Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on April 17, 1968 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 17, 1968
Page 4
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Wednesday, April 17,1968 : Woman Sues tor Right to Be Umpire By WILL GRiMSLEV ''-Associated Press Sports Writer " NEW </ORK (AP) - Bernice "Gora, the Long Island housewife 'Who wants to add a little sex to the national pastlmo, said today she is suing organized baseball for tha right to be a lady 'umpire. .,' "I have retained a lawyer and 'we are taking our case to the courts," the thirtyish matron from Jackson Heights, N.Y., announced. "The commissioner (Gen. William D. Eckert) re* fuses even to let mo make out an application." Bernice's lawyer is Mario Biaggi of Ne# York, who said he intend,; to bring the case first befo/e the State Com illusion on Human Rights. „', "We probably will file under section 290, paragraph sk, that deals with discrimination, including sex," Biaggi explained. "Mrs. Gera has been thwarted and wronged at every turn, $,oe lias written to all the proper authorities., taken the necessary steps and received nothing but rebuffs." Mrs. Gera, wife of a freelance photographer, graduated rtiagna cum Jauie from an umpires School last year in WQS!; Palm Beach, Fla., the only woman enrolled, an! later umpired the National Buseball Congress in Wichita, Kan. "I didn't have too much trouble," Bernice explained. "The chesl. protector didn't fit very well—those things aren't made for women. And the players jried to give m<? a hard time." ; ' Eckert's office acknowledged that correspondence had been received from Mrs, Gera but a spokesman said: "It is a matter up to the league presidents and Ed Doherty in Columbus, who is in charge of umpires' development." "I'll take it to the Supreme Court if necessary," Bornice said. "It's a violation of the Constitution." M.rs, Gera said that umpiring is strictly a matter of judgment — not of strength or physical prowess—and a woman can exercise this judgment as well as a man, Hockey NHL myotts .-.•: • Tuesday's Results East Division (Semifinals Minnesota 4, Los Angeles 3, ot, best of 7 series tied 3-3 Philadelphia 2, St. Louis 1, 2 ot, best o/-7 series tied 3-3. Today's Games No games scheduled Thursday's Gam>?s West Division (Semifinals) St. Louis at Philadelpliia "Minnesota at Los Angeles right* Lost Might By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS DALLAS - Curtis" " Cokes. 143 '.i, Dallas, stopped Willie Ludick, 146^, South Africa, 5; Cokes retained world welter* weight title. MIAMI BEACH — Mose Har* rell, 197, St. Petersburg, Fla,, stopped Tony Vsntura. 211. Buffalo, N.Y., 6. WALPOLE. Mass. - Curtis Bruce, 175, Newark, outpointed Marion Connors, 180, Boston, 10. HOUSTON - Mark Tessman, 17G 3 j, Houston, outpointed Hen* ry Hank, lie\ 2 .' Detroit, 10. BUFFALO, N.Y. - Bob Stallings, Freeport, N.Y., soutpoint* ed Vic Brown, Buffalo, 10, hoavy weights. 25,000 Are Expected of Festival MOUNTAIN VIEW, Ark. (AP} — Believe it or not, Mountain View was on the m?.p before Jimmy Driftwood established iho Arkansas Fo?k Festival there four years ago. But the picturesqua county seat town of 1,000 nad never seen and never expected to see 25,000 visitors in a year, much less in three days. Yet sponsors of tin folk festival and of the Ozark Foothills Craft Show which is held tn conjunction with it are predicting that kind of turnout Friday, Saturday and Sunday. They'll como by car, truck and bus from secluded nearby mountain valleys and from .vi?.ay other states for the double-barreled show that has mtrla Mountain View a byword with .folklore buffs across the nation, Driftwood, a nationally renowned folk singer and composer, is directing concerts to be staged by members of the Rackensack Folklore Society in the high school gymnasium Friday and Saturday nights. At Driftwjod's insistence, only horn? jrowu talent—folks from the Stone County area—will perform, The craft show, staged by the Qsark Foothills Craft Guild, will ru.i all three days in 55 booths in the high school cafetorium and a tent on the school grounds. The show will feature demonstrations in the various crafts— rug weaving, carving, shuck- ery, doll-making, etc. Visitors will be able to buy products from those who make them, Window displays of pioneer artifacts luve been created in most of the stores on Mountain View's square, Saturday's activities will include a pioneer dress contest, a parade and a rodeo at the Stone County Fairgrounds. Scientists classify ail animals into two divisions. HOPE (AW) STAR, Printed by Offset Good Day at Millwood Tribute to Pastor - Hope Star photo MR., MHS. T.J. BARBER This limit of crappie was caught yesterday at Millwood Lake by Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Barber. Several went over two pounds, the largest was 2 Ibs. 8 ounces. VIETNAMESE (from page ens) M14 rifle. The M14 still rates as a standard Army weapon, Secretary of Defense Clark M« Clifford told a news conference last Thursday that "we were giving our forces the preference on the M16s and our other most modern weapons because we were taking the brunt of the ef» fort and the fighting" in South Vietnam! "Now that the policy decision has been made to turn over gradually the major effort to the South Vietnamese," Clifford said, "We are now starting to give them a degree of preference in our most modern weapons." Members of the Pentecostal He noted the Saigon regime Temple, Church of God-In-Chrlst intends to boost its forces by an- are celebrating the 28th annivsr* other 135,000 men. The South Vietnamese regular forces total 340,000 men. Another 300,000 are in the militia forces but are not believed to be in line to get Ml6s at this time, The Pentagon said Increased production of the M16 rifle, now totaling 30,000 a month, will go to other allied soldiers in Vietnam- South Koreans, Thais, Australians, New Zealanders and Filipinos. These allied troops in Vietnam total about 60,000. Also ticketed for rifles out of the additional production is the U.S. 8th Army in Korea, units in stateside training and other U.S. Army overseas units, the Pentagon said. At one stage in the testing of the M16 some years ago it was reported the rifle had a tendency to malfunction in very cold climate. Korea is very cold in winter. Pure •// May Answer the Atty. asked REV,, MRS, DENNIS London Bridge Is Com In 9 fo America LONDON (AP) Bridge Is finally falling down— and the Americans are picking up th3 pieces. The City of Loadoa Corporation announced the sale of the bridge Tuesdiy night, and a spokesman for the MsCulloeh Coi'p. of Phoonlx/ Ariz., said that firm has bought, the 10,000 tons of granite for Lake Havasu City, a resort oa the Colorado River. The price was estimated unofficially at $2.4 million. Frederick Schmacher, director of the Lake Havasu development, said It would cost about $240,000 sary of their pastor, the Rev, 0, N, Dennis, April l8»21. more to ship the disassembled bridge from the Thames to Ari* zona. Schmacher said London Bridge, when it rises again, will span i channel across the penln- sila on 'Vhtch Lake Havasu City is located, Til.* 133-year-old bridge joins the liners Qunen Nfery and Quaen Elizabeth and sundry churches and castles on the transatlantic journey, "How much for Buckingham Palace?" quipped one Briton of the monument drain. A London Bridge has spanned the Thames in one form or an* other since Roman times 2,000 years ago. It has been Jailing domi for centuries in the popular nursery rhyme. The present bridge, built in 1831 and one of 12 across the Thames in Load on, is too narrow for today's heavy traffic, A or bridge will replace it. Question LffT Lr ROT (AP) Joe Pai^ell Wa ^ • foof private elates tseuld gaily dispense fnfoed drtaks tffi* der the ftew rates adopted Matt* day toy the Alcoholic Beverage Control Board, Pufdell said under the law he does not have to give oplfllons to anyone but designates pub* lie officials, but he ordered the question "logged to" tot study by his staff, The attorney general was asked, "Does the ABC Board have the authority to license this sale, dispensing, of serving di mixed drinks In clubs, hotels oe restaurants under any existing? state law?" Raising the question werei George Douthit of the Arkansas! Democrat, Herble Byrd of radfd* station KLRA, Dale Enoch off the Memphis Commercial Apal peal and Ed Shearer of the As«3 socated Press. 49ers Sign Their " First Choice o» RAN FRANCISCO (AP) •& The San Francisco 4&ars of th»! National Football League todayj signed their second draft choice^ lance OJssen, a defensive tackfc le from Purdue. Terms were not reported. •& Goody ears Lose ;; '-; First Tour Game J MEXICO CITY (AP) -" The touring Akron Goodyears bas- ketbaU team lost Its first game" to the Mexican National Olyfn£ pic team 88-53. make the Murcy Lee look for summer in I Rayon and silk, \ A belt runs | 1 around the I waist through buttoned tabs. Sixes 10 to 20. (1012) $18,95 Rockefeller Welcomes ABC Action LITTLE ROCK (AP) - Gov. Winthrop Rockefeller said Tuesday he welcom?d the new Alcoholic Beverage Control Board regulations permitting private clubs to serve mixed drinks but that he expected the decision to be challenged in court. The governor also said tie would not include mixed drink legislation in the second special legislative session scheduled next month but conceded, "I don't think it's every going to be totally resolved until the legislature decides on it." Rockefeller said that if he were re-elected he would sup-port a mixed drink bill if it were introduced in the 1969 General Assembly. In announcing tha surprise move Moadiy, the ABC Board cited a 1935 law, under which the board created a Class G license for hotels, restaurants and clubs. The board ormnitted restau- • rants and hotels in establishing its new regulations but Rockefeller said he hoped some hotel and restaurant owners would take the Initiative in seeing if they could obtain a permit to dispense mixed drinks. Rockefeller expressed surprise tint the question of serv- inj mixed drinks had not gon-3 to court before now and indicated he would welcome such a test. He made no indication of bringing suit himself. The governor said he did not "find anything stranje" that attorneys for some private clubs worked with the ABC in drafting the set of regulations. Earlier Tuesday, Rockefeller mot with Employment Security Division a.ad othor state officials in an effort to end job discrimination igainst Negroes in Arkansas. The governor suggested employment officials take the tim.y to elim.uiate conflicts between Negro job applicants aiKl potential employers. He said too m?.ny Negroes, well equipped for: their jobs, quit because of pressure of the .vork enviroa- New Missile Production Is Speeded By BOO HORTOtf AP Military W;ltei- WASHINGTON 'AP) - TU3 Navy is nio'-inj swiftly toward production of a new sve-ipoa nicJmm^l tin? Zap missile to bolster U.S. capabilities for bintinj do'va Nn-th Vietnamese antiaircraft guns. Zap is an acro.iym for teio an'iaircraft poteaUal, Details of the -ntes lie's p'.annad Mpa'j'lities ire closely but w j"k is far enough along that otficials are being allowed to discuss generally its mission. The Zap, sources said. w<llbo .1 3o?ld-fuole>1 "hyp'rvelocity" rocket that \vUl fly at spoads arou vl J,000 miles ;JV.M- U.MV a.vi dtnonUe .vlth sluUerinj effect enamv flak sites. Within two years the mteile is expected to go aboard Navy fighter-bombers and may also be used by the Air Force. Industry expectations are that production of the Zap will soar to several hundred thousand per year by about 1972 with annual spending of. about $50 million. "We will be able to just plaster the ground with this thing," ono officer said, Zap will have a conventional explosive warhead of unspecified size designed :o go off just before it hits the ground -vlth a special high-fragmentation effect. The weapon's fantastic speed Is critical to the mission. With Zap the pilot of a .1,403- \ in.p,h. Phantom jet, for example, will be able to launch his weapon almost point-blank at an enemy target while noominj at supersonic speeds. With -v?nt sources called the missile's "instantaneous acceleration" there will be no danger the p.!lot might overtake his own weapon in flight. Instances of planes being shot dora by their owa missiles have occurred. At the sam.3 time, with Zap's new dispersing warhead the pilot won't have to be too concerned with precise targeting. Looking at it from the standpoint of a Navy pilot assigned to knock out antiaircraft sites In advance of a bombing raid, the officer explained: "You'll be beating do'.vri the flak not only for the boys behind you, but for yourself." Candidates Chided, He May Run FORT SMITH, Ark. (AP) Ted Boswell,a Little Rock attorney, chided the announced field of gubernatorial candidates Tuesday night and said he might be forced to run for governor. Bo swell told a meeting sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce and League of Women Voters that "unless the announced candidates for governor strong-then their positions' very quickly on the alMmport- ant issue of constitutional revision and a constitutional convention, then I shall feel com- pelletl to file as a candidate for governor." Boswell served on the Arkansas Constitutional Revision Study Commission and said earlier ho most likely would not seek the office so lie could continue his work toward a constitutional convention. Gov. Winthrop Rockefeller is tho only Republican candidate to announce. Little Rock insurance executive Frank Whitbeck and State Hep, Marion Crank ol Foreman have announced as candidates for the Democratic nomination. Cage Captain Is Selected By Tilt ASSOCIATE!) PUESS PRINCETON, N.J. (AP) Chris Thumfovde, G-foDt-9 junior, lus Ixou >le;-tt\l captain of tli.' Princeton University basketball team fo" next season. ^r ~^ -^ ~^ -^ -^- -^ -^ "^ -^ ~^~ -^ -^ -^ ^^r ^r ^r ~^ ^^^ "^r ^r ^^^^^^ ^^^ ^F^ ^r^r ^^ ^ Overturffs After-Easter SHOE SALE PRICES GOOD THURSDAY • FRIDAY • SATURDAY .GREEN .YELLOW .ORANGE Women's TENNIS .ONE GROUP ^.RED .,-,. — ..— .BLACK Little Girl's SHOES 5 to 8 l / 2 - tf/s to 3 .WHITE .YELLOW .ORANGE Price Another group SHOES .ORANGE .YELLOW .BROWN .STRAPS OR TIES Children's - Girl's and Boy's TENNIS .BLUE .RED ,ORANGE .YELLOW $000 Many Women's Styles Marked As Low As • 214 S. Main Street PURSES ,YELLOW .GREEN .ORANGE .BLUE MANY STYLES TO CHOOSE FROM iOVERTURF'S SHOE STORE T til I«%•%!*)«% I A nfi*f**f J«II««M «k«»«i*kl«ll "HOPE'S LARGEST SHOE STORE" Hope, Arkansas

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