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The Kansas City Star from Kansas City, Missouri • Page 3
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The Kansas City Star from Kansas City, Missouri • Page 3

Kansas City, Missouri
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osraiNalAhmiOlde TUE KANSAS (2inr scrim Arim a MMIMM OPOOOMMIONONIS 1 smingsmioilmiodowwwilitENMINBabb11WoiOANIONOSItiAmoloommomirwia4vol4A04-NsoalM0000 r- 4 41 Aka LtaimaiimigignitiNmmoWlini itaitdt 11d kiduiwia004 imkoAmoosid 1 111 I 'Ill I I' 1 kN (II 4 Nr Scl'Ak 1 14' I I I )4k A' dk 1 I 114 1 ()e IMNMMIOMENMIENIININmnmEMIOMMMIIMMIIEIMMIIMNIMMMIENNIMIIIMEMINOMMh 14i 4 4 0 1 1 mallow meditionsisOMO Imenommommanommommont rr-r-rr- --a 01 4 1 1 1 4 taIP I ri 44 4 1 Ji scaft 0 11 1 (r gbMMOM OR THE TEHRIVSENENTH NEAR MILS 01 BENTON SCHOOL PLANT A TREE ON ARBOR DAN FOR THE 1 THE TIIIRIN'SENT'NTII if EAR PUPILS 01 rtENToN SCI1001 PLANT A TRrit ON ARBOR DAY 44'4(4 via A- I A 11 4 Ato A I 41 'to 7'41 -11c 1 A DIVISION OF RABBITS sHuurrs orricE CAticiS TWO FACTION3 TO from (h) 41111) I lolor imrle linitLe the tothcr I I'm 1)r I dillowmpt1-1141 T1 Ow ditterences have broken out in the throne room of the "rabbit" faction of the Denioeratie organiyaOw over who shall be slated for sheriff this time Dr Johnson director of the fire department who sits 004 to the right hand of Joe Shannon the faction's chieftain would I i I he sheriff's honor to fall to Charles 0 vice-president of the Main Street Bank Peter Kelly one of the guiding spirits of "rabbitdom" who is Just as close to Shannon if not closer than Johnson favors William Sullivan now director of welfare Many of the older members of the! faction siding with Kelly argue that Mr Haake's genealogy Hs a "rabbit-IF not nein So seaoned in seillee as hat of Mr Sullivan who long has r01100011 I IMIINSINNOWMIMIMIME A i mosommongoor ta'ttc47-(40f417'itz 114CU4 4 7061472 11" 1 I A DIVISION OF RABBITS sHuurrs orricE CAticr I WO 0411- i A Sy mil 41 40 4r 411 (ill t'vs04 4016 willi 1411-Aj'l 4 f4Makel: I 140 4'1 FACTION3 TO AMY' for'7e Ii'l 01 it4' mii jr 4 0 1 i-stiLPiete '4) tip tl li st it11s P1N 0 1 tk i' 11)I' r'' 'r rat' Si: ims4 rlob 4 4 4" 411 P1 x) '1ic)itkirtoiot )iigr fr -411I fitkit41- ii! 41 a bVi I r' ()lie (loop I a or i hark -i q11 "ay At v4 v- AA 10i igfy It ---1 ---00mi- 4 It 0L't- "4 0 lif473ts :4 til r111110114 isitt: 44 Iiiite the 10thi'r 11 flip 1)1 r'1 41 I -0ei 14 4 'I 0 11' If 'Ne1401 tolefr11 4 1 1 0 tp 4 It SiillOoon p' 41' N' '''X '''s 1 oist il" tt 14401mM-11at 'hike '-1-1t 444 0 A1 14 i of ce a1 111101 0 7 01 7 4 11717 1 9 I 41 j-4 '11-111 1 44 'ry1 r1 1:4 rt 014 11 Kyr? If I 9 'to r- 1 a Id A Ai 1 -o 4 4t 4 '0 NO 1 1 Ilr' lk 4404ri 0t WV r1) fit I 9 -a i pyi 1 a4 Id 104 A 04 itz 14 :44: tett t'441 toipan 4 9110410 f- kttr 'a so r4 (oP) lt '4 ZN at 410 ''''''Itir" 40 li A lir Ur Slain) dillerences have broken out 1 i' -i I vP W' i 4141i 424 1--0 it -014 1 1 1- 4 1 1 44" 44 Ilk tiy: in tile thiuhe Rana of the ciMit" 1 2 4' it 't 011' ') '01 014bItti ti011 OVII W110 shall be slated for Dr Johnson director of the 1 I 4l 1 1 0 2 0 4 4 4t IA I I i 1 Ille 4 faction of the Democratic tasmityi- 1 1 IP it 4f 47-ehl --1' 1 ak 44 ii "k1 IP 1 It'i li 't Coin' 't i tkti '''2''' vi00'l 4 4 w''! S' sheriff this tune i 401444 teb It A i I itt 1t A 00i II'lre 4S )C''t VA 1 Nle 43))1 )t411441 7 1 A'' I 4 fire department km sits cloie to the right hand of Joe Shannon the tac- 's 1 'o Id ike he ti en Ili in II I I sheriff's honor to fall to Charles 0 I tt '4arKkt'' (K)r rilyhPi''311i' 11 '1 2- 1" 4 1 1 A' 4 44 iC I srr 4' I I 412 (4 4 I the guiding spirits of "rabbildotiC N---tte I rttr 44 tl I I IA ho is Just as clote to Shannon If i ') 4 ''''''Ii 4 I4 -4 411t 1 not closer le'l'N'An44 oser than Johnson favors Nil- 1 A 4 ''I'e -4 1 rk ill i i 4 "14i4 Ilk fi I 4 li an now director Of c1 NsA40000ert Mk' 41 tr 14 4101k 1 A 41 4 )t tir It 1-AT! 4: 41'7 44 vtla Many of th faream Sulliv ::11 4'4 ti 7' IN 1' older tnetnber4 of the I 14X pall' 4'''' V-- 4 Iiku 4 -ttbiz -gy --14 Mr action siding IA it Kelly argue that 1 Htake's genealogy HS a "rabbit' "41k 44t' I I ''''i) til i 7 1 I) i ft 1 I 41 14t I i --'''2t 1 i ieY 0 I 4 II 4-Nr ti 4r 0 v4 '1 il MA ONO SO SP110114 (I in service as I A CC-- (AeC1' qr 1-! that of Mr Sullivan stho long has 1 tere(47--: (ii4vedo lir 1E174141 ti Ns If ttyw'AN PI'Vil FACT TO Aillcif ta 'it 'il i'' ra A- I l'f 4C' a 1 pig 4 ok' PAr ''1' 'to- iir4 f-k-- 1 it tv A 4 44 Or In c40 I :11 it: '44 44 4)it I 'y I it 410 -14 it --titk'? ttrikt 4-4414 "tvi 1 (hie 4111111) 1 loolo 4 bark t4 AtillC 14' 4 111111 the 111t I (fit 1)e lift '''k dt At 4 i -1 --14110- Tr' t-- 0 1Ts or- tie i -141A401- 44i 9 1 1 ty 44 4 :) a '''icii i I 4' dollooitio---1141 To1144' 'I-14 i r) (4 4 0 4 0 i 1 a' 451 111 cat 't' I 41 1401 -i ''ig 4 0 0 0 41 4 It to Shannon PI 4 i (71 VIt ti Il A Ittei 0 0 44A It ft 414711 li'' 4110 0 ati 446t 41 -ei hAh 0 1 Taiotte4y 1411404 ey A li tok 404 rx-4 1 Ao-ik i '-'1P4 114 ic 414 klirr Ary 1 colf-'S El 4 kt lc-0N wz '0 1 Ar: I 3itiveS 0 k-T l' i sc 4 1 0411:41141) ti- Slam) dillerences loave broken out 4' Tog- 1 7 in tbe throne loom of the "rabbit" 1 (ooivo At 1 'i'''' A 4)1( 's z1 4 i gi 1 1411 IP11r to faction of the Democratic tagald'hi- I 00 4 'kr 4 11004o4 4 tion over who shall be slated for -44 i St 1 il PriI)00' A 'I 4 I As 114 4 sheriff this time fof 0 aic 4 3 -A -to444 I' pi Johnson director 4 of the 1 k'i tt' 41 i i'- 4 i i' ') pr ritt 441i)4 F7041 1 Nte 141114 tao IT 7 fire department v110 sits 0044 to) the I right hand of Joe hannon the la c- tion's chieftain would like the I ') A '-k' "ir 7'' 1 lI'lre Abit 4 4 qA'1 sherif 's honor to all to Cha rles (i 1 itaake vice-president of the lkidalii lt 1 A -4 S'4'' N91ttel 8 icej It )14 4 41 ot 1 4' St gtuBidatinIgic siP)iertitesr Jot Kerliikbyi)itt)(iiicenno! os I of 4--Ajk I IA ho is Just as close to Shannon If t' :7 4 -44 I to flit 1 Ir-Al i oc i Nci4r14: tt- 12 I ir than Johnson favors Wil- Mint ullivan now director Of wc1 14irI I 7-4-f at 'P 4' Many of the older members of the I 4o'1 44 1 4 4 air i 0-or A' i cE -1 II tzot vi faction siding with Kelly argue that 1 1 as yo 4 44 oc :4 1 44'''' 4 aNi 'Vpv7 c) it Mr Haake's genealogy Hs a e0A 3--- l'a' 40-kiet1411 t'" tt- 4 IF 110t nein so seaoned in service asl 144 '4 ry4 -Yr I 4 Atdtrile "i that of Mr Sullivan who long has e- qtwitzi 4 t11- 4t balthd in that cause Due to the failure of one side to convince thr ether it is now said the dIrfaelICes probably will be presented to Shan non who in addition to looking after he welfare of his followers is this district's It in congress Homer to WAsHINGTON April 8--(A Scretay Stunson said forewell early today to President Hoover and received final instructions before lea-trig for New York to sail tonight forl the Geneva conference g- II 7 ''I' 4 tr 4 0 4':" 1' I ''1 a tt'''''V I -71 it ti''ti 4 fV At' s707 4 togiv1' 41 4'" v-11r I i at -J tir i'141441t4lit 4 0'' 4 P41 "I iib 44410(40o 1 44444oto! lk battled in that cause Due to the I r4 44" 4-ae-fo 't t404140-' 1 -) to 4 failure of one side to convince the 1 ioratiN4 ioy 4 At A 6 IA i 4 4 ether it is now said the thrferences i go 411 'k -I At -1 'tt Ptrr'''- It I 4't 4 'tt''tti4 I 44 1' 5 4 441 6 I velt A--- 4 0 51A 0 -t 1 -T s' probably will be presented to Shan I non whO ati III tlition to looking fter a 1 i to 44 410fA k0e the welfare of his followers is this i 4 1001 40139 i ttt --v 4 chNtriet's representative in congress 0 tik gr fi 094 -oil i I 1 0' 4 4 -4 ta 46-4-- 0 6 ittrire I -e-4tI: 1100 1sr01 ii i I 1 io I 1 I t-t WASIII e- 4 ti 4 4'4? NCTON Aptil 8--(A 0 A 14 4 Secretary Stunson said foresvell early wLAE Atis4AN Ai 4 444 4 44 today to President HOOVer and re-' I ceived final instructions berm lea I at-1114d trig for New York to sail tonight for! I I the Geneva conference 1 le ts 1- at )w rl -4 at ld id ill iw lin Inexpensive Suit or Coal Ps An Expensive Thing to Buy Unless You Get Quality Thousands of Kansas Citians Know lin Inexperisive Suit or Coal Ps An Expeusive Tilting to Buy Unless 'It I ou Get Quellity The first arbor clay tree to be flowers Nine hundred children at-1 planted in a Kansas City school yard tended the program and tree-planting I as planted in the yard of the old which took place at 2:15 Bruton school on Arbor day 18951o'clock The officers of the seventh Today the warm earth flew again as grade class are seen here planting a children with spades and rakes In spruce tree in the latest "beauty spot" their hands planted trees shrubs and of the school Rosebushes and wren The first arbor day trei planted in a Kansas City as planted in the yard of Benton school on Arbor Today the warm earth flew children with spades and their hands planted trees sh The first arbor daY tree to be flowers Nine hundred children in a Kansas CitY school Yard I tended the Droartion and tree-olantimi I Campbell 2630 Lockridge street secretary Harry Baker 2648 East Thirtieth street vice-president: Betty Ann Baker 3206 East Twenty-ninth stieet president Cottinghatn principal of the school is seen at the left Campbell 2630 Lockridge street See- 1 ptci riP i-fArru Baker 2t 4 East Thir- nial flowers also were planted The officers (from left to right) are Leon Henthorne 3419 Prospect avenue sergeant-at-arms Vernetta Grunig 21512 Twenty-eighth street sergeant-atarms: John Quincy Adams 3717 East Thirtieth street treasurer Lydia flOWel'S also were planted The officers (from left In rieht) 111 T1011 that NCW Costume Bass IN A I)L4T11 PACT 25' titS KANSAS A LITTLE DRIER KANSAS A LITTLE IN RITES OF ARBOR DAY Vanderslice patron of Kansas City art STERLINGWORTH CLOTHES are dependable and worthy of the Woolf Brothers label RGIN OF 98 IS INCREASED TO 252 IN DIGEST POLL MARGIN OF 98 IS INCREA 252 IN DIGEST POI PUPILS AND OTHERS ALL OVER CITY PLANT TREES 44 N- 9 i411144 q- ro 4 411k l't 40-4T1 AL 4- 1 1-I "'-411-Iu Ecitent l'oie Millis a Lead or More I Ilan 2 In I III 'FitirOTm) Ballo14 Are Studied Er ltell I Vol Mil il a Lead Than 2 to I to hiri SO I 's Int II Aro Studied Tile Climax I to Eloborate Pro grow NI Art Ittiittite liPre 1toottri8 to litmorti A'atit Dettictitett TOPCOATS S35 iii SUITS WINNER or POSTER CONTEST The winners of the bicentennial tree poster contest were announced The forty-eight entries in the contest were on display as was art work from Kansas City schools First prize was $10 second prize $6 and third prize $4 Every entrant in the contest wax given a bronze souvenir medallion with the silhouette of Washington on It The institute was open at loclock for the exhibition of the posters The poster that won first prize will be sent to Washington where it will be displayed with others from all over the country A colonial tea followed the Arbor day program I ire or sehookt Tries to Carry out the Plan By the Aslocluted Press) EL PASO Tyx April Ludinilia Sinitsin 43 wife of Dr Dimitry Sinitsin 61 Russian scientist employed by the United States bureau of animal husbandry NV88 near death in a hospital here today She was burned yesterday when she poured gasoline on the tourkt camp bed where she and her husband had been sleeping and tried to burn them both to death Dr Sinitsin who is recovering was aided by his wile in his research woi lc He said the attempted suicide by his wife was the result of a 2year-old death pact the couple made when they married in Moscow Russia She recently became obsessed with the idea her husband was becoming insane and it would be better for them to die together he explained A BERGER LS RE-ELECTED ro-theri tc)'1-1Z1) All Spring Colors Patcnt and Calf $295 A new shipment of small bags with the "specialty shop" air complete your ensemble at this remarkable price Mail Orders Prepaid 1020222426 WALNUT L-UC-E IMMEIMMMMMI AAAAAAA Ak A A A A A A A A SHOP OF TRAVEL 1026 Main St Full Fashioned CHIFFON 110SE Men's Spring Dean 11 1 lasnolly Plea Saves Slayer TULSA OK April 8---(A plea of insanity by attorneys for Joe King 47 eccentric farmer was upheld by a district court jury that returned a verdict of not guilty after overnight consideration of his slaying of Mrs Hattie Dowse 40 beauty parlor operator with a flatiron King will be sent to a state hospital Hank or 10 Paul It Hyrum Paul Byrum a lawyer here and formerly president of the Kansas City chapter Reserve Officers' Association has been promoted to the rank of major in the infantry section of the I officers' reserve corps He has been assigned to the service command of the seventh corps area Death Or 3Irs Hallowell COLUMBIA MO April Marshall Hallowell 82 died at a nompita' here today of pneumonia She i is survived by one son I Hallowell of Chicago and one daughter IMrs Frederick Dunlap of Columbia iwife of the Missouri state forester NrW YORK April 8--Kansas appPars to be overcoming the threat to the state's dry prestige in the nationide prohibition poll being conducted by the Literary Digest The returns a week ago giving prohlhition a margin ot only ninety-eight VOiRS created wide comment but the count this week shows the vote for retention of prohibition leading by 3521 votes The vote: For prohibition1 36328 for repeal 36076 MISSOURI STILL VOTES WET The repeal vote continues to hold a I commanding lead in Missouri the count this week being: For prohibition 32906 for repeal 84010 Thirty-two states representing a (iiniained population of more than 85 Anion are voting from 2 to 1 to 6 to 1 for repeal with more than 4 million allots tabulated for this weeks edition of the magazine which will be published tomorrow Nine states with a total population of over 19 million register a dry sentiment of 40 per cent or more Of these tates Kansas alone gives a definite majority for continuance of the prohibition amendment while North Carolina is almost dry The wettest section of the 'United states as evidenced by the poll figures extends from the Mississippi River to the Atlantic Ocean above the Mason-Dixon line with the dampest concentration in the group of states of New Jersey New York Connecticut and Rhode Island NrW Yoakr April pPars to be overcoming the the states dry prestige in thi it ale prohibition poll being by the Literary Digest The returns a week ago gi' hlhition a margin of only inn voles created wide comment count this week shows the VO' tendon of prohibition leadin votes The vote: For pr 36328 for repeal 36076 MIsSOIIRI STILL VOTES NN The repeal vote continues commanding lead in Miss( count this week being: For non 32906 for repeal 8401i Thirty-two states repres (iiniained population of mon Anion are voting from 2 to 1 for repeal with more than liallots tabulated for this wl non of the magazine whic: published tomorrow Nine states with a total of over 19 million register a 1 ment of 40 per cent or more tates Kansas alone gives majority for continuance of bibition amendment whil Carolina is almost dry The wettest section of IA States as evidenced by the extends from the Mississipp the Atlantic Ocean above tr Dixon line with the dampe tration in the group of stat Jersey New York Connec Rhode Island Arbor day was given recognition today all over the city by a Nature-loving populace that fared forth with spade "to cleave the tough greensward" Interest in planting both in public places and home yards was quickened by the George Washington bicentennial activity A cloudless sky and a warm sun added to the pleasure of outdoor ceremonies Seventy-two young cherry trees tied with red white and blue ribbons with directions on a hatchet card were planted by as many school children ill home yards today Little friends stood about as the proud spaded the ground and planted his tree TO PUPILS OF 12 scHoots The George Washington bicentennial tree planting committee of which Mrs McCluer 620 Romany road Is chairman gave the trees to pupils in these schools: Franklin Jefferson Lowell Switzer Hamilton Karnes Martin Humboldt Woodland James Clay and Garfield Trees were planted in school yards and in parks all over the city by patriotic organizations and women's clubs A city-wide program beginning at 2:15 o'clock at the Kansas City Art Institute commemorated Arbor day with speeches choir singing interpretative dancing and tableaux Mrs Albert I Beach 45 East Fifty-fifth street was in charge of Larrangements A procession of choir I boys led the audience from h1l A Litt lawn nr 111 Person hall to the lawn of the I 5 Sarefelleli 41 Correct Picture Framing Lowest Prices 1117 Grand A PAIR Shan nee Mission School Board 3Iember to -New 3-Year Term A Berger Kansas City Kansas lawyer and vice-president of the Kansas City school of law was reelected treasurer of the Shawnee Mission rural high school board by a large majority vote by patrons in the district last night The election was held at the high school building The election was for a 3-year term Since his election three years ago Mr Berger has sponsored economies that resulted in reduction of school taxation in the district and has proposed further reductions of the tax levy for next year Spear was Mr Berger's only opponent at the election There were 491 votes recorded for Mr Berger and 271 for Mr Spear MR HAVRICKS SISTER DIES Eft 11 MO o- I with 20 kick 34- repe )5) ki It) irtc 4 ftacce 3irall i 40 407 0 ool'' setn- mm Fit 4' '4 1 I 1 I with ock- nais 20 kick nar- 34-- tepe )5) i go 4 help" Igt44:" 4 ft tAtiii- livi 11 itt I I A 47 1 01:: I L- 1 2 4 A a 0 114" 14111111 Will I 111111110Pa 1 I Today and Tomorrow only Irregulars of $135 quality Picot tops new spring thades Due to the hundreds who took adii vantage of this startling bargain at week we repeat this extraordinary offer today and tomorrow Open Evenings 1109 314 Just East at Transt OPen All 111nlit 41 A AOTICE CLUB BREAKFASTS 2 Eggs Toast Pooes Jelly Coffee20c Fruit Toa At Coffee 15c Cereal Cream Toast Jelly Coffee 20e Week Day Lunch Complete 25 Ever Try Our FRESH HOT SHRIMP? Funeral Sertices for Mrs IL in Be Sunday PUBLISHER'S NancE April 8 1932 Vol 52 No 204 The Kansas City Star every illumine eve nine nd Sunday subscription rates 'thirteen Miners I week delivered by carrier in Kansas City 15 cents a week By niall Postage prepaid in Missouri and Kansas 15 cents a week: elsewhere in the United Statee and island possessions 30 cents a week: in foreien countries 85 cents a week Filtered as second class matter et the post-0111re at Kansas City Mn under the act of March 3 1874 Publication 'Alice Elehteenth street and (trend avenue You have no idea how good you'd look in a MALVIN'S Hosiery Shop 321712 TROOST 41 41 was DINNER BE FORE THE "BAND WAGON" 12TH AND MATT "DRY BELT" IN THE VOTE A Hamrick weather forecaster in- left today for Webb City Mo where i stitute where a ree was dedicated The driest sector is the belt of twelve states extending from Texa0813ter Mrs Wilhite died last 1 to the memory of the late Howard Funeral services for Mrs and Oklahoma to the Atlantic Ocean i Ilignt Wilhite will be at at -30 dock Sunday in Webb City The SiO Shoe Store Sil OTHER DEATHS IN GREATER KANSAS CITY rr 111N T7 ar7 T7 Six "DRY BELT" IN THE VO' The driest sector is th twelve states extending It and Oklahoma to the Allan 4 I Stores istoblished Mt istabli3hed Metallic Grey WARRENTON Two-Trouser Suit 1 1 1 lowlEotill Prices! CHILDREN'S' SHOES 5 PE Prices 2 'Si SHOES Myrtle Brownrigg 44 years olda resident of Kansas City Kansas thirty years died today at her home 931 Armstrong avenue followIng an illness of several months She was a member of Mendins chapter Order of Fastern Star and of the First Baptist church She leaves her husband John Brownrigg: one daughter Miss Thelma Brownrigg: a son John I Brownrigg hpr mother Mrs Millie 0111811R11 all of the home two isters Mrs Shelton Blankenship 1212 Esst Fourteenth street Mrs William Chrism Abilene Has and a brother Harry Rice of Abilene Kam ROBINSON'S DOWNSTAIRS DE PT srik -illS DEPT 4 Skooter al 0 FLOOR WAX 2 5 Pure Turpentine 60C per piton PURE a cc t4 CO- t4---c See Surface Son FOR Sunny Surfaces licrr) craft Interior Semi-Gloss Paint The ultimate in a durable Semi-Gloss Paint for Wall or Woodwork Washes Like a Dish Grease spots ink stains and even match scratches are easily washed off this impervious finish I Gallon $260 Quart 80c I SCREEN '4" ENAMEL WALL PAPER CLEANER 4 cans 25c ONE COAT ENAMEL wwwewtO 1901 (2 I See Surface Son FOR 7 (--xt4 7 rerel (Q2-t )--t 74' 0 Sunny Surfaces 01'1 11) 11P Interior Semi-Gloss Paint lierr) craft The ultiinate in a durable Senn-Gloss Paint 'MOW' of- for Wall or Woodwork 0 Washes Like a Dish 41 Grease spots ink stains and even match ''s scratches are easily washed off this linpervi- 1 i' ous finish it i -c i CN Gallon $'260 Quart 80c 1 4- Skooter '14 4-' littlf FLOOR WAX WALL PAPER i 7' SCREEN CLEANER' rte 1 25c eJ 1 Sbr' 4 v' ENAMEL 4 cans 25c pPpurretTalutornpentine Skooter PURE 0060c -4 ONE COAT ENAMEL Save money by buying "Saunters" the shoes that wear wear and wear Patent Straps Patent Oxfords and 2-tone Sport Sizen to 5 $139 Simi 512 to 8 $159 Sizei 81'2 to 11 $189 Size 1113 to 2 $198 including Kentucky and Virginia and excepting Florida A total of 4009499 ballots are tallied this week of which 1046113 or 2609 per cent vote for continuance of prohibition and 2963386 or 7391 p47T cent are for repeal The dry vote shows a seventh consPcutive gain during the poll rising from 1585 per cent of the total vote of the first weeks returns WOMEN'S VOTE IS CHECKED As an answer to charges the poll does not represent the women of the nation the Literary Digest tomorrow will publish returns of a special referendum of all registered voters of Portland Me which was selected because it was one of the oldest prohibition centers in the country The canvass was so arranged that the ballots returned by women voters could be distinguished from those returned by men voters and still remain m'cret ballots Ballots totaling 14598 were mailed to men and 11958 ballots were mailed to women the total of which constituted the entire registered electorate of the city Of 3981 replies returned bY men 970 or 24 36 per cent voted dq and 3011 or 7564 per cent voted wet Of the 11958 ballots mailed to the women 1126 or 3845 per cent voted for continuance of the amendment and 1802 or 6155 1)(r cent voted for repeal Not including the Portland votes the state of Maine balloted 7826 for continuance and 17863 or 6354 per cEnt for repeal including Kentucky and Virginia and excepting Florida A total of 4009499 ballots are tal- lied this week of which 1046113 Or including Kentucky and lir excepting Florida A total of 4009499 ballot lied this this week of which 1 2609 per cent vote for c( of prohibition and 2963381 p47T cent are for repeal The dry vote shows a set sPeutive gain during the I from 1585 per cent of the of the first weeks returns WOMEN'S VOTE IS CHE( As an answer to charge does not represent the wor nation the Literary Dig( row will publish returns a referendum of all registerel Portland Me which wa because it was one of the 1 hibition centers in the cou The canvass was so am the ballots returned by wo could be distinguished lion turned by men voters and veret ballots Ballots totaling 14598 to men and 11958 ballots IA to women the totai of wh tilted the entire registered of the city Of 3981 replii I)Y men 970 or 24 36 per and 3011 or 7564 per wet Of the 11958 ballots the women 1126 or 384! voted for continuance of 11 amendment and 18( I)(r cent voted for repeal There are certain men of your acquaintance 211)s look as though they'd just stepped out of a Band-box well groomed smart immaculate no matter hen or Is here you meet them Perhaps Du IIIVC envied them? 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