Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on July 17, 1963 · Page 13
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 13

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 17, 1963
Page 13
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Cuban.. Peasant Declares 'Things Never Been So Bad' EDITOR'S NOTE ~ What is, it like to be 0. Cuban in Cuba these . day*? Gewge Affeld, the Associated Press man ift Havana for two yeari, talked to some peas* ants before he left tot another assignment, and gives his report. / Phone 342-5151 PRESCRIPTIONS fly GEOrtOK AMWlS Aiteciitai PttM 6taff Writer The Cuban peasant, once a cheering supporter of Fidel Castro, today mutters increasingly against the Communist regime which has made a joke of land reform, white encroaching day by day on his way of life. SUli as appallingly poor as be* fore the advent of the bearded ruler, most peasants this correspondent met during his stay in Cuba yearn for a return to the past. They say that then, at least they were free to do as they pleased. "Things have never been so bad before," a 6ft*year-old retired cattle % foreman said, shaking his head.* "Fidel has turned (former die* tator Fulgencio) Batista into a saint, by comparison,'* comment* ed a Matanzas Province squatter. "Had Batista been satisfied with stealing only three, maybe four million pesos, maybe all would have gone well," the squatter added. Life Is Rough For the peasant, life in the back- Rent Electric Carpel Shampooer FOR ONLY '1 Now you can rent the new Blue Lustre Electrio Carpet Shampooer tor only $1 per day with purchase of famous Blue Lustre Shampoo. Save big with this easy to use "do It yourself" equipment. You'll be amazed with the new lopk of your carpeting. Available at lands is rough. Shortages are far more acute than those experienced in Havana. "Havana is paradise, compared to Oriente Province," a Negro peasant said. Milk, beef, rice, bread, even sugar, are frequently absent frorrt country store shelves for long pe* riods. Take the case of Pipo Diaz, a Pinar del Rio Province squatter, who lives in a thatched wooden hut with his wife and five children. He claims he has had no beef for almost a year, because peasants are forbidden to slaughter their steers and no meat is being sent from the cities. Romp Around Hut The whitewashed hut lies up from a brook, between a patch of corn and some native potato plants. Pipo's children romp around the hut clad in faded cottons. None wears shoes: "For more than a year now there"ve been no boots or shoes for us 'guajiros' (peasants). If you Want boots you have to join the militia or a government cooperative," pipo says. "Everything is a mess these days," his wife chips in. She bends over an open charcoal fire, fanning the embers on which the noon meal codks. "Cooking oil- when we get it—tastes like motor oil; lard is poor and mostly rancid; they are always out of hard crackers. To get a tin of evaporated milk you have to obtain a coupon from the Committee of the Defense of the revolution." Lunch is served: boiled cornmeal with a handful of chopped onion on top and boiled malange. Black coffee.. Why doesn't, Pipo raise more FASHION BOOTERY LADIES' SHOES By VITALITY — HOLLYWOOD SCOOTER TOWN & COUNTRY — SANDLER OF BOSTON RISQUE — ARPEGGIO — MANNEQUINS KICKERINO'S SAVE $2 to $7 a Pair on Nationally Known Shoes! Values to '14.95 i • i Plenty of Styles, Colors and S17 .es chickens and bogs, or plant more vegetables? "rim of all," he explains, "at the price* 4b* government pays us for pigs and produce we make no profit and are never sure they will pay. Secondly, in case we harvest & surplus, they'll force us to sell it to them." Pipo shows off his three-room hut. In the bedroom there are two large beds; One for the couple and the latest baby, the other for the three boys and the 12-year-old girl. In the living room two rocking chairs face each other. Stiff posing relatives and startled infants peer from framed sepia photographs. A faded picture of Castro torn from a magazine is tacked to the wall. "You never know who'll come around," Pipo shrugs. Apply Pressure As it does with other independent farmers who refuse to toe the party line, the government is applying subtle pressure to force Pipo to join a cooperative or peoples farm. Unless he does so, it will be increasingly difficult for him to obtain feed, fertilizer, boots wire and other farming implements. Since joining a state cooperative 1 means growing what the government determines and then turning over a high percentage of the crop, to the regime, Pipo feels he'd "rather be killed" than buckle under* Later he concedes that with six mouths to feed, maybe he will eventually have to give in. BO'i ON §/4Sast*ukStnxt New Windsor Scout Aide Is Appointed NEW WINDSOR — The Boy Scout Troop Committee held its regular meeting at the Scout Building July 10, and later attended the troop meeting at the Town Hall. John McGaughy, senior patrol leader, presided. Lyle Johnson, committee chairman, announced Richard Heino was appointed junior assistant scoutmaster. The troop committee will sponsor a _ swimming party for the troop. The Order of the Arrow election was conducted by McGaughy, Robert Sholl and Richard Heino. Jim Jones and Judd McAtee were elected candidates. Neil Bredberg received his 5- year service star, and Bruce Johnson, the Early Bird camp patch. , Plans were completed to attend summer camp at Loud Thunder Scout Reservation July 14-20. Parents and friends were invited to visit the camp Thursday evening. Gary McMullen, John Carlson Jr. and Marshall Brown rejoined the troop. The Panther patrol won the last contest. Points for the new contest include Panthers 35 and Bears 25 points. The Panther pa- tol had perfect attendance. The work schedule for the stand which the troop sponsors at the Fair and Horse Show was outlined. Time of day at the South Pole depends on where you stand ber cause all time zones and date lines converge at. the poles. without nagging baokacho Now! You can get the fast relief you need from rtagging backache, headache and muscular aches and pains that often cause restless nights and miserable tired-out feelings. When these discomforts come on with over-exertion or stress and strain —you want relief — want it fast! Another disturbance may be mild bladder irritation following wrong food and drink —often setting up a restless uncomfortable feeling. 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