Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on August 17, 1944 · Page 5
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 5

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 17, 1944
Page 5
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THURSDAY, AUGUST 17, 1944 Naugatuck Soldier Home After Long War Campaign Against Japanese ^^ - • '.'••;•'•);"'• t l^. !-.'••''• ^I^A. '.,!'.')• ; .' ' " •" '• ' •. . -, ^^' ' ' '• • •• - ^^ , • d™ .''. ' *' ,* / .'.-*v Sergeant Joseph Kalinowski Spent Over 30 Months In South West Pacific Theatre Of War Local Youth Is A Vctctan Of Fig'hting- On Guadalcanal And New Georgia On,- of Nmigatuck's hardest Jlgliting sons, Sergeant Joseph Kiillmiwski ,suri til' Mr .and Mrs. Walter Kalinowski of .170 Spring stivi'l, i.i spending a furlough lieru. nftrr 30 months and four days in the Sdiithwvj.xt Pacific war theater where he saw much active service. Si'i-g!. Kullnowskl has had one furloui.'.h since encoring thu siuvlcp in March. 1W1. and WHS married to thr t'lH'im:',' Miss Josephine 'Soho- li-wski oC lii'iclifrpoc't at that tltna, willi whom he now is renewing what was only a few days of married life about three years ago. Th>. local soldier fought in ' the O'l.-ida.lcHnal. New Georgia. Ai-un- dcl island, anil sevci'al of the srual- ]IT island drives before completing DMT of thu longest stretches of uc- tivr nurvicc of any of NaugaUick's A mt'inlH-r ot' a crack 27th Infnn- li-y unit of the 2Cth 'clivlslon, Sor- gi'aiit Kalinowski w;is in n. heavy wi'iipons battery of .SI mortiirs, :i liraru'h thut operates only u short distance behind the lighting lines. und is ciipuhle of wreaking great hiivuc on any defense position. In his Iirs>. oiglit months of Nervier In the Piu'itle theater of writ', the lociil soldier was stationed on <m island whore there WHS only a single piiliu tree, that being the fjnly one of tetv plunted by tho •iniuiefs to glow. This -was a iic- d-nse or huMing Iviso. that was transforms! into a. strong [joint by the .sokllora who worUoU many lon. R days thurc. meanwhile living in , t ,, [US on lhc blll . 1 , cn C01 . ul t . 0(i[ * [ Sci'gcunt Kuliuou'ski .stated that I the inland was overrun by rats that the soldiers killed by t lie ihou- .svi.ntl.s, but tho rodents wore big ttnd fluruu mul many soldiers wcro bitten. The ruts, liked Icuthur and chowud uti many a soldier's shof> in the course of only a Cow hours and worn so numerous that one solctitir cietnil u-ith 100 traps, had MO sooner gotten the last one .sot than thny.hiicl to go to work emptying nnd re-setting this first. One Ar.sonia soldier had port of one his fingers bitten oil' while asleep. it was stated. After leaving the Islund Sergt. Kaliniwskl's outfit was rested in Hawaii and then =-h[pped to Guadalcanal LO rcliuvti thu Marines and Amuriclc avn-.y units that h:icl 1'otight there t't'Oiu August of :IO-ll. The local soldier's outtH went 'on the island in December 10-U und wont into the lines January 10 and fought it out with the Japs who included thu giant .Imperial marines, for 15 days. On GiKKkilcnna! t'lt night lhc local soldier's outllt listened to Japunoso wurnon broadcasters, ^^'ho «ich night told of the American units thut had already been "destroyed" by the One night the listening .soldier.s were umnv.ud lo hoar that the latest American division "ur.nihiliated" w:is the crude USth, or Woll'pack outllt, the •••jitno one thai was listening to tho ^rcu'LCicast, The J^ps h.'td chri^t' vnvcl tho 2".tli, the Wolfpack division when this unit fought in Sibori'i during \Vorld \Viir T, and , World August i7,l'943>' (By United . American troops capture... Mca sina to coniplnte tho conquest, o Sicily—38 days in all. .:;••• ..--.• President Roosevelt arrival', ii Quebec, Canada, to take part in the conferences .with 'Brltiih" an< Canadian ^leaders. • •• •'"'.. American Liberators 'from' the the Nips :liad carried the name forward to the- present conflict, and the ncw,<j«ola of 25th soldiers, j Near EnltstrlkYat airfields around In the New Georgia campaign, FoBfr | a nn lho Italian' mainland. Sgt. K;'s outllt was in | Amcl . icim Fi yitl g Forti'ossc8'..ra'ld action more or less continuously i RcKCn3burf; . British RAP" pounds for 40 straight days, driving • the j Tii |\ n . £ t or Au(? ' 16 ' Nips steadily all that time. 'Bur- , A1 ,. cfl flicl . a - milkc Sul . pl , l30 a t tttch Russian troops advance on >. all fronts; quell a Nazi counterattack before Kharkov. and wearing the same clothing. On New Georgia he secured a large Japanese battle flag that he rjow has with him. This-fUiK .has strings from its corner so that the emblem can bo tied to n pole or a carrying stick of any kind, and thr flag- is covered with 'Japanese Characters, supposedly good wishes from the flag bearer's family. It also has two tigers sketched in. the corner, ~" r '.. Among the- Naugatuckiuns ' he met while in the battle area were Sergeants .Francis Kosowicx., Loroy" Schoithe and Georgo Wasdo, nil now back ki the states. On Guadalcanal, a soldier CAllcd from behind Sereoant Kalinowski and asked if he .sergeant wasn't from Naugu- .licit or Union City. The sergeant inswcrud that he was but that he failed to iduntify his questioner who stated his iwimo was Hartneit and that he lived in Naugatuck. On ono island where American forces managed to eiuranch themselves solidly, a large force of Japanese was trapped on an island just adjoining" and separated only !>i> a small Inlet of water. Sergt. 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I'HILLIPS' UELICIOL'S GUT GREEN BEANS HONEYDROF FANCY WHITE CORN INDKIO GRAPEFRUIT JUICE GOR1IAMS S8LVER POLISH !!!•:!> WING CHILI SAUCE . 17c blow the Nips right into.the ocean in a concentrated attack j The local soldier stated that on that particular inlet the Japanese souvenirs were the most plentiful of any spot he visited In the .fighting area, the Nips being so.anxious to got away that they abandoned everything they possessed in their mad flight. He staled tha_t many of the battles were combats' bo- »-een attacking Americans'" arid small Jap holding 1 forces and 'snipers, set to delay the -'Yanks 'whrtfe the main body of Nlps^got away. Sergt. Kalinowski ..declared ".the. mud in New Georgia..was terrific us the Americana w^inl.'jn'just,af- ter the rainy season,',"' ami t '. the troops waded through' knee : docp mire to get into position'to fight the Japs, He bears no "loveVfor, the Japs, states they, are slimy, B'ticky' and. treacherous and dug out of the ground and kllie'd, before advances can be made anywhere: . . . ; ' " .."','V|, The local man's outfit, the b'attlc- sc.arred 20th fought alongside,.the •13rd division that .included . many Naugiituck soldiers and other. New Engenders, The -13rd, it is und'ci- slood got a lot of public credit, that they never deserved and iilso Rot into several nasty -traps, in'which they were severely maulecj"b'y"{he Japs, ' who. overran - the American equipment and turned it" on r 'lhfc Yanks, causing a-very serious'situ- ation 1 J"or u.-tiinc. • ., ',.'..' *• j When Merrill's famous'- Marauders were formed for.the .invasion of Burma, volunteers- were sought in the 25th 1 division. Sergeant;.Kal!- inowski 'volunteered, for this ..hazardous adventure, but was- rejected when it, was discovered ... he., was married'. No married men wcto included in the Merrill outfit, 1 "wli'ich got a great deal of publicity !i:c-- ccntly due to its morale ' break- duwn following its great work' in Burma, the cause allegedly..bcint broken promises of high Armj;,.of- ficers. ... '.'..' '/, j 1 Scrgca-nt Kalinowski wius in.-Hawaii, Guadalcanal, New Georgia and several adjacent islands,.. Fiji Islands, New Caledonia. • and New Jicnkuv.1 during h-is • stay ia the Southwest Pacific. • - . [ He liked New Zealand ,and .its people very much, but stated that t-he people in that • section ; ore backward, know nothing .a:bout- ice or. reCrigeration or, .any of the overy-day .conveniences ,iot': : America. Sergeant Kalinowski declared Lhat there is plenty .. of .-bcoiv -in New Zealand, but it is not served cold enough for the- Americans. Liquor on Guadalcanal, cost .;ui i iph us S50.00 to $75.00 a bottle, :ie declared. ,.. . • • ., Steak and eggs is an .everyday meal in New 1 Zealand, --the >cgff being sci*vcd sunny side up.on to] of the stoak, the .sergeant stated Eggs arc rationed 'kr New ~. nnd sometimes a soldier gets -only one egg on his steak, : at -othoi i Limes two, the soldier stated; When ! he- arrived .home, Sergeant Kalin j owski asked his mother for stcJU. , and eggs and she was not sure at ! first that ho w«xs .r.:ot fooling.' Muti ton and lamb /u-e- the everyday diV-hcs in New Zealand, that country being noted for. its fine, sheep raising. Wine there is about S3.00 JL bottle and many imbiber.? "needle" their beor with wi.pc nnd really get results, the soldier.-rc- latas. The teeth of New Zcalnnder«.a'rc poor, Scrgeiuit Kalinowski Mated, ' a very liigh percentage of young j persons having f'llse .teeth. ^TJieir | false teeth are tho most beautiful in th{ world, however," .lie'decl'arcd, and slated that he thought "the quality of the drinking water there caused rapid decay of th'c"lccth' Sergeant Kalinowski , ;> a Good Conduct 'badge, .arid ^.mcdal^ for the American' Theater 5 ., of Operations, Infan.tryL Combat ^! wJUch 1 carries an extiia $ip.OO a month in nav, Pre-Paarl Harbor an'di 'Jk.sla.l~ ic-Paeific, with two stars for; the Guadalcanal 1 .New Georgia 1 campaigns. ""),'•. .. • •. The veteran soldier who. 1 ,reports at Camp Buttner, N. CI, on",,Sept; 2'iul for rc-assig.n'mcnt, had 'but .one cliance in nearly 100 in .coming. bnck on the Army rotation, plan',' and was in the combat- lines ,when his name was diawn from .a h.-it. ; There were nearly 9.00. men. : in-his outfit eligible for furlough!, he-. 1 . de- ,i;:ai'ed, some of them .Army'^mcn formerly stationed iri'tlVe-Hawalian Islands, in the service! noarly'Tour years at the time of • Pearl;-Hat' bor. Meantime Sergeant <KoiIinowski .states that it surely is real living ] to be back home with his family in Naugatuck. . . , ; . ;,. , WhUc in the Southwest Pacific war zone, .Sergeant .Kalinowski received the Naugatuck News, everywhere he wont, and he kept niar- velout'ly well to-formed as to what went on in Naugatuck in .his'aW sence throug-h this madium. .-In 1 fact he knew practically 'everything of, any consequence ' t • \ ', '.The 'British Entered Florence A South African tiuik unit rolls through Portii Romano Into Florence, Italy, after tliie city fell to tiio Allied forcoN. Tills IN one of the fI rtt photon to-shoW the Allies entering the city. Most of Florence's Mined buildings were found Intact. SlRiiul Cor|i» Itudlophoto. (In':/.'•' . ternntlonul) occurred here in: the past 30-odd months. . . •At the moment his chief cohcern. s hot only his furlough and his amily, but his, brother, Henry, pri- ate first class.'in tile United Statos irmy, In tlie service for the past wo ycvirs and overseas . for the past 12 months, and who may be taking, part in one of the twin invasions of. France, U. S.. Airman Plays In Prison Band During the first five months of this year, fatalities rcsulli.h^' from grade crossing- accidents.',. } tolalcd ,778;- an increase of 31 deaths over the corresponding period one year before, -.-, . Gnry, .Ind. • (U P)—From flying raiders over Germany to-playing trumpet in a prison orchestra, is the story of Lt. R.obert 'Shurilla. who was',shot down last February and. taken prisoner by the encmyv The airman, in a letter to hiis> mother, Mrs. Mary ShurSlla, said ho was in good health, and asked for vitamin pills and chocolate, to supplement German rations Guilty Parents Lectured For Child Neglect Chicago-(UP)—San Fra.nci.sco parents found guilty-pf ^hild nc lect a.j-e sentenced to "attend a sc- ries of eight lectures, on how to rear children, it was revealed'here by. the American Public Welfare Association. *' • " The compulsory school for delinquent fathers and mofhcVs, begun 38 months. 1 ajjoi now ha» more than 2!30 "alumni." Parents' arc referred 'to the school from three groups: 1. , Those appearing in juvenile court ticcausc of their children's delinquency and those charged with neglect or other illegal acts deemed detrimental to child welfare. 2. Those appearing in the 'lower courts for misdemeanors and whose children might be influenced by drunkenness and family- fig-hts. 3. Parents whoso attendance is 'suggested" by truant officers or Social agencies. The parents are told to attend Q. course of lectures or face the alternative heavier pen-ally. They then must appear in court after completing the course for final dis- poi'iuon of their casas. Giaduatcs are usually rewarded with a. suspended sentence. Many parents remain_aftcr,_tho lectures to seek individual' advice. The school costs the city nothing. The .liall and the time of the speakers is .donated. Average classes include about 20 parents and the highest enrollment was 00. •The Pacific ocean occupies onc- hird of the earth's surface, and comprises about one-half its total vnicr 'surface. •French ••Arm;&-CbieJp Gen. DC GauUe'H Frcitch Committee of National Liberation hi* iwcucd a call for m,' national uprising in Franco and ha* revealed that French troop*, comprliinK the Second French Armored Division, under the leadership' ot Gen.' Jacqucn LcClcrc . 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