Great Bend Tribune from Great Bend, Kansas on October 1, 1953 · Page 1
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Great Bend Tribune from Great Bend, Kansas · Page 1

Great Bend, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 1, 1953
Page 1
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Great Bend Daily Tribune 9,200 DAILY PAID SUBSCRIBERS GENERALLY FAIR GREAT BEND, KANSAS, THURSDAY, OCTOBER 1, !953 THIS ISSUE 14 PAGES 'Bums' Lead 2-1 At End Of The 6th Dodgers 0 0 0 2 0 0 Yankees 1 0 0 0 0 0 Bi U 0 II i'l THI-M I 1 r sports 1 dltor New 01 1 (LP) - Tn uOf r Dodger m a i uM in i Uo out douDie ), Bi ( co d t. o iuns dl f tnr YinV'-f V 1 t j i hi f r and a naif T i ' s. cond dne jj t h Wr J Smci today riwlcrrs I t G 1 i n rj iced I i if 10 I c Iriiuni lul tti tor MB'IIB ' " "'' ' " ,n 11 m tli ncn ShhSI' wA Hip 1 ' ' I'mint On Dirk I tit) 8Btf j i flpl j&y .. i r t . r.i ,1 , , ,r.H kt rd Held Ii pier 'scene-, mi 'fMSMiHB V 4He9p9P w.,r, , ,,.cid",;,erV X1;1; stop, Boss- Allphin Case I -, r , niMi pi SCJ11 vu L rca Onnhi Neb IP The menu of --Vf-iv , 1 , ,"n" '"pVI1? 'c In k is -. ook a ""is in'somh Omihi'carriri the ADDSQi IS P I ICC t ; fnt ( jj-j, L tr Ul 1 following offer todn r - i ii . i , n L, , c 0( i ,(e mil sci sour drink in a appeal t om the Aug 26 r l m i on , ,01 , nlrll Vvl ic enffee .up if i our boss or client ludgmenttn the Barton count. N "i ll io r pi u s q in irci i Cc i non c is at the next tabic piobate couit naming Dean Caiey . i ,, -ole heir to the estate of Mrs L ' 1 , . ' " Edith Allphin Caiei was filed ie5 i x v V .;r.v- A 1 c " . Wont Name rr;-; thc disnct , , iuiii,bs a k.1 1 " r k. I Tlle aPPMl f,led b attor fjew Chset Now eiM i ' in n c not Ps s pie t - i CI of oi Police Mi llphm Ci e Cpif a I o e ' L 0 n ' h le E Gei a Sfmcamp cleik N i i o if nopn ml no 0j ne cou t -iSo ieceed iesti flUUUI lUUIIt; VJClb p t chc k ,c r Lo 1 B on id todai chinson a oinex for Carex a mo 1 Plt: nf RlnnH onui. 0 i o Me . mil be t.on to be f led in tl e p oceedm-s IZ.J rilllb Ul DIUUU a pf h re 1 i-p e . r CM lo has been ku c tl a the dat- foi he appeal At Hc-smgton h, 0 c' 1 1 -1 1 c cJe ATf WVSZ c Drc-sod lor Oc 1-101 i fi'e 'kins tne n at on w 11 be reairi on di mc xv l t ip P e 1 1 e iv " obi pi ( i net 1 cou1! motion g? Oct 7 11 t i Hois 1len ,n, 'ift n ,c to r e i e c t manag n n ou i. j. ijoi nc E i i i w e c e e e o v l1 a t u e 1 ei No 1 0 W-Ck t tl l t i 1 1 J"1"'! 1 i x hBrovnbe , ' 4 r ' T l" L J - 1 e DP ',, f1, ona i i i r s is e Co c prOi' b Ron e on,, ", ei e-e ic;usaton i S 1- h ac ht c c ana Rlph u ,x d c i ( ii n i b" t 1 - o' C o i ' c n 1 oner? e the mi"' illi, do'or The' on it fcoi ipi i deL ,t l 1 a nev chief is UtIt r in Vr M Je n c ' 1 k'e no ii t" B nn id 'ha' he had re 1' 1 , i' s t Die- i-i 11 lvt-eD ar 1l c ct t le al ioal aDDlica s j ' p , , 1 t Jh o -o e T-e o t e co nee Corn r tC iw,'b.t"c e"- z o - bJ 1 oud fke k t t1i,jjli;-S o o i i the l-rmeo c i - o' -c 9 " i ' , on ' ' " t N p pi a M - Low t I'm e boodmobi will 'o E nwood for is anal Baron counn tie Kd o nts taken est-er n'n.Vn Huge Turnout he djsx a s a c a auaienc oi 1 000 Sh- w 1 -e gn oi er a- three da celeb-a on The qeer 64 iears courg M - Alice Eh 'ong - tmie re- ae of Eawara counli Sh wis ore en d w th a cha The c eb- n e-a F For Kinsky 80th COSTUMES BEFITTING THE SPIRIT of the 80th anniversary in Kin le a e modeled b a group of ladies awaiting the ace v.-ich of cially opened the first dav of the three cn cp ebra' on n the Edwards county town Ar bottom M . cs E 84 is si own ai she was officially named qucc er the pegean'ry (Tribune Photos) The Weather I Kansas Generall fair tonight ana torro-'-o wi h tittle change in temoert e Sou'rwesterh wmas of 20 to 2j m es Der nour conuiu-' Now if Ike Will Just Dedicate the School - - The Chamber of Commerce t had ans response tet to its imitation to President Eisenhower to come here for the dedication of the citi s new school named en the school will hae an autographed picture of the president hung in its entrance When the school board oted new school Eisenhower Supi of Schools Dan Swarli wrote Ike and asked if he would send an autographed picture to be hung tn the entrance Today he received the picture duly autographed, with an accompanjing letter from N C Whitman, the president s personal secretary Swarli said the picture will he framed and hung in the entrance to th school. Shutdown Is Seen As Necessary The 10-daj shutdown m Kansas oil pioduction 01 deied late yesteida aitei noon b the Kansas coipoia-tion commission was Mewed b membeis of the Gieat Bend oil patch as a neces-saiv evil ' The KCC toot die step a the -equest of inaeviideil oil did atcOTs beca i e aboc"iomd n n les of crude od hae beiome e ce ie The shutaown is eifect e at 1 a9 p in Oct Id and 11 con t je until 12 01 i n O t lb h ipplies 'o the n es jH ' io lated wells ann to he n ijomi ot the 24 06D roll p on td cl m ne state S"conaai iccoici els re ecepted but tint pioi on of no liipoHincp in Buton count) oil n en si a hoc i t the t are no such pinjects heit Will Bear Burden Most oil men polled b tie Tli bune said in eluc ilia piodUL crs here wotud mil then tie h nd put up wnn the niea-uit in the lealization thai it is ioi the sood of the mdus!i as i whole Op n ions weie miod as to whetl e the pioduction shutdown would hae n effect on dnllmr and eploi it oi opeiations Some opeiatois though it would line at least a psi choloc;ical efttct in slowm down thee actnnies ' Manv hue tl oueht for some c t or.tuv.ic to produce oil a the pace that has been followed becuise theie is just too much of l coning out of the giotmd ' one duller said He aaded that he thought mam pioduceis paiticulaih independents who had dulling pioeriams planned might think twice now belote going ahead with them One blight spot in the shutdown iiLtuie accoidin? to another oil that it will peimit opetat o s to use thc tendn penod foi ie?ular seasonal v.ork which al was icquiies closing down of Such maintenance woik has to oe done annuall and the shut nown penod will be used to do it he said To Maintain Pri c U P K I 1 1 (1 I independents m ask ng the. shttdown it was bclietca was the hope that it would guard against a possible i eduction of tlv r centlv established ciude pi ice ol 2 8' The crude pi ce w , upped m J irr fiom S2 bb to the cuiien' $2 82 aieiage and there was sub stantial fears among oilmen that the giowlng accumulation of a sin plus might toice a bleak in this pi ice All nembeis of the oil pitch here weie amuoush w i chuu Tel. as and Oklahoma to see 1 lhe would follow Kansas example on the shutdown Wildcat -Minimum Tlie state coipoiation commls sion office heie toda disclosed the results of final tests on a Baiton i uncat m inmm counu well and a small one in Staffoid counts The Eaiton count moducei Honaker Dulling companv s Hall No 1, is located m the ne nv nw of 28 19 14 134 miles west and 1 mile noun of the anpoit coinei on the 10 h stieet load The well had a total depth of 3613 tcet ind top of the pa zone ( Lansing Kan sas Cit I wa 33i9 feet M B Aimei s Appl Gates No l Gates pool was the Statford ll ll miles south on 281 and 14 mil's east of the hien uaj It wa-. good for 95 ban els Local Man Hurt In Car-Truck Accident Near Ellinwood A Gieat Bend man sjffered seceie facial lacerations and a compound f'ac ure of the leit aim iesterda een lg about 6 30 p m when his car nick the real of a and tiuck juct west of Elluiwood on US 501s Troopei Dee Dought o' the high wa-, patrol id tha' Haloid Wai len 38 BecKe Cabin i a, ad muted to he Ellin ood Dist ict i hospital suuei ag seieie 'aceia on the le side ol his lace and fo-ehead ?rd a deep gah on Ihsmoutn be-de the bioen aim The man ' jiable to talk with officers becau e of his injuries Douehu said t- fiom indication at the scere i' rren wa arimg behind a c i drnen b Em nut J Hu EJmwood who in turn was stanng to pasis a semi trailer sand tiuc- Huff said that the truck sta'teo to make a le't turn onto a to u ship load so he put on his brake-, pjllmg on o the -ou-h shou de o he h gh ca Wan en e iQ" coldr ' stop when he v. re ca- aid uck blocking tne h a Doutrnty said so he put o his brpite and swung his car to th right c north stnkmg the ngat rea' co ner of the truck bed He iiaaea 120 feet before the collision His car was extensnelv aarnagrd The driter oi the truck Gu A Nixon " Elmwoid, ana Huff kere not injured Enter J. Barleycorn Carlisle Enffland IP Dr Elizabeth M Simpson seeking bx court action to dissohe her partnership with Dr James u illiam Has les tified that she did e en thin? pos-sibe to keep him from drinking he said she lashed him with a doc leash threatened to tittoo his bald head with the word drunkard and hid his clothes lo keep him from sneaking om Indians Kill POW After Try Al Mass Escape liuli m cuaids weie es 1 i iled b the ui-I isonei'- who be it the sic t o' cc lisli nbcis of a mcaical al in 1 id an camp 1 M Kaul said the idjicem ho p Bii" Cc i II Ql U Hops : I r Notth Koiems afte 1 waining them b lo irispeakei to ston in ng lo oicak mo thc ho pinl com pound Climb Oicr Barrier Kail s(id some No th Koiem pusoieis had climbed o ci a baib ed i nc flee when tie Indian guaiu opened fi e Ann Conimun ct pn one s who hate sworn to kill Co iimiimst biami asi it- of l r s demonstia ted sun uta ico isl in other com POIUK S Kaul ad the Noith Koieai pus oneis ti nc to om sick and ion ccd ai ti Conminist piisoneis in the lospital com 10 nd denon-ct at i g against the inspection Tne Communist n cdlcal off cers we e met with n snoccci of stones as thei ilkcd towards the hospital The took icftige n an ambulance Inch dioie them the icmamiig distance to the hospital Building Group is Organized A hnloiig coiporalion Seem if i Bi llrmsr In to elect the new SP ci rn Stalf b nk building at "tl ana Main i as organized heie list night a I a meeting of 22 interested pel sons Foul icon Incoiporators were named and 2 000 shaic of tock at S100 ei h weie au'honzed A petition loi a chaiter of mcoipoi itioo w is to be filed in Topeka loCai The Incoipoiators aie Baiton Ca lotheis Joe J Honakei E M King Dale Simonson Dean H Miller Mis Edna Bodme Mis Fai Richatcison Di Dat id T Lo , R E Ciame Joe A Mei n is Llojd W Mon s and Groiei C Cobb all of Great Bend Dr J 0 I mnenborger of Hai s and Llo d R Pickiell of Wichita Veinoi Tip TidSlo'- Great B id b ilk p ant operator center in aoo e pict ire ho planned and conducted a c i ner meeting last n "h for t te pa pose of orsainzing a K 4o hi boo tei a5sociat on oecame the gioups f ict presiaent About 83 pe-ois fiom 16 to ens located on the nicrwa bet een its terminus towns of Ellsworth and Elknart atterded eie oisanizat on al neeting in the Santa Fe room of the Pai-ish hotel Piestige as acoed to 'ne meeting o ehe aopparance o' Gale Moss a' h -hi a a le or md i ee of e ii h "ii a con n c ore s r Kai sa Aci an Sir. th M-Pner'on Kive Dale Aisansas Ci and Les-tei McDot aid Satarta Moss am ed b ca- f-om Topeka during th ete"ing too late to be pictured w th 'ne aboe tojp that tha oc up ed place at tne peal -e-s Laole The a-e left 'o ngV Srr G ant Hc"i p es drnt of t-e G eat Bcrd Chambe' of r om- T-HActSlappedOn Dockhand Strikers New ork ( I P) Pi evident Eisenhowei i-iUed foith the Taft Ha tle act tod a to put an end to a timplm east coast longshoi cmer s stnke and union lcadcii, piomi-od to get the men bacis to woik The stnke of 6o 000 dockwallopc s ber;m i rudnisht -nd shut down tat coat potts fiom Mime to noiiiis Patiick (Pack) Connoll; evtutnp me purulent of the ci 1'iiC l .ddled International Lonhoumciu associa tion interned of the ptcsident s action sua We 11 hat the : t H I ifioni whe :!i i out) ic ioi to 1 il wi li in ioIc nee bctwcin tin ike u d lonj. hou men wlo hm b Ilea the IL A to ion th new mi on iiiciinzto bi Ihi Ann an Ted i ttion or Liboi whe n t epcllcd Ri m s outli At 1 ist two luui lmeis the Libeite and the Constitution deck ed licit i it ho it i he aid o uik bo us aid pa senceis aimd b Mipmi oi en ploies of the It am hp 1 ne earned baj,gagc off the lups Mix-Up in Police Court Records Causes Mistake mi up n police court iccoid caused a miM !ke to be published in icsieidai s Ti bune The s10M ,CRC tn , pucll R Long of Ellinwood was tn ed on diunken chaises pud illegal Han poitalion of liquor m pol'ce couit It turns out howeiei that it wa.s a companion of Long s R V Frank also of Ellinwood who ieceied the t co lines totaling $65 Flank and Long weie a,i?sted ou Aua 17 long was charged at ' a i o i diuu il r n 1 hi a porta Ion oi oi His case was token undei (I cement bi the police nidge a rt di missed lalei Flank uas charg ed v th being o i nk permitmg cnuiu to drue his chicle. Long and ule l lu poitnlon The one chai,c was mopped of pei muting a di unk to d ne ana ne was lined on the othei two jest-i da Local Woman Burned Mis r F Da 1 12i2 Hooier si lei ed sb ht bums on hei fee' and hanas eesteiaec af einoon when some spjjjed lighter Hud caught fire in her home Assistant Fire Chi-f Clarence feis said that the depaitmem i as called to thp scene after the woman had called m repoiting the 'ne She had exlmgu shed the blaze when Mieis arilied She told him she was filling two light ers when the accident occuired meice T'alor Dale and McDon i aid A former member of the hteh wa comm sion Willaid Majbei r opened the tom e-sational part of the mee mg b. stating tnat Bob Laubengaier of Salina was th fathei of K 45 i-ighw a He got a gioup of men together in the 30s to boost tor the load but since that time the hibhAa has not been extended Ma,berr assuied the gioup that residents along the western end of the road vill gie 'ull coopeia ion for arv lmpro e mens Jim Dur foi a of Doace Ci'j sho ced a map on whicn a diagonal highway a as drawn from Springer N M to the point where K-45 enters Kansas along K-45 to Ellsworth and then exipnamg aiagor alii northeast to ManiAotoc Wise , as a piopo ed tour st roa'e ron rec ng tne ou'!i est and the nor nern acahcn area Ex-Premier Gels Death Sentence In Cairo Trial The em , le tder Ibi tin II 1 11 ipped c i ill h s lx ion iocs in eltialllj, bi I SBOIVio i rish which w 1! be n n to If i i nple Shoi mc he 1 i tint I pus dent W lit, I mi Mid 1 I Bog riadi pi sed s, inn ,- , Xortoi Hnai aiiothei eetiiiliiv hn cd Mob mimed Aw id was I iU i of the c ouii i The ti als lollowed a tiro ne ment b Pk nient ioh limed tsagu b s gov trni u in tin n hud uncocered a Int n i p cd plot to oiprlllinw lis i r-kitiie The announcemt n mirp hy Minster of National Guaancp Sn l"h Salem promoted nb pihi to spec ll lie tin the loieici na Hon was uieat Bntain but the. rccptian koi i rninent sHcilied m a note to the Bntisli foieign oflice that London was not imohid Aw ads indictment accused hln of suppl nig these loreitn qua', teis with lnfot niation oi Nn iori dunrg ibl i A u I riaoi w -s one o' onj anestecl in i dnil t ii n police The onrc i liimei niemier Mus afa was pit undo hou'e aire ens pt es tmed 1 p v o ilri ' ind given the deaih sCn del H3dl was Bcni ed of corruption and abuse of pi Orchestra Meeting To Be Held Tonight A meeting to oe held - in anight to d sCu s the poss ij i, of forming fl conimuni ore lies tia with emphasis on stunged instruments Kenneth Bentz hand dliecto4 at 'ne Junior high school cahpd the meeting which will be neld in tl e band loom at th Sen or high school building Bent? nd that f enough inirested poisons show up an initial practice session will b held tomgnt Moss and the 'hrpe hignwav commissioners Sim h Da e and McDonald each gae sj-ort talks enaormg the orsa i zatio'i of a K 43 highwat association Sjcn assxic ations the sa d are o' trf-merdous help to the state h ghway department in Its planning program Leon Whnemap of Houjiron n-dorsed the orgamzat.on of the association and said the much need-ed highwaj snould be extended 8S quicklv as possible from roitheast tu soutnece't It houlo be 0 cb-jective he srfid to co'rp'ete K4J through Kansas a an all paa road at the earliest possible date By .ot of the group, l was decided to hae a boaid of dl-ectors comprising one directo' from each town alo'ig the hgnwa,' This group a 11 meet at Dooge Ci Oc 21 to pei-'e-1 a pe n? 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