The Kansas City Star from Kansas City, Missouri on October 10, 1934 · 1
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The Kansas City Star from Kansas City, Missouri · 1

Kansas City, Missouri
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 10, 1934
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IES cat ukkly ork shins finest )1- and EL t 1AP to quki Tar? use ving strong er frol ertt Use a 3re FOIg) 'turn of corn s )u eNer nle Af in aid a !t 111-41 r0(t is ot i for ma 10A )our e tO g HEN ttis for the Cabinet Threatens lPt the Wake of Assassination of King Alexander ItARM IN JUN SLAVIA qrament in Belgrade Moves Swiftly to Avert a Croatian Rebellion 111S RUNTS FOR PLOTTERS ides of Separatist Movement Are Taken in a Wide Search for Terrorists UPI the Associated Press) pls Oct 10--The French govern-1 tit was shaken today by political tsequenees of tihe Marseilles asinations and a storm was brew: over reFponsibility for failure to ! ntect King Alexander At the same e reports from Belgrade revealed I Itgo Slav government was mov miftly to save itself in the face - - sequences of Wm au n A ous I izauon) was regaraea oy Jug° ! Slavian authorities as a trick 1 II ruler of Jugo Slavia and started ! —1 inations and a storm was brew- tile long Journey to his home and his ever responsibility for failure to to throw them oft the right track I Vailee (rag Arrhe From New I throne 1 Yorii to l'olliplele 1)011114 of tile tect King Alexander At the same 11 ! N BC seri'" 1 Ilitlill le reports from Belgrade revealed THE A TO SLOT MACHMES I The news of his fathey's tragic A ko i death at Marseille kept from him all Marls Sunday tgo Slav government was mov- I ‘1113ort Marble Dolce' SWittly to save itself in the face 1)ofroyed by the Police last night was imparted early this threats of rebellicn in the Croatian ! morning Before Peter could realize 1 Waller Craig arrived by plane from ‘ i Police wielded the ax today on six ilet ' months' accumulation of slot ma- i the significance of the news he was New York today to complete arrange- ments for the ftist broadcast by the 'fernier Gaston Doumergue has 1 chines and the type of marble game on the way to Belgrade 1 !Kansas City Philharmonic Orchestra lporarily taken over the foreign 1 that "pays off"—if you happen to Last night the housemaster was grs portfolio of the late Louis win at 3 o'clock Sunday afternoon He notified to arouse Peter earlier than i rthott determined that the latter's Lieut Leo D Mullin head of the attended the orchestra rehearsal to- ' his dormitory mates With sleep still nrA ilritv shall not police property room sinasbed the! : n - t day and expressed delight and en- tor rs pi a r : WM - -- di for peace and security shall not police property room massed tn machines aided by Ross Matheso wasted and Arthur Brock members of th Blaine on the Polle raiding squad King Alexander's old tutor M del alovitch Who said goodby to the I WILL ROGERS AN AIR EXPERT rrk for peace and securny c ‘ in his eyes he was awaene and a machines aided by Ross Matheson i awakened ! thusiasm for the quality of the or- 1 rl y-tytty Dvy) rivyu 1 wolf& and Arthur Brock members of the I message whispered In his ear that i chestra and the results obtained by ' and Adam Richetti both m fugi- Blame on the Poli tives were the actual assassins t'e raiding squad urgent news awaited him in the head- I i Karl Krueger in his interpretations King Alexander's old tutor M de I WILL ROGERS AN master's office Mr Craig decided the broadcasts Inovitch who said goodby to the I AIR ENPERT TUTOR IMPARTS THE NEWS t Belgrade and then came to !ttiorist Pt Invited to S D imgest Sky will be held in the auditorium of the in the union station massacre n a lltiressing hastily peter followed the !Musicians Club where the orchestra June 17 1933 it was announced is was outspoken on what he Travel Improvements housemaster to the school officej customarily rehearses jed the "police failure" to safe- — this afternoon' by Maurice M - fRy the Associated Press where his tutor C C Parrott and the 1 "The players are used to hearing oid Alexander lie said the king riasmikinroN Oct 10—Win Rogers headmaster were seated Probably themselves in this hall" he said "and Milligan United States district id freely with his own people who thinks up many cit his wise- ' still wondering what school rules he 1 I believe it is an ideal place for a attorney here Ieled often and only recently went cracks while looking down on Amer- I had broken broadcast We shall have no audience Solik "yet in Marseilles which is Ica from an airplane seat has been ! ' the news was imparted I except by radio We probably will Milligan's announcement fol- that changed him from Peter Kara- 1 own to be a hornets' nest full of i invited to tell President Roosevelt s carpet a part of this auditorium to aviation commission how to improve george to King Peter IL improve the acoustics The unusual lowed a release from further se- Isters it is only by failure of the sky travel 1 Breakfast was hastily served and architecture of - this room with its crecy regarding the case by the ce that he could have been as-1 Clark Howell sr chairman of the without time even to bid his school- s sc oo -1 i arch Just a few feet in front of the inated" i board announced today that Rogers adieu mates s legation Peter left e by here his motor car 1 proscenium arch makes a valuable ngton In fact it already had department of justice at Wash- ' Albert Sarraut as minister of in- ' had been asked to testify He said his !sound trap for I tor beads all police and directly the humorist had more files of flying country I "The chief engineer of NBC will I I to his credit than any other American ' ultimate destination being Belgrade a ! Join me here tomorrow and together been asserted by William Stan-mauls the surete generale or se-I an t! civili i regency and eventually the throne of I we will go over every detail of produc- i service specifically charged with i I ley an assistant attorney gen- f hot tvnlIhtekA "nitntru hit late father I tion" exander's protection Some 0131 WOMEN MITE FIRST LADY --"----- — -' ! had ruled with dictatorial power 1 lers believed his resignation might With Newton Cross who will act era' with the consent of Attor- 1 as announcer for Mr Craig's adver- ney General Cummings that six Slates Join In 111d for H P W Peter took along only one small forced User a Boston drug chain and also con fere lice brown suitcase regulation equipment 1 i A Threat to Cabinet — for boys at a preparatory school He " production manager when Miller Floyd and Richetti were IC)Cal f By The Star': Own Sereieel Mr Craig is not here Mr Craig ex- i Iteipellations have already been ! was dressed simply in a gray flannel 1 INDFPEND plored the auditorium for a room to the actual slayers 1 ENCE Kss Oct 10---Invi- d in the chamber of deputies and !tstions from six states asking suit and still wore his schelars cap g --I's' His tutor and a srtnial detective be used by the announcer They 1 Tlie l'itil Story Is Told le newspapers have been violently I Franklin D Roosevelt to be the guest laccompanied him found a small office room opening i ieal I speaker at a regional Business and I a e c When the car left the school out of the main auditorium they be- 1 The announcement from Washing- w ' Tf e10111 1i111c therP will be two !Professional Women's conference in 1 grounds on which Peter yesterday lievedwou!d answer the purpose ton as made in connection with the A service specuican y C11flVU 1 exander's protection Some ob- WOMEN MITE FIRST LADY I that troubled country his late father ' tion" V 11 a fi h rtipt tnrial innwPr Wit :nte:Tellations have already been I I 1NDFPENDENCE Kss Oct 10—Invid in the chamber of deputies and lotions from six states asking Mrs le newspapers have been violently I Franklin D Roosevelt to be the guest 1 Ical speaker at a regional Business and 1 Sarraut resins there will be two !Professional Women's conference in If Sarraut resigns there Will De two ri oinohlurint yy talivia a tLati“L 43 A 1 grountis on WnICE1 reier yesteruay i - DeWolf Hopper niusical announcer lineleS in the Cabinet Which alt 'Wichita November 10 were mailed to- i played games with his mates the new ' I expected Saturday day by Probate Judge Grace A Miles 1 is c13 is leading opponents to sugge king looked straight ahead as though! st ! of Independence regional chairman 1 1 The program for Sunday's broad- Th wondering what 1-114-luture had 111 east follows: - it the time has come to overhaul ! i e states represented were Kansas ! store for him — ! government of "tragically weak- 'Missouri Texas Louisiana Oklahoma ! Overture tn The nattered Bride" Sturrann 1 authority ! and Arkansas Kansas sent a water CROWDS GATHER IN LONDON ! Hung nen Dance No 10 "De Glory nose BraPittlx Wolfe A hasty cabinet session was held i color on parchment and Missouri sent In London after three poignant i 81 aniev Deacon barytone terday after which Doumergue a pair of book ends along with an hours during which a steady stream The Molds u Smetana icient Albert Lebrun Edouard i invitation I of diplomatic callers visited the lega- I TO STATE DEMOCRATIC POST tot and Andre Tardieu left for I - Hon Peter seemed somewhat dazed ------ ' Leaders of the Jugo Slavian separa movement and refugees were nded up by police in a widespread reh of Pans and suburbs for evi-te that King Alexander's assassiAn as Inspired by political The homes of dozens of Jugo Slays "7e searched and yielded photophs and documents which police examining An undisclosed numof persons were held for clues Echo of t ii n 1 3 I The hcmes of Svitozar Pribitcheh former Jugo Slav minister of :' interior and Vladimir Raditch ot a member of the Jugo Slav aament who was shot and killed the floor of parliament three years 3 were among those searched uthents were seized in the former lister's apartment No Jugo Slays who appeared at door while police were leading Raditch were taken into custody other with a third man who ap4R1 to be a lookout Police said a he apartment of intonie Simetin tier ol a Jugo Slavian society IA hose residences were relied were President Betz Vicesdent kanovitch and Treasurer olitch ot the Jugo Slavia i Sena rat-Refugees' Association Poluga Du t a blacksmith and Peter Paitoni tudent who is president of an as-amen of sandal weavers many of cn live in Paris ittl:(11E8 WI'lli SORROW :n StiiInit Covernment TilLes Shivitte to Cheek It evol( I Ay the Aexoctisted Pre1 lncrtADE JUG° &AVIA Oct W—The - 'eminent moved today to prevent :"1 uprising in the Croatian district ' et it Ird formally given Jugo 4ela a boy king 11-year-old Peter mn of the martyred King Alex-'der A cabinet proclamation notified the enry that Peter now is king He I rule under a regency liundredi of Croats fled over the striRn border fearing the assassi15n of Alexander may result in ielhals against them While the government denied there : ailY mobilizatio of tmops a was llorrel in foreign countries it ad- tel the neatest precautions were nit talon in Croatia - '41st the government runs high 1 n s ' where feeling The eountry remained quiet today d the national frontiers have been aneri ileinforeenients for the llatarry hurriedly summoned in grade when news of the kings l'h became known were withdrawn When Jinee Slavia awoke today to 1 4' dirge of tolling bells the first in- -lailon a maJority of the people had the Oat h ot their ruler a 6-monih :: noel Of mourning was proclaimed Vitile buildings were draped flogi : (oluntuert on viid Pace) ' NO f'3 - THE A STRIKE AT AUDITORIUM All Work(' r alk Out in a Labor 1)19oite All workers on the municipal auditorium went on strike shortly before 3 o'clock this afternoon Mystery Around the Slayer of King Deepens By the Associated Presci BELGRADE Oct 10--Jugo Slavian authorities said today they had been unsuccessful in all efforts to determine the identity or origin ot Petrus Kalemen the man who killed King Alexander yesterday at Marseilles Jugo Slavian French and Cznho-Slovakian police are working to penetrate the veil of mystery which shrouds the identity of the killer One fact however seems certain and that was that Kalemen was not a member of the Kale-man family of revolutionary fame despite the similarity of the name Jug° Slavian authorities have traced all the members of this family Many of them are In Jail Even the tattooing on the asses- siiis arm indicating he was a member of "Imro" (International Macedonian Revolutionary Organ ization)o was regarded by Jugo Slavian authorities as a trick to throw them oft the right track PROBLEM IN BIRTH DECLINE Conferenee 11 Told of Ef feet on Doi 1(1 1 ug Induslry CNCINNATT Oct 10--CifieS of the United States for the next few years will find "tpiprofitable any great amount of bililding" because of conditions brought about by a 30 per cent decline in the birth rate in the last decade the Most Rev John A Ryan Washington nationally known economist told the National Conference of Catholic Charities here In an address last night Monsignor Ryan said the birth rate decline Id one 01 was a er was oun on "new and very special reason men I why we cannot reasonably ex- It ny considerable increase in the Numerous photographs were seized I Pt a he apartment of Antonia Simetin capital goods industries particularly : "Aber ot a Jugo Slavian society in that branch which is still the most )thcr hose residences were ctepressed of all—the construction in- s a elied acre President Botzo Vice- dustry" He added that "in every one r sdent Amovit h c and Treasurer of the twelve years preceding the de- olitch ot the Jugo Slavia i Separat- pression as well as during the de- pression the birth rate was lower Refugees' Association Poluga Du t a blacksmith and Peter Paitoni than in the immediate preceding tudent who is president of an as- year" iatiOn of sandal weavers many of 'cli live In Paris FAIR SKIES TO 11011) OS Mr Bo nirick Seem No Chance or a Change Noon Continued fair weather is Mr HAM ricks forecast The skies were clear today all the way to the Pacific Coaq and nothing was In sight to indicate a change soon In present conditions here The forecast reads! "Mostly fair tonight and Thursday slightly cooler tonight" The low temperature tonight is indicated as about 50 dcgrecs Mr Hamrick said SoS IS FOUND BALTIMORE OCL III—IA PI—Edward 0 Crist 17 on of a Gettysburg Pa physician and object of a nationwide search since his disappearance from Lawrenceville academy last Saturday was found late last night In a dazed condition in police headquarters It is believed he was a victim of amnesia I I RUMalliA MIA orri( II IItI 1 11 Ur IOLA KAs 6et P)--Thr recall ot I E Bartlett city utilities commissfoner IA sought in petitions circulated here today Thr petitions allege incompetency end voting to buy pipe for the city at an unwarranted price N1014:11ATott KANsAs ?4WD CLAY CrNTEI KAS Oct: 10—i A n) —The Rev Harry T Scherer of Hutchinson Kati wits elected moderator cif the Kansas synod of the Presby terian church here last night He is pastor of the First Presbyterian church at Hutchinson ---- Politicalattacks upon publieut Leis ruinutlife Jut LevIt2L3i1e-- Adv BOY HURRIES TO THRONE PETER AWAKENS TO FIND HIMSELF KING OF JUG() SLAVIA Jotirney to Belgrade Ilcuitim SI' ler I 111ear-0111 niIIi necches IlitIN Notification of Death NEW KING WILL RETURN TO SCHOOL IN ENGLAND Oa the Associated Press ) BELGRADE Oct 10—The last will of the assassinated King Alexander provides that the boy king Peter II will return to school in England after the funeral of his father (By the Associated Press) LONDON Oct 10—Peter Karageorge 11 years old tumbled into bed last night a carefree schoolboy at Sanroyd school Today he arose as King Peter lof diplomatic callers visited the lege- I tion Peter seemed somewhat dazed I He latcr was hurried to a hotel for a !reunion with his maternal grand mother the Dowager Queen Marie of Crowds milled about the legation and the hotel hoping to catch a glimpse of the dlik-haired boy When the young king emerged from the legation and was driven to the hotel the crowds in front of the legation stood quietly tne only sound be-(Continued on Seventeenth Page) -KANSAS CITY OCTOBER 10 193-1-IVEDNESDA Y -20 PA G ES SITE FOR RADIO CONCERT PHILHARMONIC TO BROADCAST FROM MUSICIANS' CLUB THE W EATH ER-MOSTLY FAIR 12 midniatit 611 q a m 81 1 a in 59 10 a m 68 2 a m 3 a m t "ooI'ri 7f2) 4 a m 56 1 0 m 74 5 a m 55 2 D m 78 8 a m 54 3 0 m 77 '7 a in d P in 8 a m 59 — The Forecast—Kam-as City and Vicinity: Mostly fair tonight nnd Thursday slightly cooler tonight Wind velocity noon 10 miles: from the northeast Relative humichte 7 a ro 96 Der Cent Relative humidity noon 51 per cent River stage today 32 feet: fall of 1 foot Lake ot the Ozarks 7 a m 111 feet below full reservoir Precipitation in twenty-four hours ending 7 I m none lOovernment forecast for grain area on market page ) Mrs Nat Moon of St Loain Heads AVotoen's Mrs Nat Brown of St Louis today was named by James P Aylward chairman of the Democratic state committee as head of the women's state division of the party Mrs Brown long has been active in Democratic affairs in her home city and the state She was a delegate at large from Missouri to the 1932 national convention in Chicago Relentlessly Government Tracks DOWn Uni On Station Murderers In a recital of dramatic sequences the division of investigation of the department Of justice n Washington today gave out a statement following announcement of the complete solu tion of the sensational Kansas City union station massacre June 17 1933 in which four peace officers and a federal prisoner were slain in a burst of machine gun fire The govikment statement reviews completely the facts preceding the in acre and also discloses step by step the subsequent investigation that brought about the solution of the crime The statement is printed here in full "Richard Tallman Galatas and his wife Elizabeth °elates were apprehended at New Orleans La September 22 1934 by special agents of the division of investigation United States department of justice under the direction of J Edgar Hoover after having been fugitives from justice since June 17 1933 Galatas using the name of E W or William Lee was found doing business as a distributor for a products company "Galatas AS sought for a canspiracy to deliver Nash and the attempted delivery resulted in the murders of Special Agent R J Caffrey of the division of imestigation Otto Reid chief of police of McAlester Ok and Kansas City Mo Police Officers William J Grooms and Frank E ilermanson as well as the prisoner Nash Escaped Prison After Six Veers "Nash was sentenced in the United Stairs district court for the western district of Oklahoma at Oklahoma City March 1 1924 to serve twenty-five years upon conviction of the charge of assaulting a mail custodian He was received at the United States penitentiary Leavenworth Kas March 3 1924 and escaped from the penitentiary reservation the night of October 19 1930 The division of investigation Immediately launched an intensive investigation which extended over the entire United States and parts of Canada looking to the location and apprehension of Nash "Prior to the incarceration of Nash in the United States penitentiary he was involved in a murder at Hobart Olt during March 1013 and was tried and acquitted He later was convicted of murder in 1913 in the state courts at Mows County Oklahoma and sentenced to serve a lite term in the state penitentiary at McAlester Ok as Frank Nash No 4458 "March 25 1918 the sentence of Nash was commuted to ten years and July 10 1918 after having served only four years and i:ven months of his sentence he was granted a full pardon Took Part in a flank Robbery 'Slightly over one year later October 17 1919 Nash robbed the Corn State Bank al Corn Ok by means of explosives and was arrNted and convicted at Cordell Ok December 18 1010 and sentenced to serve twenty-five years In the Oklahoma stete penitentiary at McAlester "After serving a little less than three yearn of this sentence Nash made application for clemency in the form of a 00-day furlough alleging business reasons December 29 1922 the govrnor of Oklahoma aigned an order commuting the 25-yrar sentence to live years and the following day December 30 1922 Nash was discharged from the Oklahoma penitentiary "Less than elght months later August 20 1923 Nash participated in the holdup and robbery of a mail train near °ken Ok was con (continued on Second Fogel MASSACRE IS SOLVED the (iovernment Announces Actual Participants in Union Station Murders Were Verne C Miller "Pretty Boy" Floyd and Adam Richetti GALA1As is HELD Bash recalled that Jack Killingsworth sheriff at Bolivar Mo had been kid - ! naped by two men and brought to Arrested Nearly Three Weeks Kansas City the night before the Ago in New Orleans He Is in Custody Here massacre He was kidnaped when he entered a garage belonging to a brother of AdamRichetti The tip! SOUGHT SINCE THE SLAYING 1" that the kidnapers were Floyd : ! - 'and Richetti— ' Killingsworth was released in the The Man With His Wife 'Is I Central Industrial district before the I Taken Quietly—Accused of the Conspiracy slayings and that fact led to the be ! lief that Floyd and Richetti were in Kansas City The fingerprints of Arraignment Is Scheduled for ! : This Afternoon Washing Floyd found on b?er bottles in Verne ton States Millers home after the killings made certain in the minds of Bash and the I federal agents that Floyd Miller and NOW HIDING 'IN HILLS Richetti were involved It will be alleged by the govern- ! Mein that Verne Miller "Pretty Boy- i Floyd and His Lientenant Are in Fastnesses of Eastern Floyd and Adam Richetti were in the Oklahoma I parking r area to tiCe south of tht SOUGHT SINCE THE SLAYINd Oklahoma I parking ' area to tiCe south of tht union station when Frank Nash fed- eras prisoner left the station under Verne C Miller now dead 1 guard of police officers and agents Charles A (Pretty Boy) Floyd will be a' Urged it was said today and Adam Richetti both ftigi-! that their purpose was to deliver tives Were the actual assassinsi in the union station massacre June 17 1933 it was announced this afternoon by Maurice M Milligan United States district ! attorney here Milligan's announcement followed a release from further secrecy regarding the case by the department of justice at WashI ney General Cummings that Miller Floyd and Richetti were the actual slayers 1 The Foil Story Is Told The announcement from Washington was made in connection with the release of a 2000-word statement outlining the steps taken through many months in the investigation of the union station slayings It was inci' dental to the announcement of' the arrests of Richard Tallman Galatas and his wife Elizabeth Oalatas in INEw Orleans September 22 and the i further information that they would be arraigned in Kansas City this afternoon ! The arnouneement of the findings as to Floyd and Richetti disclosed that Sheriff Thomas B Bash Jack! on County had held that belief from i the day of the five slayings and that he had worked constantly with federal agents in digging up the Information that completed the chain of circumstances Clinched by Fingerprin14 Bash began work In that theory Nash from his guardst: W0111141(41 lu I)()II lder Further it will be alleged it was said that when a pollee officer saw Floyd suspected an attempted delivery and shot at Floyd striking him In a shoulder Floyd behind a machine gun "poured lead into the group" accide'ntally killing Nash Twelve persons now are sought or have been 'arrested and are under bond in connection with the slayings Including Floyd and Richetti Miller Is dead having been slain near Detroit since the massacre All the aliens are charged at present with obAructing justice It was regarded as probable that other charges would be filed against some of them Among those 'under arrest and tinder bond are: Herbert A: Farmer Mrs Esther Farmer' Frank B trritzi Mulloy Mrs Frances Nash Louis Stacci Mrs Louise Connors Richard T Galatas Mrs Elizabeth Galatas Mrs Vivian Miller Sought Origi tinily Among those originally sought not Included above are: Harvey Bailey now a federal prisoner at Alcatraz- Island In connection with the Urschel kidnaping Robert C Brady since slain Wilbur Underhill since slain Verne C Miller since slain The part Mr and Mrs Galata s are alleged to have had in the chain of circuinstances leading up to the multiple slayings was explained by federal agents It WAR asserted that when Mrs CHARLES "Porrrir BOY" FLOYD LINNET DPTINITELY IN THE UNION STATION MASSACRE IIERE IN JUNE 1933 Ey TOR DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE IN WASHINGTON tile day of the slayings Finally it was! Imgerprints on beer bottles found in the home of Verne Miller that clinched' that theory They were those of Pretty Boy Floyd and they were placed on the bottles the night tine the tilayings Immediately after the 11111841C111 Frances Nash learned of hrr husbands arrest at lot Springs and of the InGtor car flight toward the federal mison at Leavenworth she oppcalrd to ()elates there and with Mr end Mrs (Wales flew to Joplin her they met Mr and Mrs Herb (ContInued on Second Pape) 1 iiMM1010M001010110WWre' S TA Rapidly Two Sensational Crimes Are Being Cleared A way Developments in the Solution of the union station massarre of June 17 1933 came with machine-gun rapidity today— from the attorney general at Washington from federal agents here and from Thomas B Bash sheriff a big figure in the solution The trail of the union station slayings crossed the trail of the John Lazia slaying and federal agents looked to the one to solve the other Verne C Miller since slain: Charles A (Pretty Boy) Floyd and Adam Richetti are said by the federal government to have been the actual machine gun assassins at the union station Floyd and Richetti are fugitives Efforts to find Floyd and Riehetti in the wooded hills of Eastern Oklahoma their known hideout have been redoubled with the "break" in the case In the Jackson County Jail is Michael LaCapra alias Jimmy Needles a small time gangster Who has been twice "on the spot" F Ince the Lazia slaying It is said that LaCapra furnished the Information that completed the chain of circumstances surrounding the union station massacre The federal grand Jury which will meet October 22 will get the complete story of both cases AGENTS ON IN FERVO-R Government agents are launched with renewed fervor on an intensive search for Charles (Pretty Boy) Floyd and Adam Richetti since their roles as actual slayers with Verne C Miller 31 MUM: !ILADE l'IS TS t' S Lectures Ahoy Ile Chen by the 1)kelpie of Gandhi Ay the A MC 01 tett Press) NEW YoaK Oct I0—Traveling third class Madeline Slade the English woman who has been for nine years a disciple of Mahatma Gandhi arrived today "First class I never travel" said the former society woman daughter of a late British admiral who abandoned her inheritance to espouse Gandhi's cause Now known am Nira—the name Gandhi gave her—she explained her work lo Gandhi's colony thus: ''My job is to see that Gandhi gets what he wants" Miss Slade said she came for two weeks' visit on the invitaVon of the Rev John Baynes itoPnes chairman of the American League for India's Fieedom and that there "may be lectures" to "show what Gandhi stands for IA IN EDITION Amo Itatosomssommt ) 1Tr4p In Ka nsnq City 2 Cents 4-1 Elseqt here 5 Cents THE NET TO WIDEN More Massacre Indictments An Expected When Federal tirand Jury Meets MAY SOLVE LAZIA CASE TOO Late Information Points to Put ther Developments in Both Murders Jimmy La Capra Is Held as the Key to the Solution of the Crimes JURY IN TWELVE DAYS 'Filen the rederal Agents and Bash Wi11 Turn in All Their Evidence ' Further indictments in the union station massacre together with a probable complete clearing up of the recentslaying of John Lazia North Side politician may be expected from the federal grand jury that meets October 22 For weeks government agents and Sheriff Thomas B Bash have Jointly conducted a quiet but intensive probe Into both cases the like of which Kansas City's North Side never has MASSACRE ARRESTS SPUR THEM experienced before It all started TO DEEPER SEARCH after the assassination of Lazia Gangster friends of Lazia twice at Mi Mull" "" s' " Tillrh' tempted to slay "Jimmie" LaCapra Pong ii Floyd and It Whew to Their lifiti It Slid - a small time gangster on his own as Asks Aid having been a party to the killing of Lazia Their last effort failed out In Kansas and La Capra fell into the Government agents are launched with renewed fervor on an intensive hands Of government agents bearch for Charles (Pretty Boy) Flo3'cl The hey to De‘elointietils and Adam Richetti since their roles Then and there a new lurid trail as actual slay th ers with Verne C Miller In the union station massacre are in- when John Lazia was killed was contestably revealed So said Maurice ! at led not only to the early morning i fOund but what interested the goy- M Milligan United States district at- eminent more—the last word to crack torney here this afternoon after the wide open the union station massacre arrests and indictments of Mr and was obtained Mrs Richard T Galatas in connec-1 Jimmy LaCapra held in solitude In tion with the massacre had been an- a death cell at the county jail—for his flounced I own protection—has been the key to The govornment will spare no time I recent developments that led to the and expense to track 'Pretty Boy' I announcenent today from Washing- Floyd and his companion Richetti to their death" killer : ton of complete solution of the mas- nem said ''Local peace officers every- Who got Verne Miller machine where are asked to aid government 1 gunner in touch with ''Pretty Bog" agents in all possible ways" Floyd the night before the massacre In the Kansas City end of the in-at the station? Who took care ot vestigation lending to recent develop- Floyd when he was badly woundcd in meats Milligan and Sheriff Thomas ' that sensational gun battle and esB Bash have co-operated particularly : coiled him out of the city many hours with Harold Anderson Walter Trainor and R B Nathan government agents later? Won Iti Ratite LEAVES $1000 TO 11011SEVELT 'Pretty Boy" Floyd is known to have Alill the President (he s It in Heirs been wounded by the first shot fired of Pend Californian at the union station Hardly had the 44A t ntInt ro P — i tiv the Associated PresS1 last laNade died away when a car t LO ANGELES Oct 10 — President : bearing the killers darted away ILa A Roosevelt who was named beneficiary route in part is known Floyd finally to the extent of $1000 in the will of wound up in the West Bottoms where Leon Grant McBurney San Pedro: he was taken into a "hide-out" in a has as rooming house a doctor summoned signed his interest in the estate I and his wound dressed Both he Miller - to McBurney's children superior court r l records disclosed today and Richetti are supposed to have ! I The President's name was appended ! been in Kansas City more than twen ! to an assignment on file In the pro- ' ty-four hours after the killing Miller I bate division The signature was went east alone in a motor car Later I f acknowledged by a notary public of ! Kansas City gangsters are said to 1the District of Columbia have arranged to escort the wounded 1 McBurney's will also bequeathed 81000 to Joseph Stalin of Soviet RUF- Floyd and Richetti his companion out !sill with the statement "1 owe him : of the city That's the angle the gov more" eminent has been digging into—those The President was given $1000 who helped in the getaway i with a clause added: "Hoping all That information now in the hands I will go for the benefit of human beings" of the government since LaCapra be- The document written in pencil on gan talking is what the grand jury newsprint paper provided the chit will be told dren should each receive $1 from the ! Wait 9n the Jury estate for reasons they all know" Government agents today flatly re McBurney died December 26 1933: fused to discuss the matter further A CORS110( VOTE IS CI OSF I ao saying it would not be released until the grand jury met But the purpose Nehritulia 1'tivorf4 Com i n nut ion or of the government to go to the limit Phi ti by Only 8 13 to prosecute all who helped ''Pretty — i (Ftv The Star's Own Serrtee1 Boy" Floyd was indicated in the de- LINCOLN Ns Oct 10—Nebraska partment's statement today that "any ' corn and hog farmers voted favor- person or persons who may have 1 aided them subsequent to the corn- I virtually complete reports from the ably for an adjustment prop am by mission of the crime would be vigor 1 the slimest of margins according to ously dealt with" I ' referendum received here today by That the government always as- ! sisted by Sheriff Bash who has given W H Brokaw director of extension ! at the college of agriculture 3 Of them the closest of co-operation was 5378 votes cast in the state the "hot" on the union station massacre question of a program next year is has been known to the underworld leading by only 813 votes The vote for the last ten days or more due I to several mysterious developments In favor is 27301 opposed 26488 ! First Mrs Nash widow of the 1 On the second question in the ref- Igangster whose release was sought lerendum whether the farmer favored at the time of the massacre suddenly I a long time one-contract-pn-farm was picked up in Minnesota Govern I the e ! ment agents offered no explanation program to start in 1936 "6' and for a time denied knowing of her voted unfavorably by 2 to 1 1 arrest Malloy Cone seieral Dios Then Fritz Mu Boy one of those already indicted in the case mysteriously disappeared for several days Ile came back home but the word was out that government agents had been grilling him Next Dominick Binaggio owner of a gambling game and friend of 'Azle was picked up by government agents as he went to the world series games at St Louis After questioning he too was released It Is understood that these are only a few of similar incidents as the government pressed hot upon the union station massacre trial The Lazia case is a Mate case not a federal one and the government's attention primarily has been directed at clearipg up the union station niassacCe But all along the trail the Lazia killing kept creeping into thP same general underworld picture Check is being made to see if by chance the same machine gun might have been used in the two murdrr qpisodea Il so then the government go I t IP eilinatN1011101011011‘&16010211ilmookkalanalMoallihdlisoloNefikmoisolltildaaWma 441‘46 01Aw4" F‘t'l MAIN T HE I -44 EDITION In Ka ren City 2 Cents NO '3 KANSAS CITY OCTOBER 10 1931---INTEDNESDAY-20 PAGES - ir1en hero 5 tents ' 1 1 isis fOrwthe 4 1-: ia tae –11!keg d of N I n : P s'' r IARM IN 41:j - ' -i-:-' oteoment in 4 sivittlY t(I A' Rob ------ 1 oliS BUNTS 1ES ---- ccut Ades et SeP Are Taken in uitkly for T4 uork — shirts (sy the An' finest pls Oct 10— )r and nt was shaker sequenees of inations and '' ponsi - ever rer - 1 led King Alex f' 2 reports Iron -- Jtio Slav go ' 4 '' — r swiftly to sto threats of rebel iiet premier Gasto EL 'Iporarily fake' lies portfolio t zalou determit A for peace at 1AP tasted Blame on 5-: King Alexandei 4 who 4Pddtw — ' 74 r tt - dfC w4A t1' 63:k 4 o 4P7"44414 - I I ‘1k " 4' r '' 4 L4' i i ' ' ' 4 ' t t ? fr t 1119oitt 1164k '' tt V 551 ‘1:-- 741 fiZMIA oi sr ! 4 1 k t ‘ '4-4 4 164 4 4- '44 - and with Mr I Rey John Haynes 110nes: chairman underworld pleture I r ew to Joplin 1 of the American League for India's Check is being made to see if by nd Mrs Herb Ficedom and that there "may be Ice- 'chance the same machine gun might I i turPa" to "show what Gandhi stands 1 hRve been used in the two murdrr )nd Pape) tor g p 1 sod et II so then the government 1 a : 1 It 1 4 rt 1 I I 14 ' i I i 1 I I i V I 1: 4 i 't 1 t t c : Ft 1 V 1- t P-e t - I - --' ---- ------ t -: r::v - - aETWhiai : ‘13

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