Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 11, 1928 · Page 3
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 3

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 11, 1928
Page 3
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KIT. Ixirust; P Bj ef WILT, BE OF FRIDAY of the mwrriRftft of Miss Alms CarfteS of of , whteh is to tek* p1«* etsnine st 7:SO o'clw* in St. Pawl's Lutheran chwcln, HfT. P. M, K*!ithe Miss Cortes h«« ls««*i bo«or«« *t, (Ufa!?* th« past A uiteesltawrewt i»r W-M Riven for hw hj Mrs. .Tobn W. Platt JAM wwfc »nd ftno!.h»r hy th« TOOJJI pcop!« of the St. etnsreh* ; Wylie's Store at 4 o'clock, mft«r al th« conar«- s^lcimls from otl«r «IW«i !«ft with man? «of «jpr«*J*tl<5n ol th* In. by S yds. th-« ttwy said, than they 'to hopfe,.wid th« enthusi- of ti» club womtn WM an in- oiwsrned. Ds- ctwimsntu on th* attractive- of Sterling-Rock Falls »ad ttie country roundabout vcrre from ths m»Try t*?Wfi who here from &1I over northern Illinois, Item.. O. A. Gkrra 1 , p«»l«!«nt of ttj* 0twUt% Womsrt'a club, and her asslstanta mi •wirimis <&ffmmltt*«. worked h&jrd and eSectlrely In plan- nin« aM oarryint out the variotw d*t«ilx of the big meeting and re- eeired the apprccl»tlv» thunki! of Tisittng officials and club women. One of the enjoyable features of the occasion, after the vWtons had returned from the delightful luncheon in Bt. John'a Lutheran church, A brief but excellent musical by tecal talent, Mrs. Julius lAnn played R group of beautl- numbers that brought out the rich tones of the Congregational chwreh orgmn and Mrs^ Roscoe aang a group of delightful Mrs. II. T. Jansseri playing h»r piano acoompanlrncnts. The afternoon program was carried out as previously outlined. Mm. Linn's organ numbers were selections from "Tanhauscr" and "Cavalllerla Rustlcana." Mrs. Eades' «*» *««> "Farewell," by Ruswll, and "Second Minuet." by Bealy. Mra. Hattle Ebersole led the ales- ing of "Illinois" by the assembled club women. Visitors registered at the regional meeting of the Federated Woman's clubs Included the following from outride of Sterling-Rock Falls, not «11 of the visitors registering: ThtrtecntU District Whitestde county—Dr. Mabel Brown, district president, Mesdames !L6u Young, William Pritchard, Imo- geae Emery. Mabel Woodworth, John Platt, Harry Eshlcman. Prophetstown; Mrs. Myron Rogers. 1 county chairman. Pulton: Mesdames Mary Harmon, Kirk Thompson, Elva Haiard. Adah Plckens, Erie. Lee county—Mesdames Deutsch, Habactarr. Emma W. Frioe, A. Marks. IXHiks Pltchard. Ray Kline, K. t). BUls. A. Droch. E. H. May. John "Weiss, L. R. TrowvHdge, of Dijcon; Mrs. F. K Brown. Franklin Grove; Mother And 8!it«r 111 Mrs. <J. H. Barte] was cslte! to Terr* Haute, Indian*, by the serious illness or her mother, Mrs. W. L, Logsdon and her alttcr. Miss Buth Logsdon both o* whom have been In a hospital Jn Terre Haute for the last six WMks. Miss Logsdon Is slowly recovering from R major oper- fttlon. Very little hope is Iwld for the recovery of Mrs. Lotnrften. Miss Lostrsdon Is we!] known In Sterling and Dlxon. . Protect Your 4 Money Dear Jim: A good day— heavy cash intake — and you send Ruth to the bank at three-thirty with the day's re- ceiptg. Well you've been doing it for twenty years will Sill or Ruth or Jane, as the ease was, and nothing has ever happened. Do you ever think what w^d lone if of them were held up mme day? You take.ina lot of money and yet you treat it carelessly. Somehow or other, urn get the idea in email towns that we're Immune fmm hotd-upa and the like, tiU something happens. And then we wonder why we weren't pre» This premium on a Mea« Jobbery Policy would be so tms&lfor the amount of money that its daily would be almost A* J. FRANK FRAIVKCO WEJUL M^sJr%, V .\J^I[\JL The well known antiseptic mouth wash. A favorite with both the dental profession and the general public. 69c DAGGETT & RAMSBEIL r* U OLD CREAM A pure cleansing cream of superior merit. A generous size jar. 39c =i I 40c CASTORIA The favorite children's remedy for many years. A product of real merit. 27c 85c Johnsons Prep. WaXj . Unequalled for polishing floors, woodwork fine furniture, automobiles, etc. The one pound size at a re- .jnarkabl y low price. 63c Lucky Strike, Old Gold, Camels, and Chesterfields. 2 pkgs. for A necessity in every home. At this price everyone should have it on hand. NUJOL The modern shaving cream —no brush, no cup. Gaining in popularity every day. 26c zfj^S m CASTOLAY CASTILE Three weeks hare BOW P*8W« since we B»«« oar opcuiiMt *nnoanc*m*nt—To as it h»« w«n three wccXt of most jcratlfylns pleasorc and pride. PLEASURE In the heartfelt mipona* the public have given na In our effort* to continue to merit their bnsJaeM In lower prices and the royal manner In whkfa they hare crowded oer stores at Umen to benefit In the saving* possible. AND PRIDE In the fact that we wfll be able to d«s each aad every one of yon more far reaching: service than ever. Our combined baying power without warehousing charges win enable as to do this. No duplication of orders, no useless purchases made. »ly »bsolat«!y open any statement made in oor *4vertU°C>J r and price. If at any Urae yoa are not entirely smUsHefl win take it back to the store from which you secured It and yowr^ K to our earnest desire the parent* know this. your atteation to the many Item, listed here today-and there are many, stocks to tbs several^ itora^Coine In and see for youmlf. Cut Price Items Strictly Cash Cough Drops Ludens, Deans and Smith Bros. 3 for ZONITE The ideal personal antiseptic. A powerful germ destroyer and deodorant. 67c 4 for 25c The purest soap made. The safest to use for infants and medical purposes. 13c SOc Pebeco Tooth Paste ^The paste recommended so highly by the medical profession. Purifies and cleans. 31c 50c Unguentine The first thought in burns. Put-up in a tube, convenient to use. 39c All Chewing Gums 3 for 10e Right Reserved To Limit Quantities M nisi tied Cocoanat Oil Shampoo Makes a rich, creamy lather pleasant to use. The Gift of Gifts $135value Hot Wat Bottle A two quai?t bottle of practical service. Fully guaranteed. - propriate for all gift occasions— birthdays, anniversaries, weddings— happy vacation remembrances. Besides their charming utility, DeVilbiss Perfumizers make lovely additions to any dressing-table. They are exquisitely designed and hand decorated,, Ask to tee them at our Toilet Goods counters.. $130 Scott's Emulsion One of the oldest remedies on the market An effective and pleasant way of using cod liver oil. Wynn Dry Cleaner Handi-Kit style Convenient and easy to use. Efficient in its action. Pepsodent ~ f 1.19 Melba To^lrie • ' ' $1M ^j Cod Liver Oil The pure oil from fresh Norwegian cods. A wonderful system builder* Full pints. Siatlonery Weeks tm ' A standard fen* ^tilue. . Borated, Vlole^ *md Tale for »«», , 89c of ap-t<o~ a wrtttcg Tablets 39c Laxative in action, a convenient and splendid cold remedy,, 2 s

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