Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on August 17, 1944 · Page 6
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 6

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 17, 1944
Page 6
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Alcazar Friday, Saturday THURSDAY, APQP8T 17, 1944 CYO Wins fa Browns Loses But Still Hold Lead As Tigers Yanks Win; Cards Shutout Giants, < Winning 1 80th Game Of Year . Serin 1 from "Secret Cumn heading fin'- program. ******************** On The Air Today •l:i)li |). in. WOR—News: K:un- bltngs WEAK-WTtC—R.-ickstapc Wife 1VAI3C -Servicv Time- WAT R.-W.f JV--OOITC-'[Hinder, ts Abroad •1:1,") p. til. "VVARC--Home Front Matinee WEAF- Stella Dall-i* •\VATn-WJZ.-Dun Nut-man Show WOR-Rambling with Gambling •l:','il> p. in. WAT1C— Off tlu^ lii-cord WOR—Full Speed Ahead WEAK Loivn/ii Jo:ic-. .!:•!", p. in. WABC—Ray Scott Show WBAF-WTTC—SV'iddiM- Brown KYKfll.ASSES SHOT c. Tomlinson Nrnry Hulhllng k, Conn. STflKK Ci.OSKll Al.l. I>AY KA<:il MONDAY DL'KIN'li .ll.'I.V AND AUGUST Vor l)i'|ictid:ililc Auto Insiiruiice jiri- Union City Insurance Agency ,li>M-|ih V, UnsUi", Agi'lit .'! Ciilciii Sin-el. Ti-l. -I!PW-2!>M ^» ******** ***********************• \ (liiKATKK SKUVICI-: | » from .vinir clollii-.i wlii'ii tlir.v } t urc c.lriiiifil rrgiilui-ly liy mir » J cxin-rt worUim'ii. rrnmiil MTV-» 1 D. LIEBERMAN | 2 20 CIIUHCH STKEKT J GREAT OAK FARM O.M''OKI> .KOAI> T.-l. ;-ill.|!l MILK — EGGS Dt'llvrry Tn All I'nrl.s <»f ' Helen':t. snov.-n ncrs, i> coming bacK to New Vor/: to commit murder! The lowly actress ,--'jo:ns the "Mr. (intl Mrs. r.'nrirr iate this mor.tli after n vncntion. ro portray n vfi.-u.'t.*- ot iv.rruicc rolus ux tin.- NBC whodtunt series. WJ55— I Top 1-tarrigan \VATU .Sustair ini; Music .•j;l)l! [i. in. V/AHC Knn with Dunn U'l'JAK-W'nC- -Win.'!! ;i Girl Marries , wori- Untie rv,n \V.I'/,-U'AT[',--Ti:rry all'l Piititfri ~)', ir> p. m. \Vir.Af-\VTIC - I.CIVL' und I, cam \VJX -Dick Ti-fn-y ?V'Uf-: -CM (('!« C'.'l.'Tfif WATM Mclu'ly I-lt-vii-w ri:','\t p, MI. WKAK-U'TIC IM.'iln l:ill \VATtl-\VJZ ,l;ifk A|-inslrn:ii; VVAHC Thi'i'c Si.ttr>|-:< \V()U TUMI Mix Slmw '>:•!'> p. in. WABC V/ildrnii-ss Uoad . . \VATI-i-W.JX SIM 1 Idiiiul WATU-VVOli Sli|ii'ITirin i;:lill p. MI. , WOR • NYw.<; l :i i-,-iyer WKA(''--.f*ifk Arlliiir \vjx-wA'rr;-\VTic-vviiAi-' News 11:1," |). in. WTIC N'nw.-- WATK Music foi- I'lining WHAI 1 '- Soi-ciuuli' i" Aiii-. \V.fX KrlU'l :ind ,Mbr.-t WAHC Ti-rl llti.sing \\'OK--Ncwsreol i;::"iO p. 111, \\'OR—News ' WABC—WAVE Program WATK—N'ews: Serenade \VEA1'"—SL-ronade; Bill Stern WJ5C—Whose War? Band WTIC—Strictly Spoi'ts ti:43 p. in, WOR—-Stan Lomax; Sports \VABC—\Vorld Today WJZ —News ' U'WAF—Miisie You Want 7:UO p. in. W.KAF-WTrC— Music Shop \VABC-I Love a Mystery '.•••UK - Fulton Lewis, Jr. \VATn-\VJ55- -Musical Mysteries 7:15 |i. in. \'.'OR—Victory is Oil:' Bti-'incss \VARC- Passing .Parade WEAF-WTtC—News of the World 7:SO [), m. \VOR—Confidentially Yours \VABC—Mr. Keen WATK—Drama Scries WJX —Dianne nnd Jesters WTtC-WEAF—Charlie Chsuv 7:-l,j 11. m. WOn—Answer Man \VATR-WJ2-OPA Talk S:IH) p. in. WEAF-WTIC—ThOi-u We i^ovc WABC— VVJ2-WATR—Watch World G'o By WOP,—News ,s:15 p. in. W-ATR-\VJX- Lum 'n' Abner WOU—Ni'.'U Darter »-.:w p. m. \V"OR—Quiz Sliow WAHC — Death Valley Slories WATR-W.T^—Town Meeting WEAF—Music oC the Evening !I:IX1 p. in. \VOR-Gribriel Hcatter \VEAF--.Mtisic Hail WA WC--Major Bowes Show '.1:17, p. m. WOR--Screen Test 0:31) j>. in. WABC— ninnh Shore Show WTIC—Village Store WATR-WJ2—Spotlight on James WOR—Starlight Serenade Hiiiiii [i. in, WARC —Front Line (l»v United The Detroit Tigers beat tho second-place Boston Red Sox -1 to 2 yesterday on Rudy York's three- run homer. 'j"TTe Tiger victory, their 12th in H games, moves them to within a half-game of the. Red Sox. Rufua Gentry was the Tiger pitcher. The New York Yankees won a clugging bee from the Cleveland Indians, 11 to 8. The victory came when Bud Mcthcny hit a three- run homer with two out in the ninth. Jim Turner took the Yank docision. J2d Popat pitched the White Sox to a 7 to 2 victory over the Washington Senators. Lopat had a shutout until the ninth' inning when tho Senators nudged two runs across, Russ Christopher allowed the league-leading Browns two runs on six hits and the Philadelphia A's won over St, Louis,' -1 to 2. Milt Byrnes hit a home run with a''man on 'for the Browns, • The Brooklyn Dodgers broke their losing streak at live straight with a'3 to 1 victory over Cincinnati. The loss dropped the Reds to third place, / Bill Nicholson's big bat boomed out its 27th home run of the season and the Chicago Cubs went on to boat the Boston Braves, II to 3. Nicholson, the leading home rttntlcT in the majors, smashed his :'our-!M'.ggcr with the bases filled. Rain ended the Philadelphia- ; Pittsburgh game in the second inning with the Phils ahead, 2 to 0. Fred Schmidt—a. relief pitcher ir, the past—star-ted for the St. .Louis Cardinals and shut out. the New York Giants. 5 to 0. Giant Rookie Bill Voiseile was the victim. This was the Rcdbirds' 80th v.-in of the season. Tommy Bridges Starred In'35 World Series Milton Gc'.scr, snown ncre. wnc writes the CBS "Wo VVno Dream' taiuasics. nas occn asKcd oy n booK publisher to compile a group ol Ms radio plays lor late tall release. The collection will include "One Special [•'or Doc," the most often aired play I- radio t'.lstorv. Inter-City Softball Battle At Linden Park Tonight Linden Park will be the scor.e o nn awful lot of activity tonight t little after 6 p. m. The Wnterburj Fire Department will come to thu spo; in Union City in an nttemp' to give the Naugauck Hosa Co softbnll team a battle. Ray Decgan, it was reported hni- been getting heat treatments for that aging arm o:' his the past fe\s diiys, which may be sin indicfitioi that Manager Nnuges and Coach Jimmy Grant will stnrt the ok (\reballcr on the hill. The Hose Co. board of strategy or perhaps, more appropriately ti"i>redy. revealed this morning that it had added another plan in nn effort to make a local victory certain. Information from a re liable source this morning said that if the coing got too rough foi the Hose Co., one 'of the volunteers would sneak off into Watcrhur> town limits, pull several alarm boxes, causing a recall of the Brass City men here, and also causing a postponement of the hostilities until' the Hose Co. could strengthen its squad. Pe'.e "I call them as 1 sco them, when I sec them" Brcnnan and Mike "I ean't be swayed from my decision" Shea will do the umpiring. Eddie Edwards will assume the hnthoy duties. Refreshments will the players aflor struggle. be served to the terrific WEA&'-U'TIC—Harry Savoy Show WAT I-;—P.'iiymond G. Swing 10:J5 p. in. WAT P.—Dancing Di'cs: News WJX—Transcription: G. Hicks \V1CAK- Dramatic Sketch / J«:.1(i p. m. WATR—Joe J£. Brown Show WABC—Here's to Romance Wl-;AK-SVTIC--.M:irch of Time 11:1)1) |i. in. ALL Stations—News 11:15 p. m. \VATK-\VJZ-_Ray Jicnle WJX -Chu CMO Mai-Line/. WABC—Bob Strong Orch. J.l:8l» p. in. WAEC—Viva ARKTira! WOR—Lonibarclo Orch. WEAK-WT.IC—New World Music WATR-V/J2—Soldiers with Wings I3:iui MU!nig!it WATR—Sign Off WJ55--Ncw.s; Olson Orch. WABC—News: Collowviy O:-cli. WEAF—News; Roy Shield Co. WOR—Strong Orchs. TECHNICOLOR LEAD NOW SHOWING AT THE STRAND THEATEB The Illinois river drains abou 1 one-hall 1 the state nnd is :iavlgabl« almost its entire length. ****** f ****** $ ******* fff ************* "Clynr's of Course" '['hat's rij,-ht. Clyno's is the place to go for handsome gifts, cifts J that arc treasured Just a fcw J stops from ICxchangc Place. J Drop In. U'e've beer, helping J \VaiiM-hiii y pii-k gift.s for 20? '" CLYNE GLASS SHOP \ 2<> llnrrlsnn Avo. Wntcrliury » I-******************************** Closing its week's hold-over run on the screen of -the Strand to- right is 20th Century-Fox'..- beautiful Technicolor romance. "Home In Indiana." Walter Brennan, Lon McCallister and Jeanne Grain are featured and the splendid nup. povting cast boasts such .names a'-. Charlotte Greenwood, June Haver and Ward Bond, "Home In Indiana" is based on George Agncw Chamberlain's Saturday Evening Post serial, "The Phantom Filly." and is the-' third in a successful series of Tccn"n.i- color hits with horse racing as a theme, made -by the 20th Century- Fox studios, Their "Kc.rstucky" delt with running horscis; "Mai-y- land," the steeplechase, and now, "Home In Indiana" depicts tho thrills, romance and action; of Grand Circuit 'harness racing. The location company, one ofy the largest in screen history, toured three states, Kentucky, Indiana and Ohio, to obtain the authentic ar.d beautiful ".apple pie" Ijack- ground. A new March of Time: "Americans All," and latest Movietone '<> j News complete theStrand bill clo in tonight, s- inp Starting tomorrow, Friday, the Strand will, hold over for another week in Walcrbury, tho niuch- talkcd about M-G-M Anniversary Hit, "Dragon 'Seed." boi-ed on the famed best-seller by Pearl Buck and BlnrrinK Katha'rino Hepburn Alcim ancl T Tamiroff, Aline MacMitli'oh. urliaa: Bey. By. BERNARD BRENNER . United Preii Sporti* Wr.ltcr . Tommy Bridges always has been tough 1 to'hit- when the clilpS arc down. Tho Detroit' hurler' has nerves to match his pitching style' —he's cool and cmfty. But he ran into a real test one fa41 afternoon In.'1935. Tommy helped pitch the Detroit Tigers to an American league pennant that year. In the National league, the Cubs came through to join tne Bengals in the world (series. Bill McGoweni was umpiring in. that series. He'd been wearing the blue for 13 years—three of them in the American league. -But even Bill was tense and jumpy through that scries. With thousands of dollars riding on every pitch—on every slide—- Bill and the other iimp.H knew they had to do a perfect job. Everyone in. the series feels that way—the managers, the players, even the bat boy. McGowan says that when a -ballplayer tells you the big show is- just another set of ball games—well, he's wandering from the truth. Tho umpire points to the BJxth game of the 1935 'scries to prove his point. That sixth game was played in Detroit. The teams came back from Chicago with the Tigers one up—three games to two. The scrle i-ould b2 tied with that sixth gam —or it could be won. The packe stands waited for -.he game to b gin on Oct. 7th. Tommy Bridget, pitched for Di troit. When you boi'led thing down, it had to be Tommy. Schoo boy Rowc was younger and fastu But the Cubs had beate.m Row twice in the scries—the last tim just the day before. Tommy, on tho other hand, IKI trimmed tho Chicago crew hi only time out. In any Tom my wu-3 Manager Mickey Cocii rail's "Sunday pitcher." He w,-i the ace in tho ho'.o. The guy go along with in: the clutch. ' For the Cubs it w<is Lnrr French—a lefthander—ant! a goo one. But the Tigers proved tha ho could be hit in the first inning Manager Mike Cochranc singled— the flawless Charley Gehrir.gcr sin glcd behind him—and then Pet Fox doubled to score Coch'rar.e pulled together then, an. got out of the ir.,ning without an more trouble. But the Tigc.-s ha. a one-run lead. The Cubs camo back in the thir to demonstrate that Bridges' wa no Super-man cither. A couple o b-V;C hits and the score was t at one-all. Then the fourth-—Gee Walke singled for the Tig-*rs and workcc his way around on infield play nnd a single by Billy Rogell. On.; more the Tigers stood one up— This 'time, at two-to-ona. For the moment the Tiger fans relaxed—but not for long. Tha ball' game was too full of thrilb and tension. The Cubs came, to ba in the :':fth. Larry French singled—ar.d he roosted there on first base as Bil Herman stepped up. Herman, tin Chicago second baseman, upset the apple cart by blasting tho apple high' in the left field bleachers. Thai put the Cubs ahead three to two—and once more the Tigei fans hollered for runs. The Tigers gave them one. That slam-bang battle en me to electric white heat in the sixth. Billy Rogell doubled and crossed the plate on a single,To make the story-book picture complete, neither team scored in the seventh or eighth. The 'Cubs came to bat in the ninth and something in the air said "now's tho time. This is the inning" Third Baseman ' Stan Hack waded into a fast one. Before the ball was back in the infield, Stan was on third—and nobody out, A fly would score tho winning run. Umpire McGowan.'. says he expected to sec some good pitching from Bridges. • But he got more than he bargained for. Tommy hitched up his belt and turned loose a scries of curves that topped anything he had thrown before:Tommy rose to that challenge ike a champion. He fanned .Billy J urges . Ho kept Hack larid- ockcd on third as French bounced back to the mound. Then Augie A BLUE CHIP By Jack .Sords. NOTICE! TO OUR 'NAUGATUCK STOKE CUSTOMERS! Duo to war time condition*, wo nrc compelled to close our Niiu- gatiitk store. CAT,!, TJS For the day our Route Man will ho on your street, Free Telephone Service For Xiiiiffiituck Customer* ,Call Enterprise 470ff SHALETT-LUX liauridcrcrs '—" Dry"Cleuner» 28 E. Main St., Waterbury . Main Offl<;n & Plant, 23 Walnut St. Ext. Watertown — Naupatuck Middlebury Chemical; U. S. Rubber Fight For 2nd Round Honors Tonight Gallagher, Uraska To Be Mound Rivals; Championship May Be Settled The championship of the >"auga- tuck Industrial league can be settled tonight at Recreation I'.eld. Tho Footwear plant oC Uio U. S. Rubber Co.. which captured first round honors last week, meets the NnuKJituck Chemical Co. for the second round crown. A w3n for the Footwearitcs would elimiijitc further piny, them the two rounds. Chemical- should win off would next week. Paul Gallagher is siated to go out to thi! hill for Manager Sy Seiberling's men, while Ed Uraska is being groomed to the Chemical's part in the game tonight. Chemical defeated Lewis Engineering Mor.dny night and arc pretty hoc after the U. S. Rubber. A close battle is expected. Local fans .iro invited to watch the action which starts at 6:15 p. m. ao.,flacl iving If the another play- be necessary — probably Rubco Golf Team In 'Dusty Tournament Tho U. S. Rubber Co. ho* entered a tcnm in the IRA'golf tournament, which will be -held Sunday at the East' Mountain golf '•oursc. On the Rubco team are Ch? Wotjack. G'.is TClnmaszewski. Joe Wujcik. and Henry Cieslcwski. The Cllase Br.oss and Copper Co will ' probably have the strongcs team 'with Pole Burke of Uniot City and Ned Farley, two of '-he better players in the vicinity tak ing part in tihc tourney under the Chase banner. Al Steven's and John Wysocki are the other two making up the Cliaso. four. A.MT.RICAN LKAGCE Vest<'rd:iy's Bcsults Detroit -1, Boston: 2. New York 11. Cleveland S. Chicago 7, Washington 2. Philadelphia -I, St. Louis 2. The Standing \V. L. Pet. St. Louis 67 46 .593 Bo'Mon SO 32 .030 Detroit 59 52 New York 5S 52 Chicago 5 3 5 9 Cleveland - . • • 54 61 Philadelphia 52 G3 Washington 47 35 .532 .527 .473 .470 ,452 .420 Tod:iy'» G:\TIIPS, Tilclicra Chicago at Washington (night) Dietrich (13-11) vs. Hacf^cr (S-9). Cleveland at .New York—Btigby (1-3) vv. Dubisl i"-10). / Detroit at Boston -Trout U9-0) vs. Bowman (S-C). St. Louis at Philadelphia—Muncrief (12-6) vs. H.irrps (10-3). Chicago 11, Bonon 3. ' NATIONAL T.KAGCK Ycslenlny's lli^suKs Chicago 33, BOSIOJI 3. Brooklyn 3. Cincinnati J. St. Louis 5, New York 0. Tho Stiincllnfr Galan fliod to Goose Goslin for the. last out. ;The Motor City fans went, mad as they cheered Tommy Bridges. The noise almost drowned out the action' in the last half of the ninth —the 'action that saw Goose Gosin'--drive in Mickey Cochranc with the winning run. The Tigers won 4' to 3, and Tommy Bridges was a hcrp'.i Bridges had pitched like a champion with the championship ftt stake. > - - - Wtt>- WEEK NOW Home in INDIANA ._. •"""'" Feofiirinfl • WalHrJRENNAN • Ion McCiUISTEK jiorini CRAIH • Charlotti CREENWO&D PLUS CHARLIE' 'CHAN In "THE CHINESE CAT" St. L.OUU- Pittsburgh. Cincinnati Chicago New York Philadelphia Brooklyn Boston SO 2S 61 •!» 61 -16 -13 55 !"iO fil -12 02 4-1 f>7 -13 66 .7-11 .570 ..'570 .4.71 .-150 .-10-1 .3% .3?-) Today's Games, fitclirrs Philadelphia at Pittsburgh (2)— Sch.-i.n2 flO-:i) and J^oc (,S-C)' or Barrett C7-32) vs. Ost^rmuellcr (114) and Butcher (10-7). Brooklyn -at Cincinnati (morning)—Herring (0-0) vs. Gumbcrt (9-7) or Carter (7-5). Boston at Chicago—Tobin (32-13) vs. Chipman .(11-7). New York at St. Louis CnigliO— Allen .02-1) vs. Donnelly (1-0). St> Francis Xavier Fall§ Victim To Local Sluggers This V That By DUKE KAJttAUSKAS (AliurlK Editor) *••••••• We learned the other day that the Watcrbury Industrial Recreation A.-sociation, that wonderful little organisation that keeps industry in this area, working- along together so smoothly through it«. alhljtic program, had appropriated $30 to tne Water-bury Tool Co. to help defray tra.nsportatiom expenses- to .and from, where the state Softball tournament started la-st Sunday. True, there is nothing wrong in granting the Tool Co. that sum of i money but why do it when the U. S. Rubber Co.. also picked by th(; committee to participate in the tourney, wasn't given a cent. The claim, we hear, is thai the Tool was the official league representative in the tournament, since it was in first place toy hall a game at the time entries were closed. But. here's what we don't like—why' bother to pick a second team for the tournament if the JHA looks upon it as a. prodigal son and does not give it any support. The gentlemen, w.h o. compose the IRA. have acted in a strange manner before, so this 3o-tosT j:t- tle thing should not create -so much co.iccr.-2. Usually tho cry goes up that the L". S. Rubber is looking for something for nothing, thereby aJionating the locals from good sportsmanship on the part of other clubs. But the IRA has not always had its u-oubles. with Die U. S. Rubber — there was-tile time once that they had a little refarce trouble, and were so hard up that they even sought men who had reputations for being referees but had not been before Ule state ooard. Fortunatey, the IRA commission got off its high dictatorial horse and agreed to havir.g two referees at each ball game, filling- neatly the requests of the game officials. There was always a row, it has been reported, every time the selection of referees came up, ar.d the IRA, which apparently draws its initials from ;he word "irate" or since we didn't go to school, "ir- riUiting," always .had its way. A.nd so is, was again, this time. The minutes from the meeting it which the two clubs were designated for the tournamor.x stated that two teams wore selected, and al--o that an appropriation was made to the Waterbupry Tool' Co. squad. Oh, well,' maybe it's the heat, because many a thing _ has been blamed on. the heat. But we ihinic that the IRA will never get out of its rut, until there are some changes nitide. Narducci And Healy Share Mound "Duties—Give Up Four Hits St. Francis defeated Si. Francis Xavier of. Waterbury In a CYO league g-amc last .night. T>-Z. T!io locals built up an cnrly 3-1 !oad which they added to In tTic fifth frame to take the ball game. Lefty Narducci started on the mound for the SaJnts but wan removed in the seventh, with one out and the bases loaded. Vin Healy replaced him. and proceeded, to strike out the last two cacn. and put out the fire. A beautiful throw by Joe Finko in thij fourth featured the fielding as the peg nailed a man trying to score from third. Ixm Bascola. got three base hits to lead the locals hitting attack. Hanlon of the losers hit a homer. The score by innir,gs: St. Francis 21C 020 0—5 7 1 St. Francis Xavicr 100 Oil 0—3 \ 3 Xarducci, V .Healy and DC Angelo; Hanlon and Lczotte, Roe Rejected For Military Service Pittsburgh. Aug. 37—(UP) — Left- hander Preacher Roe of the Pittsburgh Pirate?, 'has bcc.rv rejected for military «^rvi<'e. The Pirate front offico says that Roe- was turned down because of a head injui-y he suffered la-st winter. So far this season the former Arkansas schoolteacher has won r ev:n come for the Eucs while losing 13. Roe is 26 years old. Hc-'s married' and has one child. ALCAZAR TONIGHT Me! Ott Fines Medwick And Kerr S;. Louis. Aug. 37—(UP)—Manager Mel Ott of the New York Giimis has slapped a S100 fine on both Joe Medwick and Buddy Kerr. Both players were lined for fielding lapses in last, night's game in Cincinnati which the Giants lost. It was 11-ic eighth straight defeat for the New York tcHm. Neither player was charged with an error during the game. BINGO Tomorrow Night And Kvory Friday Night 8 O'Clock' St. Michael's Church Beacon Falls, Conn. ! Cool nnd Comfortable / Jn Technicolor ft miTCKU LtlSfll PBODUCTIOIL. FRIDAY - SATURDAY Pat O'BRIEN- Carole LANDIS BUY WAR BOXDS AND STAMPS Loews POLI NOW .M-G-M's glorious story of a girl who • gave-her love to a fighting man! "or SINCE -we COOD'EHRTN" A PICTURE UKE1HISI KATHARINE HEPBURN *. JADi '/Uinc MacMANON TAMIROFF mm BEY To make yottr home Did you know that you can m«k« - • small room Jook larger by tb« proper • choice and placing of colors? Come to us for bintj on '•-.modemPaint Styling. ; .'.?' Murphy Paint* CANS, Inc. MAPLE STREET TEL. 3507 Wanted \ Part of full time help, male or { female. No experience -necessary. J CITY BAKERY! 171 Maple Street TEL. 3878 ' —ADDED_ PETE SMITH MOVIEJ>ESTS' 'MEMO FOR JQF> plus "Nififht of Adventure" BCV AXD SAVE v . AT THE HIGHLAND GRQCERY 92 HIGHLAND AVE. TEt. 4880 ROCCO R-XDO, Prop.

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