Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 11, 1928 · Page 4
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 4

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 11, 1928
Page 4
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Jf'tf Witt* dfstricr. of 5? Thompson's* Qnbernatorlsl Campaign campaign of .TWIST* Fiord K Thomv- *!ary I,, I, OtW of viiMjv^sj'iflj] fij'irl h*S mncif his drnl^h and Ifl it go nt flat. But Ihr Thompson campaign of con- fjlttfUm hns bnntsh! friend'; of Em- Frson to she fore *nd Senator Harbour in twn, Rock Island. Tuesday Rifiht, !.«>k Uv» hide off TJwJTHvaM* for a change. Barbour declare^ that Thompson as &t..ntf'« attorney of Rock Island count? roadff no effort to rtro.'rcutr the Looney gang. one of thr most no'oiious In thr Mate, that J!, vns newr-sarv for Attorney General JBrun- c5ncr to takr a band and rlpan out Loonry ant! his gang of IXHJ?' runners, gamblers and cut-throats. Senator BarUour was engaged In the prosecution ns a special attorney for the state, FO ought to know what he WM talking about. Thompson replies that he was out of the prosecutor's office when the clean-up occurred—but Bnrbour Insists that the Ixxmey gang f!ouri.',hed under Thompson'* Incumbency of the state's attorney's office of Rock Island county. Whatever may b* the truth or falsity of the charges against Thompson his; own campaign of Abuse fcnd vilification against Emmerson has invited retaliation. Tills much the public can understand. Senator Barbour insists Judge Thompson was state's attorney during a period when the Looney gang was in control of Rock Island county. Barbour declares ho made no efforts so far as Uw records show to put the gans out of business. The state was compelled to *ct to clean up Rock island In th« interest of decent government. Judge Thompson may M>t have been responsible for conditions in any way. He may not have been responsible for a state of mind that made him a popular hero in Rock Island. But this much any reasonable voter knows .-and that 1* no public official who enforces the booze laws Is overwhelmingly popular In my city where booze and vice are in the Mddle a* they were In Rock Island county to Use extent that conditions had to be cleaned up by the state. Rock Island county seemed hp.lplesa to help itself under the officials that wore elected from time to time. That much to history. How much of that history Thampson if responsible for will no doubt be brought out ta the .campaign, since Thompson by his charges and counter charges against Jtommon has invited an investigation of his own official'history. Another thing the voters will remember ll the fact that at the inception of hls^cSm-^ paign for governor Judge Thompson made his preliminary announcement In a speech Slivered in Chicago. Evidently tlie "wet pressure of the Democratic leaders in Chicago was strong enough to secure a strong expression in lavor of the wet cause. There was a storm of disapproval. Thompson denied next day that he made any such wet remarks, and was kept busy for a long time trying to patch up a slip of the tongue that lined Thompson at the time with the wet leaders, Ceorge Brenmui. Anton Cermak, and bo on. Taking everything into consideration along With a history of Thompson's wonderful popularity in the county where Looney and bis crowd of criminals flourished, any average dry Democrat or Republican will understand that if Thompson bad been active in rtdding Rock Island of th» Looney booze gang •fi prosecutor he would not be BO popular as his political history chows he has been. When Thompson first becama a candidate tens of thousands of Republicans feared Governor Small might be nominated and hoped the Democratic nominee might be worthy ot their support. Thompson's first outburst of opposition to the dry cause in Chicago upset tfiat for Thottsande of Republicans. The nomination of Secretary Eaunerson eliminated the necessity of bolting. Senator Bar- hour's digging into the Thompson record ia Hock Island will probably result in Republicans voting for Emawrson—who at his worst Is just as fit for governor as Thompson at his best—with the usual overwhelming majority to be rolled up for Eiaawson. Where Happiness Lies It's a fine tiling to have ambition. To taake success your goal and devote all your time to fighting for it. is very praise worthy But first of ail, it's a good thing to know just what success is. In a certain office we know of there works a man well on in bis fifties. He has 8 subordinate position; he fills it well enough, but he never will ba promoted. He draws a salary of perhaps $40 or *45 a week, and lives with his wift in a modest apartment to a aot-too-exclusjve mri cf town. Them »« in that ofU» »vtr*l aawi, young eaewgh to be his sons, whs oytr%nk hto awl draw higher pay thaa b« gets. Th*y have * food deal of secret pity fot Mai. They «r« headed for success, money and liiHuenc* ( WWte he wifc »iw*y« be an ujajterllaf • and ttey fee! Umt it mtat be v*ry hard to hka to h*v« to woiaiise his own mediocrity. . Mftbfc yeiwf mm **a* to dtpnir ftttiw «faS»r msto'6 iamsss; «od alter that be oMBt m taia any ttiat«, Tb* «. w&s very it tfeias tit* I t^.. , . _ r },„ . ,-,-, , „ ^ » vr .<s, ft - ,,? ) »«. '. ms a UMU Aud, ThP nkJfrf ZTS?-!}, VfMi f?'?-, =-'R" « s>irt**s, »ft»r *!1. Th«r? i* fwotft th»n on* kiwi of in this world. To mate* mori*y and p power tt one kted; to know life, find TOmpunionshlp and gain contentrmmt i,i (tnothr-r. And Uiis tetter kltsd can be for nw,'f sfllJ'ify'jiK thin the o'hfr. A LfTTLE ABOUT (Robert Qufllcn) t!i« thing* that happen ev?ry four th<s salmon nm and sympathy for farntrrs. "How csn w* encourage travel ?" ask« nn ftclvertlscrnrnt. Well, you might pfr*'.i«4B doctors to tc!l all they know. The final proof of tact Is to help Florida in hrr hotir of iwrd and yet wem to bfllnve thai nothing much hixpiwned to hfr. virtue may not l« very exciting, but you nrvrr linvc to tflkc aspirin for It. The ac* at which youngsters te<tsn «Hlk-»t Ifi the age at which youri now Is. Alur, 1 Jf all of ur, could remodel other people to please us, the only result would be a new lineup of ealnts and r.lnncra. Hard heart* cause fights outside the church; tho rows inside nro caused by hard heads. In many households the male Is boss, but aa * rule his prestige wanes after ills third birthday. Americanism: Thinking the kids are go- • ing to the dogs because they do frankly and openly the things you did secretly without fatal results. The middle class, apparently, is the one whose members can't get any publicity by bolting to the other party. Things even up. Those who "do" Europe In the shortest time spend thr, most time talking about it. Opponent* of communism say nobody would labor un&elti&hly to win a reward for the other fellow. What about candidates for the vice-presidency? fe»^Li A braggart is a dub who foursome two hundred yards and yells a warning "fore!" ab«ftd Tlw things commonly used to. provide an education late in Hie are a correspondence course and a set of children. Everybody can find his own explanation cf the country's degeneration. Rome's fall began, you remember, soon aft«r women were given the vote. Preachers have no right to dlscuca national affairs in the pulpit — except, of course, when it Is necessary to -put over an issue of Liberty bonds. Old Dobbin might have wrecked things, too, if the rattled driver had stepped on him instead of saying "Whoa!" when he wished to step suddenly. Correct this sentence: "I do not f«el portant," he said indignantly, "but I rwent having members of the family interrupt when I'm talking." SIDE TALKS NUGGETS FROM A LISTENER'S NOTEBOOK (Ruth Cameras? (Being some oJ my friends' profound, "v or otherwise, reflections on life that especially appealed to me aad I thought might to you). "When a man esys his wife doccn't understand him be usually means toe understand* hUn too well." "Ramember it's never today Umt you think you c&n't get through, it's always tomorrow. And tomorrow never corner because when you get tliere it's today." W0HUUI KXfMtGfstcd "The cause for which a wpuma looks Into every mirror *b«) comes neex is not vanity but hop?." "Spring, especially Aprll,~-li like a play at which you sit for & long time waiting for the curtain to go up. Finally it files up pan way, then uticJu, then drops again. I wish 11 would go up gradually an inch or two at a time and stay up." "A combination of goodness and stupidity nittkee more problems thttu &U tlie crooks in the world." "Very few people really think and even those who do auii't «et iu.«wrdln*i to thoughts, if sentiment its involved." Me, !'«» "fc'very tlujo 2 talk ftbout myself I why I do it whsi) I might have te*u to thi»«a about other peepte that I didn't know already." "How many toaei to4*y'». 'must bare it's' becomes toiaorrow's 'Wh&t atudi I do with it'*'," ......... riddla of why the hea oropot the is solved » . Well, anyway, thera'4 b« h&viog a wowfcm leg, you oould faateu your aapkto to tt with a $Si8tefe."*'~ ........... tat lull m much th*W|bfe thing* other people ^y thttt UcJUe m whaa we get from the party. If* ftw Igri^ti thlugs we said otuiMiiu,*' ..... He '1'fcJs Is MM * ua, Qo4 tii*<i« «o »iwjy beautiful, wad perfect mppte-hlawcMm «a^ ro«e« i *O lt * ?*•**. w« *i i *-.J r }.,J «, of While T stood and 1 ^t, tho" v -": in d Ann 1 ff-lt .ft! rt/KK As Ifinst as I couJd, ••t#f* g*t, «}t of h"T I cri«d— -"in ». hoi* whw* w« For I wsnt to «at And keep my feat!" (Copyright JS2S, 't to* teown, .. a«.«rt> SUOOEN WEALTH {Walt Mason) George Gmnbo wrestted with th* wili he hoed it with Ms strong right arm, uatl! seme chap located oil In the center of hit farm. Wh«?n h« wft»- poor he was ftdiafrM; th« standard ftrtues he dL^played. he had most blessing* ha deirirpd, anrt credit in tte-^aiftn* of tr&de. He was a modest sort of BUMS, he humbly twtered to and fro; he took m&&i pride In his cheap van. and in hi* three-room bungalow. Polite »nd pleasant to nil men. he WM to them a welcome guest, and people hoped he'd come ftfain, and take his bonnet of! and rest. Not self wswrtlve, not SnclSriedi to boswt or reel off fabtcs tall, he seemed dls- tingui*h?d and refined, although hi» bank Recount was swall. He early learned to loll and spin, the stubborn glebe with hoe* to vm; then suddenly the wealth roiled in, and he T*RS busy cashing checks. A year of rielws changed him so that old time friends were shocked and grieved; hla voice RTSW loud that once was low, hir, ntories couldn't be believed. Intent on pomp find vain display, he wore th* showiest ol suits, nnd rode in an Imported dray whose horn gave forth long strident toot*. He built u palace on a hill, a thing' to rtrike observers blind, but people didn't cross Its sill unless they had their ax to grind. His arrogance made peopl« sore, his insolence Increased apace, and voters counted him a bore, and sighed when they beheld his face. "He might reform if he went broke," men say, "if he knew toll and care;" but riches, harlng spoiled a btoke, have spoiled that bloke beyond repair. (Copyright, 1928, George Matthew Adams) (Lee Pape) After suppir ma layed down the paper saying to pop, O wats a use, Im so exhausted Im almost worn out, if Oladdis and I looked at one house today we looked at 30. Tho main difficulty Is, the ones that were sattis- factry were too ixpensive. because after all, Harvey c*n ony afford to pay a certain amount of rent, and OladdU and I agreed that there was no use of them starting rite In to live above their Income, she eed. Well I (should say not, yec gocU, pop eecL If a young cupple is going to start their married life by paying more rent than they can afford, how are they going to finish it for Feet* cake? he sed. Exackly, thaU my point exackly, ma sed. A person duzzent haff to be a perfesser of astronomy to figure that out, heaven knows. The ferst rule of married life is to live within your Income, and the second rule la to obey the ferst and not make your Ufa one grand sweet song of exceptions, and thats wat I told Gladdls, she sed. I hope she agreed with you. pop sed; and' ma sed. She certeny did, and in fact it was her ideer that accounted for th£ perfeck solution. She thawt up a plan how she and Harvey-' could take a perfeckly sweet little house with a circular portch without spending one more cent for rent than they awt to according to their budget, even though the house Itself is one of the most ixpensive we looked at, ma Bed. Yoy arouse my curiosity, to say nuthlng of my elspictons, pop eed, and ma eed, Well I think it was quite clever of Qladdia, although Ua really quite simple, you cee the rent is just 20 dollers a munth more than their budget allows, so Oladdis figured out that if you contributed the exter 20 their budget would- ent be broken into and at the same time they'd he getting quite a bargain and living lust according to your ideals, within the|r income, Bow quaintly gweet, well tell Giagdis from me to keep rite on looking, pop Bed, Meenlng It rounded like a bum ideer to him. SMILE_AW11ILE (Tom Slow) Cows were fed seaweed on an Illinois farm oa the theory that the milk they'd give would cure goiter. Why oat give them aa aspirin tablet «very 5 day? Bo no one who drinks milk ever would be both*»4 with heaaaches , . . The trouble U thai H itn't Utt people who drink milk who get headache* ... Tin exp*ritntot might be carried further. A ma might buy a cow these day*, mix up a fs political speech** with the animal's hay. take a drink of milk and go to tod ditfuited, saving time and theT'enpenw of a radio. . .. Sufferers with insomnia might find relief by buying a eow and feeding it on grftod. opejfc twlectloos, California grape growers have increased production 300 per cent since prohibition went into, effect. People certainly are eating a lot of jelly these days. A einfing Ihmrd him been brought to Amertcft, After hearing tte radio Imitators for several years, it will be entertaining to hfar the real thing. la an Indiana town roosters are forbidden to aow bslorc & &. ta. An ordinance ordering all hfiua to lay »t least pnjs egg each day ought to help along. Prohibition Commtslsonsr Doian told the barber* the other day that since mtta caiujq|, spend money legally tot liquor they buy xoora haircut*, facials, «have$ and manicures. There'* a cue for you; if you're thirsty follow the swan with the bsard, k Famous last Us*a; "They told tus it wowM oost^*200 to *lter to»t tax oq&t % bought ^ and pe irf e^t but pi*a on th* tree. Ood & lot ol knpei'fect womsa) "I i»v« tiie care half so i Wu this is litt." cake ""ttMfig 1 of r*»««m« w>^ U"** fttywiH "«»* for tm ffcatfrm fay, SMI w*tt *m etlie gams «i-*fc« ttetet of f_!tn- RJdtnt Hood, wan A wtet I»wy*«r ktwi istiea to <ssfBiMBt>(! the att^r>tk*n of his hearers in «. Cfxurtitxwn. lw> his t«mp*r snd fiH voice 'uod«r t«r»«l of «n imprimxwnt fin th a ttekrf of four •nif of right yf!»T» 8fo bn* i ouit'p^ unolmtv If (< pdm ! r»h1*» in <-tv->H Rtld <l!!h)rsni in nthT* nt th>> Rf pijhln-R tha*. th*» soft or r ld b» thu 5 bHtPr fnr a upon the Democratic c*ndi" dste. The voters of tbe siste, both Republican and Detncwratic, are entitled to fcntm IJhst. ths ebjtrfcs atairwi Mr. Thompson are both nm- HrlouB and f«l«e. He Is ft scrupulous, consdmtlcms man of fine pwbHc I^jrpows, able . und Intelligent. In normal political conditions his party i.i the minority party in Bllnois end there m»y b? DO overturn of this in next month's elections, but his candidacy h«s been wholly advantageous to the Btatr. Hie Republican voter* would be In luck If they nevev had offered them candidates of less worth »nd of lower itandard. Voters regardJftss of party snay resent tactics which expose high grade »«e to slander when Iftcy attempt gin' improvement In public service. PEORIA'S GREETINGS TO MR. EMMEBSON. (Peorla StarJ The crowd which turned out to greet Secretary Emmerson and hU fellow candidates on the republican statfl ticket last night furniche4 ample evidence of the interest In his candidacy in this city. A young rain did not deter the interest nnd enthusiasm of some eleven hundred people..These ttiings AQW that as election day draws near the voters may be expected to take not of the real issues in this campaign. The throng that greeted Mr. Thompson, the democratic candidate, proves the same thing. The triumphal tour which the secretary and tho state cendidntcs are now conducting indicates that at last the voters are beginning to have a proper realization of the fac; that one of the most Important campaigns In the country has ever ex-' perlenced is now under way. ,;So many eide issues have been injected into the national campaign that a good many people have overlooked the real issues in the struggle and The minute he low* either he me- rifle*? his hold on his audience, A feacher who has to thump her rattan on ter desk for attcntton. Is RCknowlodgtng her Inability to get th« attention of the children in any other way. She may startle the school into sitting up for a minute tat t*wy -wltt K^tti Ibrtel Ind Bluaip back Iftto teattentlotj end disorder, If mothers begin to rate their' •wices und adopt the tontg of R top sergeant when speaking to their children, the effect is going to wear off in R short time. After while, as likely as not, their children won't pay any attention to them whatsoever. They may obey for the time being and Jump to attention, but under all truo obedience tlisrc must be respect, and do any of ua respect the .person who tries to buUdOEe us Into action by Rheer acmwtlc'prowes*? we should, try to think of children as we think of grown-ups. They aren't any different They have the same likes and the same aversions that grown-ups have. We must gefc ever the idea of "bossing" them into obedience if we would get results. We must treat them with the same consideration we bestow upon our Wends, courteously and quietly. In spite of the fundamental rules of behavior upon which every home must be run, there should be politeness «ntl trtendHftCss. TUtoed voices and a show of temper are the most Impotent nnd useless things In the world.' "Her voice was eoft and low—en excellent thing in a woman." said Shakespeare. "Menf too!" say I, EVENING PICK (Thursday. Oct. 11) WOR Newark—-8:30 p. m. O. a T. —WOR Stock company. WJ2 network—«:30 p. m. C. S. T. —Maxwell hour, NABG network—« p. m. C. 8. T. —United Salon orchestra. WJZ network— 9:90 p. m. O. 8. T. Bank On f B«V© money. Slip me the low-down.™ ^WcOl—take thefle kidb, for instance. They're FLOaSHEIMS. Ever see smarter lines? Finer quality? Never! But do they cost more thaa ordinary dboes? "Not at all! Buy Fiu>ESE£lMS, brotlicir, and save money ycsursdft" Grefcner & Son ' 10W. Third Street ' \ j * ! i ' •*' i and Fall Exhl The Style Season of 1928 Makes Its Initial Bow r f Our Autumn Exhibit Friday Evening, C 2tober 12th, 6 P. M. We take a more than usual pleasure in inviting the woman of fashjon to attend pur coming opening, ^Friday evening, October 12th, when we will show for the first time special and exclusive adaptations of Parisian importations selected solely for our opening display. . i This event will, offer a most timely opportunity to secure first choice from our new assortments for your Fall and Winter requirements. FREE FLOWERS With each purchase of a coat or dress on Saturday, October 18th, we will give you free a beautiful :J match your coat or dreaa. l&emt Stwl La Reine Brooks Jf r, entf Ifra.

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