Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on April 14, 1964 · Page 4
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 4

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 14, 1964
Page 4
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4 - Tues., April 14, 1964 Redlands Daily Facts MARIAN HEBARD Puoto by Wm. Elmer Kincham Marian Hebard To Wed David Rofhenberger Mr. and Jlrs. Vernon G. Hebard, 1400 Garden street, an' nounce the engagement of their daughter, Marian Alberta, to John David Rothenberger, son of Dr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Roth' enberger, 227 Prospect drive. Marian was graduated with the Qass of 1963 from Red lands High school and is now attendmg San Bernardino Valley College school of nursing John was graduated with the Redlands High School Class of 1960. He has attended college in Indianapolis and San Bernardino Valley College and is now employed at Wallen PonUac. The wedding is being planned for May. Mrs. Kennedy New President Of Pen Women Kilkare Women To Have Sale Women of the Kilkare Com-' munity in JliU Creek Canyon are having a rummage sale April 17 and 18 from 9:30 to 4:30 at 123 Cajon street, across from the City Hall in Redlands. As an added attraction there will be a table featuring home made foods. Proceeds from the sale will be used for building improvements of the Community Build ing. Jfany organizatons use this building, such as the local Boy Scouts and the Mill Creek Community Church. GOLDEN AGERS CONVENE Welcomed back by Mentone Golden Age club at their last meeting following a long absence were three members, Mrs. I. Purl Fleming, Mrs. Eva Coding and Paul Finston. Miss Marline Holt of Redlands was a guest. The club meets every Thursday at 1 p.m. in Mentone Woman's clubhouse. Membership is open to all men and women over the age of 50. Mrs. Carol B. Kennedy of Redlands was chosen president of the local group of National League of American Pen Worn en at their recent meeting at the mountain home of Mrs. MiT' iam Anderson. Rosella Matmueller is the new vice president; Nellie Stewart, treasurer; Helen Peterson, re cording secretary. All are from San Bernardino. Merle Bagley and Maud Meek of Re lands are to serve as corres ponding secretary and historian' respectively. Ruth (Mrs. Lawrence) Deerman of Redlands, whose mother Mrs. C. C. Percival was guest of the meeting, was elected member-at-large. Installation win be in May at the San Franciscan with M r Ikerman as installing ofQcer Reservations are being take by Mrs. Bagley, telephone 7923304. Retiring president, Etta Live ly, conducted the meeting and heard reports. Rose Ashman had a story accepted by Mother's Home Life; Kate St, Jean displayed a copy of the April issue of shells and Their Neighbors which contains her article Helen Peterson had an acceptance by Capper's Weekly. Mrs. Bagley told of the sale of two poems, an article and story. Mrs. Ikerman has a con tract to prepare the 1965 medi tations for D. C. Cook publlca tions and there is continuing work with books. Lillian Miles received her first royalty check for a book just published and is busy with co authors on a second volume. Erna Clark, just returned from Texas, told of the success of, the Gem and Minerals National Hostess convention in San An tonio where her own foods of stone exhibit was featured. She| also told of receiving many in vitations to exhibit elsewhere in the nation. Mrs. Lively is mailing out ,500 copies of a garden bulletin she has edited and has written four garden columns, six spe cial features and has placed five pictures. Nellie Stewart read "A Pocket of Stones" for constructive cri ticisra and Helen Peterson read Must Go Soup. r A rot Wnr COAST THCATM Mon. *nd Tues. from 7 P. M. In Color Frankie Av«Ion "MUSCLE BEACH PARTY" Also in Color Cliff Richards "SUMMER HOLIDAY" Vacation Fun For AN SUris Tomorrow 6:50 P. SC AcsdtmT Award Winners Sidney I*oltIer, Beii AoUr "LILIES OF THE FIELD" Also winner Best ClnemaUfrmyliT "AMERICA AMERICA" French Conr^edy At UR Thursday A new French comedy, "Les Lettres de mon moulin" will be shown Thursday in the Univer sity of Redlands' Hornby Hall, 7:45 p.m. Presented as part of a For eign Film Festival by the UR French Department, "Les let­ tres de mon moulin" (Letters from my Windmill) will be the fourth film in a series of seven — including German, French, and Spanish films. This comed.v, composed of three stories, was filmed on location in Provence. The dialogue \vill he French with English subtitles. "Les Lettres" is producer Marcel Pagnol's first new film in 15 years, and critics have outdone one another in praising it: "True, funny and marve lous!" said the New York Post. One of the funniest French pictures we've had around in quite a spell — of marvelous comics worth," New Yorker. Tickets may be purchased from Robert DeQuenne at t h e University or at the door. Sea sonal tickets are still available. All-Purpose Peirls The most important item in a jewelry wardrobe is A string of pearls. Pearls can be worn with anything from a sweater and sldrt to a formal gown. SAN GORGONIO INN Famous ... For Its Fine Food OPEN DAILY DAILY MENU KELISH BOWL APPETIZERS FRUrr OR SHRIJIP COCKTAIL . . . TOMATO JUICE . . . CHICKEN SOUP . . . CHOPI'ED CmCKEN LIVERS . . . SALAD BOV,fL ENTREES GROUND ROUND STEAK- VEAL CUTLET WITH CREAM SAUCE- ROAST BEEF RAINBOW TROUT SAl.MON STEAK _ HALIBUT STEAK JUMBO FRIED SHRIMP G01J)EN FKIKU CHICKEN HALF Gt)lJ)EN FRIED CHH:KEN-.- HALF EKdlU ^D SPRING CHU-KEN. BROILED FUJrr MIGNON 1.35 1.35 1.35 1.35 1.45 1.35 135 1-25 1.75 1.75 1.65 2.S5 3.25 1.95 VEGETABI,E AND POTATOES, HOT BISCUITS. HONEY AND BUITKR. HOT A?PLE COBBLER, ICE CREAM. SHERBET. CHILDREN'S DINNERS SPECIAL ATTENTION GIVEN TO • BANQUETS • RECEPTIONS • SOCIAL EVENTS Spadoliiing in oil {laadiBni ... Hi* akgucs of dacar h Mr lonqut< Roomi iBoS^es a beautiFul utting for ell porriu. WIiof»v»r your plor- Mtnin for BROUJD TOP SIRLOIN STiiAK- BROILED N. Y. CUT LOBSTER TAIL I in for parlicafon. ¥te hm» actsmmodelionr for op le 200. •Miy fute. COCKTAIL LOUNGE Lutheran League Insfallaf'ion To Be Thursday Installation of newly elected officers is scheduled for the April 16 meeting of Lutheran Women's Missionary League ofj Good Shepherd Lutheran^ church, Yiicaipa, at 7:30 p.m Mrs. Frieda Hirsch, president of Zone 14, will conduct the ceremony.' Following installation, there will be a hobby show with members displaying their various arts and crafts. Various organizations of the church are sending cash and clothing donations for Alaskan relief. A potluck dinner is on the! calendar fo April 26 at 5 p.m.. to be followed by a film strip ^viEg a report of the work of the church in this and in foreign countries. Dr. Martin P. Somen, pastor, counselor, lecturer and writer of religious books will speak at the L.W.M.L. convention in San Diego May 1-3. He ^vill be guest speaker at the Yucaipa Good Sheperd May 17 at 7:30 p.m. "This Day" magazine, a periodical of the Lutheran church, Missouri Synod, has been placed in Yucaipa hospital. POLLY'S 'OINTERS By Pollr CranMr DEAR POLLY - I found it too expensive to put baby lotion all over my four-months-old baby after each bath and again ^en we started out into spring winds. I knew she needed some type of oil on her skin, so I put a few drops of baby oil in her bath water and save the complete lotion bath for going out. The oil-in-water treatment does not leave her greasy yet her skm never feels dry and rough. Another thing I discovered is to hang rubber pants by each leg after they are washed. All the water drips out instead of collecting in the seat — MRS. R. W. GIRLS — A few drops of baby oil is also nice for grownups to use In bath water. The skin feels noticeably softer. — POLLY DEAR POLLY - My hint is painless way to teach little ones the ABC's of good manners and common courtesy. 1 did not realize my children had picked them up sooner than others until my eldest daughter's kindergarten teacher mentioned how well mannered and courteous she is. Then I noticed how often other neighborhood mothers said that my four-year-old son, who is all boy, remembers to be polite. Say "Thank you" even to a baby and he will pick it up. "Please" is another byword in our home. Anotherj nicety was taught by saying ladies first" when a batch of cookies was being passed out to the neighborhood children. Our son soon picked up this. Using a soup spoon correcUy seems such fun that now the children want soup for 1 u n c h every day. — MRS. J. W. W. cciettf WSS JOSEPHINE BEAY Sodetr Editor Marc Jack Smiths Announce Judy's Engagement To Bruce M. Beyne FROM "PENNY BANK" CONTRIBUTIONS -Two portable TV sets will be presented Thursday fo the City of Hope in Duarle for use in the children's wing as gifts from the Redlands City of Hope chapter. Here, from leh, are Mmej. Mark A. Hardin, Eugene Miller and Edward E. Shirtcliff of the local chapter "packing op" for the trip. A four of rtie Medical Center is also planned for that day, open to any interested persons. The group will leave Sage's parking lot at 8:45 a. m. Reservations must be in by tomorrow and may be made vnth Mrs. Hardin, telephone 792-7105. (Doily Focti photo) DEAR POLLY - My grand father was ni for several weeks and could not stand the weight of blankets on bis legs. Wc made a tent-like arrangement at the foot of the bed to keep his legs warm without the blankets touching him. He had a reclining hospital bed and a string was tied to the top of the foot rail and a snap clothespin fastened to the string. The clothespin was then snapped to the bed covers to hold them up.— 'BRENDA GIRLS — If the bed does not have a footiraard, a straight, high backed chair might be turned with the back to the bed and the string aMached to it. — POLLY DEAR POLLY - Any wom- |an who must wear surgical hose as I do need not worry about their light color or looks. Just [puU a pair of nylon stockings right on over the surgical hose. No one can possibly tell you are wearing two pairs and you feel so much better groomed Wear seamed nylons with seamed surgical hose and seamless with seamless — VERA. We, the Women By RUTH MILLETT. I'll just bet that women all over the country reacted with. If that isn't just Uke a man!" when they read that Presidentj Johnson — in a gesture toward economy — ordered that lights] be turned out in the White House wherever they weren't being used. Here's a country that wastesi in millions and gives away in billions and the man who is the head of it decides the way to start economizing is to turn off the lighU in the White House. Of course, this is meant to be symbolic of the government- wide need for economy — but it is typical of any man's reaction to expense. Any time a man gets on an economy, streak, his first grumble seems to be about the elec -1 trie Ught biU. "I wish you'd look at this light bin," he says to his wife. "Nobody in this house ever turns off a Hght" — and stalks around the house switching off lights. The one-man war against lights is on — and usually lasts until the economy streak runs its course, or until the man who started it all bumps his shins walking through an im-| lighted room. Meantime, there's been no serious talk of economy in big things. The light turner-outer may buy himself a new car or a fancy tjoat. He may not even turn a hair when his wife AAUW BRIDGE SECTION MEETS Mrs. George Scbaunaman and Mrs. Harry Briggs were announced as winners following the Monday evening session of the AAUW bridge section at the home of Mrs. Jay C. Sexton, 505 West Cypress avenue. Mrs. Frank Herkelrath was co- hostess and others present were Mmes. Jack Linsk, Robert WU- son, Frances Carpenter, George Ruff, Ralph Mitchell; and the Msses Louise Jennings, Dorothy Baesel and Helen Adkins, comes home with a new fur coat. He has taken his stand for economy by raising Cain about the lights — and he feels better for it, self-righteously better. .Additionally, he has proved to his satisfaction that he is the only member of the family who isn't, wasteful. Look' at how he has to go around turning out Ughts! So don't worry about that darkened White House, Mrs, Johnson. The president is just being a man. In a little while he'll forget about those lights, and you can keep the White House lit up like a Christmas tree. But if you don't want to wait for the economy fever to run its course, just leave a chair in the middle of the floor in one of those darkened rooms and wait for the anguished yells, and the command — 'Let's have a little light around this place." DEAR POLLY — My 5-year- son likes jigsaw piozles tires of working the same J over and over. I now tear ...-•page advertisements or pictures out of old magazines and he takes his own blunt children's scissors and makes his punles. He enjoys cutting different shapes and put„ the picture b^ck together. iWhen he tires of this picture he makes himself another puz- 'zle.—MBS. G. S. old but ones full own the ting GIRLS - Tape eooH be put en the iniidc of the blouse, likft many readymade dresses have it, and then you know it will never show. — POLLY Facts Classified Ads Can Sen Anythmg Can 793-3221 at Louise's . . . See our exciting collection of swim suits for sea sirens . . . from Catolina and Sea Fashions ... the popular blouson ... the little boy leg . . . cottons that can double as syn-suits. One and 2 piece. A style for everyohel SIZES 6 to 22 from $9.95 to $22.00 Gay, comfortable shifts to top your swim suit. $1.95 to $12.00 Louises 13 Orange, Downtown Redlands Mrs, Whitman To Be Browsers Club President Ills. RoUa Whitman was elect ed president for the next two year term when the Browsers club met recently at the home of Mrs. Emmitt Tuck, 1501 Dwight street Mrs. Victor Hanson was co-hostess. Elected with Mrs. Whitman were Mrs. W. S. Ingham, vice president, and Miss Nellie Wray, secretary - treasurer. Mrs. E. G. Kendall presented the day's program, reading a paper of special interest on her native state of Washington. She described its many beautiful I lakes, majestic mountains, unsurpassed harbors, industries and fertile valleys. Moore to speak f o UR Fellows Thomas W. Moore, president of the ABC Television Network, wJU deUver the main address for the University of Redlands FeUows, April 21. Dr. George H. Armacost will preside at the annual I spring dinner meeting to be I held in the Huntington-Sberaton iHotel, Pasadena. More than 350 Fellows and j guests are expected to attend. Dr. and Mrs. Marc Jack Smith, 927 CoUege avenue are announcing the oigagement of their dau^ter, Judith Anne, to Bruce M. Beyne, son of WflKam Beyne of Torrance and Mrs. Rae Beyne. Judy has attended the R e d- lands schools and was' a 1958 graduate of Redlands High School where she was active in A CappeUa Choir, Girl's triple Trio and other clubs. She was also a four-year member of Klmberly Juniors. -After two years of study at Linfield CoUege in Oregon, Judy returned to the University of Redlands where she completed her work for the Bachelor of Arts in June 1962. Her main interests were the University Concert Band and the University Chapel Choir. The first semester of her graduate work was spent in Salzburg, Austria while her family was there with the U. of R. European semester group. The second semester was taken while she was student teaching in Redlands. She is now a member of the Social Science Faculty at Tustin High School Bruce graduated from Wash ington High School in Los Angeles and came to the University of Redlands on a music scholarship. He graduated from the U. of R. with a Bachelor of Music in January 1963. Bruce was active in both Marching and Concert Bands, Concert Choir, Chapel Singers and U. of R. Men's Quartet. He was also a member of Phi Mu Alpha Sin- fbnia, national music fraternity. In June, 1963, after basic training, he was stationed at the Naval School of Music in Washington, D.C., and was recently notified that he had been selected as outstanding student of the class of 1,100 men on the basis of instrumental and scholastic progress, military good conduct] and appearance, courtesy and character. At the time of President Kennedy's fimeral, Bruce was one of 50 men selected to serve as flag-bearer and honor guard in the curcular drive at the White House. Upon the completion of the course at the Naval School of Music, he was recently transferred to the Naval Officer's Training School in Pensacola, Fla., for four to six months of additional training. Until his officer's training is completed and a permanent' assignment is made, the wedding plans will be indefinite. JUDITH ANNE SMITH Q—The bidding has been: East SoBtb West Nortb SELL IT TOMORROW With low - cost Classified Ads !• Pass Pass Pass Pass 2* 3* .1 1N.T. Pass Pass 24 Pass 3V •Yon, South, hold: 4A2 VK3 •1654 «AC1432 Wtaat do you do? A—Bid fev hearts. Te« BiiaT wonder what sort of hand yonr partner has that has snddenly become so strangv hot you certainly have • eveirthms ;oa have shown so far, pins. TODAT^ QUESTION Instead of bidding one no- trumpjWest responds one spade. North passes and East bids two diamonds. What do you do now? -Answer Tomorrow Univ, Methodist WSCS Elects Mrs. Donald G. Schmidt was elected to serve a second terra as president with Univeraty Methodist W.S.C.S. met recmt- ly for their. April meeting. Mrs. Annie R. Horton was elected vice president; Mrs. Otto H. Morgan, recording secretary; Mrs. Franklm Ver Stecg, treasurer. Division secretaries are Mrs. Charles E. Chappel, promotion; Mrs. Gilbert Bettger, youth work; Jlrs. Charles Flynn, children's work; Mrs. Donald E. Amegard, spiritual life; Mrs. Nelson F. Sembach, literature and publications; Mrs. Ralph E. Horton, supply work; Mrs. Theron L Mason, student work; Mrs. Frank Parrott, missionary education. Mrs. Harold Jeneson and Mrs. Mabel Means, Christian social relations; Mmes. Eugene C. Branson, P. M. Eubanks, Mabel Means, Robert J. Miller and Alvin B. Carter, nominating committee. Plans were made for.a rummage sale to be conducted April 17-1 at the church.. 910 East Colton avenue, beginning at 9 a.m. both days. Mrs. Alvin T. Fishman was guest speaker at the meeting, her topic being "Christian Issues in Southern India". She told of her experiences as a missionary to India, stressing the changing role of the missionary. Devotions were led by Mrs. John C. Sering who used the theme, "After Easter—What?' ^^^KE_R^IE^!DS A small quarrelsome child IS tire4. Why punish him? Put him to bed. IT'S HIGH TIME For Carpet In Yoor Homo COURTWOOD II Continuous Filament NYLON CARPET BY Coortwood II with exelujwe Formula N2 stays cleaner longer with normol vacuuming and cleans easier when soiled. Formula N2 practically eliminates unpleasant sparb and shock (static electricity) in dry cool weather and air conditioning^ Your choice of ten decorotor colors. ITPi NELSON HALES Square Yord 8 95 furnitura carpet dtcorattw It's easy to show at home when considering carpet. Coll 793-5^ and one of our esperien- eed decorators will bring samples fo your home. 128 tost state street, redlands Member of National Society of Interior Desisners h

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