Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 11, 1928 · Page 8
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 8

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 11, 1928
Page 8
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f, - r* *• Joint Jn«tftl}jttion On A" !»ft .v^^#| i r^.!^n, i Hi! ly mom -» SflSi) I' rf t 'r» tJA« of th» n OTfu P inti on « in On landing p.*?. w. i. officers*!r!ii and Jm- i"rrir-nn l^cinn — r,-. If p Wilf OT, , Frp'j p .inn"", "-T!!"!r STHT. J^^P B' <"J? f |i .' r«<»n finance 1 I Ifl'T'J, hich wl."'I. H<»Sp v,;v tumtnoned and hi a *h«rt Mmc ~bm;f 40 m<-;i W.TJT cm *h«! wen* 1 . Ttvo tr.K-iors wrrq Martt?d. druwmit rrvrrO plows. n,i:<l p wirtp Kpecr n,re. p'o^.rf! ihn>!ieh tbr fifld, losing thr nir'hwl »-mi>Vnp<J in p.Jorwr dnys to ctnp pn";;^ fitf«. nr rso rffectual jirrsmv, rrult) l»~ mnrif Sn rhrrkinsr Hi" spread of Uif fur •with «n!rr or hv ivy.ns. to hrnt mat fhp name?. The irr nf plow 1 ; IP- tn Mvinc "'! but nbrnil 30 of the corn An examination rf the burned feim af£<r thf fim !wd dirrf out Phnwfd thai ihf totrs .'t burnrd «o n rri-.;i ;;nd r,rr . Jfir foddfr, but (!'« tiiick, licliliy 3mft.'5, t *d corn luir,kr. prrvrntrd tlir Jlrc from reaching tJip cars of cnm. «tf nearly all of 1hf hu:.-ks v.c.rc burn*d only en th? oulridr. it i thnught that consitk-rnbir corTi rinl- able for fctock Iwd can !w> f- from the burned field. Tlir r-.tand cf corn on the burned pait of field, &s wfll as on thp part N from the fire, was a good on? nnd the loss In market value of thr crop Is considerable. The cornfield fire was a uniqw demonstration of the carr n?rr.',,sary to prevent serious }o,*x*ses resulting frtan the careless thro^inR of cigar or cigarette butts among intunma- ble muterials. Coming, aa it did. In the middle of fire prevention vcek. It mat only calls especial attention to the cojiUnual need of care in dropping tire of any cort Without seeing that it is extinguished before it is left, but it also serves as a warning to show everybody that vegetetion Is Just now very dry. in JBHds as •well as in woods, and fires pnce started •will spread rapidly. \\HIRI, IS im n IN OHTO !i,P OV.,1,;;!,.,-,,. ,.". ';,.,. .,) -.-I-'. T,-' !' ••' -r UK;;I Wh"n !i.. . ; • . •-.:•-. - .". 'i Ml !>0f!!' :; v.f ;r r'- ~ i r ; r ! nr;r! jn\ to r'.;.,iji'-. up"-, <:?-;•: ed Iv. ;';" ri:»!r MAKE REPAIRS ON ] BRICK PAVEMENTS; N' Finr.—-Here srr thr smoldering ruins of the Ohio penitentiary brick ; fov.virfi nt" b?!ie\rd to h;\v« lost their live- tvhr-n fire .-.wept through- -'•f\ t-ir-'iirid b^n-r-ri 7, indoT-<. the pnMififrs dirt! before guards cauld re- ' ':<.;. n n;;;:ntx-r nf Ivdi''; n r r.- f-clievcd Mill hidden in thr n.'ins. Flf- •;:.,';..-.! ( ,? r',,^f:. !!,.-.; ih.- " pirn had been tmp]*ed. withoitt a chancr ami nf fhr> r\rr-,t- GEIGER BEGINS TERM IN PRISON Thomas -!•. Gelgcr, former Nel- imn township supervisor, and for years a prominent farmer of JJRC county, left the county Jail at noon yesteitiay to be delivered to the new «tat« penitentiary at Stateville. The prisoner was checked in Jate yesterday afternoon and begins serving a "term"ot'from"one' to '20 years. T!ie trip was taken with Sheriff Ward Miller and Stanley Sonnenberg of Chicago, special agent of the Northwestern railroad. Oeieer pleaded guilty to the fcharge of a sencs of thefts from tte Chicago <k Northwestern railway, which consisted chiefly of butter valued at 51.3-S4. Burned .By Pitch i.- . Robert Stair of Rock Fails 12 carrying his left arm in a tlmg. He •was carrying a pail of hot pitch and stumbled and a large amount of it ran down his coat sleeve. He was •severely burned. It will be several ueeks before he regains use of his •rm again. ~r. !:> !r.~ik::;c.' r-ome fnie repair- to tin" 1 hi:<i: rav.m: r n !.;••! Third • ••.i'- :'»;d \Vf! ? r oiii!!i Mrf'. On K.v ' I'hird Mm', Iioin ,'!i>.'h ;>\r~ n-:- f ' ; !/>,-.-.-iv :.In;.',: thr- nK.tu!'-ii' d ;•!!'•! car 'r-,<r\: , n coat cf (did p;ii(.;i 'ar'. ^;i i" tviiii: ;>'r<-.'-d. • tru-t thr \\n.'ii:>-'f* '••']:nn[ j^ Cr-nmsl^'lOIK r 'I'hni!;;!- iirij-f. !.) h" ttbir t ' » : r 'f'u; r ~ in v '.' i"- <'[ !; :^ t •:>:i! prt< h inatrr.Ti! !•> i\ .« <• o-.c;- ti,c pa\;ii;: on Vv'r 1 1 ..!,; ; h ' 11 ! 1:1; I thir. Mtk df ;!!•• <•"••- limi 1 '- in otdc;- !<> do jr.v.i;, \i r.h : ,-.r •. •• ; \ i •,,;)- ;, Visiting His Parents ".',-. nnri Mr? t.jjrri L Shui'.'. n[ ' -K':mrt. Cnlit , arr VP itsnc; thr lor- -• -. p^rrnts. Mr. unrl Mr.-,. E. A iiu!!.-. for a few dayr;. fiTr. Shu!!?., l:o iint hern connected uiih Mont• nifry Wnrd Bnd Co. for five years. '.; bren niun.ircr of the furniture p.-'rtiiirnt of the California branch '-.n.• f IrK-.itrd at. Oakland. Calif., for •r la^r three vrnrR. Mr. Shult?, !\:ns: hffn <al!<ti to Chic^Ro nn 'i'lrir-.. took luhantiiRf' of the op- r -i'uniiv to off here for a few THIEVES BREAK INTO McCUE OIL STATION '.i filling station a! Speed- boxv! Park rorneri wa^ entered ];i;.t ixight. Entrance was cain<-c} by breaking out a small glass in the door and rcarhlng through and unlocking the door. The only thing believed to have been taken by the thieves ir. about packages of cigarettes •Rhich w on the .'- Speaks At Church Night r,"-f. r T Air tin rravp nn illunit- tjns and intorrstinR stpreoptieon j.i'die.v, at the Prc.slAterinn chureh I r'.Klif. moetln.c on \Vcd.nest1ay evr- 'riinc, tiUcms for his subject.'"Rcli- >;iou.s Architecturr." From bis wide r\prnrncr caused on rxtenslvc trav- eJ"-. Prof. Austin is particularly well r~. c !fd nn this topic and presented his talk in an intwesUng manner beforn the largo audience. He r.howpitl p;ctun?s ol many of the cathedrals of Italy and BriUr.h Isle*, which he had obtained during Ins \lMts to those places. To Madison For Weekend . w. E. Krebs and son Arthur of Rock Falls will leave by motor for Madison. Wis . Saturday lo spend the week-end. On Sunday the pastor •will deliver nn address at an annual mirsion tniiy to be he!d in 8t. John's Lutheran church in that city. They expect to attend the Wisconsin-Cornell and Wisconsin- South Dakota football games Saturday and call on several professors an the University of Wtscon- 6in. who «tr* of Rev. Krebs. Local Weather At 6 30 o'clock this morning the mercury got away at the 69 mark and during the momuiR it climbed up toward the top and at 1 o'clock 11 was 88. There has been a good breeze blowing. It acts very much like rain is not far off, STOP OR PAY IS i ORDER OF POLICE Be : ure and -.'.op for those arterial highway.-; n.r, there may be «n officer just around the comer u-atch-! ins to see whether or not you are • going to stop. If von don't stop and i nn officer is around, it's "too tad."' Last evenlru; the police were out/ again and sevetHl were caught, and" 1 will be in court today. The drive •Rill continue until the people have become thoroughly educated in re- j spectinK this law. Person:; driviiiK j with but one hrftdliKht or tm tail! light are also bc-ing picked up. i Yesterday JudRc W. P. palmer i fined A. B. Relder, Ge ( ,. Bcwhm. W. Weeks, Wm. Finn, nnd Francis Hnc- kc!t. Kach drew $-'1 nnd costs. Entertains W.O.O.F. Wednesday the members of the Women's Catholic Order of FOITS- t^*rs met with Mrs. E. R. Fitzgerald. The Indies hold their meetings biweekly. There was a very Rood attendance and all had a fine time. Two weeks ago the ladies had an enjoyable time at the country home of Mrs. Camille Villain, who resides south of Rock Falls. Farmers Will Meet The Whitcside .County Fanners' Protective as.soclul.ion, which is organized lor the purpose of waging warfare on thieves, will hold the i« - nual meeting in Morrison evening. AuuUary—Mrs. Fs-ed Hay. prf-sl- t';"i:', Mis. A. E Turtimth. first vice p.'Mri<-nf; Mrs. Harold Eidrpd. sec•••-'I 'Ice president: Mtr,. Riymrmd Voung. treasurer. MtP. P. J. McCormick.>-; MIT,. 7,Hma Baker, i-iinplain; Mrs, Oeorpje Engel; Mrs. r:-!a Ekhqid, historian; Mrs. Elmer Mfcrtin, publicity; Mrn. Julius Linn. musician; Mrr,. Chester Arming, Mm. John David. Mr-,. Louise Munz and Mrs. Clifford Marks, color beniTrs. William Mack of Poio, commander of the thirteenth district, was the i!y,:nlling officer for th« American T/rion. nnd Mrs. Rhea Wright, the /h-.trirt committeewomau, was the inMallins officer for the auxiliary, briiiK ft.<*i.sted by Mrs. E. IJ. Van Horn, sergeant at arms. They ner- foimed then- duties with credit. Aa r ••' -h of the officers wag inducted. iiu commander called for f;hort ' ilk'- irnm them. commander Wilcox announced the fdllnwlng appointments: D, J, Two- n.fv, nijulant: R. E. Baldwin, chap- !;nn; John Schumacher, Bergcanl-nl arms: Harold Neff. judge advocate; B. F. Krelder. servlcR officer; J. B. Owen, membership: Fred Hay. sick and relief: Ed Mee and Henry J. Weber, civic afJalrs; E. R. Selieck, historian; Fred Hellene, graves registration; Dr. W. H. Perry, medical officer: Frank M. Staler. Americanization; Car! Grle.'MT, entertainment. A report of the year's activities and of the finances of the post was given by A. C. Conde. thc retiring commander. Mrs, Rea Kreider .sang a solo, "A Flag Without a Btaln," being accompanied on thc piano by Mrs. J, H. Linn. The number was wll received and heartily applauded. Mrs. Hattie Ebersole, state president of the Woman's Relief Corps, brtefly about her trip to> the (!•»- •» i, T r> nf mfn f-rnpio.vd In r"i**>riR **•• !«r>rHn!f fip!d !n Al con- on th« *n*.ire plot day. Thf fi"ld ^ n-.— H«.sns '»*T?led and swsdrd T»l»h ETW" Tb»> irrotmd Is first h«- inff -i i <*•**! t'i»n rirnieffcd, «T!*r !f ^sH I* p.f-^wl with RTBJ«, i »c<>m Jtifr) rol!«!. It is to haii* R BT*** pint itn ]?vt\ pn n fl»*w for a landing field by next rpung Sn Rofk fViJte. .WjftfemJ «, call to Forert Psrt at * State 0. of O. Convention members of the Bferling- cl; Tali? A-tsoclallon of Commerce RO to Chlcngo ^Wednetday of week to attend the meeting of the Illinois Chamber of Commerce. Among those who will attend ere Berretnry O. .J. Twomey, J. B. Owen, C. L- stecker. A. J. Scheineman and D. W. Oi-andon. Mr. Twomey \\ill leave from Chicago for Nashville, Tenn.. where he v,-lll attend the scs- r.ions of lhe National Association of Oonimrrrial Organization wcretnr- irr,. LITTLE LOCALS No. 42— Two trunk lines. W. J. Bell received a card today from lit-, :/m, Herbert E. Bell, the lirct me.vage he has been nble to write since his recent operations at Rochester, Mmn. He stated that he Is now able to leave his chair and walk a little each day, and Is gradually incrpaMng his allowance of lood and gaining In strength. Hn adds that the time he has rpent Mnco he. first went to the hospital is the longest six weeks he ever put in. C. H. Richardson, who has been conlm°d to his home on West Sixth Ktreel, for several d»ys by a severe ilhir;.-. i:, reported just about the Fame today. Albert Green has gone to Kingston. N. Y.. to visit his sister and other relatives for several weete. George Hcndrix of West Yellowstone. Mont., has arrived to spend the winter with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Hendrix, in Nelson township. of t jf-venine. Nearly all th« chqreh rnprnbfrs snr! ft latifs dtelffsilon from t.he Yor^town L«ith*rs.n ehwfh, which is also tlw nmstor's chsrge. turned out for the Important <w»««ion, fiilhiR every p*w In t,5i* auditorium. When ih« minister hstJ prwwnted his call Rt the out«t of th« m*«t- Ing. B motion wa* lroro«dlst«ly mftds iwking him to return the call to Forest Park and remain RS psfctor In Rock Fall«, Without any consideration or dlscu«4on of tht proposi- Uon by the congregation, the motion was rarr1«»d by an unanimous vote, and the )>a«tor complied with Ihft wishes of Ills propte. A rlMng vote of thnnlw was given him. Rfter which si! joined in Ringing the dox- . ology, nnd repeating the Lord's prayer. Rev. Krebs expressed his great appreciation for the unanimous vote given him by his congregation. In a short talk nt the close of the. meel- ing. He wked all members of thc church to continue working together as peacefully and harmoniously in the future, BK they have done in the past. The pastor came to Reck Falls fifteen years ago next December 3rd, to assume the pastorate of thc Immanuel Evangelical Lutheran church. At that time there were only German sen-Ices being held at the church, arid the membership was about forty-five person,-.. Soon after his arrival Rev. Krcbs started English services and commenced to build up « the church membership and today there are 110 voting members and a communicant, membership of about 330. During the fifteen year period that he has been pastor of the church, come marked changes have taken place. The most outstanding change waa the complete rebuilding of the old church, now a beautiful edifice, dedicated to Janurary, 1927. The community joins with the church people to expressing Its plea- surt that Rev. Krcbs is staying on as pastor of the Rock Falls church. ! A Russian scientist claims that by i using certain chemicals he can make the inanimate bodies o! men and animals transparent and invisible. — New Arrivals Born this morning to Mr. and -Mri. Wardlow Wallace nt the Biering public hospital, a hon. Born to Mr. and Mrr.. C. W. Tin- die, a M>n. at the Sterling public) hospital. Wednesday. Born to Mr. end Mrs. John Jurkens. a daughter, at the sterling public hospital,"Wedhtiduy. Hospital Notes Cheater Stevens. Mrs. Leo S:ui\e- ly and infant ton. Donald Leo; Mrs U. R. DeVoe and infant son. James Rollo, and Mi&s Irene Roger* h.ue been discharged from the Su-rlfhg public hospital. heir «ta» teak sw«et, tBbu«%t?. tfkd «^rved m tint, MstsudaSra, Uauiuui coiu- to the throne of Jac«iu ae her f^t.vut t) went <o tn-iusyj m Wu u. », Great corn*. grow from Uttl? Faces Statutory Charge Robert Stone of nods Falls bound over to the gm>cl jury under 81,000 bonds this morning on a statutory charge. The case was heard before Justice of the Peaes J. G. Limerick of Rock Falh. Attorney L. A. Brown represented the slat's's attorney's office. BOMB THREATS MADE AGAINST THE FOES OF AL Los Angeles, Oct. U--(A.P.) — A threatened bombing of the ranch liome of Mrs. Mabel Walker Willc- brandt, assistant United States attorney general, caused police to throw a special guard about the premises at Temple, Calif., today. The warning of vengeance v.-as received by the couple. Mr. and Mrc. D. W. Walfccr, in a letter attacking Mrs. Wiliebrandt for speeches she made in the cast relating to prohibition and the democratic party. Police also wero Informed that Kathleen Norris. noted woman novelist, would be "molested" If she attempted to speak here in behalf of Herbert Hoover, republican presidential nominee. Mrs. Norris addressed an audience at Fresno, Calif., last nlgh£ after she had received three telephone calls and a letter, police wire informed, warning her not to appear. She planned to deliver an address here today. Central Trust and Savings Bank, Receivers are m Creditors Want Their Money THIS BIG Now Merrily Going on Offers Savings You'll Never Forget YOU MUST HURRH For This Sale Wil -SooitBe^Ended It's a bona fide, wide open, price smashing, record breaking gale that offers hundreds of glorious chances to save as you have never saved before! Nothing reserved—nothing held back! Everything at tremendous price reductions! It's the sale of saks and will go . down in store history as the most spectacular event ever staged in Sterling. The receivers have closed their eyes to regular prices and ordered smashing rock bottom prices to move this big stock fit double quick time. For once we tell you Women to forget y®nr breakfast or dinner dishes and get here early to avoid the nmh of eager Chopper:.! Bargains! Bargains! Here and there! Barfains Everywhere! BufdBB y«nll never forget! Bona ide one-third to ®ne?itaif! Pig Showing At Big'Savings October Sale Coats and Frocks Our exceptional ability to make unusual purchases has enabled us to secure many remarkable values at a -time when women are most interested in securing a new coat or dress for the Fall and Winter season. This special offering of selected models at such low prices provides want exceptionally good garments at generous savings. Velvet and Cloth Values to 18,75 Cloth Coats Fur Trimmed $25 to $69.00 NEWEST FALL MILLINERY Here you are always sure to get the correct •style at u reasonable prlef. For this'week we are featuring Felts $2.95 to $3.95 Mesfc all shades. New Searf* New The Mode! Shoppe A 13-A WeBt Third St. Sterttiif

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