Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on August 16, 1944 · Page 8
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 8

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 16, 1944
Page 8
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Page Eight H55=S5= Chicago Boys Get First Ride Out To Country lly TIIKOPORA I.IMItKK . Unltrd l'rrv« Staff Coi-rr-|i(iii(!cn< Chicago (U P)—The old story nboul seeing a cow for thu first llni£ U- no joke to thousands of city hoys. More than .1,000 Chicago boys 1 this summer will leave the city limits for the first time In their lives, take their first train ricl;.- • <iml see their first cow w.hrn. they attend the Chicago Boys Club camp • nt \Vinona Lake, .Ind. Altogether, 2,000 newsboys, do livery boys, pin boys — boys of working familic-s—ranging in iw;e from C to 13, will be sent to i-amp this vcar by the Chicago Boys Clubs. Some of them will have to work their way through camp because they were unable to save or Ret (.tie J15 membership Ceo for the •camp term. "Skippy," boxer and mnrble champ of his ncigborhood boys club, and "Pctic," ono of 12 little brothers, will be unions: the "service boys," hut they won't mind because they'll be going to the country for the first time In their lives. Seven-year-old Pedro, of Chicago's Mexican settlement, will pay 'only 2.0 cents for hi," week at camp- An unseen benefactor paid the balance to permit him to.KO to ffAUGATUCK DAILY NEWS WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 16. camp and give his widowed wai-- worldng mother a liltle rest, oa •A-el) as t'ivc Pedro a change of scenery, •The city tails will take part in aU the normal hoalltiful activities of n boy's outdoor life. They will luarn lo swing, ' go boating:, play ba>-e'ball. go on overnight ciuiipin-;; trips, loam their first Icavons i.n. nature lore. Thoy wilt participate in spy capture nurus. red and wJiitu wtt.u and a commando course, in which they will imitate their big brother:, in service. Hundreds of these "b\>: brothers in service" had thsir first camping experience in one of thu 3(i cvimp .seasons of the Chicago Boys. Clubs. Chlc.'igo Boys Clubs was oi^an- Jzed in 1901 to give downtown newsboys a place to rest und play. Since than it has -pi-own into one of the largest clubs of its kind the country, has eifrht club hourcs in Chicago's most populated areas and has brought to tens of 1 thousands of the city'.--, underprivileged youth the fun in a boy's world they otherwise would never hava known PRECAUTIONS URGED Hartford. Aug. 1C— (U P—Motorists and hikers are urged to take extra precautions to avoid scttin, fires in forest lands during the summer drought. The State For- e-'t department says it may be forced to keep people away from ilio woods unless some rain falls sorm to lessen the danger from forest fires. Between 1030 and 19-10, the working population, of the U. S. increased about 1, GOO, 000. SJIOI 1 "DOLLAR DAYS": ROSE SHOP Dollar BOROUGH DAILY DIARY Where Allies Peril Nazis In France Naval pilot imd son of the former Ambassador to England, Lt.. Joseph 1'. Kennedy, Jr., '.27, has lieen reported killed in the KHTU- peitn tin-liter. Jll.s father, who in Npciitlinx the summer at llyaimls, Ma.sM., did not reveal tlie details of his son's death. (International) Father Readies Lot For Sgt/s Future House AUGUST 1944 t U I W T '* » _^_, .1 J 3 4 S 6 7 a 9 10 H U 1J 14 JS 16 17 It 19 JO « .22 2) 24 2S 26 11 28 29 JO JJ — — Coming- Events -O: TONIGHT Concert liy Naugatuuk Coin— immlty Band on Green, Weather Report O—r- -O Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut—Fair and little change in temperature tonigfit. Tomorrow, continued hot and humid with widely scattered afternoon thun- dcrshowers. Hartford, AUK. 16— (UP)— There will be no Ict-up in the heat wave, Tlic weather bureau says ' toda^ will be hot—humid —and with temperatures topping the 95-dcgrce nark for the eighth day. The heat spell is expected to - continue through Friday. Temperature Report MEDITERRANEAN THURS. FRI. & SAT. DOORS OPEN AT 9:30 A. M. o •M 'f. \\i values in i'Vc-ry i.K'pui'tniL'ii op|K.! 1 unit\ In rcalix.c \vui-tli\vliik' saving to ylii.-p cnrlv wliik- stacks anil si'/i'S aix i ci DRESSES Your . I'lan 467 DRESSES 231 DRESSES 140 DRESSES Values to $10.00 $ J .OO Decatur. III.— (UP) — Sergeant Marry Sackriter, Jr., somewhere in the Southwest Pacific at present, has a landscaped lot waiting for him when he returns from the wars. All he has to do is supply the bouse, , 1} , do this, I ; [ The s\rK«int plans to and his father, Harry, Sr., who knows how long it takes to develop the grounds after a house is built, took the landscaping chore upon himself. He planted more than 30 trees and SO shrubs on the site of the planned new home, then added an outdoor fireplace and a picnic table. Then Sackriter, Sr., had tho lot photographed, mounted p miniature model of a postwar home on thu picture, and sent it to his son. The sor. and his buddies have spent n-.any hours poring over tho photograph and planning future u-ood times in "El Rancho Saclto." Also awaiting the soi'.J'cant is a large scrapbook in which his father has pasted mementoes of places his son has visited. It includes a large map of the Pacific, recording the places in which lie has served in the field artillery, signatures of boy friends and pictures of coinK-away parties given in his hr/or before he was inducted at Chicago on March IB. 19-11. The heat has continued: Red Herman's prediction of rain last ; night fell through; hut Rod sticks I out the old riid neck and says "tonight 'for sure." Rod can't be wrong all the time, and who knows, or us the Spaniards say "quien cu.bc,' but that thu Hermans person may be right. Shortly after noon, it got a trifle cloudy, and a bit, just the tiniest bit breezy. It may all point to something wet, Red ilgured, and was not rel'errink' to the Naugatuck i-iver, which can hardly be termed that. Midnight 78 • 3 a. m 70 B a. m "D a. -m S6 • Noon US a 0! COATS 62 Spring Coats Values to $25.00 38 Spring Coats *1O' 00 Values to $35.00 \ CHILDKKN'S | DRESSES » And piruironvi: Slu'or, f»-cr- * nucki-r (inrl rayon crepe. ! Sixes I In fi.x. Vfiliir* lo JW.ftt tt * C'llll.DKK.VS DI'.MM SHORTS J GIRLS' SUN and? j PLAY SUITS J » Con) cnmfort for the mar.y j J hot days si ill in cnmc. Sixes » j .1 It, M. J i $*.oo i Russians Have Given Ground (Continued from Page 1) lion of Tilsit. They entered a Soviet-held village—hut woru later ousted by the Russians. Fierce llKhtinK is still raging throughout the area. To the north— Maslcn- nikov's Soviet Baltic army lunged to within 1-1 miles of an important rail junction on the Estonian- Latvian border. Capture of the town would sever major rail communications between the two countries. The Russians also have advanced south of Warsaw, w.'icrc they enlarged their bridgehead on the west bank of the Vistula river— and captured several villages. The Germans couiiter-ziltficlteri in an attempt to re-lake the villages — foi.'l were thrown back. They lost 22 tanks and -!J armored troop carriers;. Burial Place Of Lord Howe Still Disputed SPUN HAVON SLACK SETS .<!•/-,<•* 7 lo M n i Groundless Tip On Alleged Sale (Continued from Page 1) nncetnhnr. 1EM1 and OPA officials spent very little !.;mc there. In regard in a statement about Niiug-atuck Chemical employes stealing tires, also carried in a Wa- tiM-btiry paper, plant officials stated today that anything of this nature is punishable immediate dismissal and few infractions occur as I'mployes i-r.-ilixc that :;lor.k pile tires contain very few miles and sire not worth the risk. Albany, N. Y. (U P)—The 30- ycHr-okl argument over the burial place of Uord Howe,British allied- who was killed at Ticonderoga in 1708 during the Colonial wars against the French, has broken out anew. Ticonderoga claims that a monument, erected between Trout Brook and the outlet of Lake George marks Howes crave on the spot where he full in battle. Meanwhile, in the vestibule of St. Peter's Episcopal church, Albany, is a memorial tablet inscribed; "Beneath this pavement lies the body of George Augustus Vlscounl Howe." The Ticonderoga claim is based on a workman's discovery in 3880 of a skeleton and a rudely engraved sione, reading, "mem of Lo Howe killed Trout brook," while the Albany church holds the British soldier was brought to old Fort Frederick—in the confines of present day Albany—for burial. Several hisioricn.1 documents aro exhibited by the church in support of its claim. The Ticonderoga Chamber of Commerce is cirding itself to "enter into a discussion" of the matte)-, which came to the forefront afr.-iin as plans got under way to move Ticonderoga's .Lord Howe monument to a new foundation, more accessible to the public StonriHiB nslioro on a l(i()-mile stretch of land between and Nice (1), Allied armies Vfcodcd by paratrooper,, and uir-lwrnc iroopx, lire reported moving inland according to schedule. Accord Ins to AHina commander Gen. Sir Henry Maitli.nd Wilson, these armies will light ni.rtl.ward up to Hi.; Kh<,n c valley (arrow*) to effect a juncture with Allied forces udvnncine toward Paris. Mcamvmic, 10 aid In the fight against the Na/.is, French patriots have Iw^en instructed to aid the French f'.rces of the interior (2) north of the Loire river hv »ei/.ing arms, und t.. harass enemy, forces trying to head north to I'jiri.s JUKI the region between the Loire and the Guronno. Patriots iVnve also been aslu-d to all costs to halt collaborationists or Germans from finding fholter in the mountains (3) or seeking to escape abroad. (International) Allied Troops Driving Forward (Continued from Page I) APPOINTMKNT ANNOUNCED Hartford, Au«". 1C—(UP)—A new official h;is been appointed to coordinate administrative' functions lit thfi Veterans Service Center i.n Hartford. He is John W. Leahy, a-s-sisUiniL to the adni.inistr.-aor of Cheshire -Academy. Leahy will assume -his duties' about the middle of September. Leads New Invasion ly lif.'ht, with one beach .'reporting- six men wounded and those not seriously. German, prisoners are surrendering in bay-he;-' ."of 20 or iess, composed of men of all afres. A London broadcast, said engineers and equipment for building- and repairing airfields were put ashore. At the same time, heavy guns, motor vehicles, and -every manner of equipment is beinjg landed rapidly, with the unloading continuing night and day. As the Allied bcach.lica.ds in southern France STOW deeper and wider, the Americans in northwestern France apparently have launched' a .new driva towards Paris. The Germans say American t.'inlcs aro striking once more towards Chartrcs, -1C miles southwest of the French capital. And a re-, port from the continent says AlliecT artillery fire can be heard inside Paris. ' < Still other Allied armies are striking from all sides into w~Ht remains of the Gorman Seventh Army in the Normandy pocket. The Americans :irc crushing in the pocket from the west. And tho Canadians have stormed into the outskirts of Falaisc, narrowing the enemy escape gap to less than six miles. r . A supreme headquarters an- nounccmcnl -says thousands of Nazi .soldiers have boon killed or captured in the pocket. The Cann diaris took 3,000 prisoners near F: laise in the last 30 hours alone. American air power struck ar o^her blow today at Hitler's tottei ins: "war machine. More than 1,000 heavy bomber; escorted by nearly one-third n many fighters, attacked uircraf and engines factories, oil refincric arid airdromes in Germany today. The Germans say that other Al lied formations — possibly fror Italy—hit into B.ivnria. In* the jiround fighting in Italv the British cleared out remainin nests of Germnn resistance in Em poll, IS miles southest of Florence Knipoli, a ulass manufacturing ton, us found heavily mined, and its stt-oots n mass- of rubble. Boro Schools To Reopen Sept. 6 Borough schools will reopen for the fall ' term Sept. 6. Superintendent of Schools Harold E. Chittcn- dcn announced this morning. All children who arc cnlcrinsr school for tho first time must be vaccinated, he said, including those from out of town who may start in a higher grade and haven't been vaccinated before. Playgrounds will close Friday, Aug. 1R. Mr. Chittenden said, after what has been a very good year. The early cessation of playground supervisors to have * short, rest before returning to school duties, as most of them arc employed by the school department. Mr. Chiltendun expects a slight increase in enrollment at the Hop Brook school shortly after the opening of the fall term, as a new apartment house development is scheduled to open in early fall. The school board will hold its monthly session tomorrow with a new appointment to be made 10 the high school faculty. Katherinc O'Toole and Amelia Gallucci arc oxpectnd to be givnn assignments. They were recently appointed to the school department teaching personnel. This is the first summer in several years that the school board held meetings in the months of July and August, it was reported this morning. THOSE FRENCH HATS! Boys' Sun Suits Zfor'l Vulll<-,i In .00 Boys' Eton Suits i.OO lo Trunks White Sailor Suits > V. I'olu Shirts 2for $ I .00 ROSE SHOP . 87 Sonlli Main St. — Opt-ii Till 0 P. 31. Thursday ilibtiK SHOP "DOLLAR DAYS"; Town Hall Survey Has Not Started CContinucd from Page 1) Moeckel discovers that there is too much stress at that point any plans in regard to the town hall may have to be radically changed, it was stated today. .JAIL B.HKAKKBS CAUOI1T Bridgeport. AUR. 10—(UP)—Two prisoners who escaped from F; field county jail have been i-ccnp lured after o. chase by police through a. cemetery. Louis Alba nozc and Rr>bcrt Baltin^-^-both 01 Bridgeport—had six hours'of free dom before they wore caught. MIRACLE WALL FINISH COSTS ONLY $O98 2 <&*« G. C. Murphy Co. ORGANIZATION 1 FORMED Providence, R. I.. Aug. 1G—.(UP) —About l~iO representatives of business, industry land commercial welfare have formed an organization to aid returning servicemen, Supreme Allied commander In the Mediterranean area. Gen. Sir Henry Maltland Wilson, according to i< AVar Depratnient an- nounccnicnt, has told the people of France is "to drive out the Germans and join up with the Allied armies advancing from Normandy." (International) FREE!! •Catalog planning Your Future" write, Call or phone 4-8773 POST 1 JDNIOK r V* 3 A COLLEGE 24 CENTRAL AVENUE Baycux, Aug . 1C—(UP)—There is "one sight that i« quite unnerving to the American doughboys on the' road to Paris. You guessed it . . . it's those French hats! liven though the women usually arc dressed in shabby black, they indulge in dazzling high-crowned bonnets—the only clothing article for which they don't need coupons. l-'urnaco Inspection SERVICE Phone Us! OI - ion Water bury Heating: Co. :( .Spring St., Wthy. -«-<M78 Buy More War Hondft The Copper Room Open Daily For LUNCHEON And DINNER DANCING • Wednesday — and — Saturday Evenings Only After 9 P. M. THERE'S A SMART, SERVICEABLE,^ DUST DEFYING GREY WORSTED ^ SUIT FOR MEN THAT HAS WHAT ITi TAKES TO GET' MEN ENTHUSED 1 OVER CLOTHES. Hi First of all its service mileage is something to read about — and something you'll remember—the distinctive hand tailoring makes it a suit you'll keep on good terms with no matter how long it stays with you—and best of all —an all around every month in the year suit $50. I Records'. Courteous Service MEND-ALL WOOD FORMING PLASTIC Work* like putty — Hardens Wie wood. TEMBLETON'S TEMPI'-ETON'S .WATERBURY DIAL 4080 (Xo Toll LOV1NK l-:i.KCTRIC CD. g Church Street SPECIAL TO OUR DANCING FRIENDS!! —-•— Friday, Saturday Johnny Rock 'n' HI* Rock'* and Boy* Polkas and Sweet Music Bill Luback Polka Orchentti] 5 to 9 Sunday* White Eagfo] Restaurant BRIDGE STREET Member of Connecticut Restaurant Association HOME FINANCING OR RE-FINANCING We Have a Plan To Fit Your Needs NAUGATUCK SAVINGS BANK All Deposits Guaranteed 100 Years of Service For over 100 years this plant has continuously served our nation with quality footwear and other fine rubber products, both in peace and in war. ^p ^-^^^^-.^^^ UNITED STATES RUBBER CO. Naugatuck Footwear Plant Ford Charcoal Briquets NOW AVAILABLE We have received the first shipment since the war begun of charcoal briquets for civilian consumption. Packed in 20 Ib. bags. Bum twice as long- as ordinary lump charcoal. Quick heat in convenient smokeless ! form. Get a bag for that picnic before they ; are gone. The Naugatuck Fuel Co. """ ' " Phone 5236 87 Church St

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