Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on August 17, 1944 · Page 2
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 2

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 17, 1944
Page 2
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Page Two ' NAUGATUCK DAILY NEWS THURSDAY. AUQU8T 17, 194* -& As We WERE SAYING.. Tin- fi'rtllf .soil of M:irtiiiii|U<- in tlif \\Vst Indies oreiUed u jirohliMti lor the trli-plimii' cinu- ptiny. Their puluH were cut mill )>hn:e ( l »o rapidly tluil th<-y took rtiol. mid »t>roulcd JirnitcJu-i*. The Army Dental Corps set » record last yoar by filling IS million cavities. Martin fiiiflnri'r.M ilrchirr thert 1 Is no aerodynamic limit to (he si/e of uvernuriiii illrcriift. Huge uirlliii-rH nf 150 to 2TiO tuns now lie <-oinjileti> (in Martin drawing lioanls. Writes n serviceman from Iron: "f witnessed an auction of women one day in Baghdad. Big fat ones sold for S-lOO and S500 —little ones for $73." Shoes Salvaged By Nazis From ..Lublin.;Dead" You 1:1111 Niinluirii tit nlj;ht In Altisktt. SuniniHr tiny* '"•'• 2- , a ^^-.i * ,. *U ^* The MuinfUinUM.rriMxh !H> iibovi'. Today's RrH!C<loto: Mark Twain ii.xUt.-d a biiBKUK'.' handler in tlie Washington i-iiili'ond station. -la that satcht-l strong p to KO I" tll(; biiKff»if<-' car? tmKK'W-' miin li£ti:<;l ltlo « K HP ht>,'h ubovu hi* huiid and smashed It to the gi-ound with lull his mltfht, "That." said he. "is what It. will jrc>t in Philadelphia." Hu picked it up and b.-t.shecl HjLigainat the side of the otir several Umns. "That is what it will Rut in Chicago." He iru-xt threw it hi«h in the uir and when it landed jumped on it vigorously. It split open and the contents scatu-reQ over the pltLlforrii. "And that it what it will pet In Sioux City." Then he said, accoi-dlng to Mark Twain himself, "So if you are Koinf,- any farther than Sioux City, you'd hotter take it in the Fullman with you." AH you know, luittlrship* art- imim-il tiftiT xtuti!*. But Old you know It Is fi elmt-lionon-d CIIH- tmii for tin- statrH so selected to doniitr u sllvi-r siTvici- for tlir offiwr.V III4-SH',' Someone askfd us the other day, ••Are your F'ERSONAL. LOANS limited to you: 1 depositors?" A vigorous "No!" was. of course. our answer. In fact, n. Uii'gc percentago' of .. the . Personc.1 Loans on our books this minute are those of non-depositor*. Naugiiluck National PT5RSON- i\I> LOANS are for everyone — depositor or non-depositor, man or woman — provided hi; has a steady job and a reputation for [laying his bills. It isn't even necessary that you.bu previously known to us ' to get your PERSONAL. LOAN. And our rate of $0 per year per SlOO borrowed is charged customer and non-customer alike. Both are k'iven ;i full year in which to repay their loan in .smull, convenient monthly installments. So, even if you have never crossed the threshold of our hank, you wo still eligible for :i ['ERSOiVAL. LOAN". And we hope you will nnt hesitate l/> apply lor your borrowing needs i.'ither by letter, phone -2SU, or personal cull. \Vonien arc now si'rvlnir ti" linik«'i'"-n on UIK Tiinnsylvimiu Jtailruud. Some of thn war's most nmay.- in« fonts of land and wsitor tninwiiort have been perfoi'mocl by u 2'.i-ton six-wheel tr'UClc rrintcd with a 31-foot landing bout. Kadi month the plmies of the Air Tr«n«,|iort ConiniHnd (if the i;, S. Army Air .Force* (,-over mure than' 22 million DillON— cfliiul lo 'M round Irlps to tin- moon. Major General ~L. IT. Campbell, chief of army ordnance, announces ii .super-explosive called peiitollte, a small quantity of which will penetrate a five-foot reinforced wall of concrete. It's 20 pur cent more powerful than TNT. and will provide "terrific punch',' as bay.ooka ammunition. Swiil Knuir.Hon: "The u thoiiwuiul lorcstH acorn." creation of Is ill one THE NAUGATUCK NATIONAL BANK M«>ml>fir of Fn<l*rnl Pepoult Immratiftj Cornonitlon Electrical Supplies Lighting- Equipment BOMIl 'KM WITH UOMBs Victor — Columbia — Deccn SWAN ELECTRIC CO. 15 CIIUJICH ST. TKI-. 2574 IIKAVV CKYSTAI. GLASSES 12 for $1.00 J| CENTER ST. DIAL 3-37«3 J Thousand!* upon thousands of shoos taken from the iimrdijre.d dead pile in tin- "Ciunp of Annihilation" near Lublin, Poland, where imnunil>efcd ; 'fnulti|tudCH: 1 of-I'mdh; Vvomen and children wore killed In an official program of extermination. Doilies u-ure .stripped of all thut could In- useful, and then were cremated or hurled. This picture wns made as 25,000 J*O)CN .Kathurnd lit u. ,M»N« of requiem In'ld liy the Polish Cominlttee of National Liberation. (International Itudlophotb) .'. Heat Wave Is Blamed For The Ice Shortage Hartford. Aupr. 17—(UP)—A serious ice shortaj-'c in Connecticut Iri blamod or. the current heat wave. Governor Baldwin—'after nioct- \r\K with Ico dealers at the State Capitol — has issued a statement asklnjr householders and commercial UiCi's of ice to conserve "overy pound of ice he ca.n-." Plans havi boon made to obtain 1.000' tons of natural ice from Pitfs- fieltl. Mass., to supplement the dwindling Connecticut supply. GIRL n Williniantio, At:;:. 17—(UP)—T-or- etta Sevi^ny. 12 years o'.d. drowned in ths NsitchatiK river when she slipped iVom an inflated autorno- bil-j tirt. 1 <.-j' xvtiich she had been floating. 'J'he girl's body was recovered from deep water several minutes later, bin efforts to revive her failed. Hotel Guest Refused To Let Fire Disturb Sleep , Stamford, All),'. 17— (U.l'> — One of the guests at u local lioti.-l in Stamford refuses to let a fire disturb his sleep. When G <: o r g i: Ficcnsht :nvoke In his hotel room to find his mattress aflame, he merely tossed the mattress out of u window and promptly fell asleep on the spring of the hed. , When firemen arrived to in- vestigate—l^icensia woke up loiij; enough to vxpluln hi: had lieen .•iinokiiiK 1 ill lit-d—then fell asleep. Wyoming Ranger ton His Fight ar PIERPONX'S .\iin-rli-nii f.'i-in .sm-l :ir.ii HANK s-n«i-:;i' CA'lil) OF THANKS \V'o wh'h to express our sincere thanks to our friends o-r.d neighbors tor their kindly acts, expressions of sympathy and floral tributes received . during our rodent bereavement. We especially thank employees of the Lewis Enginec.r- irig Co., Gum Shoe Packing, Gay- t.M! Making and Gum Shoe Making of the- U. S. Rubber Co. The THano Family. Buckmiller Funeral Home 22 PARK PLACE Telephone 4334 Dewey's Fears Are Unfounded, Says Secretary Hull Washington, Aup. 17—(b*P)~ Secretary of State Hull says Governor Thomtis 'Dewcy has no reason to fear that the big four nations are planning 1 a military alliance to rule the world. Yesterday, the Republican presidential nominee declared he was disturbed by reports on the forthcoming: conferences of the United States, England, Russia and China. These reports indicated, he said, that the four nations were planning to dominate,t>ie world. Today Hull replied that such fears were "utterly and completely unfounded." Hull went on: "No arrangement such -as described by Mr. Dewcy, which would involve a. military alliance of the four major nations permanently to co- orcu the rest of the world, is contemplated by this government, O r, as far us we know, by any of the other governments." 1 Hull pointed out that the four nations, in a Moscow declaration, luivo already jrone on record as a<lvocatinj: a "Konerul international organization, bused on the principle of sovereign equality of a.11 pence loving states." He added: "This new meeting 1 is for the purpose of a discussion amor,;; the signatories of the Mascow declaration as to the most feasible and desirable methods of establishing the kind of organization envisaged in that declaration. Any reports to the contrary are absolutely without foundation in fact." Jackson, Wyoming, Aug. ]7 — (UP)—Men still ara men in .the Wild W. est. ' Wyoming rancher Bertu'e Col.e-^wbo o.w,ns."tp'Q5 .years but i.i still hardy—certainly proved it. '_ ; .•'••" - '• " '• W-hc-n Jic across, a brown •bear in his ranch yard, lie bent over to pick up a heavy .club. to. use as a weapon. This was a tactical blunder, The bear—seeking 1 to protect her two cubs—made a surprise attack from 'behind. . •' ,;"-. . The rancher was too Tar-.Jfrom the, house to call for help;'- H? found .himseif in the ; bear's^embrace, her cltiwjs tearing into' lii's nosh. . ;.:. He used his only, weapon, the club. The battle ended with the',\bear dead. After that Cole rode six mils on horseback to get treated for bites, and claw wounds; ;,,. Then, with his head and ajioul- dcrs in Ixindajres, lie went back to work. . . PERMISSION GKA.NTE1J J-Iartford. Aug. ,17—(UP)—Erain- ard field has been opened for private and commercial flying. The Civil -Acronautii-.s Authority has granted permission for planes to enter Hartford through a three- mile corridor, leading to Brainai'd field. Letters From ; Our Readers 1 Ma con, Georgia, August 'J3, 194-1. Sunday Noon. Naugaluck Daily News. '''. Dear Sirs: Have received your gift 'and want to think you very much. The memorandum book sure will '.come in handy. I. expect-a twprweek fui'lou^'h next month so I'll drop in to say hello! My family and 1 have always enjoyed reading 1 the NauKttUick Daily News arid found it a very interesting paper.' Boy, 1 can't H'ait to come home to Naugatuck .because I miss home very much and most of all I ; miss my wife and i'aniily. Yours truly, . PRIVATE JOSEPH KKZELEVIGH. ,3.;-10(;05T-Co. C—17Lh l.RJ.C. . Macon, Georgia. P. S.—It' you hear of anyone who lacks sunshine, send them down here because . we have too much of ;'t. KKPT PJREMEN BUSY Berkley, Cal., Aug 1G—(U-'P)— The hopping of baby sparrows kept wires popping in West Berkeley. Cal. For three days the fine department was in a dither answering false alarms. An investigator finally discovered the culprits.... Four baby sparrows who had located their nest in a relay -box. hopping had shorted a wire. The statue of Freedom atop the dome of the national Capitol at Washington weighs almost savor., and one-half tons. HIT BY KOBOT BOMBS London, -Aug. 37— (-UP)—German flying bombs recently damaged the grounds at Buckingham Palace, the m-ain residence of King George ant! Queen Elizabeth. The- ; robot bomb attacks aru continuing:. light spot"hanoy r 8ays. 3-BingTiandy'says BUY WAK BONDS AND STAMPS I ! Up with the 3-Ring "haQdy"— i and you hurry along your ! Ballantinc! PURITY, BODY and FLAVOR in every glass. America's finest since 1S40. ! P. Bollonlino ft Sons, N*wark, N. J. BAUANTINE Security Agreement May Be . :' ^v, • ;• 'ilV 1 '- '• I ! --I Tl * ' V s " Reached This Year (By. United J'rcss) Prlmdiy plans for some form of post-war world security may be completed "by fall. At least this'is the .hope of Senator ''Tom.'' Connelly, chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations committee.; Connally thinks thai: by autumn," 'the UnJted. States, Rus- sia,''.Grca't Britain and 'China will have' reached • a tentative agree- ment'on" 1 the maintenance of world peace and security. However, the Texas senator he- lluve.s.r /thci'e 'wilj be some delay when the- is^tie reaches tihe Senate. He thinks that the November elections will delay ratification' until possibly the first of the year. In the opireion of the Republi can 'presidential candidate—Cover nor IDewey — tl'ic w.hole . idea o achieving- post-wur security by an agreement amonj,' ,the four m United Nations Is out of balance T.he Republican] nominee disclaims any. approval of what, he tei- power politics" after, the. war. M'eanwhile,' rcpresehtatives of the four Allied powers are continuing- with their plan to bo world security conferencvjs in Wushington 1 . within the next week Democratic spokesmen say Ule conference will be followed by more decisive talks at a later date. Another conference .is being held n Connecticut today. Connecticut Governor. Raymond Baldwin, is meeting -with, union and company officials ini an effort _lo end a strike 'at tine ElecU-ic Boat company. ' The 'strike' has tied up sub marine production. Allied Tanks In Arno River Town Young GOP's Enjoy Corn Roast Here . A'corn'-roast-'.and octtnfr was cn- o'ycd; by the Naug.-ituck Young' Itjjublican club Tuesday nipht at he'-home of.Mrs. CharJes.'Erk of t^ew Haven' x-oad with twenty in itlendanco. Mi'S. Erk.'was'chairman of ro- 'reshments and assistLnjy her were Mrs. Viola Voalpre and Martha ^ohs. The frroup discussed a. bit o.* ouline"busir.ess. Pythian hall will be the scene of he next moiitliiK. Sep_t. 32. The re- resbment committee for that iicetinj.' will be in charfre of Henry wick/'who ^viIl name his own as- istants. Oklahoma City is the center of ne of the world's larg-est hi£h- ravity oil wells with about 1,000 veils located in the city's immedi- te'. vicinity. Ships Carry Trains Across English Channel Somewhere In No? 37—(UP)—Crew member-" O f .£ huge ]>S-T landing ships -whij fcn-y supplies acros.5 the ~ channel have oeo.sed to ,-ibouI. - their cargo. Said one husky salt: "I be surprised to nnd anyt.vilng~rj£! Eskimos to elephants aboard-IB, £ay now." .. .- ' Some of the ships now 't^f complete Irai7:.N—(vit!) as many al 22 freight cars—in one crosslnjr Rails have been placed on ihi docks and rhe rolling slocks- tn<M directly lo tracks in France. Ciimidian tanlvK, camouflaged with brunches and brush, 'and Infantryniun sire shown it) one of Hie narrow streets of the Jfcilian town of Monti;s|)crtoll, on the Arno river valley west of Florence, nfter It fell to the Allied forces. Canadian Army photo. (Inlernational) New Allied Raids In Pacific Are Reported By Japs (By United Tress) The Japs' report a series of fu- •ious 1 new Allied air raids throughout the Ricific. Radio Tokyo says -10 American anes .insulted Halmahcra yesterday for the fifth consecutive day. The island lies off the west coast of New Guinea—some 250 miles iii the Philippines. C^r.oral Mac- \rthur annour.cod eni'lier in the veek thut the ffrcai enemy lx« al- cacjy hud beer, practically neu- iiilixed by steady !iir blows, Japanese broadcasts also ;cll of comber assaults on Soeivibaja in Javn, and Chichi island in the Bor.ins. Although Allied soa nnd air mashes at the J:ips nro achieving ncreasing success—Admiral Kim- v/. ixiy.* land action \vill be need- d-to complete Die downfall of the island empire. He-warns that baxr:.s in China wre nccesfa-ai-j' for f.ina.1 victory. The Pacific leader—who lias just completed -an inspection tour of our newly won b:i.-ji; at Guam—declares the Marianas will be of o.)! time importance to the U.".itcd States. Nimitz told news correspondents he expected reinforcements soon from the European theater— to .-••peed up the wiar against the Japs. 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