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The Kansas City Star from Kansas City, Missouri • 71

Kansas City, Missouri
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I 17 THE KANSAS CITY STAR SUNDAY MAY 21 192S ALL ROADS LEAD TO KANSAS CITY NEXT MONTH A CRITIC HAS A BAD WEEK zs rtg-t? oloklicanale Fkme Sprang Soma Collar Bax firvt pi Coll ---I Pith VIER-SON -ts "1 -1) 2 9 017c 46 4c-Low A Iiiiii0 p4timaus8 gA 1 -A Fi-r 0 6 own 31 Apou A--7 -'6" COWIIABL3 ontz )e 7- A (1 Vitcraom IA i' 1 -11 COVNIK3 rt hmus-4 I euntLvea em-11 tto now TIN 1AP 410 rAW 4110-1111 1 -N4 it furl 4 4:" mo4 74 4 1112114A (6 SAIDA 3 ST Att DOZE -1 11 1 I011 a lima v4 4 3 I r----J poo1 or I non' si norm a cm you A gitiAarl I 141 TStmt 11- '6214-c loN tAmmi A'F nr lan 0 el" r1F-3 a '1'1' twuusal cir I "113 1 1 'mt tTiktifrott i 7 nreE samia of a a aq 6 kal 1 CARSON CTTY i rim "1 Par-6 3' ttiosv I 4 (I SAS Amu ontz-40 A Dun) IA cfly COVATBIZ 'twat TOMA CrrYttlt 6 A i'd 1 Int I cote to i 1 A 5 ri )(' -(111 II nett de I a 1 A I -t- JutvksoN '63441 121661 1 Ott 1111 dm littttat an' I -fts r- AsH liasta ''-1'ais swat A amano- I i I 1---- sANTA FE 4 1 st IAS Alai cia4 -1-- movj OtaiHOSIA A Ifs I l''' 1 I 7 11 14' 1 1 I 11: lismass--1 1Y-1A s' 7 I 442 I I OAC01 0 a Z' AUS1V 4 It l'Ai t-ecr 0 lb 'it'1- A liver paid St 18 17997 25 ii trate luny letitultrt 107 East ti Street 'Pounded nu rEb liver paid St 18 I7997 2500 it iltrate ltrty latticom 107 East Street 'Pounded knnuall LLPiEb one vouched for by Herman Ritterholl assistant general manager of the Southwestern Bell Telephone Company here concerning the unre liability of Strowger's telephone which he attributed to telephone girls At that time Mr Ritterhoff was employed by the old Bell Telephone Company with offices at Sixth and Wyandotte streets One of the customers was Mr Strowger shoe place of business was on the north side of Ninth street between Wall and Wyandotte streets Rib telephone was the old Blake transmitter You whirled its crank half a dozen times to call central Mr Strowger had more than his share of trouble with the system and all of his complaints reached Mr Ritterholf Hardly a day passed that he did not call Mr Ritterhoff and threaten dire consequences if his telephone did not function better Mr Ritterhoff sent every workman to the undertaker's establishment at various times But none of them could remedy the trouble and Mr Strowger's ire a as increased Finally the failure of the telephone to function on an important call caused Mr Ritterhoff to investigate personally Mr Strowger took some drawing out of a drawer in his desk and assured Mr Ritterhoff that those represented the means of taking away the jobs of all the telephone operators With a round collar box a packet of pins and a pencil the undertaker had devised an automatic system which dispensed with operators Mr Ritterhoff was impressed with the possibilities but his mission Wat to Correct the existing system MITRES A SHARE IN armormort Investigation showed that the undertaker's telephone was impaired by a tin sign which had been placed over the telephone and replaced outside by a new sign When the front door was opened draughts would swing the sign over the telephone sometimes causing it to get caught in the two binding posts that stuck up above the telephone That short circuited the telephone and it would not work until the door was opened again and another draught set the sign free Mr Strowger realized that he needed scientific assistance He offered Mr Ritterhoff 10000 shares in a proposed company if he would work on the plans The next Sunday he took his drawings to Mr Ititterholl's office and they were revised The undertaker came In contact with Joseph Harris a young commercial traveler who had imagination to recompense for his lack of technical knowledge Harris decided there were vast possibilities in the collar-box switch when he was delayed in a call at Carthage Mo by inattention of an operator That was in 1889 A MILLION-DOLLAR Mr Strowger sold out his business here and sent to Chicago to put up a working model of his telephone which had been patented On his inVitati011 Mr Ritterhoff went there to see it in operation The device worked to perfection But the workmanship was ludicrous and when Mr Strowger opened a closet door to show it to his friend Mr Ritterholf burst into laughter at the awkwardly soldered connections That laugh cost him a million dollars Mr Strowger slammed the door in anger and walked away outraged Mr Ritterhoff returned to Kansas City and wrote to the inventor but his letters were unanswered In 1891 Harris floated a company which he called the Strowger Automatic Telephone Exchange capitalized for 850000 In making the rounds to establish manufacturing facilities they met A Keith a young engineer They took hirn into the company and to him belongs much credit for making Strowger's invention practical A year later the first automatic exchange was established in La Porte Ind and the innovation began revolutionizing telephone service The early Strowger switches were complicated It was realized that simplification was necessary By 1902 the switch differed widely from the original and was the prototype of those used today Before Mr Ritterhoff could get to Chicago to claim his 10000 shares after he had heard of Strowger's cess the inventor died Mr Ritterholt learned that he had been left out of the company and to this day he rues that impolite but spontaneous laugh Automatic Electric Inc which manufactures the apparatus employs 10000 operatives in seven factories in various parts of the world Those 10000 shares would have meant an easy million dollars to Mr Ritterholf The automatic company is controlled by Theodore Gary Co of Kansas City Mr Gary acquired his interest after the company was formed pnot EVERAL fortunes originated In the collar box device of a Kansas City undertaker who developed therefrom the 4 automatic telephone ly years ago But the inventor on Strowger unlearned in or mechanics profited very Nearly 200 cities in the United 4tes have installed the improved roar system which rendera IA service without interposing le possibility of error by a huan element Several foreign govnments have adopted it As early ntoo an automatic exchange was 4zed in service in Berlin Soon erward there were installations in Mb America England Australia td Cuba and now the automatic slem is used in Sydney Melbourne Aires Winnipeg Montreal nonton Havana Honolulu Manila other foreign cities while it is rg installed in London Tokio and sitsrtatanoN LED To AN DEA ere are two versions of the tires that lead Strowger to inrt an automatic system One of has it that he suspected that business suffered from a con-icy between a telephone operator a competing undertaker to report Stmwger line "busy" whenever tive patrons called That is so well founded however as the EVERAL torn In the collar lip a Kansas who developee 4 automatic teldi 71 years ago Bu Strowger 'ence or mechanics Nearly 200 cities tes have installed roner system 1 IcIt service witho possibility of el element Seven ments have adopte lin an automatic zed in service in erward there were uth America Eng I Cuba and now eem is used in Syd enos Aires Winnl nonton Havana other foreign dt installed in Lon to SUMMATION LED ere are two 'V tires that lead rt en automatic s3 has it that he business suffered icy between a tele a competing unde Stmager line "1 tire patrons so well founded 1 (Continued Iron Peon 14 In the opera bouse of my native hamlet Cadiz The play had an especial Influence upon my subsequent conduct because one of the most poignant characters was Willie Hammond the dissipated son and heir of Squire Hammond the rich nabob of the neighborhood MORGAN'S BABE A GROWN WOMAN Willie at heart a nice boy was mined by rum and evil colnrades and he came to a bad end in Simon lades suburban Ealoon Joe Morgan the village sot having signed the pledge of total abstinence became the prosperous superintendent of the local tannery In the season now expiring I have had some honest thrills from "Strange Interlude" "Coquette" "The Three Musketeers" "Show Boat" and "Manhattan Mary" But my only tears were shed the other night as I listened to Joe Morgan's babe a mature lady with big legs and long curls singing Father dear father come home with me now The clock in the steeple strikes one! The advertisements say "Ten Nights in a Barroom" as revived at Wallack's theater has become a rendezvous for the trivial deep-thinkers who inhabit New York and its tributaries The elegant dinner parties of Park avenue the Bronx and Washington Square hasten alter a hurried meal to Miss Mae West in "Diamond 111" or Miss Kathleen Kirkwood in "Ten Nights in a Barroom" The only objection I have to Miss Kirkwood's revival of an old masterpiece is that its acting is unintelligent A troupe of county-fair hams tries to spoof an ancient play with the result it makes them and it silly AND FIELDS CHEWED GUM It was my so-called privilege to see Miss Judith Anderson one of our numerous First Actresses pretending to be in love with Lou Tellegen in a foreign show called "Anna" He was a conventional sculptor and she the daughter of a business inan was proud of her shape So she took off her clothing and posed before him incognito thereby gaining his amorous regard He thought she was merely an impoverished model though really she was the owner of many stocks and bonds Therefore after the traditional misunderstandings they kissed as the curtain fell on just another of those things Although I sat In the second row upon an aisle seat which had cost me nothing I regarded the investment as unprofitable Those who pay expensive prices for chairs in "Anna" will no doubt find their expenditure worth while I almost forgot to tell you that William Fields the notable histrion chewed chewing gum through "Get Me in the Movies" as did his otherwise comely lady companion And that Tom Mix responding to no demand whatever made a speech on the Many delegates and others attending the Republican national convention will travel to Kansas City by motor car This map prepared for the American Automobile Association shows the most direct routes from each of the state capitals together with the number of votes allotted to each state In the convention Other important connecting highways are not shown opening night satirically complimenting himself and others CEP 2LCOtti ite5 )N St )roof pres ears able lress i es or Nal iV CEP eee)ee ite5 )N St roof pres earg able iress 1111 or wth and that the daily output is 2300 Th la with orders still being received in large numbers means a long time before the demand will be satisfied THE ILLRTII PLAYERS' PROGRAM responsibility There are escape by death escape by sickness and finally escape by stupidity The last is the least dangerous and the most convenient for even clever people will not as a rule find it so remote as they would prefer to imagine Some Convenient Elite There are many ways of shirking The Eddie Kuhn tnit on Kansas City Athletic Club Roof Tonight The Curth Players an Eddie Kuhn unit with Clessner Curth directing will play the following on the Kansas City Athletic Club roof tonight: "Marche Lorraine" Gonne Waltz "Reveil du Printempa" Sossoitt Selection front "Apple B106501118" Kreiger "Serenade" Demo "Loteltant" Adams Selection from "High Jinka" Frtml 'Reconciliation Poilia" "A Dream" Partleet "Porett-Me-lior Macbeth "Alums" Liacke A VISIT TO PARSONS WHERE THEY WILL FIGHT FOR RIGHTEOUSNESS A VISIT TO so because of the steady demand for cars now in the hands of their dealer Some of these announcements it is officially stated will be withheld until next fall and in at least one case until next January during the annual automobile show This will be a line of cars that is being changed to 8-cylinder types from sixes Other producers say the present demand makes it impossible to close down their plants to change models Truck and bus output continues to show a slow but steady increase This Is particularly noticeable in the light commercial vehicles Employment in the various automobile factories and accessories shops has shown an increase every welt since January The total now is 257- 030 an increase for the week of 523: and an increase over the corresponding week of 1927 of 32466 Ford output continues small coin-pared with the plant facilities Deal- 1 ers are getting a fraction of their factory orders There is no question that other producers in the low price field are reaping a harvest because of the i delay in Ford mass production Of- I tidal announcement says Ford orders on hand are approximately 1 million PletYA THIN OZARK CYA NI ARO BRIGHT MOTOR C411 OUTLOOK A Pillibt Dee eeeee In the Peet Week 11Itb bales btill Above Normal THE WORD CLINIC A Tail itrirrSiTt ag)--vers viiir "Mt llectorrSa a 50 Perfect Pi Dark Ora Finest Quality Ara 4Fici 4 Fast Colors 011P bill Lirt Tan 111111111 'wets ark Ten (''' 4: -7-''''''-'N I Light gear Perfect protection against rt and sear Improves appearatee 11 MI Dthi95 of life of II cushions Protects clothes Quality Seat Covers of finest seat corer 111111 0 IS 3 cut and best made Comttlete ready to put on with no cutting or fitttng Covers can be reversed Can -nive name be cleaned perfectlY 8trong rich looking Send No Money -address year long life Better material than most stores and model of car (coupe coach or sell for $1000 to $15 00 Satisfaction sedani and we a 111 ship a at guaranteed or money returned aome bargain Prices plus Postage QUALITY SALES CO Dept 14 515 Dearborn St Chicazo III Perfect 2 A Ninon ogrsimoTrunomon 1 41-111 111- a gioeN011 4 IOU I ilkeictorpAn Finest Quality 4 Fast Colors till Lirt Tan ark Tan Dark Ora 1 4- Light grav 95 Perfect protection against dirt i and sear Improves appearance 1111 of life of II 11 otithilk MM cushions Protects clothes Quality Seat Covers of finest seat corer 1111 0 IS All cut and best made Complete ready to put on with no cutting or fitttng Covers can be reversed Can (11ve Dame be cleaned perfectlY Strong rich looking Send No Money -addreNs year long life Better material than most stores and model of car (coupe coach or sell for SI000 to $15 00 Satisfaction sedani and we a ill ship a at guaranteed or money returned aboNe bargain plus Postale QUALITY SALES CO Dept 14 515 Dearborn St Chicay) 111 ---e14- V-311 1-1 rl Ig': tvt: 11 A lin 4)Je r-- i7--AirtANSAS I Lars- ika a Co ITY ::111 1 I 11)1 rtP A jte rt- 4 4 1 NI: 4117 itt -4)t -----ierseV or- r-ITt allJ I AT4 A i It? 1--1-1 i 11 0 7 7irCi Car 4 ia ti I)je crovirridtlisat44 IrT ei ri ortk' 11'11111 31 ail Al Kt Drrsoir May 213--For the past few weeks the motor car industry has maintained a better than normal condition for this time of year and manufacturers and dealers are of the opinion that sales throughout June will be good for most cars Some manufacturers who were expected to announce new lines before the first of June have deferred doing A CAPNW LIBQAQ1 PAQ EONS ANOTHER CLAM YO CUINQS AO LIE oevcs ER CUM 5100 Iltktn Mts Posy PLEAWN1 RATON 0 Il 1600a ela 0 iLA a LOU0 05AWATOME i 56 a 1 cRA 0 Iltxto41? Von' PLEAVeroN ---civ Rims CD At3 HA 387 Stocks I Stock es may to the re ers of V-1 rnintirun IOLA OLONY RuMBOLDT aparE '1 ER)11 esst 4 6 El 0 o09 -ZFIVA I BOQPElt 4 7 1 a 91' 1 HA 3 8 vk 7 It PI lip 1 09 I 0 P- 'f(- 03 I it AP il 0 11' cP- --J 0 Stocks es may 1 di 1 Stock st 4 Ar EWA i I 1411 trizizlittlx cel4t4Y letsT i tql 3 to the re -1- A ers of 11e- kir qh CAT Not IC tOLA 0-tuckCe I 'It PAL I 49 114uMBOLN tgo cliAparrE Al t5 e) 6721 LINTON Ptitt Onoo PRE6t011 LINTON pop sto 0 PRE 6 corp sugerm A real estate man looks at an Oldsmobile "Undoubtedly I ant unreasonable in my demands" said this real estate man when he came in ''l want the performance comfort and appearance of an expensive I want the fine quality of materials and construction that will make these advantages lasting Yet I don't want to invest a lot of money" When Informed that the tWe door sedan sold for $923 Lansing he lifted his he said nice lines What kind of body construction?" 1 :1 -) A real estate ii1 0 Ell A lnan looks at 104 an Oldsmobile 1 i LES xiakr: 4 M1 ILII 0 I 1 111) I icaolb 04i a rtil Yms''-1 ir I 1ff "Undoubtedly I tin tures- sonable in nly demands" said this real estate man 1 when he came in ''l want ai 1 the rerformance comfort las wlta i and appearance of an expen- sive I want the fine quality of materials and 1 NI construction that will make these advantages lasting Yet I I I don't want to invest a lot i 0 of money" 1 I 1 When informed that the tWe 7- rt 11 17 door sedan sold for $923 i a 14)1 Lansing he lifted his MI vagtik 12Wi1 4 ho sal "nice lines What kind of 111111111i body constrnalon?" asimN 'I 1 I1 111 11 1 1 Ei oar( PAM1NLE EAR tifklbTO it CROZARD oci )MCVNE ICR vow pAmmIE EARUIOTO 14) COZAD oci me lo 6 71 "There is something fascinating In linguist crime" says Otis Skinner "Many of our youngsters in cultured families think it a bit unmanly to speak with care and accuracy" Mr Skinner might have our youth follow the wonderful example of Chesterfield who early in life determined not to speak one word in conversation which was not the fittest he could recaUt Ssws-cutorrs: Sanz ku-lot (a as in am as in unite as In not) A fellow without breeches: a radical term of contempt applied to the French revolutionists Doucrus: Doo-sur (o's as in food as in urn) A gift for service done or to be done an present somtimes a bribe (F from doux sweet) TANTAMOUNT: Ten-ta-mount (a as In airi a as in ask) Having equal or equivalent value effect or import "A general rise or a general fall of price is merely tantamount to an alteration in the value of money" Sa-chem (a as in aim as in end) A chief of some tribe of American Indians: one of the officers or governing council of the Tammany Society in the city of New York "Governor Smith is Installed as a Tammany headline ESPERANTO: Es-pe-ran-to (e's as In end a as in arm as in old) An artificial language Intended to be universal devised by a Russian who adopted the pseudonym "Dr Esperanto" The spelling is phonetic and the accent is always on the penult 'If it be true that 'money American dollar is the world's esperanto" says a local banker ATLANTES: At-ton-tea (a's as in am as in each) Figures or half figures of men used as columns or pilasters to support an entablature (Greek) ASSERVATIONI A-tev-er-a-shun (a as In am as In end as In her a as in aim as in under) A solemn affirmation or declaration as open oath (L) "Attila on his side was satisfied and deceived by their solemn MYRMIDONS: Stur-mi-don (u as in urn I as in pin as in old) One of a war-like people represented as followers of Achilles in the Trojan war: a soldier or subordinate civil officer who without protest or pity executes the orders of his superior "Go home to thy ships and company and lord it among thy Pvrartmzst: Pa-tri-ha-e-al (a as in am I's as in pin a as in society a as in account) Relating to through the male line that is through the father and the paternal with matrilineal CADENZA: Ka-dent-sa (a as in sofa as in end a as in soft) In music a parenthetical flourish or flight of ornament in the course of an aria (Italian) UNCONSCIONABLE: Un-kon-shun-a-b1 (u as in up as in odd as in circus a as in glass) Going be yond the bounds of what is customary or reasonable not guided or controlled by "There is nothing about which old soldiers Spin such unscionable yarns as about the size of the armies they have thrashed" Ommze: Go-tya (o as in old a as In aim) Theophile Oautier was a French poet novelist and critic (1811-18721 CONTUMELIOUS: Kon-tu-me41-us (o as in odd as in unite as in each I as in pin as in circus) Haughtily contemptuous or offensive disdainful (L) "Curving a contumelous THE WORD Before the new Oldsmobile was pre sented to the public more than a million miles of testing were put be hind it For two years it was thread ing the traffic of street and highway running the gauntlet of exacting tests On the General Motors Proving Ground 1177000 miles of wearing tearing use! As a resultthenewOldsmobilebrings to buyers those fine car qualities which have in TIVO4) the past been available only at higher prices--high speed combined with steadiness true smoothness combined with TWO I Excise kus rugged power quietness combined with ease of in a six whose stamina is a matter of engineering record! Naturally it has emphasized the brilliant styling achievement repraented in the new Oldsmobile-Fisher bodies Naturally it has caused amazement that a car oleo many basic superiorities could offer in addition so many items of equipment Find out for yourself the reasons for the new vogue that has caused thousands and thousands of buyers to choose the new Oldsmobile MOO a SEDAN pOI "Tisher construction" he was informed "Selected hardwood and steel I "Yes I know" he inter rupted "rve read Fisher advertising and know what that means" In a few minutes he was at the wheel of an Oldsmobile beaded toward one of his subdivisions The road was far from good "I have never ridden in a more comfortable car" he exclaimed "I thought th at only the biggest cars could ride like thus' '925 111( 'Me Nation the Vell-known asan had her hatchet But aner Kansan Kate Bender attained Lvenue degree of fame or at any rate -ones by means of her hammer 4 was in wayside-inn days down at MIS Kas that Kate Bender and hammer-wielding family floured And some of the hammers -Y are said to have flourished are il retained in Parsons as relics an important railroad center aorts boosters today let it be MI that travelers are safe and 'LE casual visitor saunters about the In a freely receptive mood for impressions which are afforded Falsken manager of the omobile Club of Kansas City and Li witn 'T presentative of 'The Star recently Lns If tered on a 2-day trip down into itheastem Kansas with Parsons as we can goal for the all-night step 'arsons la distinctly a railroad with its shops its grimy its sturdy trainmen The zth of dairying' poultry raising I general agriculture gives the la curious blending of rustic and trial elements Saunter through railroad station and you see the 1 promoter from Oklahoma the 'toy the picturesque Mexican and more picturesque senorita from border the Indian and the griz1 person from the Ozarks A few years ago Parsons had a lie wave a modem bit of big-city Vichita inction to be sure but the kind distinction which the city did not '11 to perpetuate Robberies bur- ries shootings and four mysteri murders aroused the citizens six Ises were robbed in one night one 'llt of a highwayman on a brightly 'ited business street was slashed 3s5 the throat and another reed two bullet wounds Women children didn't venture out of 'rs and motion pictures were shown empty houses he next day three hundred were organized to patrol the 'els at night and augment the police force Forty undesirables hiS deported and the crime wave broken in short order UndS 'old aside from opposition to the lolls things of overt violence Par-flew In its hectic history has displayed stinct flair for militant righteous It It was twenty years ago that 'mmq under the leadership of or Moses led a fight against drug stores Permite all but two of the ton 's twenty- drug Mores were rescinded Per- 1 un a ere retraued in nle caws trt 'r tile proprietors etn Foployed new cisla and the proprietors were qui not to violate the law there''''illit rigluenitsness thus on the the local took Ision to conduct a blue law cam 11 lVt lit ed by the law and order 11Lic the organization obtained as et Lvenue far MO 71( ed 1 Li with ass If we Can 1 fl'n 1 Vichita ri IS pi -e this sr unds new 4 trty rrie Nation the Nii ell-known asan had her hatchet But an- er Kansan Kate Bender attained Lvenue degree of fame or at any rate -crlety by means of her hammer MO was in wayside-inn days down at 30n3 Kas that Kate Bender and hammer-wielding family flour- ed And some of the hammers -Y are said to have flourished are Lansing mod spore tiro eirbroi ming ti" warrants for theater men Who operated on Sunday As an example of how the powers of iniquity sometimes gain an advantage some of the theater men purchased flowers on Sunday at a greenhouse conducted by the local president of the and state president of the With this evidence they threatened to retaliate in kind and the situation was somewhat embarrassing for righteousness Before Volstead made the thing official the Moms Club at Parsons ousted the bar and put in a soda fountain and demonstrated they could prosper better than formerly The Parsons Men's Associated Bible Classes have been known to select candidates for mayor and conuniseloners for the primaries and their influence is something to be reckoned with The election of Alfred Coed the M-K-T boilermaker as mayor to supplant Peter Foley who was made defendant in an ouster suit brought by Attorney General Hopkins is an instance where the people themselves overrode a supreme court decision which "whitewashed" Foley's administration We see this frontier railroad town as an impersonation of the rugged hard-working westerner who packs a ready six-shooter for the maintenance of law and order and practices a puritanical decorum Before the radio took singing from the masses and made the multitude listeners to the few a wave of community singing which had its inception in Kansas swept the and incidentally no doubt had much to do with preparing the way for the popularity of the radio Arthur Nevin as head of the musical extension work of the University of Kansas seems to have been responsible for the country-wide popularity of song Parsons was the first Kansas town that Professor Nevin transformed into a niuto center From this little frontier town a gentle ideal went forth which conquered Parsons the rough-and-ready de fender of law and order Parsons the militant the righteous is a singing ardor And as for the castles which Parsons has managed to attain in its career of idealism through storm and strife any booster will point with pride to the Carnegie library the $175000 municipal building and auditorium and the high 4) IDSMOBIILE nIPaiir 0 PRODUCT OP GENERAL MOTORS 1 1 I 1 KING MOTOR CO TAFT MOTOR CO 351315 Broadway Kt Intel City Mo 1524-26 McGee St Kansas City Mo When he W1S told that a set of four Lovejoy hydraulic shock absorbers came with the car as standard equip- mat he was quite surprised Returning through traffic be tucked the car into a scant parking space at the curb stepped out and said "I met thought Id find it-- but I bale This car meets every requirement I need And ant Itu sold!" Come take that drite today FEUER MOTOR CO 907 5tit Stmt Kansas City Kos floor to Eighty Conntrim Washington--(A P3-11 I tualf every country in the world bought American flour last year the department of commerce says 12826e00 barrels being shipped to eighty countries and territories The Netherlands was the largest buyer with China second China is regarded as a promising market its purchaes inCrcabing ateactily PRICE LOW A OF FINE Inowsummill 1111IMOMMoilp1ionqmowmmmiaomvipmepourmeli i 0 I MMIRMMWeatO1tM014Abal.

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