Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on April 15, 1964 · Page 4
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 4

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 15, 1964
Page 4
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4 - Wed. Jfril 15, m RedlaudtDoilYfacts Planners favor US Bank proceed with development Development o£ the U.S. Na. tional Bank property in downtown Redlands should not have to wait for completion of the 70^ Study, the ci^ Planning Commission detennined yesterday. A "cooperative approach" in .planning future construction on . the full-block area was agreed upon by the Commission and by ; James Barter, representing the bank. ; Hartcr, manager of the U.S. ' National Bank now located at ' Orange and State streets, won encouragement from the Com ' mission to proceed with site de• velopment plans for the bank's 1 property bounded by Orange, Cajon, Vine, Fifth and Citrus. U.S. National Bank had re quested the Planning Commission to give a determination on the street setback for new buildings to be constructed on |the property. Commissioner Joseph PreU' dergast gave the Commission's attitude. "At the present time, we can only go by the General Plan. But, if you can present something that meets with ouri own ideas, I think we can approve it," he said. "We have an open mind," asserted Commission Chairman S. R. Hales. Commissioners cau-i tioned, however, that the proposed development should not present an obstacle to the future redevelopment of the downtown area as determined by the 701 Trustees working on plan for larger school sites ; A preliminary study to deter'• mine how it might be possible • to expand five imder-siie cle-' mentary school sites to meet increasing enrollments in the ; next 5 to 15 years was ordered :by School Trustees last night. One immediate step in the direction was taken when Trus tees directed that condemnation action be filed to acquire the Luther Ellison property on Palm avenue for Kingsbury school since negotiation has still not been successfuL And the Board also ordered formal appraisal of the property owned by Col. David Schwartz - at 15 Clifton court, also consid- ' cred as a logical acquisition for expansion of Kingsbury. Bill Gibson, assistant super , intendent in charge of business, also reported on the site problems of these elementary schools: Franklin school. It has a 6.58 acre campus and should be expanded. However, all adjacent property is in small (mostly 45- foot) lots with houses and would Advanced fyping course now available An eight-weeks class in Ad vanced typewriting will be offered under the Redlands Schools, Division of Adult Education, starting tonight, 7:00 to 9:30 p.m. in Boom 1 at the Red. lands High school campus, according to Jack Binkley, coordinator. This course is designed for those planning to enter a business office, as well as those de suing a review and extension of skills in the use of the typewriter. Instructor, C. Alvin Endeman, has planned a thorough review of the basic principles of operating various kinds of typewriters, including the electric, with special adaptions of each. Emphasis will be placed on the development of a command of the keyboard and the acquisition of speed and accuracy and prep araUon to pass Civil Service cx aminations in typing. Special reference will be given to business letters, tabulation, various office forms, use of car- bon paper, and final manuscript typing. The registration fee is $3.00. For further information, contact the Adult Education Office at 793-2256. be expensive to acquire. —Lincoln. It has a 7-acre site. Because of changing land uses in the area, it is difficult to forecast the future enrollment at t h i s school There is a 6.5 acre orange grove adjacent to the school on the west —McKinley. This is the most inadequate site of all. It consists of only 3.73 acres and is hemmed in by city streets and nme residences along Michigan street This should be a school to serve 500 in the future. The possible answer is to go to two- story construction to salvage playground area. —Mentone. This site is acres. It should be enlarged to nearer 10 acres. There is acre age to the east and the state oivns some adjacent property to the south which might be acquired. More land should be acquired since considerable growth is anticipated in this dis trict once water becomes available. —Smiley. This site now con tains 10.63 acres and is prob ably adequate for all future needs. This school now has en rollment of some 840 and wUl likely have to accomodate 1,000 in the future. There is no adjac ent land available even should c.vpansion be desired since new housing has been constructed to the west and to the north. Trustees, with budget time approaching, agreed that to make a study of these sites more usable, funds should be bud geted next year for the services of a professional appraiser. Study being prepared by Victor Gruen Associates. Barter stated that the development plans would ' conatm "valid ideas" regardless of the outcome of the 701 Study. He related that some 16,000 square feet of walkways and fountains are planned. Other proposals include the abandon ment of the alley between Orange and Fifth street and the realignment of Orange and Ca |jon to remove the sharp bend at Vine street The bank official further stated that demolition of the Burgess and \Vhite Market building on Citrus avenue would probably be stsrted in two weeks. Other buildings in the block are marked for demolition in the near future also. "We've been sitting on this property for about three years waiting for the leases to expire. We're anxious to start getting a retura on our investment." Barter said. The Commission decided to make no determination on the building setbacks, but authorized Planning Director W. C. Schindler to work with bank officials in preparing a site development plan that would be acceptable to both sides. Pubfic speaking class open in Adult school A .second eight-weeks Adnit Education class in Public SpeaKng and Personality will start tonight, according to Jack Binkley,^ coordinator. The course will cover topics mduding how to plan and prepare short talks, effective voice techniques, positive approach, conversation and persuasion, words and feeling, meetings and members. The class will be under the direction of Marian Albertson and will meet from 7:00 to 9:30 p.m. in Boom 65 at the Redlands High School Campus. The total registration fee for this class is $4.50. Other classes starting Wednesday include Advanced Typmg, Small Business Management, and Bookkeeping for Small Business. For further information, phone 793-2256. Citrus Market LAS ANGELES, Apr. 15 (UPI) — Representative prices by size and grade all orange auction markets: 5Ss 72s 88s 1135 First grade....7.08 6.86 6.03 4.99 138s 163t 180s First grade 4.64 4.17 3J9 Trend: Steady navels. BOTH BEAUTIES — Pretty little Cindy Marker dooghter of the Robert Morlcers, 1524 Vio ViMa, Redlands, is fascinated by this pink "R«liculeta" camellia in one of the gordens 1o be open Saturday and Sunday on the Spring Garden Tour sponsored by Redlands Horticultural and Improvement Society. Tour hours ore from 10 o. m. to 5 p. m. Tickets ore available at the Chamber of Commerce, from members of the sponsoring Society, indudfng the four chairman, Mrs. Ann Ford Farran, or may be obtained Saturday end SuMay o» the garden iocoted at 405 West Olive ovenue where mops will be ovoiloble on the stort of the loor. (Photo by Art t^iWer) For Results Use Facts Clossified Ads Find boselNill signups Thursday night Final signups will be held tomorrow night at the YMCA for the Optimist and Elks Baseball for Boys league for 8-12 year olds. The agnups will start at 7:30 p.m. "His TOll be the last chance [for boys who want to phiy this year," Bill Eiltgen. secretary of Baseball for Boys stated. Saturday afternoon at 1:30 p. m. the Eiwanis League, 13 and 14 year olds vrill hold tryouts for all new players at the Baseball for Boys field. Church and San Bernardino avenues. The session is only for boys who did not play last season. On Wednesday evening April 22, the annual dinic for managers and players will be held in Terrier gym at 7:30 p.m. The clinic will be a how to do it session for the basebsHers with local coaches giving instructions. Gas causes evacuation DOWJfEY (UPI) — About 25 residents in the southeastern section of the city were evacuated Tuesday night when chlor- me gas fumes were released by a fire which swept the Pacific West Extrudent Products Co. Minor damage was caused to the structure where chlorine tablets for swimming pools were manufactured. Goidwater joins LeMay in missile dispute Poultry and Eggs LOS ANGELES. Aprtl 15 (UFI) — EgB»: prires to rcUilem f.o.b. to distributor plants (delU-eml m cents hightrl: AA extra Urse -»2H-«^4. higher): AA extra Urge -40^-44^,, A extra large 39<i!-42Vj. AA larse 33i4.37H. A large 31»i-32!i. B larje ff7%-28'j. AA medium 28\i-3tH. A medium 2«^-Z7>i,, AA ssuU av, SSVi. A smaU 20ii-Jl>i. Prices to consumers: AA larje 45-, S3, A larje 39-49, AA medium 39-*7, A medium 3S-44, AA tnaU 37-41. A tmaU 37-39. Poulto" Frj-ers (at ranch) 17-19. roasters (at ranch* 21-25, light type hens 4-5 w-td. »vs- 4J33. hens cross 5»-j wtd. avg. 5.50: turkeys: fryer roasters 20S. young hens 23!3-24. • 121 Corn SITM - n. I Wed. — "Miss Forttms" Show Starts <:50 P.M. Academy Award Winner Best Actor RilPHKtSOrS f KSTiODfl ' siMTPoma L iK:»(rt« Acadimy Award Winner Best Cinemitography Eli* Kazan's "AMERICA AMERICA" (Continued from page 1) apparently stunned top Penta gon officials said that there was a "narrowing" gap between America's superior nu clear power and Russia's. Lc May also said he had empha sized to President Johnson the need for a new bomber in the 1970s. The bomber that the Air Force wants is called AMPS for Advanced Manned Preci sion Strike System. It would be able to fly at intercontinental range at about 1.650 miles per hour, sweeping low under enemy radar and hitting targets with missiles from 50 miles away as well as dropping new types of small-yield nuclear weapons comparable with World War II blockbusters. LeMay also made clear in his testimony his belief, that America should not concede to Russia the only 100-megaton weapons but should devetop its own bomb of that size. Answers Questions In issuing the Defense Department statement, a Pentagon spokesman said it was in tended to answer questions raised by various people, including Goidwater, about the extent of U.S. superiority over Russia. LeJIay did not contest present superiority but was concerned about the future as the bomber force diminshes. Depending on missiles alone would endanger the defense of the country, he said. The Pentagon statement, which contained previously se cret information, said the fact was that U.S. superiority "has been increasing and we intend that it shall continue to increase." The statement included an intelligence estimate that the Soviet Union bad alx>ut 180 intercontinental missiles, compared with a previously unannounced figure of 750 for the United SUtes. i^exican Players of Padua Hills LOCATCU 3 MILES NOHTH Or FOOTHIU. BtVD. CLAIIXMOCT "EL MILAGRO" ENDS MAY 30 Jamaica Afttr Each Perfermanee TBCATKS—Wt<..Tk«rt_rrL,Sa(- 1:1*. Wt<. Bsk iM X>tSXSO BOOM —DsUr ua«f« UnttJ llMenratient adviMble NAtiMial MTU GET LOTS OP INIHEnneat vmrn'^myr DODGERS AND ANGELS BEEF mi CUT FROM U.S.D.A.''CHOICE" STEER BEEFi AAP "SUPER-RIGHT- BLADE CUT BB |B A CHUOCROAST ^"^ ^^Ifr GROUND MEATS A*P -SUPER-RIGHT" Ground Beef 3 if Ground Chuckii^STtt A*P-SUPE»RIGHT- Ground Round^65» Meat Loaf 47« ROUND SIEHC AAP "SUPERAIGHr* RIB ROAST ANY THICKNESS lb. lb. 'THE laNG OF ROASTS' IstS-RIBS l» AAP "SUPER-RIGHT" SUPER-RIGHT AU-MEA7 FniiiR..47: STEAKS AlUOOOD SUCED j| "V (> Bacon.. .47" TOP ROUND. SIRLOm TIP CHAR or CLUB OCUN Perch Fillets... CAP'N JOHN FROZEN EASTERN SEAFOOD. 47^ niefs^^S?'' '^'^^^^^ "^"^ lb. lb. GRAIN-FED BEEF ROASTS 0-Bone Roost i^i^ Rump Roast t67» Chuck Roast Rump Roast '<1SI77» Clod Roast s69; GRAIN-FED BEEF STEAKS Rib Steak S Porterhouse TopSirJeiR BONELESS 774 974 1?J nneis.. Soh. 67' rakte:.87» i N.Y.CbtSfeokSlS Spencer Steok^lfJ SHASTA (OW CAl Assorted Beverage ANN PAGE TOMATO KETCHUP 14<z.Btb. A&P^s Garden Fresh Fruits and Vegetables 2125' GOLDEN RIPE BANANAS CALIFORNIA VALENCIA 5-49 5 l^ndeKbmp's. SPECIALS THURSv^N., APRIL lS-19 ORANGES TEXAS YELLOW ONIONS lOZEN KAL KAN Chunk S>. Apple Juice 2 ^ 35^ Dog Food' B'^W 25eOFF8<ez.Jar 29' Nestle's Decaf 1» SUNSHINE CRACKERS TO-OZ. PKG. TREETOP FROZEN MARIANI EXTRA LARGE Prunes SWEET CRISP EXTRA TASTY Pkg. DATE NUT LOAF 5SC MAGIC-TAB SEAL Van dc kamp s BREADS! Fab Detergent* Seeffm tkQi lOeoffm XA( OfleXENOPSEA TUNA e"^ Mnroio BIRD SEED* BETTY CKOCm INST. FROSTHIfi NOES DB. MONTI PEAS 54h. tiw. Caa 35* 59' 41* 15* Afox Cleanser* Ajax Uqnid* 4r I5« Sbm Action Bleach* 43* 1T-M. Pricu EffcctW* Thurs. Thni Sun^ April 16,17, It & If • 320 REDUNDS BLVD. r ^|>15uper J^arkets ^I ^Mi i -i; .J , :iM >:iiit 1303 "ISCHIK : S »a iis«

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