Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 11, 1928 · Page 2
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 2

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 11, 1928
Page 2
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-a « Fir* 4 Aid Wwfe rl'Mr. • in a word vifh (he of fh» tw--rnh«-r?! in furor H !?, nf 'w^^n^ d^ff^rf*^! tti^fT^^Irr . ?nsr to f-rsrjSTlbiit** *5«m jf fh 1 ? JR r.?5rT! p ''! to director?! wf r? elected, to mjr- O*n?i> O. Or*ndr>n. IT. V. Bit- inrf. C C. Ks»del »nd R. F Johnston. ?r}>f>«:e f<rrn* f^p-iffd snii ^?b.O f!?- fuwd to permit Ihfir names to bo p!»r«HJ S' 1 hntmi'.sUott for re-election. A nornlnattnR roratnit'ep cnrr,po i =-<*fi of F. A Orirnes. T!. V. BHtorf nnd O. C. K.fid<-l MthmiUf-d R list of 10 names to bf volrd nr* 1 " 1 by the membership. Tlv\v are C. L. Sleeker, 8. M. Bradley. Carl Blry. A. J. Powelson. K. F.'t.*mrrntf, "jr., W. A. Rn- Mnwm, O. E. Bishop. ,T. J, Ludens' and K. E. BiirM.older. The four pttrfr.vful candidates ntf Carl Btey. C. L. Stf-rkrr, W. H. Wyman and j. J. lindens, wbo will r-ervc for terms nf ttro years. President George O. Orandon pre- with rvery form of 8>frv!rp, I\TK! founcl ihrm cold o,nd rrpr-llnnt. At the r-Uirr Mfrrmp is thf «lnvpn!y club. *h»re the condiMons nctunlly rr>»rt ftftHiisfil th* mf-ml>r-r!s Rnr! thf> oom- munltr. • "TT»r idral club np ntrint* It 1 ? trap civic vaiuf . i« Iwcom- number elected to mernber- at the business meeting, calling upon the secretary-treasurer and chairmen of the committees for reports covering the past year. Secretary Scheineman reported that the membership was at the maximum figure. 140, with all of the due* paid in full. During the year there were 10 withdrawals, but there s* like ship. Resigns With Regret. Among the 10 withdrawals during th« year was R. N. Clark, whose interest and work was responsible to B large extent for the advancement ©f the organization. The-receipt-of his resignation as a member was received generally by the membership with regret. In making his official farewell, Mr. Clark recalls memories of many pleasant hours at the Rock River country club and at the same time reviews a few personal observations which are received as constructive suggestions. His adieu to the club Is contained in the following letter: "When we came to Sterling In the of 1917 the youthful golf club the factor which induced us to remain for the summer, and this same golf club, coupled with its delightful companionships, has been of chief influence la causing our return for ten succeeding summers, when our original intentions contemplated an immediate permanent residence in an all year temperate climate, "la executing oar long delnyw early plans, leaving Sterling la the unpleasant feature. Severing the connection with Bock Riwr Country »GHib -brings—only—d*epest~-pegf6U tempered however by memories of happy hours, including those of work and enjoyment on the club grounds. That the Club will continue to grow prosper, and still more add to the enjoyment of its members and guests Is our sincere wish. "With this official farewell, I am tempted to add a few personal observations which I hope will not be amiss. 1 frequently wonder If the average member actually realis.. the present status of a country club in connection with the community it represents, and governs his interest accordingly. This idea has impressed me to my more recent travels and contact with this form of Bodal life. "The golf course was once looked upon as a toy of the rich and well U> do. The country cJub Is £he outgrowth of the golf experiment Jt Hair Cut 40c 4 Barbers. No Waiting. R. M.BLUM BARBER SHOP 324 L&cmt Street Academy Bldg. Better Than Home Made love th» de- d* t»v »c4wJly its lidom flavor • It's iqfwtm re It ing mnrr fim? more nprmrpnt. It may have only a nine hole course, and n hfiu.«e rebuilt from ;<ome for- Jnrr sfnifUuf. FnrnWiinBu neither rlftborate- nor expensive, but selected find srrnriRwl RO that thf> members and the stranger will rrcognls? eom- fort, convenience and sociability »s the guiding motives. In such R club. | no guest fan help but feel that It j reflects the atmosphere of a really 'drslrabl* community. Unavoidably, and without Intent, the local country club is rapidly becoming a barometer of life !n the community itself." From a financial standpoint the past year was a success. At the beginning of the jwr there wa» & deficit of $162.40. which was wiped out and a balance of 51,541.72 left in the treasury. W. P. Flock, chairman of the house and entertainment committee, reported that six picnic suppers and six parties were held at the club during the season and-that 1.955 meals were served. He voiced commendation of the aervlces of the steward and stewardess. Mr. and Mrs. D. M, Stevens, which was con- cflrred in by the membership, who gave them a vote- of thanks. C. C. Kadel. chairman of the grounds committee, stated that the improvement made on the course spoke for themselves, adding that the last green to be included in the extensive changes made during the year, is now being constructed. In connection with the grounds work, a vote of thanks was extended to Ernie Johnson, caretaker. A. J. Powclson, chairman of the sports commlttre, gave a review of. the season's program, commending, the monthly chairmen and W. J. Palmer, who was in charge of the caddies, for their work and co-op- eratton. Mr. Poweluon pointed to DRIVER SATURDAY Tomorrow morning at 9 o'clock Btanton. driver nf th*« truck which ftjrura! in the BXjtoTnoWlc sc- rldpnt on thf Lincoln highway near the Altert Wwt firm l».« Balur- . tiny night resulting In the death of Thorsten Bwstrom, wl!l f«ce a ch*rgr» of driving a tr.irk without R tail light. The hearing will be teforc Judge W. A. Stoccltle. 8tat«'s Attorney R. w. Besse will proset?ate Thn complaint vras signed by Hsl Robert*, state motorcycle policeman. h!s twitimony' nt Mie Inquest, Of- y Robert", testified that there WHS no bulb In the tail light and the wires were disconnected and the dlrt • • i..that it had not b«n In aw for some time. 3| Special Tomorrow While they last— Biscuits White or Graham 8c pan 2 Pans for 15c Federal Bakery 2U First Avenue Smith hsrt The f&miUtftft wag SRCTjtj?! clam Kae.h rjmtroi WM handed ft order." When th.«y opened their or d«rs they foniMl. that ow of' thr'i, , _...-™, „„„ „„,„..„„number suffered from sonhsthiiitr' Sne - * t»tlonal nusfssiiM published dangerous; one had drank carbolic Mn New^Totk, u»s jji«» of acid, another bad ft broken Jaw aii'l < ^• ^ Sfajddfird erwstgr Rttim of fej»r» nnothf-r had cut his wrist, while n ' ling to Hhiatrnle »n mfttcl« ia the fourth was spiwd with epilepsy, of' njrntil »«rae cm "H** the JRed and course at once proper trcBtnaetjl wn. 1 * • Wb«t* yisn flwfgg •&$&$ Cltosffft™ R 1 ™' " ' ' Accompanying tbe pteftnr^s, which Th» feature of tJ>i» evening «•?•=-: y -how the stars Interior ag H used the demonstration of Urn »nha!ai"r ! " '>** «»d as it is now, ia th« fol- "y Chief Connie Wlcol of the Ster-' lowing comment: *Th« effect of the JACK DUFFY in "SAY UNCLE" Also ffefefi fWNf f or erf@rimm€ and tetwrrow. Fall Specials See us for your beauty needs at these present reduced prices. Two Operators— Guaranteed Work. Your Choice Marcelling, 50c Water Waving, 50c Shampooing (Bob) 50c Manicuring, 50c Finger Waving, 50c Plain Facials, 50c Permanent Waving—Hair Cut, 4Qc. Call us for an appointment Crystal Barber&Beauty Shop Central Trust Bldg. Basement Phone 240 Handkerchiefs— for Gift* and Prize* They come in white and ' colors, are hand embroidered and imported lace trimmed, New fancy Powder Puffs, ttoo, all individually boxed. FLOWERS-—A new large shipment of coat and dress flowers just received. NEW Felts and Velvets Metallic Special DRESSES, ALL NEW See the fresh line of wool frocks for the High School girl, Also mw satin and velvet frocks priced at $&J5io$l$J5. Pleated Butterfly skirts, ^f M und $4M. Coats for the eWIdren, 1 to 5, $$#§ f& $10M. •Kveryt-liiBg lor the Baby. Dorritt Hat.Shoppe. And Little i .^ jit; h'i M If :i: .'•'? l ! '< \v V.I t'i! They are here "i 'V* • *€'• '*-••.'•,. ' London advices state that colors, richer , and in greater variety than in previous seasons will predominate In men*9 apparel for winter. C€ The Key note r or Winter Most of us have deep ndown in our hearts, a yearit- |ng for color that amounts to a "secret passion"*. An inherited trait frpm Beau Brummel days, perhaps. » <'> Color will run rife in the new line Jb^TtiuMton*- Murray. Color that is soft, subdu^, y<& warm and rich. Color that enhances and is enhanced by the luxury of deep-textured weaves. Garnets, twotone, russett and tobacco fcrowns gleam from racks of more conservative blues and darker shades. And there are pastel tones. All other things considered—-fabrics and styling, for example—the prices are very modest. Quite in accord with E. & W. tradition.' • - ; , • */,";•':.:.. ,•? '. .- . . ... ._ ,. • -. , SUITS AND OVERCOATS $1UO to $SSM Tonite 1 Miss Them Also SUITS out! OVERCOATS from ~r -,„ Mrs. Hoover i-*..-^ —j ^^•"•^ . ^Hk ' » - -T« ml*

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