Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on August 9, 1896 · Page 9
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 9

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 9, 1896
Page 9
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THOUSANDS •OF- PAIRS -OF- SHOES Patent Adjustable 'Umbrella Roofs. Your Umbrella Hade as Good as New While You Wait. DEWENTER, The HATTER And FURNISHER A WOMAN HONORED. For years Rosa. BonJionr has ecjoye.1 the story oC baling tlie only woman on whom tas been bestowed flic Cross of Uic ix-plou of Honor. It was her celebrated picture, -now repo*tog in the M»t r ropoliltan Museum of Alt In New Ym-t, iliat brought 'Mar tihe doeoraittan. Now, however, slic must share the honor vlflh aTWtHier of tone sex, who, tJiough not known toy her patotite and brush, lias tllC revWi?!K'<? ™>d iiiPt*M'$pirI5jP^ ^mplete |asc of Silverware Fred , i i-klc '-& Plush Lined Case containing 26 pieces of Otto's Remarkable Offer: wa re, FEEE. •"••••• ' f' ', , . • _ - , _ _t- —.« A>*. ^sx e* A4> TT/MIT 1 tfi.lYl A J ^^ Are sold each season by us to Men Women and Children. There are good reasons for it, Stock Always Fresh, Quality High, Styles Right, Prices Low and your money back if dissatisfied with your pur- chase. ttmnon. &• Klinstek, 403 Broadway THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK-OK- LOGANSPORT. . INDIANA. #250,000. of tli* French nwM. " : ' . It in* just been announced Uiat Staler Msu-te CJ«mta-l,a French mm, who tas been superior of tt,e H«i**-G<sieral of. Tours since 1SCS, liflis boon made chfivallflr in the lesion of -Honor. She ittccar.iwvffli.ed the French 'troop* tlnwipi'. U ,c dteasWnB war of 1870-71 and rra- 5M tozen after Knives, Forks, Table Sjoons and lea Spoons,| mences Saturday. t Siimmer Clothing and Tan Shoes Half Price. OTTO KRAU5 "Of Cours tl!O (llKSIJjoruilB n«.L «» Oeral tomicotaWy urea* service oo Urn ba'ttle-neld. ThoiiKh her own Mife was ooffsatwniHy to (Lvosrer, she directed with CMs-tinn kntwpMity tlie ambiifcinee brigades, and waw unitiriw Im her nt- tamMons 10 the wnuKled. It was stated at the close of «>c war by ope oit tlw "Microls wltt> accorded her such, eulogls UK prafcc as seldom beX.Uls to-mortals while In the flash-that she sa-v«l more lives than did half Mic roedtail men W •Ui-o army. Uid for her bravery undnr tryinss circumstance* and her a« t» sweet- fltaa, bluck-robed bride of die Ghurch ha* been decorated With- n medal for •which a Frenelwnnn, woitM.lny down itj" .y\« rfwi ^'inivfliirli tintoW stiJiA^riiJP- Hb-i life OT CO »iirviif"i" iiiuwt-v •For Hie' last twowty-eiffht years her scr- bave boon nmtoly dtowted toward • to tlie-'pattonts of the mill- Unsolicited Words of Commenda tion for Charles B Longwell. ftiry hospitals. D1BKCTOBS: . H. T wison, l. iu Department* promptl, and fltockhoW.r. Business Change. jiiM BeehooThfls" purchased the Peltbn meat market. ' He now occnplos just erected to the west ' \ DIVORCE »Y .-.«.•.* Belle's. Stombmish Iwis asked for a diva**, the complaint beJtoe filed ?<*tartar by iw attorneys, N ^ * ™£ ^ rue complntat Bets forth ttat tie became the wife of .Toihn n.. , 1805, nnO Ifcfltt to* - tat< gU-imicota n (. tton for «K much-needed nddltuon to Lcm" Clifl ttoaiurl' : -«'« last ^^ llfllirl '' rivtag employment:. to. LogaBSpoa* la.- orJins men nit a- ttmc wlnra::wo.'k was ha* r«eived t,bc. folloWmg coui- y Max from .H«K John Rogers, of Peru, Killed While Crazed From Heat. August S.-3poc1al.-.Tolm W; niwuf forty ye.ar*, no em- " Peru, Tlosen>. of found 4ead at «>o o railway Irncto. twp ml^-na-i * city Uito aiCtciMcwn. Tliere wn* a hole Lu Ms sknll-aml his bndly. l>raised and. a O .f flit Oi uiw y»y . t "*—~' • , to'run a'awtctaaB stop and _. full line of fresb'and salt meat* tv Desertion is also ehnrged, and Uin -Lbond to aoeused of havtafi «W aM the toiWlwW good-s. Tic dofondaut j« ateo charged w*h wro^ly aceus^ the platotlft of WWdlty. Mto. Stuin bau?b nsks for t.he • matador,, of her nauie of Cripe. •'' ; ' LIGHTNING SHOCKED DurtoK the severe electatol w^Wi^weptovar last Friday, Wve MsWa ptijnciwniT "-•"•"- 11 - "•"",••-•:-.• . Adorns, speaker pf-.the last HOW-B of Hcpres«vmtlve»:-ri:-.! ;.•-.. .' I-lOT lQ Oto. |1 B 8 Looj;«-elClx)^.n<?port, l*Lir Slir: I ^sh. to .Lons-ratuJa'tc you ou tlie hooior yoo..recoi.v.!d ait the hacds'. of the ncpublteims- of Cnss county. on 1 :«,!,Vlvelr ciimdidatc for ,-e. As!da from a JH.TU.U yew/ nom.hin.Uk>n ; ajidndareCTlieot of your course jn the nOtli Gcniornl AssemMy of oar Stnite The ponipte'.we fully advJbed'.'cJf the offld^l acts and recoa-cte of mdr poo- Ik wn-nntt, fl»d nox- — •—nta.ifnl o« •tihe!.r tJOBBCteiDSii to fatthifully serve vGjnttflitjlf ^ ErOttTi -i^OAj- --—- " . T your sca-t as. a member oir .tfic' lost islaturo wilth Itonlltcd.bnowMKe of pnr llmen-tnTj- usnRes f)r,.niei.?ioCB or prvi- codro-e 1m toiyl^Lye..bodies, yet In'" notably elioirt line you were fully ntno to hold your owp wWi -Uie. oWcst ind rodst exportonced.,JnemlwTS nmd reader faltlifu) and,efflrfcnt;:*n-U!e In enm milittees. nod oo HJbe-floo* of iftie Hff«3B. As presUltasomcer-I ; was to tlie pns'.tioi, to pln<» an estiinateon the swn-fc«.au«1 IwlfK of the rriniiye nscfulncas wf' those Wow me ; r } W.i]9?*l'.lflii.'tol««s rear of _!„«,! ^.Xn. nif *1 (lIlMdVaftllilrtO tjiem. A* B«pro of boucs wero,broken. . noifwrs, wJil-le'ait. work fit-Hi* where he. wa^ciivpfoyert yestwi-day aif- roi-noou ,was ivercoano by the l,«nt and wnis seiit.ho'jue. Ho AVOS la n Iwd shape ,uul n pHiyslcto was eallet^ who stayed wihh Mm for two or'vhrw towns. .At •' o'clock 1Jus.nioini.taft h-te wMe left tlie room wUci-c-he-^-as lyl-QS ^ t" 63 affld wont out .into "the yard to ascnpe tlie heat Slic fell'asleep and wlwsn she n?tamed to her h-uslmrid n.t 4 o'clock he was gone. Sho did not thtok 4inyffli1nff was wi-OJW and dM. not niJee oai alaim until im»il ahnost 9 o'clocv «ite nwmlw «» e oUlilreu to the faotoir 1o sec If b«r hnstamd was nt work. He wae not Ohero nod a searcto was begum. The towitt wns tilwmuphly r.«isnckea aofl no trace of--to.-.JiitestoR '.innn.. .couH<l lie - Tlic liokorao btoodroumds were *' '. ' . i - i. • t .*m «?I-JJ^J>t• -illRsl DEATH OF ALBERT PADDOCK. The dea*H of Albert Paddock, well known toe, occnm'ed Friday afwcnoon •U Baltic Greek, Midi., and Uie fumsrs! will occur Monday morntog. 'Hie de- criscd was -in tlvc real estate busasess %t the time of MB dcuth, but was known ,here dui-iln-g hills eonuoctiwi wllli Hit- Murdock litttcl wheai it was nianas«d Ijy YauOrrnaii & Co. WHEELMAN' HURT. Fred SeJjimiiit*, am s!ni>Ioyfi of Lon^ Cliff w,v nm. down by n taisc drivon by same one iwknowTi. wiho pL-n-ldly vent on lite way ^itliout ai»:o S te!nK Tte wtelniamfs feolifl^ were ruffled, and lite inaclttoe daroagwl to some ox- tent, but he was not himself toj«-cd Kent tor, e clone .an i eight^^ weeks' ' Tflnirsday. Natural gas'bills for the month of August are now due and payable at the company ; i office on Pearl street. The Hcxb.' Jamas'A. Mount was ent« taJMd wW'le to tl« city by-Mr. and Mrs. James McKtosey fo BringtviiTrt street. Reductioii shirt sale'stlV continued on summer 'garments,-splendid values reduced to cloee them out-Ferguson .& xn« woji of the late Denote Gleason -has boon admiWtod-'to m-obrete. The .property is loft to the widow during her natural life. : Mrs. Charles FJsiher of Brluglnir^t 'street gave a- tonBe-wamnltag Friday About fonty-flv* gtwsts wra The afffe was n oomblnnait'ou r surprise on Miss Daisy Ftoher- • Awarded Hlghert Konor^-World'sFalr. . «he summer at were badly . . «a«a «d shocked by the <l« hllr doetrte .fl»W close by The e4«rtrlcal dteplay to «« to 'been remarkable and It was.accom pni 'nled by n very heavy wtetaB. ANOTHEBDOOT'LE CENTURY. ' TWO rddem of cmwfwdwffle, eaylww of the toui^^ wan by SWnw* and Gran,t to thrtr aJ-'ready famous 200 mllE aix; pi'epn.itop to iraikc ttie *ur.- cUt. iJUuto of *he affair are yat to be wronged, but it ondemtood Hurt the. Crowftxrdsvtlle mcai are conn dent they can beat the 1™™' ord of the Loamort .men. n at;-J:30 o-dock thfc. ntoimoon, but «» do«s couW. m* flnd ttw trail. I^iite'wi's evenlnB a.senrctolng party found Hie.lx.dy < Rogers a H .start«1 ]j-to«:aW)«slde tlie Wabash tmicks two nrfte Nwiili. of ti»!s.clty. It te slip- p««!d'}iie,.l)ff«wnc;.deraiisfsd and wandered out-iato olic.' track. r.nd was BtmicK by .the train, w'hdcli' lea-vos tMs ellty at 3:liO in the moni'iiig. "/ '.'. t'lie House pincd.yoii ait a »»»», ; --~by reasoaof iilie'nf>'U».ti.nd confusHo-n al times provnlM'ii«,ta Wiejoliby. It aflrtrd* me ptouwiw 10 /b^i; .t^toinny to your OTlvarsally couinbeCTW wlftwainor, regular atitandaoct^ainid prompt •r«« l p6ws*-to the call of yonir,.'rbine!ajid;rcan-;t*iith- . .. .^.1. 4.1,.,* «KVin6iDl)er r^ Mint AS- RErDDIATlON. The rase of Sims. Biueri*k OKainst S^ B Patterson, for alleged i-cpudiaitEon of a'contocr, or kww. will be one of ti» first eases to be Ivciwtt to <Uc ..M-tamJ Clireult court ait the Se;>temDpr term. ADD-ITIONAL LOCAL.^ , „ Hammocks at yonr own.prlce at Geo. HorrlsoD'B. Bairbara. Hamd of this city IMS bccu allowed am orlKi'iml widow's ponsioo. .Capt, Dan. Mull exWUusl ai «5ghi blooming ccirciis ait bis tone «* 'North Rtrcot'Frlitoy nigl*. Natural gas bills for the mopth of August are now duo and payable-at the company's office on Peart street A. small boy, a. son of Ohiris Pantoo.. was 'n» dow«-by a reckto* dttwr u> front of Hi* Mimlock ,Hotel .1-rld.ir 'only the sufferer knows the misery of dyspepsia, but Hood's Sarsaparllla cures the most stubborn cases of tbls -TO- NIAGARA FJ VIA WABASI August i8 v Special Train Will I LOG ANSI at 5 p, in. August 18,-1.-™, gftra Falls at 6:35 nm m«f ONLY For the EouBd Trip fro port. Tickets good-,on" only. The Loganspoit For th« Prevention of •< Women Children r- AJ E. S. RJee-Prei. Geo. W. Walters-Sec;., . J J. uHdebnuidt-TriM--. W. M. BI«liop-H»l»»~ « B S. RIW. J. C. HartM. GeoWWalten, J-J. Peekrd Justice. lira, w. D. rmt — Telephone No. ord o e oKa .. they can or not ramatns to be prove-.. ADDITIONAL LOCAL. Subscribe for The Journal, 40. cents a. to to the from Cai?s aiwl comv6rsa:nt ai.nie before.tlji.e a . tttiott t»e..jRepre«aD!hi*1-.'e '' fully <ii« -matters ' lo r-,-. will show th-aiyjou.wb«;n3'^ys '«t °' c tho pi^y.*«Ml«ff« ° • Ulcli««*r.n)«raJ'mn'd .material welfare " ' anemw.- THEY DENY THE CHAROE. Market Street Butchers. Have a] 1 Just Grievance. .'E<Ktor'Teiiton : hns 'cvhl^ntly .left Ms uewX, coliwin-s to .bad. -luwkls. T\jc article:, "•' .. '• ' ' ' '•if"reports are true, .i.nd we raive re.i- io.ii^'i^lWye^hat-rtiey ai-c, a corfato Mark'crt .street liuiWiwr 1 shouJrt lie- swit to tiie i*iiiitijilto.iT.' J-' 1 -* 1 F* Wa 5 1lu '* c sheep wrei'fwowhit' to.t'ni* buseher, oaa 1 . of thwn':,Mufi dead . w'.ian .1*. was bronfrhi{iii"a-nd;vj.irc«aicr <l,ed scan altar. .were how ' anemw.- wt ,P?' *** " - eJiwessary ftpproprrflt.cns to and ,nwto!«jto'.'h« asM™ fo for *he lwflneatLOBafflPpor, House to 'coinTnililltce-of TJIC wJiolc hfl(. ttodei 1 i'Mul« for. ta»M CIUEAM month. Wli Shaw, 13 yearn old, looked Jato *)«; muzzle of a loadeJ gun. He wM die. ' • :.. . The sixth" nwranl- fair of tte MftXto- kuckee ABitaUtnral awodoOp* w*J1 '^ held at Culver park Anguet 18 to -J.^ \,t the residence of tlhe Bev, W- s - : B -.. Marsh on ra,w»ee.sh-eet, a nlglit btooni- ; n'"-. .., you' at tl,c,$.st mottwDt loos the-, floor : n nd.pi-evaia€d,:oji;^e House aoid-eom- mlttec lo.ipvwfyon ao addSlr,ton*l HI) n sufficient ; fo,r, the tavpi-oyenwo*s _asVefl ' ataJt.: The . was shown Friday ; ' Mrs. Aiam Beckley of Royal h fl d ,1 nne^ cow ..kilted the ottw nl S h' by Ug.h,tntog. The andmnl was Insured. ^eraonietar it'tca-o'etoek last registered 80, probably as ' POWD MOST PERFECT MADE. Y««il for at tJ^',Lo«B*port credit ' - dow yott and' tlicniAr<l : was no--irly dead. . AVeivtsi«ler,'"Who -was 'to' the shop, wv requeued trfsny nortilus iibouf Uie mo.t, r In'it. he : "%i''t proinsse-'amoithlnp o.f ''"' ea'Iow t*k, ami theil!nd it T«B"l«'n vea'T/Iow t*k, ami of i.ha butcHiei- fJioii tJiief. 1 ' As iflierfe"%y fonr buteliew dofovs bus- • SB : oin'SirayM- ! street, nil- or -Hiem are an/I .tncy are do- fully vour r^pei for you K ndno4.f or your lustttiitiOTi w-l.fl. others with. 'in'yWif' failed: to seem-. 1 lii' i,iVeJJeve-t,hat tbe'.-. people Plc '- h'<rar.-- : - • ••_ -. • ' • '.;. ' The rector meQiing of'the M.undry \\orkew 1 noton wUl be heW Monday e-ienlUK at the hall at the Trade* Ae sembly. Yon need Hood's Barsaparllla to en rich and purify your Wood, preate an tppetlte and give »weet, .refreshing »leep . .Very .Truly, Youre. „••., ' - ,T. C. ADAMS' • • -: •-*-.: ,-,.-:,, -.- . . ;,,• - .. • HEADQUARTERS; : .ESTABLISHED. The 'bcnWratte Co.iin.ty -.Ocmttal coni •niltt'efe b¥s' : decl(fed'to'open. , tDe, cain palgn at once 1 The bendqumteir* of t..:t party will ive j e*tnbllsh«d on rie|fi»nw? floor « tnc 'Herrmann buildiins. .on -.itte.not stated { cast uw . ciidcdly' \yanji over the .iceiwailta). An- 'dy' Ray, 1 'one ; qif tlie four dentew In meafe'doiiis-Wtocss "» Marnot Ktiwt. calied' at'Tlfe --.To«rn<il oltice ywlerdny and dislred 7 Hunt if be sta.rcd-wltli ean, P h4i.o'i.? clint 'he is ™>t -f.io butwtei- who rlie Times! Insinuates Is iruiliy -ofithc ; crime c-hnii-cdViamT -.ilic .other dealers were : eqiiKy -As'poai^ve tl.at iu-e}',.laiv<: not bee-n^'iiKty •aiid{c.nu,rt •iuvwtlgwtloii: Tiiers Is'.uo ev'weiice. that. i.liere'-wais-aav ^ncb. traiSaCiicli:! : A.f le-ist rtw officer*. "'"'f it -and no Hon. ,T. P. Welsh of nt WaJ'ton last niight, ID the . Hon.'w. D. Owen. wJio rr.ns aim-bK? to be prison*- . , « Walter.Thwnpsoo, wiw Iras been or- three weeks 011 awxnwt of injuite received .in a fall, is apiln «* wwk " f01 Joe Grace. \ toi-se attachcO to tJw bakery wagon of F A. Dykomon, dropp<sVto1 <>" :EJ«veintli street yesterday momUiK a« a result of tlie exccssiive heat. •'l»K<m. Chapter No. 2, R. A. U.'wlll hdi a stated coovocatton Monday. e v«ivta«, the lOfli, iiist, nt 7:30 o.^'ock- after the repnlar business. wIU confer fl» Royal -Vrch Depw. Offlcore and mombeirs pl«ise take uo-ttoc. The owriOTbip of "Gold Medium,' thi Jioi«.ov« which. 3. D,FerguWu nuJ Comstnntftnc Cluaropinn 1*5? had so mnolV conwowisy. will not be-decided finally until flw September twin^ " court. The amlinnl Is hcM ** « r - FOT " -nson ou. a writ of replovln. B. S. Shonkcnbcw of Frankfort is X BATS IN TPIRAC Commercial Qi pWl«* piraitie seonmed yUic -.< izan Tritb ome of MB ' -Ha:"' " ; / • ' ' * It -was a short,' 'word, b * bave been a. motise for I*. ; "A BSdl! -A mil?' nm up tteV- .. Thnt perA '4?§fcd one, a6.tl)e t* away Was the pirate Xayl. '" ' For 1*c bold, buooajieee tol lnato : his raWin, brioR ; up camera, and byitteane of •take an dus.taMtmn«w» 1>1"" mate's (tod! and rf. 'a '« Ixmes fponi Ite.twtated- l . woj-k of a inonwat, ond siWe pouaanit was flytus the ieqntre tiftt M A. 'rent ^ncb. traiaCiicli: : . e-is lui.v"e.'hot,liee;n"kl'o™iod.of it. -and no on* can, t>e : "fo'n,nd '• who Is -wUims 10 fatlior the cl\argc: ., .- ' ' to try .to break Irallnnapolis Chitca-po bicycle road record today... The present record for the 225 inltas w ty-lwo-lionw, but, T.O expects; to the distance iia fifteen nouns, aver.. flftecm mll« an, hour on-. his '' Cx>il died at'il^ 1520 Geoi ; Re,>tr 'nit ~M O'clock, • 3 ;eart.' L T)* fu ''' OF 'DIPHTHERIA. -i! of \\Mltcr -u.ud Mr.-'. i iwme-'of M* pareflts.. ' eveutac fu'fel will be private and 11 : .it 3 o'clock tih4* R Wones con- as-n tccn-pound'.FowlCT wheel: . ; Friday niomins tliere WAS n-o»>e at H,o place on Third street .mnnafied I'! 1 ftriH-Fosler: Dave .MorJ* vi,««ed - : pbife.' .vnd in a fit of. .i«il<n» ctously nt^tacked ;the.- ,m«rfl;S. were 'loud calls for help, a»d troro'the .woman -ttat^te woiild her nssato.nl. Tte trouble was not reported to the poBce. .' .: How a,re Your KWney*?; I nud Du Hobl* gparacus Kidney. .Rfe af great benefit to roe.' ha'vtn? bwn, rellerod of much «flff«*BB by tW.' Plensc send llcn copy of book ou'KMnev =u.l Blood riUwfciir A D Olson, '-9 N«t' ^ ycc street, Atlanta, fia Pot tale In Ben, 5¥ \ From tUflt linstaut, a8>. tw* aU wat> TW °., Terrc HMilie Expre*- seen this now doal I Mexican do3aw f«r a. wheat.'' • . "L "Well, wtot tfi«?nV; "Ocraldn't piifw tlio ?1 Iflw for iKore'ji a doll»r." . Thai, is Jiwt tihe A\-ay r ?*V'-'fe| age Is (Tflinp to raise tilio !>™3(!J There will l>c moi'e «Bv~" but It will lake all flic make up for the loss 'a\$ l)owei-, or it wil require .tv tlio old dollar'* worth of- ; « HE DIDN'T ADVERT :. An exchange tells oC a.'-woi .'went up towu aJid.bought a •fee'potr. Wlien she wont']' 1 ' * band told, -lief that .he .kind a* bii? jstiore for J' she iad< paid : for, it for tjie woman to tnll ••Why In he woild di and let people know Tire moral is eaMJy ~

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