Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 10, 1928 · Page 11
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 11

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 10, 1928
Page 11
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"* ' "**:Jf-^ t'^sH-**^*^. J •l-y^l^^t?, ft.?. ^ff? | '- ! !,* t"r»r^v»U,-__ »,* ., WHJPPKT cn.«i..-h f I"!--, irifw- *.?v5 M ?«» !?!.**»» h* Tor* m full *?i*ns prof if <? sr.n ?ss<r*r »**>»?». gn; nr»! «U tirs«f>it«,. flt.ft«?^l*. arsd m*mwm, M 00 « 19 00, ' V!*!"»n* *. jir!]. ft"'*?? Fiiftltf tJfe»r5.rl f-' !ii!no)< emir CASH FOfl! IMM.D . Ill tnm'm S7 « t. lTT tMTIW'-*, fc*)t1R <!ltlt? •*-.'! w,- fhut T n«v» UAT AMT» MIOHT R TTHilRJD ST. FHOKR J9« fi»4 Ffjp.isJ "co«tM». A-i' condition,' tltM, 1 15ft, 1.,, n. dUmmn*, Rack rn, M-S8f*8.7»; t-mi ll.7R*SOf!. AHIMAl, OI8FORM, CASH for of SS5-W. Schrntlrr's Work*, et4>rlinir. 4BTA1.I Vlno*nt A , Hotwr? r«W!c. ' on Hffi'B yotl IfJ the hollow OS » our £*.rh«rt pmyw. Mr StnwnttorT, sons. 3 — Ws' . ;1 |h*nk.» to friends for ,.,,., i?;' tatdi svmpftthf to tw in our ff£fftt?4 of our d*UJJthf*T MsHon fl»r th* flcrse-crs. Mr. *,m1 Mrs. III wn* X-» I^OT t?^ F^iTfitislH!?? ffrf isTj" contracted hy my wi;?, Mrs. ^. .— .-*,-,., Aumfnt. or RHyonf* ^5«5*», from this dsUp on. Wm. 1. Aum*nt.. "TSJ1 iT"" iKVS ' i.' -' , i , " . w*tAi woi tn> rwponsihle tor »ny debt* contracted by prr*ons tain Tfiywif. Clifford Smith. "PIN"" ~T .."" pe*r!», on L^Roy Ave. PJrtt Are*., Rock ftninrt. U. "' R. Mt" In 13th fw Bhop snd KlRhth Phone 101 7- w. Bti**a. ?*" Cof . t Rot* . ring, with four BtppbinBs. foeral reward. Phone 903. B. P. V!*rlng. *ft(»<?o 8«rric« 8t««on. 400 rittrt. AT*.. Rock r»l!«. ' for nil rn«fc*i" iot , Third 8t, >t Tfilid Av«. .JIMI i 4 ir'putrp«j . nil Stirling Unttery ana fapctric Co., wcst Fowte at. JOHN HOPF1URR ft SOW MOTOR CARS 414 JW3OU8T ST. PHOKE 1277 11037 PONT1AC coach, almost a new t»r. H»a had the best of cure. Fully equipped. 828 CHEVROLET coach. Thin roomy 6&r hfta been driven very little. aad U like new. with fuu Hurry if you want It, __ __ . "la Kt,lJUTfiSCAli'"rtimtri'r;i;' of'" aiFlUndl", called for fcnd delirenHI: ai*o Wiring Jobs. H. M, Wltmw,, 1C09 K. Fourth St. Phon* I227-M. HAtf/JNQ with '^«t^~"tnj3tT "junk cnra bought. OteQ pasta for Knnpp, Rock Falls. PHO»« Rooms anA~~Botird flfrctric tu-o welding. a<^»tt*s rrar FALIT" COATS . 0»B«niaKJrig. Mrs. OstcrBfi'Mft. HoJcI KSSEX coupe. HAS evsrytblng tn line ol equipment. Very good pitta MITCHELL, eedau. A lot of car I for 990. 1&34 J*TWKTT 4-paas«ng«r coupe. This oar will give a lot of service for 650. ! QpaQB REAt. BtTTB in open CAT*. i.Chevrolet touring. Hupp and Over; jana. Bm*U down payments. JEwy |-«, M. A. C. tcrme. Employment '1*WO MEN who Tfnte c»rs, wlfto give good relerencas. Apply *t Bcwlng Machine Co., 318 S. 6«?cond at., Clinton. Iowa. ~to ..... ~ 87 ROOMS, !>r*-rti it «l«lrtd.~lSquif«i" ai 210 Wall*t* St. Room* w?thn?it noara fin FoO'RtM AVfe., "(56l— f wo ulngl* rfximii In qulft moderti home, close In. for rnt.x!» i 'rn~ hom*T nt 503 st.raa*i«'o""nooM" At' 40,1 s. rum Bt.T al»o Imlf ot double <ramRe *t 203 17t.h ATP. Pbatift 1225-W. TWO &J«»iy <urnlshptl^6!«!Tpin In modern home. Phone 1602-M. room in clew* In, for yaunii __ &nom» for llonsckwoinn ^ TWO OETrbuR 7bom""i urni»h'«i~c<jt- l*g*«, with gnrnge. Cliildrtn welcome. Mrs. Guy Sanders, First Avo - Rock* Falls. per th« nmoTiiit fcf their hics», tttmtd on the rctcmioa of » r ss r«>qulrM by tJi« C'Jin checks to bo pn]m.b!« to tu«? md«r o( Cefnm!n*Jon«>r*. Dnt.«! ftt Princeton. l]Hnol» tftmber 29, 1S28. Jftrn»« Flffchwr. of tltw Orwn Htvf r Spcietal Dintrlct of Bunmu keeping. 911 East Second 8t , 8lcr- wnntcd and repair radios. Good proposlUon for right man. Writs H.D.-3U, care YOUNQ Sxperteewd preftfrred. Addres* Qro- ccr, care Oazctts. I.L.1 BA1KJAIMS ALL— BEK "EM sedan, big six motor, 1380. x tc-artng. winter top, $1S6. coupe, A-l throughout, only „ T . mt&t . roadster,' CSSBYSUSR 70 Mdan. at your own Trades. Open Monday, Wed- &nd ^Lturdajr aighta and .y B. m. MOTOR SALES - , and commitsionl outaide work. Promotion. Car ftjrnUhea. WHte A. care GaxeOc. _ .. cook and eeslst with , work, Ocod vmgea to right party, _Mrt._tiep Wahl,_ico3 Locuot St. CUS&iE~ at "baft Hotel, "to start work at once. 8«e Mr. Jobneon. LARGE front room and~k7tch*a'ctte. furnished, or Bleeping room lor two gentlemen, close in. 401 Fourth Ave. TWO M'Oi?*'FU»~rurnla'h«f roomtTfor light houwikeeplntr, close in. front entrance. 311 W. Sixth 8t. two 'aoofaTioi light housekeeping! private entrance; also garage. 507 W. Sixth fit. TltHEE 'OK POUR rooms, f urnTsSed~or unfurnished, modem home. 903 Fourth Are. CaJljnornings. modern, newly decorated, 501 Ave. B^ or Ullnois, Sfpl. Sfl. Oct. 3, 10, Jf No! in- of' #A J.sf OF SEA t,' fcst AW By virtue of an ordpr and decree ot the county Court of WhUMidp COUB- ty, Illinois, made on n«> pptltioa OS th* undierBlRtHKi. Irwin E. taitx, »d» minmtrator of the e*tat* ol E*ymond »l ftstato erf mid deewnsed, at the October trrm. A. D, i938, of se.l<S court, to-wit: on the flnst <S*y «t October, 5838, Notice la hereby given. th*t o» Wi>an«waay, the 31st day of October next, between the hour* of 10 o'clock in the forenoon and 6 o'clock in the afUrnoon of said day, et to-wit: asOQ p. m.. at the premises. 1001 Fourth avenue, in the City ot 8t*rltn«. Ooua- cnnrn or KOTIC* n D!«trirt ot A, D. th« for^olag pttl- ty of . *nd State of Illinois M noujKktsjper by lady with girl 3& yee« old. Write AJtu, care Oaaette. ?6lFiia"liiAWrmtp«rlenced aa Junior account*nt, wanta poaltloa. writ* J.L.-S*. care oanttt. Financial to erty, 6 par cant mtcrew. Koeit. _ modern robmaToFIQiEl hoxjaekceplng.^18 W. Third 8t. Estate For Kent 2__ Apartment* endlfliS fj MVB ROOM modern Ispertment,' wiUi guroge, cIoMj to. Possession at once. Phone 733-W. Inquire 304U We*t Seventh Bt, with. 1060- BOOM apertment. fuliy~modern. at S07 ATB, C. Phone four- room furnUsEed flat to rellaUe couple, aas per month, see CormhifclpcfflUat nre etaUoix.- require fe^erySkery. BoH the following described real estate belonging to the e*tat« of Raymond J. Leitm, decseeed. to-wlt: l«t number Pour • (4) - tn Bloc* number su (6) in K. D. . . Second exidltlon to the City of Ster„. nunols. Will be sold to tho highest and 6est ladder. Term* of sale: Ten per cent each on day of sale. bAtance when aala i* approved by court:and deed deiivtted. Irwin X. telts, Administrate. October 1. 1928. R. W. B. MltcheQ. Attorney. . Oct. J. 10. 17, 34 On Ui! lift, on T it if \fifr\ by the court, that a h«er- b» !mti upon th* seme on th« 0f AptU A. D. !S39, b»- «fi»trlrt. at JO O^lock IIS UMk * »n<j thnt notice uvmmt e* , „ tn The merit tug Oaaette, a rt«w»p*pw in wiiii d!«urict, nnd th*t »U may npptar at the «*m* time r "P Rrttl show e»«»», if ntjy th§y h*Te. why the prayer ol n»td ptts- tJon«r should not be gj*nt*fl. And It in further ordered by the court, that th* clerk eh»U emu by m*ll to Ml known creditors copl*» of S»id petition nod this order, a<3- drwwd u> th«m at th«lr p!acca of cestdence. *» stated. (SEAL) Witnrsa this Honor«bl» O«ars« A. C*rp*m<?r. Judge of enid court, and ttod «*al thereof, at Fr*»port, In said dt«trict. on th* eighth day of October A. D. 1928. Ch»r!« M. Bates, Clerk. W. N. Tice. Btputy . . K»n*««i City. Mo , Ost, rsenlpt* fl.OOO. *W««|y to 3S-c top »9.W>. on choir* 335-240 ih, S. mp^iiim to choir?. SSO-9SO .t8sS.60; 8001980 »> ', WU>» 9.W; lfe)-SOO lb.. «6 30 « 0.05; ItO-tO •By The A»«oc!Rt«l Chie*tt>_hmfnj Bfrn*. __ tifpolnted Johnny 8<pi5iw, South', Afrieev, <io>. Errnl* O*«n», toe Ahfitet, eatp«to**a Tommy aqrdm South Africa. (10). C«e« Hurt, In-, ! i vlnsky, ' (S). Eddie "§3 „ Chrysler — Chandler — Diamond T A&d JS07 B. Fourth 8t. Instruction branches, glc*e, tin, plaster, furniture and home decoration. Very reasonable. 310 W. Kighth St. Phone 83S-W. ' f«r. Are. houee. modem'. . Inquire at fill BARGAINS IN USED CAB0— > OAKLAND Lanflau . 3*08 OIJOSMOBILB 4fdOO7 ead&B, A-l See it. 2-door M Cheap, potrriAO a-door I line condition In every way 924 FORD coupe. touring. «rst OARS em prloed way below irortto. If in tb« market call MA tlam, J. W. McJOOHAUJ THIH15 AVK. 1*HONE «o«A T&l* it car, in extra good ehapti. 1 make eoineone an ^t«^M>mifm tor only aase. ^^ JXMXSK tsmipe, ba« the newer . t)f|* 6 veit --".-.- —- - -- -• good tourlB*. Job <o* eu, Hf$ CX>, OHinaa. -«x, *w e i Dodge coupes. Maxwell " . mandolin, guitar, piano e»^ -eordlan, iiarmcay end oompo«i«oa taught try Louis BsUoa. artist Of national rcputatioa, over Blckfold** every Sunday ftfttrnoon and Moa~ ^»y. , C«ta. Otber 8>et» ' OLASJl canary Uapn, . mftles. Cbalit wanted to cane, guaranteed work. 607 Eftct Second St. . cholera. Immune. Xawre&ce Bonen- grco. ProphcUtown read, B<K:k Fall*. County 830-13. — -*-.. '" «-•—• •^ r -w| w, fvmmm «^«M, black pony, 800, ewen year* old, gentle. 308 Ave. A, Rocfc.»Wl*. RlCJEE¥"lxir5lah<xl 'modern home near bualneea dlatrtct. Writs Uj.. c&ra Gazette. • modem house' at"'66g West Ktth fit. Cmll 478-R. atate of lioyd sTehovw. decwu™. The Undfiralgn0d having been ai>- pointed administrator at the ostate S Lloyd B. Ohorer. deoeased, late of tha County of WhlWsld* and the 8Uta oJ miners, hereby give* notice thai •" will appear before the ConnS* _rt csf WniteaUie County, at <&• Cdurt Hotiee in, MonUon at the December term, on the flret Monday tn December next, at which time an p«e*on* having claim* cjt&intt e&td —— are notttiea, matt *or the purpoe* ^ _ , lnd«a»ted estate are requited to "" paj*»«nt to t»« . A. IX 1939. of September T - —-' ™'™'»*»» •a*sSiSi*,fc*ji Carl a a&eldcra. Attorney. 8<5>t. 5BJ. Oct. B, CHJCAtJO CASH ORAIK Chicago, Oct, 10^-{A.P.)—Today** - flh ftratn market quotations are ac follows: Wheat—Ho. 9 red. $1.481-4® 1.49; Ko. 3 red, $1.49; sample grade red. 91.18; Wo, 1 hard, 81.30 st 1.31: Ho. a hard, »1.173-4; No. 3 hard, 61.148-4 t*1.158-4; NO. 4 hard. tlM. Ko. 6 brad. 81.03; No, i nofthem spring. 61^1: No. 3 northern spring. »1.17 Ivi; Mo. 3 northern sprtng. $tJ8S-4^£.l6 1-3; Ko. 4 northern sprt&f. eara- ple grede. norther n*f»int, 9491.49 i.oo; Ko. 4 mixed, 91.081-4. Com—No, a mixed, 08: Ko. 6 mixed. «a«B2; Ko. 8 yellow, *!.01$1.08] Ho. 3 yellow, 91.0001.011-9; Ke. 4 yellow. 91.00; No. S yeOow. 8«; Wo, 8 yellow. Mesa 1-3; Ko. 3 white, 81.01: Wo. 8 white, 93i-t; Ra 6 white, M •-a: sample grade. 6398! 1-3. Oat*—Wo. 2 white, 441-3; Ho. 4 iute. 381-29401-2. Rye. Mo. 4. 91. Barley. Me70. Timothy seed. 92400)64)0. Clover eeed. 4*3.00 $30.60. Catt.l* rvoolpl* 8,900; ctAvt* 1.SOO; fctfcet Rlow; top yi»»rl!n^*. f!7.4fl. R*!f#rt, good ftn*l choice, 850 m. dowrs. • 18.aBitrl9.9B; common unfl 88.OOplS.3S. Vf«!*ni. milk f*d, turn to choir*, t8eo«fl800; <fuH common, (>SOO<»800. 8toek*r {f«4tr ttwr*. gffx/d *nd r.hoie*, (ill Wfights, $1100^14.00; common »nd m«K3lum. 47.75 «« 11.00, Shwp r*r*ipts I4.000; feill!n|c <ln«w>t (rt^ftdy; fop runs* Ssmhs, (IS. IB. lArnbo. good And choloe, 93 ib. down, »1300®13.I6; m »I1.00«jl3OO; cull snd common, rtii.oo. EWFS, ni>»dmm to ohoie*. ieo lb. doirn, §4.00^8.60. , by dtequ*Hf!c*tio.n. wit- and . 8»n Antonio, Tax^-6«rff<«»nt Sam my a***!-. N«w Vork, stopiwd Pet August, SrWf sport, Oonn,, (6) Jimmy MeOennott, T«rT« Ha«t In«.. outpoint*** Kid Panohe, Bs Antonio. Indianapolis — Kddie Andareon Wyonilnf, knocked out Tcsnin Orowl«y. Pittsburgh (1).; T1Hf WIU BMIklSS AHO » McCor§»ry, Vtnwnt Forglone ESTIMATED co. Oct. 10.—CA.P.)—Estimat- ed llT»*tock rtc«lptg for tomorow: Cattle 10.000. HogC 24.000. Sheep 39.0OO. ChJeago, Oct. 10. — (A.P.) produce market quotation* era fol- Live poultry steady; receipt* 8 o»r*. 3 cars du«: fowls. S00241-5; springe, 28 1-3; old rooBttr*. 20; turks, 35 a30' duck*. 20(^31; geet*. 17® 19. Butter unchanged; receipt* 40433 tubs; standard*, 45; extre firsts, 44 & 44 1-3; first*. 43 1-3 $• 43 1-3. Eggs unchanged: receipt* s^os caiiee; extra firsts. 340t3B; first*, 30® 83: ordinary tints, 37 $39. Potatoes receipt* H1 cars, on track 477, total U. 8. shipment* Sr»4; trading very slow; market dull on white •tock and firm on red stock. Wisconsin sacked round White*. 06 $ 78, f*v 90. Minnesota and North Dakota sacked Irish Cobblers, 70970, few 90; •ecksd Red River Ohio*, 94999. South Dakota sacked Sariy Ohio*. 76 $65. Nebraska eacktd Triumph*, 90 @cs. Idaho sacked Rural*, »1.00a 1.10; sacked Russet*, 91-3031.80; fancy shade higher. .^ ™ • ••"•f mx*ia T mwif9f «94-«^*> «3f IMce, IndiAisapolltt, drtw, (8). Cincinnati —• Mike Dundee, Roc Island, III, knocked out JSlUy Km n«5y. New Orleans. (!).; Freddy Miner. Cincirmatl, ttnocked out RA Kirkpatrtdlt, LouiavJlle, (5).; Lb Prledm&n. Ohicato, outpointed Speedy Reynold*. Dayton, (6) Yount Nancl, Pittsburgh, outpoint- ed Johnny Phurman, Dayton, («) m xwolSioioiiLi AOODJBHTS IN DAY FLOtm MARK2T Minneapolis, Got 10— (A.P,)--Plo«r unchanged. Shipment* 40.003 ber- r«U. —„.—, in., cfct. io^-(Sp«- cial),~Mrs. Anna Alton of UH* plaoo toOly bnuaed Monday evening while rfcunt ttftrouili ths woods on tut farm of her coa-ln-law. Rowan Rapp. wh«j the cur went Into a OUch, Bhe reevivfxi e t«Tibto jolt •teaintag b« naai and bacJr. She was brought to town by he; daughter and aon tn law. While the Repp family were returning horn* the were in another ftocident at Jeffi son CJoraara, soutii of town, wh«n an auto oossine; from a crosa road -_ . -.rack th* car drlv- -. Mr. Rapp, injuring, Mrs. Rapp'a ana. JOINi HAJLP double garage, electric lights cement floor. J. S. "flayicr. 703 Stourth Aw. Phone SOS. Wanted to Bens ROOM modern bungalow. Cer£ tml school diktiict preferred.- by re- UftWe party. Write C&33., c*re The O&gette. _ OfTAOB wanted, Sear " 8t«rilng along river. Wrtt« B^£.. care Sterling Gazette. - IMSCilASO In the District Court of tS*~Unit«a 6UU», for the Northtn^ Diatnct erf wcetem £«rtti«i ' . =™JP-—-_ -at jjaeaeaaBBgBsaaej--^' „ __ Rtxd Estate Ftir Sale OOZY ' _ ^ SHIP thy'a feed etow. Pfaoa* B30-W Merchandise si Ifiu about 700 paosOaa, beit lain* time to tnusapiaae. Bohultu, Kmtraon, woven" wlreT»5o oas hog vaterer, 60 gallon capacity. Phone tbwa, pliSt them now. The largest «**arboMUf> in h*» arrived and the^e th* best and newest vari*U«s to b» had from Holland. Also a full line of PeOtltes, Poppies, Evergreens, Fruit Tree* and other nursery stock. All Park at, fully guftmsitctJcL Highland NursefUe, ',4 mile north ot PJKAB8, to , wa, II bvwtiei. Winter apple*, ell setMmuftMy prtfisd. Boob SUUt, Houte j, B««tMa tor Baaii : M S'MiA'Wtf"" ^'" ' '" " '"""'r•' '••'«" «—. — —iTAuB,* 6 zooms A&abath hot air heat, ecnened in porch, gar- afe, Lot 00x75. Wlnth Ave. Weoger Realtor. ^^ InoSerHrott . Seventh Av*. yrfce lawrence BMg. . 1. B. finave- In Bankruptcy. Ho. . To the Hoao^hto Oeorg® A. Carpenter. Judge ot tne raetnct WnltedTSttle* for the trict of Illinois. Joseph B. Heiley. ot the Town of Hume, in the County of Whiteside and State of XUlnola. in said district respectfully represent* tha* oa the 21st day of Pebruarr. last pact, he wae duly adjudicated baakruptunder Uw acts of congress relating to bankruptcy; that h» has dtuy rarrendered all ms proper* and itgt^T^^:. erty. and ha* fully oomjuiett wt£ ail the requirements of *aid act* nod of ****** «i» See. OBA1K BANOE Press) HUsh taw CJsxse 1.1TV4 1.23 Corn Dee. March May US FINANCE IX;. for the following gravel road work will be reeved by "tht unaemauid uJJtll 2 :ftO o'cioci TrV M, October 23, 1923. end then publicly opened and reed at a meeting to be held at the Town HaU In thaVUlace of Colet*, ia the Town of Gentaee County of Whlteatda, and eute of Illinois. Par drej^ng, cruablng the overetea grevel dowCi to one inch, and loading the same into trucks, from the "dee- •ey" K«vel pit^ etoo toowa M the "Mom«t." to IBS t&wa of JonUw Quantity required, about S900JKJ cubic yards. Gravel |o oonuilu not ever 13 per cent of *and, aud not ore? 10 per cent of dirt. At sauae time and place psoposjils will be received bar hauling the above quantity of p*tel and placing the aaiius on n*d. Average haul, about milts. Ths Town of a«ie«w will ad tha stsvel. A certUted check on came solvent bank in Uw *um of »700.00 muat accompany the bid on hauling, and * check for adOCMM) must *ccwnp*uy the bid on the prepantkia of the gravel. The checks /mjit ft« ni«4« »»y*Ms to tha older of tfas Supervisor uf Town of Geneeee. In bis Wherefore, he pnaya that he may be ofcreed by the court to have » fuU olecharge from all debt* orovaM* agatait w* estate under saw bankrupt act*, except »uch debt* M are escepted by Uw ftom irach Dated Mttua isth dey of A- JL/. IWiO, Joseph 8. ORDSE OF KOTICB the KMttrtet May Bye— Dec. March. May tejrd— Oet, HOT. Dec, Jan. .44% .43% ,44 1-0814 1.08 14 11.65 1.03% Oct Dec. Oct Ko*. 13.05 13.SO 16.20 11.77 11.78 11 83 13.15 1SJ50 . c»pi«uy. Ths f<>»mb}j» r^erv^i ifae right w reject aj)f or all bids. A band equal to the wnouuta of the conuactu wiU be raoired o$ the siisaaa««lul blddeie. *i»eclUe»U9aii maty b« W* l»*h day ear September A. "** . cowrt. at nnenert ia astd 19.10 13.70 15.16 14.00 1849 . 10 o'clock in the nctlco jm*r«ot tee Bteriing O&Bette, a to amid district, awl thitaU oreaitore aad other penoae e*t may appear at tnTiSSa and ebow cftttte. u any U»» have, why ttu» prayer ^ tn* e»M tt* court, ttoat the mail to all luocmn Attld petition and this onler. to them at their piaee* ot BS stated. Witness, th* Honorable' , Onrpeuter, and the reof, " A. court By John P. Bou*h*n (Associated Press Market editor) ChKsogo. Oct. 1C.—(AJP.J—Bnlarg- tfiK eawkae* of wheat in eight led to eehaft **«** in wheat value* today. Tha ttafttto wneet Available «tookte~ — attowed afi4«4a,00d BU. inereaee week, and jg now aeo.cafl.aoft •ast 183,6*1,000 bu. e, year ago. the amount oS wheat deltv- Oana«Sl*n lutetior eJevatete 1 ae cufUcUnt to keep Ckn- shipplnK facUiuee w<»kln« *— -—- -"ty until th* close i market weaknees ,„ todsy wa* aatitibea ^«ree to ettimatea current — — t «tf thi* y«*r's croa i* > O^uality Uuui we* t&p tnat all wheat la North America h*»* .. ited and that fNrteeg »f» la view of the need* of im" sijBtrua, the wheat KSArtwt * Drech Cowaward *wia« quotation*, that in twrn " oa pressun to e>tll low- Q offyyiftgii, ^*2iAf8 w^fft- field advice* from Au*- iateet NEW New York. Oct. »0^-{A4».)— A wild outburst of bullieh entiniaiaam char* ftcUjteed the opealna af^odaya stock nuurket. Allied Obemle&i opened with A block ol 3600 share* at 335, up s 1-3 «nd a new high record. Jnt«rn»Uonja Hiokei open«d a point* higher and 3hryai«r. Oenerai Motor*, Air fteduo- 4on, Oeneral Rallwny Signal. Purity B*king and Qoneral Electric advanced a point or more. Hud*oa opaawl »Jta a block ctf lO.OOO aharat at fi7, «p points. Heavy buying, preaumabiy based <m the theory that the technical posi- «oa ttf thrTnsrket had "Usea ; futtie^ lently corrected by the recent reaction, lifted scores of ittuttf Up i to nearly ft point* in this fine haU hour of trading. Pool activities wet* agaib Oonductad on a broad scale. B«c*«t •acing of call »nu Urn* money rate« wtm sji important bullish factor. Montgomery-Ward, which !• expected to have 200 stores In op«ra« Uon by th« early part of next year, all financed out of earning*, ran up e point* to a &*w high at tea. „ ^f^. «t«»«»-Albe« preferred. Warner "A," Oeneral Hallway 6i(aal, City Btorea ••»," ittrtty a*kin« •" WIFl 18 L«d», m., oct io-ctw. th« crowd apj»rmay of an «fidd«|ji Loulw, cnuttW to de*th st«*t ear hare iat« Wanday night Ifti. Telfwd wa* nAtlcaal pte dent of the lAdlef Aurlliflry to Wva Rail Road Yardawn of Anwrlca for tha paae two years. ^ Tfc» TODTordt had b««n married for mow then 33 yaws. B*al SUkHottery. l^reiin exchangee openM firm with sterling cable* eligatly higher around 84.861-8. »»Uroafta t*i« the feuyiaj urge to « uarkod extent, ae the gam to - " , Wri«ht Anonaatloat all »ald a to 4 points higher. --------- Ooodytar Rubber attained a n*w peak o nbuyia« believed to *e influ- «w»d by the receipt of- a -contrMS for the conotruetUti) of two large dlrt- «iblM to the U. 8. Navy. Hew pe&k credit. Oeneral Ice Oream and t«mber, I»i9. (OKUUut Cti*fl*s U. B&bMt. Citric. W, ». Itc*, Deputy ta*rt:. haad pkjted ro» MtiCIUKOE to U« Uisirtct Court of t&« Uiut.-d of the Co. 8upt. of *4»d the Town Clerk. John C, 1*. Huriesa, Sepfe »«, Oct. 3 To Ul* P«at«r, j«d«t» ef tiie the Ottltod of Ciaorg* A Court ui U«s i* flffliJ at the loc«i c*nin- tiid tcctpl- oi . b»* bam ttkd ia' tl» City ., of at«tiii«, Jflliaai*, oa tt* Mast baa t**«n d^ Oc-tcji^f A A. M, to Uie CUv ate* it* property *»** r _ , laalicaUd « month »iP» |Sgj»» 4Bwtfc*t. teday- m*&. .with * uot*|te iacf«*«* of seUing ord«ra. """ "° M ^~ «««* found tw market ' iwnrtljf ds¥«M of «a«ie*- exeept on de^liite*. ilt tww*v«r, tiiit tamt c«j'ti ea*t, ^ {jp were art 1-3 Eldorado Lump or Coal bu«ineesooiMUttiaai were still did. vttaa aad r&eifla responded with aa advimoa of ttx Hew *** OentraJ, ITaUm ' Wott Vtrtima caia«d between • f^ pc i n , t *' >tonte<aaery Ward sold at »74, Allied Chemical at 8S2, and Wamw Bros, at IM, tfteee pricw in- dloatioa; overnight gam* cf li to 13 point*. The renewal rate for call lc*na was unchanged at di-a per cent. *^ TWO MOEE CAPTAINS IH FI113) OIT¥ J1il)6dolpW», Get, S reorptniiation of tfes po!te0 fcsreg, "which would make Jl a gtrmig Independent unit, toperrtmia lo pr»- eure on tho part of the criminal or the poHMciftn." is ^MeaU&l to thu permanent ctirc ot lax law ctifore*- ment, in the cpimon of the «perj«I grand Jury which IM Investigating rum niiuwr* and po!ic« bribery. The grand Jury made thla d«;lar- »Uon in R presfntincnt tfl Judge Edwin O. I>»wls in which two mofo police Cfeptalna, James Crass &n<! John Prc«man, were cited M "imftt to hold any municipal office," emj their immediEte removKl recommended. Harry C. Davis, director of psb- lio aifety. R few hours later em- pondad the two officials, who were revealed in tha presentment as the two previously tiam«l captolm who declined to discuss Uieir wealth "on advice of coiuiscl," standing on their constitutional rights not to give evident* that might lacsrHalutto them. REED PAYS FOE THE SffPPOBf OF CHILD Ottawa, IJL, Oet 10-^AJP.J — Mlraoi B««d, yoan« farmer who was oonvjc-twl «tf dynamltlns the achooj where hu «wwsthea*t tauaht p tajurtot hCf, yesterday v^ the father of her fife iScastha m at a jfcterotty bear&a« ttef o«s JU<St» Harry B*ek ia the Lau^Ile county court. Reed refused to plead, necessitating t»» girl, lola Bradford, to t»J» ^19 stand and testify that ho was tie father of the child she bad with J«r to «rart.-K ws* TBS^Bjfsf Reed had «60n tho haljy. agreed to iapp<apt the M provided under th* EllaoSs lav and paid $300 for the first year's <«» with a personal check written la court by hi* mother, Reed was accused of dynamiting » «chool in an atteaspt to fem his sweetheart to avoid marryicg He has an appeal EDUCATOR AND CHUKOT tEADES IB 0EAJD Callf^ oct 10-(irj») ~Dr. Oharlea W. tefftogweB, «, or and church te*d«r end ounder of 8t. Mary'a and 8t Al- Jan'a schools at KnoxvilJe. HL, died here late yestsrday. ^^" liU oon, lEraftit DeKoven L«ffln»- wail, ha« gained world explorer and scientist. for your furnace PBONE88 Johnston iovi$ YOU YOUR OWM , tmiP TUNING UP"' If your radio needs tuning up so that you can tune in on distance see us. We repair radios, sell dependable supplies and furnish new sets with a •record of achievement. s where your dollar Battery Co.

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