Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 10, 1928 · Page 12
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 12

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 10, 1928
Page 12
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TTi «* i tr*. •* n\v?, I-- ? li f P K . jf / "(f-1 ung OoTJp!«» At, S|- :'? Church This Mornit?g Sn St. Msry's fO WilJIsm Mr- j •flst.ires arsd friends, Hfv. Fr. An- j •Jrs* .T, Burn? re.'/ebrnted the 1m- i prf.eMjv** msw snd pTOTiminrpfS !h« j wnej« ilns wremony. Tn the bridal pftTty n,Tre M.l« Mflrsfnr^t Olynn of Rockforti, maid of honor: Frank Quinn of Fierwrn, II! , t>r«t. man; Thorn** McCue, Jr . tend Ja-tph T?f- K*n of this city, While the of Mc-ndel.«ohn'? wedding march were pl»yrd by Miss Celeste Ward st the organ, th* hri- dul procession moved gratefully up the aMe to the altar and assumed their station*. Around th? rhftneel railintt a jcrreri of palms and ferns termed an artistic sf-t?!ng for the religious ceremony. John F. Ward, pololst, &ans "Ave Marie" by Tito Gehipa, BR the offertory, and "The Communion Hour" while communion was brine ircrlvrd. Soft measures from "The Nuii! in! Suit'-" by Kreisler were piayrd by thc organist, during thc mars. The pretty bride was clad In R lovely but simple frown of peach color georgette crrp-<\ a hcnd ban- drau of rhiriesfone;.. and slippers and hose of tan color. Blie carried delicate pink rosebuds and lilies of the valley, arranged into a gorgeous bouquet. Thc maid cf honor's costume was tan georgette with details of her attire harmonizing. Her flowers were an arm bouquet oj the pink rosebuds. Breakfast At Tavern From the church thc bridal party and wedding guests went to the Lincoln Tavern for a very delectable three course breakfast. Covers for twenty-three were laid at, one table in the private dining room. Very dainty decorations in plrik and green were suggested in the rosebud place cards attached to the nut cups, thc flowers and taper candles. A basket of pink rosebuds was the centerpiece, and before the bride's place stood a decornted wedding cake, adorned with n tiny bridal couple. Late In the morning hours thc ncwlyweds left by motor on a honeymoon trip, the destination of which they did not announce. Thc bride wore a modish traveling attire In tan color and a black coat. Upon their return the couple will make their home at 409 li Sixth avenue. The bride has lived all her life In this community. She is the daughter of Mrs. Elizabeth Seldel of 404 Avenue E. She received her education in the schools here and at Mt. St Clair academy, Clinton, Iowa. The past two years the bride has been a competent teacher at thc Swan Lake rural school, south of Rock Falls. She is a sweet and popular young girl and was the guest of honor at many pre-nuptiai parties. The groom's parents are Commissioner of Highways and Mrs. Thomas McCue of the Lincoln highway west, prominent residents of this community. He graduated from the Community high school several years ago and since that time has been employed with the Rock River OH Co. Mr. McCue is a young man of high ideals and held in high regard by all who know him. A legion of friends extend best wishes to the pair that they may enjoy many years of happy married life. Out of town guests at the wedding were Miss Margaret Glynn of Rocklord, Mr. and Mrs. James McCue of Kansas City, Mo., and Mr. and Mrs. Frank Quinn of Berwyn, 111. • Amy rrt™tef ; f'.in o f m chin, but if I KT' tv j>« she do"^ h f -r t ',, I* \rnfr 1 to fhr hotl?." th" f h 1- JJ Trr-r, 1f **>*• if If DORA. HINRIOHS AND [BODY OF W. DILLOM JOHN JOHNSON TAKE THE NUPTIAL VOWS WILL BE TAKEN TO ERIE FOR BURIAL from R.« fnr south ft* 5^8sl*» j north ft? Jo r>f>vi*>S!5 cotmty. j from w.m eotmtf to the Mtastert morning to «tt»nd th*- rsfrfr meeting; of th« FedemtwJ Worn rlutw of th* Etevwith, Twelfth snd : nomes Th i rt **^n f .h cf5Tts-r^^%!oi^?fci <i!*t.Ticf-^ • l '^ -*^ hpM At th*" Firrt ConsrsiTRtioniO j " 1 **"church tfxi»v, MIKP t,i _ ., " , .,_ . .,, '"Horn* RjpwrvjitJcms for 150 ladl#A wre j t ^ received yr*tjprd»i? hy th* Lsdi*?*' •,,,„ "„„ 8oci*l Cirri*? of St John's Lutheran church for the luncheon R«rve<3 this noon, but the ladies wisely She gn,v» a. r*rf gtcnrtng of th*! gwat ht-«n«t!»l thf f»der»t*d WiRBmn's ttntts ftt AntonJo, whew eseh of th« of In ttw tbs i uirt wedding F!nc, III . Oct. 10 — (Special,) 8rcnnd m o r n i n E. ra Hlnrichs or tonk pi fi cc in thf church THPsdav >n MI'S Do-'ill.. Tuesday afternoon nbout flvE and .John o'clock, following 'an illness of six Sty snd her state and some from RCHWS th*> «•**, it^^s w^s*0 r^^ir©^*?^*^?? of thft earnest wows every referring note, £1t3^ C*? & %F&&% 0?"lp?,irj, WSMI Mrs, Powter read Pmri» •dspj'« touch ing trtbttt» to •CUTM; Rtatfl of Vetincjtrt s,s Tor ttl« WTHB€h Of Till- nois in toys! eie-yottoa to home while to ndd »n extra hundred ptates to exerting themselves for theeommon od of nation. Sh* U)te care of late arrivals. This prov-' *-;? "' "* ™* ™«™- «"« «T ^ t« h« t™ t*-*, an/1 » «,. m ^ , if: gret1«l that the chairman of the ladies turned in their tie-' lnt f m »f-'on»l relations department to provide room for vJsHm*i nnd .* f so ?f °* *J* <**«' »P»«who had failed to make m ™J? ™ M P ot ^ *wre teamy We hops to irork together for too, WMS *& rr»wh rstfsrtw! «s thy others. When h*? pr*p«(M*4 nwdlein* for Klhmk, l*ft*r open-pd his shirt., polled mii a -«n*fi rttbher tube. r*«cbst! In hi* pockrt for a srwUI alnmirmTa funnst, which h* placed in th* «f«i of th* tubs and poured ttw nwHeln* Info It He mfoeA for -"itntp for dS.nrwT and this WM ssrvwl him, btit ln$t«»d of tisinir a, srwwj, he M«wl th* tubs and fimn«l Kltmk explained that acids, had btirned his throat to such an extent that the tub* had to be used to (??t food Into his stomsch. He had attended clinics In many PRrt* of the country where specialists have examined Mm. srid Is Apparently very strong anrf health; Rnd makes no complaint about his condition. O. K, ,., _ , .„. rvrty good thing for cmr fedtratlcrt," Mrs. J. Marc Fowler of Chlcagn, , sid ms . Fowler In closing, "that Johnson of Lyrxlon ncceptcd the^yenrs with tuDercu'.wis. He WR-? born j president of the Illinois Stftt* Fed- din young people may be Snsp'lr^l to ' _^, - . , «. f _...l^^ >_l....^^» ^._^. _.__._ YTMI-.'tu.ln, t**ff-«i ll***^ r*t "tS?«^*T*M"»^ *»B »^l»*tM» « (F*-t * • !•' r\ . . " _ . - " _ nt. the single ring CTemnny. an.-l rwircd on A fnrm near Hlll.idRle. jeraUon of Woman's clubs, arrtvrd and was the r-on of the late William Atfrrrriinp the couple ttrre Mixs Ef-|nnd Howlla Dillon of Hillsdale. He Onken. n chum of the brldn, and j On September 4, 1907, Mr. Dillon th!s morning and gave ncr sddmw on "Our Federation" »t ttw morn- Ing loyal and to ever be careful that no sug ^sUon of disloyalty ever »p~ J>car ot the platfoTtn of R Edward John-on, brother of thr wns united In marriage to Hazel noon. n order groom, The- bride a.", gownrd very prettily in prach (fcorgetle. crepe trimmed with heavy silk fringe, and carried B large bouquet of roses and babybreath. Miss Onkcn wore an attractive frock of maroon glace satin. Following the ceremony In the parsonoge, the bridal pnrty motored to Grand Detour and enjoyed a four course wedding dinner at the Co- lonlal Inn. ried couple Later the newly mar- loft by motor for a aughter of' Mr. and Mrs. Richard Jlnrlchs of Morrison. Mr. Johnon Is a son of Mr. and Mrs. John ohnson of Sterling. Both young eoplc are favorably known In this iclnity, and have a wide circle of rSends who congratulate them. After their honeymoon trip the ouple will make their home on the groom's farm near Lyndon. Being Fire Prevention week a number of the girl employes of the lllnola Bell Telephone company •Islted the Sterling fire department eaterdny. They were shown the ,-arlous fire trucks and other equipment and were taken on a short ride on the big pumper. Many persons have he«ded the re- juest to cleanup about their prcm- ses and already many fire hazards have been removed and during the week many more will be taken care of. Basements and attics throughout he residence district, also catchall closets should be cleaned out. In he business district there arc many boxes, waste paper and such things o be removed from basements and store rooms. SPENT INTERESTING TWO WEEKS IW EAST Mr. and Mrs. J. K. Acton, who recently returned from s motor trip to the east, report a very pleasant time. They went over the Old National highway. From Philadelphia on the return trip they followec Route 30, which is the same as the Lincoln highway. They spent sev- -eral days at Wooster. Ohio, with their son Lyle, who is attending Wooster college. They visited the national capita and White House at Washington. D C.. walked to the top of the Wash Ington monument, went to Arllng ton Height*, were in the clmrcl Washington attended at Alexandria Va., and eaw various other places a interest in and around the capito city, including uie Washington home at Mt. Vernon. A trip was taken to Annapolis naval training station and at Philadelphia hrteresttm eights such as the home of Ben; Hfranklin and Independence Hal were visited. At New York City a trip was mad to the Statue of Liberty and the: went inside ot the statue and lookec out over the harbor toward the cit> Coney Island was another Interest ing place visited. They were (;on two weeks and had a real fine ' DO NOT FORGET Ttichter's big fur tale at the J K Chester Company; one day oui Friday. Oct. 12th Save 20 [XT ct'j OH your furs. adv. J. K. ClititiT Co.— rip Into Wisconsin on their hon- ymoon. Thc bride's travelling cos- urne was golden brown sntln, with ccensorles corrrspondlng. Mrs. Johnson is the youngest GIRL EMPLOYES OF 'PHONE CO. GIVEN RIDE ON PUMPER . to Chicago »o cowfer Blagg of Erie. For the past ten years train the couple had made their home in Princeton, where until his illness Mr. Dillon was a telegraph operator. He was R member of the Mystic Workers of the World. Besides the widow he Is survived by two daughters, Mrs. Wllma Roggy of Princeton and Miss Resells [both sessions today. Dillon at home, and a son Lorraine] Dillon of Erie, also one sister. Mrs. Mamie Cale of Davenport. la., and two brothers, Albert of Chicago and Roland of Meriden. 111. The funeral will be held Thursday afternoon nt two o'clock In the Eric Methodist church. Rev. F..E. Shults of Kewanee will officiate and interment will be made In the Eric cemetery. The singers will be Mrs. Bcr- nice James and Mrs, Sadie Miller, and the pall bearers. John Florence, Roy Lovejoy, Franz Hubbart, Oeorgo Stout, Jess Dillon and Ed Sands. session instead of this after- club meeting, but always devotion to ;r to catch the 1 o clock, Uw jmne-Uty of home, thc church, the school and thc flag. Let us un- Mrs. John F Slpplc of BaltSmorr, dfrstand each olher lKttft and , mvc Md, national president of the fed- nonc of the trivla , nilsundcrstand- cration, with whom rfic has &n np- lngi wn j ch break up cUlbs mnd dls . polntment at 5 o clock. Mrs. Wil- n!pt communule , g^d ^^8,3 1U wlll dam J. Farrell of Chicago, vice PIT- among na tions " sident of the Illinois redermtion. Luncheon at N»on. came last night and presided at Mrs John WRplcr hcmdcd | u , e decorating committee that beauU- the ConRrcKatlonal church au- DISCOURAGED BOY KILLED SWEETHEART Kansas City. Oct. 10.—(A.P.)— Discouraged he said, because he could not marry on a salary of $30 a month, Glenn Jenkins, 24, a for- nnd . i of these state thc hcadn of various state ments of work who spoke at the regional meeting, were enthusiastic in their praise of ditorlum and lobby with golden -. * nswueu «d rtte and th e club " Sn the " thc mer central high school sudent, took! or club women and a plea for co- ssj^^rharffii^^-^-s^^ra throughout Illinois, The program, the large attendance and the enthusiastic spirit shown by the cltilt women of northwestern Illinois has Inspired the officials with greater seal for the conducting of the remaining regional meetings. Mrs. C. A. Glover, president of the Sterling Woman's club, thc hostess club of the meeting, welcomed the visitors in a brief but happily worded speech, to which Mrs. Farrcll responded. Mrs. Farrell's address on "Cooperation" was the first address of the meeting. It was an inspirational review of accomplishments brought about by the united efforts hls sweetheart. Miss Marie Young, 21, out in a motor car last night and stabbed her to death. Jenkins left the body in the car and drove from Fairyland Park, where he stabbed her, to a police station, where he drank poison, but was revived by a physician. He told the police that "we have been keeping company a year and a half. Marie was discouraged too and said she wanted to die, but she didn't know I was going to kill her." PRE-NUPTIAL SHOWER FOR MISS HARSHMAN BROTHER PASSES AWAY AT CLINTON Mrs, Nancy Lee of Rock Falls has received word that her brother, Herman Britt, passed away Tuesday morning at S o'clock in Clinton, la., at the home of a son, Maurice Britt. He had not been In good health for several months, but his death was sudden following a heart attack. Besides Mrs. Britt, the deceased Is A delightful social event of Tues- survived by another sister, Mrs Delia Gowan of RocK Falls, and one Drother. EWe Britt of Tamplco. The funeral will be held at 10 o'clock Thursday morning, in the Catholic day evening was the prenuptlal shower given in honor of Miss Marie Harshman, whose marriage to Harlan Smith of Peorta will be solemnized in mid-October. Miss Kathrine Wlnkler was the hostess, the affair beng held at her home at 402 West Sixth street. The evening was enjoyed by a party of 16 girls, who played five hundred. The high score was made by Miss Loretta Ryan and the low score by Mrs. John Forster. The sound of an alarm clock was a signal for Miss Harshman to start on a "treasure hunt." She was rewarded by finding many beautiful articles, gifts from the girls. A dainty two-course luncheon was served by the hostess. Out of town guests were Miss MarceUa Bremer and Miss Lola Long of Dixon. Hospital Notes Mrs. Arthur Malm and infant daughter, Doris Jean; Mrs. Wanwr Mohrman and Infant son Richard Glenn; Mrs. Albert Breidlng and infant son Philip Russell; Mrs. Ralph McCormick and son have been discharged from the Sterling public hospital. Irene Rogers, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. David Rogers, who fell and broke her arm yesterday, was admitted to the hospital and the arm was placed in a cast. Edwin Neikirk has been admitted for medical treatment REP. ALLEN SPEAKS TO THE GYEO CLUB The Gyros had an interesting meeting lust evening. Several guests were present, including State Representative H. C. Allen. Mr. Allen spoke on the matter of improved highws-y* throughout Whiteside county and showed where this county has gotten its lull share ol paved highways. Ed Freidman of Chicago, a magic•en and card manipulator, entertained with various clever tricks. He had a bag full of them and kept everyone laughing from start to finish. IX AtJtOKUis US PLEASURE TO ANNOUNCE BUehter's big lur tale at our store, o»s dsy only. Friday. Oct. 12. Re- fe|»ectfuUy, J. K, Chester Company,-— adv. ..... •- • your trtsih meat*, Oha*s Batten coite, tod federal bakery good* ftoai L*a4is & 600, Stock F&Ui. VGH HJJCi JPUHSttSES. u *cd apeefei &, Tlte rail watt* fcffl ft wick, DID NOT STOP AFTER ACCIDENT, FINED $25 Yesterday Joe Deets ot MUle4se- viiie was jfuied 125 and costs fay Justice B. C. Hose of Mt. Carroll. DeeU was charged with driving sway following an accident in which tlie car he was driving collided with wagon driven by Guy Jolm&on of near Miltedgt'ville. Deeu was apprehended and arrested by state Motorcycle Policeman Wilbur Cushman oi this city. Ohauge Houn Of Rev. Ff. M. B. Kru« the change in tha hours oi toe f«r the fall and winter sea- effective at the 8*cred H«art C>cc, 1. T b^ at 7:30 a. us. The hours o| tii£ Sujid^y bti-vicc low m«uw «t . 7 :90 K. uj. sad at 10 a. m.. with iitVtf Ji/W Vtiii U: hlf h church at Clinton, la. Picnic M Lasnrence PorE A picnic was enjoyed at Lawrence park yesterday by a number of local people, it being in honor of Mr: and Mrs. Jhrank Taylor, Jr., of Cleveland. Ohio, Who left for their home today after a several days' visit here. Among those present were Mr. and Mrs. Monroe Hand, Mr. «t*d Mrs. Nathan Hand, Mr. and Mrs. James Sensenbaugh, Mrs. Jane Barrett, Mrs. Beth Arroyo, daughter Lucille end son Billy, Mrs. Celia Hand and Mrs. George M, Warner. Failed To Stop, Fined $3 C. J. McManus was fined IS and costs by Judge W. P. Palmer on a charge of failing to stop before entering an arterial highway. operation among the members of individual clubs, the county, district, regional and state federations and all organizations of woman's clubs with the national federation in carrying the program ot work and realizing the Ideals for which the club women are striving. Mrs \Vilbur E. Frlbley of Chicago, chairman of the "American Home" department of the Illinois federation, followed with a splendid talk on the object and accomplishments of her department. She alluded to the help given by the Federal Trade commission in safeguarding the homes ot America in their standards of living and to the four departments of federal, state, county and city bureaus of home economics as great sources of help. The well equipped house is not always a real home, said Mrs. Frlbley, and the thorough housekeeper is not always a real home maker. Home making Is the object of the federation's "American Home" department, in an effort to preserve the best ideals and enlarge the opportunities of all home dwelling Americans, and through them to be a help to all peoples of the world. State President Talks, Mrs. J. Marc Fowler expressed her pleasure In starting the series of regional meetings in Illinois by this splendid gathering in Sterling. She said Uiat seven regional meetings were held two years ago, eight last year and nine are to be held this year. Their scope and effectiveness are increasing and their numbers will grow. They inform the club women ofwhnt the federation is doing, by the addresses given by heads of the various departments. This year two new department* are functioning in the Illinois federation. One is the garden branch of the conservation department. There are several garden clubs aad many garden departments of the JKQman'fl^ clubs of the state and their slogan ts to "make Illinois « garden by 19SO." It is a lovely thing to beautify homes in the communities of one st&ate, said Mrs. Fowler, Whether it be only & window box in a city flat or a wide expanse of beauty in the beautiful outdoors of our country homes, it gives pleasure to the home community residents and to all who pass thraush our state. Some have suggested that petunias be planted along our state highways and that our state earn the name ol "tha petunia state." Badte Department. The second new department; cf the state federation is the radio d* p&rtment, for securing stations «ad hours for broadcasting the program of the club women of Illinois. Very helpful cooperation has been given menu was carried out In the same colors. The visitors were grouped according to congressional districts at the business seslons, but at the dining tables they were grouped according to the departments of work they represented, state, district and county officers at one table, and the following departments at various other tables: Junior membership, Indian welfare, education, law enforcement, civil service, conservation and gardens, legislation, music, art, press and publicity, the American home and public health. The menu served by the Social circle of St. John's church consisted of roast beef, mashed potatoes and gravy, carrots, pickles, i fruit salad. rolls. Ice cream, cake and coffee. The afternoon session, which began at 1:30 o'clock waa given over largely to addresses on department work. Dr. Grace Wightnmn waa to speak on "Public Health and Child Welfare." Mrs. J. D. Kinney of Alton, on "Conservation." Mrs. Talbert Hoganson of Ottawa, on "Junior Membership,'" and Mrs. Roy P. Hoadley of Yprkyilfe on "American Local Weather At 8 ao o'clock this raoraiug f.h* mercury register^ &'/ jmd ftt 1 o'» clock this afternoon it was up to the 65 mark. It has been a bright, clear day. Dr. Wm. J. Menrila ft 8UBUKON ta the office treat- ot rectal disease*. JOHN M, Atfeftnuy 41 I*w AKO til* UO&Ni AND teOBTOAtlES S*uS BuUdmg BRETHREN OHUROH 1929 CONFERENCE WILL BE IN LANARK of y» stafeg gnsssft (unsi fl-sh ft 1WH m tftt n^«feT *t th* nswttng of th« XHUDJC Wftlten : T.]#ftsn.ML. whicb «SM be .h«W te Fwl- = ton on Prtrfay «weniflf. ^»ei*l en- 1 t*rt*Jnfwnt f*» hires ' ' rftnft*d. A 6:30" o'el preoptf* thf ynwrttef, Little Girl Bittern y Dog lAintllp P?ilfcird. 10 y»«n! of »p>. d««Rhter of Mr. and Mrs, O*wrg;» Pulford of Lincoln strwt, ims bitten on th* knee by » dog st noon Tuesday. The tdri VRS cm an errand for her mother and w»s cut- Unit through th* yard of a neighbor when a doe, caroe out of its house ami attacked her. She vta taken to R phyalcian. who cauterised tho Lanark will entertain the 1923 session of the Illinois district conference of the Brethren church during the first full week of October, it was decided at the concluding meeting of the organization In Waterloo. Iowa, Tuesday. Rev. George Cone pf Mllledgevllle was election moderator; Rev. Edwin Boardman of Waterloo, Is*., vice moderator; and O. A. Prather of Cedar RApids,. la-, secretary-treasurer. The Woman's Missionary society' held its annual session during the church conference. One of the speakers WM Miss Gertrude Leedy of Mllledpeville, who spoke on "Stewardship." She Is the national executive secretary. SHEH1E ENTERS A PLEA OF GUILTY TO MANSLAUGHTER Citizenship." The various state, district and county ofQcers were Introduced at the morning session. The meeting was expected, to adjourn before 5 p. m. There were 32 registrations from the Eleventh district, 25 from the Twelfth and SO from the Thirteenth outside of Sterling-Rock Palls. NEWS OF LODGES A large number were present at the Sterling Rebekah lodge meeting Tuesday evening In the L O. O. P. hall. After the routine business the lodge initiated two candidates, and the October committee served, refreshments. J. K R«ed, who has been vlalt- ing his sister in Iowa, has returned borne. H. J. FOLKERS ' Attorney at taw ' PKACTICft IN ALL COV&'fQ, LOANS *Kd INSURANCE =*= First Mortgage Bonds *%' ILLINOIS Styles Come and (Styles Go —but a Blue Serge suijt is still the favorite in many a maa f s wardrobe. Why? It's the one suit that correctly solves the dress problem of a business appointment or a dinner engagement—with equal smartness. The men who buy Clothcraft "5130" Serges, and there are many of them in town who are wearing them right now, like their utility, $29.50 At Suite John Shehee. indicted by the October grand Jury for the murder of Ralph Jackson in Morrteon early last month, appeared before Judge Nels A. Larson In the WbJteslde county circuit court this afternoon and entered a p>;a of guilty to manslaughter. The court immediately passed sentence, fixing th« penalty at one to 14 years in thc state penitentiary. The plea of guilty to manslaughter was made by on recommendation of State's Attorney R. W. Besse. Thomaa Diller Very 111 Thomas DUler, former editor of the Sterling Dally Standard and veteran of the O.A.R.. is reported to ba in a very critical condition as the result of dropsy, asthma and the infirmities of old age, at his home in San Antonio, Tex. He Is 83 years of age. His eon, John C. DUler, who is a member of the ad- \lsorylscaTdTjf"yEteUnlversity, has been called to his bedside. His other son. Roland Diller, makes his home in San Antonio. Many old friends of Mr. Diller will be grieved to hear of his critical illness. LITTLE ne No. 42-~T»« linm. This is natlotsaJ Karpen furniture week. Sec the wonderful values at B. A. ForKtcr & Sons,—adv. Mrs C. A. Pfulb of Fourth avenue. Rock Fall"!, is suffering with badly sprained left ankle which' she sustainejl In a fall. Tlv? home of Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Shiffer on Fourth avenue, Rocki Falls, has been given a coat of fresh paint and presents an attractive appearance. The Social Circle of Hock Falls Congregational church will hold m rummage sale Thursday and Friday, Oct. 11-12, In the building formerly occupied by the Landls grocery.— adv. Mls3 Beverly Hugglnx of Dlson Is convalescing this week after a recent Illness, at the home of her grand-parents, Mr. and Mrs. O. A. Feigley In this city. Miss Fannie Walker of Mllledge- ville was an out ot town ahopper here Tuesday. O. E. 8. dancing party Thursday night, Oct. ll.—adv. Miss Florence Miller received a letter from her sister Luclle, who is now working In the telephone office at Detroit. Mich., stating that she lifces her work very much. Mrs. Albert Breidlng and Infant son were removed from tho Sterling public hospital to their home Tuesday In the MelvLn ambulance. Rummage sale, Fourth St. church, Friday and Saturday.—adv. Thomas Lazio. Jr., has gone to New York state to enjoy & month's vacation. He will visit relatives to Rochester, Buffalo and Geneva. An entire new stock, from the New York Importers, at the Gift and Novelty Bfaoppe on Fourth SL in the Academy Block.—adv. Mr. and Mrs. L. K Armitage of Chicago are spending this week with Miss Margaret Ward of Avenue B. Mr. Ward haa been with tha Chicago Dally Journal for the past 23 years, being now in the circulation «epftrtmcnt. «e wtU5~fttt Interested caller at The Daily Gazette office Tuesday and expressed surprise at finding ptich a complete and up-to- date newspaper plant in * city ot this sixe. i ti. «. wt. wr, *«, tV ??*», fi^^v swelled hfrsrl often too big for his hot*. Rust, proof your screens before laying them mwmy for the winter. Our scre*n mint will Rave th*m." Quarts 60c. pruts 35c. For tiits Treek only, Lewis Paint and Radio Store, —ftdv. Harold Hough of Chicago, who JIM been here for the past week with his monocoupe, taking R number of his friends for sky rides from the Bpeetfbowl park airport, returned yesterday to Chicago, Mr. Hough handles his tin/ machine remarkably well and put it through all kinds of .stunts. The Gift snd Novelty Shoppc will reopen on Fourth Bt. In the Academy Block Saturday, Oct. 13.—adv. Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Oregorious returned to Chicago Monday after a weekend visit with Mr. and Mrs- Ross Hull. Rurnmafre sale. City Hall basement, Friday. Oct. 12, Elects Smith .Auxiliary.—adv. Mrs. Fred Loos. Mm. Fannie M. Worthlngton. Mrs. Richard Proctor, Mrs, Fannie Weaver and Mrs. A. Hoklnson motored to Byron this morning In Mrs. Loos' car to attend the picnic dinner and meeting of the republican women's clubs of this district at Mrs. Ruth Hanna Mc- Cormlck's Rock River farm. Dr. Jennings' dental otfice will bo closed Wednesday nnd Thursday due to his attendance at the Northern Illinois Dental Convention at Jolict. —adv. Miss Emma Rick cf Chicago visited over the week-end at the home of Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Mueller. Mr*. Mueller is the former's aunt. Prof, and Mrs. W. E. Yates and family motored to Galena, Sunday. They report that the trip at this Ume of the year is extremely beau* tttful. Mrs. Earl Longfellow and little daughter Joan of Rock Falls, have gone to Lewlston. Minn., f ot a week's visit at the George Babcock home. Mr. and Mis, Lorcn Miller and daughter Loralne of Sterling spent the week-end at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Paschel near Cc~ leta. Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Smith and Mr. and Mrs. Philip O'Connor ot Green Bay, Wls., were guests of Miss Celesta Ward on Monday. Mrs. Albert Breidlng and infant 1 son were removed to their homo Tttesdsy-from~tbe "Sterttog pa&lte" hospital. _ Mr. and Mrs. F. E. Haynea have returned from a pleasant visit with, relatives and friends in Macon, Missouri. that sweeps aside all other chokes is based on Sle,Performance and 'Value igAj* irfoi'f •ffX, Jit"*" •"*•'* rJtvat&tS&liigpetH&ct**- y&ntifmt m lifri/Mterec "SUvcC'Dosac** 1 higb-coas- preuioa eagiae. usieg aa; BKcI«civ« type of bigh- (•rtmieace eoa*ba»tfoo t pii- gtwn* Air dMAer ud oil Uau. Electric Vomer for easy Maniac la oobi wca^car. 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