Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 11, 1928 · Page 15
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 15

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 11, 1928
Page 15
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FOURTH AVK In qtit»t €!»?-* in. Wm. .!. NOT N? nw>pon.«!bli» roTitr*tt?*?1 t*j«m royf:=].f, SiPKEDOMETBP^ r S'"rl!nE nitt'-ry nnrt R1*ctr!e f Fourth Pt" its prscttesl sud rnnf^n's-, Tfaa* R«»xi*'e lore with and to fit hai Of the S.hH;8? that . hop*-, ffOOM st. 41 K Flf'h of c!n',ih!f !-nr?7» nt- PIN, T. . on I.fRoy Avr. F!r«?f Avr<t.' B57-W If f Off cm-op t.nicic. for . Ptioo* 103tl»W. 'in '"ooftyien* ,w nf irlgtb?* ;« K^rl Von Wplssnd of Ani^iSran nfwspaper WsItPr Kir-ffrl. Thpo. M*U>oko, an mrtlst: Rniph Brandt, painted; Prof, Dfttm»n; Robfrt Hartt- m»n, a cameraman; Herr Bock of Tflpfimkrn WJruleJt* Company Herr PehlrJitz of the Zete optical works: Co'nnel Herrem of Spain; hisurance di- Jlcrr Mnym, n rrprr^ntatire of the R«lch- it! h'.rt* TTI^T* rnrsHv r»ft oth^r rmntJ. *rrirn.t« TWO OR FOUR r with Mrn, fltty Ksndfni Knspp, WR" SPKCIAI.IXR nrc Shnp, rrsr of SWriing O»r»g* »s-i TP Got- Ro«-k Falls. »rn , Home ptlr- Full*. in. Bo*rrt If , 353 R!)Cl)i ' —Baby's Hhiyt. l)f 8hop »nrt Eight i) Ave. 1017-W. COST—S*v«al wp»*s"Mto7 mond rln?, with fmir •mpphirM. Ll- tX"r»l rfwnrr). Tlinno f<B3. £?>ST—Bunch of'krys'on rhftjn7prob- ftbly In bu«inrss district. Return to Gazette. Rpward, ft* downtown district. R«twc!. Phone _ OkDY : 8~'~ Klaswwi InstT" Whltfl frames. Rrwnrd. Phone 277-M. fpBKKT "K E YR " 1 ri"" 1 en t li f r' f ol d r r.'" R««~- Fhonfi <*2fl-W. FALL COATS ITUri«J RIK! DrfwrmKlrjp. Mrs. O^trrhowit. Hotel Gait Hid?. J'hotie I215-W. Employment lps fur Pale HOPPLER &; SON. feAKIAND-PONTlAC MOTOH CARS 414 LOCT3BT HT. PHONE 1277 iff27 PONT1AC coach, nlmost n new GST. Has had the best of <;are. PuHj equipped. 1928 CHEVROLET coach. This roomy Httlo car hr.s been driven very little Looka and In llks new, with full equipment. Hurry If you want It. 1B27 ESSEX coupe. Him everything In the line of equipment. Very good value. 1822 MITCHELL sedan. A lot of car for 960, J93* JBWETT 4 -passenger coupe. Thin car will give a lot of nerrice for $50. SOME REAL BUYS In open car*. Chevrolet touring. Hupp and Overland. Small down payments. Easy O.'M. A. C. term*. • BARGAINS ALL—SEE TSM eedan, big s)c motor, (350, touring, winter top, 4100. •88 FORD coupe, A-l throughout, only •178. ' . ,. A-l throughout, MOO, • . \ • JI028 OAKLAND .Sedan. **W condition, $405. . good 30 CHRYStiEB TO sedan. *86 CHEVROLET TOURINGS at {{EVZRAIi price. your own BLACK OStjaiNO. 1600. black pony. 800. oereu yeww old, reii- tle. 803 Avc. A. Rock Falls, SHIP WEEKLY—List etock at McCaiv thy'e feed store, Phona 025-W or Tamplco phone. Shipping Asan. Trade*. Open Monday. Wed- ftnd. SstTjrdny TDigiita -and a. m. 'MOTOR BAUE8 Chrysler— Chaadler— Diamond T 4 Locust and -1207 E. Fourth Bt, <THREE GOOD BUYS — gTAR seoMxn, an excepticmaUy good llKht c»r. In extra good ahape. This will make someone an economic*! car tor only $250.' DODQE coupe. ^iao the newer typ« '6 volt Ignition »yatem, very good condition, for only 9435. CADILLAC touring, «pl*Bdld Job for aomscno wic^lng a heavy car. 979 take* It. , OLTMAN MOTOa CO. Lester M. Oltm&n, Prop. H-TJ-D-S-O-N — A DODOS coupe for *200. A UAXWSLL coup* for »300. A WrWBTT-Bedira tor »300. A CAP1LLAO sedan for ItfiO. A. VQt&f. touring for »135. A BD1CK Master swl&u for »7&0. A UOMS GOOD OWES coming In .at sll pjiow. All excellent values, priced to WU. You c*nnot n^fgtd to P*M u» b? U tater«8t«d In a guaranteed used c**. You* u**d car accepted w part paymeat. Bbwy'twrBw Oirpugh General Motors own i icuqac* company. TWIN OHEV£tOLBT'S O8E0 OAR&-, 1828 coup*. FOHD tourlug. IVnufi-d TWO MEN "w'lvri" have" rnfB7^f Klvf K<XK> rpfpiriKT«!. Apply at Bcwlni? rv!ftoli1np Co , .'JIB 8. Sw,ond Hi., Cllntnn, Inwn. F.XPFIUKNCRD man"wBjit«d'~tb"(wU find repair rodlos. Oood proposition for rh;ht in«7i. WHSc H.D.-32, cAtO Ciarfttr. ' * YCJUNO MAN Jor"u'cHvefy""Rnd~clerlic~ -Expcrlrncert preforrpd. AtSdresa Gro- crr. rare Onwttr. SALESMAN, Balnrj~aHi5 tSSSTifibni Etrftdy outside work. Promotion. C*r r>irnlr,lied. Write A. cmre Oatette. UHIL lo cook find »*sUt with hoxise- \vork. Ciood WRRCS to right party. Mrs. Loo Wnlll. 1603 I^CtUt St.. room'! Jor Sight, yhrai, water furnished. BI1 ISwrt-8r-eonrt St., Sterling. IjAROR (ron I* room nml , ,0r sl'wplnt; room for two i, clow in. 401 Fourth Avp. TWO'MODERN furnlshr-a rooms for light houwkwpUm, clow* In, front entrnnc*. 3!1 W. Slslti Bt. TWO "n'oo'MB for llRJU fiouwkwpTHg, prlvatr- pjnrnnrp; ftiso pnrngr. 507 w. March Uny rpni- J>C. Mnrch Mny .. March TUHF.E Oil FOUR room-!, furnl«hcU""or May unfurnlshnl. nioclrrn home. 903 I Rye Fourth Avr. Call mornlnc*. ' Doc. nt Uvo in tcniint .house. Phcmn Count 980-4. _ ^ _____ __ _ CLKkk. nt~dSIt~Hotcl. to start work at once. Bee Mr. Johnson. {situations wanted MAN, experienced as~junlo accountant, want* position. Write J.L.-36. caro Gazette. Financial _ AIoiR-j to l.oait—Mortgages ""'~""'~ crty, 8 per cent, interest. Oaulrspp Flock. . • Instruction lxK»l Instruction CiaSei" 43 INSTRUCTION'• in all the decorsUve branches, glase, tin, piaster, fuml- turt and home decoration. Very rcm- Bonable. 31Q __w. JElghth. St. 899-W, Live Stock Dog*, C*U, Other Pet* 47 FIRST CLAB8 canary, elngers. malea. Chaira w«nted to cane, guaranteed" work. 007. East Second St. Phone 3S96.M.- -*A>Rw]5 [. 3Puruo-f7crw^ r> ^^pclii^ k iDoara* cholera iromuoe. Mwrenc* ROKXI- gren, Prophctatown. roAd, Bock Phone County 920-13. Merchandise 51 MACHINERY 2 PI'. CORN ELEVATOR, cheap; Ottawa D com shelter; McCormlci 4- TOW shnslder. Mylla and Heed, tlw St. also about 700 peonleu, best grade. Now; is tlis time to traneplant. Rich- nrd Schulto. Emerson. SEPflttiJ baby bujsgy, like new; Will sell at n bargain. 308 16th Awu Sterling.., .... ...::..._v3. Kl"ROOB"^rr at-lnch woven wire;-afiib one hog waterer, 60 gallon capacity. Phone 635-W. : • = d, 'ORDSOlM U-ac tor with plow disc. All In good condition.'. A. ^f 0 ^^^ 11 w. "nam et. , PTClfAL~ten~day ^iale "good grade ww- ond-claas woven wire fence. Northwestern Barb Wire Company. •• "Farm anrt Dairy/ iTtMucu 83 KE1PER PEARS, ready to eat and can, 81 bushel. Winter apples, all varieties, reasonably priced. R&y Scott, Rock full*, llouto 1. Tampico phone. • just tresh lean pork, dellcloii£ly sea- aoned. Try a pound for brsakftst. Youll wont more. Sterling ilarfcet. 610 Bast Third St. Phone 589. T0RNIP8 tor, «ale; also wnnted, secondhand lumber, email barn or garage. Marry TB^lla. CQunty 023-3. POTATOES— Car ol R^d~ on track. Phosia 1702. )Uah*d. Eats Hun#maker, third lioute atmth of f f&irit>vitl£. County 918-11. own container, Locust St. Hernmn Itol^ke. I20a 'EARS, 91 per bu. 1405 W. Third Bt. Household Goods ALLEN'S parlor furu&ce to so beau» tUul that it harmouli&s with tut Very lutest furniture. It's natural walnut effect la mechanically reproduced In porcelain, all en&mel Pid bjr A, Q. Hoalc.|ll W HOK Si«rihing aiiicWue, 835; coaibla- jktloa ga» aistl cook *WJva, «12; lsrg« leather rocket, §£; ttaaiajsr. »S; slde- ixsurd, W; two etswis, *3 each: baby buggy, *5, i»wa mower, $1.50. Call St. - e«Ue>nt fibra rotifer,. &3.SO; comfort-. rocker, *S-76. Morainja» at 201 coupe, A-l N&BB sJx tourlug, good nuualug 6160. NAJSH 4-d»W coupe, (Joed TWO U011T hrmirkrrplnij "roomV. mtxlfrn, newly c!rcornt«!. EOl Avu. B. Phone 204-M. FUIlNiSHfcl.1 modern "rooms for light housekeeping. 3JM W. Third St. THREE furiilr-hixl modern roornB 205 Filth Avr. Phone 217-W. Real Estate For /Cent Apartmcntff'and Flat* ~ FH'S ROOM modern" npisrtmentTwltr Rsra^p. rlwsr in. Pn-isrssloD- B» onco Phone 7^3-W. Inquire 304 '^ Wcs Seventh St. March May Oct. Nnv. I>ec. Jnn. .85 .43 'i .44', 1 03 » 4 1305 1 2 05 .85 '.4 .42' . .49', 102 I 04 U 87 I 1 .90 II 97 12.27 FIVE HOOM apartment, fully modern with Bft"»se. nt 507 Avo. C. Than 1000-W. Falls. _ Jr'airns arid ""Landl~ror~lieni 7i 7^ ACRE FARM. 3^i mllcs~northeafl of Mlllcdgcvlllc. Cash or -share rent l/c»so one to three ye*rs to rlgh party. No ogents. Mrs. Alllc Ding mfiu. WiliedKPVlIie. II!. P. O. Box 69 113 A~CRE " town. Inquire 201 Seventh .Ave., Stcr- _________ 68 ACRES of. lmprovc<rfarm"land"lQeS " QMt, 'WTltS'BB, care of Oacette. Houses tor Bent BOOTH HALP double bouse, modern with garage. Inquire at 511 FUU Ave. COZY COTTAGE. Five room modern West Third St. Garage. Possession November first. Wenger, Realtor. KKW; bungalow, just completed, ono- ,%m*lloaic from Central school *30 l xnonta'. H. K. HrodeHet; 8SVEN hOOM modern*"house Bt 003 Bt. Call 478-R. modtrn house, *|ie* Oct. 17th. Phone 1952-B. Guragcs for HALF doubln garage, electelo ilgnt» v cement floor. J. E. Tnylor, 703 Fourth Ave, Phone 905. Hunted to Renl 81 "IVE ROOM modem bungalow. Central school district prefwmL by Jfi- liablo party, Wrlta CSJD., care The gazette. COTTAGE wantedi near Sterling, along river. Write B.B.B., care Sterling O&aette. Estate For~Sale Farms ana 'for Sate 83 'ARMS for sale or trtideTso"utE~Da^ kota, Minnesota, Nortli Dakota farma wmnted for HHnola fai-ms. What Uouse* lor Sale bot air heat, screened !a'porch, «««. Ixrt 60x75. Mlnth'Ave. Weager. ROOM houliTpftrtly modcrnTon S«veitt!i Ave. Prtca 62300.1. B. anavo- Mwr«nc« Bldg. Legate NOTICE FOB BIDS The Board ol Directors ot the Public Municipal Coliseum la th* City ->t Sterling, Illinois, will receive bid* t ihe office of Carl E. Sheldon up to he hour of 7:30 o'clock; p. M on l*rldiiy, October 19, 1928. for a Col- Each bid must at&to the dltaenaiojia ol the 6iu>, giving JronUgo OQ *w«eU and alleys, number ol eyuarti feet. the legal deaciiptlon, «ucuinbr»noe, if ny, and when and how p*yabl«. ab- tr&ct showing mercbantable title r*« Jtuired,-Improvenuuat*, tt ittiy, T*biell may be reserved by owner if desired, and time within which same will be removed), prices excluding or includ- he cite for Coliseum puxpoee*. Slt« to be considered must contain at least 3.600 square feet, and the net coat to the city uiust not e*ces<l 920,000.00. " and ywjuer to pr^i rate taiea to of poasfaaioa. Carl E. jgheldon 1*0 J. Wahl G. L. Roblnsoa Board of Directors. Sept. 18, 87. Oct. li 'NibrTICE""""" McOormick, de- The under»lgued having been »p- idluttd executor of the la&t wilt aiui testament of Jamea McCormlcic. tate the County tit Wiiitssltte timl titutu Illiiiuis, dec**&»d, twtreby gives notice that h_t( will fcpiMar before the Court of Whttciiiio CkiUItty al Court Muuiwj In Morrtaoa, at the ivrm, on the flrat Moud»y December next, at which time all having claiiits «£«ta«t tttld are uciilied and requited to ttcucl for the purpose of tuylng the Mkffie adjUatiid. ..... " ..... " ....... "" All j>trsuji3 iutiebt«d to A .requested to tneut to the EtaU<i tiila llth dfey at October B. 1928. ' . , , ' •> wm. P, J. BOWJIUUJ, Atty. THE MARKCTB mm Oct. Dor. Bcl Oct. Nov. Drc. 103% 1 05 1.07% 1201 12.08 J2.1S 13.10 12.70 1500 14.00 13.50 CHICAGO CASH CRAIN Chlcsgo. Oct. 11.— (A.P.)— Today 1 * canh grain market quotations arei M follows: Wheat — No. 3 red. $1.34; No. 4 red. • 1.34: No. 2 hard, 81.18 l-2<» 1.18 1-4- No. 3 hard, aj.ia 1-4^1.15; No. 4 hard. $1.09; No. 5 hard. 81.03: No. 2 north ern spring. sz.iB; No. 4 northern spring, 81.09 i-a : No. 5 northern eprtng. $1.08; NO. 3 mixed. $1.13; No. 4 nilxed, ei.08 1-2. Corn—No. 3 mixed, 831-2085: No 3 mixed. 63 1-2; No. 6 mixed. 63 1 -a No. 3 yellow. ».S8 1-2® 1.00 1-2- No I yellow. 881-2flBB; No. 4 yellow, 01 A 88; No. 5 yellow, 8fl»e7; No. 8 yellow 91<*95; No. 2 whlt«. $1.05; No. whit*, el.03T-2@ 1.03 1-2; sampl* grade. 68^89. Oate- No. 2 wblte. 44 1-4 «4«; No. 4 whit*. 30e«l 1-2. Rye, No. 2. 81.0C3-4. Barley, 67® 70. Timothy ee«d. as.«Oo»C.OO. Clover seed, *82XX)@ 30.50. IS BAR. :>, Oct. n.—(U.P.)—The n«- wifll mriorologica] offlca today pre- dtetert bud weather for Bt least the first part of the Graf Zeppelin's flight to the United States. ' Pine rain nnd low clouds have rc- flip visibility along the en- route from Switscrland to the Atlantic roar.t, via Lyons, and Borcaux. Once the diriciblc reaches l"ne s thn flight will be favored by feeble tail winds. PASSED OVER BASLE. London. Oct. 11. — (U.P.) — The LIVESTOCK ' CmCAdO JJtVESTOCK "*** (U. 8. Depftrtme&t of Agriculture) Chicago. Oct. 11.— (AJP,)— Hoga celpta 28,000; mwtart m«»tly /^ro to IGc htjjlwr: top etOJiB. psi* *pnr- ln«ly for cboioe 200-2SO Ib. weight*. Butcher*, medium to choice O50- . 100-200 Ib.. »9.00@JOi5; 130100 Ib., »8.80(a9.00. Packing sows. *8.3S@9.SO. Pigs, medium to cholc*. 90-130 Ib Cattle receipts 10.000; calves ... ceipta 2.0067 steer trade Bte&fly to 35c ewer, Ing most decline; top «1825. priming steers;: the stock slow, steady «how- for Slaughter clauses: good and choice. 1300-1500 b.. »1«,75® 18.10; 1100-1SOO Ib.. 914^5 ^18^5; 850-1 10Q Ib.. 8U JE5 @ 18.35 • cominon _«a m«Uum. 850 Ib. up. cfcoios. 760- Ib.. 014.80 a 17.78. Heifers, good- and choice. 6SO Ib. down, »13.7Ss&17.oO: common medium. 98.003 14.00. C<ws. good and choice, , ^2.00; common and nwdlum. »7jOOi ^ I-ow euttear-aisd cutter. »8J6«7.00. Bulla. good uta tholos (beef) • 10.75: cutt» to medium, •35* Vealers ( *^f •• -_„ » " '" M«I coauBon. Stoctor *&* bole*. and Graf Zeppelin, in passing Baslp, Switzerland, .wnt a message to the city that "Everything was running well," an exchangs telegraph dispatch from Geneva said today. The dispatch reported that the Zeppelin encountered considerable difficulty at Constance, because of heavy fog over Lake Contancc, but at Basle, the weather Improved. HEADS TOWABBB LYONS. Besancon. France, Oct. 11.—(U.P.) The Graf Zeppelin flew over Mont- bellard this rooming, then passed Beaume Les Dames, to the south- West and headed towards Lyons, CHANGES ITS COURSE, Paris, Oct. li.-v<u.p.)—The Graf Zeppelin passed over Montellmar, In the Rhone valley 83 miles couth of Lyons, at 2 p. m, today. After heading west from Iffons towards the Bay of Btecoy, the drlg- Ible changed her course to the south to avoid head winds and headed towards the Mediterrant, . Tba Graf Zeppelin, after, making good progress on the early part of tfea fnght from FWedrichshafen to I<ytai$, on a southwesterly course toward, the Bay of Biscay, encountered adverse weather conditions and lost much time. SriKITtJAI, GIFTS. Now there are diversities of gifts but the same spirit. And there arc differences of nd- minlstratlon but the SAtne Ijord. And there are diversities of operations, but it ia thn same God which workcth »11 in all. But the manifestation of the Spirit is given to every rrmn to profit withal. Though I speak *dth the tongues of men and of angels, and have not charity, 1 am become as sounding brass, or a tinkling cymbal. And though 1 have gift of prophecy, and understand all mysteries, and all knowledge; and though I have all faith, so that I could remove mountains, and have not charity, I am nothing. And though I bestow all my eocds to feed the poor, and though I give my body to be burned, and hai-e not charity, it profiteth me nothing. Charity Buffcreth long, and Is kind; charity envleth not; charity sionally tends to destroy the quenre, Here, for instance, is part of a general discussion of the best gifts in life and tho way of securing them. What 1.1 the thing that is most, desirable? Paul found in this church at Corinth people who were arguing, if not quarreling, about these things. ' Some who had gifts of speech or of "tongues" were disposed to despise stolid seemed other slower and brethren. Others more who to have gifts of healing wcro unduly proud of these gilts. Paul reminds us that the spirit of Christ has many manifestations and that though there are diverse gifts all that IB good proceeds from thla same spirit. Pt*cc for Each Gift. There is a place tn the church for apostles, teachers, prophets, for those who have gifts of heal- for those who have glfta of vauntcth not itself, is not puffed i speech and powers of admtnlstra of THE FRIENDS OF JUDOS THOMPSON RAP ATTACKER Rock Island, III., Oct. 11— (AJP.>— The nttnek by Senator .f. J. Bftrbour of the official record of F!cyd E, Thompson, democratic cnndidnts for Kovrrnor at a rr publican m»sa meet- Tuesday nlcht was criticirod by friends of Thompson us unfair and actuated by partisan consideration, M. It 8«xton, president of tt» National Association of Professional Baseball Club, former chief of police and member of the- Citten'g executive committee in the ims vice up. Doth not behave itself unseemly, teeketh not her own. Is not easily provoked, thlnketh no evil; Rejolceth not In Iniquity, but re- joiceth in the truth; Beareth all things; believeth nil things; hopeth all things, endureth all things. Charity never falleth; but whether there by prophecies, they phall tail; whether there be tongues, they shall cease; whether there ba knowldge. It shall vanish away. And now arjldeth lalth. hope, charity, these three; bat the greatest of these is charity. * * * The Int*rjiat!ona! Uniform Sen tion. Perhaps it la worth while to ceding years. cleanup, characterised the attempt of the speaker to connect Thompson with the operations of John Looney, underworld leader now serving a term for murder as the "cheapest form of partisan vllll flea tion." Others who issued statements defending Thompson included J. Q. R*y. head clerk of tho Modern Woodmen of America; Morris Sheairy, banker and treasurer of th« citizen's executive commlttae; George W. Gamble, dean of Ullnols circuit clerka and Mrs. C. L. Thompson. former president of the Eock Island Woman's Club. Harbour's speech whfch was broadcast by radio purported to review vice conditions from 1913 to 1622. He argued that Thompson tolerated official corruption during his state's attorneyshlp from 1812 to 1819 and that the evils revealed In the attorney general's Inirestisation of 1932 was a product of those pre- HIROX^IND irom page fourteett) MC 4X ELEANOR EARLY the dirigible, was advised by wire lee that -the winds were more Jay. crable south of the Pyenees mouri tains, which divide Francs and Spain. "EcSener therefore turhetTtha i tothehouth. It appeared he would continue down ths Rhone towards the Mediterranean, probably by way of Moatpemer and Perpignan, whera hawoaJd found too corae* el 0*0 Pyrenees. After that the route was uncer- »|B, although It seemed likely the Sejppeltn would continue along the Mediterranean and thence out ee* south of the Azores. The Graf Zeppelin was aSxnit 1.900 fret up wnea she pta»ed MonteM mar. «5@8S, mostly taewaA tSc; eackad it*d River OWos, 80 a SO: aaml- and Oblo«. WaBfl. BouUi D«kot* sactastf Bwrly O&Jba, 85«88. Idaho poultry stasdy; r*c«lpU 10 cars; bena. 39; aprtnge, 29 1-3 9 33 1-3; - 20; turteya, 38® 30; doek*. IB. rectlpU 8,139 tub«. Butter reamery J-t; tcxtraa, fl«rt», 46; *Und*«l», 5.60« .tint*, 37$ 26. NEW VOEK PBODCC8 Kmr Xork. Oct. H.—-(AH 1 .}—Todfty'* market quotaUcm are u 2 Kgfpt «na; receJpta 13^188. Butt*f poultry 3. tregul&rr eajsy; chickens, receipt* 13.133. ; txtr* <62 score), 47; first (SS to 91 icore), Ch«s«w receipt* tllJ79. Oct. 11.— (AJP.)— Butter uturea:- «toi«ge ataudjut!*. Dee., 44 -8: Jan., no sales. Egg ftituiea: refrigerator Nov. 303-3; Dec.. SO7-8. FINANCE KEW YuttK STOCKS liprtr. Oct. It. and chutes, all weights, f 11 00« 8h«*tj» 8.000; r; top ood at 13-25; mssilum. coaMooa. ah«|»p airotig tto »&« JMk »S Ib. down. i 6.75. n>. Ewe* HJH Oct. to« V. a ltd B>- Jfiaiu P.. Ug id tales. te ricea ma4t furtlitir ecovery at the peuing tsl today's uuukel. Radio jied-»i»fa K blocit of JOrtX) tti 21S lual Unm moved u{k to UP 3 p^ete. Oeaemi Ctext«ntl-' '-Motora, Mocl U. S. Stud commoQ suns Goodrich Rubber «tt opeued 1 to J! £>aUiu h.l^U- er. |iud«cui icil b*ck a jKjiut. ou tb« ' ed ow* distribut- ju« with the copper. 4Ul«4i B*d.te quietly ^ pwttus by iO^ed up n 3-4. 31-*. arid I?,- & 319, vbat Voa todajr by day School Lesson Spiritual Glft»._ 13:1-8; 13. to* Oct. 11 Corinthian BY WM. E. GILBOY. ». D, Editor of The Cottffireratlcmallst If thla lesson serves no other purpose It will do something excellen in placing one of the moat be&u- Uful gems of all literature and a distinctive spiritual message ia its propei- setting. The 13th chapter of I Corinthians, Paul's great eulogy of love, baa been Almost always rtad and quoted if it stood Klone as a separate piece of Paul's writing: But it should never be forgotten that it stands us part of a great message to the Christians in the church at Corinth in two long letters, the laag«*t of Paul's epiatlea that have coma down to ua. Nor ahould It be forgotten that it utands aa a dlntinctlve part of Paul's whole writing and teaching • revelation of the nun himselJ and of hla deepest experience anc outlook on life. Context But what the lesson calls attention to particularly is that it stands in an Immediate context. It ought to be well known to every Bible raider that our division into chapters and verses U a modem device not a part of the original scriptures. This division, though It exceedingly convenient and on the subject matter and thought, occa WILL CttOSS SPAIN. Paris, Oct. 11.—(O.P.)—A wireless message fremb Or. Hugo- Eckener picked up by a French station today, uformed German stations that the 3raf Zeppelin intended to fly across toward* the Aienre^ taking the more southern route via Gibraltar. The mesage g&id the Zeppelin intended to fly across the gulf of Lyons until south of the Pyrenees, then fly Bland from Barcelona to the Atlantic coast, passing over Madrid and Lisbon. CYCLONES AT SEA. Hamburg, Germany. Oct. 11. — :UJP.)~The federal wither bureau eported a severs cycSonc In the north Atlantic today. A second >yekiae wad developing east of Ne'w- ouiidland, the report tsaid. Below the 40th paraltel is line from New York to Madrid) the weather was quieter. UEAMB ACiiOHS Ot KAN. Hew York, Oct. 11.--(U.P.)—The Chatham *t»tioa of the Radio Maria* Cto?p<H»Uou"l&.terc«pU;4 today a direct Message frora ilitt dirigible Imf S^piwiUn, aiuuMittvintf that it "Has Sybil's name bten hi them? If it has, it didn't mean Anything to me." "Oh, not much." Sybil Interrupted hastily. "I—I didn't, tell you-4 haven't had much time, you know. I had entered suit for divorce when my husband died. There WERE a few l!Uk» Btorlcs. Last November it was." _ . _ - ~"l was~ln~" WashTngtotT" then," he explained, "adjusting my compensation. I was there two weeks.' * o He was very pal«. He put his cup on the table, and his long fingers, dropping between his knees, twitched nervously. Sybil, noticing his agitation took his arm tenderly. "John, this has been an appalling experience for you. I want you to go home, and I'll go to see you thl* evening. You're In for a terrific period of readjustment, and you've got to t*ke things easily. Where are you living John?" He pressed her hand, weakly grateful, "At the Fairmore," he told her. 'And I guess you're right, dear. I >ate to act Ilka a r weak-kneed idiot. But I am pretty well done up. Will you really come round this evening?" "I surely wiU," she, prcmiHHL And I'll drive you down now myself. Ill be back for the baby in half an hour, Mab. You wont mind keeping him awhile?" "Lord, no." Mabel loved Teddy. taking care of I'll tell him a story," ah* said, who to and whan he woke up he was somebody else." 8h« laughed shortly. "It's ghostly—a dead man materializing in front of your eyes, Lordy! I thought for a minute we'd all gone erasy!" 8h» shrugged with a semblance of horror and proffered her hand. "John Lawrence, If you're half the man Sib thinks you are, I'm glad she found you." said, ~ he we may bo something more than business acquaintances now. I'd like to be your friend, Mrs. Moore." That's all right by me." she assured him, and pushed them out with rough good nature. "Be good children now and don't hurry back, Sybil." • • * When they had gone, she set the room to with housewifely zeal, straightening the rugs and the table cover. Brushing eigarct ashes into the fireplace. Slapping and puffing the pillows on the divan. "Hello! What's this?" A little white box beneath aa overstuffed cushion. Mabel opend it curiously. A weddlnff ririgf WeH, FK be darned I Whose? Bib's?" (She peered within tha namnr circle. "B. O. to C. B." She held it between her fingers, appraising it unconsciously. One section of her brain counting diamond chips, The other deliberating, (To Eto Coatixuted) (Mabel teQs Sybil about the wedding riot— and thea— but it's all in the next chapter.) INVITED TO Oat. Usat. titts Qix.t cabted to of *fti«y. 4 iacii will go to K«w York ARGAINS t,. Used Cars 1927 Chevrolet Landau. 1927 Dodge Business Sedan, 1926 Essex- Coach. 1927 Chevrolet Touring, / Also 5 Dodge and Buick Tourings; take your pick—cheap. Telephone 87$ Jos. A. Lauff & Son Stnet

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