Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on August 18, 1944 · Page 5
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 5

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Friday, August 18, 1944
Page 5
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;£-.. FRIDAY, AUGUST 18, 1044 Price Increase Has Been Noted In Regard To Waste Paper, Chairman Announces 55.00 Increase Cannot • Be Passed On Locally, Even In Part, It. Is Indicated Thi 1 N'ftiijTntiick. dnlvnfifo com mi t- c<><\ ln-ndi'il !iy 'JamL-s P, Klssiinc, has n'ci-ivi'd :in-unnounci-mont tluit tiio OPA has raised the- price on \vust>- paptir but the slit to stilvaf,"- committee has iirfrcci that local salviitfi' comiuittoos mid Scout.* nnd other volunteer paper collection agcncl'i's recoh'ni'/.e th' 1 reason for the price increase and not I'xpect that the ,{!5 incrwise c-an In 1 passad on to 'them,' even in p;irt. Tho highest .pficos that any di'iiler 'can loyally pay nny jffoup fol- niixr.'d or \vristc basket papers is $!•< n ton or 70 conts per hundred. On newspapers that snmo llxed VOi;it KYKOI.ASSKM SII01' C. H. Tonilinson >Vnry Itulldlni; >'uiiK>>tuck, Conn. STOKK CI.O.SKII ALT. 1>AY KACII MOMlAV .IL'I.V ANU AUGUST ceiling is $'10 or Tf. cents find on mixed nuiKa/.ines it I'M $17 a ton or M. r > cents per hundred. Any di:;ilcr paying these prices is iiutomiLticully bound to baliy the paper or do business at a loss. Paper bundles loaded on trailers in the city during collection cannot legally bis lioinrht at prices in OX- CONS of the eeilinK for loose paper. Tim operation of paper mills i* handicapped l\v the heavy volume ot" waste paper which Is corn- cities I '" K to thc mi " M in sniall string tied ..._...',' I b'undles or not tied at 'all. One i workman cannot handle a fraction j as much paper in small bundles as he can if It wort- properly baled. And these small bundles cannot bo. economically stored in order, to build even a few days' -backlos which would enable these mills to schedule production and t,-et maximum output. The increase in ceiiin™ prices was the !h-st since they were established in October, a'J-l.l," when labor- rates were lower, transportation relatively plentiful and cheap and the wasto paper that could bo collected from any one house, office or store was Kreater since paper production nnd consumption had not been restricted. Thu N'augutuck salvage committee plans another waste paper collection next month. All householders are ur^-ed to save all papers so that the locnl quota cnn be attained. Production Is Resumed At The Electric Boat Co. Groton, Conn.,- Aiip, 18—(UP)— Production oftt-ubmurines IKL.S been resumed :it the Electric Btxit com puny after a four-day strike whlel is estimated to have cost 200,00( rnim-jiourij. T-lie 'Strike .'was, called off ycster- dny following «n order from the Navy Bureau \ot Ships In WJtsli in^ton 'to resume production, aiu a conference .between union un'c compuny officials a. r r a n n e d ta> Governor Raymond E. Baldwin. The '"union.- and company linvo agreed .- to attempt to .settle the union's' 34- frrievixncf-s amontr themselves, However,* any of the'dis- putes they nrc unable to settle will bo turned over to Uic state board ot iiindiution anil arbitration for settlement, <.' . i . . • • Mounwrijle, ;O. . Pomcroy Rrfbin- soti_-~'vice-pi'etiicipiVtj jand- .general managpriojf. flic 'company-*-says 100 per. cunU-sp'roductjion- probitbly will not."be . reached- 1 , until -Monday, because'.some of the workers'are believed to, -have' trone out of town during tile strike.' iu;v WAK noxns ANIJ STAMPS ENROLL NOW! IM'l Summer Course of private and individual lessons on.the Accordion. .All lessons personally supervised by Donicnic Mecca, assisted by expert teachers who have been trained to teach the Mecca System of Accordion playing. Mecca Accordion School 203 BANK ST. WATERBURY FIIO.VK 4-14S3 KOT A |»pointment Letters From „; , Ou'r Readers _ _. Friday, AUK. 3.1, 1M-I. Naug.ituckv'bttily'News, Dear-Sii:s:j...''. ' ' r have received The News for some timt! and also have received your K'if'-, Thanlt you ever so much. I really am sorry not to have written . sooner but.swe. are on the KO most of the day.-and at night .we don't feel like writing for \ve like to have some fun. I um out in the desert of U.tali, sixty niiles from Salt Lake City, where l-liu desert Chemical Warfare Depol is located. There are only nine soldiers and a few officers. The rest are civilians and they are very nice to us and its just like bein^- back homo. It sure i.s ^ r ood to read all that is (,' 0 inK on at home and hearing all about the KOOd things the people of Nau^ratuclc are doing to help win this war, Once aj,-ain I will say thanks a lot and will be looking forward for another paper tomorrow. Best of luck to all my friends-. Very truly -yours. • ^ . Private-Willinm Die!. NAUQATUCK 'DAILY NEWS Where Inva'alqn' Action Centers Missouri River Floods Ravage Huge Areas" . Pierre,. S..p. -(UP)—-Ll. Col. Del- bcrt Frctman of the engineers' corp at Omaha estimates that $•17,000,000 worth of damage has been floods of the Missouri river'and its tributaries recently.- • ', -"•' • • Colonel Freeman reports' that more than threw million acres of land in the Missouri river basin were covered \vith flood waters durin/,' April, Muy and June. .' Holland Furnace Co. •-Furance cleaning with big: power suction machines.' Alsp^gas.propfing-.^and furnace repairs. - •• •••• •---~ •<-'•'•'.'..*'". "' ' . •• -'"•..-:. -' -, .- *,...*»..*..; — Telephone — .- ,v <«'-''. Naigatuck 5629 Waterbury 4-IOCS 746 East Main St. Waterbury, Conn. Wif-h lioavipst fl(rlitln»r'of thel'feouUi .France,-/Invasion"-reported- from St. .Kaplmrl to CIIMMIIS ami froin ; ther« Nice (indicated liy .sm:iJI irrow) IIUKO new landing opijratkjns.'.wure »aid to' be under way. in .lie St. Tropiv/. buy /.onei aiid'^Str. Haplmti. Radio broiidcJiHlK Kpoko of diiiK activities off Ciinna8,1glviiiir HNI! to rumors that tliiN iin|>orl- int town iniiy have been Ig^mi^ti,'flt--'v-an announcedthat -bombers xid ruycil every rail hrldfco-In, the Khone Vhllcy:" (Indicated by urjje arrow) tlniK vlrtuiilly Inolatlhif tlio count landing, area. (fnti;r- '^ liana}-)?" . .... Mississippi \VJLS thu most 'solidly rural st' KMp will; SO.2 pur- cent of its population living un- dr-r-rural conditions. Half Of Town Of Harbour Graee Destroyed By Fire Harbor Grace, Newfoundland, UK. }S—(UP)—A two and one- half million dollar lire, has left hnlf of the town of Harbour Grace, Newfoundland, a smoking shambles. • -- Harbour Grace ]!3 years ago was famed as- the take-off- point • for many trans-Atlantic fti'Khts.i. The'blaze.-broke oufin'a factory it noon, yesterday.-Members, of -the only lire company in'tho'town of 3200—a • voluntary — -left heir lunch pails- to mar. a creaky 'oVdfashioned two^wh'eel hoscjwdnon. 13y the time some 2,000 volunteers arrived,froni. nearby towns- anil from American and Canadian service camps—the fire was out of hand. It find consumed the post- oilicc, the bank, 20 stores, a fish plant and, two churches—everything that''would 1 burn in a'mile- Ion;; waterfront area'. The population was evacuated safely and no deaths have been reported. The American Red Cross aided by the Canadian Army has set up relief stations. DEATH TOI.r. IX Hartford, ' .Aug.; :8—(U P)—The death ' of ,36-year-oid Clara' Goulko Of' West Hartford has raised'the Hartford circus-iVre\dcath toll-to IGS.'-MIss 1 Goulko w-os the'fourth member of'her'-family to die as' result of the circus fire. - • . .• • All takenV'jfrorri our regular stock alL this season's most popular styles - but because of our policy - (hot to carry over any shoes from' season to- season) we've marked them real low for quick disposal. Regularly $5.50 and $7.95 NOW AT pair ALL WHITES - BROWN and WHITES More Than SIX sunthetk rabber rvi Today's Firestone DeLuxe Champion Tires are Setting New Records for Mileage and Safety THE fighting fronts and on the home front, more than six million Firestone Tires, made with synthetic rubber, are helping to transport vitally important manpower and materials. In every respect, these tires are upholding the Firestone tradition of "Best in Rubber— Synthetic or Natural." Today's Firestone Tires are setting new records in mileage and safety because for more than 20 years Firestone has been a pioneer and pacemaker in synthetic rubber. This position of leadership has enabled Firestone to develop' special compounds, new constructions and improved manufacturing methods for synthetic rubber tires. As a result, Firestone DeLuxe Champion .Tires now provide many new and revolutionary features in addition to such patented and exclusive advantages as Safti-Lock Gum-Dipped Cords for greater body strength and extra blowout protection — Vitamic Rubber for longer life — Gear Grip,T ; read for utmost protection against skidding and for added mileage — and that priceless ingredient which we Americans call "know-how" backed by 44 years of experience in building many millions of.quality tires. . ' So when you get permission from your ration board to buy new tires, buy time-testedi extra-value Firestone DeLuxe Champions — the tires that stay safer longer...'.' - .-••• ' \ • Listen to the Voice of Firestone with Richard Crooks ami the Firestone Symphony Orchestra, under the direction of Howard Barlow, Monday evening!, over PIONEERS 1933 PAC EM A K E R S #40 . C R U B B E R ! Eleven years apo, Firestone builc ihc FIRST synthetic -rubber tircs ' for.aircraft...-- , Ten years ago, Firestone made its FIRST synthetic rubber passenger car tires. Firestone FIRST went into . factory production 'of synthetic rubber tires four years ago. A FircstoneVopcrttted plnnfwas •••*':;•• FIRST synthetic rubber from prnin the FIRS-ryjjpvcrtVment-owned'''-';' alcohol'was made in a Firestone- prodcije s> nthctic rubber. -.!.'. opcrnted, xovernmcnt-owned pliint. COME IN AND LET US HELP YOU MAKE OUT AN APPLICATION FOR A TIRE RATIONING-CERTIFICATE THE NAUGATUCK F|Et |0. 87 Church St. Phone 5236 s • ft 5 x > ;r . .<•*.:• .*.,.• .1.*

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