The Kansas City Times from Kansas City, Missouri on January 7, 1946 · 9
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The Kansas City Times from Kansas City, Missouri · 9

Kansas City, Missouri
Issue Date:
Monday, January 7, 1946
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THE KANSAS CITY TIMES MONDAY JANUARY 7 1940 IK MUST BUILD NOW Immediate Action to Get Home Conttruction Program Started Urged by Stassen 9 ARKANSAS TORNADO KILLS 3 jjQ gp Q QJJprQ£ achievements in the South Pacific Several Hanon An nirni " vr A Jap artillery piece which Damaged In Chicot Count)- Lak ViUAor"ARK Jan 6 (AP) —Three persons were killed tonight when a tornado struck a few miles had gotten range on an American ROLE IN "HARVEY" INTERRUPTS hospital was captured he declared JOE E BROWN'S CAMP TOURS With Negro ccjple Ed Royal and his j great big genial mouth Joe E Brown a" 'Jjli i 1U !s going to be chanting the praise " "f "eie M can be heard He is not goin? Chicot and at least a half-dozen 1 10 et tne American public forg-t 01 1 the soldiers other houses were destroyed damaged Biggs added HEARING 1VTKIPLE DEATH Man Accused n-Freedom on from this Southeast Arkansas city John Biggs Chicot County sheriff i nkr DAWGF GfUl TnnireP°rtd nniiuu uvnb i Blggs gaJd n Identified only as Taylor and a But Emergency Steps Are Required to Take Care of Veterans Manufacturer Hear Chicago Jan 6(AP) — To meet the needs of what he termed "a quarter-million homeless heroes" Harold E Stassen former governor of Minnesota tonight demanded consideration at once of price ceilings materials supplies building trades unions and city building codes In a speech at a dinner sponsored by the Institute of Carpet manufacturers for members of the home furnishings Industry whose convention of 25000 persons begins tomorrow Keystone In Our Kconomy 'Housing is one of our key economic and social problems of the post-war decade" Stassen declared "It can be a major factor in the successful operation of our free economy or it can be one of the stumb ling blocks that will trip us into a!and that he believed the Matchetts future depression bjmh mc uigruito nave been armed post-war general consumer demand j Tiedt was represented at the is met" hearing by an attorney Earl 0 "Enirrenry measure are re-jBorchers and'Buchanan County was nuired" he added "We mut nol Presented by Joseph Sherman n ' r prosecuting attorney He was In I lose ilt of the long-range P'ojcustody of the Buchanan sheriff audi lem A million homes a year forUie court ordered Tiedt held in the irn has been staled as a Jackson County jail pending the) Hearing at his personal command to a pa trol of soldiers and he captured a Jap who walked in on one of his shows He is sure he captured the Jap because he ordered his audience to stand back while tie brought the tcothy Nip forward and personally turned him over to the lntelll- the last breath from his gence officer at the camp The gun capture was more difficult he recounted "I was hamming with a bunch of Comedian Appearing In MuMc Hall in font I'erformaaces vim - He Will Keep 01 Telling of Soldiers' Side of the OI as long and as far a slajrer 6eeks a Writ The Kansas City Court of Appeals will hold a hearing at 2 o'clock Thursday to determine whether Charles Henry Tiedt St Joseph Mo held on three counts charging first degree murder shall be released on a writ of habeas corpus Application for the writ was filed Saturday by Tledt's wife Mrs Ada Tiedt based upon the technical grounds that A M Olmstedt 8t Joseph Justice of the peace failed to give Tiedt a preliminary hearing following his arrest Tiedt is charged with the fatal shooting November 25 at St Joseph of Fred Matchett chief petty officer and Mr and Mrs Delbert N Matchett He was quoted as saying lonowing tne snooting that there had been a neighborhood erudm He has been In almost constant association with them for the last four years In every theater of war on every front and In practically every American hospital at home MORGAN NOT OUT YET RESIGNATION FROM UNRRA ISN'T PLANNED HIS OFFICE SAYS Meantime London Itrporla General Has Been Asked to Quit but Apparently He Hasn't Received Request FiiANKrusT Jan O(AP)— Lieut Oen Sir Frederick E Morgan stood pat today on his determination not kids at an advanced road block the to "gii as UNRRA chief for Ger-next morning after the Japs had many and has received no lnstruc- hit the hospital with their 75 The tlons to return to London an of whole camp was in an uproar because the men knew the Jap piece had the range on the hospital and they were fearful that they would Dtial To meet that goal he said billions of feet of flooring and siding anti 2x4 s will be needed as well as heating plumbing and electrical materials and price ceilings "should be adjusted to encourage prompt production of these materials and supplies" Sees Shortage of Workers The Minnesotan declared a study of skilled labor "will reveal that we do not have sufficient numbers of workmen in a number of the building trades to do the work and that tome of the unions are unduly re strictive as to apprentices must be corrected" The Souitns Likes to See His Sherman asked and was craned until 5 o'clock this afternoon to file a return to the habeas cornus Deii- tion and Borchers was granted until Shows Joi E Bsown 9 °'clock Wednesday to file a reply Screen and fiiAoi Comedian Is HONORS MEMORY OF F D R P"0UMST or Thai HoNOd-'Kan- sas City Star photographi Drunr i-ianiie lii'dlriilrd al renew their bombardment on it that night "I had been giving about a half hour show to a patrol of some forty kids and as I finished they were strapping on their packs to go out in search of the Japs As they trudged off forward and I started back I called 'Hey you simple mutts get that 75 for me!' "'We'll get her for you Mr Brown' they yelled In unison' " ROAD CUT BY JAPS "Later that afternoon I was making a walkie-talkie broadcast I couldn't get forward to three or four companies because the Japs had cut the road Right in the middle of my show the walkie-talkie from the patrol came booming back at me through the loud speaker: "Hey Joe E Brown— we got your gun for you!" "And they had Those boys had knocked that Jap 75 and everything that went with it plumb out of existence The hospital never was shelled again Brown is highest In his praise of General Douglas MacArthur He believes he is the greatest soldier in the world "They can criticize MacArthur if they want to but they'll have me to hear from" Brown declared "His greatness as a tactician saved thousands of American lives There were other fine leaders out there but none with the skill of Douglas MacArthur as a general and a leader and a fighting man" SQUAWKING GOT RESULTS Brown declined a colonelcy in the final spokesman in his office laid The spokesman said Morgan was surprised to read a report appearing in the Frankfurt edition of theuui ml iZllZ NECRO SAILORSjiRE RELEASED Sentences Imposed After the Port Chicago Blast Are Set Aside (Srt!c ol tlte New York Tlmti) New York Jan 6— Sentences Imposed by the navy on fifty Negro sailors for mutiny at Port Chicago Calif after the disastrous explosions on two ships carrying munitions In July 1944 have been set aside Lester Granger executive secretary of the National Urban league disclosed today Granger aided Secretary Forrestal as confidential Investigator The sentences ranging from eight to fifteen years and carrying with them dishonorable discharge had been viewed as severe Granger recalled and were the subject of considerable protest A similar decision will aet free phasized that It takes time to produce good legislation and said some speed would have to be sacrificed because several of Mr Truman's requested bills are before one group the House labor committee He reported that the House leadership hopes to make settlement of a controversy over the United States Employment Service the No 1 Item of business when the legislators return January 14 Keep Your Bonds Use Your Credit at MEHORNAYS beautiful 1122 Walnut 1032 Main united States army newspaper Stars and Stripes that he had been recalled to the British capital "It was the first he heard of the report and it can be stated he has received no official word to return to London" the spokesman said The British general has been under fire for expressing a belief at a news conference that a secret Jewish organization was responsible for the mass exodus of Jews from Poland for what amounted to a sit-down strike at Guam shortly after the Port Chicago disaster Granger said One Negro sailor was killed and several Negro and white sailors and marines were injured In protracted skirmishes YOU CAN GET A 'IOO LOAN IF YOU CAN REPAY '727 A MONTH No endorsers needed London Jan 6(AP)— An official of the London office of UNRRA reiterated today that General Mor gan UNRRA chief for Germany has been recalled to the British capital and said he is expected to return here from Frankfurt by plane as soon as weather permits UNRRA has requested General Morgan's resignation The UNRRA official said a message from Washington requesting Morgan's recall was received in London late yesterday for relay to Frankfurt Presumably Morgan had not received the message when he made his statement that he had! been given no instructions the of- flcial said Morgan's successor has not been chosen Meantime it was explained Brig William Arthur McDonald Stawell who has been acting deputy chief under Morgan will "pinch! hit" until a successor is named j Morgan's statement concerning an organized exodus of Jews from Europe was described today by ADMIRES TRUMAN'S PLUCK Favorable Results From Appeal Forecast by McCormack Washington Jan 6(AP) — A prediction of favorable results from President Truman's appeal for congressional action on his legislative program came today from Representative McCormack of Massachusetts House Democratic leader McCormack declared that Congress and the people "admire and respect a fighting President and will act accordingly" He added however that "long range gains rather than overnight progress" are likely The administration leader em- r tire's a service that provide cash n when you need it! You may borrow quickly and privately— on your aalary car or furniture— and repay in monthly instalments To apply for $100 $200 $300 or more just tell ui a little about yourself and your job and choose a payment plan (tee below) No endorsers no signatures of outsiders needed! no ixtras Notice that you may take up to 18 months to repay Or repay sooner if you prefer The sooner you repay the lea your loan costs Payments shown in table mcludt principal and charges At our monthly rate of 3 a $50 loan repaid in 6 monthly instalments as shown a total of $5538 costs only $538 Household has no other charges You pay no fees or other extras ('Loans for certain purposes still limited by Government Regulations to shorter periods) mV my phone i Next time you're-short of cash phone or visit Household for quick relief If you telephone first we can have your loan ready when you call at the office Church He Attended in Cplil 'TZZZTtZZZZ: I dWto "mv vofce would be professor Sarnn Wright London ir — — ' L MVOiaa aW- " iGOniRl S£ me utmost vRiue 10 Tf AofliPluTUH dan O AH — Till Ull I n TM HIaUM a irnnm SALE! Women's Fine SABLE DYED CONEY FUR COATS m arav Xt SIZES TO 44 Frd Tsi Extra 4 FIND HIM THI CASH LOAN YOU NIID 0 I N 73 1M 125 m M 7M 1000 ChMM year anataty payment hara It ptymnta f""'1 pmymtntA 923 1384 1846 2269 3631 5446 8776 13164 17553 i 642 963 1284 1568 2509 3764 59 80 8971 11961 $ 502 753 1005 1219 1950 2925 4684 6876 9168 15 pmymntn K 628 838 1010 1615 2423 3747 5621 74 94 It psjmtntA $ 645 727 871 1393 2090 3190 4785 6381 Thete payments include ill out if payments are made monthly on the same day of each successive month Earlier or larser payments reduce the total charges and later or smaller payments increase them The only charge is the monthly rate of on loans of SIM and less ItiX on loans over SIN and up to IMS On loans of MM to IMM charts are equivalent to A par moith Charles are lijurea on actual unpaid principal balances aa reduced by payments IOUS over (300 are made by Household Loan Company church that Franklin D Roosevelt' Now- he is back working for him-attended while president - St ' self "for a change-for a while" ti — - "T" because he declared at the Hotel Thomas Episcopal-today dedicated MuenieDach m night( my i&mm a plaque In his memory rimaal KOt to eat" TlllS I J1' 1 ittti tKW1111lamD Leah' APPEAR IN MUSIC HALL Homesites too should be studied gave the dedicatory address in be-' rown T' appear m tne music: men i saw a m war ana l was he said "Tills will involve alert half nf PraeWnt -fvumon -J" wmm wmonow aiieinoon saea a iuv w aWTtoa ana i gave u 1- "I didn't want to be ranked tar " anybody when I wanted to squawk"! Speaking at the annual confer-Brown laughed and added "I M2 °f Jewlsh natlonal Iund' plenty of squawking and the great- Wri?t sa'd- est praise and the most satisfaction 1 "Tnere has been a conspiracy of I got out of the war was the fact '""en "P to now Now they had that I was listened to by the top tM the first time a declaration that tne oews w turope naa laeas oi their own that they did not intend niftropolitan state and federal planning for both suburban development and for slum clearance and redevelopment It will involve revision of obsolete building ordinances" IRANIAN PARTISANS FIGHT ( minicrrpvoltitionarj Activity Is fteportcd From Tehran unable to attend "Franklin Roosevelt's faith In God to be handed about from place to place at the whim of others and that and tomorrow night and Wednes- —and was listened to' day night in the title role of the: Brown who lost a son in the i t ilit tii ii i mi tL'or te rmtlnnlnff lite Vnrttal thv linri rleftnita tncira irt nlon vi rm f (ho 11 !-u-v - pi""--""""" H'"Ji """ "" "w — "" — — ynni of hi 'f ' i h T rt VSii "Harvey" visits at every opportunity he said (their own destiny" u!h L Lfa"' sa'd an° added: Brown did not add to the report1 "to try to make those men laugh Numerous Jewish organizations r lie'P °'t tly" JM he that he shot two Japs in the South! a little ' have strongly criticised Morgan's rSStsS P (llhan: Pacific-a story related by an off!-1 "When I see people ignore the 'statement a renlnn in I r iend recently in Columbus O wounded veterans bump them on : mM mmKm tifhln f lhrouhrM to! "That's the other fellow's storv the streets race past them in their FINNS FORTIFY A FRONTIER The S!v wnui 'not mine'" ne said- "That was thei cars it makes my blood boll I Activity on Swedish Border Is Re- D D recto? hi J f' Z wlS GIs' Job not mine My job was to W there was a way the story of portedly at (Soviet Behest T" T — ein '" vu WVUW mki HtMl IrtHc anfth anJ if Vtir nP UCT1I1CMI fll fl ' KO ninrS mil fl — u "in- tm iianHn tablet which was affixed to the : 1""" V-TT"' !UB ' 'h- hM k f n fOrrt 1MI Ma Nf Tr nM general sUff officer said today that outer wall of the front vestibule counterrevolutionary activity had j The plaque reads: "Entertainment was one of the ' American citizen Finns their breken out m troubled Azerbaijan province s gainst supporters of the self-declared autonomous Azerbaijan regime Describing the rival contestant as partisans and nationalists the officer said Iranian intelligence reports indicated nationalist forces had battled to within six miles of Maragheh and were in the outskirts of Mianeh Maragheh and Mianeh are respectively forty-five miles south and ninety miles southeast of Tabriz the provincial capital and the seat of the so-called autonomous government Church of Kranklln Delano PooMvelt Assistant secretary of the nivv 1913 to 1930— vestryman President of the United State to IMS — Honorary warden Stockholm Jan 6 --The VI MH A ta Kll l'v fftrtHftriwit most important supplies-munitions ' " " o ana i snan wt cog6l r6tr w)th you might sav-of the war Je- r' gv- lon8 4 my according to a report from a usually r'hable Helsinki source Tlie report which seems corroborated by Li - W IV V "ST aBWSSk!' VaaBBBBBBBBBBBJBBBBBBB HOUSEHOLD FINANCE Mm— 4 Uasto Mliwvrl Sma laaa Ad HOUSEHOLD LOAN COMPANY t assuMs1 Flasits Csrasrsnsn lufaiiiiry Uissms Uaasr Minssh tmi sas Invsitassl Csaassy Id TWO KANSAS CITY OFFICES 3119 Troost Second Floor Shankman Building Telephone: VAlentine 2 1ST 206 Bryant Bldg Second Floor 11th and Grand Telephone: HArrison 4025 HANG DEFAMER OF TOMB Csech Removed Unknown Soldier's Body at Prague Praoui Czzchoslovakia Jan t (AP)— Leo Rudel 66 a Czech who sided with the Germans and destroyed the statue of President Woodrow Wilson which stood in front of Prague's railway station was hanged yesterday Removing the bronze statue of Wilson was a wartime incident of which the people's court which condemned him took notice Chief offense of Rudel however mallv in the HAUth Panfir Ufhv I mOUlTl WIU WOTI after three ajid a half months in the jungle I went down to New Zealand and found myself engrossmgly entertained by just looking at shop windows and in one city I found TRAIN COLLISION 1ft JURIS far since our Doctor advised double-action Phillips' statements from many recent trav- Head-on Accident Occurs on sid-ieler from Finland adds that the ing Near Teaarkana Ark 'fortification is being done at the : behest of the Soviet Union myself blocking traffic standing in j 1 "MKANA' MK - Jan e 'AV! Observers both in Finland and the middle of the street just looking 'rgh Pers0"s w"e mjured herehere interpret the move differently at street cars entertaining myself i if" f n wo "°ly:Bl0V but the trend is to see it as an lndi-royally" iCctton Belt trains collided head-:cation that Moscow has set th? on at a sidine near here A score limits an it - rri lit him capture jap 0r more Of others were given emerg-lm Scandinavia at the Baltic and Brown Is proud cf two personal ency treatment the Pinno-Swedlsh frontier A CONFEDERATE CHIEF DIES Houston itx Jan 6(AP)— General William Banks commander in rtnet of the United Confederate ! was removal of the body of Czecho ZZ:Z one 01 last sur" Slovakia's unknown soldier of WorM nmt Civil war veterans in Texas War I from Prague Citv hall He mo today tan than two weeks after admitted the bedy was taken "in a imii-: his 109th birthday last sack" to Gestapo headquarters and wis mss day He was a Baptist tablets around the tomb were dumped into the Vltava river i ON i MAIN i FRISCO to FLORIDA DOWNSTAIRS STORE MEN'S LEATHER COATS AND JACKETS 5 to Sixes 36 to 46 OTHER WARM JACKETS AND COATS In Hi tnt Milton MatklMws MS Iny Milter ZlpMr Jiekilt Ml Jlli Olitk Leather Trim Zip JiiklU 1 180 Llltkir Trim WI Zl Jacket 1296 BOYS' LEATHER JACKETS Tan leather Jackets blanket lined 1 95 Upper fronts Sizes 10 to 18 MM Wothachlld'a DoHniUlra lieonnm v Storm CLASSES mMti PAUL'S SHOES Inc 1012 Wilaal For good furniture at low prices always compare Yost's 1225 Main W LOW TERMS Oj losts f" — — — — — — - Wmgm I i KANSAS CITY- FLORIDfl SPECIAL has always meant tin best service fo Florida It isn't yet possible to offer all the deluxe accommodations and the extra service features which were formerly available to patrons of the Kansas City-Florida Special They ere being restored just as rapidly as conditions will permit the feed I like ivory day READ AND USB 6TAA WANT ADS Until wartime restrictions are completely lifted through Sleeping Car Service to Florida will continue to terminate at Jacksonville where connections are made for either the east or west coast BUY TICKITS EARLY Sleeping car space is still limited and In great demand It can be reserved or sold 14 days in advance We will do our best to take care of your requirements For Complete Schedules Fires Reservations PHONE FRISCO Victor 7220 ii BY -Bsfl BaBaaai V MMm MaaBaKLTtlaaBaMlM Bfc' JKA kVlK : BHil BBsR'-i JM Wm W saffBW' Haale& Bs BST IZZZ ' sSsat'jfe Bam tVwJ Wh Mat vTjffl M V H I m jM IlV 1 D Frisco Is mfrl§ ftermi f trWct off as hit Of tonditions prmf IT'S A GREAT RAILROA Millions coll it the ideal laxative antacid to gentle for children so thorough for grown-ups ALL OF US ovfrinriulgp in eating and drinking t now and thrn The result is often an excessively acid stomach and the annoying symptoms of heartburn sour stomach headachy upset feeling Thai's the time for Phillips' Milk of Magnesia Taken at bedtime with water Phillips' helps end that restless fretful feeling By the time your head hits the pillow Phillips' relieves the discomforts of acid indigestion You sleep soundly And in the morning you wake up refreshed thanks to this double-action of Phillips' Milk of Magnesia: 1 Atan aeldetomach alkalizer Phillips' it one of the fastest most effective known to telence 2 At a laxative gentle Phillipt' can be taken any time without thought of embarratting urgency Caution: Use only as directed Get Phillips' Milk of Magnesia in the big economical 50e size contains three times as much as the 251 bottle Be sure you ask for Phillips' Milk of Magnesia by name— never for"milk of magnesia" alone Genuine Phillips' is also available in easy-toarry tablet form 25(f a box less than a penny a tablet Ideal for children they love its pleasant mint flavor Sold at all drug stores Get Phillips' today IrTrSl Phillips MILK OT MAONESIA PHIIAJM unci! lalaTlvl I'll fl w "' j I lfiiiTitii iiroM giisT) " Ml

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