The Kansas City Times from Kansas City, Missouri on December 25, 1944 · 8
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The Kansas City Times from Kansas City, Missouri · 8

Kansas City, Missouri
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Monday, December 25, 1944
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: I I I g ' ) ' 1 t ' 'I Ft CLOUD ON SPORTS Status of Wartime Pro Athletics Thrown into Jeopardy by Government Edict IN A QUICK RESPONSE Racing Baseball Football and Hockey Officials Will Co operate to the Utmost M EMI10 New York Dec 24(AP)— The status of wartime proles- atonal sports in the United ' 1 States was thrown into jeop- ' mm ardy on Saturday by a gov- ernment order directing race tracks to shut down by 3anu- it" ary 3 and calling upon draft i ' ' boards to review immediately the classification of men en- 14 t ( ' gaged In professional athlet- CI - ' 4- ' t ' les The double directive that caused r 1 consternation in the sports world '' was issued by War Mobilization Di- e rector James P Byrnes He asked 4 racing a billion-dollar industry in 1944 including flat harness and dug i 1 td 4 1 ?' racing that contributed more than ' 1 56 million dollars in state taxes to A close up to "prevent the use of criti- N: :' cal materials services a ns ad trapor- s tation until war conditions permit" " ‘ Declaring that he had the approval of President Roosevelt Eyrnes asserted that in view of the 'existing war situation" it was dif- IN A REBOUND RIN ficult for him and for the public to -foot 3-inch forward of Long Is understand how men can be physi-d Mikan (99) of DePaul In this rally unfit for military service an e'yet be able to compete with the at Madison Square Garden 01 greatest athletes of the nation In guard (21) De Paul and Elmer games demanding physical fitness" city DePaul won 74 to 47--(Wit Review Status of Pro Athletes --- ---- --- --------- In a letter to Lewis B Hershey IN THE CAGE LIMELIGHT selective service director Byrnes bald that because of the manpower I shortage serious consideration 1 UNBEATEN KENTUCKY HOLDS should be given to "recalling these TRIUMPH OVER BUCKS men into the armed services or where they have not heretofore been Au Eustern ifolido Tour rinds Inducted calling them for another Lexington Team Playing W)ophysical examination" Hershey re- ming Temple and Long plied he had directed local draft Island University boards to review the status of all pro athletes - (Neither Byrnes nor Hershey NEW Yoatc Dec 24(AP)--The mentioned college sports and it was University of Kentucky which uncertain how their future would be starts an eastern holiday tour today affected) Jumped into the college babketball The racing world responded s” th tbomai 0ok (Neither Byrnes nor Hershey NEW Yoatt Dec 24(AP)--The mentioned college sports and it was University of Kentucky which uncertain how their future would be starts an eastern holiday tour today affected) jumped into the college basketball The racing world responded limelight over the Chriatinaa week promptly that it would co-operate - to the utmost The Los Angeles Turf club which had expected to reopen The undefeated Southerners Santa Anita park on December 30 bowled over the previonaly unbeaten Abandoned plans for any racing Ohio State Buckeyes Big Ten wnatever Tropical park in Florida champions 53 to 48 in an overtime scheduled to open tomorrow said it !rev thus stamping themselves as would operate through January 3 then shut down The Fair Grounds one of the outstanding teams of the at New Orleans which opened a season Ohio State earlier in the winter meeting on Saturday said it 1 week had swamped Utah recogalso would operate only through !nixed as national champions January 3 Kentucky plays Wyoming at But-Meantime authorities announced racing would continue at the Hipo- lido on Tuesday Temple at Philadoromo De Las Americas in Mexicbdelphia Saturday and Long Island City and at Oriental Park in Havana at New York on January I Cuba In London where horse and Iowa Michigan Brooklyn St clog tracks have operated through- John's and DtPaul keep pace with out the war Britons exiTessed Bur-the Lexington five Iowa swamped prise at the crackdown on Amen- - can tracks Notre Dame 63 to 40 Michigan Dwindling personnel that prob- swept aside Wyoming 38 to 33 St ably will result by a recheck of John's defeated the University of 4-F's and discharged soldiers might Puerto Rico 41 to 35 while De-curtail major league baseball pro- patil upset only by Illinois won its fessional football and boxing hi 1945 leight of nine starts by overwhelm-but for the most part the top figures lug Long Liland 74 to 47 before In these sports were noncommittal 18196 at Madison Square Garden Baseball recalled the late Corn- Yale and Holy Cross turned in missioner Landis's declaration of upsets in a twin bill at Boston two years ago that the "game would Yale whipped Dartmouth 82 to 45 ask no favors and would continue while the Crusaders nicked Dealt long as nine men could be put pauw 41 to 35 Sampson N Y) on a field' and was hopeful condi- Naval also produced a surprise tions would change by spring train- downing Cornell 43 to 39 Ing time In other Saturday night games Ready Cu Do Its Part Valparaiso walloped Drake Of to 41: Wisconsin humbled Marquette Abe J Greene president of the 46 to 39: Great Lakes ran over Min-National Boxing association as- nesota 63 to 44 Missouri beat Kan- serted "if sacrifices are needed box- sas 48 to 39 Kansas State took ing will and should not be found Nebraska 49 to 46 Northwestern wanting" dumped Westan Michigan 68 to Elmer lAyden COMMIESIOner of as— and the Norman (Oks) Navy the National Pro Football league whipped Texas Christian 53 to 22 said "anytime anyone is lit for min- Wyoming Tennessee Ohio uni- our minds but that he serve 4 tary duty there la no question in ver8- ity Tessa Christian Western : Kentucky and Hemline all invade LONDON Dec 24(AP ) —Britong 'whose horse end dog tracks have operated throughout the war al- Fishinz for N though on a rationed baMs were surprised today to learn that rec ing parks would be closed in the 'Representative Robertson Cl United States on Wild Life Conservati4 The view always has been here lion to Ease Nerve that the little man at hoine must Soldiers a have two things to help in keep ing up morale—sports and beer ' ASHINGTON Dec 24 Only in 1040 was horse and dog racing suspended for three i tAlat—Fishing and hunt months to satisfy critics who felt Mg are precisely what the it was out of place doctor ordered for the With the exception of steeple !frayed strives of returning war vet chasing not a single major sport leratis and a congressional group in-is banned and even this comes tends to see that they get plenty of back the day after Christmas both Steeplechasing was called off be A Home committee on consents-cause It is held in winter when thin of wild life has just completed there is a shortage of transport I 2-year study and will intro:nice and horses require special type legislation next month feedstuff's which are not available "Our immediate objective will be Many home tracks were closed to help ease the nerve strain of however Only five now are hold about 10 million fighting men who ing regular meets in England must be rehabilitated inside as well compared with about thirty before aa outside" Chairman Robertson the war told a reporter today Greyhound racing is limited to Seca Big lovrease In the Sport One day a Week back the day after Christmas Steeplechasing was called off because it is held in winter when there is a shortage of transport and horses requite special type feedstuff's which are not available Many home tracks were closed however Only five now are holding regular meets in England compared with about thirty before the war Greyhound racing is limited to one day a week Many stable boys at the horse parks are elderly girls serve as kennel maids at the greyhound tracks There ha been no noticeable shortage of Jockeys Even those called up for military aervice often ride if stationed in this country and are able to get leave 1 t cNIPTO warii 1 0" tA": - Arolirjed 710 41' AI Many stable boys at the horse! After the first World war Inter-parks are elderly girls serve sliest in hunting and fishing increased kennel maids at the greyhound 30 per cent and Robertton rune' pates a Jump as high as 50 per cent tracks There has been no notice- able shortage of Jockeys Even thk time those called up for military service "Our first problem is !hat of Aut- often ride if stationed in this ficient public hunting grounds" Country and are able to get leave Robertson said "We've got 173 million acres of national farest land NA'110NAlt stocKEY 111lttit'll but it nerds to be improved by teat New YOrk --Nell Yftrit 3 chiewee 3 stocking and bettering feed condiAAirsicsa tssour Al Manila a T---11stisie S IN Louis S UMW IN A REBOUND RUCKUS—Carl Weinhold (23) fl-foot 3-inch forward of Long Island university outjumped George Mikan (99) of De Paul in this rebound battle Saturday night at Madison Square Garden Others identifiable are Jack Allen guard (21) De Paul and Elmer Benyak (27) Long Island univer city De Paul won 74 to 47—(Wirephoto) If we felt we were interfering i with 1 New York Police to Round UP h'il7e-tisTth-la—we-ek to play in twin or retarding the war we would havelbills in New York Buffalo and Race Horse Operators quit long ago" !Philadelphia -- William J Tobin president of the Ns YoRK Dec 24—Policemen Chicago Blackhawks and the Na- I IN A HEM V GRID DRILL on assignment to round up book-tonal Hockey league said all his for illa I kers on horse races will be shifted Northern All mar Prepare players either have been rejected to run down operators of the "num- Isi ne-Gray (lassie discharged or are over or under the I bers racket" Mayor F H La- military age limit I MoNTSOMEat AM Dec 24(AP)— Guardia announced today' He said that to hie knowledge all 'A power-packed team of Northern Closing of all race tracks in corn-the eligibles for service are more 'all stars dug in for heavy practice pliance with the request of Director than 30 years old !today determined to even the score of War Mobilization Byrnes unThe National Hockey league was with the South in ngxt Saturday's doubtedly will cause many book- not expected to be greatly affected renewal of the annual Blue-Gray makers to switch to the policy field since most of the players are Ca- i football classic the mayor said hadians and are subject to strict so-1 The Rebels have won three of the He ventured the opinion that the pervision of the Dominion govern- !five Karnes in the series which be- ban on racing would eliminate ninny ment before being permitted to kali in 1939 and the other two de- of the tip sheets and scratch sheets play i cisions went to the Northerners now enjoying wide circulation War conditions interfered with last "That will bring about a sub-A SUltnitisill ID Bit Ill year's contest and fans saw Instead Manna' saving In paper" he said florae and Dog Mickel Operate In London On Rationed itallis Irl LONDON nee 24tAP1 —Ptritotmt Govern Plans Hunting and Fishing for Many Servicemen Representative Robertson Chairman of I louse Committee on Wild Life Conservation Conunents on Legisla lion to Ease Nerve Strain of Returning Soldiers and Sailors ASHINOTON Dec 24 Other Robertson ideatAlai—FlAhlog and hunt- Ntarginal and submarginal land or lug are preasely what the the millions of acres acquired by the THE ICANSAS CITY TIMES MONDAY DECEMBER 21 1941 : 0 4 There Are 236 4-Fers in Major Leagues Ngw YORK Dec 24--The National and American baseball leagues have 238 4-F players on club rosters some of whom may be called up for war work under the directive by James F Byrnes war mobilization director Clark Griffith owner of the Washington club who saw the sport through the first World war said: "It won't make any difference We have been operating without asking any favors from the draft boards and will still have enough players left to play ball" a battle between boys' high school of Atlanta and Meridian Miss high The Georgians won 13-0 Two of the three coaches who have guided the North team since the start of the series—Carl Snavely of Cornell and Lynn Waldorf of Northwestern—are back this year Third member of their staff is Indiana's Bo McMillin who replaced Bert Ingwersen of Northwestern Ingwersen is now athletic director of the North Carolina navy preflight school The Southern squad however has changed coaches each year and for the 1944 game will have Wally Butts of Georgia Claude (Little Monk) Simons of Tu lane and Carl Voyles of Auburn A BRIGHT TROJAN OUTLOOK George Cfillitlin H Injured Back' May Play Agahea vols PASADENA CALIF Dec 24(AP)-- Southern California's football hopes brightened today with the disclosure that little George Callanan veteran right half who was injured in the season's closer with U C L A might see action in the Rose Bowl game against Tennessee Callanan removed the brace from his battered knee and was in training quarters bolstering the morale of the Trojan team which has been shy halfbacks because of injuries Coach Jeff Cravath says he doesn't know whether George will be ready for the New Year's day classic but ile'a keeping his fingers crossed ti s It 11"1"l'I) POLICY NOW ------- A SHORT RACE MEETOGI A High Run of 23 by Welker Cochrane TWO $7800 EVENTS WILL BE STAGED TODAY AT TROPICAL Okapi Lancer la Favorite in First Division—smart Bet Seeks 18th Victory in Second Feature MIAMI FLA Dec 24(AP)—Tropical park will stage its classieat inaugural program tomorrow—to open its shortest horse race meeting A card featuring two $7500 events was arranged yesterday before the federal government cracked down on racing with a request that all tracks dose by January 3 Deciding to beat the ban by I squeezing in eight days of activity the track stood fast On the elab- 1 orate inaugural plans which attracted the bpeediest sprinters now in training TWENTY-SEVEN ARE NAMED Twenty-seven thoroughbreds were named for the $7500 inaugural handicap causing the six furlong event to be split into two divisions and the prize money to be doubled Aphelia stables Okapi Lancer which established a track record while winning during the Gulf-stream Park meeting that ended yesterday probably will be the public favorite in the first division The competition will include Woolford farm's fast-stepping gray mare Silvestra and Challenge Me winner of last year's Arkansas derby and one of the advance favorites in the Kentucky derby In the second division Mrs M J Wolfson's Smart Bet will go after his eighteenth victory of 1944 and no doubt will be the heaviest backed horse in the field of thirteen Smart Bet's winning record is the best established by any racer this year NIGNATOt IS IN FIELD The classy Signator may dispute the issue with Smart Bet while there is sure to be support for Harvard Square and Sophocles the latter a winner at Gullstream Still stunned by the news that the sport will be closed until war conditions brighten most of the owners trainers and handlers of the 2000 horses stranded in the Miami area had not decided yet on their plans In deciding to go ahead with only eight programs of a scheduled 20- day meeting Tropical Park officials said they did so in order to help the horsemen as much as possible Albert Sabath and Joseph Murphy representatives of the Horsemen's Benevolent association will meet track officers tomorrow to decide whether an extra race might be conducted each day with all proceeds going toward relief IN FIRST BIG TEN GAME Ohio State Begins Defense of Title saturday Against Michigan CHICAGO Dec 24(AP)—Western conference basketball roared into the last week of pre-season play today with prognosticators finding themselves entangled in a maze of unexpected occurrences as they sought out a probable 1945 champion The first conference game of the season is scheduled for Saturday at Ann Arbor when Ohio State will make its first bid in the Buckeyes' title defense against Michigan The other teams swing into the "games that count" a week later Other games involving conference teams this week are: Thursday Ohio State at Michigan State Friday Nebraska at Illinois Saturday Minnesota vs Marquette and Wisconsin vs Missouri in a doubleheader at Milwaukee: Purdue at Notre Dame Great Lakes at Northwestern Nebraska at Indiana and Michigan State at Iowa Two unheralded clubs—Northwestern and Michigan—Jostled with Incumbent champion Ohio State and unbeaten Iowa for a spot atop the pre-season ladder of prophesy Both are unbeaten in practice games —and against some pretty stiff opposition too Kell paced the Wolverines with New York Police to Bound rill Have florae Operators twenty-one points -- New Yak Dec 24—Policemen RICE IS STILI1 UNBEATEN on assignment to round up bookmakers on horse races will be shifted 31"""" and Owls May Meet MI to run down operators of the "num- A II-(ol lege Tourney bers racket" Mayor F IL La- Dials Dee 24(AP)—The first Guardia announced today meeting of Southwest conference Closing of all race tracks in corn- i basketball teams may come this pliance with the request of Director week and if so the teams favored to of War Mobilization Byrnes un-lbattle it out for the championship tioubtedly will cause many book- r OR be showing their wares against makers to switch to the policy field i each other the mayor said Rice the only unbeaten outfit and Ile ventured the opinion that the Arkansas which has lost one game ban on racing would eliminate ninny but has ben scoring at the rate of of the tip sheets and scratch sheets 602 points a contest both are in now enjoying wide circulation the all-college tournament at Okla-"That will bring about a sub- homa City Manna' saving in paper" he said Arkansas plays Denver university - — while Rice meets West Texas State In the opening program of the tour-is Hunting and nament Wednesday Should the Razorbacks and Owls survive—and both are favored to do so—they Tally Servicemen would play each other down the line Baylor also is entered in the Oklahoma City tournament The Bears tairman of I louse Committee however haven't won a game in three starts this season ms Comments on Legisla Texas A and M which has won Strain of Returning one out of four is the most active this week the Cadets playing four nd Sailors service outfits—San Antonio aviation cadet center Camp Normoyle Other Robertson ideas: Ward Island navy school and Corpus Marginal and submarginal land of 'Christi naval air station the millions of acres acquired by the Texas Christian which has man-government for war purposes should aged only two victories in a dozen be retained for fishing and hmitinggames Journeys into the East to on a co-operative basis between fed- play Canisius college at Buffalo N eral and state governments Y Southern Methodist and Texas An educational program to teachithe other conference members do farmers the proper relationship be-' not have contests this week tween soli water and wild life should TiloMAs WEDS be started in the public schools land grant colleges and extension Airs Jean H Boller Ia Bride of aervices Red sosta Owner million highest in twenty-five years also more deer elk antelope pheaaanta and wild turkeys Dark Fpok : Fiehing due to new types of pollution produced by war SAN FRANCISCO Dec 24(AP) -- Welker Cochrane nationally known 3-cushion billiard star established the second highest run in 3-cushion billiards here yesterday in a match with Willie Flynn when he ticked off twenty three consecutive points The world's record consecutive run is held by Willie Hoppe who made twenty-five points in one run here about ten years ago DEMOCRACY BEST (Continued from First Page) thing in the hands of anyone who exploits their instincts and 'mores sions ready to follow in turn today this flag tomorrow another" Such men he added "are the capital enemy of true democracy and of its ideal of liberty and equality" Asserting that very often so-called pure democracy hides the worst defects of democracy the pontiff stated that democracy could be realized in monarchies as well as republics provided national leaders "look upon themselves as representatives of the entire people and not as mandatories of the mob" In speaking of the unidentified "enemy of Christ" the Pope exclaimed "What a spectacle is that of a democratic state left to the whims of the masses" in which "equality degenerates to the mechanical level of a colorless uniformity" wherein survivors are the deluded victims of those "who have known how to use the power of 1 money and organization in order to secure a privileged position above others and to have gained power" Calls for Sanctions Declaring that if aggressors feel they will be punished by the whole world a new world will arise out' of the darkness the papal leader called for economic and military sanctions against such aggressors within the framework of justice In his speech before the college of cardinals the pontiff denounced those whom he claimed were trying some by violence to gain "keypoints of influence" in a war born out of a "frenzy for novelty" "At a time when errors widely spread here by violence there in poor disguise strive to secure the direction of public opinion and the keypoints of influence" the Pope said "at a time when the words liberty independence and democracy are for some trends of thought and ambition only a means to chloroform the vigilance of those whose fidelity would never consciously allow itself to abandon or endanger the heritage left them by their whole Christian 1 past at a time when more deftly than ever the enemy of Christ and his church in the words of the apostle of the gentiles tries to transform himself into an angel Northwestern dumped Western straight path has increased men-Michigan 68 to 54 Saturday nightlacingly a clear challenge is heard as Ben Schadler guard contributed by the church her ministers and eighteen points to the Wildcats' all her sons who are called to the third victory Michigan's nearly apostolate of word and action" all-freshman team won its seventh He declared the church "which straight a 38 to 33 triumph over a spurns all the proud narrow-mindtouring—and towering—University edness and vainglorious self-rightof Wyoming team Guard Walter eousness of the Pharisee with its Kell paced the Wolverines with haughty and disdainful aloofness" twenty-one points will stand "vigilant and protecting" when men will have changed "In RICE IS STILI1 UNBEATEN their intellectual searchings in the silent 'secrecy of their hearts and Arkansan and Owls May Meet Mi their aspirations and Judgment Tourney in their sense of values and their Datss Dec 24(AP)—The first tendencies" meeting of Southwest conference as Thus the pontiff proclaimed the basketball teams may come this Catholic church and himself the - week and if so the teams favored to battle it out for the championship defenders of "truth against the in 011 be showing their wares against sidiotis wiles of prevalent errors" each other "The souls of a large proportion of Rice the only unbeaten outfit and men" he said "are pervaded by Arkansas which has lost one game restless agitation such as perhaps but has ben scoring at the rate of has no parallel in any of the graver 602 points a contest both are in crises of history It is agitation in the all-college tournament at Okla- which good and evil are strangely home City mingled to create and destroy to set Arkansas plays Denver university up order and to overthrow it While Rice meets West Texas State New in the opening program of the tour- Things Not Always Best nament Wednesday Should the "To this agitation there is associ- Razorbacks and Owls survive—and ated in many minds an almost in- both are favored to do so—they stinctive aversion to the past a would play each other down the line frenzy for novelty which often is Baylor also is entered in the Okla- not fundamentally unsound or homa City tournament The Bears ignoble in its motives but is he- however haven't won a game in quently deficient in clarity and pre- three starts this season vision of purpose as well as in diet- Texas A and M which has won cernment as to the choice of means one out of loin' is the most active while with imprudent and precipithis week the Cadets playing four tate optimism more is expected from service outfits—San Antonio avia- novelty than it can give" tion cadet center Camp Normoyle "With the disquiet which has per Ward Island navy school and Corpus vaded the souls of the masses as a Christi naval air station result of the war and its attendant Texas Christian which has man- trials there also has entered the aged only two victories in a dozen world a desire for reform and a games Journeys into the East to!nowerful urge toward its realization ' play Canisitis college at Buffalo N in one form or another" the pontiff Y Southern Methodist and Texas continued asking: "Will this the other conference members do realization follow a course of 'not have contests this week gradual orderly evolution or will it burst forth violently blowing up the THOMAS A YAWKEY WEDS bridges between the past and the Mrs Jean II Biller Is Bride of future?" Red sol'a Owner "Will it overflow impetuously like a torrent that floods over its sides GEORMOWN B C Dec 24(AP)— Thomas A Yawkey owner of the carrying caying before it the banks of Jus- Boston Red Sox baseball team and tice and morality?" he asked Mrs Jean R Hiller of New York At the close of his address to the world the were married here yesterday The pontiff thanked the United Statea for its war relief "de- ceremony was performed by the May Open New Waters to Public GEOROZTOWN S O Dec 24(AP)-5 "If lenL Lim mons over its sides tice and morality?" he asked Hunting and fishing areas coy- Thomas A Yawkey owner of the carrying before it the banks of Jus- At the close of his address to the Boston Red Sox baseball team and ered by projects proposed in the Mrs Jelin R Hiller of New York United States for its war relief "de- immense flood control hill now be- The st orld the pontiff thanked the fore Congress should be open to the were married here yesterday B P Fraser The spite the extraordinary difficulties ceremony was performed by the public clerk of court One point on which there is no la transportation" and extended pponeymoon worry: The number of ducks MI coule will send their h special thanks to President Roose- at Yawkey's South Nand plantation! the country an estimated 150 irIt's perscnal envoy to the Vatican L:1111 :f SANTA CLAUS in the person of Dr J E Demaree Topeka member of the Amer loan Legion visited Sergt Fred J Boyd Winter General hospital at Topeka yesterday afternoon with gifts for Pvt James a Woodside a on of Mr and Mrs G M Woodside 837 South Coy street Kansas City Kansas and Sergt Fred J Boyd Both World War U veterans suffered fractured legs from enemil fire in Prance Looking on at the Christinas scene is Sergeant Boyd's wife Mrs Nettie Boyd of Topeka PRAY FOR GI SAVIORS YANKS ARE REMEMBERED BY BELGIANS ON CHRISTMAS EVE The Sotaids of War Shatter the Yule Scene on the Ardennes Sector of the - Front ET L B B SHAPIRO (North American Newspaper aniasee) On the Ardennes Battlefront Dec 24 (By Wireless) --At sundown this evening the crisp air of the Ardennes throbbed with the sound of Allied bombers racing against darkness and their steady drone frequently was lacerated by the ghastly screams of fighter planes in combat On the hard ground white with frost our tanks prowled and clanked to their night positions almost drowning out the conversational crackle of machine guns Rifle shots were as whispers against the roar of heavy artillery and the whole angry cacophony of the western front's most desperate battle Night fell quickly under a dazzling carpet of stars and in the transition from daylight to darkness an uneasy silence momentarily gripped this sector The bombers thrummed to nothingness and even the big guns were content with fitful fire a LILL 1113 Ulltlfetl in tne woras or MOVZ FROM FRONT the apostle of the gentiles tries A company of stubbly freezing to transform himself into an angel men shuffled out of a wood and of light at a time like this the 1 I brushed against another group go-church and its supreme pastor 1 ing in The men coming out have more than ever a - scrambled into an alioandoned farm- duty to proclaim the truth to open the eyes of men of good The last man in—a lieutenant— will and especially the faithful house and its adjoining buildings paused at the open door and took to sharpen the perspicacity a look at the richly twinkling sky of their judgment so as to discern "Christmas eve" he said without in good time the errors which emotion Then be stretched out wear the disguise of truth in order on the floor with the other men that people may not have to ex- near a stove perience too late and at their If there were no religious services cost the bitter admonition of the and no carols for these men it can-prophet 'you have ploughed wick- you have eaten the fruit of (the) not be said that they 'were unrep- edness you have reaped iniquity resented in the prayers offered up this eve of Christmas lying'" In a small community a few miles Hope Against Civil War on back of the lines the Belgian towns-Predicting that men as well as folk dressed in their Sunday best frontiers will have changed as a trudged to benediction Their little result of the war the Pope asked: church was filled with their prayers "Will poor mankind after the and these were for the men fighting bloody scourge of a world war have in the fields The Belgians prayed to suffer once again the poisonous fervently—perhaps more fervently bite of civil war?" than ever before—that these men "In our days" he continued shall be blessed in battle The hated 'when the victims of error innocent Boche was at their thresholds once or guilty have become legion: when more and Only these young strangers the number of those who through from overseas could with God's suffering misery oppression injus- help save them from more disaster tice spiritual neglect and bad ex- at the hands of the Germans ample have wandered from the Istraight path has increased men- BY ROBT C WILSON acinelv s ries "h With American Troops on the BY EDWARD D BALL With American Forces on the Western Front Dec 24(AP)-- Walking Christmas trees and snowbanks that suddenly acquired ion-motion provided a bizarre touch to bloody Christmas eve fighting alonq the German bulge on the Allied front NAZI TFORIII PA!! Both were German efforts at camouflage and both failed American tankmen parked at the edge of a fir forest saw part of the forest start moving and opened fire The moving trees halted and soon smoke was curling from the carcasses of Gcrman tanks which the trees covered PARSHALL'S AUTO STORES Strikes by 15th Air Force Cut Nazi Oil Output Borst Dec 24(AP)--A total of more than 3500 tons of bombs dropped by the 15th air force from December 17 to 22 has restricted operations of the synthetic oil plants of Austria and Poland which produce an estimated one-third of the gasoline used by the German war machine It was reported here today The Blechhammer Germany plant has shown no sign of activity at its north refinery since the last raid there and the south refinery was severely damaged The plant at Oswiecum Poland is officially described as "probably rendered inactive" The operations against oil producing plants cost the 15th air force sixty-four bombers and five fighters Forty-eight enemy craft were shot down December 17 hill silhouetting themselves against the cloudless blue sky Other Germans stalked the woods In snow-white uniforms or rode on white-painted half -tractors Lut they too were detected by the doughboys who are catthing onto enemy deceptive trizks rapidly SING CAROLS IN PORTUGUESE Aviation Trainees Have Christmas Tree at Kansas City University — Christmas carols in Spanish and Portuguese are heard on the University of Kansas City campus as the Latin-American aviation trainees spend their first Christmas in this country The barracks in the E F Swinney gymnasium here have been decorated with evergreens and holly with a brilliant Christmas tree the center of attraction and gifts will be exchanged The trainees have only Christmas day as a vacation from studies at the Fairfax and Municipal airports—all except Richard Mhlin trainee from Brazil who received special permission to go to Los Angeles to spend ten days with his parents who are touring the United States and Canada The holiday festivities for the trainees started with a party given by Dr and Mrs Clarence R Decker at their home Other KaKnsas Citians have invited the trainees to spend Christmas day and New Year's day in their homes TULE CASUALTIES MGM Up to Last Night 155 Had Died Over Week End (By the Assoctated Press) The nation's home front casualty German Border Dec 24tAPI—Sev- list for the pre-Christmas week end enty-nine infantrymen and three! officers a numbered 155 late yesterday with g traffic deaths accounting for almost y e th thanks f k the h today e S Sr e ylehnet hb rgmesyt Christmas present we ever got" after two-thirds of the total their rescue from the Siegfried line A tabulation begun at midnight Friday listed 96 fatalities from traf- tic accidents 25 from fires and 34 been trofalppuenddefonrthsaelvewnhdeareyst:hey had from other causes Including drown-ON 111310IC MURTON in and gunshot wounds The rescue was made possible by Traffic accidents took the lives ol the heroism of two Indiana boys thirteen Missourians Four of the who slipped through the German traffic fatalities were in Kansas City lines Friday and found the route by and three in St Louis and St Louis which the rescue troops could pick County The state highway patrol their way past the Siegfried pill- reported fatal accidents outstate at boxes and guide the gaunt unshaven Sedalia Osceola Cassville Neely and hungry men back to safety vile Kirksville and Willow Springs This was done yesterday after a 1000-round artillery barrage which PRESTON FORSEE Is 11Th succeeded in keeping the Germans' Preston Forsee 3740 the Paseo heads down during the breakout Democratic ward leader and justice of the peace at 3011 Troost avenue bodies ur are m e men resting t icome n t hebcaoclkd Their ei underwent an emergency appendec tomy yesterday at the St Jasept halousienstoonwtihilechouttilkeirtsGoIsf hospital after suffering an attad fBmouteilligldthsetnottheir way on the night of Saturday night Physicians Iasi December 17 night described his condition a! Some of the trapped troops lived good most of the week on cold potatoes sharing one loaf of bread among DE GAULLE ENVOY ARRIVES twenty-four men Others who were Ntw YORK IC 24(AP)–Henri situated more fortunately had rab- L Bonnet the De Gaulle govern lbit stew chicken fresh bread baked ment's ambassador to the United by a civilian baker and cookies States arrived today at LaGuardia I airfield with his wife and a part3 raided from a German grocery and were preparing to get fresh milk of nine the air transport command from three captured cows announced He was expected te leave New York tonight for Wash During their isolation the Ger- mans Were so close that they tossed hand grenades in the windows and ington pounded the houses with Irtillety IL S Weather Observations mortars and machine guns—out Weather bureau observations giving thi they apparently were asleep In their precipitation and MiniMUM and maximun trenches when the Yanks slipped temperatures up to 630 p m Central will out last night at 7 o'clock time yesterday two-thirds of the total A tabulation begun at midnight Friday listed 96 fatalities from traffic accidents 25 from fires and 34 from other causes Including drowning and gunshot wounds Traffic accidents took the lives of thirteen Missourians Four of the traffic fatalities were in Kansas City and three in St Louis and St Louis County The state highway patrol reported fatal accidents outstate at Sedalia Osceola Cassville Neely-vile Kirksville and Willow Springs PRESTON FORSEE IS MT Preston Forsee 3740 the Paseo Democratic ward leader and justice of the peace at 3011 Troost avenue underwent an emergency appendectomy yesterday at the St Joseph hospital after suffering an attack Saturday night Physicians last night described his condition as good DE GAULLE ENVOY ARRIVES Ntw YORK Dec 24(AP)—Henri L Bonnet the De Gaulle government's ambassador to the United States arrived today at LaGuardia airfield with his wife and a party of nine the air transport command announced He was expected to leave New York tonight for Wash Ingtom IT S Weather Observations Weather bureau observations giving the precipitation and minimum and maximum temperatures up to 830 p in Central wet time yesterday Precip Low Hilth Amarillo " 21 59 Atlanta 11 J8 ea Rismarck 10 37 Boston 31 38 Charieston B C 61 45 7( Chicsito 01 8 26 Cincinnati 24 40 Denver " 10 30 rifs Moines 2fi Dettnit 8 30 Dodge City 17 31 El Poem 48 81 Fort Worth 37 48 °Grattan& 1Cas " 10 25 Havre mom 7 18 Kansas City 81 81 Los Angeles 'Burbank) 38 ell Little Hock Miami " it li - Minneapolis 4' " 8 24 Nrst orleans 54 '71 Oklahoma City 28 45 Omaha 13 35 St Lou 24 Seattle IA 8 Springfield Mo 25 7 Topeka 20 2 washingtOn ii 21 5 litchi! it 22 33 Williston N D i 11 16 - Veit 8 persrnal envoy to the Vaticand On anothrr section of the front re -- ---- I Maintenance mechanics needed at Myron Taylor far bit sef:r1 in Italy Nr1 crnrs painted their tiviks Remingt4m Arms Lake City Plant 01)13t si(iNs t iTil pitosi The Po! Oa) tt-rt Fni rhEtt to tl'ild in With the stiow Help rush ammunition to our fight- ers Prasettacit Dee 241AM—Bert Irelend A'ne-:In At- ro4' :)- l':- Tiev were dead nkrans Ask for referral V 8 E 8 office - a's tlu maim P ‘nnI I PITTSBURGH Dee 241API —Bert !Ireland Ar- :) T:ley were dead nigeons or reterrai pheasants and wild turkeys Ler& Ask r !or apply st olant—Adv Dark Fpok: Ilehing due to new Bell president of the PiLlsburch livla Braz I Can-da Cil I' -ly 7 thv (Tim ever tha brow of a types of pollution produced by war Steelers football team today an- Lithuania Peru Peland run- m: and fact that state and federal flounced the signing of Bob OdellISlovakia Uruwray srd I r4 rlf sTut papace 4 t hatcheries have curtailed programs former University of Pennsylvania Switzerland for their r:spome to hist 1009 GRAND AVE also fewer quail moose mon- backfield Mar now serving in the fippeals for relief German was not' 1232 RR° tain sheep and grouse navy to a post-war contract among these mentioned PARSHALL'S AUTO STORES 1232 BROADWAY COMPLETELY All CONDITIONED 1 MILLER ON LOST PLANE CRAFT BEARING MUSICIAN LEFT ENGLAND DECEMBER 15 Director of Air Force Band Stile& vied to Appear A E Christmas Show Today In Paris PAM Dec 24(AP)—Maj Glenn Miller director of the U fl air force band and a former orchestra leader is miming on a flight from England to Paris It was announced today Miller one of the outstanding or chestra leaders of the United States left EnglandDecember 15 as a pas senger aboard a plane No trace of the plane has been found since His air force band had been play Ma GLENN MILLER ORCHEA LEADER MISSING ON A Film FROM ENGLAND TO Pais—(Wire photo) ing in Paris No members of the bnnd were with him on the plane Miller's home is at Tenafly N J where his wife lives Miller last led his band In a broadcast December 12 His band scheduled to broadcast over B B C tomorrow in the "A E F Christmas show" will be conducted by Sergt Jerry Gray deputy leader At Miller's Tenafly home his secretary Miss Polly Davis said his wife Helen was notified yesterday by telegram from the War department that Miller was missing Miss Davis said several letters from the major arrived yesterday dated December 10 and 11 One letter saying that he expected to leave England as soon as the weather permitted was undated but she and Mrs Miller thought it wu written about December 14 Miller wrote that he had been grounded for several days because of the extremely heavy fogs Mrs Miller was ill and unable to leave her room Miller 39 was commissioned captain in the army specialist corps September 10 1942 and was promoted to his majority about all months ago A native of Clarinda Ia he first gained prominence in the popular music field as a trombonist with various orchestras and then as an arranger for many of the top-flight ' bands He organized his own orchestra in 1933 Be married the former Helen Burger a nonprofessional in 1928 The couple have two adopted children 'Steve 2 and Johnnie Dee a girl months old Miller bespectacled and studious-looking has been for years a favorite of jive followers and record buYers His recording of "In the Mood" sold more than a half-million coplas With his 23-member band he appeared in a movie "Sun Valley" starring Sonja Bente He told a Hollywood interviewer that his aim was "to make a WY out of jazz which has been a brat too long" His formula: To rhythm add harmony and slick orchestration SWISS INTERN 1500 YANKS Airmen Forced Down on Bomb Ing Missions by Neutral WkantrecTosr Dee 24(AP)—Some 1500 United States airmen forced clown during bombing missions to Germany had been interned in Switzerland up to last October 1 the Swiss legation said today A total of about 95000 retugen of twenty nationalities had been add mated to Switzerland on that data A human adultshas halt an ounce of sugar in his blood Western Auto Stores ! OPEN ALLEYS ) All Day Test:lay! S IRA ARMS A (nut Ili k i'' 6 16 1 c Ai 4 ' — :- :: t :''' : f ''''::: i f:4 I e ':r" 17!!"11 1 ' : i :- ' : t: :4 ' ": '': : ::160! -:' T " p 'iti 'i? : - t i :" ‘k : -i:" ' i t'S ::: 1: : :: : ::: 4 ( ( I I i MONDAY DECE31BER 23 1944 r---- a---- --------ih IGA High Run of 23 by Welker r- ------:—77 - -- - r''- - ' v '-- ' ' : zfr---7-- FRP Cochrane f ' I 1 ' V uvo 3 BE Sam remectsco Dec 24 (AP) a k '0 1 ' i ' A -- Welker Cochrane nationally ' known 3-cushion billiard star i ' - " rst - established the second highest ' J'' ' fill Co t run in 3-cush1on billiards here t 1 I yesterday in a match with Willie 1 :it1444: - 461" '' ' ' ' Flynn when he ticked off twenty- 1 " ' 11 4 three consecutive points The world's record consecutive v pi- run is held by Willie Hoppe who s ' i n- made twenty-five points in one ' ) t ':'41 rAni! en run here about ten years ago Thp F t 't' helDEm 0 cRAcy BEsT I t it ) wn 't i (Continued from First Page C' ) all t h i n g in the hands of anyone who f'A '' lik 1 --A 1 ‘ I 0PN' ti f- 0 ' !: i I 'ell'41- ''t':ilt4 7:411 14:1:''''?' 1 : : tBegadA:ur(11111:1InItcadnell:reYit:18edi 1 -(' 4) by ty exploits their instincts and impres ' - ' -7 ---- k114-"! '''' 4111"4414 ' '-v ''' ' V:411 t ''''' tant li ib- sions ready to follow in turn today ' S" ' '' :' - The t" this flag tomorrow another" Such from ow 1 the Gc men he added "are the capital t ' k s t2 fashio enemy of true democracy and of its I - - - " " S to outl ere ideal of liberty and equality" 'k falera 14407 Asserting that very often so- :4 'N - la :9 '41 s ' ' ' ' count worst called pure democracy hides the ' o'''I- t --A —--r—'''' tr:4 '44' n a ' defects of democracy the - '' 0 '' ' 1 - ' 000011-°' ) Lt s pc: uyl ari 4 '4-1- t) i 1 $ 4 '''' 11' -t411' 11 ' ' 4' 6 - ' los t ' 1 - " A i 3 10 4 ' 11111 47 I i z 4 ' altpke'' k t''4 A 0 y ' 4' 111 1 — ' ‘rk"11:0 ' V trT fr t ' ?i 11 1 ( tc r 1 t Vlf 10 ' ' ' ii: 11 :f 1 6 I( 1' 'a e4' ' s ) '1:: firoosit i ' 9e' ' ''''k:' t" a i 4 A PI IIIM 0011Tgi r-- ' 1 1' ' '') 1 ' f '! ! ' : ) ' ' ' i :' " i 4 ! 4 ! 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