Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 11, 1928 · Page 9
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 9

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 11, 1928
Page 9
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i S- /(•VST! ?.';•!>> „.,,. -*,>„, »,,.£,, f!, ? a,«M pijis. fij»?-?!«y sn.-l Mr?.. *jM»J.*y r Of*F. .?. D«fln. Mf Mrtrr!-'; M***s ,". B. B^rirh. T. H. P»rk<wsn •• MrCslhytfr. T,, f?,. Csrir.tfhf! A. J. Msrsrs,?t, r, R.. fttroh. HRtMc M. Spink. Stillmsn Vallev. C**noH-»MnL C. W. Moore, Mr* C-hsHr'^ F-fH?r^y?: Mt O^rrn'-] 1 MPS**-* A. C. MrCWn, t. H. E',-!»r>*, C. R, Flemmlnt;, E-fa Frar*, T N. FIJI- IT. Hfir*', Mc?-fflm*r*». B. Reynold* Mrs, Burnheiler. M!l!irrl(tf>v)li«; ?,!**,. dames K?f»ra Y. Fir-hT.!din r - Meysir, Mrs Cr»P7»r. Isabel Iron?. Floyd Ellin!*. fSsi\»nn<»: M^dnrnps H. B. Senneff. Orsc* FrmHldmc. Dora Dsi-hier, Grace Woy, Chsdwick; MewJanv'* Ow Frank, Virginia Howell. Mary Noyley, r, I.,, fhnr- nian, T,r»rmrk. EtepheiTion county--Mi5.. A. E. Kennedy. Freeport JoDav;p?s county—-MfKtlamfs Lv- ons. W G. Simons. Frtn^s Fr-idler, W. B Fasten, Btocfcton; Mrs. Kath- erln* 1 Krspp, I^ns; Mr«d«mrs Jnno McCormlck. J. ,T. Duly, Crivrr Torn- r?tid, \Vnrrrn. Twelfth IJUlrirt Mrs. Mary Roberts, prrsulcnt of the twelfth district. Mrs. Frank A Weld, BrlvidTp; Mrs. A. Gatrr, "White, membrr of board from twflvth district. Garden Prnir!?; Mrs. A. D. Larson, president DfKalli county. Mrs. M. L. Overton. Mr-; Charlrs Stein, Slmbbona; N?rs. Dnn Hutcliins. Mrs. Incs Strlte, Mrr. H. #E. Boi\rdmnn. Strcntor; Mrs. W. S. Mason. LaSalln county chalrmnn, Mrs. O. M. Brnson. Mrs. J, Reardon Mrs. n. I, Wright, LaSalle; Mrs- damrs Gcrtrudf Sawyer, EUjsnbrth Prtrrson. A. N. Anders, Mis<i Elixn- fjcth Jacobs. Lelsnd: Mc-wlamps John A, Woods. Albert Tapper, aim > "• r,,->,7-* , X» ,,,.,,. % T . , ' i» r • .< O'"- *" "' ;t ** « • • t- „ T' 1' ji X"*:M*f * . . ' jv RAUSBMAN" BRINGS HOME ANTI-8MITH PLATFORM OF C<?~:~.£? C'rnup, ssi)f?msn fur th" JFr*ntz Mfg.. romp«ny of this ,clty, i In" rf'Airtw! from ». trip rsv^r h!< jCarolinaj. H* ?•«* in JscV^onvill!' Int. th» tim« of Ib-fi his ^iiK? jwhich did M murh dsmaza j*h<5 east co**t of Florida, Th" hl«w r*il strong «t Jacksmnvlllr 'the min rsmf' do^j7 tn tnTTf-nts. Jon* p*r?on. a tnurlst. is kncwn to 'lisvi> Inst his li'f «t .I.ifkvnnMllr Mr. Stroup brought bark 5dm» in- trrostins pspfrs issupd by Hi?- anil- Smith drmocrat'; of QforRls. Thf stale hradquart^rs is at Atlanta. Ga Tho platform onrl dfcbrntlon nf j principles adopted in convrntioii. iMacon, On., Sept. IP. 1923, in ppart. 'ntr: 1-—This convention of Grorei<~ dfmocrat!5 declares !!s«!f loyal to the democratic party, the principle of white suprrmat'y, hcncst povffni- ment and faithfulness in public llfr. We pledge ourjislvrs to pupport the nominee*, state, coni(rfsr>tonttl. district nnd county named In tho recent Georgia primary. 2,-~We stand for white supremacy end denounce tho Tammany principles nnd practice.-, of social cqiinllty. 3.—We demand that thr democratic party repudiate the domination of U« policies by Raskob, a rr- MATIUAI. TBAIFINP St. Paul's Lutheran Ghureb p* S i: h; !h« Ch-rrrh i.irtlay »r l.?n p ni Cradle r?s!-v v.ill h« eivm in Piintlsv jrhesl rooni" ft 1 3 o'clocfe nn fisturdnv ftt* tf-nioon. Sunday. Oct. H f h Hr s "ris! tr-r\\t*t for the ohTrvunep of }|t)i i-rimon bv !h" i'ltifi-. "fhr of. ffrn'it* nf thp d?v •,'. ii! he re'rsvpd for fhf ben r fit of our rhurch rchool*. A* 7. p. in. KnRhMi-Grrnian Hsrvfst fevMval <-"r\ IIP in. jjjr- Lutheran rhurrh Pt HT! Cienrr-^e. ',"011 sre r"i'.;f-rv _r r . Kurt!]". piMor. j Berries And Violets r. n. Bennett, 208 Sixteenth eve- nue. is enjoying the results of th4s wonderful fa!! weather by picking j ppjmg Mi-iml.-rrrie:; nnd violets from board of Di-nirt Mn 13 -j,x<t. flnf^ffsv f\ r nin^ s! Ml? M^t* fill )*?!'""! in Pock Foil*.. The usii.-ii iMlftin'" 1 ^~3s fr*n<:?v)»!:{ sn<» in -?!• (HMei*! 'hi* ''"prirt of i'"^ ffVT»n;H'f- of nsirr.!;'. nf th» «rhr^i, for th!••'•'ion of manual trsinii'!K PR r i '^' ?csrnr^ US5 tD^df. m;Timifs»«« hss msd* R vm- ; cos' apprnximaiflv S^/Ksn. to in- j tnxlm r the woik thi- year. Sup-1 crintrndrnt XV, R. Dlmmett. xtR^j auttmi ir.ri\ !,-) nuhmit R que^Mnn- nnlre (o ni r rum!.*, of thr children attrri'lini- !>!<-• •c'.irwl, to p,^:rrtain ii n i Illl!j!);i!-. ric iff the introdU'-iinn nf til!.-, ii"'J, department, If a snwjor- ity nic m favor of It. thr board will to the ^ork of mnkhiK the ccviiu-y change* and buyint? equip' thut the clnr-sc'' may he t>y tli» first of the ,^jrr : /r/M r SPECIAL, / /& FAMILY /'ACKAGK, 2* t ffin , O/,/; l-'ASIflOM';!* WTTKRWKKTS, 1th . f ffr ON DlklHlIBM: HOr.—Dr. Hob- erf, rtcinrr, ufalthy New York importer, liur, r-afcly crossed the Atlantic 103 timer, but. he is raid to have takm out $1,000.000 life insurance before Martins his next voyage. He's one of the passcncrrs on the Riant Gr.if Zeppelin, nnd » close friend of Dr. Hugo Erkener, its designer nnd .commander on tho tran*-AU.intlc j flight. Our of the engineers of the son, pictured S. Hoganson. Ottawa- M--.. ROV i ° ^ n vicious - corrupt HIK! uupa- Hoadley, Yorkville ' 1<0> triotic organlaiUon. ' Mcsdames Frank Cleric. S S Thompson. C. S. Smith, S. Fleming. -- . ........ of the EiBhteenth amendment to the •We oppose the change in the immicrntion law proposed by Gov- constitution, and tho honest and ,crn'>r Smith; and we declare that WllU.m PrTchT i I? Chart " t M« B : S°act Cnf0rCCment of !he Vo!-j tho influx of nn indiscriminate e=7-rr— vrr- — - — . ' stead act. of for^irers wil costi of for^itrners will constitute a serious \ Brisk fall days- golden sunshine- football season— and then bridge, teas and luncheons. There will be need of~ the smartest, most swagger sports frocks . Of top coats and of dressy coats. And there wl>ll be need of afternoon frocks of velvet and satin. So many activities and so many clothes needed. Here is where one can stretch that clothes budget farthest. And not only are economies greatest here bu t, Dear Publ le, our seventeen, years of dealing with you, tell you in no uncertain terms that our clothes have a styJe-appeal and carry a lasting style value that cannot he overlooked. ........... Our Friends a like to think of our customers as our mends, not just mere purchasers. It is a hobby or ours to serve you, not just sell you. fail to visit us often, new friends and pia. "ware always so welcome. Miss Abbott is away on a buying trip this week. Always something new In youthful fashions upon her return, pi Often a business executive will say to us, ''There's one thing Society Brand certainly can do. They can cut a business suit better than anyone else I know of. w A collegejnan will ssy ? Society Brand? They're the people who specialize in college clothes. They can cut a college suit better than anybody else in the country." ... . . ... ... , • \ .•*,__ _ _ __ ._.. ... .*„..., ^ And so it goes. One after another of our customers is Inclined to think Society Brand excels in hig own particular type of clothes. As a matter of fact, Society Brand makes clothes of every accepted type, and gives each type a special individual distinction. All are different—yet all are made absolutely correct In cut. '.-'*>' % ~ That's why our Fall Exhibit, which opens today, fe reallf an extraordinary showing of clothes, Comprehensive—higiily varied—and every suit a masterpiece of its kind. The JFali fabrics are made in rich quiet colors-—with extra emphasis on service. Com©nnd see what Society Brand has accdm- pliihed with your own favorite put on 40 to FRANK SCffOBlE'S HATS Cleverly styled in the new autumn coloring. WALKOVER OXFORDS . New shapes for the fall season. 7.50—8,00—$M Allen A Underwear, Faultless Nightwear, Interwoven Hosiery-all lines are ready to lake of the uants of the uell dressed man. THE BOYS' STORE Complete stock® of Suits, Overcoats, Furnishings for the Boy. ear® DLLIVAN

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