need of more combines "Other counties in North Central Kansas and counties In West Central Kansas are starting their harvest on a county-wide basis anci need many additional machines These are now moving in from the south and should supply the de-mend Extreme northwest counties starting their harvest the last of this week will need additional combines" The harvest labor situation has greatly improved Leker's survey indicated Nearly all calls for workers are now coming train the III-teen Northwest Kansas counties As harvest reaches completion in Southern Kansas labor is moving aorth and west he explained in repIrting that no additional labor I from outside the state is needed ITTIITTTIFTTTTI Even were we to write a book about "What Makes Jaccard Jewelry So Distinctive"—it could only begin and end on Quality— Quality from start to finish—as always since 18291 only begin and end on Quality— Quality from start to finish—as always since 18291 JACCARDI 1917 Walnut Ilt--KC Mo A LW alLitil 111111111311-11111 LIIILLIU OPEN A CIRCE ACCOUNT hid red groom and white stripss form a riot of color on this cool spun rayon dress with a grass linen texture Exquisitely tailored with stripes cleverly mitred at top 10 to 11 Also aqua and wine gold and gray $1795 P $1095 Stetson Straws Panama' Open Weaves Sailors $5 to 810 Panama $5 to $31 JACK WENRy MAUS MIL It's Clark's for Straws Stetson Mallory Ecuadortan $S to $20 etatioNatter 12thBALTIMORE 901 WALNUT 10 Al I LLER Walk-Over Main Spring Arch Shoesik Stone Hours 9:30 to 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