The Daily Sentinel and Leominster Enterprise from Fitchburg, Massachusetts on May 28, 1974 · Page 2
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The Daily Sentinel and Leominster Enterprise from Fitchburg, Massachusetts · Page 2

Fitchburg, Massachusetts
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 28, 1974
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3 The Dally Sentinel & Leominster Enterprise, Tuesday, May 2B, 1974 Nashua River Study Group Slates Citizen Workshops TV Emmy Awards Tonight Obituaries MRS. BE RIBAND J. MORIN ONNI 8AARJ, MRS. GEORGE A. McCAUL' Mrs. Yvonne (Si. Jacgues) Onnl Baari. M. ol 43 Academy NEW YORK fAP) - Tele CEORGE L. DESG80SE1LL1ER8 George L. Desgrojelllleri, tt, of S Sllckncy Koad. a wed r dralrr nnrf owner of Filch- Thft Kanhua River Proaram St. died Saturday night at 360 Morin. 74, died Monday night! at 222 South St. She was fhej t Mfife fCDM) o Basic, institutional snuciurcs uiai Mra. MBry A. (Rellly) He-Caul, 8!. of 9 Doane St. widow of George A. McCaul. died Saturday in Burbank Hospital efte? a hrift illness. widow c! Bertiand J. Mcrln. vision's 26th annual Emmy awards show gets under way from Hollywood tonight on NBC-TV. What makes this year's bash different is that it'll Electric Ave. alter a long illness. Mr. Saarl was born In Kauhava, Finland, Jan. 21, 1(47. Mrs. Morin was born bjirg Implement and Supply (NRP) is holding the fourth in a series of citiicn participation workshops designed to allow and encourage public input Into the water qualify plan being develoned for the Basle. Banc She was bom In Fitchburg, Marlboro, a daughter of the lale Co.. oiea Monday in aurDsr.n Alternatives being aeveiopea oy uMh b brief review a son of the late Juho and Anna Petalasalo Saari and lived in arrive wiin a nuia case or pan lalla. Hospital wncre tie nan oeen admitted four (lays ago. - A native of Montreal. Cmadft of prior meettigs which hive .mrKtl.l COr.CCOtS July 24. 1891, a daughter of the late Timothy and Bridget (Klnnane) Rellly, and owned ami operated a millinery shop Charles St. Jacques ana mane St. Jacques Garceau. She was a member ct St. Joseph's Brlsh. ritlicns are urnod to attend the Ashbmnham before moving to Pah a! a s a sneech defect n CDM, AW will oe suomuung their proposal for a sound management plan and enforcement group at a basin wide or sub-regional level. andlhe relator.ships of land use . ni.n'hv nart of the meeting neiiig neia tncay ai the ton of Albert and Lydla frtf.iT.ipTl nr-ssroseilllers. he titcriDurg. He had been employed by which the last word or words or a onrase are reneated several airs, .v.crin is surnvra u? a Li if os tor. I or jv years, retiring 1C vesM sro. discussion will focus on a cost lived In this clfy for SB years Monlactiusctl Kegicnaj Vocational Htgh School from :7-3d in in n.m. son. Robert Morin of Worcester: times. In the Emmy case, the At'tMs workshop. CDM will newspapers as a compositor in Canada and New Vork and most recently had been employed by words are ... tne winner is mid was a member of sacred Heart parish and the Fitchburg alio Identify the -, results of comparison of aitemauva bjiu upon tndivlduai wastewater djpoaal systems. a brother, Wiirose St Jacquos of St. Petersburg, Fla.; two erandchildrei'., and several me Kaivaa la pun isnma u. JrYevious wornsnopj naye provided tie public with an opportunity to review and react Sicr.s of the ailment were de She Is survived by three sisters. Miss Hachel T. Rellly. Mrs. Nora C. Fogarty and Mrs. Madclyri B. Hession, all of Fitchburg, and several nieces ami iteTihii-.vs. yito Dealers Association. ITn leaves his widow Jean cltlien impact on the Water Quality Management Study that have been gained from previous Attention win tnen to the Bash Management Plan He was a menmer oi tne Finnish Golden Am Club, the tiette M. iCote) DesETOseilllcrs; to tne water quality The funeral will be held WHne;r!nv from the JOSCDh A. Wr liters Credit Union and the Management alternatives being lected earlier this month when the National Academy of Television Arls and Sciences announced the season's Emmy winners In various categories of a Eon George L. Desgrrjsellliers .lr. n' this citv: three brothers developed hy the environ mental' Associates of Cambridge. Ma. ' workshops. The funeral was held this mcrnlng from Ihc Smith Funeral United Co-operative Society. Hp K survived bv his widow isabelle and Son Funeral Home with a funeral Mass at 10 a.mJ Raymond Dcsgrosellliers of Lunrnbura. Francis and Ed Mrs. Wilhelmina (Kaki) Tapalln Home wiin a lunerai mass ai day and night TV effort. in St. Joseph s unurcn. uunai Saarl of Fitchburg and several .IIL hn in St. Josenh1 11 a.m. In St. Bernard's Church. Burial was In the parisli Cemetery- The family request! manrj Dcsgioseillicrs, both of Fit cli burg; Iwo lsters, Beatrice, wife of William shoemaker of Fitchburtf and Funeral .services will be held cemetery. MRS. FRANCOIS X. PROGIN Your Money's Worth . As Food Prices Soar r.o calling hours. MRS. ANN E. DICKSON STRATFORD. Conn. - Mrs Viola, wife of Gilbert Cabar.a it did so because assorted thespians and production folk were griping so mightily about the category classification or sonic shows that the academy finally decided to attempt mollifying the outraged. It's trying Uiis with a "playoff" in which academy Judges of Leominster and several nieces and nephews. Mrs. Marie A. (Beauregard) Progh. n. or 18 Prichard St. died Friday at 360 Electric Ave. She was the widow of Francois Wednesday at 2 p.m. In the Sawyer Funeral Home with the Rev. David E. Wuorl. pastor of Elm Street Congregational Church, officiating. Burial wilt bo in New Cemetery, Ash-burnham. Calling hours in the funeral home are 7 to (.30 Ann E. (Turner) Dickson, sister of James E. Turner of Fitch- ProB:r. who d t In 1969. review the shaivs and penorm-ancrs they've already winner- By SYLVIA PORTER burg, died Saturday in her home. Funeral services were held today in St. James Church. iscd and from these declare- Mrs. Progin was bom In Fltchburg, Sept. 25. 1895, a daughter of the late George and Roscanna (Levesque) Beauregard, and was a lifelong resident. She was a retired Burial wili be weur.esoay noon tonight. HARVEY H. PLOUFFE LEOMINSTER - Harvey H. Plouffe. 89. of 100 Main St. died The funeral will be held' Thursday from the Aubuchcn Funeral Home wilh a runcrnl Mass at 11 a.m. in Sacred Heart Church. Burial will be in St. Joseph's Cemetery. There are no railing hours GEORGE C. EY C-cnree C. Ey. 81, of 225 Oak Hill Koarl. diori Friday in Jlurhiinlt ElospLLaL He was 3 relit oil papcrmiikor Tor the former Crocker Hurbank Ca. How far can the millions ofjresponse to enormous eiporlsicent while our eonmPtJon of MoshossLC Cemetery. as vuu'll see tonight the elite in 1! supercategones. In this approach, there's no category hairsplitting, no awards (or. say, "best produc- Central Falls. seamstress and was formerly Mrs. D;ts:jr. was a cirector nrning in Leominster of the Connecticut Retired Teachers Association and was poor in America trade down in'by the U.S. last year and a meat ic.i fad - in an .era of galloping, huge gift of nee to Sou h time decade ( 'per cent "staple inflation"? While you Vietnam to use as currency In! Welcome as his may be tor may be spending the national ! exchange for money lo support, our overfed, s narflly prac- "average" or only 1 per cent' the South Vietnamese army Leal advice 'J of vour afteMaJE incSrue on Increases in. prices o! milk, a ready on a g5slv inadequate rclative in a wretched June She was a member of Im- , "if.'d1 onalimc teacher in the i. 1884. a son of the late Joseph None. The academy for the Connecticut schools. maculate Conception Church. and S-iiuinc (Armstrong first time is giving awards for She is survived by four As-ocia'io". now Weyerhaeuser the ritchburg uolden Age uun, I he Retired Women's Club, the Floufle, and was employed at ? hest artor and actress ol brothers and three sisters. already spending 30 to 50 per Increases in the costs of feedl rttorn of 'adhdeerreT biuu mm mi? v Simonds Saw t, Steel Co. v scric. best actor and ac cent of its Income on food and mm cm wa ace Murrav Corn. tress c! any snecial, most "out RAY L. SEELY star.a.r.g comedy or rtramalic SOUTH PARIS. Maine Ray Mr. Ey U2S born in FUth- American Friendship Ciub and burg Oct. 23, 1869, a son 0 was a charter member and past Ihe.lntc Emil and Louisa (Lew '"f' ,, ?, Je Leominster M 5S3S M W tt survived by orains, .ana racing As a result, a pound of driedjot us inescapable increases in beans Is becoming almost aslthe costs of clothing, shelter expensive as- a pound of ham- transportation, other absolute burger and, reports one food! necessities, processor, it's now more costly . Diets Deficient series and so on. Examnlc: It's alrcadv dc facing quantum Jumps in the prices of those high-protein basics at the uery bottom of the food ladder? What's below the bottom? Fitchburg, before his retirement. He was a member ol the League of the Sacred Heart of St. Cecilia's Church. Mr, Piouffe Is survived by his widow. Mrs. Eveline F. clared Alan Alda of "M-A-S-H" Leslie Seeiy. 19. died Wednesday in a Bar Harbor Nursing Home alter a long illness. He was born in Fitchburg, Mass. Nov. 24, 1694. a son of an Emmy dinner as "best lead actor in a comedy scries" and In Uio past year, according (Thibault) Plotiffe; a daughter, t imoaui i i-iujiie. a muHiicr, to produce a can or cn;u ami tne mv ui uui m m., u. beans than It Is to produce a in five Americans who now can of chili and bed! iqualify for food stamps are he laic Charles and Sadie! Telly "Kojak" Savalas as "best lead actor in a drama scries." lo latest oiueiai figures, uie cost of food at home has risen War t. ile was n mrrnbe: of ' Cnnr-tccaliunnl Church. rg, Barbara, wife oi J. Redgnte of Bowie, .Aim", wife of Frank Spadaforc Anrl thsfs rnlv nart cf thel widely considered nutritionally uf Leominster: a niece. M almost 20 per cent. But In the .Md.. Beverly, wile of Terry Fitchb-.irg Golden Age Club, Ihc Lorraine Scrgerie of Leomin ster ar.d four grandchildren. same period, the average price of a five-pound bag of flour has' soared 60 oer cent; .6, Uitcc - (Swift) Scoly. He came to South Paris as i young man and was employed at the Afascm Mfg. Co. for many years and later worked on the railroad. He worked for the Rockefeller estate in Pur Harbor for many staple inllaticn tale, ror prices'deficient. Where does this also have been soaring for cthcrifamlly turn - except to more key protein substitutes dried I malnutrition or more help via milk, lentils, split pc5.''bod stamps! Bolh ars competing tonight for the "Actor uf the Year. Series" award, one of the su-percategcries. according to the academs'. An K3C spokesman savs the Matsrjn. Uorotny. wile oi jonn Walsh, Phyllis L., wife of James Nelthcrcut, and Constance A. wife of Leo J. Bedard, ali of Fitcbry.irg Turners, the Brooks Mill Sportsmen's Club and Loral 372 of the Faperrnskers l.'nian. He was secretary for Ttie funeral will he held Friday from the M.A. Simard pound can of shortr.lng has jumped 54 per cent; a 10 pound and Son Funeral Home with a Fitcbb-urg; two sisters, Mrs funeral Mass at 9 a.m. in St mans- years of Eintracht Lodge clarence Robert-son of' Fitch'- already-announced winners will bag of ootatoes. 60 wr cent; Cecilia's Church. Burial gel their Emmys tonight and, if they win again in the finals competition, the news will bo made public for the first time spaghetti and macaroni. Mill to come, i suppose u (Somewhat surprisingly, though, the money-saving advice: "Eat the Bureau of Labor Sfatisticsidog food. However, pet food dues not price these items forjsales are morning, and in low-Its monthly reports.) income areas sales are now far Where does the low-income exceeding the amounts which family which has been could be consumed by their leaning more and more hcavily animal populations. By one in the pariih cemetery. Calling hours in Ihe funeral home are 2 tu 4 and 7 to 9 p.m. Thursday. bread, 34 per cenl: o pound of dried twait3, .183 per cent: s pound or rice, 103 per cent: a half-gallon of milk, 27 per com: son, Ceylon Sccly: n daughter. Mra. Freda Wawriyniak. both o( Maryland: a sister. Mrs. Etta on ine air a doien large eggs, 29 per cent: f ie same system, on a limit ALEXANDER DRAPER U3.,,PL . ,5 .V , , four grar.d-h .aren- 12 great- LlflHIIiSIEk- Alexander grundvhildrvn and several ui .in wiul. iiLiiuai, s anll Mr5 jeane.e Kinscy lie is survived by his widow. jf Lcominstcr. 27 grilnd. r -rV v i iV h i ' d r c n ; nine great- riirrnrd G- Ey nf Savoy; a. gratllichildreni ani WIU daugliler. Marjorie, wife of icc.s an(1 Iiephcw5. Albert J. Lucier rf Lunenbrfl; ThL, f(lneraI w-as held this a sister Mrs-. Louise E Bunt!morninR rrom the uvery-of Pinellns Pnw, Fin., und four chmarJ Funeral Home wilh graiidchLdreii. a runera.1 Mass at 11 a.m. in Pnvalc funeral services were mnlaculate Conception Church, helri Mo-day in the Bosk interment was In St. Bernard's FnnrTal Home with the Rev. rvmp-nrv nir nv Aihwi p ed basis, nas to be used earlier a pound or lurltey, 35 per cer.t: A pound cheese. M per cent today In the academy's first uraper. w. oi AcysKme un ,inlHB and phews. seuaraLe Fmmy awards show. And so it goes. Steaks To Stew airrm By rvac irom New York. on spaghetti, beans, cheese, nee recent estimate, one-tnirti oi tne and the like turn r.ow? jdog and cat luod being bought Among the few Items left toiln ghettoes Is consumed by trade dawn to Is peanut butler. .people. And, notes a report on But peanut butter costs an food price changes by the average cf more than 75 cents Senate Select Committee on As meat prices skyrocketed a brief illness. He was horn ill Kilmarnock. Scotland, a son of the late John and Sara (Draper) Draper, and Mayor rnr outstanding daytime television achievements. That show was made sepa (CcrlLnud From Pim One John Lynn officiating. Burial I rjaulet. pastor of Immaculate was in Forest Hill Cemetery. C c n e e p ti o n Church, was rate, .nhl s man said, be lived here 50 years. in 1973, millions traded down from steaks to stew, born-burger, fish and chicken: from stew and hamburger to milk, cheese, rice and beans Mr. Draper retired in 19bf a pound at latest omaai'numnon ana numan nccos, reporting date, hardly a bargainja d vert I si n g by pet food anymore. Another is tuna fish. I manufacturers has appeared to But tuna fish is also up 19 peribe "more and more directed at said he also expects firefighters .eause for a lot of years the and Public Works employes to daytime TV people and a lot of MRS. ERN'EST YERONNEAU l"-,Luru"t l "" Mrs. Juliette M. Scvignyl i alkEY 1. KOWALCHOK Veronneau, 58. of 17 Second St.. I Funeral services for Alfey I died Monday in Btirbankj Kowalchuk. 84. of 78 Day St. after 39 years as a machinist at Fitchburg Paper Co. He was a 32nd degree Mason, a life member of Kilmarnock But by doing so, tve lr. join the police pickets. viewers leu incir awaros were The mayor said he differs ?l?flr. J'" Jgf"J" tne cent from a year ago and is possttKe human consumers. tonsifled an already powerful moving rapidly out of the' P.S, The American Assn. for price rise among these "bollom I bargain category. Ihe Advancement of Science Hospital after j Inng illness iwM was ound dead in his home with signs that pickets rarryl1'1." that accuse him of hurling the' Lodge of Masons, Scotland, a member ol the Fitchburg ine witc o; tr veron- Friday will be held Wednesday police . rung basics, Bean prices were Our Secretary oi Agriculture s.predicts looo price increases ot rising before our demands memorable advice a while backlw to 30 per cent a year for neau. she was born In Maeoa.iat r, n m. in thr Rnslj Fiineml dridi-n Akc Club, the Fltchbura I support the chief. Anytnmg Retired Men's Club and Glee Quebec, Canada, the daughter Heme Burial will be In Forest of Joseph Seyigny rtnrl the late Hill Cemetery. Calling hours in Exiha (Beaulieul Sevlgny and I the funeral home are 7 to B spurted because of producllomto eat less is fine for thcithe remainder of the century cutbacks by farmer discouraged overweight, overfed middle- because of surging energy costs hy low bean prices in previous Income American and Indeed, and an overall price spiral Club, the American Association snj,j ' or Retired Person, the Oldl- "r' i;i n,r.m hark ir, ihn Weather Outlook lieil in ritchburg lor tc past tonight years. in ltna. our national per capitaior win per cent over tne next Benjamin. iXmr" ' t'i'chburp,1P?!, negotiating table. If they- want fii- llenrge Ihe price ol rice toon off in lood consurr.ptic.n cropped 1 pcrirour aecaacs.j nes id es her father and husband, she leaves a daughter. Marie, wife of Evon Girard of associate medical examiner, rh,rr.h pthbiim His wifr- It:""- 'lv, .Tr-rule, death was from natural g-&bSg Pap'orS icCf? s, ; V-...-1-K..1. ..(i,j died in 1971. hiothinir to do with them," Fitchburg: two brothers. Pau New York Stock Exchange . Sevieny nf Holycxe nnd.Severa'l years ago from th He is survived by two .Mayor Bray said. , Central Mass. Fair tonight, Adrian Suvigncy of Montreal, Fitchburg Window Cleaners Co. !daiigh1ers, Isabelle. wife of pohce Chief Roddy declined imS in the 40s. Light variable Canada and a eranddauglite where he was employed BlijJohn Fields of Fitchburg andito comment nn the picketing or nmds: Wednesday fair, follow- him the new von upn - charges against by ed by increasing cloudiness, KaiPLl 111 SJ nt "i ptr.iCo It. 11 II Si Krir SH .7J B tav , R R K.-t n in nn- 'i Raiitod Ay u 4j'i4 i union. On a related matter, Man highs upper 60s. Probability of precipitation 10 per cent tonighl. 20 per cent Wednesday. He born in Antoninv, i"iams oi isiiuuuuiaiii. in. iussia, a son of the late Mr. grandchildren; seven great-nd Mrs. lsldor Kowalchuk and grandchildren and several II U li aCA Corp 1 14 power Dir. fninne differed -Mrs. Vrronncau was a member of Immaculate Crm-ctption parisli. The WrightRov Funeral Home. Leominster, is in charge of nrr,inecmcnl5 which are incomplete. EUtSU 13 EciEdb 1 y IIS DiKoM . ! U'H- DilotyW .15 n 45-1- 'i DrPmpr ja t is-, I 411 U it ritrwir ni ii !, i, itti comments made last week lived hern 60 years. He was a nieces and nephews. RtHon I S SS HH4- Hoston and vicinity ti 4JH4- 4. former' member of Annunciation ! ..Funeral services will be held oy tire lpic, Gorman n.!Tanif;hl fair, lows in the 40s. iiajt usi cu, a a Ami t 'J h '1 Anna urc (1 23t, Airl'rd Kl 19 t ' AkuiAl l II '. '. AlllLsd 11 t fl'i- AllindCT lli 91 tl'i S All:! Ch . 11 Mi Airei 1.U 51 Amtln Xt O C1.. rhirh in ini.-r,ari wednesaav : i D.m. in iil""',-. i1..,. :Lihl variable winds. Wcdnes- HocnC 1.7,11 4 144 .. Dull F 1 (0 t n'rhnArrn cn.uw, I Moorcroft-Heard Funeral Home. 1 16S- ti BKitll 1 1 41 SJ't t 1161,- 1,1 Uthl F Xir. rXiin ' w:"'' air by increasing 11 H1H Mrs Elena Savchuck of New?' Myrtle Ave., Fitchburg with schedule for rotating eight hii-ur shifts In the Firt Denartnienl. fnr rih U)F 3a 11 Bli cicjdii:-, nigns in the 60s J1 H Jersey and Mrs, Olga Chandamc Kev. jonn nuciynsKi ot- L.I My JH 11 BHf S PjID l.tja 19 B Probability of precipitation 10 Deaths isrr loe-i- i o. niipnani. ra. , , remeUrv Fitchburg. Sal, EairCs LB0 S3 40'i- h trwt 1.40 Flechtner. who said he will oppose rotating eight hour shifts and cli alienee any order from L If per cent tonight. 20 per cent Wrdnesday. Vermont Fair tonight, lows AmBrca; .B I !lh H ! SDH ' M1TCHEL SAUCIER .The family requests no calling Esainc 10 I.' U 3SS 37 SIS-IS m, 37 SIS- H 591, Am Can Lt-KSld 111 LTV Corp LlKlySl it TOWN SEND - Mitchel a as hours. j the mayor that supercedes his il 9S-'k II USt 'i I 1SV1 S Euoo 1VU 151 T1S- S Saucier. 78. of 258 Main St. died SlBtlll 1J0 S SchFrlri .SO s Sthtiirr.S 71 IMIOO -1. SCHCm .45 IS 10'H 'i SmtlPap S6 . SO IS'li 'h Stan 160a SI Sit,- StytOil S I 47Hii, a round 4D. Wednesday increns. ing cloudiness, chance nf show ers hichs in 60s. . .. . authority as lire duel, said lie HARRY A. HODGERr,EY lwas only to obtain in- ur-SGitnsfitmEaB - in w- .ftixirx, Miy i7, Grorlf L .nopufHIIcri, 59, US sitlckiwy .lloid Kiineral nfmnrtij II n. In Scrrri Hrftrl t.hurrh Nn calll7. hcun. Auljuenon TunerAl Home In cfiarj Monday in Nashoba Community Hospital, Aycr, nfter a hrirf FjllOm 5 111 4- i TtiruCrj.-o 1 1 IIS S A!titkP- 1 AmSlcm .u ASItlClc IS5 ,t-l'r ;v. AmM 154 Am Sina Wl WUKUtsJiJIl rtarry A.normation aaout tne shi is. tl J74t ID l-t I ll'k I lint ki... v,.tn, .Maine tair loninnt, lows lltr, 1 10 117 IS'!'- S SUIT,. 1 tl ... HIT Kl 111 B a'l 4i Jlarcur M 73', v illness. IHodgerncy. 71, of 8 Hacker St IBMICO JO 17 laii-HS Flechtner will' receive a" letter l 10 Wednesday increasing He was born in Eagle Lake, ; brother nf John Hodgerney and 1J H r v i i,i. cicuairfsss west, lair eisewnere. DttAPEh - Alcssnitr Drip AmTlT 1(B 511 li'i Aug. 20. 1895. a son of Ma-DiP I il 11 SIS a in. - ' ,..H ID M m draft such a schedule and! highs mostly in the 60s. imcienent the rotatins eieht'. New Hampshire Fair I llh S Sa BttKUkliiif 1 US 51 - "l S CllEd 1.SS 1IH t SlutSCn 1.40 161 HH- t ScPstlf ! 1( JJ 30S- 'i Mrs. Alice DeFossc or Fitchburg, was prnnounced dead on arrival at Worcester City Hospital, Friday. He was stricken at the H. H. Brown .Mooreralt-Oeiril Funcrjl HiraiB, 37 I 71'.4 S M:& SO SH '1 hour shifts tonight, lows 35 to so. Wcdnes- "We speak directly ror the Uy increasing cloudiness, mvnr-' ?m.n- iri hlshs n the 60s. the late Augustin and Flavie (Beaulieu) Saucier, and was formerly employed at the Henry J. Rich Co. in Groton. He was a mcmher of the First Baptist Church in West Townsend. Mr. Saucier Is survived by his i! nit ii -Mvrllc Ave., ItlchD'jrr. family rfqueils no cihlnii r. -a,:J IhJ! lou,rt be rrr.llcil, 'uirocsti tint cohtrlbjlloni fr.i 11 SS - t KtadCP JB SS IIS S fviiun i n BlblWII f St li'i HtriJ 1.41 SI BS-tl SiBrcuI l'.SS 19 JW- U I SS14 ... JH SP4 ... -Cljjt Id thl Bolh Idtll B1C1U.I Shoe Co. where he was employed n; maintenance man for the past 15 years. SI CM ISO II 15V1- l( SM Oi en Bllh ltd .49 11 CkolllLI 101 H 31 S HM1M 111 1E7 731- S MiTch. Fltcliburs, or the 1: f-JOlra 3 73 FlrM Kd .55 He added that by ordinance, nnoae liium c-air imi kiu, section 2-19 the mayor has1 lows in the 40s. Fair Wednes-charge of all dcpurtmpnts and, day followed by increasing II01 SB 16 ! .widow. Mrs. Eva (DumoM) 41 544,. Vi 545 ." Ball ffiel il Damr. JO s-.ttion a cloudiness, highs in the 60s. nn of Arthur C. and Emma CPtbU 1.61 C T Z 171 Cfrt 1101 c rz l.7 a a;;- s r c F. 84 el us 5uclrr; two sisters, Mrs. oid.' Pri'vm' iuninil Laudia Belanger of Lunenburg. can order rotating eight hour shills. Conneclcut Fair tonight. (Fanner) Hodgerney and lived . Ca Pa: .801 11 tl "1 H- ?? lows in mid 40s north, around tela Jinnaiy in' BrKi Mrs. Delia Gagnon of Eagle Bray said "Firemen and SluOaW I S . 5 j;J. H Rot Oil SM 7 17 h EupOU 1.41 1 lB4tt- i TrlUma-Si iTlOta ... 31 Itomf ButiiI i Worcester lor 65 years. He also leaves his widow Bok BeSfCli nut r-' i :ii.7rl 1 11 UuroCo 1 70 50 along the sound. Wcdnesday increasing cloudiness, highs low i a u a - s oniriir i so sa a-;- s triimiions mav bo mi Si' ir hii Funeral services will be held Marv (Evans) Ilodgernev: f CHodlH 1.11 Sl BH- 1 Bom W 115 daughter, Barbara, wife ot 70s. upper Ms along tne sound. S'l t Ttitrolnt' 1 HI S5 , 4 CuofiytTlr mtraory to TrKiiv fcr -., iv -, , Weitcesday at 11 a.m. in the Church, ui itoiuiom St. ruth. Kniitht Anderson Funeral Home. police men will be given professional salaries If they start being professionals and stop moonlighting.' "I've delegated authority to my negotiators." he said. "I KlIAIrl .Ud 1 Hi T.lnvd l.nvallc of Rochitnlc TKlIr 1.70 S3 H i U JO 1 1011 ' li !!!? " Trtlnilr 'l 111IUW three other brothers and Burs' IZM Main St.. Townsend, with KowALCHtjK Ailtj lithe Rev. James Brosius of- TeifUl I.D1 60 H4i sisters: nine crrandchlldrcn and i its 37S '1 i aos s GlrTHyl 1.60 111 11 .Kavr rhuk. M. cf 11 Day SI. r,-iil-,-o tnloi.mi.nt ulll h Tl fTli-l'l Tfltnoi 1.10 II SOtl- two great grandchildren. - ' 4- S '4 GrshdYwi NCKCp P 14 - V, It' 4 lli 'I MePo IU t ll'l have confidence in these men. Just as I have asked department heads to be responsible." I ""'li'o-rilllside Cemetery. Calling hours ea'liinf tiauri in the hncr.l homti'.n Ihc funeral home are 2 lo f uneral services were new this tnornlna in the Alfred Roy nrlaaS 140a ErlsMr I.S1 BnlPrt BrJimk a nuiirosE t Bol Ca .10 BJtktrR Burl Ho 111 ttjrrcuaiii Camp S l II CanFac .ltd CtrtkrC .51 CmrTt I B li 10'i IJilV.5 I 16 ciu'-tjn m I! SS SPECIAL On PERMS Mary't Beauty Salon 2 Milk SI., Fllcbbarg Open Tiles. Thro Sat. 345-5823 Mary ITItl) Catfcoaneaa lilOS.S OsjilWa .16 ah- 'h HL InCut 1 111314- and Sons Funeral Home. Burial KeKlCt 170 5 4JH 1 was in Hope Cemetery 7 to a tonsuht. riowtn rflj hoUand 7 to 9 p.m. today, itnt &r canlrlhutloM mtde lo tlx" "'F-nit. !LEO R.PAGE firii it., u... i LUNENRURG - Leo TrarW Air II 1IH S ItlCoQ 1.14d 17 S0H i raw in mi iiii h UALloe .13d 7J 17(1 tl UaClrb 110 109 4 . CuOCal 196 1( SSit. , TJrJrwal'S it "Et'J, L'MAIMrr 1 II 17U. Vi FLORIAN J. DUPUIS Uir.iPa 1 UuhiC 1.11 KrlaiH Ktrnlta . Until 10 HIIIP 10 Asked if he supported Flechtner . in Ihc chief's opposition to the relating shifts, as he supporu Roddy In favoring ihe shi Its for the police. Mnyor Bray sold "He (Flechtner) sounds more like a McCiul, t2, ci 'duho si , uidaiiPBgc. 52, of C4 Maple Parkway, LEOMINSTER - Florlan J. I IIH S CWB Ptrrl 9H IIS MSt S OlklEd l. 111 17 oi (ifoiit.A. ino tmiorii rrtired enrnenter ol the fai DiiD'ui5. 59. of 50 Man e Ave CtrroCorp !lnCorp It SS 111, H WJrl VSK'iyiTta. , construction Co died l it i.m. it, sl n.miid-. Churo Monday in Burbank Hospital UnCorp .4M at 7 COtold . M IJ'1. S died Friday In his home artor a long illness. He was a retired fireman lhan like chief, I!X1 rtniioi wti in ii Btrnara-a :a ter a one illness C-.E1 130 1 9 33. H US Cyo I 61 ISlflu..!. fclbiSl 130 II 1K1 3 USIMl 1 IS? 85 OnellllaTl 17 ... Vetta M a 7I 14 sseipu machinist. He was born in Clinton. April t'"1"'"'' A native of Fitchburg. the son IHmLP 1.4 K Uti- S ir.ntu it ,c, o w red and cva tuuiiuisi lioaaroM .50 111 T - l AIRPORT POOLS Vuh lr 11 .31 . H H- 1 1 t ' Jsiqutii Motln, 74, ol ra SmihPajc. he was the husband of uuniT, la isaj7- .t 11 1S 5, 1915, a son of the late Ludger and Lumlna (Aiiclalr) Dupuls, and lived here most of his life. ii ns-i i4 iiicmta i4o i Cnrilr wiann ot urririnn j. )l.-uiw (Uutfuav) me. a D ... S 16 H 1 ::: IS 17 4 piiUi in r tit i Vtn Am Air 111 J 110 I r J Mcn-umeols fcJ I I r?fn ,I9D and "V Mcnumeoli 1190 and op r..r page was a Navy veteran Campttli Ile is survived bv a brother. I'untrel Mais Wednesday at ID a.m. In St. louphu Ch-jrcli T)ia family requciti no calllna hcuti Jaieph A. ljatclle Bon Funeral ciik . in r?H CKSrv 3f It S CM. lr,. IH CUn U 1.4 KH Everett DuduIs of Leominster. of World War II and a member of the Franco-American Club of J..-.1I fJ i.n so i4-it, 5:,CnT m b4 i ! PltuPt 1 S3 31 !j 1A 1.41 4 llti ..! The funeral was held Mnndnv FllchburB. Post 283: the from the M A. Simard and Son IN - GROUND AND ABOVE trie rlinutM Anyllni UIMIIR Hill I'm-. 0tti lr Car lachd Iraaan l-oetop 140 I 41 s IBHCp 311 174111 - S hKirv ltl 71 USt 'I I-lKcll 140 IH 33 UfPlD ma 121 U'l 4 laniT l. 177 I1H S tit Corprtn II 1114 i ArneHsin Legion of Lunenburg: Fitchburg Sportsmen's Club and .lame in cnirje c-i irranaemeoLi rikGE - In TllerjburjT. Uiy 17, ls F. Fife, U, ei U Iteple r.,, UiRen&jcr. rutiertl TfiurUaj 1 i.ttt SL Josfph'i Chutch, Fikh- FnaUCo 1 Funeral Homo with a funeral Mass at 9 a.m. In St. Cecilia's Church. Burial was In the ,sar;;S ssifsj? itstss iSSSiE. SKS-v: LEOMINSTER MONUMENT CO. Col Cat 1 91 Con Kd .Jli Coum Pt I Pfttrlo .74 PSt ;D 3 31 11-.1JLE: I St 110 Ciirf4 ., Ieli1ar tne iumpute uuo of ajji buTT.hBm. 111 IHONI 117.1541 parish cemelery. 10 - li -ta Mil . BfiWei hie widow he leaves il Metkantc St. Dial !)74IK ptr?ri 143 a sin- ja -ii.n am i ios it IctMIO K 17 II1S- H ConUOO 110 and 7 to t ens. wilniilir. siABl Onnl Baatl. IT. ol 43 Pfflahj 111 1 m H PoUrafa JS til UK- i 1CYT CotJK DitL n 5ii t in- u ppg a is vi 14 TICTOI Co I 1 116H-1S jovH.-l 1.1 M I9S 1U II SIS iwo ion. Michael and Robert Page, both at hornet a brother, Robert Page of Los Angeles: Calif., and several nieces anrj nepbowa. The funeral will be held ThuTidav from lha Auhuchan Acaderor St. Funatal Kielcai .We-dntriay It t P.O. In 1M aitemt runiril Home. Call:-1 PuSCM 1JI & 11144 i psjj-jo i n 11 1314 S KHIfiR ia II 33 - iaCo la V IIS . rH 1 40 B ast-4 rlUl JOd 111 114- S ItllHTAI .73 19 li'i- Il XUCB lit a H- Flowers say . . , "I'm Sorry" . , . io softly RICHARD'S FLOWER SHOP III Marttan Ayt., Imtlnitn I Sentinel AmBrican Stock Exchange mnarai Home, menourg, mtn a funeral Man at B a.m. In tie Daitv Sentinel and St. Joseph's Church, Interment Advertising Deadlines win m in at, tiosepn Cfmiitim). flLWri ? is RSSVB !S arSf tS ,Ih- aafk u?i gasrj jjfis ss&s i m Cl Smlp I 1W 41 . ... SliUiau Ita I Theroputic Leominster Enterprise (J430. Coiling hours are 2 to 4 ant) 7 to 9 r'm, Wednesday. crwttP 310 a in . ljcamTh an I 414 ... ETPCa Jrjd -n 4H """" SiS"" (mi uiickf AFttra ISO 1 33D H Aialril OH 31 llhS 4 Binlaiti it II MS 4 BtaKiii 11 11 IID S Moitdiy it H A.M. Ut Wedntiday Publication , 1M 4111- I 1 a.- rjajUll.!W. It Vt- KtClllrtra 31-1:.., RtntalC .41 Kilyfl Corp IT Orrc Corp 1 IB ... WyoBne JO rwi Pxto '4lt OOIH IBM iltt) 17H U Vaita IMu raimt .lid II.. PacKW Lit 11 lis - u . Tiindlf il 1 1 A.M. for Thurtdav Publication Facials NOW 6 CUuhh. livlHa ' Second Clan Pcrlija Paid. FllchWi, Mm .-TTIItMflt Dallverad kl flrt'iy. I Local interest Market Issues roan UI". Pmiati eebui whic. Slniii toti hii il li eanti. OutiU. thl R ton by EthMrtaMa eklal4a Ml aV. Wadntitjiy at 11 A.M. Far Friday Publication 9 Wodnwday at 3 P.M. for Saturday Publkatlon nnnday at 11 A.M. for Monday Publication I Friday at 1 1 A.M. for Twuday Publication Notai Santlncl Shoopor Doadlln B TJ.urt.ljv a i 3 P.M. I CONNII'S BEAUTY SALON . vlHery fhsi, 7aW fltH Hi. ttd'tm, WML Wife It tMaUi SHAMPOO iO-H SET 6 Hilreuta.....1.50 hon 342-7881 irmALS ON OUt PKHtIS Wakefield, li bld-H ajAed. Local bank stoelis: Worcester Bancorp, 20 bld-HW asked, (Flacma com riled by Louda over - the counter atockli Friendly Ti -Cream, 10 bid 10 asked. Local baflV iloeks: . FJwt Salety Fuivd, 44. Kill Mt.40 mi yeir pljllli us ulTinte. Mill coil u W Isa Itum per rear yttA senltnel menu ib rtihl Id idjuit tubicrlptlin rilei eorfnjf rttir.uibicrl(lMi MrW upon 1 1 rial I Salon 8 IKIUM '. Local llsled secuHlles: Weyerhaeuser, iiW. Dlgllal, U7tt. lal over the -courier slocks: Foster Grar.l. 2i hld-SS asked; Ktchturg Gas and Eteclrie, 114 blrj-12H as Iced l Heywood G. Aub'uchOn Co.). LottV uiu. irigurcs cmuputni wy listed securities: Norton, MWj Burgess dirt teitW. Wallacs Murray, BVi, Local I Kiabtr or Th AHoctiitd friu r,a UxilCad Ptlu muraillooiL

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