Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on April 18, 1968 · Page 7
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 7

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 18, 1968
Page 7
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up Declare* Slum Bfltove They Swindled HOP! (ARK) STAR, Prifrtftd try Offset (it?) jrohMMft't ttfoisat en eon* turner affairs says the wldes* sitiift vtoteftde '&fly this rMtfi fflidi eieftr ''the poor are being swindled, or fed they're being swindled" by their ne^h* borhood merchants. , Betty Pttfrtegg teld the Ameri* can Society of Newspaper Editors Convention the poor pay mdre and set i§ss for their mon« ey. Her comments were in an ad* dress prepared for delivery to* day. She said inferior quality goods, overpricing, high interest rates and fraudulent practices are common in the slums, "Unethical retail practice is a principal burner under any long hot summer," she said. Miss Furness added! "I think the burning days of April ( have made it clear that one of the great problems of our urban ghettos is that the poor are being swindled, or feel they're being swindled," Referring to a major 1965 riot, she asked: "Is it so startling that stores were burned in Watts where the markup on television sets ranged as high as 160 per Cent above prices for the exact model in other parts of Fight Over Release of Information by CARL P. LEUBSDORF Associated Press Writer . WASHINGTON (AP) Sources predict the House Government Operations Committee will beat back what a Republican member calls "an attempt to muzxle" a watchdog subcommittee on government Information. Chairman John E. Moss, D- Calif., declined direct comment on the effort by Rep. William L. Dawson, chairman of the full committee, to abolish his subcommittee—a panel which has championed access to government information and has assailed corruption in the U.S. aid program in Vietnam. But Rep. Qgden R. Reid of New York, the subcommittee's ranking Republican, criticized tfee move .and said it came "at a critical juncture in our affairs —when dissent is not always encouraged." Reid called the move "an attempt to muzzle" the panel. Dawson, an 81-year-old Chicago Democrat, is empowered to reorganize subcommittees. But a majority of the full com mlttee can force a meeting and overturn his actions. The subcommittee is counting on support from all 15 Republicans and at least 3 of the 20 Democrats if a showdown is necessary to force Dawson. to retreat from his present plan. Dawson's stated reason for abolishing, the subcommittee, given April 11 in a letter to Republican Rep. Florence P. Dwyer of New.Jersey, was the House action- reducing the full c o m m i 11 e e 's budget from $875,000 to $550,000. THE Los Angeles? "Is It so Startling that a MeSi* eaft*Amef lean paying 82 per part of the cent Interest oft a furniture pur« series at the chase might fee! sorn<* anirnosi* fy tbwafd his msrehant?" She said not atl merchants in the slums are guilty of sueh practices and added that in the fioleftce this month many stores honestly operated were spared of destruction* Miss Put-ness urged programs of consumer education and con* sumer protection for urban areas and told the editors the press has an important role in this work, FAYETtEVlLLE, Ark, •*- Barry Ctoldwater, the 196' Republican presidential candi* date, will speak tonight at the University of Arkansas. Qdldwater's appearance is symposium '68 university, His speech will be at Barnhill Fieldhouse, Thinks Cong May Not Be Communists Woman Says Mate Shot When He Fell WALNUT RlDGfi, Ark. (AP) - Mrs. Myrtle Clark, 47, charged with first-degree murder in the shooting death of her husband, testified Wednesday that Millard Cla.rk, 51, was shot when he fell as he was checking their shopping center for prowlers. Prosecutor David Hodges of Newport rested the state's case Wednesday morning and Fred M. Pickens, Mrs. Clark's attorney, called her to the stand. Pickens asked Mrs. Clark did she and her husband have any domestic troubles March 18, 1967, the day Clark's body was found on the floor beside his bed with a wound in the back of his head. "Wo had gotten along better in the last five years than we had the last 20," she answered. Mrs. Clark testified that Clark kept a ,38-caliber pistol on a night stand by the bed or placed it in the night stand drawer after several, instances of hearing strange noises in the shopping center. The couple was living in ah apartmnnt on the second floor of the shopping center. She said that the night of Clark's death, he had heard prowlers. She said he got up and went to the window. He then returned to bed. She said he heard the noise again and took the gun from the drawer. She said the next thing she .knew,: the.,gun went, bfy' and saw her husband between the bed and the wall with his head on his pillow. Pickens asked her Ihether Clark had stumbled and fallen befor in the dark. "Yes sir, many times," she answered. Board Picks Polling Sites LITTLE ROCK (AP) - The attorney general's office ruled Wednesday that county election commissioners, not school boards, pick polling places. George W. Fite of Malvern, superintendent of Glen Rose schools, who sought the opinion, said the district wnated to lease a building for use during school elections because some patrons objected to the center presently used. HONOLULU (AP) - Senate Democratic Leader Mike Mans* field says it is "very questionable" whether the Viet Cong is a Communist organization. He made the statement on a discussion program produced by the Honolulu Star-Bulletin and KHPH-TV, Honolulu. Mansfield also indicated a deep division of opinion about Communist China miy exist be- tween President Johnson and Secretary of State Dean Rusk Mansfield said President Johnson does not view the Viet* nam war as a confrontation with Red China. Asked if that position wasn't in conflict with recent testimony before the Senate Foreign Rela* tions Committee in which Rusk conjured up the "specter" of a billion Chinese threatening Southeast Asia, Mansfield replied: "t think he was ill*advised to say what he did, 1 don't think he thought through what he said." Mansfield said the United States should withdraw from Vietnam as soon as is honorably possible because "we have no Vital interest there and ... it is not necessary to the security of the United States." He added he regarded as invalid the theory that with U.S. forces gone the nations of South- eat Asia would topple like domi* nos. "The war in Vietnam, allegations to the contrary, is a civil war because the Viet Cong are South Vietnamese," he said. Kennedy Declines Challenges By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Sen. Eugene J, McCarthy, campaigning in Indiana, says he wants to debate Sen. Robert F. Kennedy, his rival for the Democratic presidential nomination, and also wants Secretary of State Dean Rusk to resign because of his association with the Vietnam war, Kennedy responded to the McCarthy debate challenge by saying the Minnesotan "isn't the only candidate" and that he is willing to debate all other White House contenders together, including Vice President Hubert H. Humphrey, who is expected to be a candidate. There was no comment from the Johnson administration regarding McCarthy's demand that Rusk leave. On the Republican side, Gov. Nelson A. Rockefeller, who says he won't run for the GOP nomination but will accept a draft, The Negro Community By Estef Hicks Phone 4678 PR 4474 was in Washington today for a speech on urban problems be* fore the American Society of Newspaper Editors Convention, He has said he will make a series of speeches on major issues, Some of Rockefeller's key as* sociates are pressuring him to move toward active candidacy, The State Poll in California THOUGHT FOR THE DAY reported Rockefeller would car* If any man seeks for great* ry California if the presidential ness, let him forget greatness election were held today. and ask for truth, and he w 1 The poll, published by The find both. • Horace Mann said it. Los Angeles Times, said he „„„„-,„ would get 53 per cent of the vote CALENDAR OF EVENTS the 3 chief exXutiTe-whTTays PASTOR'S 28th ANNIVERSARY he won't seek reflection- were The 28th pastoral anniversary the Democratic nominee. The of Elder and Mrs, 0. N. Dennis poll gave these other percent- Is being observed at Pentecosages: Rockefeller, 57, Kennedy, tal Temple Church of God n 36; Rockefeller 62, Humphrey Christ, 911 Bell street, this week. 30: Rockefeller 53, McCarthy, Services begin tonight and will 3 8 ; continue through Sunday April Democrats outnumber Repub- 2lst. licans 5 to 4 in California. Tonight's service is being The poll also said both Me- sponsored by Brother Wayne Nor- Carthy and Johnson could de- wood, captain; Sister S.Norwood, feat former Vice President Sister L. Brandon, Sister I. Mul- Richard M. Nixon, the only an- llns, and Sister Orene Colen. nounced major GOP candidate, Guest Churches: Nashville, Elif the election were held today, der L. W. Williams; South Hope, Kennedy and McCarthy clash Elder L « c - Washington; Bethel, in Indiana's May 7 prirnar; April 18,1968 Rev. J, E, Hughes, and Blevinif Elder L. B, Hendrix, ANNUAL SPRING FROLIC The Cotillion Club will sponsor the annual Spf ing Frolic April 19, at the Harris Gymnasium, Hope, You will miss a treat if you don't attend this affair.Time: 9 m, -1 a,m, Admission: $1.00 at vance; $1.25 at door. For ticket^ call PR7-3589 or see any clufj member, ',,[i OBITUARIES •/, Funeral service for Wise E« Trotter will be held Friday April' 19th, at 2 p.m. at the Macedonia Baptist Church, Burial in Mac$- donia Cemetery, Hicks Funeral Home, Inc., in charge. Reland McFadden, son of Mr 1 .' Charlie McFadden of Ozan, passed away in Pasadena, Calif., ApriT 15. ,;! The remains will be shipped to,. Hope for burial. Hicks Funer^(> Home, Inc., in charge of arrange-' ments. -.'"' Take Safety Precautions When Working on Ladders By WAYNE G. BRANDSTADT, M.D. If you plan to take advantage of the good weather ahead to paint or repair your home, you will probably have to bring out the ladder. The National Safety Council advises that, before you use it, you check it for cracks due to drying out, rotting or termite damage that may have occurred during the winter. Jt is better to apply linseed oil or a varnish to preserve the wood than to use paint, because the latter can hide dangerous cracks and other weaknesses. Although metal ladders are easier to handle than wooden , ones, they are also good con' duetors of electricity. For this reason, you should not use this type of ladder within four feet of wiring or electrical equipment. The loot of your ladder must be firm and level. If it is placed too close to a wall, your weight may cause it to faU backward and if too far away, you will put too great a strain on the ladder. The ideal distance between the foot of the ladder and the Wftii is one-quarter of the distance from the foot to the point of contact on the wall. .fhs top oj the ladder must §Jsq rest against a firm, even ». Jf you must place the m from of $ door, you rrt task tt» door, ladder you are climbing up and climbing down and take only one rung at a time. Before climbing up, you should make sure there is no wasp nest under the eaves. If there is a strong wind, don't try to erect your ladder. Wait for a calmer day. While you are on the ladder, don't try to reach beyond a comfortable arm's length. Never lean so far to one side that you have to stand on only one foot. If, while on the ladder, you feel faint, it is safer to drape your arms between the rungs and rest your head on the ladder until you feel better than to try to climb down. If you are using a stepladder, you should make sure it is fully opened and that the spreader or brace is in the locked position. Unless it is a short, three-step kitchen stepladder, don't climb higher than the second step from the top. Never lean a stepladder against the wall and use it as you would a straight ladder. Follow these rules and you may live to climb the ladder of success. (Newspaper Enterprise Ann.} Pleatt und yew/ quejdonj and comment) to Woyr.c G Sronditodt, MO-, in cart ot Mi paper. Or Uronditodt egonyt aniwtr THE L FRIENDLY. POLKS -NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO PARTICIPATE. Game materials available at your Kroger store. HERE ARE SOME OF OUR RECENT WINNERS: WIN $100.* WIN $20 * WIN $10 - $5 - $1 PLUS A SURE BONUS WINNER OF UK TO 500 TOP VALUE STAMPS U.S. Choice Tenderay Beef Pike's Peak Roast L D 89$ U.S. Choice Tenderay Boneless Steak Top Round Lb. $109 U.S. Choice Tenderay Boneless Steak Bottom Round u> 99$ U.S. Choice Tenderay Boneless Roast Eye of Round <->>• $1*9 U.S. Choice Tenderay Boneless Boston Roll Roast ^ 79$ Fresh, Lean Ground Beef 5 *&. $2« KJSDA (CHOICE' TENDERAY: Round Steal? $100 WINNERS: Talbort Phillips HOPE, ARK. Mrs. J. H. Byrd SPRING HILL ROAD Tenderay takes the* guesswork out of buying beef. Rump Roast 99* Pork Silver Platter Center Cut First Cut Lb.., 59$, U.S. Choice Tenderay Beef Steak Ground Round .....u 99£ Boneless Leg o' Pork Roost u>. 69$ 'Country Style Slab • : : ••'"• Sliced Bacon Lb 59$ Fresh Picnic Style Pork Roast u, 39$ Country Club - Limit 2 U.S.D.A. . GRADE A FRYERS Whole Lb. LB. 29(i OTHER "THENGO" WINNERS LUCILLE BREWER CARRIE HOWARD MRS DONNIE VAUGHN CHARLES MATHIS M. C. JOHNSON MRS. PAUL BAIN MAY BOYETT REV. A. MORRB Town & Country Chicken Wieners ................. u> 39t Jjjf *% - *» trf" b *> *•*' «• * b Cutlets Sea Treasure Fish Sticks 3 LI, 89( 8-oz. Pk«s. Lb. MELLORINE Whole Kernel Vac-Pack [Kroger Corn CLOVER VALLEY 12-oz. Cans 1 SAVE 20c (Mb. 6-oz.) SLICED Mb. 10-oz. Can Peaches (15c off Label) Prices eflective through Saturday, April 20, Quantity rights reserved. Copyright 1968. The Kroger Co. IOC off Label Breeze or Lux Liquid Gal. HormeI—without beans Chili 2 15 & Armour I reef,. can This week's special—Cookware luart £449 uce Pan Each ^f Kroger Grade "A" > SAVE' with coupon &S5or larger additional .purchase. 11-dozen 'Cartons Yellow- cling ,8! Alma Zip Top Shoestring Potatoes ?S10< Clear Sailing Blackeye Peas with Bacon or Blackeye Peas 'S; 10< Alma Early June Peas S 10< Avondale Cream Style Yellow Corn 5 15-QZ. Cans U.S. NO. 1 Kroger Garden Sweet Peas Packers Label Tomatoes Alma White Hominy Alma Early June Peas Kroger Applesauce 15-oz. Cans $1 14oz.1AA ..Cans Illy 15-oz. WHITE OR ASSORTED Scott Towels with coupon in this ad _ good for 7c 180-ct. Kroger Fruit Cocktail Kroger Pineapple-Grapefruit Fruit Drink 3 Murray Home Style Oatmeal Creme Cookies Kroger Sweet Midgets Pickles ^ ^« Goad lor If loward putchaie WHITE OR ASSORTED SCOTT TOWELS twffhouf coupon 32f) Good through Saturday April 20. 1968. E n 1111 • » y KrO|tr Grid EGGS 3 I to buy 'A 1 Lirfi 1-doi. 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Gt'nin Chocoljll Liytr CAKE LJ I 00 Slimpi with 6-or J»i SpollljM .—, ,„ INSTANT COFFEE LJ I 0» JUmfiJ will) Iwo 12-oj. jj/> KfOi«t .—. ,. ICE CREAM TOPPING LJ • uv Sumpi with 3 p*cki|«i Country Ovin . (licipl 2-oj. Anlmil Ciick«n) .—. • , n COOKIES LJ I OH Stimpf will) my p«ckj|« JudllU* ,—, " ... NYLONS Q| »v SUmpi wllh 1-lb. Funeh'i Countiy ,. Slylt MASHED POTATOES LJ I *3 SUmpj *llft 2-count pick«|i 1( oil . lidll AiloiHi) Klitnit Oi»l|n«i .—. I ,, TO»ELS LJ, 49 Slimpi with 12-count bo* ' KOTEX PLUS LJl *' Stimpt with 12-oj bo« ,—, ,, MR BUBBLE LJ | «» Sljmpi with n'i-o«. bon ._, ,- MAR-KES BURRITOS LJ I (9 SUmpi with ll'/i-oj. hoi r -,, -, MAM-KES TAQUITOS LJl 19 St»wp» with 12-oj. c»n Chun Klnj ,_. i ., Chlcktn CHOP SUEY L J ' *w Si imp » with two 1-ID. li-oi loivti r n I Ull-0-Soll SANDWICH BREAD L J ' 0-jiJ ih'Ough 'joijijjy. A,.i,l JO, IV68 | Catsui Regular or Hard to Hold Reg. $1.37 Size Hair Spray % Regular or Menthol Instant Shave- Reg. 89« Size Noxzema 6 te59t White or Assorted Bathroom Tissue Delsey 2 pi 0 ," 27< Reynolds Heavy Duty Foil Wrap 2Rof ! Plain or with Liver—Dog Food Strongheart c! Bremner Cocoanut, Chocolate, Bdnana Jumbo Pies 3 Bg : Embassy Grope Jelly .% 49( $1 Ull HIS tUO "*» mggm mmm iMUgOl Yellow Corn 4 F 49t Geraniums 4^ 99t HllHiiniiiiiii Mayonnaise ?i both When e/ fsoc/g/ intervit in lutvrv column)

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