Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on August 17, 1944 · Page 8
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 8

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 17, 1944
Page 8
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Page Eight NAUGATUCK DAILY NEWS THURSDAY, AUGUST 1?, Great Tank Battle Rages In Eastern Suburbs Of Warsaw <By Uiiili'd I'ri-ss) Tht- greatest. Umk hall In r>f tin; Soviet summer m'lVnsivv is niging in the eastern stil.nrlis of VV.'uwiw. Kelenlti-ssly. (In- Kiissian .•11-111- ored forces are narrowing tin; wedgr- tin; GormiLMS yt-Mli-nlay thrust Into Iho I'lussiuti lines at Oss'jw, Mix and oii'.-h.'ilf mili-s northfiist of I'ragn. The kiss of 1 Ossow WMH aeknowl- Rilgpil in " Russian cammuniriin 1 Itite last night. It WHS llrst setback thf l-Jfd /irmy siilTi'i'p.l since tho summor oflVnsivp bi-Kiin Junn 23rd. But today- in spili- til 1 Cri'sh I'an- y.«?r K''i'n:uli"r units ulri-aminjJ dCrOMS the vislnla---ricd army reports say thi' situation in fully under control. Tin: N'axis arc attacking .lespi-r- ati-ly with fresh wavi-s of tanks and ini'fintry in an ntli.-mpc '.0 widen thiMf spi'ai-hcrul and sn-m the Russian advance into the j'uliwh oapitul. Military ubsi'r-vi'rs s:iy thi' HUK- xiiin wlthcliviwal in tl)- 1 Ussnw :iri-a is not uf major i!n|mrlatu'i;. as the i-lTort ccist !hi; Xiixis a f|Uinuity <>• mi-n and inutcri.-il (Mfy c'nild nnL at'1'ort.l to lost. 1 . Am! the n.'tback is; olTs"t by the Soviet Iji-fakilirou^li into Sandu- mii-i-x. on thi' wunt bunk of the Vistula, .1.10 mil<.-.s south of Warsaw. After Marshal Koni-v's forci-s hi'ok.-- InIn I In- strmichuld yi-sl.i-r- day., Hi'vi-ral iidililiunal lirid^f- hcftfl.'i »•••!•" t.'iki;" J'nlh iioi'ih :n"l south o!' th" I'ity- mnv lii'siii;.-* il frorn thi-i»r siili-s. l''it'r i 'p b:itit':s .-LI-now raKinK iri tfic city sfr.;rt-;, Th' 1 cnptui-.' cif Siinilomii'i-/ ^vill >;iv.' the KiiSrtians iinnthrr impnrtant position I'runi v.-hi.'h In i-stal.lish ni'w thrusts inwuril I'lailuin and Brasscos Face Service Stars At Stadium The Hrasst'OM will mcc' llnineli's Servlee All-Staff. Sat- iinlay niitlit lit the IVat-rliiiry slailliim. Tin- si-i'viin' ti'ii.'n^vill fi'iilure all former jirol ; SMiuii- :il hull players who s;n- Kei'V- ire in till 1 Major nr Cl'--s A A leilU'lli-s. inellidillK •''"' 'il'-'"", Tony Cuci-lnellii, and Junior Tlinmpsiiii, The ItrusHcos will have Ivundy (iiimperl, who n-.tile u ^"iiuil shiiwiiit; UK-'lii-'~' , Hie (iianls last \veelc, nu tbo iiHMIlld. The rest of the BrilMS- i:ii!.' lineup will »l«<> >>e the Kami 1 :IN hist weelt. Pres. Roosevelt Has Returned (Continued from Page 1) n on July 33th in typical war jii'ci-fCiy. After making his acceptance speech at San Dicf, r o on July 'JOth, hrt sailed for Pear! Harbor on "no of the Niii-y'.i new hunvy cruisers. The president arrived in Hawaii on July 'Jiith,. and spent, throe days touriny the island of Oiiliu. While on tho island of Oahu, hi- cnnt'riTL'd with MacArthur, .N'imitJ! and other Pacillc military leaders. Prom Hawaii, .Mr. Roosevelt Went '.o the cold waters oft' Alaska to visit American outposts In the Aleutians On August Mrd and -Ith, tlu 1 president was at Ad.ait and Kmliulc. Th'. 1 chief executive stopped otT at .Juni'uu for some llshiiiK- Me then traveled by destroyer to Local Rangers Sunday Dri!! Off T.iPiitpnnnt. .!. W. Thompson of the iN'au>;atU'':k rianffiM 1 :! luinounci'd todiiy that, ther- wcitikl be no drill here Suiiilay I'm' the local C'lritin- ;;ent of Mi" state K'taril. Tho .\':iii;:.'i'iick llani,'r'rs fni-nied u [>atrol i:ii!inl 1,'int nii;hl ru the biim.1 i-dne-it held en Hi" (Sreen, (mil during' 'he \<:\.'-i !:evi'r,il U-IM-I.-.-J ha:', taken up ;i i;i-e:it Meal uf the spurr- tinie u!' the iMard.-sin.-ii. Kelley's Condition Reported "Improved" Dr, Victur C':is mm ninir (n: '. I WllliKim C. l\e:ley, StlVi I., Wllli .-Hirt'e skull fn<m a fall th-' ,-:ln ir ul' lii--' Across Puprec soitnil. nt Bremer- on. Washington, the president puke fnini the Navy yard. Tin? presidential party started east by train from Seattle on thu ni«ht of August 12th. It arrived in U'.-i.shingtor. early this morning, Traveling with the chief executive were Ail mi ra I William D. i.eahy, his chief of staff, and Vice- Admiral lioss T. Mcl'iHire. his per-- sunn! physician and Navy surgeon general. Several military anil nuvul iiiilf.i also imiclo the trip. Tho president's wife made the I'uciilc journey as far us Sim niego. His daughter. Mrs. John Itoelligirr, made thu return trip from Sealtk' 10 Washington. The special counsel to the president. "ludK'o I. 'nosenian.-n.nd ISImei- Davis, director of the O;tlce of War Infurmation, travelled with i he ['resident as far as Pear! Hsir- fur. The O-W-I director left the presidential party there to inspect installations in tin.- Smith Pacillc. .liulgi- Kosenman returned to Washington after reaching Hawaii. I >A MA OKI) liV FIUIC Xtamfurd, Aug. 17—(U P)—Fire rexultiiiu from a strenl? of light- i inu' ha e.-uisucl some .->'10.')00 clam- iiX 1 ' ((' '-ht 1 h^mo ai' Joseph Morrin.'in. One of the firemen fighting Hi.- blu/.e. Thonuis .Ritchie, suf- Large Attendance At Funeral Of Hugh W. Burns The funeral of, Hugh W. Burns, 66, of C4 Pleasant avenue, who died Monday in St. Mary's hospital, Wutorbury, wiii held from the residence at S.'30 o'clock thi.fmoi'ii- \ng to St. Francis church w:h<:re a KOliiinni high Mass of 'requiem was celebrated lit 9'a. m. by Rev. Albert Taylor, assisted by Rev. Joseph Kochurui.s as deacon and Hcv, Joseph Madden, S. J., as sub- deticon. J. C*. Ready represented the Conn. Factory Inspection Division, Labor department, and Jj. F. Alix, C. Mulligan, S. Phelps, L. Diltu.-i J. Kennedy, John Tone, E. Clark D. Eostwick, T. McNally, J. Don- Ian, A. MacDonald. T. Crooks, K Gilmartin, J. Stanson, W., Callopy, D. Fitzsimoits, ,'J, Brennun, J1 Mucker. S. Foley, P. McDermott C. Mclnlyre, James Phelun and K, Greenta, deputy factory inspeuTbrs, attended the funeral, A delegation from the local U. S, Rubber company consisted of B. Sullivan, E. -Shodd, F. L. 2, Loary and B, F. Garrick. Bcarors were John Deefjan, Arhur Rabtoy, J'amos Moora, Philip •lolland .-and Charles Mulligan and Leo Alix of the Labor department, The requiem music rendered at he Mass included "The Funeral farch," "Pie Josu," "Priceless xivc of Jesus," and "Lead Kindly, ight." Jntcrment was in St. James' emctery with Father Taylor con- ucting the committal services. Water-Bottle . Started Fire; . Water Put It Out. Durk Harlnir, Mulne, Aug. 17—(UPJ—A bottle of water lias Ktarted a lire und then obligingly 'put 11 out, Fymii K'. Hutch—who deal* In spring , water—had Meverul four-KiiUon< J"BS stored In liiH tnilk'r. 'J'lii! MIIII'K rilyii hcutud thu lioHlp.s NO much that the floor of tin;: trailer became IK- Ilited. . ' .lust us thr riro wax about to spread; the .bottle* of water i',v|itod<;<l and (.•xtingulNhei] till) flames. ..''•" Rangers Hunt orcupines To Save alifornia Trees Aituras, Cal. (U P)—Porcupin.-s in Calil'orn.ia's Modoc National Forest are scurrying for cover Breaking, Entering Charge Draws Year In Jail Sentence In borough court this morning: Fred P..-yoegt,lin of 100 Water .street, was- sentenced to a year in jail by Judge' Thomns Ncary on a charge of breaking and entering. The alleged thief forced) the rear door of Duffy's' restaurant, Jere Duffy, proprietor, on Water streut early this morniiiK with a screw driver. The alertness' of Patrolman James Fenton' who was on the beat, resulted in his arrest. Voe£t- lin was found with alleged stolen bottle of liquor In 'his possession. Planning Board Meets Tonight The borough post-war planning board will meet tonight at S o'clock U the court room in Town Hall. Tho group will discuss post-war while forest rangers stage a por- j projects for the borough, torching I'ered a possible fractured s-houlder when he fell down a steps during th.-.- fire. flight RAYS Ar•now showing the smarted now ring creations ier summer and early ialL To add a touch lo your vacation wardeobo . . • »r a» a gift lor a dtai »no ... a Stylecr«st ring if tho period cboicvl re i co i«* H $1.25 A WEEK JhooM »Llh»r ol Ihou rlngi ql thi* low prie* . . . unarliy alyUd blrlhilOM (f»l wllh your own blrthiloni Ier 7ood luck) ring . . . or lh« uiual rcrvrtlbl* ting thai b» worn a* a canto and a Hip o( lh» llnqtr and (I b* csmti a flltUnlao; onyx) HATlOtiAl IEPUTATIOH cupir.p hunting eontest to eliminate the prickly creatures who, rangers say, damage growing timber by girdling the young trees, When, the contest closes in Sep- temper, porcupine snouts will be counted, and the losing team is bound to treat the winners lo a big supper, probably not of porcupine meat. Regulation weapons, in the contest arc sticks, rocks and sliovolg. 1 Although porr.upines. called "lo.M man's meat".in the far north bu- oaus-'e they arc easily killed with stones, are protected in Canada ,'tr.d some status, they nro regarded as pests in California, forests. KaiiHtir ™.'d the animal; had in- cruused rupidly i;i the M'ocloc I'o:'- est in recent y-jars becnusu of a luck of systematic control mea > ures. or, a sewnge disposal - plant, new bridges, and pos-sibly a now town hall. These projects arc expected to be undertaken after the war will 1 state or federal financial assistance. The board will hear L. T. Scott- Smith, a member of the Waterbury post-war planning board who will speak on zoning. The borough board will receive the suggestions of the planning board for approval .and action. Casualty Figures Are Released By Army And Navy . Washington, Aug. 17— (UP)— Acting Secretary of War John Me Cloy reveals that American Army casualties during- the first two nrionths of action in western .-Vance tntalcd 112,673 persons, in eluding 1G.-I3-I killed, 70,530 wound i;cl and. 19,70-1 missing. McCloy announced that tota American Army casualties, in ul theaters whose m:xt. of kin hud been notified by July 29 were 24-1, 775 — 1(3,591 killed, 113997 wounded 42,102 missing and -13,205 prisoner? of war. These included only part of the French casualties which McCloy announced. A Navy casualty list released today shows r>4,G90 announced casualties 'to date for the- Navy, Marin« Corps and Coast Guard. The Navy list showed 22,CCn dead, 1.7,819 wounded, 0,700 missing and •1,400 prisoners: Local Sailor Has Exciting Experiences (Continued from Page i) A G li K KM.BNTS N K A K Wnsliinston, Aug. 17— (UP) — Agreements on the civil admir.n's- tratiun of libciated France ore reported noar the signature stage. Now in draft form, the pacts 'rec ogni/.ing General De Gaulle's com- Liquor Option In Nip And Tuck Race Dallas, Texas—'UP)—Jt was the eve of tho JDnllns-Fort Worth local liquor option election. Two men riding a city bus were discussing the prospects. "The election !*• really going to be nip and' tuck,-" said one ot thc. men. "Well," replied the other man, "I sure hope it ciirna out. nip." • • tae of liberation, have been ic.i- (1 f ! tialed by French and American officials. They soon will be sent to London for final adoption. Airpliir.cs of identical design, equipment and capacity may voi-y as tiuich us. 200 pounds in actual ground weight. T7iT>|7''K 1 J. XV.IJ.LJ Inspection SERVICK No Duration Waterbury Keating' Co. :i.'t Spring St., Wtliy. 4-0-t" TTs' us. IU3L1NQUISK1IS CON'TItOL Pliiladolphih, Aupr. 17—(UP)— The Army today relinquished control of the Philadelphia Transportation company.facilities, seized two weeks ago 1 lo brenk a strike which seriously rripplcd war production in tills nrseiivil city. on thfi heels of the llrst waves of TOO ps. .The prow of U)p L. C. T, will 'loat in only three feet of wator J.IK! i.s driven hard through the ihoals, he statod until it hits the icach; the rarnp is dropped 1 down and ashore jfoes whatever ths craft nay be loaded with. 'The local sailor slated that his raft had a grandsland seat :is the oldior.s hit: the beaches, that an mphibious landing is no picnic nd that once having Kot the ramp own the crew of the 1*. C. T. must la'n ' tho anti-aircraft guns of •hich there wore plenty, and be eady to llpht off bombing and raffing planes. A few Zeros and Jap bombers appeared over the beaches at Sai- pan but American air cover was so effective that the Nip u.1rm:.-n Temperature Report Red Hermans,; was mad this morning, ,when .asked what was wrong with .the predictions of. late. Red'.said it would .storm yesterday, and it didn't—not here anyway Red said that the old redlxiud could not be blamed for what happened yesterday. The clouds and the thunder and the lightning were thcre^'but the" ruin just wouldn't come: Red philosophised then about leading u nag to water, but "you cun.'t- make him drink it." And this was the way the alniOKt- titian haired character explained the failure of the prognostications. Here's how the temperature has been for the pust 2-1 hours: Wed n'csday: lp m ; .. . 97 2 p. m «3 3 p. m fc8 4 p. m % C p m 92 C p. m.- 8C V p ,m 8-1 . 8 p. m 80 !) i) m. SO 10 p. m 79 11 p. m. .....' 78 • 1 p. m 78 Midnight 77 Thursday: 1 u. m 70 2 a. m 70 ' 3 a. m 74 . | •1 a. m 74 5 a. m 73 G a. in 72 7 a. m .72 8 a. m. 80 9 a. m S-t 10 a. m 02 11 a. m .'., . 96 Noon SO 1 p. m 97 THERE'S A SMART, SERVICEABLE, DUST DEFYING GREY WORSTED' $50 j SUIT FOR MEN THAT HAS WHAT TFf TAKES TO GET MEN ENTHUSED! OVER CLOTHES. First of all its service mileage is something to read about — and something you'll remember—the distinctive hand tailoring makes it a suit you'll keep on good terms with no matter how long it stays with you—and best of all —an all around every month in the year suit .$50. German Front Before Paris Is Crumbling (Continued from Page 1) Record*) Courteous Service LOVIXK ELECTRIC CO. 6 Cliurcli Street , to jfCt away under cover of darkness. Eut a front line dispatch from United Press War Correspondent William A. Wilson says ih« escape g-ap hnd been closed to all large scale Nasti movement. About the only break the Germans K'ot in France today was tin: weather, u held down Allied duy- .iife'ht aerial operations. Last night nearly 3200 RAF bombers pounded the Naxi Baltic ports of Stettin and Kiel, while other raiders attacked Berlin for the third straight >j;£ht. jVa/i Flyinsr bombs have damaged the grounds at BiiclfinRham palace, the residence of King George. Canning Time In Here \Vf. have an excellent supply of the famous BALL IDE.VL FRUIT and BALL IDEAL MASON JARS — also — • JKLLV CLASSES • EXTRA COVKRS • .IAK RUBBERS TEMPI-ETON'S TEMPI-ETON'S COUNKU WATERBCRY DIAL 4(180 (No Toll Charjfe)' SPECIAL TO OUR DANCING FRIENDS!! Friday, Saturday Johnny Rock 'n' RIM Koclr and Rye Boyn Polka* and Sw-dtt Mania Bill I-uh.-ick Polka Orchentn J 5 to 0 Sundays White Eagtej Restaurant BRIDGE STREET Member of Connecticut' Restaurant AKKOClation U I'ICK BKAXS Sanford,,' Aug. 17—(UP) —About 2SO San Cord and Springvale yonntf.-5.ters liave picked TV.CTO pounds of bc.ins in the past three weeks. The children', working under the direction of the Maine Extension Service, pick an average- of 200 pounds a d.-iy each. JUST RECEIVED! BOYS' Ragged DUNGAREES Of heavy denin — with double front to give them double wear — double stitching throughout. — Four large roomy pockets — in navy - blue only — Sizes 8 to 16. 3G& $|.49 The MILLER & PECK Co. WATERBURY — CHESHIRE MOTOR MACHINIST'S MATE .ARNOLD K, ~OR1 lever were able to make a suc- 'ce.ssful run over the targets, bomb- intr huphowirdly. Nuisance air raids were made at night over Saipan by-1.he Japs to keep the Americans from bleeping-. Petty Officer Xori stated, and a few more Nip airmen appeared during the daylight ] hours to carry on this practice of j 'keeping the Americans on the alert arid- without I'o.-t for the full '24 hours each cay if possible. .'Petty Officer Nori has been in the Navy one an-d one-half years and has been overseas. JO months, coming and going into the war zone with task forces as a member of a Navy amphibious landitijr unit. He is very proud of the work of American 'sailor.;, soldiers and Marines in the war zone, saying t'liat all branches of the service work together like a machine, giv-, in.y one another all tho aid possible. He stated that he was located in o.n area in the Pacific .where there were thousands of sailors, -soldiers and Marines, but he ha> s , yet to meet a serviceman from Naujj«tu<;k, although 'lie stated that he never j,'avo up hope of meeting a fellow townsman. The local sailor wears; three battle stars for the Marshalls, Eini-. wetak. and Saipan, in addition to the Atlantic and Pacific war zone ribbons. He is a graduate of Navi- gatuck Hiffh school class of 1941. and' also was graduated from the Naval 'Diesel Motor school at Richmond 1 , Virginia. , Petty Officer Nori, a splendid type -of youmr sailor, reports at Norfolk, Virginia, for a special detail 'Spon, probably in connL-cTion with a new ship. He [eels that he is very fortunate to get home on leave from the wnr zone, and is highly confident that matters will push right alomg in the Pacific, very successfully, for (he American forces, but would not .hazard a guess on the date of tile end of the war with the Japanese. NOW • SHE SHOPS ° GASH AND CARRY" ' Without Painful Backache Many euffcrcni relieve nacKin« bnckach* quictJy. once iJ;cy discover that t)jo re»l cause of their trouble may be tired kidney*, Tbo kidney* nrc Nature'* chief way of uik- IHK tho CXCCM ocid» and wnato cut of tba biood. They ue.'p mo«t peop/o pu« about 3 p;ni» ft day. • » When disorder of kidney function permit* poi*onnuji matuir to r*ra*in in your blood, it may cnuac nimginirb^ckucho, rheumatic pnim, Ice Pftin», low of pep and energy, gcvtinn up nighu, Bwcllinc. pulTinew updcr the eycn, Jjcadachoa and diximvu. FrequoDt or »canty piuwngcB witli •martJtJt und burning sometimes ahowi there ii •oroutbmK vron^ with your kidney* or bladder, ^ ^Dou't waitf A»k your drugpfnt for Doan'* Pills, u»cd iuccttifully by million* for over 4l)yuar». They KJVC liuppy relief nnd will help tlju 15 mill's of kidney lube* Huib out poiion- ou« wa»io fro«i your biood. Gel Do*n r * Fiji*, CANNERS $5,98 Also CANNING JARS and ACCESSORIES NAUGATUCK HARDWARE NEARY BUILDING Tel. 5212 Naug-atuck's Thrifty Saved $57,409.59 With This Bank Last Week Were You Included? START YOUR ACCOUNT NOW NAUGATUCK SAVINGS BANK All Deposits Guaranteed School Board Meeting Called Off (Continued from Page 1) Republicans and three Democrats and an absentee would give one of the parties numerical superiority when the votinff started. As it is, the report goes on, the group is deadlocked on tho scldttion of two candidates. . It was not stated when the next meeting, will , be . held, although there is a slight chance that it may be next Thursday. Prompt, Expert , WATCH & .IKWEDRV REPAIRING William Schpero Jeweler 180 CIIUKCH ST. — I Flight Up — CLEARANCE: Summer Dresses 100 Years of Service For over 100 years this plant has continuously served our nation with quality footwear and other fine rubber products, both in peace and in war. UNITED STATES RUBBER CO. Naugatuck Footwear Plant 2-J-Pc. set, Si . Service for 6 FREE!! planning; Your Future' 1 writ*', Cull or phone 4-8772 PO«IT JUNIOR .*• ^^ * COLLBGK 24 CENTRAL AVENUE Ford Charcoal Briquets NOW AVAILABLE We have received the first shipment since the war began of charcoal briquets for civil- • ian consumption. Packed in 20 fb. bags. Burn twice as long as ordinary lump charcoal. Quick heat in'convenient smokeless form. Get a bag for that picnic before they are gone. ' '. _ \ The Naugatuck Fuel Co. 87 Church St phone 5236

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