Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 12, 1928 · Page 5
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 5

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, October 12, 1928
Page 5
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l*» Pi tt parrot* rrf nf 1«s1«nrt and of » rlttr«s !n fh« RIf>r%; of tb» Dr. sit -h* Tnr-f the fe*Mirf> the Uni- the- ots**mng R, White of wrsHy of FiH«biirj!h doi rrifttn eddr^^s si tlie v^I lit 0-30 o'clock this morning Tb*> principal afternoon spealwr will h* Dr, Caroline Hedsrer, authority on •KluGatlfaaU prprtiees Th* *es«!om nr* being held tr» the Fort Arm* *n» Uoten district, high school and Roc* FWlt teachers did rxjt go to Uw» Rock Island mening but will RUsnd th« mating: of the Northwestern division of the state Teachers association at Rockford on Friday, Oct. 28. PlMis have been completed and will be submitted at the Hockford meeting to divide the North- wwrtcrn division into districts, the new district to comprise Whlteside. I«e, Ogle and DeKalb counties and b* known as the Bock River district, Tha plan to organize a new district arise* from charges that the present Northwestern division is too large and that more good would result from a smaller attendance. At present the membership in the dlBtrtet is BO large that only a few of the large cities can entertain the teachers. Rockford expects 2,200 teachers on Oct. 26. Sessions will be held at the Coronado theater in the morning and at the Abraham Lincoln and Roosevelt Junior high schools in the afternoon. Supt. Frank A, Jensen, of Rockford, is president of the Northwestern division. : * * f *" ff "^ •% ^. *"Sf C-» y* -1 -***S. rfs - r J Jc* -if** 1 f*.^ t « «- fc J- 'T, •* JI-—.. t f r*,» »~.,, ATTEND YORKTOWN LUTHERAN BAZAAR Several families of the Emmanuel Evangelical Lutheran church In Rock Palls motored to the Yorktown Lutheran church Thursday evening, to attend the annual fall bazaar sponsored by the ladies. Over three hundred persona were served » delicious supper, and patronised the handwork and fancy article booths. During the evening hours the crowds enjoyed a social time on the church lawn which had been electrically lighted for the occasion. A substantial cum of money was realized by the ladles. • A NEW WONDEK OF TOE WORLD.—Strange things happen, even if Christmas still is a long way off, and these two boys seem to prove it At the top Sam La Monica is hanging his washing; below, Edward Wherry is performing the magic feat of washing dishes. The boys belong to Mothers' Aid Clubs organized by the Chicago Y.M.C-A. church affiliation, are cordially Invited to attend sen-ice here^-W. J. Voeltz, pastor. Second Avenue Sunday. Oct. ntn. Divine services In German at 10 and in the English language at 11 o'clock, Ths Bible class with Henry Gruetzmacher as the superintendent meets every Sunday morning at 10 a. m. in the Parish hall auditorium. All the young people of the congregation are urged to attend this Bible Study Hour which is held during the time of the German service. The Sunday school with Otto Malon as its superintendent U!M) meets every Sunday at 10 o'clock. There are classes for all nges. The teachers of the Sunday school meet regularly to prepare themselves for their Sunday lessons. Friday evening. October 18th. the next meeting takes place. Confirmation instructions, Wednesday evenings and Saturday afternoons. The Aid association for Lutherans meets Thursday evening. All the members are requested to be present. Those who have no other ,„ ___ _. ______ ... I Will Speak To Farmers Rev. S. H. Wlrschlng. pastor of the Rock Falls Methodist church, will be one of the speakers at the annual Ogle County Farmer's Institute, which is to be held at Llnd- enwood on Wednesday and Thursday. October 17 and la He Is scheduled, to give an address on "The Almighty Dollar" at the evening .session Thursday. Students Home for Weekend Earla Hullctt motored to Naperville Friday afternoon to bring his daughter. Marian, and two other students of the NapcrvlDe college. Miss Ruth Powers and Keanet£ Lobaugh. to their hoaae* In this city for a weekend visit Rev. J. L, Lobaugh will take the three students back to Napcrville la Jits car early Monday morning. Reformed Mennonite Communion services will be conducted in the Reformed Mennonite church on Nineteenth avenue Sunday morning at 10 o'clock in charge or Rev. Peter Steiner of Lima. o. There will be no Sunday evening service. No Services Except S. S. No services are to be held In tlie Immanuel Evangelical Lutheran church Sunday, excepting Sunday school at 10 o'clock. The pastor. Rev. W. E. Krebs will speak at a mission rally hi Madison, Wls. Miss Fay Allen, daughter of Representative and Mrs. Henry C. Allen of Lyndon, has been admitted to the Sterling public hospital preparatory to an operation for appendicitis, to which ehe wUl submit tomorrow. There is only one thing Coal is good for, and that is to give heat. Dollar for dollar, we believe our Coal to be the best for you. Green Ridge . Eastern Kentucky Lump $9 3x2 Franco $735 3x6 Franco $7JQ Lump Franco ..... .$7.50 Telephone 637 . O. D. Coal Co. Chas. Yeager, Mgr. Office and Yards, 1 Block East of "Q" Depot, Rock Falls Here you can getdufont^amts STYLE degteads so much upon yoor feet these active days. K.*»p your feet youthful fey w«aiifig tittvvntHM-r*'^'* Grebner & W "E cany the rigiit, xdcciifiodly made finishes for 'every surface of your home, inside or out. Backed by the &m€H£? da PoRt .mgutaian. Mmnul icttucd m<te cJbecQica! controL B4«de by the i&dker s of Ehica. k wiih us. We aJbould be gkd to make suggestions* DU FAIHTS, VARNISHES, I>UCO Hapiware »r»rt r"»'f1 fV'vf *! -tn'ri !•< - t»n f»" v< ir>f«'<-J''i*'! t •'.«•> t»-i.«i <*,«tp«J ftf only ChrSrt him?«1f. hut th? h! 1 - from will of H« further * pwpe! of good, works or Is . If tan ran bfiniiie folks info i?mt clp»n moral lives src *o mlvatlon, ho i» R«. r»»rpci« is to discount She Wood of Christ M necessary to salvation, and will hwv* even m!n!?(^rs <!f?ny tiM dlTinity of ChriRt, »nd His atonlni swTlficc on Calvary's crimi." Tlie interest and Rttcndfirt(» «it the- revival was slightly better last night, Servlcfs b^Rln with the song F?rvice nt 7:30 o'clock. CHURCH AFFAIRS An interesting monthly meeting was held by ths Woman's Missionary society of the Trinity Evangelical church Wednesday tvftemocm. In the home of Mrs. Walter Gcer. The dcvotlonals were presided over by Mrs, Floyd Slex nnd the topic by Mrs. J. L. Lobaugh, which WRS 6n the first chapter of the study boote "Friends of Africa." Mrs. Lobaugh fl,, nf missions which t,h» Kn; by !!T . in- rr-txirfr-rl during t.ho (;-!?. nrsrlv t^ro hundred ri'-sthinx hxd hffn writ to irky rntss'ons !«pf, month, rlothfn? nfd for visitor the Th" fir;-! nwtlng of thfl DftURh- t.<?rs 'if thr Covenant, Rftfr the imm- mrr varatloii ofrt»r<*d Thiirstlay *f- t*rjif«i;i in !.h?> Cynthia Havens room of tl!" Pi-fshyt^risn church. Mrs. fc. (>. nff'miim, the new class prest- dtn!. erec-tod the mtmbers and prc- siclnJ ovrr t.Tw business meeting and rlevotifinals, reading R chnpter from trm rr/ripturp. Th« class sanft the hymn, "Ml Live for Him", and offered Die Lord's Prayer in unison. Tlir wrctnry's rrport and lh« constitution of the Daughters of the Convrrmnt were read by Mrs. Flora Philips, treasurer. The fourth Tites- treasury was givrn by Mrs. R. B. Philip-, t-»n»uury. The fourth Tues<Jay ot rach month wa« voted the regular rnoeting day. Mrs. C. U. Grcting was unanimously elected JEWEL GIFTS BROOCHES 75c and up RINGS Diamond white gold 25.00 and up WRISTWATCH 3.50 UP LADIES' ELGIN WRISTWATCHES 25.00 OPPOLD'S Jewelry Store ?-, v - of t In thf f»»U. •-"rvr-fl by Mrn, fl «fj Mrs. WHUum SOCIAL AFFAIRS A (!"1S( tnmro partv wt.^ fn- joyed by » l».rgo number of J«d!«s in the Woodman hall, Rock Falla Thursday nftprnoon. Th* sponsors of trm sffftir were mprnb»rs of th« October commltt*»p, from lh*» R, N. A. lodg* of which Mrs. William Henderson is chairman. Mrs, F. R. Cl*rk ws« the winner in trw bunco games snt! reppived R handsome prize. Mrs. Cerl FftrthlnK and Mm, Oforse Xnogiin tSed for the conro!R- tlon prlw. Dainty rcfrfshments were served Bt the qt.Artot tables by ths rommlttrr. //' NyaVs Laf.hprp freely in firm! water- ...... A sanitary vognf.nblf? r>i] c oap. "With thr freph 'Hood Morninji' Kxcollont, for , • , . toslet and hath. ,-, , c . (rUOf{ h)7,f: ,, , 1f4 Cake ' 10c fhc Wylies Drug Next to Pont Office Rock Falls Ill Firif Sportmg Copper-Clad 9 s Super-Heater ONE TWIN FLUE SUPER-HEATER —• is enough for the average home! Copper-Ciad's Twin Flue Super-Heater is not just a stove enclosed in a cabinet. It is a scientifically designed, thoroughly tested heating unit, notable for its beauty and astounding in its heating power. This new-type heater circulates warmth not merely to one or two room.?;-tout throughout the entire house. There are many homes now comfortably heated by one Twin Flue Super- Heater, that formerly used a number of stoves or, in some instances, TWO circulating heat- erg of the ordinary type. /**« the Twin Flue Thut &&** the Work ¥@t} might not think that tx> $1103$* jus invention as having & twist fine instead of & tangle fiu$ wcmW Roake such a vwt differ- taw« in heating power. But if you'll ajHuaice the picture Known abov* yeu'M ««* that toe u»e ol a twin & m does have a remark' effect, AM you'U MS why it * MYLIN & REED Tfactor Mm Nothing Over $1 Bargain News Rayon Curtain Panels lj Ruffled Curtains, pair .-.- 50e to 1. Pictures, large assortment 35c to 1. Boudoir Lamps 1.00 Lamp Shades 50c to 1.00 Electric Lamps .,-,_ 20c to 40c Lunch Kits 69c Vacuum Bottles, pint size . 89c White Enamel Combinets , EXTRA SPECIAL FOR SATURDAY Boudoir Lamps, with shade ... ...... Japanese crockery base, in various designs and colors. Complete with cord, attachment plug and parchment shade. Very attractive. A real $1.50 value. See these at Wunderlich's Saturday. We Buy Back Anything Not Entirely Satisfactory. THE WORLD HAS A NEW ANP FINER MOTOR CAR Advanced Six . $1480 . *, *, Atrtery Offers— Twin Ignition w Bijur «/ Houcfailfe Hiflfc Cocnpmitaa Motor TJEOPLH everywhere *re recogoiz- JC ibg, io the new Nash "400," the only car at moderate price, with all the luxury and refinement heretofore furnished by very expensive motor cars. There is nothing to compare with the performance of the new "400" Twin Ignition motor—the year's outstanding development in power, speed, smoothness and economy. HinlnutEit Sfetdt jMboiiiro AIJ "400" Advanced Six models, moreover, are equipped with the world's £nest system of centralized chassis lubrication— Bijur. ' And their longer whedbases, double drop frames, rubber insulated bodies and costly Houdaille hydraulic shock absorbers, provide travel smoothness and relaxation heretofore afforded only by very big, very expensive carsu 9 Sedans front $885 to $1990, /. o. b. factory i, Victoria* front !f#S t« |/7Zj,/, o, fe./.w fo 40 O stock &b*orbci'» lubricadoa BJUtctzic docks Eiitrlor i t'mr • MPOKTANX FEATVBES.Jfo OfifMtM C*MM M.A1H VMiEJtt JJLX, Twin-Jgjiiiiou uiauif AiutniatuB alloy piston* Bijur i 12 piufi* . . • *v. * • i. . •«w^*».»» v^i^VAk^ Q«s«r vfoioa froui {JtUajr post* World'; tHlA S'itH~} JKUtC ta4 f waif Short ttif^iag '»*4BuJ(" " Euaipitrt STERLING NASH SALES A tt/irf We*t P&uFth St. Tela&fraim II

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