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Trenton, New Jersey
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TKKMON TIMK8, FOUNDED 1881 as to the people of Essex county warship phouid by this time realize 'he i NObody Kee.w,** nnd the Stale "the liberal Sunday that meaning of "Hope deferred maln-th the Hev yer sold any matches, Billy? the last election has demonstrated they heart sick." It seems to be nettled guess it's no use ter try-- neslre" Apparently nothing but the a the plate not to be Senate i save the cities of the State through the State and put ot from a leg open SundM arte'l 0 a a i home, yer see, i bition, as on advertisement of New AM INBEPE.VHEXT NEWSPAPER. Published a i NEWARK'S CITY HALL. i nin 1 i A i db for- Hoard of except the TKENTON 10-K P'rect, i i EKhrr IMmnf. Prlvntf Hrnnrli KxrhanccN i i news, tois-ness Aia a 1 a a be reached of Korrlsrn i I A lork nntfr: roller hlrnco Office: i JV'" I SI 131 i f.i] I i I For 1 1 I the fur a i Jersey's generosity CONSTITUTIONAL HISTORY. A writer in .1 New "fork papet hlnks members of trip I.offlslature in the past hnve oaths in i i the Governor to Hppoint the julK-f of the Common Pleas Courts the i i i pnn Ides that they 'fihoil itn ain't got no time ter buy.

Four cents is all I've made today, an' I owe Jim one o' those. Did I tell yer the bet I had with Jim? Whv, now the whole gang knows yer know the a i lady, Billy, w'at give us the flowers that day? How she said she hoped she'd see us again, au ay'' an' smiled as she druv for he ippoimed In the Senate nnd Gen- H. i mornin' I Heen her a-comln' hack, an jimmle he seen her too. An' he "I bets ver 'Ive ter one as she never sppak ter you i I a that 1 Not much. Billy, 1 7 1 'i lilt a of 'ho I 4 7 i i i 1 ork Si 43T i i i i 3 1 4 Acienjhh In Joint meeting" Whereat the AdVi-rtiii ex- A plains i thepe judges "have been I tor him his fdds wan took, u)j straight on the curb tnnP there, an' waited for her ter look the meeting, be called for 7:10.

Then Mr. Myers can come In on the 7:07 and probably catch the back. We ought to be willing to mMte these little concessions for the pleasure of having the board which disposes of our license matters presided over by our distinguished ex-cltlzen and fonfler mayor- New Brunswick Times. Largest Park Area in Esstx. Boston has in ten years acquired 8,000 acres of public park area, or more than the entire public park system of i New York, and the metropolitan district of Boston does not contain more than one-third the number of inhabitants of New York.

Essex County, with one-third the population of nfet- ropolltan Boston and about son Theue hroug'-t the 'abolished They were the 'lay' judges i was goln' ter raise my hat, yer know, i i i mid site, up to Ic. tin IP i i 1 i 9 0 0 i i i 7 5 4 6 7 4 that formerly sat in Uie county i courts OF side the Law Judge, so the county lay judge? were abolished by Matute." This a swell doodi as yer see Ther' a one with her then, an' I thought, ma be' as he'd take off i tpr me Just then the carriage stopped she RECEPTION FOR MAROERUMS. Mr. nd Mrs. Herbert Uarferuai returned yesterday from their which wu spent in Florida.

They were given a reception at the home of Mr and Mrs. Marrernm. JacV Market itrteU. Those at the reception were: Mr. P.

Mr. Mrs. HowtU Mlas Helen Wilson, Harry Wil.on, Mix Elinor, Mr. and Mra. John Piett Mra.

Sarah Pratt, Miss Kate Qulgler, Mr. and Mn. Cranmer, Mr and Mn. Elmer I. Hughei, Thomas Hlckpjr.

Mr. Mrs. Willl-i Hayei, Dr. and Mrs. Carl Flunkhau- ser.

Mr. and Mrs. Hair, A. Ashmore, Helen Aihmore, MlM E. J.

Mill Mary Henry, Mr. and Mra. Ha.i/ L. Jones. Mr.

and Mra. wllllim Kulp. Mr. and Mrs. Augustus Reed.

Mra. Sarnh the population of the metropolis, has Qaston. TTKMS OF i i The an I Trllmne Building. i ami a' "TM Is not supported by the fartp. tin i telegraph plant, The apparent conflicting nt v.1 ooo i nn-M.

--hades and awnings, thp Constitution have been so often 9 3 3 0 cleaning plant, i explained a subject nhould be In proportion to population a larger park area than either. It has, by the same comparison, the largest park area In the United States--Newark Advertiser. County High Schools. The "Star of the Cape" advocated a he'd some flowers as" she had I county high school In 1889 and the idea ter get, An' she passed right clost an' looked at attracted considerable attention It la probably the only proper and feasible 'n ma 1 EVICTS able 'n a Order? TIR" te' or ctheriv re $4 7SO Fnti'f 21S and smaller con- familiar bv this time In the Constl- a J3.57GS*, i i make up the I tutlon of 1776 It Is provided that the prand total me an 1 --well, I tol' yer I los my I solution for high school facilities for bet the rural schools, particularly in coun- I ties like ours, where It would prove I ain't so Hoft--I ain't kiml o' proves, yer see, In a i jTrentoninns at th ludgos of the Inferior Court rif Tom- As how nobody keers fer me an' you, "Only a Mint can make without modest sum Hut Newark i as a No attention paid to unsigned com- nunlcatlons. These figures i he Interesting to mon Pleas shall be appointed by the present time, and Council and Assembly.

The Constl- besides them our $100,000 available for tutlon of 1844 vests the Judicial power new municipal building and fclte Is the Court of Errors and Appeals, court for the trial of impeachments, Court of Chancery, Prerogative Court. Supreme Court, Circuit Courts, "and such Inferior courts as now exist and as may he hereafter ordained and established by law. which inferior courts the Legislature may alter or abolish magnificent Hall, the commissioners a i adopted the popular view that the municipality should erect one a would be a "credit" to the The work been under way as the public good shall require" It DECEMBER 21, 1906. for more a years, since Au gust, 1S99. The original appropriation was alsii provided that "Judges of the $1,500.000.

the sale of unused city Courts of Common Pleas shall be ap- brought about J800.000, and pointed by the Senate and General As- THE ASSEMBLY COMMITTEES. ,520,000 was received in rents and for semhly In joint meeting." Assemblyman Lethbridge, who Is to interest. The commissioners will sell In 1873 commission wasjippolnted be Speaker of the House, In an Inter- old City Hall and a fire houfe and view In the Newark Advertiser a to suggest and propose amendments the city treasury about Constitution. The late Edward he believes that "the names of i The building i has Just Anderson and Joseph L. Naar were who are to serve on the Committees on been abandoned was erected In secretaries of that commission, which TJuntcTpal Corporations, ana Railroads, or any committee, should be 80,000 a little less than a of Trenton vyirnr'n to thj before formal appointments are announced," M20.000.

ahd that "The public should be given a chance to study the fitness of the men who are candidates for committee chairmanships' and place on important committees. I want press and people to population was about' an rk a and TMncluded It In December, 1873. In the Constitution of 1844 It was provided that "Jus- tk-uD or tire supreme Court, CntmeeHsr and Judges of the Court of Appeals shall be nominated by the The old City Hall cost THE BASIS OF VALUE. The Paterson News advances the 1 Governor and appointed by him, with the advice and consent of the Senate" RIHv, exceptln' you an' me But dim't go to feelln' bad, Billy--It ilnn't make no dlff' t' us. S' longs I've got you an' you've got me, we ain't got no rail ter fuss.

An' what with dreamin' an' plannln'-- don't yer never dream like me Of w'at we'll do when we grow up an' the great things as we'll see? Sometimes I thinks as you're president, an' me a dook, or a lord-With a four-room fiat fer jest us two, nn' a dollar a day fer board. Gee, Bill, but It's grand! You'd ought to try Why I dremp it was jus' las' night-- the beautiful lady an' some friends --all dressed In pink an' white Took you an' me ter the dower show, an' oh the bay-An' we had lemonade, an' crackerjatk, an' peaches, an' staid all day! But let's go to sleep now, Billy--fer in our dreams, yer see, There's lots of folks keers for me an' Billy, besides Jest you an' me. --Elizabeth A Hyde, In Success Magazine. 5 SPIRIT OF THE PRFSS -but it difficult to maintain high schools in each township. City high schools which are organized to moot conditions existing in the cities cannot be made to satisfactorily provide high school facilities for pupils from the county schools, particularly as In most Instances they are not likely to have any more room or equipment than is needed proposition that "the true value of a piece of property ought to be what have a chance to study the mqii who i and are candidates, so that they may point! rental it i bring, ana cues an in out anything in their careers or affllia- stance In that city of a lot i was tlons that would interfere ith the rendering of the best obtainable for the State." If Mr.

Lethbridiso attempts to carry out such a plan, and take advice concerning co-nmittee arel nments from the press and the people, he will get into-trouble beside which the late Mr, Firth's was Insignificant, while it Is assessed for taxes at $15,000, the owner was offered $22,000 but demanded $30,000, and finally his executors sold It for $10,000. The Is a Opemtlon for Mra. Donnelly. An operation for tumor of the stomach will be perfoinied today upon Mrs. Richard A.

Donnelly by Drs. Horace Q. Norton, of this city, and John Clark, of the University of Pennsylvania. Mra. Donnelly bkeii ill fur Buma lime Arid lici ailment hai baffled many physicians.

A Boy It Sent to Jail. Joseph Rogalmskl a fifteen-year-old youth of 820 Home avenue, was before Judge evening charged with being Incorrigible. He was sent to jail for thirty days. In Rubber Mill. A alight fire occurred shortly after I o'clock last night at the Trenton rubber mill, situated along the Pennsylvania railroad, outside the city llmftr Shirts laundered by us look stylish and feel comfortable.

One trial convinces. Co. S. Storkion St Union 1 IIS It rn appreciated thtt a buisr account with (n-UlutlOD If mn 4 ore suitable jift to or probably will wlth- In a If l-Ved we Will p- book la a 1 Holiday it with your to It w'" be received 3D moiling. One to have the assessment reduced ro the i price he paid for It.

and the News thinks hi! request shojiU be granted. The New Jersey courts have ueclded The commission of 1873 reported an amendment giving to the Governor the appointment of the "Judges of the In- ferlor Court of Common Pleas" also, and those words were Included In the section Just quoted. By a curious oversight there was a i failure to eliminate the paragraph true that In the multitude of counsel what constitutes the value of property there Is wisdom, the difficulty in this case will be to pick the disinterested wise men if there are any such. It IB a serious handicap to a man Inexperienced in legislative work to be thrust Into a position of such responsibility. That IB why second-term men are usnally chosen to the Bpeakership.

Mr. Lethbrldgc rely upon some one, whether It be Dr. Smith, Robert Davis, Senator Hlnchliffe, James R. Nugent, William B. Gourley, Johnston Cornish or the other leaders of his party.

He thinks well of a proposition to have a special committee appointed to select the standing committees of the House, nnd will find that course preferable to Inviting the press and the public to ansist him, but It will be turning over to others an Important prerogative SpeaJterslifp which few of his predecessors have been willing to acknowledge they g-ave up. There Is reason to fear that the It Is the price agreed upon by a buyer willing but not obliged to purchase and a seller willing but not compelled to sell. In the case cited $22,000 W.JB offered and refused. Surely It WHS not over-araessed at $16.000. Tne Income derived in rents from a prop- venting the power of appointment In joint meeting, and the amendments were adopted at a epeUal election- In 1876 with the contradictory provisions.

Brad ley's Unoccupied Lots. Under existing conditions, the Average man, If placed in Mr. Bradley's position, would be glad to convert all his unoccupied lots Into cash, and would not be particular either, aa to who purchased them, his principal idea being to get their value and put it into something more to his own advantage. The founder of Asbury i'ark nas been unique in displaying so large a measure of public spirit, us, all through the years he has exhibited. But the time hfls certainly come for him to continue this policy Is from the standpoint of his own interests, worse than erty Is not a safe basis for fixing the secr tar and is said to have been value of a property: neither IB the asking price of the owner.

which have remained in the Constltu- foUy And some o( the places which tion for more than thirty-one years, have remained open and have afforded though several attempts have been pleasure to are doubtless made to expunge the joint meeting provision. 'I'M blunder was discovered soon after the election had been held, and the responsibility for It was a matter of contention between the two Park Journal. They Art Not Sinecures. When the Avis law, creating the county boards for the equalization of taxes, became a law a few months ago the charge was freely made by Demo- one of the causes of estrangement be- cratlc Cities that It was simply tween Mayor Anderson and Mr. Naar, I scheme pvlls the Legislature is trj Ing to cure To adopt one would but aggravate 'Inecurcs.

The new system cannot be nad been dose Wends. sald have given unl-ersal satlsfac- It Is true that the lay judges were tlon in Its first year's operation, but not even its most pronounced opponents have been heard to repeat the charge that the places on the several boards are sinecures, since the members of those bodies have been at and Increase in number the selfish and by law in coun- unpiogieesiye class who hold on to ties in 1896, but there was no special unimproved property and permit their connectlon betwe( that law and the neighbors to add to Its value, to adopt contradlctory provisions of the Con- the other would be unfair to adjoining and adjacent owners. A better barfs for valuation would be the Income that It Is possible to 'aerfv'e'ffom'a pYSFSfty exercise of average business judgment and enterprises; prices brought at recent sales In the same locality, and the rule laid Jority In the lower house has not yet down by the courts. There are other Ideal presiding officer, and factors to be considered, that are sug- tnere are still Indications that gested to the assesrors by their ex- approaching session will be perience. The more the tax problem lively at times.

The new Speaker seems to have been so badly frightened over the talk of Interference by "bosses" and leaders that he will assume no responsibility. Perhaps his fears are more apparent than real. The Camden Post-Telegiam hears is studied, the more complicated it appears to be, and a perfect and entirely satisfactory scheme i never be The contest over the Bunlngton county judgeshlp is almost entirely personal and sectional. Captain that "there is a smoldering scandal In Charles of Haunt Holly, connection with the selection of has for jears been seeking the place, site and proposed expenditure of a Mount Holly has had It for so and a half million dollars for a State many years tnat few can remimbei Noiinal School-In an unfrequented part i when the other sections of the founty of Essex county." Worse and worse! were represented. In these days of And yet If those who profess to have trolleys railroads and antomoblles, It seen the plans prepared by the Phlla- no longer necessary that a Judge delphla architects speak truly, It will cost all of two and a half million should reside at the county seat, where his official duties begin at 10 a.

m. dollars to carry on the Job, for and end at 4 or 6 o'clock In the after- of course, the architects would have "oon. There are other more important rerehed the usual percentage. Some i accessibility, weeks ago members of the State Board of Education emphatically denied that A Justice of the peace, two con- puch plans were made, but It is now averted that thev do exist nnd go i into fuch minute details as to leave no doubt were approved a of the State Board of IMurntion a committee must have a it waft attempting to hand State a gold brick. The Posi- i a suggesti a legislative Inv i i If one IF ordered, It should he nuiilf ornprehenslve as to si andals In the edu- a i ii department.

At i i meeting in Atlantic City on i i liquor dealers of the State 1 I.poliited an organizer who is to goi stables and a man who falsely pretended that he was a lawyer, are In trouble at Atlantic City for conspiracy In extorting money from a hotel em- ploye who got Into trouble. The practice Is not confined to Atlantio and Mercer counties, in which slepi" have I been taken to put a stop to It. By the adoption of the Judii iary amendments proposed by the Grlggs committee, the Justices of the peace 111 be shorn of most of their power for a i In this direction, and i corrupt and unconscionable Justii es the constables will be under less temptation to go Btitutlon. There has been no violation of official oath on the part of any legislator, In this respect, in the past. The Legislature has accepted the appointing th? county judges as directed by the people of the state.

If there had been any doubt on the subject there were several occasions when the Legislature was controlled by the Republicans and it would have been possible for them to choose judges. The attempt to draw a parallel between these contrary sections and the provision forbidding the Legislature to elect a Governor to "any office under the government of this state or of the United States, during the term for which he shall have been elected Governor," Is a failure. An eleven-year-old "bad" boy has just been pent to the State Home for Boys at Jamesburg, on the complaint of neighbors. His offense was throw- Ing sticks and stones and calling; names. The child's mother Is dead and his father "guessed "the bny had better be sent whore some control would be placed on him." If children of puch tender years are to be Pent to correctional Institutions, the State should provide one especially for their care.

In this particular case It looks as If the father the one who should be punished. It must have amused Leader Robert Davis to hear young Mr. Alexander declare that Hudson county elects As- semblyitien who are under no domination. But by some years of practice Mr. Davis has cultivated the knack of keeping a straight face when he hears or sees things that provoke laughter.

Mount Holly Mirror. Deserves to Lose His License. In objecting to the granting of a a hotel because the proprietor of allowed fiis twelve-year-old son to attend bar, Prosecutor Brown established an excellent precedent, at the opening of the December term of court on Tuesday. It Is said that nearly all of the men who frequent the saloon are young men who are just becoming of age, and this In Itself Is enough to make it a question as to whether or not the man should have a renewal. The Idea of a welve-year-old boy attending bar Is a llsgrace to any community, and the ather that will allow II deserves to ose his Tlmes- lournal.

News That is Suppressed. If the critics who occasionally find fault with the matter that a newspaper publishes counld only be acquainted with the stories that It reuses to make public It would be astounded There is not a mall received by a newspaper that does not ay bare family skeletons and slips made by individuals whose publications would result In the disruption of fam- What a newspaper does not pub- ish Is often very much more Important than what It spreads before Its reui. News. for home pupils. Cape May Star.

Queer Vagary of the Lsw, The court at Freehold decides in the case of a witness subpeaned to testify that lack of fare money Is no excuse for The ruling Is ominous and presents an alternative strangely at variance with the laws of humanity. That a witness In Asbury Park with no money to pay his fare to the county seat should be compelled to walk twenty miles to save commitment for contempt Is a queer vagary of the law, and yet that Is Just what the court's decision In the case referred logically amounts Park Press. Contemptible Cowards. The most debplcable human product of modern civilization Is the autolst who runs down a person and then the vktlui-ljing in-the without making any effort to ascertain the extent vt the Injuries inflicted or offering to render "ssistMice. Imprisonment at hard labor for not less than ten years should be the minimum penalty.

Whether they rich or poor, society Is better off without the presence of such contemptible Branch Record. OI COO.BC Sbe Would. "And then, mind you." exclaimed Miss Paseay, "he asked me if I wouldn't marry the first man that came along." "The ldea!" remarked Miss Knox. "Don't" those obviously unnecessary quettlons make you sick?" Cb'scd Away. "Hallo!" said Giovanni, digging the trench, "I s'posa you maka da playnta mon' jus' for playa da eh?" "No," replied Giuseppe, with nil street piano, "I maka da mosta mon' Jus' for not playa." Farslohtcd.

Let Chrlstmnn come! I'm not distressed With thoughts of what to buy. No gifts to seek, my heart's at rest-I bought them last July. Preferable. Though poverty Is nothing base, I'd rather, I'm afraid, Be guilty of the deep disgrace Of riches made In trade. Too Many Messages.

First Congressman "Wnat do you think of the Piesldent's sending us six special messages is-a Second Ditto "I think In self defense, we ought to pass an Anti-wholesale rate Americv. S. PUKHAM 00. 8. CO.

a if. CO. TRKN10N, N. FRIDAY AriBRNOON, DECEMJJBR 21, SlOKES OPEN tVFNINGS UNTH- I.MAS at 10 I'rof. He's rightly called the wizard of ma ic and legerdemain.

Come see him. Performs tomorrow at 10 a. m. And then again you will see Frof. JDonar tomorrow at 3 p.

in. And, of course, Mr. Cassady will do his part in entertaining you sing you the popular songs of you to. dull care, ifj-xm happen to be afflicted that way. AI Ic iHiichaiic of Women's Ncckwcai for Christinas, Hall 01 A ihTubled Up Umst- Umbrella Business i the State "stirring up a new I One needn but to look over i i of the election to 'I ilii'lson, rtl'rrlng up has been i If and EBSPX wrong 9 The amendment made to the theatre license ordinance pending before Common Council, Is an Improvement.

It Is mut better that the Mayor, the executive head of the city, snail be given the power to suspend a llcens 1 In an pmergem y. There will be a set the convenes, i the A a i City meet, i the excitement of the Christmas referendum rlmme to the i a nnd the subsequent interest In "111 permit each i to i the organisation of the Legislature a port of regulation the the re-election of Senator IJryden, nt on the other there is danger that the 110,000 silver the service for the battleship New Jersey law ended be forgotten. officers on the There are Indications that Miss 1 Hallle Bnulnle Rives has about completed another book that Is nearly ready for the publisher. "ayae Another Boarder. "Bo," said one ot the guests at the wedding of Mr.

Roxley's daughter, "your house loses a daughter today." "Huh!" snorted the old man, "I don't know yet whether the house loses a daughter or merely gains a son-in- law." Wfeat She Vcant. "You're mistaken about Miss Pounder's piano next door. It's "Well?" "Well, you called it an auction piano." that because It's 'going, co- Ing. We Iron Shirts to HI Poor ironing can make a shirt front bulge and ruin shoul-' der m. The Blakeley way mikes ordinal shirt fit well a good shirt fit perfectly.

It's a small feature with big possibilities. Economy Not Popular. When Governor Stakes sent to the Republican House caucus, last year, a plea for economy In the matter of legislative patronage, his request waa acted upon and a number of offices were cut off. This year he pent a similar communication to the Democratic caucus and no attention was paid to it. It was really asking too much of the hungry Democrats to deprive them- selves of any of the spoils after thlr- teen lean years.

Economy will not be the watchword with the Iemocratlc House as it was with the Republican Post-Teleg 1 am. The. Average Honesty in Cape May. "There are a little more than 4,000 legal voters in Cape May County. It is difficult to believe that one-fourth of the cltlienshtp of Cape Mav Is corrupt.

We don't believe it," sadlv and tearfully says the Ocean City Leader. Why certainly you don't believe It. Neither docs anyone else with a grain of common sense. Show us the fellow who made this base insinuation and-well, Just show him to us. wipe away your tears and be happy In the thought that the people of Cape May County are just as honest as can be found In any other part of the Journal.

Accommodating Non-Resident. Klakly laundry 11 and 13 S. ttarrei SI C17 A iiianufacturer whose business is one of the important in the United States in the aking of women's fine kind neckwear, turns over to us all his surplus lots and samples. There's not a piece of it even smirched or crumpled, it is spic and span new, as fresh as the day it was made. So-ne of it has been shown in glass sample cases in a New York show soiiie never saw the light of day after leaving the work rooiii until they here yesterday.

There's so many kinds that only an investigation could make plain to you. Hlyelet embroidery and blind work em-, broidery done on dotlft on with tab or jabo fronts. I9c Covers the Price Range They're kinds intended to sell at 50c. A few more, a few less. Then fancy silk collars In chiffon; lace trimmed; labo effects; from the same source; Instead of BOe.

and 2fa. and SOo. ill boxed. I rimmed Hats at $1.98 Instead of Iit.poitcd We can In the Inrgett and fflott raricd of high-grade Prrfumet In Trenton Our fitock coniilfltt of the belt and most popular of the world'! foremoit manufac- tureTM, done tip in dainty and attractive pacfcaffei, nltablc for gifti, at prices ranging from SSc. to S3.SO a bottle.

The mort popular odori of anch makerg HoaMant I' Ro L. 1. Plrer Gnerlaln all of Paris, will be found In our stock, as well as those of domestic such as Hudnut's, Palmer's, Colgate others. It will pay you to look before making a tlon In that line BRITTOH mmo BTITOKBBT Proprietor Muonle W. J.

Are they fine? Try to jnatch them for less than the original prices $6 to $8 and you will be puzzled to do so. The very latest styles If you want a new hat for Christmas, if you want something out of the ordinary, you will see these hats at $1.98. Why the workmanship is worth the price and more, not to mention trimmings and very newest shapes. And then another line of hats at $2.98 that are woith variously up to $6 and $8 in fine and the most desirable shapes. Then other and toques that were $8.00 and 110.00.

13.98. And some extra fine kinds of hats, trimmed for special show pui poses In a New York workrvoiii; Instead of tit and tl), And misses' and children's hats just much leduced. Ties, 25c. and 50c. It is a popular price for neckwear anywhere you go 25r.

and 50e. But the qualities and styles, they're to he considered. They're the important factors and you will find it so in these at 25c. and 5(V. Plain solid colors in the very newest i nnd a line of combination ings; some light a a i i shadings of solid colors in 'me i i pretty combinations, these then quiet toned i ground-; i i i i ii i id figures.

Four i most 1 And shouldn't it be so? Have you ever seen better more varieties to choose fi-oiii, gi-eater quantities Why $1.00, $1.50 and $2.00 will do wonders tomorrow. Take the $1.50 Umbrellas a sample if you will, women's and men's. Warranted Sicilian coverings, best paragon frames, strong, light steel staffs, extra close rolled and all sorts of novel or plain handles. Good, serviceable umbrellas for women and jchc-ol children, at 39c. and 49 oents.

And some good knockabout umbrellas for mm at 75c. And a lot of umbrellas for men at $1.00 that should be marked $1.60. Want to Make Somebody a present of an A lra fine icain Shedder? Then see the kinds we will have ready tomorrow at $2.50 and $3.00. They're the kinds that very particular folk will appreciate most. Fine taffeta silk coverings or silk gloria coverings, best frames and staffs.

With a fine line of real art work handles made of bone, celluloid and imported wood picked out in silver with hand work silver oi-iiaments. With slip covers. Extra close rolled. Just the nicest rain shrdders you've seen under $1.00 and $5.00 and $2.50 and Tomorrow's Sale of Toys and Games in the at Half to Two-Thirds You i on rrs of i a gii'ts; afford but t(, a I of nrr'u i 't ,1 Hit it i IT- ml i i i and there's o. hit; L'' lit i 'iiid 1 1 1 1 S.R DUNHAM OCX IN SPA PERI.

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